Another COVID Vaccine smoking gun

by Jon Rappoport

June 10, 2022

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I’m going to start with a bizarre analogy, which illustrates the folly called vaccination.

A boy of 16 who lives on a farm has been driving vehicles all over the land since he was 11. He’s driven cars, trucks, and tractors. He’s driven them on roads, across fields, and on many occasions with his father beside him, he’s driven cars and trucks on city streets and highways. The boy knows how to drive. He’s a pro.

But when he turns 16, his father is on vacation, and his uncle comes to stay with the family. The uncle is quite insane. He tells the boy, “I’m going to put you through a training course in driving. It’s a rehearsal for the real thing.”

Against the protests of the boy, the uncle sits him in a closed car, which is specially equipped to pump amphetamines into the air. The uncle says, “The drug will make you more alert when you drive. So you’ll have enhanced skills. You’ll become a better driver with this rehearsal…so when you actually get your license, you’ll be ready for the real thing…”

“But I can already drive better than you can,” the boy says.

“Shut up,” his uncle tells him.

I call vaccination a rehearsal, because that’s what it’s supposed to be.

The immune system is tuned up for the possible later appearance of “the real thing.”

For the moment, put aside the fact that SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist and therefore a vaccine is entirely irrelevant.

For the many who believe in the virus, here’s a question. Why does the use of a vaccine, as rehearsal for the real thing, make any sense at all?

If the immune system springs into action against the virus (or a virus protein) in the vaccine, why wouldn’t it also spring into action when the virus shows up naturally? What’s the point of the prior rehearsal? Isn’t the body already ready for the real thing?

It turns out there is a medical answer. Vaccines contain various substances called adjuvants. Their function is to enhance the immune response during the rehearsal, better preparing it for the moment when the real thing comes along.

COVID RNA vaccines contain an adjuvant called PEG. Polyethylene glycol.

However, as many scientists know, PEG can cause a dangerous anaphylactic reaction. Not good.

Why does PEG cause that reaction?

Because antibodies over-respond to PEG.

Think it through. The body’s immune system isn’t being enhanced during the rehearsal called vaccination. The adjuvant (PEG) isn’t causing the immune system antibodies to ramp up against the spike protein in the virus. The adjuvant is causing the immune system to attack it, the adjuvant.


Therefore, what good is the vaccine?

And we’re not just talking about the adjuvant called PEG. By implication, this anaphylactic response suggests that ALL adjuvants in all vaccines aren’t really enhancing immune response against viruses. Instead, they’re provoking antibody reactions to themselves, the adjuvants.

In which case, I return to my original question: why bother with the rehearsal called vaccination, since it proves nothing except the body is already prepared for the real thing. And so the vaccination wasn’t needed.

Here are excerpts from an article in Science (12/21/20), “Suspicions grow that nanoparticles in Pfizer’s COVID vaccine [and Moderna’s] trigger rare allergic reactions.” You can plow through and dig out the nuggets that, taken together, illustrate what I’ve just presented.

The caps in the following quotes are mine.

“Severe allergy-like reactions in at least eight people who received the COVID-19 vaccine produced by Pfizer and BioNTech [Pfizer] over the past 2 weeks may be due to a compound in the packaging of the messenger RNA (mRNA) that forms the vaccine’s main ingredient, scientists say. A similar mRNA vaccine developed by Moderna, which was authorized for emergency use in the United States on Friday, also contains the compound, polyethylene glycol (PEG).”

“PEG has never been used before in an approved vaccine, but it is found in many drugs that have occasionally triggered anaphylaxis—a potentially life-threatening reaction that can cause rashes, a plummeting blood pressure, shortness of breath, and a fast heartbeat. Some allergists and immunologists believe a small number of people previously exposed to PEG may have HIGH LEVELS OF ANTIBODIES AGAINST PEG, putting them at risk of an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine.”

