From COVID to Global Control: bait and switch

by Jon Rappoport

July 19, 2022

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“One new reality is global interconnectivity and the fact that all challenges must be addressed on the basis of ‘togetherness.’ Thus the most crucial factor in accepting the new reality and confronting its opportunities and risks is our willingness to develop shared norms on all levels.” (Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum)

The above quote is a glimpse of the switch in the bait and switch.

First, in early 2020, there was a narrative, a story about a virus, and the selling of that story, and the selling of all the (ruinous) restrictions which would have to be put in place, in order to “curb the spread.”

Then came what you could call “transitional language”:

In order to be prepared for the next pandemic, we need early warning, on a global scale; and THIS means a much greater level of cooperation among nations.

You know, that sort of talk.

It included: We have to be able to identify human carriers of a virus before they develop symptoms, because they’re silently spreading a killer.

It included: These pandemics are never going to stop. With massive international travel, the transport of goods across national borders, with deadly viruses escaping from rain forests…we have to create a PERMANENT global society, with proper controls, which can withstand and survive the onslaught of these devastating germs.

Transitional language.

From the bait (a story about a virus), the con moves to the switch (a permanent global control grid).

Is there some sort of picture of what the control grid will look like? Just a sketch?

Why yes, there is.

We need to look to the nation which has garnered the most praise for its handling of the “pandemic crisis.” Praise from elite global players like the World Health Organization and the UN and Bill Gates.

Of course, I mean China.

China is the elite model. It locked down 50 million citizens overnight, at the beginning of 2020. And it’s doing it again.

But there’s more.

Much more.

I call your attention to a stunning article in The Atlantic. “The Panopticon Is Already Here” (September, 2020), by Ross Andersen.

Here are significant excerpts:

“Artificial intelligence has applications in nearly every human domain, from the instant translation of spoken language to early viral-outbreak detection. But Xi [Xi Jinping, president of China] also wants to use AI’s awesome analytical powers to push China to the cutting edge of surveillance. He wants to build an all-seeing digital system of social control, patrolled by precog algorithms that identify potential dissenters in real time.”

“China already has hundreds of millions of surveillance cameras in place. Xi’s government hopes to soon achieve full video coverage of key public areas. Much of the footage collected by China’s cameras is parsed by algorithms for security threats of one kind or another. In the near future, every person who enters a public space could be identified, instantly, by AI matching them to an ocean of personal data, including their every text communication, and their body’s one-of-a-kind protein-construction schema. In time, algorithms will be able to string together data points from a broad range of sources—travel records, friends and associates, reading habits, purchases—to predict political resistance before it happens. China’s government could soon achieve an unprecedented political stranglehold on more than 1 billion people.”

“China is already developing powerful new surveillance tools, and exporting them to dozens of the world’s actual and would-be autocracies. Over the next few years, those technologies will be refined and integrated into all-encompassing surveillance systems that dictators can plug and play.”

“China’s government could harvest footage from equivalent Chinese products. They could tap the cameras attached to ride-share cars, or the self-driving vehicles that may soon replace them: Automated vehicles will be covered in a whole host of sensors, including some that will take in information much richer than 2-D video. Data from a massive fleet of them could be stitched together, and supplemented by other [Alibaba] City Brain streams, to produce a 3-D model of the city that’s updated second by second. Each refresh could log every human’s location within the model. Such a system would make unidentified faces a priority, perhaps by sending drone swarms to secure a positive ID.”

“An authoritarian state with enough processing power could force the makers of such software to feed every blip of a citizen’s neural activity into a government database. China has recently been pushing citizens to download and use a propaganda app. The government could use emotion-tracking software to monitor reactions to a political stimulus within an app. A silent, suppressed response to a meme or a clip from a Xi speech would be a meaningful data point to a precog algorithm.”

“All of these time-synced feeds of on-the-ground data could be supplemented by footage from drones, whose gigapixel cameras can record whole cityscapes in the kind of crystalline detail that allows for license-plate reading and gait recognition. ‘Spy bird’ drones already swoop and circle above Chinese cities, disguised as doves. City Brain’s feeds could be synthesized with data from systems in other urban areas, to form a multidimensional, real-time account of nearly all human activity within China. Server farms across China will soon be able to hold multiple angles of high-definition footage of every moment of every Chinese person’s life.”

