Patient deaths are deployed to sell the coronavirus story

by Jon Rappoport

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March 4, 2020

I’m not going to keep reporting on the deaths of so-called coronavirus patients—there will be too many stories emerging.

This article will briefly analyze the media coverage of nine deaths in Washington state. That coverage is typical.

First, let’s get one thing straight. Death by itself does not equal coronavirus.

“…approximately 7,452 people die every day in the United States. In other words, a person dies in the US approximately every 12 seconds.” (

Understood? The psy-op is: put death and coronavirus in the same sentence. People will unthinkingly buy it.

CBS News, March 4: “The number of coronavirus deaths in the U.S. rose to nine on Tuesday, according to health officials. All of the deaths occurred in Washington state.”

That paragraph convinces most people the state of Washington is experiencing an outbreak. What else could it be? Answer: it could be anything. It could be several anythings. March 3: “Health officials on Tuesday announced three more presumed coronavirus deaths in the Seattle area, bringing the Washington state death toll to nine.”

The key word in that paragraph is “presumed.” No test results are in yet. And even when they do come in—as I’ve been detailing in these pages—the tests are inadequate and worthless for diagnosing illness and disease.

Kuow: “A woman in her 80s also died on February 26 from the virus. She was in her 80s and did not go to the hospital.”

I see. In her 80s. “From the virus.” Couldn’t have been sick at home from other causes. No. Of course not. Couldn’t have been treated with a whole array of toxic pharmaceuticals for a long time.

Kuow: “Many of the [coronavirus] affected individuals have ties to the Life Care Center, a long-term care facility in Kirkland. Reported cases include residents, their family members, and employees.”

Long-term care facility. The people there, who are ill, long term, certainly couldn’t be suffering for reasons other than THE VIRUS. Right? And the employees—what, they “tested positive” for THE VIRUS, and so they are “affected?”

Were any of the “presumptive” people in the state of Washington treated with highly toxic antiviral drugs? Of course, no one is looking into it.

How many of the people who died had prior lung conditions, long before “the new coronavirus emerged?”

You’ll undoubtedly hear a term in the next days or weeks: “previously healthy.” This will be used to describe people who died—as a way of claiming the coronavirus just came on and couldn’t be stopped.

I know the term “previously healthy” quite well. In 1987, while I was writing my first book, AIDS INC., I looked into the so-called first five cases of AIDS, who were characterized with that phrase. The obvious inferences from the data told a different story—particularly when you considered what drugs these men had most likely been treated with for their “healthy conditions,” and added in probable street drug use.

Kuow: “Health officials in North Carolina reported a presumed coronavirus case connected [to] a resident’s recent travel to Washington state and exposure to the Life Care Center.”

“Presumed case.” The wholly inadequate and useless tests are not in yet.

Speaking of which, Politico is reporting on a fire fight between FDA and CDC officials. Seems that, a while back, an FDA official was denied entry to the CDC and had to wait overnight for “clearance to come through.”

He, or another FDA person, found contamination in the CDC lab where techs were preparing coronavirus test kits for use.

These kits were undoubtedly PCR tests. I’ve reported on that wholly useless test for diagnosing disease. But you can add another layer of uselessness, because contamination of the PCR means the procedure will quite possibly focus on an entirely irrelevant virus and yield results based on it.

“Sir, I want to tell you that the inherently worthless PCR we just ran on you was also contaminated with who knows how many meaningless germs, and there is a hundred percent chance that, when I tell you now you are a coronavirus case, I haven’t the slightest idea in the world what I’m talking about. However, we are going to hospitalize you and give you very toxic and dangerous antiviral drugs.”

When someone at the Post or the Times runs THAT paragraph as the lead in a front page story, or when an editor at CBS or NBC leads with it on the evening news, I might begin to pay attention to major media coverage of the “coronavirus crisis.”

Meanwhile, they’re selling death because they’re selling ads.

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6 comments on “Patient deaths are deployed to sell the coronavirus story

  1. Paul says:

    “You’ll undoubtedly hear a term in the next days or weeks: “previously healthy.”

    The Inimitable Irony of it all, is that “previously healthy” may now preface “suddenly dead,” ala self-organizing clot formations.

  2. george says:

    Last few years showed that humans don’t deserve freedom. 99.9% are way too dumb and cowards. The coming slavery system is totally deserved.

