Famous film producer announces retirement; will go full-time into pedophilia

by Jon Rappoport

August 18, 2023

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Rex Martin Takashwarmantuchi, “Mr. Ta,” head of 9999Studios, is stepping down at age 42.

Speaking with Reuters, the producer said: “Like a lot of other people in the industry, I’ve grown tired of sneaking around in the dark. I feel the climate is finally right for a full-bore launch of a company built around pedophiles. Serving their needs.”

“These last few years, we’ve been getting signals from Washington that indicate the government is ready to include us under the overall PRIDE banner. So acting on that cue, I’m having my associates prepare text books for schools that spell out our programs and practices.”

Mr. Ta “knows all the wealthy pedophiles in Los Angeles,” said a person familiar with sexual mores within the film industry.

Apparently, Ta’s last five movies, which did poorly at the box office, were financed by the Mexican Portillo Cartel.

The Cartel, disappointed in their investments, have been huddling with Ta, discussing new business propositions, and an organized pedophile ring openly advertising its services was high on the list of potential ventures.

Given the open southern US border, Felix Portillo is satisfied his men can smuggle even more unaccompanied children into the US than presently, and deploy them as sex slaves.

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Jon Rappoport

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