A Forgotten Fluoride Letter, from a Government Scientist

by Jon Rappoport

August 22, 2022

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I wrote and posted this article about eight years ago, and then again six years ago. It concerns a shocking letter written by an EPA scientist in 1999.

The letter shouldn’t be forgotten.

Here we go:

It’s no surprise that the US government would look the other way when lower IQ and cancer are business as usual.

One of the major agencies that would look the other way is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

—But suppose scientists within the EPA spoke out, revolted, and issued official rebukes to their own Agency’s position on fluorides?

Talk about cognitive dissonance. Contradiction. “We at the EPA know fluorides are wonderful and safe and beautiful. Of course, our own scientists disagree. Strongly. But don’t worry, we’re ignoring them. And we’re keeping their statements out of the press. Our position on fluorides is administrative. It has nothing to do with science. Anyway, we support cancer and plummeting IQ. They’re wonderful.”

Case in point, going back 17 years. Buckle up. Here is what the EPA Union of scientists had to say about fluoridation:

Quoting from a May 1, 1999, statement— “Why U.S. Environmental Protection Agency scientists opposes artificial water fluoridation”—written by William Hirzy, PhD, [Union of Scientists] Senior Vice-President, Chapter 280:

“…our opposition to drinking water fluoridation has grown, based on the scientific literature documenting the increasingly out-of-control exposures to fluoride, the lack of benefit to dental health from ingestion of fluoride and the hazards to human health from such ingestion. These hazards include acute toxic hazard, such as to people with impaired kidney function, as well as chronic toxic hazards of gene mutations, cancer, reproductive effects, neurotoxicity, bone pathology and dental fluorosis.”

“In support of this concern are results from two epidemiology studies from China that show decreases in I.Q. in children who get more fluoride than the control groups of children in each study. These decreases are about 5 to 10 I.Q. points in children aged 8 to 13 years.”

“Another troubling brain effect has recently surfaced: fluoride’s interference with the function of the brain’s pineal gland. The pineal gland produces melatonin which, among other roles, mediates the body’s internal clock, doing such things as governing the onset of puberty. Jennifer Luke has shown that fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland and inhibits its production of melatonin. She showed in test animals that this inhibition causes an earlier onset of sexual maturity, an effect reported in humans as well in 1956…”

“EPA fired the Office of Drinking Water’s chief toxicologist, Dr. William Marcus, who also was our local union’s treasurer at the time, for refusing to remain silent on the cancer risk issue. The judge who heard the lawsuit he [Marcus] brought against EPA over the firing made that finding—that EPA fired him over his fluoride work and not for the phony reason put forward by EPA management at his dismissal. Dr. Marcus won his lawsuit and is again at work at EPA.”

“…data showing increases in osteosarcomas in young men in New Jersey, Washington and Iowa based on their drinking fluoridated water. It was his [Dr. Marcus’] analysis, repeated statements about all these and other incriminating cancer data, and his requests for an independent, unbiased evaluation of them that got Dr. Marcus fired.”

“Regarding the effectiveness of fluoride in reducing dental cavities, there has not been any double-blind study of fluoride’s effectiveness as a caries preventative. There have been many, many small scale, selective publications on this issue that proponents cite to justify fluoridation, but the largest and most comprehensive study, one done by dentists trained by the National Institute of Dental Research, on over 39,000 school children aged 5-17 years, shows no significant differences (in terms of decayed, missing and filled teeth) among caries [cavities] incidences in fluoridated, non-fluoridated and partially fluoridated communities. The latest publication on the fifty-year fluoridation experiment in two New York cities, Newburgh and Kingston, shows the same thing. The only significant difference in dental health between the two communities as a whole is that fluoridated Newburgh, N.Y. shows about twice the incidence of dental fluorosis (the first, visible sign of fluoride chronic toxicity) as seen in non-fluoridated Kingston.”

