“The Chinese virus is spreading”—deception and false news

by Jon Rappoport

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January 27, 2020

Most people are accepting the news that the Chinese coronavirus is spreading across China and the world. They don’t understand ground-level facts.

First of all, in every so-called epidemic, diagnoses of patients are eventually made by simple observation. The patient has typical flu symptoms? Fever, cough, fatigue, weakness, respiratory problems? He lives or works in an area where the epidemic has been reported? Boom, tell the patient he has the epidemic disease. Obviously, this is absurd. But it happens. And then you hear or read, “Today, three more people were found to be infected with the virus in (insert name of city).”

If a patient is actually tested, before a diagnosis is made, the most prevalent method is the antibody test. It’s fast. But there is a problem—a major problem. A positive test means the patient’s immune system has come in contact with the virus. Before 1984, this was generally interpreted as a good sign for the patient: his immune system responded well and defeated the virus. But then the science was turned upside down. Suddenly, a positive test meant the patient had a disease. Therefore, huge numbers of people were falsely told they were in danger. During times of hysteria, they became “new cases” of some purported epidemic. They were cited on the news to bolster the idea that the “the virus was spreading.” One more point: antibody tests are known to cross-react. This means: some irrelevant fact about the patient makes the test falsely read “positive for a virus.” He drank wine the night before the test. He has a cold. Etc.

In very few cases, a patient might be tested with a method called PCR. In simple terms, this test takes a tissue sample from the patient—a tiny, tiny piece of something that might be a virus…but it’s much too small to be observed and identified. To overcome this problem, the PCR test amplifies that tiny fragment many, many times—like blowing up a photograph. If the test overcomes several challenges and is done correctly, researchers and doctors might be able to infer that the patient has the virus. BUT the test would reveal nothing about HOW MUCH of the virus he has. And why is that important? Because two or three little particles of virus floating around in the patient’s body mean nothing. In order to cause disease, there would have to be millions and millions of a virus in the patient’s body. However, that obvious fact is ignored. A patient with a positive PCR test is added to the list of epidemic cases—and the news reports, “Today, four more infected people were found in Alaska, leading experts to state the epidemic is spreading unchecked across the world…”

As you can see, these major blunders and false interpretations will result in news about “the spreading epidemic.”

I should also mention low-level security personnel, police, and soldiers, in airports and other transportation centers, waving wands at people to see if their temperature is elevated—signifying they might be “carrying the virus.” These “tests” are about as reliable as randomly pointing to a figure in a photo of a crowd and saying, “He was the one who just robbed the bank, arrest him.”

Referring to Wuhan, called the center of the epidemic in China, photos of people jamming hospital waiting rooms are cited as “evidence” of the spreading virus and epidemic. This is preposterous. Many of these people, experiencing a few typical flu symptoms, have been brainwashed by public announcements into believing they have the “epidemic virus.” And then, Wuhan has highly dangerous levels of air pollution. Wuhan is notorious for polluting smog. Last summer, thousands of people in the city showed up on the streets protesting the air quality and a newly planned waste incinerator they believed would cause even more harmful smog. This pollution causes lung problems—cited as a symptom of the “coronavirus epidemic.”

Keep these issues in mind when people automatically claim “the virus and the epidemic are spreading.”

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2 comments on ““The Chinese virus is spreading”—deception and false news

  1. Roundball Shaman says:

    “The Chinese virus is spreading”—deception and false news”

    It’s easier to convince someone that they are ‘sick’ than you can convince them that they are well.

    People seem to have a default setting of believing they are (or ‘wanting to be)… ‘sick’.

    Why would this be?

    Because over the course of a lifetime, everyone picks up a lot of garbage along the way. Some or much of this garbage gets internalized and even becomes part of our core personality.

    As children we are made to feel wrong and guilty. We absorb some of the faults and issues within our parents and other family members. We desire to be ‘accepted’ by our peers and so we try to fit in the ‘group’. And here we take in and absorb more garbage from negative group-think. We begin to believe that we are defective. Thus, ‘Sick’.

    On and on it goes. In fact, we take on so much garbage that it’s a miracle that we can even move around at all.

    So… it’s easier for us to quickly believe that we are sick than we are well. And powerful forces around us that seek only to use and manipulate us are more than happy to exploit and take advantage of this situation and try to make us feel sicker.

    Whether in body or in mind… ultimately we hold the power to truly be sick or to be well.
    We make that decision consciously or often times unconsciously.

    We have to truly want to be well and free from sickness of various kinds and be vigilant about that because the attacks from outside never stop. We have to be our first and best advocate and our first and best steward of our health and vitality.

    Yes, you have so many today coming at your from so many directions trying so hard to make you feel sick. And rarely are we in the presence of a true healer who can lay hands upon us and free us from some kind of ill.

    We must be The Physician and not just a Patient. And a Holy Book has long provided us with the answer to our dilemma: “Physician, heal YOURSELF”…

  2. Opie Poik says:

    Here’s the extent to which Blackrock & Vanguard are the One Ring which controls all the rest:

    https://rumble.com/vzwiue-monopoly-who-owns-the-world.html (1 hr, 3 min)

    They’ll make the mark of the beast inescapable. They really do control everything, including all of the other biggest whales in the vampire squid casino. Among the biggest whales in the big casino is The Clinton Foundation.

    Blackrock’s Aladdin finance robot:
    You will do as they say, if you wish to eat: the mark of the beast control of all human commerce.

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