COVID and a 5G connection?

by Jon Rappoport

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April 7, 2020 [America in ‘lockdown’: Day 26.]

—No blanket assertions here. No claims that 5G technology “activates the virus.” No across-the-board answers. Instead, several key questions, and a few possible clues.

I have to set the context. As I’ve been emphasizing, what is being called COVID-19 is not one disease with one cause. It’s not one thing.

Instead, people with VARIOUS traditional diseases are being corralled, clustered, and counted by public health officials under ONE fake umbrella term, “COVID-19.”

I’ve also emphasized that in these fake-cluster situations, some people may be suffering from new conditions. For example, the effects of a vaccination campaign—which, by the way, was apparently carried out in a region of northern Italy prior to “the emergence of COVID.”

In this article, I have comments on 5G wireless technology—not as an all-inclusive explanation for “COVID”—but as a possible explanation for what several doctors are observing in some patients in New York and Italy.

What are they observing? Extreme shortness of breath, life threatening, but without the usual indicators of respiratory failure or failure of the lungs to operate. The lungs can operate. The patients are apparently suffering from straight oxygen deprivation. Lack of oxygen. As if they were suddenly thrust into high altitude.

Several doctors are saying these patients must be given oxygen through breathing ventilators—but not at high pressure, because that could damage the lungs and even cause death. Instead, the increase in oxygen must be gently accomplished.

For example, an ER doctor in Brooklyn has made a video in which he describes what he calls a new dire situation. His name is Cameron Kyle-Sidell. Watch the video and listen to what he says. He warns that incorrect use of breathing ventilators could be harming and killing patients (here and here).

In Italy, several doctors are asserting a very similar, or identical, situation: “Covid-19 Does Not Lead to a ‘Typical’ Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome,” by Luciano Gattinoni1, Silvia Coppola, Massimo Cressoni3, Mattia Busana, Davide Chiumello:

“However, the patients with Covid-19 pneumonia…present an atypical form of the syndrome. Indeed, the primary characteristics we are observing (confirmed by colleagues in other hospitals), is the dissociation between their relatively well preserved lung mechanics and the severity of hypoxemia [abnormally low level of oxygen]…intubation [with breathing ventilators] should be prioritized to avoid excessive intrathoracic negative pressures and self-inflicted lung injury. After considering that, all we can do ventilating these patients is ‘buying time’ with minimum additional damage: the lowest possible PEEP [a method of ventilation in which airway pressure is maintained above atmospheric pressure] and gentle ventilation. We need to be patient.”

—Patients who aren’t suffering from respiratory failure, whose lungs are functioning, who are experiencing straight oxygen deprivation. What could explain that?

Here, from a 2001 article, we may have a clue:

“At the millimeter wave frequency of 60GHz, the absorption is very high, with 98 percent of the transmitted energy [from 5G waves] absorbed by atmospheric oxygen. While oxygen absorption at 60GHz severely limits range, it also eliminates interference between same frequency terminals.”

In other words, a) 60GHz is a very good frequency band for 5G transmissions, and b) nearly all of the 5G energy is absorbed by oxygen. Suppose that is also true for oxygen in the human body?

What would be the effects of 5G transmissions on the body? Could these waves distort oxygen and/or its uptake by hemoglobin, which carries this vital element to cells of the body? Could the impairment create a straight oxygen deprivation in the body—without structurally affecting the lungs themselves—creating the new condition described by the doctors I’ve cited above?

—Add to all this—the fact that 60GHz is an unlicensed frequency band, which means that telecomm companies can use it without paying very large fees they would pay for licensed bands.

Is 5G at 60GHz being deployed in New York, Italy, and Wuhan?

I should also add: these doctors ought to consider the use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for their patients. The technicians, MDs, and researchers involved would need to be experts, and from what I’ve seen, not many are. Slap-dash formulaic use of hyperbaric oxygen won’t do. Harm could result. The apparatus itself is, of course, non-invasive.

Interested doctors could consult with Dr. Paul Harch at

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10 comments on “COVID and a 5G connection?

  1. Roman says:

    The pandemics of 1889, 1918, and the WWII radar operators prove that history doesn’t repeat, but it “sure does rhyme”:

  2. Sean says:

    No blanket assertations here either no more.

    The virus is a lie and then used as a cover story. Capturing any symptom as the newly named spreadable virus outbreak that must be answered with draconian measures and vaccinations. Hum, that seems easy enough to grasp.

    Straight up. what if all truthful rebels all went with that and stuck with it because going with the narratives narrative is just not working. Look at Dr Buttar, RIP ect.

    Let see the proof of your claims. Then stand in that square. Not consensus scientific review bs.

    Eventually I think this is what will have to take place to get things headed in better ways and until then enjoy the death show.

  3. Robin Bell White says:

    Hi Jon,

    In January of 2020 my family and I (5 of us) all had what felt like a painful “chest cold”. I found out later that this was at the exact same time AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon all fired up their 5G towers which surround the area I live in. (The San Joaquin valley of Commiefornia). I have asthma so I had similar issues before but my kids thought they were dying because they were having a hard time breathing with a painful cough. I’m convinced it was the 5G activation all around us and all at the same time. This can be confirmed. Based on our own experience here, I am convinced this is also what happened in Wuhan. Covid seems to have been a cover story for the 5G rollout. There hever, ever was any “virus” involved.

    • RosaryKnight says:

      I’m with you on the “virus” actually being the effects of 5G.

      Those “vaccinated” may also have been turned into computer operating systems, able to monitored, influenced, controlled, or shut down remotely. “They” even admit they want massive depopulation, even over 90%. The recently destroyed Masonic Georgia Guidestones (since it was getting too much attention after being damaged by explosives) said “Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000 In Perpetual Balance With Nature.”

  4. Joe says:

    You are 100% correct. There is no virus and 5g rolled out at the exat same time.

  5. Liz Wall says:

    Joe Imbriano, aka, The Fullerton Informer” (youtube) and Barrie Trower, a microwave radiation weapons expert that served in the British Royal Navy, have sounded the alarm for several years on how 60 ghz interferes with the hemoglobin’s uptaking O2 in the blood. 5G is a military wavelength and has been used for crowd control for years. 5G and the death jabs work in concert together. During the “lock down”, 5G towers were erected like mushrooms popping up all over the city.

  6. Proton Magic says:

    Hi Jon, always wondered why you left Info Wars, seemed to coincide with your noting no virus was found which didn’t fit with Alex Jones whose crew never mentions that fact.

  7. Ian Jacklin says:

    There is also the fact that when you look up radiation poisoning the symptoms are similar to the flu only it’s a dry cough, not a wet one. This is what my family and I experienced when we got sick at the beginning of scamdemic. Which btw was right after they installed 5G towers in front of our building.

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