“The two vaccines both contain mRNA wrapped in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) that help carry it to human cells, BUT ALSO ACT AS AN ADJUVANT, A VACCINE INGREDIENT THAT BOLSTERS THE IMMUNE RESPONSE. The LNPs are ‘PEGylated’—chemically attached to PEG molecules that cover the outside of the particles and increase their stability and life span.”

“PEGs were long thought to be biologically inert, but a growing body of evidence suggests they are not. As much as 72% of people have at least SOME ANTBODIES AGAINST PEGs, according to a 2016 study led by Samuel Lai, a pharmaco-engineer at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, presumably as a result of exposure to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. About 7% have a level that may be high enough to predispose them to anaphylactic reactions, he found.”


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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

49 comments on “Another COVID Vaccine smoking gun

  1. Opie Poik says:

    “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
    ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

  2. Opie Poik says:

    Vaccine: a dress rehearsal featuring a naked emperor.

  3. Paul says:

    “But I can already drive better than you can,” the boy says.

    “Shut up,” his uncle tells him.

    That’s not bizarre Jon.
    But it is hilarious!

  4. sifubernie says:

    Brilliant – as usual.

  5. Fins McGee says:

    Jon, you have redoubled your efforts and game (not that you weren’t incredible to begin with) since this nonsense began and consistently knock the ball out of the park…I’ve been studying the medical inquisition since my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, 50 years ago next month so I was receptive to your journalism…your references and analysis provide clarity and facts to counter the fear campaign and attempted smash and grab of the psychopaths…I have to say I’d really like to have your writing skills, but sure am glad we have a man of such integrity and purpose on our side…thanks!

  6. AMR says:

    Whatever advertising/bamboozlement/hypnotic stunt that’s been pulled here in the UK, people have been convinced that the ‘vaccine’ is wholly a preventative measure against hospitalisation and death.

    After talking to many, many people, over the last year and a half, especially those who believe they or their family have had ‘Covid’, I’ve observed they GENUINELY and completely believe that – if not for the ‘vaccine’-they would be in hospital and would possibly die.

    People who’ve had 4 shots already and then get ‘Covid’, which knocked them out in bed for two or three days and was “terrible, really bad”, are absolutely certain, convinced, zealous even, that they would be dead if not for the shots.

    Here, it’s not really a vaccine, even in people’s minds. If they once understood what a vaccine is supposed to do, with THIS one that’s all gone out of the window. It’s a saviour, a miracle shot, the only thing standing between us all and severe illness and death.

    There is absolutely no fact, no data, no logic that I have ever used that changes one iota the people I talk to from believing, with all their hearts, that even though they were ill they have been saved from certain death by the miracle shots.

    The UK has a new religion, as far as I can see.

    • Opie Poik says:


      (Full interview, 1 hr., 20 min.)

      People can be trained to disbelieve their own senses.

    • Mike B says:

      AMR – I agree it may be a lost cause but flip this link to the smarter ones as a last resort. In 2009 before Steve Jobs’ widow bought The Atlantic to seal her influence in the culture war the magazine printed a surprisingly open minded take on the efficacy of the flu vaccine—“Does the Vaccine Matter?”—which explained bona fide research in a clear manner that exposed the healthy user effect, and this angle likely carries over to the Covid vaccines — the idea is that when you’re viewing observational data you have to do a lot of work to strip away confounding error to make statistically valid claims about the efficacy of these vaccines. Trial data on the other hand are very clean by comparison but were not carried out in full in the case of Covid for obvious reasons. In fact trial data revealed higher all cause mortality for Pfizer …which is not publicized and should have been the death knell for that product. Here it is. It’s a very good read. Apologies if you’ve already read it elsewhere. Lastly to be clear the reason your peers believe the vax is effective in reducing death and hospitalization is bc CDC et al present data which are likely accurate that ICU censuses are over populated by the unvaccinated while not explaining the serious nature of confounding error – also known as endogeneity in statistical circles.

