Podcast: Viruses That Don’t Exist

by Jon Rappoport

June 21, 2022

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This is a VERY big one.

So shell out a mere few bucks for a substack subscription, join me, and listen.

With COVID still on the front burner, and official declarations about monkeypox building, the virus question is vital.

I’m covering all the bases in this podcast.

I’m hitting four areas:

The real science that proves these viruses don’t exist.

The actual psychology that compels people to believe viruses do exist. This psychology is imposed from the outside, but it is also self-imposed. And in the long run, the self-imposed element is far more powerful. I’ll explain that in detail.

The third factor is: “The virus” is the greatest cover story ever invented. It covers up past, present, and future crimes committed by governments and major corporations. I’ll present vivid examples.

The fourth factor is a kind of risk-benefit comparison. What are the benefits of ceasing to believe in these viruses? What is the downside of continuing to believe in viruses?

These four areas finally present a fully rounded picture of the virus issue. All in one podcast.

No one else is clarifying all the areas.

I’ve been hot on the trail of “the virus question” for 35 years. My investigation went through a number of stages. First, it was: do they have the correct virus that’s causing a disease? Then it was: is this disease actually caused by a virus? And finally, it was: does the virus exist at all?

So I didn’t come to my present position overnight. Far from it. I wrestled with various tigers for a long time. Each battle made me stronger for the next one.

I didn’t stop at resolving the science. I saw and made sense out of the political and psychological implications.

This podcast is the whole ball of wax. Dismantled. Taken apart. Presented to you.

Over the past 35 years, I’ve learned that taking a position without compromise, without catering to certain groups, without asking for agreement, gives me increased clarity.

You’ll find that clarity in this podcast.

Thank you for your support.

— Jon Rappoport

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

33 comments on “Podcast: Viruses That Don’t Exist

  1. Tracy Kolenchuk says:

    Frankly, I don’t know if viruses exist and we might argue forever, but l do know that COVID exists. I’d love to see that analysis – if it exists.

    • Jeff says:

      How do you know it exists when the protocol for diagnosing “covid” is a test that was never meant for diagnosis, and a list of symptoms a mile long, or no symptoms at all?

      • Marilyn Shepherd says:

        And that Jon pointed out long ago that the CDC invented a cold virus and then invented a test to find it.

        I am like Jon, I do not pander to any groups and never have and at nearly 70 there is no chance I will ever learn to.

    • Jim S. Smith says:

      * but l do know that COVID exists. *


      You BELIEVE that “COVID” exists.

      NO ONE can “know” something exists without actual hard evidence that PROVES the thing exists. Scary graphics and CGI video – as well as – “scientific consensus” are NOT replacements, nor even equivalents to actual, hard evidence (“proof”).

      This is EXACTLY the kind of thing Jon talks about: The difference between what is ACCEPTED as truth, as opposed to what can be PROVEN to be truthful.

      – “I matters NOT if a lie is told a thousand times and louder still, it is STILL a lie, a thousand times over, and a lot of noise.

    • Judy says:

      I think the question is: what do the symptoms of Covid tell us? When a body is compromised by the poisons we are being subjected to on a daily basis, it will produce unpleasant symptoms,which could manifest as respiratory symptoms etc. The chemtrails we are being bombarded with, will do that too. So I don’t think anyone would argue with the point that illness , such as called Covid, causes symptoms, but without proof that it is a “virus” , you may as well resign yourself to believing it is caused by anything. How can you confidently analyse Covid, or anything, without first proving its existence?

    • I_left_the_left says:

      Yes, arguing forever is the only sure result from Jon’s unending focus that I can see. I’d like to know how proving virology wrong and terrain theory or similar right will stop the cabal and its depopulation agenda. This critic thinks likewise:

      “Trouble is, the terrain hypothesis doesn’t unite the freedom movement. It divides us. And it divides us over a debate that will not be settled this year or even this decade. A genocide is underway (and is about to escalate) yet somebody thought it would be a good strategy to open up a new front by trying to overthrow “Germ Theory” at the same time? Seriously? This approach is so utterly stupid and counterproductive that the enemy would have an obvious motive to encourage it. It distracts from the simple facts at hand: Coercive medical experimentation is wrong. Medical apartheid is wrong. Those in power have committed crimes against humanity and must be held accountable. To succeed we must unite on our strongest positions. To muddy the waters with an argument about whether viruses or bacteria cause disease is asinine.”