  3. Judith Pecho says:

    This reminds me of when I worked for the Dept of Public Health, Licensing and Certification in the State of MI. I was a Nursing Care Consultant investigating the 17 deaths in a nursing home after a flu vaccine. Seems the Medical Director told the Nursing Director to give all the residents a flu vaccine. This was sometime in 1996. With other medical personnel I looked at medical records of those who expired and talked to staff and other patients. Ultimately I testified in a trial filed by a family of one of the deceased. The State findings were as usual, nothing in particular, when it was very specific. One reason I left. Always a cover=up. and it was. They protect the facility owners, ones who take the Director out on the Detroit River in their Yachts. The patients were not asked if they wanted the vaccine, their primary care doctors were not consulted about overreaching orders for a flu vaccine, and the patients were not screened for allergies, such as egg yolks that were used at the time in vaccines. This particular woman was on the phone with her daughter when the nurse came in and told her she had a shot for her to take and then she could continue her call. She was given the flu vaccine, and was highly allergic to egg yolks. She got back on the phone and told her daughter she had a flu shot and the nurse said “If you are not allergic to egg yolks, you will be ok.” And she died within minutes after the vaccine.

    These incidents were not properly reported and counted, and the facility as other complaint were not held liable by the State that licensed them. I was very dismayed and left the state and was called to testify after relocating, which I happily did. Maybe why I am targeted today. But nonetheless, I would do nothing differently. The case was settled by the insurance company after my testimony. Other patients familes did not get the same settlement, as they likely did not know and could not afford to pursue claims.

    I am a retired nurse now in my ’80’s and hold the system in suspect since. I was asked by the Director to change my reports and told him I could only report what I saw, what else shoudl I d?. That was it. The position did not get upgraded as it should have been. It is no different now. Do not expect to get the truth or find anyone who will tell it like it is as it is unpopular and even your cohorts will avoid you since you are a role model of what they should be doing. Everyone is working for themselves. Always the same even when working for another state government doing similar work. Politics as the leaders get their jobs by their willingness to take care of the monied, even when in the wrong. It is all a crap shoot. The administrators and managers can accept gifts but the line investigators cannot accept a cup of coffee. They let the director put his hands on them. “Oh, you are different,” I was told when I said I was friends with his 2nd wife. The position did not get an upgrade, but I left and had the last word testifying for the family of the deceased mother who died unnecessarily in a nursing home from an illegally administered vaccine.

    What a hoax to see it played out again as I recognized the false story from the day it was laid out. Saw it during the swine flu and ad nauseum. It it not going to change no matter if it is communism, socialism or capitalism. The same people will be in charge and you will be fed the same line of money rules. How can we change when the truth tellers are outed and no one seems to understand let alone care why. It is most people are sell outs. Respect and treasure those who are willing to expose the fraud, and stop choosing the side that are top heavy with sheep. Discerning people are alive while those who have wanted to be saved by going along to get along are dropping off like flies, their childfren sacrificed for their popular security that is failing them. It is not over yet.

    • Roundball Shaman says:

      “They protect the facility owners… their primary care doctors were not consulted about overreaching orders for a flu vaccine, and the patients were not screened for allergies… These incidents were not properly reported and counted…”

      We live in a World where things are labeled as the oppositive of what they actually are.

      The World Health Organization is actually the World Sickness and Death Promoting Organization.

      The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is actually the The Centers for Disease Creation and Propagation.

      The American Medical Association is actually the Globalist Anti-Health and Wellness Association.

      “Politics as the leaders get their jobs by their willingness to take care of the monied, even when in the wrong.”

      Sounds like selling oneself for money. Let’s see… isn’t there a word for someone who sells themselves for money? Something about acting like the ‘Oldest Profession’?

      “Respect and treasure those who are willing to expose the fraud, and stop choosing the side that are top heavy with sheep. Discerning people are alive while those who have wanted to be saved by going along to get along are dropping off like flies…”

      You never, ever go wrong when you stand up for doing the right thing and holding firm to your integrity. While no one likes to be punished for doing the right thing… you can chalk this up as a badge of personal honor as opposed to living without honor as so many do today without so much as a thought.

      Money and ‘position’ are very temporary things, while upholding the Good in Life is an eternal reward in itself. It seems to be a feature of this Life that good people will pay the price for being good. But it is a price well spent because the alternative is not only disgusting and disgraceful, but they will ultimately pay a much deeper and higher price for their selfishness and their denial of standing for Good.

      The more ‘They’ target you… the more you know you are on the right path.

      They walk a path of Shame. Cowards without integrity.

      • Ray says:

        Akin to the oldest profession?

        Surely, you don’t disparage the (relatively) good name of prostitutes by comparing them to this kind of worthless murdering scum!? At least their customers have consented and the risks are known.

  4. Sean says:

    The medical director makes the order. I wouldn’t know but when the first coronavirus meeting was held on the construction site, it hit me that it was all top down. That across the board it is a cookie cutter approach. Seeming like nothing could be done. This medical dictatorship is the king or whatever is behind this medical dictatorship. And it it needs stopped.

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