The Coronavirus Vaccine as a source of dangerous invasion

by Jon Rappoport

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February 27, 2020

This article is based on the research of Annie Logical. Her far-reaching, many-branched piece, “Corona Virus Fakery And The Link To 5G Testing,” can be found at

In prior pieces (see here and here), I documented two of the experimental technologies that may be unleashed on the public, in the rush to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

DNA vaccines inject synthesized genes. The recipient’s genetic makeup is altered PERMANENTLY in unknown ways. RNA vaccines carry the potential to trigger autoimmune reactions: the body attacks aspects of itself.

As if that weren’t enough, there is another element deployed in DNA vaccines. It’s called electroporation.

An online dictionary provides a definition: “the action or process of introducing DNA or chromosomes into bacteria or other cells [including human cells] using a pulse of electricity to briefly open the pores in the cell membranes.”

A pioneer in this field is Dr. David Weiner. He is the co-founder of a San Diego company, Inovio Pharmaceuticals.

NBC San Diego, January 25, 2020: “A San Diego biotech company just received a $9 million grant to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. Inovio Pharmaceuticals received a grant from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).”

If Inovio wins a license to sell their version of a DNA coronavirus vaccine, electroporation will undoubtedly be brought along as part of the technology.

Here is an excerpt from an article, “What you always needed to know about electroporation DNA vaccines,” published in the journal, Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics, November 1, 2012: “…the cell membrane also needs to be in a permeabilized [“opened”] state in order to allow passage of the DNA molecule…[Electric] Pulses may be optimized to achieve either a greater degree of permeability of the cell membrane (for passive diffusion of drugs), or a greater degree of electrophoretic effect. As mentioned below, there are various ways to go about this, but generally a series of short high voltage pulses (e.g., 8 pulses of 0.1 ms at 1,000 V/cm voltage to electrode distance) is used for drug delivery, and a combination involving long low voltage pulses is used for DNA transfer [into human cells] (e.g., 1 pulse of 0.1 ms, 800 V/cm and 1 long pulse of 400 ms 80 V/cm).”

In a nutshell, this means that human cells, whose membranes are “too tight” to allow DNA to be injected into them, will be “opened up” by electric pulses, in order to deliver the new type of vaccine.

Apparently, it doesn’t occur to the researchers that human cells may be as “tight” as they are for a reason; and forcing them open with electric pulses, in order to inject DNA, could have unforeseen effects.

Electroporation isn’t the same kind of invasive action as, say, cutting into flesh to remove a bullet, during emergency surgery. The DNA vaccines, along with electric pulses, would be given to healthy people.

But as long as we think of ourselves as guinea pigs, willing to sit still for all sorts of medical experiments, what difference does it make? Genetic-altering vaccines, the body attacking itself, electroporation—if we surrender to the experts, and their assurances, I’m sure everything will be all right.


“Here’s what we’re doing. It’s quite innovative. You see, with electric pulses, we briefly open up cells and inject DNA, synthesized genetic material, into them. Ordinarily, the cells would reject such an intrusion, but we get around that. Once the genetic material is inside cells, it mimics a virus, and the immune system responds, as if this were an actual viral disease. That’s the vaccine effect. It’s wonderful. Safe. Nothing dangerous could happen…”

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7 comments on “The Coronavirus Vaccine as a source of dangerous invasion

  1. AD 1776 says:

    Huh? ? ?

    Apparently, “” has been taken over and is now something else?

    Now it seems that it is offering “educational courses” for pay.

    Nice to know that another form of internet censorship is becoming too commonplace.

  2. Genaro Flowers Nahualt says:

    IMO: The referenced article of Annie Logical was the most pionner and accurate diagnosis of the matter published at the first moments of the crisis… as well as the Dana Ashlie’s video about the same issue:

    Also here:'ve-heard-all-month!-Kinda.:e

    Sadly, even after all these three years of continuous diagnosis made by ones and others… almost anyone talks about the ELECTROPORATION phenomenom… nor emit a single word about the INOVIO company.

    The fact that, also you, Jon… pushes this hypothesis then and now demonstrates your smart perspective on the matter… once again.

    Thanks for your reliable work, sire.

  3. Roundball Shaman says:

    “The Coronavirus Vaccine as a source of dangerous invasion”

    The entire CovidCon Social and Health Destruction Program itself is a Massive Invasion itself.

    An invasion of our lives. Of our health. Of our piece of mind. Of our futures. Of our finances. Of our relationship with the Medical Industrial Big Pharma Harma Mafia. Many kinds of things being invaded and knocked sideways and over and barged and encroached upon by Bullified Trespassers With Bad Intent who suffer with massive delusions of a perverse kind of false godhood.

    Our bodies designed themselves to have protections against invaders.

    In theory at least, our Nations have protections to guard against invaders.

    Our cars have protective devices.

    Even space heaters have to built-in devices to protect against fire.

    The wise among us construct a safety zone around our thinking process to guard against the continuous onslaught of countless invaders ceaselessly trying to pollute and hijack our minds.

    But the Dark Siders among us do not respect boundaries or zones of Personal Space and Integrity. They believe that everything and everyone is Their property to do with as They wish.

    And so, the Invaders live among us and never for a moment stop their atrocities upon the World.

    Which means we have to be just as persistent and even more forceful in our resistance to all this invading darkness.

    Personal Space is not a luxury. It is a necessity for all living things. And this Sacred Space must never be encroached upon by anyone for any reason.

    Even while They keep trying to do so.

    • EG says:

      Personal space the most important thing.

      I like working outside in the yard and I know that if plans have no space for themselves they will not do good.

      Humans need it even more.

  4. Grazyna says:

    GATES – parallels to Mengele, the Angel of DEATH
    Live-saving remedies for all diseases, evils, or difficulties; a cure-all.

  5. OzzieThinker says:

    ….which is effectively how the current [proven useless against disease] spectrum of vaccines work in their synthesis of spike proteins release (10 x the levels of Coronavirus itself – or so I’m led to believe).

    Another winning piece, Jon.


  6. AD 1776 says:

    I see that most of the “alt-right media” sites and blogs are ramping up more fear of “duh virus”, as per the usual, again!


    We are now expected to fear a global “Ebola virus” outbreak (that was allegedly released – by the same MO as this “COVID”).

    This fear-powered “treadmill” never stops, does it? ? ?

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