“John Colquhoun’s publication on this point of efficacy is especially important. Dr. Colquhoun was Principal Dental Officer for Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, and a staunch supporter of fluoridation—until he was given the task of looking at the world-wide data on fluoridation’s effectiveness in preventing cavities. The paper is titled, ‘Why I changed My Mind About Water Fluoridation.’ In it Colquhoun provides details on how data were manipulated to support fluoridation in English speaking countries, especially the U.S. and New Zealand. This paper explains why an ethical public health professional was compelled to do a 180 degree turn on fluoridation.”

“…mutation studies…show that fluoride can cause gene mutations in mammalian and lower order tissues at fluoride concentrations estimated to be present in the mouth from fluoridated tooth paste. Further, there were tumors of the oral cavity seen in the NTP cancer study…further strengthening concern over the toxicity of topically applied fluoride.”

“So, in addition to our concern over the toxicity of fluoride, we note the uncontrolled – and apparently uncontrollable – exposures to fluoride that are occurring nationwide via drinking water, processed foods, fluoride pesticide residues and dental care products…For governmental and other organizations to continue to push for more exposure in the face of current levels of over-exposure coupled with an increasing crescendo of adverse toxicity findings is irrational and irresponsible at best.”

“We have also taken a direct step to protect the [EPA] employees we represent from the risks of drinking fluoridated water…the union filed a grievance, asking that EPA provide un-fluoridated drinking water to its employees.”

“The implication for the general public of these calculations is clear. Recent, peer-reviewed toxicity data, when applied to EPA’s standard method for controlling risks from toxic chemicals, require an immediate halt to the use of the nation’s drinking water reservoirs as disposal sites for the toxic waste of the phosphate fertilizer industry.”

That last sentence lets you know where the fluorides are coming from.

So…an employees’ union of scientists within the EPA has made its position clear.

Quite clear.

The mainstream press has refused to cover this story in any significant way for at least 17 years.

In 2013, the EPA denied a petition from Dr. Hirzy calling for the removal of fluorides from water supplies. In a pinch, I guess the Agency can find scientists hanging around bus stations and bars and crack houses and get them to say what they want them to say and stamp it official.

—Scientists who’ve been guzzling fluoridated water themselves and thus have microscopic IQs.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

40 comments on “A Forgotten Fluoride Letter, from a Government Scientist

  1. …and now the virus variant, pls… 🙂

  2. Opie Poik says:

    “How The West Lost Its Sense of Meaning”:

    ” . . . self-generated meaning has been replaced with meaning created by others… with narratives created by others and shoved in their faces… for the benefit of those others.”


    A descent from salon to cage match.

  3. Jim S. Smith says:

    Did you know that the strongest and loudest voices of dissent – AGAINST THE FLUORIDATION of the public water supplies – came from the molecular-biologists and organic chemists? ? ? ? ?

  4. Orpheus Owl says:

    When you go to the link, it says “Not Secure” at the top of the article. Who was that ascertained by?

  5. Dale J Misiek, DMD says:

    This is amazing! I found more data and references to the toxicology of fluoride use in your short article than in the Fuoride White Paper from the IAOMT ( International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) I am the only oral surgeon in this group and I have been unsuccessful in my search for good references to support my feeling that fluoride is totally toxic to humans. I am energized to resume my search of the literature. Thank you!!

    • alexei says:

      An excellent source of info on fluoride:

      Fluoride Action Network (https://fluoridealert.org/) has been fighting fluoridation of (some 70%) of US water provision for many years.

      The best and most shocking story of how it all came about (going back to the Manhattan project!) is a book by Christopher Bryson called “The Fluoride Deception”. It reads like a thriller.

      • Thomas says:

        Yes, that is an incredible book. I read it over ten years ago and I’ve used fluoride-free toothpaste ever since.The fluoride program is just one more example of the obvious war on humanity.

  6. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    No wonder the dental industry, a tentacle of the medical mafia, touts fluoride toothpastes. Hey, it’s good for business, but not so good for oral health.

    Now, I also know for certain why dentists insist on regular checkups. I have not been to a dentist for at least 30 years, and I still have all my white teeth; perhaps that is why I do still have them.

  7. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Mandrake, Have You Never Wondered Why I Drink Only Distilled Water, Or Rain Water, And Only Pure Grain Alcohol?