      • Siouxma says:

        Be aware of the moving target of how the CDC defines the “Unvaccinated” –when the Jabbed get sick within a certain number of days of being jabbed, they they don’t get counted. The CDC also ordered the Labs to run the bogus PCR tests for Jabbed Breakthrough Cases at 28 cycles rather than the False Positive 40 cycles. That is why you can’t believe anything from the complicit Hospitals and doctors reporting about Covid and the Unvxxd…$$$$$$$$

    • falsefaketruth says:

      I am also in the UK and I share your experience unfortunately. Fair play to the “control system” it has done a wonderful job over many years capturing the minds of the population so that it is ripe for manipulation. It is futile attempting to shine a light. For me, Covid-19 is a test, the final exam, an exam that has only one question…can you determine truth from lies, live by and defend that truth?

  7. Need A Ladder says:

    all this stuff is marketing nonsense

    “bolster immune response” – this is like causing a car crash to stimulate the response of ambulances, it’s like hammering someone’s finger to stimulate a healing response, it’s insane and not needed

    “rehearsal” – the body is in constant rehearsal already all the time 24/7 no polyethelyne glycol (derived from petroleum) poison needed. Green freaks should start there banning these injections of climate changing vaccines!

    “adjuvant” – although the dictionary states it’s an aid I seem to recall the word adjuvant being used in an Amway meeting telling us how their expensive soap (basically sodium) “makes water wetter” referring to their one for the farms as adjuvants so are we just getting synthetic petroleum based soap injected with these yet another marketing term gone wild “mRNA” shots?

  8. Paul says:

    “What’s the point of the prior rehearsal [via vaccination]? Isn’t the body already ready for the real thing?”

    It seems that, bizarre as it may SOUND, that those who tinker unnecessarily with Nature’s wonders, seem not to understand Earth Nature.

    It’s almost like they’re machines, in their thinking, tinkering, & doing.

    Why are they so inclined to make us into machines?

    Especially in the presence of such obvious poor outcomes?

    It seems like they don’t care at all for US.

    ? Wouldn’t it be easier for them simply to say, “Shut up.”

  9. Tim Haas says:

    Does the use of Miralax, a laxative which is polyethylene glycol 3350, by persons such as myself and especially large numbers of children, have any effect in these scenarios, I wonder? Any other drugs, food products contain PEG?

    • Jello says:

      I would like to know the answer as well. My veterinarian recommended it to us for one of our cats who has constipation issues. It does work well for the cat, but I always wonder about long-term effects. Our veterinarian said that she uses MiraLAX for her daughter.

      Also – Not a drug or food product, but it’s in dishwasher detergents.

  10. William R Hall Jr says:

    One windy day when I was about 12 I pulled a loose brick from a chimney. When the wind stopped the entire chimney came crashing down along with a good portion of the wall.

    I took the brick, still in my hand, to the front of the house and rang the front doorbell.

    “I took this brick from your chimney,” I said and handed the homeowner the brick. He was partially deaf from being a telephone operator during WW2 and didn’t hear the commotion. He took the brick and said with a smile “That’s OK Billy, just stay away from that old chimney,” and closed the door.

    About two hours later he showed up at our house when he realized the extent of the damage.

    To this day their family refers to me as ‘one brick Billy.’

    Anyway, the virus is like that brick. Without it the entire narrative collapses.

    What we have left over is a bunch of sadistic creeps in white lab coats stabbing people with poisonous needles for no reason.

  11. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Reading this hurriedly, I’m not sure that it makes clearly the obvious point that future vaccines that contain PEG will cause anaphylactic shock in many more, now sensitized people. Also not mentioned is the very popular med for constipation Miralax. This medication contains PEG and people with leaky gut syndrome (pretty much everyone who has gluten intolerance) and other bowel disorders, will already be sensitized to PEG, which leaks into the blood stream. I simply do not understand why this med is on the market. We have a huge population with damaged guts as a result of glyphosate in common staples such as corn, wheat.

    When my grandson had constipation some years back, I noticed that on his first visit to the doctor he was given Miralax instead of starting him on easy, totally safe products such as plums, psyllium seed. Perhaps you could be instrumental in getting people like Mercola []to do pieces on PEG, Miralax.