      From StormCloudsGathering, as posted on the Yeadon and Monotti channel.

      • Invisible Man says:

        “Trouble is, the terrain hypothesis doesn’t unite the freedom movement. It divides us. And it divides us over a debate that will not be settled this year or even this decade.”

        That’s an absolutely ludicrous assumption. These are the same people who insisted that COVID exists, that masks work, that they “believe in vaccines,” that the PCR test works, that asymptomatic spread is real, etc. In short, with their non-stop tone policing and incessant demand that we all colour within certain narrow lines, they’ve managed to be absolutely useless in stopping tyranny.

        Contrary to what that StornCloudsGathering may think, the evidence is already overwhelming that infectious viruses don’t exist. This is not a new theory, and the evidence has been steadily amassing for decades. We are not going to be silent about this to placate someone who is obviously addicted to failing strategies.

        Insisting that COVID was real and we must all align with that because denying its existence would look crazy was the single biggest mistake made by the anti-lockdown movement. The moment you insist the PCR test is valid and COVID is real, you’ve already lost.

        • Judy says:

          I think what StormCloudsGathering is getting at, is that for some people the idea of dismissing viruses as causing illness, or even existing as pathogens, is a step too far. And there is an element of truth in that. It is like being thrown into your last year of, say learning chemistry, when really it is your first year. You flounder with too much information, which you don’t understand because you haven’t built up to it. If we did simplify it with talking about coercion and medical apartheid first, then may be we could then introduce the other concepts gradually.

        • Jello says:


          Dr Kary Mullis

          Dr Kary Mullis received a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1993, for his invention of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The process, which Kary conceptualized in 1983, is hailed as one of the monumental scientific techniques of the twentieth century. On August 7, 2019 Kary passed away/

          During Pandemic 2020 the PCR test has been utilised as “evidence” for diagnosing COVID-19 in anyone, especially the healthy. Every positive test became a “case” of COVID-19 and drove the fear.

          Biography – HERE


    • Invisible Man says:

      You know no such thing. COVID has absolutely no novel symptoms that are unique to itself. It’s a collection of age old diseases now all being designated COVID.

      • betty says:

        you are so right, Covid is one big lie to rule them all. fools that believe what they hear by the evil pharmaceutical industry and tell lie vision.

  2. Stuart Davis says:

    Hi Jon, thank you for your application, dedication and clarity of presentation.

    My “Red Pill” event was 911, though it took me several years after “the attack”, to have some concept of the depth and scale of the Deep State lies, corruption and deception.

    For 55 of my 70 years on this plant, I have somehow managed to “sleepwalk”, through false flag staged events and 24/7 government/mass media propaganda, etc. Hopefully more people are becoming aware of the reality of our lives, you, my friend, are one of the key figures in the “fight for truth”.

    • Ed says:

      So you have lived on a plant for 55 out of 70 years. That is very interesting. This must be a very big plant. Now if you intended to say “Planet” instead of plant then I would suggest that you are in for another awaking. We don’t live on a planet. That is another lie told to us since we were children just like evolution. In fact, I would challenge you or anyone to provide just 1 shred of scientific evidence that is (testable, observable, and repeatable), proving that we live on planet. If you honestly look into this and you somehow manage to find real information about the real shape of our earth that hasn’t been censored by google, social media, fact checkers, the US Government, our education (indoctrination) system, and all other forms of propaganda then you will be one of the few who can see through this deception.

      • Taylor says:

        Howdy Ed,

        OOH WEE…you’re really kicking the hornets nest by broaching the topic of cosmology. Good on you!

        Jon’s complete and utter annihilation of all things COVAIDS-1984 over the past two-plus years has clearly illustrated that every aspect of what we have been told during the course of our lives is fair game for questioning. I can hear the masses now, “Of course Germ Theory is true, man’s institutions (religious, political, militaristic, financial, academic and the media that runs cover for each) wouldn’t lie like that…they couldn’t lie like that…secrets can’t be kept…too many people would have to be in on it.”

        While none of the previous statements must be true, I do understand such responses. I may even find it logical or fair due to the indoctrination that we “catch” illness rather than create it from within begins before we are able to talk and think critically. Repetition is key to successful brainwashing in this age of deception, which certainly pertains to the propagation of official narratives whether they be full of inversions, lies, half-truths, or some combination of each. This is especially true when trillions of dollars and paradigms that elicit complete control over entire populations are at stake.