  8. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    When scientists disagree with “the science” they often can no longer be or aren’t allowed to become scientists. That’s logical because a “scientist” practices “science” and if the person disagrees with “the science” you can’t call them a “scientist”. Now this is contradictory to the practice of science and it’s methodologies which favors process over facts – facts being illusory and hard not only to prove, but to maintain- facts fall with new evidence and that is science. Science is wonder and asking questions and observing, it’s a discipline not a promise.

    Same goes with doctors and all professionals. If they do not support the institution, they cannot participate in the institution which is much like a corporation. The corporation is an entity with rights and among those rights is the right to survive and prosper and for the components of the entity to support that or be rooted out.

    The ideal behind these institutions is obscured or diminished behind what the institution has become. The institution is an alchemical creation, inordinate mass imbued with spirit, like a golem or homunculus. These institutions are similar to AI, having rights equal or surpassing those of Gods creation. It’s artificial, the usurpation of Gods law for Man’s: blasphemy.

    The other note is in regards to the pineal gland, depicted in ancient drawings, represented by many symbols and referred to as “the seat of the soul”. It is referred to as such because it has been believed that this is the source in the brain and electromagnetic body system that allows for people to have visions and communicate with God and the angels referred in other ways as guidance(conscience) or intuition. Perhaps it is why people can poison themselves and turn their children trans with a “clear conscience”, if they can’t hear God, they can’t offend God.

  9. Judith Pecho says:

    This article states that fluoride is a product of nuclear waste. Maybe someone has addressed it already but the article talked about scientist related it to Phosphate fertilizer. Likely it is in everything, water the crops with fluoride?

  10. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Hi Jon,

    Great work on F by you and all fluoride freedom fighters.

    But writing letters full of science and F facts seldom get a result.

    Just as the 1999 letter and petition to the EPA fell on deaf ears.

    My simple solution.

    Send a letter of complaint, with a list of questions asking why customers should pay their water bills for fluoridated water, to their water supplier.

    Until the questions are answered, and the complaint is resolved the water bill does not have to be paid.

    Examples on this Australia Facebook page


    and on this website…


  11. Roundball Shaman says:

    “… peer-reviewed toxicity data, when applied to EPA’s standard method for controlling risks from toxic chemicals, require an immediate halt to the use of the nation’s drinking water reservoirs as disposal sites for the toxic waste of the phosphate fertilizer industry.”

    We are surrounded by toxic waste of various kinds and types…

    “That last sentence lets you know where the fluorides are coming from.”

    Fluorides come from fertilizer industry toxic waste.

    Our State Media spreads the toxic waste and sludge of propaganda and damaging mind shaping and soul-crushing ideas and doctrines and imperatives.

    Our Medical Mafia and Big Pharma spread the toxic waste of countless harmful and damaging concoctions to destroy the body and mind.

    Our Political System spreads the toxic waste of endless conflict-as-theater while They are all whores for hire for their own fun and profit while our needed governmental functions go undone.

    Anti-Social Media consists of nothing but toxins and harms to the soul and spirit.

    We are drowning in toxins of every kind. And as we desperately try to keep our heads above the rising level of all this stench… more and more is yet being added every second from the various sewer pipes that feed into our Social Space and that constitute our Social institutions.

    Yet as this poisoning of our human family goes on… our desire to live meaningful lives and rise above the level of this noxious crap remains strong. And maybe that is what we are to learn from this.

    No matter what They throw at us… our desire to survive and thrive cannot be extinguished.

    We will prevail… if we can stand working past all this Stink.

  12. Cris M. says:

    This reminder of the obvious is one of those things, makes you wonder how can people not question. My mom when she was alive made effort against many things, one of the results was no fluoride dumped in the water where she lived.

    Appreciate the article, and you Jon, really appreciate you.

    We all need to make the energy cycle go around.

  13. Judith Pecho says:

    Has anyone questioned the water used in juices, and other liquid food and drinks use city water with fluoride. I have wondered at times whether this issue has been raised since people have right to know if the fluoridated water is added to other products besides water. The source of water in food sold in groceries and in restaurants should be labeled, it is a former rate poison, if it comes from a source that used fluoridated water that has not been filtered out.

