Italy Coronavirus: New explosive information

by Jon Rappoport

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March 19, 2020 [America in ‘lockdown’: Day 7.]

A very brief update. Read this carefully. Many people who were diagnosed as “coronavirus cases” in Italy, and then died, were almost certainly put on antiviral drugs. As you’ll see, below, a significant percentage of these people had prior heart conditions or high blood pressure. But at least one of the antiviral drugs, called ribavirin, carries this VERY RELEVANT warning, from “Ribavirin may decrease the number of red blood cells in your body. This is called anemia and it can be life-threatening in people who have heart disease or circulation problems.” High blood pressure is a circulatory problem. Understand? Get it? LIFE-THREATENING. So how many coronavirus patients have been killed by the administering of ribavirin?

And with THAT, let’s jump in…because there’s more. Much more.

For those people who have any belief in the coronavirus…

Here’s the basic situation: the Italian health agencies are reporting escalating COV deaths—big fear-story out front…

But in the background, other Italian government researchers are combing through patient records, to take a much closer look…to see whether people are dying from the virus or other more obvious causes.

Are people dying coincidentally WITH the virus, or BECAUSE OF the virus? Is the virus a mere harmless passenger in the body, or is it the driving force?

The Italian results are astonishing, to understate it by a mile.

Bloomberg News has the story: 3/18, “99 percent of those whose died from virus had other illness, Italy says”:

“More than 99% [!] of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions, according to a study by the country’s national health authority.”

“The Rome-based institute has examined medical records of about 18% of the country’s coronavirus fatalities [so far, because it’s slow work], finding that just three victims [!!], or 0.8% of the total, had no previous pathology [disease]. Almost half of the victims suffered from at least three prior illnesses and about a fourth had either one or two previous conditions.”

“More than 75% had high blood pressure, about 35% had diabetes and a third suffered from heart disease.”

“The average age of those who’ve died from the virus in Italy is 79.5 [!!!]. As of March 17, 17 people under 50 had died from the disease. All of Italy’s victims under 40 have been males with serious existing medical conditions.”


Average age of those who’ve died: 79.5. Are you kidding? Lots of prior medical conditions, weakened immune systems, and what this emerging study isn’t saying: all these people had obviously been treated for those prior conditions with toxic medical drugs. Furthermore, once they’d been diagnosed with coronavirus, chances are many of them were put on highly toxic antiviral drugs. Thus delivering the final blow.

Imagining the coronavirus was the CAUSE of death would be a ridiculous fantasy. But these people are counted as “coronavirus deaths” by the other Italian reporting agencies, who are jacking up the numbers.

Does this remind you of any other reports I’ve been detailing? The elderly people with obvious prior diseases who died in Australia; and the elderly people who were diagnosed as coronavirus cases in the state of Washington—all living in a long-term-care nursing home?

Getting the picture? This death-numbers con—aside from covering up the real causes of death, including MEDICAL—is the forward spear being used to justify locking down and wrecking economies all over the world right now, and that means attacking the people in any way connected to those economies who have to work to make a living.

There are statistical vampires at work, using the elderly and sick and dying to feed numbers to health agencies around the planet. Those agencies tap their press contacts, and horror reports emerge, and the unsuspecting public, in economic lockdowns, sit in front of the tube and watch these reports, and inhale the cooked-up fear.

Turn your mind to the highest setting, because nothing is riding on this whole deal except the immediate future of humanity.

And again, “Ribavirin may decrease the number of red blood cells in your body. This is called anemia and it can be life-threatening in people who have heart disease or circulation problems.”

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11 comments on “Italy Coronavirus: New explosive information

  1. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    ….the hospitals in america – have
    been mandated by CDC/FDA – to
    give all patients who test + via their
    cv19-up-yr-nose-test – to immediately
    get put on their DEATH-sentence:
    IV-remdesivir & ventilator – which
    kills the patient; this happened to
    my mom = passed on 12.27.22;
    she went in because her doctor said
    she had pneumonia and wasnt eating;
    we thought she’d be put on iv for
    fluids & be home in a week but
    ended up dead.
    – thank you for all you share.

  2. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    How is ruining the Economy is in .Gov best interests?

    No Work = No Tax Dollars

    • William R Hall Jr says:

      “Concentrated power can always be welded in the interest of the few at the expense of the many. Government in it’s final analysis is this power reduced to a science.”
      -Lucy Parsons

  3. Sean says:

    Yes and we will give them Ribavirin, they will get sicker and die and we build a death count to fear everyone and their brother into taking the jab and no one will ever know.


    • William R Hall Jr says:

      This vaccine campaign is nothing short of assault and murder by governments against the people they govern.

  4. Yvonne Blasy says:

    It’s interesting to look back on these and be reminded of the stats. Per the “agenda” it’s another way to bump off those they regard as useless, old, expensive, and in marginal health with pre existing conditions. Recently had an elderly relative admitted to hospital with, of course, a “positive” test. Family / POA would not let them go the usual route, and hospital was not happy with that choice. She recovered in a few days and is home now.

  5. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Excellent report on the misuse and ignorance of pharmaceuticals and the blatant underlying issue of the covid farce that swiped the earth.

    All of those behind this reset obviously have to surface and be penalized.

    I for one wish to see their faces.

  6. Toni Anderson says:

    Thank you, Jon, for these comments by you and from others you post here. […]

  7. Alison Cline says:

    Another hit out of the park. The bosses know the drugs to use that work to kill. But, but –say the staff– we thought we were trying to save them. That’s what we were to told to do.

    It’s so hard to take this internally, but it’s the truth we have all avoided about the people who have no conscience. It’s because we have not known their names and it has made us numb as an excuse.

  8. Lisa Franklin says:

    It has certainly been farcical from day one. The blatant use of the fear factor, pushing peoples buttons was/ is utterly shameful. What on earth sets people off into such absurd panic though is beyond my comprehension. I believe it is mostly due to well honed social engineering techniques used by the puppet masters for many years. I doubt we will get to see the faces responsible. We just see the minions like Klaus von BloSchwab and Baal Gates.

  9. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    5G is the greatest threat to the entire world

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