        Due to the brainwashing, it really doesn’t take much time for obfuscation to alter perception of any given reality and for the truth to be the primary casualty. This is compounded by individuals, though greatly flawed, being for the most part “good”; we tend to project this beneficial characteristic onto those in positions of authority or that are willing to negotiate with “evil”. Ultimately, at least from my perspective, this leads us to seeking out physical solutions to a spiritual problem; vaccines come to mind.

        Anyone approaching Jon’s documented findings on the topic of virology with intellectual honesty recognizes man’s institutions most certainly have, are and will continue to lie wittingly or unwittingly. After all, to do so is their very essence. Motive, in many ways, is irrelevant because it’s the result that matters. Until the scientific method (observable, testable. measurable and repeatable) is applied towards virology, it should be considered pseudoscience based on a beLIEf system…nothing more, nothing less. My question is, why can’t this apply to cosmology and the heliocentric model as well?

        The variety of physical science arguments for a stationary and geocentric Earth are more numerous than most realize. I can hear the masses now, “Of course we’re on a globe hurtling through an infinite space vacuum…higher education and my text books all claim this to be true…the science is settled…Eratosthenes proved the globe 2000 years ago with his sticks and shadows experiment…boats sail over the horizon…I saw it on tell-a-vision…it’s in the movies…it’s called globalism, dummy…NO WAY, to lie like that is just, well, it’s just too big.”

        However, if the same intellectual honesty required to accept humanity’s collective misunderstanding of “viral” dis-ease is applied to cosmology, then serious questions regarding where we live should begin to arise. The single greatest difference between virology and cosmology is that every individual on the face of Earth may test the latter and no lab or fancy equipment is required. That which is called “fluid statics” is the primary sticking point for me when it comes to any cosmology that places us on, according to mainstream science, an “oblate spheroid”. Never mind that all “images of Earth from space” portray a perfect sphere and not a spheroid, but I digress.

        In nature, I have yet to observe water, which allegedly covers 70+ percent of the Earth’s surface, collect as a body without lateral pressure, i.e. a container. Furthermore, once encapsulated and at rest (fluid statics), water relentlessly seeks and finds level. Thus, terms such as “sea level” are utilized in language. Heck, every construction project worth a damn is going to have at least one tool called a level on site.

        Whether it be a drinking glass, a five-gallon bucket, a pool, a pond or the largest lake, water, without fail, will adhere to the shape of its container, remain within its confines and find level when at rest. Should excess water exist, it will stream away and subsequently find a new low point. For example, if a bathtub were filled and a hole were to be punctured in its side below the water level, then the contents would flow out until arriving beneath the cavity. At this juncture, the remaining water will eventually settle in the tub at its new level while the surplus overflow collects elsewhere.

        This is demonstrable with any body of water, but we are expected to beLIEve that this physical principle of fluids somehow evades the world’s oceans because of the “Theory of Gravity”. In other words, how many pieces of level water are required to form a ball? I don’t know, but blindly accepting that which we cannot observe, test, measure and repeat begins to present similarly to the current and ongoing psy-op promoted by the Church of Scientism’s Virology Department.

        Just as many doctors and authentic journalists / researchers have all questioned the evidence that asserts SARS-CoV-2 exists, I think it as reasonable to desire evidence displaying water that defies the physical laws of fluid statics. Until this can be demonstrated using the scientific method, then whatever other programming we have accepted regarding this realm called Earth ought to be shelved.

        Falsification is independent of replacement and as Jon has pointed out with the COVID hustle, the burden of proof does not fall on those asking questions. Rather, it is required of the entities making outrageous claims. Nature doesn’t lie, but men do. If this standard is going to be applied to our health, then there is no reason it shouldn’t also be exercised when considering the very ground on which we stand.

        With Gratitude,

        • john-oranje says:

          Taylor; Your argument concerning water simply
          does not hold water (pun intended).

