NYC Black/Hispanic teachers failed a teacher’s test, made $1.8 billion

by Jon Rappoport

August 7, 2023

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NY Post (July 15, 2023): “Failing the New York State teachers’ exam really paid off—especially for a Queens man who learned this month he’s getting a $2 million windfall over it.”

“Roughly 5,200 black and Hispanic ex-Big Apple teachers and once-aspiring educators are expected to collect more than $1.8 billion in judgments after the city stopped fighting a nearly three-decade federal discrimination lawsuit that found a certification exam was biased.”

“It’s the largest legal payout in city history.”

“…Court rulings found the exam violated civil-rights laws, allowing far more white candidates to pass.”

“…Herman Grim, 64, of Queens, on July 5 was awarded the biggest judgment to date—a jaw-dropping $2,055,383.”

OK, let’s break this down.

The test was “proved” to be biased BECAUSE many more whites passed it.

That’s all. That’s it.

The test didn’t ask for super-secret information only white people would have.

The test didn’t require ability exclusive to white people.

Further, if the black/Hispanic teachers had been given a passing grade on the test, what parts of the standard classroom curriculum would they have unable to impart to students?

No one seems to be interested in THAT.

Perhaps everybody knows the classrooms are a joke, and teachers don’t need any ability of any kind whatsoever to preside over them.

At any rate, we have further confirmation of a new rule in the culture: If certain white people can do something certain black/Hispanic people can’t, the reason is racism.

And money should be the response. Lots of money.

No further investigation needs to happen.

So say the courts.

And we can see why. Imagine the embarrassment, if an aspiring teacher who failed the test was grilled on the stand—

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Jon Rappoport

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