In wake of Maui fire, activists and members of Congress urge Biden to declare State of Emergency because…

There is Weather

by Jon Rappoport

August 24, 2023

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Science is so much fun, isn’t it?


“…lawmakers and climate groups are begging the White House to do more to prevent future climate-related disasters.”

Begging, I tell you. Where can I see this? I want to watch activists and members of Congress actually begging.

“The fires, likely sparked by the island’s electric utility and heightened by climate change impacts…”


This is a technical term for “grass and other vegetation tend to be drier in the summer months.”

Maui Information guide: “These months [August, September] on Maui are the pinnacles of summer heat. This is often the most humid of the summer months. Maui ocean water temperatures are from 79 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Maui air temperatures are from 70-80 degrees F depending on the area. Hana begins to get cooler and drops to between 70-84 degrees F during these last summer months…”

Is this the heightening? Otherwise known as Weather?

“Well, you see, climate change affects the whole planet, so we know it affects Maui. Warming makes everyplace warmer.”

Uh-huh. Yes.

So let’s all beg Biden to declare a state of fear and lock everybody down and stop importing oil.

You know, if we’re going to do science by brain-dead generality and untested hypotheses, why not say all the explosions that have taken place in the Ukraine since the start of the war have heightened warming?

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