          The lateral pressure on any container is caused
          by gravity acting on the whole body of water.
          The pressure i.e. force per unit area on any
          surface inside a body of water is the same in
          any direction at any given depth.
          The pressure on the side of a container is
          simply proportional to the depth.
          Gravity (the phenomenon not the theory) acts
          towards the centre of the earth and once a body of water however large has reached its
          level no more lateral flow occurs due to gravity.
          This still applies even if the water extends
          right around the earth. So a ball of water as
          you put it is no problem. The movement of ocean water, creating the tides, is then due
          to the gravitational pull of the orbiting
          moon; another spheroid, whose existence is a
          lot more certain than sars-cov 2.

          • john-oranje says:

            The tides being caused by the rotating
            earth in relation to the moon; I should
            have added causing the oceans to move in
            relation to the land.

  3. Independent Thinker says:

    I am very open to learning the support for the tenet that viruses do not exist. But I have one very simple question: When people get sick from what is labeled a virus, what are they really sick from? Please let me know if you discuss this in the podcast.

    • Invisible Man says:

      This link left by Dr Antony Toben below is a good start:


      Here’s another good one:


      This theory makes perfect sense of the evidence of our experience without recourse to any hypothetical virus as root cause.

    • David Malcolm Currie says:

      “The Contagion Myth” is a good little book to learn about ways we get sick, which are NOT from invisible particles of bacteria or viruses floating in the air. Airborne fungus CAN make us sick, however, like “black mold”, or mold that grows on rodent poop, etc. Then there is anthrax too, but these things like mold and anthrax should be considered “toxins”, not “contagions”, which don’t exist, even though modern medical science’s foundation is build on the contagion myth.

  4. Luther says:

    I hear people saying Covid exists but they’re not able to show any real proof, specially have several doctors have said it was never isolated, so no vaccine could have been made that prevents it!

    A Prof. Mathias Dismet in Belgium calls this “Mass Formation Psychosis”, which is the same sickness that the German people developed in 1933 to back Hitler and his Nazis.

    Today, we have new set of Nazis you cannot disagree with or you’re banned or charged with sedition. No one knows about real science, Because theres real and pseudo-science. Guess which is used to ramp up the fear factor and supposedly legitimise virus that don’t exist?

    These are mind virus which denote a psy-op that’s been too successful selling experimental vaccines, which are not even vaccines!

  5. Roundball Shaman says:

    The Placebo Effect has long proven that all one needs to be healed from something is just the belief that he or she should be healed from it. By and through whatever means… ultimately we heal ourselves. Or not. From the IN-side.

    And so it is in the reverse. We can and do make ourselves sick. Whether we believe there are viruses or not. Whether we believe that ancient gods have cursed us and that’s why we get sick. We decide. Regardless of what kind of DNA we were born with. It has been conclusively proven that DNA is not the final arbiter of our health… but how we choose to live our lives with the DNA we were born with. We can make ourselves sick or well out of the same DNA.

    The Medical Industrial Mafia has spent trillions of dollars and wasted countless hours of people’s time trying to convince us that They hold the Keys to the Good Health Kingdom. And as we all know… there ARE some things we need their help with.

    But all They really hold is a Dark Magician’s Trick of mind games and mostly toxic potions that very often do more harm than good.

    They do NOT want us to know that WE hold the key to our good health. They don’t make money out of that fact, nor do They attain their faux-god-like status in our Society.

    Oh, if we only had a group of professionals in this World that really had our best health interests at heart. And not just the need to protect personal power and status, and make fortunes of money for themselves.

    Real health professionals who put down that Dark Magician’s wand for good and instead give us a pat on the back… and a real helping hand when we need it.

  6. Alan Kwan says:

    For those who still believe that viruses, in particular the coronavirus, exist, you better search damn hard for the scientific evidence. Because if you find that evidence, a 1.5 million euro bounty is out there for your taking.

    “Isolate truth fund” by Samuel Eckert

  7. Dr Antony Toben says:

    If you start reading/understanding Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s Germanische Heilkunde, you will see how Jon has ‘seen’ the light!


    • Invisible Man says:

      I agree, Dr Antony. This theory is the most plausible explanation offered to date for why we get sick.

  8. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    I have never had the flu, so you might be right about viruses not existing. However, I used to have up to 6 colds a year when the Rinovirus ruled colds. About 25 years ago the Corona cold virus overtook the Rinovirus to cause most colds. So gradually over the next decade I suffered fewer and fewer colds until I stopped suffering colds all together about 15 years ago. I am the only unvaccinated person among all my friends, and all of them are fully vaccinated, and about half of them have been diagnosed with Covid. Meanwhile I am healthy. This frustrates them.