    Totally incredible is the lack of news about the neurological disorder prion disease, now closely linked to vaccines (symptoms starting very quickly after the vaccination and clear evidence on MRI scans that this has occurred.) There was a recent article on this on CHD []. Unfortunately the huge number of cases after Covid vaccines was not mentioned early in the report. It was later noted to be over 600. Interestingly, CHD [has] not described [it] in the way that it would really mean something to people: Mad Cow Disease. And, it is something like having a slow case of rabies.

    Beware the pendulum of the wrecking ball.

    • Laura says:

      Miralax is essentially poison. Apparently, parent groups have been petitioning to have it taken off the market to no avail because it’s such a huge $ maker from all the vax injured children with gut issues. I work in home health and one of my clients (who I presume is vax injured) is non-verbal, has seizures and partially paralyzed – but she was born normal. she has terrible gut issues so her doctor in her infinite wisdom put this poor girl on Miralax twice a day. She writhes in pain almost every day and has explosive BMs. I have tried to discuss my concerns with her mother about the meds she’s on, but she refuses to listen. A side effect of Miralax is seizures and severe abdominal pain – Huh??? She is also on an antidepressant- HUH?? How did the doctor diagnose depression in a girl who has absolutely no way to communicate even with blinking?? The antidepressant also has a myriad of side effects for which she is prescribed medications to cover up those side effects. A vicious cycle. I have talked to her mother about all of these side effects but I am talking to a brick wall. This poor girl suffers daily.

      If we want to “follow the science” with all the vaccine nonsense, how do vaccines prime us to encounter a virus? If most supposed “viruses” would be encountered by our respiratory system, how is it beneficial to INJECT the virus? I can also understand how the rumor got started that the CV-19 vax was made from snake venom. Perhaps there is some truth to that rumor. We can drink venom without problems but it’s only when the venom protein is injected that the body responds adversely.
      PEG is ubiquitous in beauty and manufactured food products so most of us have unknowingly ingested it. So perhaps when PEG is injected the body now sees that once “benign” substance as a foreign invader.

      • Invisible Man says:

        “I have talked to her mother about all of these side effects but I am talking to a brick wall. This poor girl suffers daily.”

        What an absolutely horrifying story. And there are countless parents just like this mother, convinced they are helping their kids by always following the doctor’s orders. I’ve noticed that very few people would ever criticize this mother’s actions, whereas any mother who makes the decision not to have her child vaccinated with whatever battery of vaccines (and all their toxic adjuvants) the doctor deems necessary is considered a child abuser — and a cretin or psychopath who “doesn’t believe in Science.”

    • Sanjoy Mahajan says:

      That sounds like Stephanie Seneff (a brilliant scientist).

    • Lisa Franklin says:

      I live in Wales in UK. A friend told me this week of someone they knew dying of CJD [Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease]. I dont know if they were jabbed but I’d bet on it. How many cases are there, once again not linked to jab? Deaths do seem to be accelerating now. It is beyond belief.

    • Greg Ellis says:

      Further to the reference to Mad cow disease, I presume you may have seen by now the story on the Gateway Pundit about two new medical studies showing a link between the ‘vaccines’ and Creutzfelt-Jacob disease [CJD]? In fact the studies show the MRNA shots actually speeding up the degenerative impact! The TGP article was dated 5 June.

  12. Luther says:

    This exactly shows how the public has been taken in and remain slaves to so called ‘virus’ that do not exist, yet serve as a rehearsal for the ‘real thing’! Just what does that mean? You have to think for yourselves good people, or be forever enslaved by disinformation and fear.

  13. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Another COVID Vaccine smoking gun”

    There are already SO MANY smoking guns over these Big Pharma Death Inducers that all we can see now is… The Smoke.

    We don’t see the guns. We don’t see the never-ceasing mind-numbing propaganda commercials acted out by money whores for the benefit of The Big Pharma Death Cartel on television. We don’t even see each other.