“The government might soon have a rich, auto-populating data profile for all of its 1 billion–plus citizens. Each profile would comprise millions of data points, including the person’s every appearance in surveilled space, as well as all of her communications and purchases. Her threat risk to the party’s power could constantly be updated in real time, with a more granular score than those used in China’s pilot ‘social credit’ schemes, which already aim to give every citizen a public social-reputation score based on things like social-media connections and buying habits. Algorithms could monitor her digital data score, along with everyone else’s, continuously, without ever feeling the fatigue that hit Stasi officers working the late shift. False positives—deeming someone a threat for innocuous behavior—would be encouraged, in order to boost the system’s built-in chilling effects, so that she’d turn her sharp eyes on her own behavior, to avoid the slightest appearance of dissent.”

“If her risk factor fluctuated upward—whether due to some suspicious pattern in her movements, her social associations, her insufficient attention to a propaganda-consumption app, or some correlation known only to the AI—a purely automated system could limit her movement. It could prevent her from purchasing plane or train tickets. It could disallow passage through checkpoints. It could remotely commandeer ‘smart locks’ in public or private spaces, to confine her until security forces arrived.”

“Each time a person’s face is recognized, or her voice recorded, or her text messages intercepted, this information could be attached, instantly, to her government-ID number, police records, tax returns, property filings, and employment history. It could be cross-referenced with her medical records and DNA, of which the Chinese police boast they have the world’s largest collection.”

Is China exporting this control-grid technology?

“The country [China] is now the world’s leading seller of AI-powered surveillance equipment. In Malaysia, the government is working with Yitu, a Chinese AI start-up, to bring facial-recognition technology to Kuala Lumpur’s police as a complement to Alibaba’s City Brain platform. Chinese companies also bid to outfit every one of Singapore’s 110,000 lampposts with facial-recognition cameras.”

“In South Asia, the Chinese government has supplied surveillance equipment to Sri Lanka. On the old Silk Road, the Chinese company Dahua is lining the streets of Mongolia’s capital with AI-assisted surveillance cameras. Farther west, in Serbia, Huawei is helping set up a ‘safe-city system,’ complete with facial-recognition cameras and joint patrols conducted by Serbian and Chinese police aimed at helping Chinese tourists to feel safe.”

“In the early aughts, the Chinese telecom titan ZTE sold Ethiopia a wireless network with built-in backdoor access for the government. In a later crackdown, dissidents were rounded up for brutal interrogations, during which they were played audio from recent phone calls they’d made. Today, Kenya, Uganda, and Mauritius are outfitting major cities with Chinese-made surveillance networks.”

“In Egypt, Chinese developers are looking to finance the construction of a new capital. It’s slated to run on a ‘smart city’ platform similar to City Brain, although a vendor has not yet been named. In southern Africa, Zambia has agreed to buy more than $1 billion in telecom equipment from China, including internet-monitoring technology. China’s Hikvision, the world’s largest manufacturer of AI-enabled surveillance cameras, has an office in Johannesburg.”

“In 2018, CloudWalk Technology, a Guangzhou-based start-up spun out of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, inked a deal with the Zimbabwean government to set up a surveillance network. Its terms require Harare to send images of its inhabitants—a rich data set, given that Zimbabwe has absorbed migration flows from all across sub-Saharan Africa—back to CloudWalk’s Chinese offices, allowing the company to fine-tune its software’s ability to recognize dark-skinned faces, which have previously proved tricky for its algorithms.”

“Having set up beachheads in Asia, Europe, and Africa, China’s AI companies are now pushing into Latin America, a region the Chinese government describes as a ‘core economic interest.’ China financed Ecuador’s $240 million purchase of a surveillance-camera system. Bolivia, too, has bought surveillance equipment with help from a loan from Beijing. Venezuela recently debuted a new national ID-card system that logs citizens’ political affiliations in a database built by ZTE…”

You could call all this Lockdown, Phase 2. But of course it’s much more. It’s designed to be permanent.

