The economy as philosophy

by Jon Rappoport

October 12, 2023

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People don’t ordinarily view the economy as a philosophic proposition, but of course it is. Because it establishes human relationships as they should be.

In a free market, value for value is set by individuals. The seller sets the price. The buyer choses to pay or not pay.

There are people who want to destroy what is individual, independent, uniquely creative; who want to cancel those who fail to bow down to the masses.

These destroyers are in the process of installing an economy that denies personal value for value, and instead seeks to make government the source, arbiter, and controller of value.

In 2023, we look around us and see a society and an economy rooted, to an alarming degree, in companies geared for war. The defense industry. Feasting on government contracts.

We see many other companies (in the pharmaceutical sector, for example) dedicated to poisoning the population.

These and other companies engaged in predatory production employ millions of Americans, who work for a paycheck. For money.

Alongside all this, we see the promotion of fame and fortune as the sole standard for judging the creative talent and ability of the individual.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that money has gotten a bad name. It’s no wonder that people go to government for “better morality.” It’s no wonder bewildered idealists deny all interest in money and opt, instead, for something “pure.”

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Jon Rappoport

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