    We just see… the smoke. And we hear sounds.

    Sounds of struggle. Sounds of agony. Sounds of pain. Sounds of dismay and disbelief. Sounds of tears and wailing…

    And then… we hear NOTHING. The Sound of SILENCE. That eerie silence that comes when one can no longer make any sounds… at all. Ever again.

    And we hear in our hearts those words we’ve heard so many times before…

    ‘Hello darkness, my old friend… I’ve come to talk with you again… Because a vision softly creeping… Left its seeds while I was sleeping. And the vision that was planted in my brain. Still remains. Within the sound of silence.’

    The dense fog of Smoke from all these smoking guns.

    And then… Silence.

    And after the Silence… we detect the sounds of countless distant cash registers
    dizzyingly ringing-away for all they are worth engorging themselves on all the moneys going into the deep pockets of those who brought about the Darkness.

    The Smoke remains. The profits remains. The pain remains. Within the Sound of Silence.

  14. Mika says:

    Here’s a couple doozies for ya Jon…

    There is no such thing as an “immune system”. The establishment made it up in 1972, with its first appearance on the scene in medical anatomy books. They just hijacked and “upgraded” the duties of the “lymphatic system”.

    Now sure, our bodies have a “defense system” but that’s easy enough to understand. Getting a nasty splinter is a perfect example of such. Our bodies will work to remove ANYTHING that doesn’t belong within its sterile environment – saline solution, splinters, bullets, blended cheerios in solution. You name it, the body will work to remove it. Simple stuff.

    The next doozy is the “antibody” or “antigen” scam. These don’t exist either. When there is something to be “gotten rid of”, whatever it is, the body increases “globulins” which act as a sort of glue to maintain cellular integrity. This is effectively what “feeling sick” with flu, fever, excess mucous production, etc. is all about. The body is restoring/removing some type of internal alteration.

    This is very clear when we realize there is no such thing as “specific antibodies” ever identified – say for HIV, polio, SARS, MERS, ebola, influenza, small pox, etc. It’s all the same “antibody” globulin being activated. As if these so-called “specfic antibodies” are stored and lying await in some part of the body (e.g. lymph nodes). Ain’t it funny how nobody has yet to identify these and experimentally prove that this one stops that thing, and that one stops this thing, etc.?

    Since you know viruses don’t exist, the next step in your evolution of germ theory is realizing bacteria are not the outside “invaders” that cause dis-ease either. Bacteria are produced by the body to carry out very specific functions, either the breakdown of excess cellular tissue generated to assist the body with coping with a conflict (cancers) or the regeneration of cellular tissue that was necrotized to temporarily improve flow/function/capability of particular organs (e.g. ulcers) due to unresolved psychological conflicts.

    As I believe you know, doctors Lanka, Kaufman, Cowan, Baileys etc. have been on the hunt for published literature demonstrating human-to-human transmission of disease. To date they’ve found 14 such examples, all of which fail miserably to demonstrate a single instance of disease transmission. And many of these were “bacterial” diseases. While in reality, there should be thousands on the record by now if it were true.

    Once you understand this, you can see the full scope of the germ theory hoax, from beginning to end. At which time, we can naturally conclude that there can’t possibly be any purpose for such a thing as an “immune system”. To “what” would it need to be “immune to” other than a “germ”.

    Now, in fairness, the regeneration of breakdown of tissue does cause feelings of “sickness” during the putrefaction process and/or loss of energy/vigor (fever/lethargy) while it is occurring, as the body works to complete this process in the shortest possible period of time. So in one sense you could say “bacteria are the cause of feeling sick”. But the brief period of “feeling sick” is the body restoring itself to homeostasis, so while feeling crummy for a few days isn’t ideal, feeling “back to normal” for the ensuing decades is more than worth it.

    And as a final point, this PEG stuff is just an invading poison, no different than an injection of liquified cheerios or a splinter. I don’t disagree that it’s causing problems, but it has absolutely nothing to do with “weakening” a non-existent “immune system”. Anything in the body/bloodstream that’s not supposed to be there is poison.