It’s a control grid, the switch in the bait and switch.

Ultimately, long term, we’re dealing with the switch, not the bait.

I’ll add a few more features to the “China plan.” Under the rubric of climate change, and “limiting CO2,” worldwide of production of energy would be significantly lowered. At the individual level, this would result in energy-use quotas. Strictly enforced.

“Mr. Jones, this is your phone helper. You’re nearing the limit of your energy use for the month. I don’t want to see you incur penalties. For example, your Guaranteed Universal Income allotment could be reduced. So for the next 10 days, I’ll be turning off some of your devices. Use your computer only between the hours of 2 and 4AM. Don’t drive. Don’t cook. The heat in your apartment will be shut down between midnight and 6AM. Remember, this is being done to curb the effect of climate change. We all have to do our part…”

Then there is 5G technology, which enables the Internet of Things (IoT). All sorts of products, from diapers to chocolate bars, will contain tags so these items can talk to each other and regulate your consumption and buying habits.

But the real kicker is more-control-grid. For instance, the top-down regulation of driverless cars on roads and highways; the moment to moment choice of routes and patterns of traffic for a whole city. The ability to stop all cars in a city, or clear them off roads in a “problem area.”

Because you’d be wearing a number of items tagged with their own tiny computers, law-enforcement could calculate and decide, at any given moment, that there are too many people in a park. The people “might constitute a threat.” So an order goes out to empty the park.

And in this article, I’m not getting into the far reaches of genetic modification of humans, or brain-computer interfaces, or the medical control of the body through inserted nano-sensors.

Let me give you that Klaus Schwab quote again. You read it at the top of this piece. Read it one more time and render it into its true meaning:

“One new reality is global interconnectivity and the fact that all challenges must be addressed on the basis of ‘togetherness.’ Thus the most crucial factor in accepting the new reality and confronting its opportunities and risks is our willingness to develop shared norms on all levels.”

This is a ten thousand year war called Freedom Versus Slavery.

Like it or not, we’re up to our necks in it.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

22 comments on “From COVID to Global Control: bait and switch

  1. george says:

    Pfizer is fighting the effects of climate warming: each vaccine makes your body temperature drop 5 degrees. After few busters, you are cold.

  2. Tracy says:

    Thanks for your article Jon. Up to our necks in it we are.

    25 June 2022

    Scientific research and reports of serious vaccine damages confirm the worrying findings about vaccine ingredients. Interview with biostatistician Ricardo Delgado Martin about graphene oxide and nanotechnology in Covid vaccines: Who ordered these toxic substances to be included, and what do they have to do with 5G mobile technology? Do we now better understand the 2030 Agenda and the World Economic Forum plan?

  3. sk says:

    Of course, those norms are forcibly shared.

  4. Lois says:

    Another infinitely shareable review of the real issue. Bait and Switch on a cosmic level!

  5. Lewis says:

    Sounds ominous Jon. But there’s little we can do about what goes on in these other authoritarian countries. We must take care of the authoritarianism here in the USA before we become another China. But how can we do that if once proud patriots begin buying into a fraudulent “pandemic” and accept these onerous mandates? I am a songwriter and have written over 30 songs about the Scamdemic. My most recent song is an attack on major league baseball entitled “Cardboard Cutouts in the Stands.”

    Check it out at:

    The lyrics are below.

    Cardboard cutouts in the stands

    (v1) It wasn’t that long ago, baseball players were real tough
    But then the world shut down, it happened so abrupt
    The emergency was phony, baseball said we’re out of luck
    They refused to band together, never said “we’ve have had enough”

    Chorus: Cardboard cutouts propped up in the stands
    Umpire said, “play ball”
    In front of cardboard cutout fans
    All the baseball players, they caved into their demands
    A national pastime, now so unAmerican

    (v2) It was a few years ago, the players got their wish
    The stadium was deserted, they all looked ridiculous
    They went along with the lockdowns
    You could hardly call it a game
    Once proud and mighty players
    Now were playing in the Hall of Shame

    Chorus: Cardboard cutouts propped up in the stands
    Umpire said, “play ball”
    In front of cardboard cutout fans
    When you play with tyrants
    You corrupt the baseball brand
    No more cardboard cut outs in the stands!