    If there is no such thing as viruses, what do you believe about bacteria and fungus that also supposedly can cause disease? I had the usual childhood illnesses like measles, mumps, chicken pox, and rubella. I’m under the impression that these are virus based. What can you explain to me about how they are caused.

    I was vaccine injured as a toddler with my initial vaccination (my mother couldn’t remember what type of vaccine it was) around 1951. Prior to the shot I was healthy. Our family doctor said it was the worse vaccine reaction he had ever seen, and within 24 hours I was wheezing and was diagnosed with asthma. We lived in one of the Chicago suburbs, and I was tested by the Cook County medical authorities who confirmed that it was the vaccine that caused the resulting asthma. I suspect my doctor’s input helped to convince them. When I was 30 I began taking high dose organic vitamins and minerals which after all those years detoxed me from that long ago shot, helping about 90% of the asthma to stop, leaving me with ordinary allergies to most flowers (especially roses), cats, most dogs, and ragweed.

  9. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    “Viruses do not exist. What they call viruses is actually harmless dead cell debris.”

  10. darrell says:

    “The Anti-New York Times” concurs that there is no virus, and points to how such anti-vax authorities as Mike Adams, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and radio shock-jock Stew Peters are doing all of us a disservice in assuming that there IS a virus.


    • Julian says:

      this article got the snake venom crap wrong. it was 2022 not 2020. And it seems to suggest only a fre people have been harmed and killed by the injections. It is ENOUGH. MANY very fit athletes have been harmed and died. UNHEARD of!!!

      YES true people like Mokocits and other virus pushers have over done how many would die by now, but this shouldn’t be used to diminish the hard that HAS been done!!

    • john-oranje says:

      I think you will find that Mike Adams has come round to
      the Jon Rappoport, Stefan Lanka view on the non-existence
      of sars-cov-2.

      I am not sure what Mike Adams thinks about viruses in

  11. Leonard Bremner says:

    Koch’s Postulates

    Koch’s Postulates Four criteria that were established by Robert Koch to identify the causative agent of a particular disease, these include: the microorganism or other pathogen must be present in all cases of the disease the pathogen can be isolated from the diseased host and grown in pure culture

    If it is highly contagious and virulent it should be easy to copy the effects and prove it exists but they can not and never have

  12. David Malcolm Currie says:

    I’m in my 67th year, and the older I get the more I realize (almost) everything I was programmed to believe are lies. It begins with the genesis of our existence: the story about evolving on a spinning ball after a “big bang”, then after children are dizzy with those lies, the rest follow. “First you must unlearn everything you have learned” – Yoda. I was taught the Holy Bible was nonsense, and unscientific, but the biblical scriptures make more sense the older I get. What is happening in the world was warned about in the Holy Bible, it’s (almost) all in there. Enoch, Daniel, and Revelation all warn about the times we are in. Satan was let out of the pit to deceive the nations again, but the devil’s reign is going to end soon – very soon?

  13. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    I do not believe in the virus myth. I had done years of reading and research on illnesses. I came across many books or articles that pointed out that the cause of diseases are not what we have been told to believe.

    Polio was one of them. Pesticides, heavy metal poisoning, and things of that nature caused polio.

    I know the story of Pasteur and rabies. Of mad cow disease and the mythical prion disease. Marc Purdy proved that Phosmet, applied liberally during a warble fly outbreak combined with high manganese/low copper soils caused the neurological damage to the cattle. No virus necessary.

    Ebola, measles, smallpox, etc. They all have a nbetter explanation for the cause that has nothing to do with a virus.

    And as one of the kids who was in the “”Norwalk virus” experiment, since we all got sick and well at the same time, I am guessing we were poisoned with something short acting.

    Nope. The virus is just another invisible enemy that someone is brought out with an agenda, and it will magically perform whatever trick its masters need at that time. Never needs proof. Just have some “authorities” claim it’s real.

    While that ruse works very well on the unthinking masses, it doesn’t work for me. I need to see the evidence, not the belief system.

    Same goes for Jesus and Moses and profits like that.

    While Jon has helped me tremendously with this, I have also read and researched enough to know that Jon cannot be conned. Not for any length of time, anyway. Moi, aussi.

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