    • Theo says:

      Hi Mika, great stuff!

      The only quibble I have with your comment is the claim that the term “immune system” appeared out-of-the-blue in 1972 (that late in the history of Rockefeller medicine?) — as apposed to say, 1932.

      If anything, I would have thought that said term (“immune system”) would have been out there by the late-’30s — to coincide with the very first pushes of the various national childhood vaccine programs that had rolled out then.

      I’m going to have to re-read the most excellent book — “The Autism Vaccine” — by Forrest Maready. In it, he lays out entire timelines of the quest for vaccines (to prevent disease) — both before and after the pivotal decade of the 1930s — when they intentionally decided to leave the manufacturing-process aluminum in the Diphtheria vaccine — instead of titrating it out (like they had always done prior to the 1930s).

    • William R Hall Jr says:

      That is the truth. It should be posted on every hospital door in the Country!

  15. Opie Poik says:

    Watch for crazed, dazed, and violent vaxx victims next:

    “Twitter made a huge mistake. I was right about prion diseases. They were wrong. Surprised?”

    Pharma-induced zombie apocalypse. This year, Halloween will be real.

  16. Bill Harrill says:

    Here is where we use PEG in my industry. I am a civil engineer and we use PEG in ready mix concrete. No way would I be putting PEG in my body.

    Here is a typical usage for PEG in concrete.

  17. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Dear Jon:

    I keep reading your emails and I generally find that your point of view is clear, truth seeking, factual, worth reading and reflexion inviting.

    But one of your declaration leaves me suspicious, I mean not knowing what to think. In this world of disinformation, this is not surprising, isn’t it?

    Your declaration “For the moment, put aside the fact that SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist and therefore a vaccine is entirely irrelevant.”

    One of the great experts – Pr Didier Raout – in the field of infectious diseases, who has been threatened for not following WHO and French government doxa, and had administered a tri-treatment (Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin (antibiotic with antiviral properties) and zinc supplement) with a valuable success, kept saying that he and his colleagues at the Marseille hospital-university Institute have sequenced the covid-19 virus to determine the different variants when they appeared. Be informed that Pr Raoult [has] declare[d] publicly not having any conflict of interests and rely only on data when they become available and that these are published as soon as they have been confirmed.

    I do not know who or what to believe.

  18. Ravenpaw says:


    So glad you wrote this, as I have always intuited and reasoned out that it makes no sense at all, the whole a ‘priming the system’ reasoning of the vaccine lovers. Especially in light of their own logic for including toxic elements in them.

    Currently, the latest round of unsanity includes some form of the following: “I got Covid (Divoc) and almost died. Thankfully I am fully vaccinated so I didn’t. The doctors said I would have if not for the V.”

    The new manager of the Angel’s baseball team talks like this.

    I want to slap (no claws out) some sense into them, as firstly, it is highly likely [it was] the injection itself that brought this misery into their lives, and secondly, one would need to traverse parallel universes to even know that was the “reason it wasn’t worse.”


  19. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Just got a 3 day ban on facebook for posting your yesterday’s article about spike protein.

    They are now shamelessly banning all debate.


  20. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Hi Jon,

    I have been reading your emails for some time and I usually agree with what you are saying. Certainly the agenda you are exposing is real and they are trying to kill us any way they can.

    My question is this: you say the SARS Covid 2 virus does not exist. What then is making us sick? I have had two bouts with something that shows as positive on the “at home” tests. My hospital also got a positive result in December. The first time in December I was quite ill with something not remotely like any illness before in my life. I am [6[x]] [years old] and have had many illnesses in a lifetime.

    Eventually I got my hands on Ivermectin which improved me greatly in a matter of hours.

    What is the illness going around and effecting everybody? Don’t tell me its just another flu, ’cause it ain’t.

    I appreciate the work you do. Education is our best weapon when the Davos crowd is plotting to eliminate entire age groups from existence.