    Bridge: One more toss but you feel lost
    Where’s your closer in the pen?
    You can’t stall, the game’s been called
    Soon more lockdowns once again
    Just say no, and act like a pro
    Courage, don’t pretend
    But follow orders and the magic will come to an end

    Instrumental verse

    (v3) Disregard the experts, only umpires don’t ignore
    Baseball doesn’t need these experts, they’re rotten to the core
    Trust your intuition, don’t let them sink your plans
    No more playing in disgrace, in front of cardboard cutout fans

    Chorus: Cardboard cutouts propped up in the stands
    Umpire said, “play ball”
    In front of cardboard cutout fans
    All the baseball players, they caved into their demands
    In front of cardboard cutouts in the stands

    • Banjocat says:

      Keep creating! Don’t stop… here’s a blog post I wrote last year accompanied by song lyrics I penned as I struggled to cope with all the disharmony this wickedness has created.

      I also have songs posted here -> Our creativity, our voice, our souls are the key to dissolving this spell. Thanks for sharing your Light here 🙂

  6. Jim S. Smith says:

    In virtually ALL new apartment buildings that were built within the last ten years,

    Seeing virtually ALL appliances and EVEN light bulbs being of the “smart-device” type.

    The locks are all “going digital”, where your “key” is an entry-card OR combination/code.


    It all started with surveillance cameras everywhere. Many of the newer buildings have high-definition cameras already in place – and they are EVEN capable of clear video at night!

    In the USA,

    This is already in the making too.


    Does NOT matter which political party is “in the majority” at any time, the beat continues onward, and forward.


    The majority of the People – act like they really want this! ! !

  7. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Facial recognition is already happening here in Canada.

    Owners of Richmond Centre collected 5 million images of shoppers, privacy investigation finds

    The WEF, UN, NATO, BIS, IMF. World Bank, Federal Reserve and the multinational corporations have a habit of getting ahead of them selves. AI is in it’s infancy. It is a sophisticated computer program designed by a human brain. That humans brain is developing at a slower than glacier pace.

    AI is a computer program – Google Search

    Oh sure, AI is the Globalists latest wet dream, however the world is too complicated for AI to control all of us.

    As far as self driving cars go. All of the worlds cars would have to be self driving for this to work. If you have a self driving car and I do not, then I could T bone your car before your self driving car sensor responds. Also who is going to say that all of these sensors are going to function perfectly?

    We like to live in our own Hollywood movie image

  8. Paul says:


    Just this fine sunny morning, as I was drinking my sun drenched tea, & watching the hard ray hitting news, dispatched on TV, it was anchored by a bald human head…and….

    “…WHOA Whoa whoa there Paulie, are you sayin’ his cranium was detached from his body?”

    Indeed I am, my good man.

    “Don’t cha see, the head must bee attached to the body.”

    Ohh reallly?…Is that so?…my tremendous fellow.

    “It’s called SCIENCE.” “Paulie.”
    “Look it up.”



    “You know, that sort of talk.”

  9. terry shead says:

    The answer what can we do about it, it must come from China, they are the leaders.

  10. Roundball Shaman says:

    “From COVID to Global Control: bait and switch…This is a ten thousand year war called Freedom Versus Slavery.”

    Here is our ongoing, never-ending, ultra-multi-generational engagement with ‘The Powers That Be!’…




    ‘Those That Be’: AND WE’RE GOING TO TAKE IT…



    We the People: OR ELSE… WHAT!?







    A lesson in how to have a ‘conversation’ in which ‘Those That Be’ utterly refuse to hear
    We the People no matter what We say. Or listen to anything that deviates from their Multi-generational Agenda of Institutionalized Bleakness.

    In the minds of those Dark Siders… there is ONLY ONE outcome to all of this. Period. No options whatsoever.