    One side effect of fluoride that I have not seen listed recently that it contributes to osteoporosis.

    Is it possible that the susceptibility of seniors for fractures could be a result of a lifetime of drinking fluoridated water?

    But we have had no control of other quality of our consumption of food has resulted in denial of rights to choose if we want to ingest foreign and manipulat4ed nourishment. Even when a state had voted to have GMO food labeled was over ruled by the US Supreme Court Justices, two whom has previously worked for Monsanto. Then we have no right to have GMO food labeled, even when states citizens voted to require it, the Supreme Court ruled no labeling. Two judges on the court were former employees of Monsanto. Everything is political and the needs of protecting of the health of our people is not a priority. I have called the water departments of two cities about stopping the fluoridation of water and have met resistance. Seems they should have recused themselves form reviewing cases related to their employment prior to being a member of the USSC.
    Russia does not allow GMO food in their country, one great things Putin does for his people>) Product has lost its taste and texture since advent of GMO food. I find it do not look forward to eating foods I used to love.

  14. barney says:

    Great info site: “fluoride alert(dot)org”

    1. Water agencies are mass medicating w/o medical license.

    2. Per FDA & CDC: fluoride is for topical use & not for ingestion. Note: once fluoride enters the oral cavity, it is absorbed into the blood stream via the blood vessels under the tongue.

    3. Drinking water fluoride is not USP grade as required for all medications. It is an agricultural waste product of the commercial fertilizer industry.

    4. Fluoride is a key ingredient of many psychiatric drugs.

  15. Diane DiFlorio says:

    I have a snapshot of a letter from 1965 from the American Medical Association stating;

    The American Medical Association is not prepared to state the “no harm will be done to any person by water fluoridation.”

    The American Medical Association has not carried out any research work, either long-term or short-term, regarding the possibilities of any side effects.

    Signed by:
    Joseph E. Flanagan, Jr.
    Assistant Direct
    Department of
    Environmental Health

  16. Diane DiFlorio says:

    A blast from the past:

    FLUORIDATION – No Happy Medium

    Broadcast Date: Jan. 7, 1958

    Ever since the 1940’s when universal water fluoridation was first considered, the issue has deeply divided Canadians.

    You either saw fluoride as a necessary public service, providing universal dental care to both rich and poor or a repugnant communist plot to take away our basic rights.

    This rift is evident in this heated exchange between the great fluoride opponent broadcaster Gordon Sinclair and Front Page Challenge mystery guest, Dr. Wesley Dunn, chairman of the fluoridation committee for the Health League of Canada and editor of the Canadian Dental Journal.

    Rat and bug poison!

    Toronto-based broadcaster Gordon Sinclair is vehemently against adding “poison” to our public drinking water.

    City of Toronto had approved fluoridation in 1955, however protests and outcries, many spearheaded by Sinclair, means actual fluoridation of Toronto’s water supply doesn’t take place until years later.

    Sinclair fervently objects to being forced to take medication he doesn’t want. He sees it as a gross infringement of his basic rights.

    Despite Sinclair’s crusading efforts Toronto begins to fluoridate its water supply in 1963. It follows years of tumultuous legal battles and a 1962 plebiscite which results in a hair-splitting vote of 50.1 percent in favour and 49.9 percent opposed.


  17. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Fluoride is also a by-product of Alcoa & they pay cities to take it. That’s the incentive.


  18. Diane DiFlorio says:

    FLUORIDE: Cancer, Science & Politics


    This video was recorded at the Cancer Control Convention in Pasadena, California, about 1991-1992.


    Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, biochemist and founder of the Safe Water Foundation, USA, died October 8, 2000, passing away peacefully in sleep at his home in Delaware, Ohio, surrounded by members of his family.

    Undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago and afterward, in 1967; PhD in biochemistry at the University of Rhode Island. Postdoctoral research at Western Reserve Medical School; became a biochemical editor at Chemical Abstracts Service. There, he became aware of the health-damaging effects of fluoride.