    • Nancy says:

      I was and still wondering what made people sick the past 2 years, some had mild symptoms, some severe symptoms, some died and others did not know that they had caught it.

      I also believe there are no viruses that enter our bodies.

      It’s the other way round, our body releases viruses to heal itself.

      Note: I never had the flu shot.

      Your reply to why people got sick is appreciated.

  21. A Reader emailed me the following comment:



    And so, the usual, logical question: why do I need to get the vaccine!?! Knowing about my body’s natural immunity, I DON’T NEED NO STINKING VACCINE!!!

    But, of course, the medical mafia objects. Natural immunity does not put any of my dollars into their endlessly greedy pockets. As usual, seeming mysteries suddenly are not mysteries when we track the MONEY.

  22. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    There’s a Facebook group called Parents Against Miralax.

    They are the parents of the next generation who have already dealt with chronic constipation. They believe it’s from the devastation of our soils.

    Some of the children are disabled. The group is deep into the PEG controversy. They’re children have had seizures and developmental delays from taking Miralax. Every doctor they go to tells them to use Miralax. They support each other with resources on alternative treatments.

    They’ve collected a great amount of studies showing issues with PEG and they’ve found some docs to help them.

  23. Chris A says:

    IMO, after reading the book The Invisible Rainbow, it seems more likely electromagnetic radiation ala 5g. That’s why everyone asked “what’s everyone getting sick from”? Also Elana Freelands books on the subject are quite insightful. That’s what happens when government scientific research is done in secret. We don’t have a clue.

  24. Peter Harter says:

    Has anybody read about the new Adult Instant Death Syndrome? The theory that I’ve been exposed to says that the graphene or the spike protein in the vaxx causes epithelial damage to the inner lining of the blood vessels and this causes a trauma cascade that sort of tricks the body into thinking it’s endured major trauma. Instant death ensues. I’m thinking that like autism, the unvaxxed population doesn’t endure Infant or Adult instant death syndrome. The vaxx is causing it.

  25. Susage says:


    I remember reading many Big Tobacco internal documents, and for decades Polyethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol is added to tobacco itself, wrapping paper, and filters. I never could figure out why? Now, I wonder, if there is a bio reason for this? After all, they mastered adding secretly Diammonium Phosphate, which is freebasing (purifying). They did so long before technology was discovered and adopted for crack cocaine among general public.

  26. Sanjoy Mahajan says:

    There has been so much lying in the name of Science(TM) that I’m not entirely sure anymore that the earth is round until I walk and swim around it personally. But putting aside that extreme of skepticism for a moment and accepting the existence of an immune system that ‘fights invaders’ (i.e., the lay teachings taught to us in school):

    I think that it’s too narrow to assume that an adjuvant provokes attacks ONLY on itself. An example suggesting that the attacks are broader is from the infertility documentary that Andy Wakefield and CHD just released .

    In it, they document the WHO/Gates sterilization campaign in Kenya that was based on attacking the beta-HCG hormone needed for pregnancy. The fake tetanus vaccine contained tetanus toxoid, the adjuvant, bonded to beta-HCG. It was given to girls and women from 15 to 49 years old (i.e., childbearing age), five times 6 months apart. The result was that many of the women became infertile. So, it seems that their bodies attacked not just the tetanus toxoid but also its own beta-HCG hormone.

    Perhaps a rule of thumb is that the immune system will go after whatever is closely associated with the adjuvant (including the adjuvant itself). If the adjuvant is bonded to something, that something will be a target. If the adjuvant is transported to and collect in the ovaries, as the lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) probably are, then the body will attack the ovaries too (not just the LNPs).

    It’s still bad, maybe worse news.

  27. Tim says:

    It’s all a metaphor for having swallowed(accepted) toxic ideas, contrary to Truth.

    Everything they say about “viruses” is a projection by the ego, in an attempt to keep humans seeing the “danger” or “enemy” “out there”, instead of realizing they have a leech attached to the back of their neck, whispering sweet insane nothings to them, and influencing them to believe, perceive, and miscreate a “world” and “life” that is a complete fiction, capturing their consciousness and controlling and deceiving them, and “living” through them, at The Real’s expense.