    And there is NO ‘disinterested’ Third Party to facilitate a better conversation or to facilitate a resolution to this stalemate between the two sides.

    It’s One-on-One. With one party holding most all of the cards in a rigged deck and other party just straining to be heard.

    Yes, The Powers That Be want ‘Togetherness!’ with a ‘Global Solution!’. And that ‘Togetherness’ is very simple. They get all the property and power… and those of We the People that are allowed to live beyond The Great Cull get to have no rights and always ‘Follow Orders!’. Period. Forever. And We are ‘All Together’ is this form of fully depraved social contract.

    A contract of depravity. A contract of abuse and debasement. A contract to fully codify evil upon the Land…

    One can try to dress up Darkness and try everything to make evil look good.

    But it remains… the putrid stench of Utter Darkness that it can never shake.

  11. RealMath says:

    What this article says china is going to do seems, from my time there, already completed by 2019. Li-Fi changes the equation, much less hardware and computing power needed, and eliminates the need to send in drones or people to interact. My advice to other Americans is, decided where and how you are going to dig up the black cable connecting all those new street lamps. They will say it’s radioactive fall out or marburgs or something but those lamps are military weapons and surveillance all in one.

  12. Sergey says:

    “Totalitarian societies do not survive since they are both against the laws of nature and human nature. Nevertheless they can create a very unpleasant period for many people.

    The WEF’s (World Economic Forum) objective to create a society in which everybody will be poor and happy is total nonsense which would fail miserably just as a totalitarian society.

    Yes, the WEF has a lot of billionaires and political leaders, who love mixing with each other under the command of their leader Klaus Schwab, also a billionaire.

    But the WEF will collapse as the billionaires lose most of their wealth and the Trudeaus of this world are thrown out in the greatest wealth transfer in history.”

    “WEF & Claus Schwab have got more prominence than they deserve. In my view they will lose whatever power they now have as financial asset values and their wealth implode. Thus, I don’t believe that their reset will happen or succeed. Governments might try resets but they will fail. The only real reset will be disorderly.”

  13. Peter Harter says:

    We all see it now. Usury and slavery are two facets of the same system. This is the ancient system of the Magyars, who were priests and slavers, and who ancient free peoples (Frisians and Saxons) always fought against. In the Codex Oera Linda, we learn that free people cannot tolerate priests or slaves. I personally cannot tolerate the mentality of slaves. It makes me want to spit nails. To me, that is the preeminent social divide: The mentality of free people (R) vs the mentality of slaves (D). In America, we are made to coexist with the mentality of slaves. When freedom wins that mentality will no longer exist here.

    • Antonio says:

      I see a lot of (R) slaves, too. This kind of mental disease knows no party affiliation.

      Either you are free, and think freely, or you are not. Most people are in the latter camp.

      • JB says:

        Exactly. There is no freedom if you believe in the political system. Mark Passio calls that a polarization dialectic. I don’t know why most people can’t figure that out.

  14. The Watchman says:

    One wonders if there is any stop to all of this or not. Or if the sheeple will just blindly continue to accept all of this as they walk around staring at their cell phones in their catatonic state!!
    Linking as usual @

  15. Antonio says:

    I see a lot of China bashing, but I would think that the U.S. has been experimenting and researching in this area for many decades.

    China may be ahead of us (in the bad sense), but we can’t be that far behind. That kind of social control is the wet dream of every dictator.

    China may have had the advantage that their population was already largely enslaved to begin with. They had a head start, so to speak. The West had to overcome a legacy of liberty in order to achieve the same level of control, but I’m sure they are making up ground as fast as they can.

  16. Sean says:

    I dont want to seek for or have your approval. I like that idea of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and defending all of
    that, no matter what. I would join the military if that was what was really going on, of coarse it is not what is going on.

    I like being able to discern between collectivist and technocratic language.

    How would these guys and gals feel being surveilled 24/7, told what to do for bogus reasons, eat fake food, what to think and being completely controlled. Last time I told a controller to fuck off, just yesterday, it didnt go well for him and frankly I do not care. Im sick of all of them.

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