    His opposing water fluoridation prompted efforts by the National Institute of Dental Research to have CAS silence him or risk losing substantial US Public Health Service funding. He resigned from the CAS. His experience is described in his book, *Fluoride the Aging Factor*. Dr. Y’s studies with Dr. Dean Burk to determine whether cancer death rates increased after fluoridation in the 1950s caused great concern among many Americans and prompted Congressional hearings in 1977 followed by a 21-day court trial in Pennsylvania. There, the presiding judge was compellingly convinced of the adverse effects of fluoridation and ordered its halt as a public health hazard.

  19. Chris A says:

    Another great book about fluoride is The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson

  20. Tim says:

    They are so un-superior(inferior) that they must use deceit, violence and poisons(trauma) on their projected “lessers” to make them that way.
    It’s all so pathetic.

    Wow!? What a “victory”.(?).

    There is an erasure coming.

    They won’t “rot” or “burn” in hell, I won’t waste my mind/energy to sustain-support such a thing, they will have one last chance to repent before they are deleted permanently.

  21. Fluoride: Where is it? I can’t seem to find it. My toothpaste says SODIUM monoflurophosphate .76% (.14% w/v fluoride ion) so if my science is correct that is .14% of .76% = .0014 x .0076 = .0000106th of my tube of toothpaste has fluoride ion. That is 1.06 one hundred thousandth of a tube of toothpaste. Most all of it is chalk and water. I am supposed to worry about 1/100,000th of my toothpaste being fluoride?

    Sorry I’ll pass on this ongoing fluoride scaremongering fraud. From what I can gather by just friggin reading the tube and understanding and applying basic math and language it’s all SALT, PHOSPHATE, CHALK, WATER that gets all spit out mostly thus I am guessing here that the actual amount of fluoride that ever touches my mouth is .0000000000000000024 micrograms and then when I spit it out what’s left is about .00000000000000000000007 micrograms which is about 7/100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000th of an ounce.

    If anyone can prove to me THAT is the cause of anything let me know. Spare me your endless references to studies that correlate and never isolate each and every possible causation those are all worthless to me but worth a fortune in billing. Simple math seems to be doing well enough on it’s own.

    • john-oranje says:

      Perhaps you need a ladder to get to what IS important;
      namely the dumping of hydrofluorosilicic acid into
      the water supply.


      • Diane DiFlorio says:

        This is a more detailed article describing the toxic spill.


        Water fluoridation is a corporations

        Solution to Pollution by Dilution

      • That article was a complete waste of time and represents about 99.999999999999999% of these wild claims with no details used to get eyeballs. It uses typical scare mongering highlighting false claim it’s not organic and a lot of other fluff. If this is not organic then why does Wikipedia offer reference “Hexafluorosilicic acid is produced naturally on a large scale in volcanoes”? Hawaii is built on volcanoes thus the water supply must naturally be infused with this just by looking at this using basic logic. It goes on to state it’s 99% converted in water to Hydrofluoric acid which in lay terms is hydrogen and fluorine and acid. A lemon has acid so does the stomach in huge quantities so that also does not scare me. Hydrogen does not either so we are back to fluoride and again what ratio does it then exist in the water we drink? Also if your response was figuratively giving me a ladder I appreciate the attempt but it’s too short.

    • Jim S. Smith says:


      Even as low as 0.02 ppm is toxic.

      And YES –

      There have been many established links between the introduction and expansion of the use of Fluorides and deteriorating human health!

      You just don’t want to actually take a more serious look at the volumes of studies (let alone the “establishment’s zeal to conceal” – the unflattering results of these studies, evaluations, etc).

      Fine, then.

      – “Bottoms up!”

      Oh, and you forgot to mention all that silica that is also contained in most commercial toothpastes. This is for the abrasive action (which also damages your tooth-enamel).

      As far as your tiny figures,

      I think someone’s math may be getting a bit rusty.

      • .02 ppm is toxic? According to who? No amount is safe?

        In 1958 water quality report in San Bernardino County California USGS stated on page 29 regarding wells and springs amounts of .4 to .8 ppm which then would mean that everyone drinking the natural water were all being poisoned by around 20 to 40 times what was stated is “toxic” at even that dangerous .02 ppm.