    Everything they say about “viruses” is an inversion, it’s The Truth that is “the threat” to them, and their master.

    The “ego” is a fictional “self”. It has no reality, and has no Truth to it. Allegience to it is the same as “satanism” in principle. Principles are the source, True Principle(s) come from The Real, false principles are only operative within the unreal. Attempting to reconcile or find a “balance” will only result in insanity, a split mind at war with itself, the unreal is parasitic and predatory, the opposite of The Real.

    Real Freedom only resides within Reality, not illusions, fantasies, or dreams of delusion.
    The so-called “ego”/fake self is a facilitator of miscreation(fraudulent “reality”), is “artificial intelligence”(an oxymoron), and worthless for anything else.

    To “wake up” means to remember and Be Wholly Real(Holy).
    And The Truth Shall Set Us Free.

  28. Cela says:

    I hope to be as lucid & hip as you are when I am in my 80s, may God grant me and us long life. Amen.

  29. David A Howard says:

    Coming soon: “Polygraph Justice” – FBI polygraphers know that undetectable deception is impossible when using a Stoelting Ultrascribe polygraph.

  30. hhi says:

    In Australia health authorities inform us that people with underlying health conditions are much more vulnerable to covid disease than the average person.

    It follows that, the state of health of an individual is a factor contributing to acquiring covid disease.

    There are 2 factors, let x = SARS Cov2 , y = state of individual’s health and z = covid health outcome.

    x + y = z

    In Australia the average age of covid deaths is about the same as life expectancy, so there is no statistical signal for x, but there a very strong correlation between the number of underlying health conditions and prevalence of covid disease, indicating that y is the major factor.

    Public policy should be focussed on increasing general health in the community. We should all be encouraged to take personal responsibility for our lifestyle decisions that affect our health.

  31. Jim S. Smith says:

    Poly-Ethylene-Glycols (PEG’s) are also found in many bathroom toiletries items, like mouthwashes, toothpastes, some cough medications, many shampoos and “body washes”, and a whole host of other “household items”.

    This growing problem of “Anaphylaxis” (sic?) towards PEG’s – is VERY similar to the mechanism found responsible for many childhood cases of “peanut allergies”. – THIS was traced to the use of certain derivatives of peanut products (like certain oils) that were contained in many of the early childhood vaccines! – Gee! No WONDER the horrendous increases in childhood-to-life-long peanut allergies! ! !


    Certain Glycols and related products, could also “cross-translate” into anaphylactic allergies to “Glycerol-related” substances – which are also contained in many foodstuffs AS WELL AS many commercial medications!

    The “business of vaccinations” has caused a great many serious health outcomes for humanity, even from the earliest days onward, even though the massive historic loads of evidence have been summarily dismissed – and even DESTROYED. – THIS is mountains of instances of criminality beyond any scope of the human imagination, let alone crimes against Nature. – The REAL science has been silenced and put “on the back burner” in favor of huge profits for a great many years.

    To call an educated “consumer” who questions the continued legitimization of “compulsory vaccination” an “ANTI-VAXXER” – should be viewed as a “Badge of Honor”!

    There is NO SUCH THING as a “safe and effective vaccine”, and never has been. There has NEVER been any concrete evidence shown nor even provided by FOIA request letters or otherwise to prove, conclusively, that ANY said “vaccines” have ever been safe or effective at anything more than multiplying the rash increases in chronic illnesses and life-long debilitations in those who received them.

    Some may be luckier than others to not end up being adversely affected to the severity nor close proximity, time-wise, as many others – but the injuries and permanent, life-altering disabilities which result – ARE the reality.

    The flawed “theory” of the “successes of vaccination” – is a BAD “theory” that never seems to die! Where there is massive profits to be made, optimum human health is viewed more as a liability than an asset!

    – JSSmith

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