        This is in a rural area where the water comes down direct from the mountains, there is no industry pollutants. The statement NO amount is safe means then that at .00000000000002 it’s still a danger.

        reference https://pubs.usgs.gov/of/1958/0007/report.pdf
        dates of data collection 1954 to 1956

    • Diane DiFlorio says:

      Using fluoridated toothpaste is a choice.

      Dumping the industrial waste product “HYDROFLUOROSILICIC ACID” into the community water supply is not. One official narrative is to target poor communities – those same communities that can’t afford to opt out and purchase bottled water.

      Not sure where you live but toothpaste come with a warning “call poison control if swallowed”. https://fluoridealert.org/studies/acute03/

      Like any other “product” I should have the option to take it or leave it, especially when it comes down to ingesting something so controversial.

      Guess what this truck was hauling?

      Hamilton man was transport driver killed in Highway 401 crash and spill


    • Frog says:

      You never prove risk. You can only prove safety. Thus, what is not proven safe, is, by default, a risk.

    • Peter Harter says:

      The first thing I would worry about is the cementitious grit they are putting in your toothpaste to damage your enamel. They tell you enamel cannot regenerate but that’s just another lie they tell. If your teeth are living your enamel will regenerate if you stop scratching it off with toothpaste.

      I recommend baking soda and peroxide. The first government to put fluoride in their water was the communist USSR government in the 1920s. The USSR put fluoride in their water for the explicit purpose of controlling aggression in the population, which they had proved it does. You don’t think it’s interesting that the same chemical they put in our water was first put in Russian’s water to make people more passive? Why again do they put it in America’s water supply? Oh, there is no positive effect of fluoride, which is toxic at very low doses? I realize you’re completely irrational and it is probably a complete waste of my time to try to argue with you. I recognize your knee-jerk emotionality, as if you’re unfamiliar with the idea that your government and the very wealthy who own it are trying to murder you and your family. I’ve known this for years, and yet people like you just refuse to believe it.

      You must be a white man because everyone else already understands the government is trying to murder them. Most white people just can’t wrap their minds around it. Once you get used to the idea that you have enemies who hate you and are trying to kill you, then you can start trying to survive instead of being a victim.

  22. Frog says:

    Some 20 years ago I read an article about truck crash in Texas where sodium fluoride being delivered to water treatment plant spilled. Hazmat team had trouble dealing with it, as it burned through the asphalt very deep. I thought, who of sound mind allows this thing anywhere near peoples’ mouths?

    Here is sample MSDS description which each driver must have on hand while transporting:


    Impressive. US Department of Transportation requires decals #H301 (toxic is swallowed – with scull and bones) on truck.

    I have no doubt, it is an industrial waste repackaged. Just like sludge from sewer treatment plants enters reprocessing facility as highly toxic hazmat, and leaves as organic fertilizer, and ends up on Pennsylvania farmland. We used to ship all radioactive coal soot dust from power plants to Haiti, only to discover it can be used as “aggregate” in ordinary household cinder blocks and street pavers.

  23. A Reader email me the following comment:


    Here is a video of William Hirzy giving testimony before the U.S. Senate in 2000. The video is introduced by holistic dentist David Kennedy of San Diego who is the producer of the online video “Poisoned Horses” explaining fluorisicilicic acid poisoning of horses via fluoridation.

    Dr. William Hirzy, US Senate Hearing – Safe Drinking Water Act – Water Fluoridation, June 29, 2000


  24. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    There is currently a lawsuit by Fluoride Action Network and others against the EPA. The discovery phase began in 2016. Several subsequent hearings were scheduled and then cancelled. The next hearing before the law judge is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept 16, 2022.

    The judge appears sympathetic to the evidence presented by the plaintiffs. The defendants have been trying, with little success, to prevent current reputable studies be presented to the court. The judge has so far overruled them and allowed the information to be presented. Here is the link to a review of the case that will bring anyone reading it up to date on the EPA lawsuit.

    “Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) of 1976” trial:


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