New York Times launches Vaccine Fantasy Island

by Jon Rappoport

June 1, 2022

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I’m loving this one.

The Times has a new piece about the anti-vaxx movement:

“The Anti-Vaccine Movement’s New Frontier: A wave of parents has been radicalized by Covid-era misinformation to reject ordinary childhood immunizations — with potentially lethal consequences.”

And Friday morning, they sent out an email blast to promote the article.

Here’s their promo. The Times really had to stretch to come up with such a load. My comments are in brackets.

“This week, Moises Velasquez-Manoff reports on a wave of parents who have been radicalized by Covid-era misinformation to reject ordinary childhood immunizations — with potentially lethal consequences.”

[Wow. The author has three names. Impressive. I feel I need at least three to reply. Jon The Rebel on Vaccine Fantasy Island Just Say No to Bill Gates Rappoport.]

“In 2019, even before the pandemic struck, the World Health
Organization listed growing vaccine hesitancy as one of its top 10 threats to global health. Now the pandemic has given anti-vaccine advocates an opportunity to field-test a variety of messages and find new recruits.”

[Yes, our anti-vaxx squadrons use dozens of human and AI analysts to float our messages and then test the results. We use polls, surveys, in-home visits, NSA-type surveillance tools, and even covert assets in the press to expand our reach. Elite foundation money pours into our coffers.]

“’There’s a lot of misinformation about the Covid vaccines, and it just bleeds into everything,’ one doctor told us. ‘These fake stories and bad information get stuck in people’s heads, and they understandably get confused’.”

[One doctor told the Times that. Well, case closed. Verdict? We’re guilty. The doctor is always right. Wait a minute. I just called a doctor. He told me the Times’ doctor is wrong. Duel at dawn. Choice of weapons.]

“If this dynamic continues, it could threaten decades of progress in controlling infectious disease — a triumph that has, paradoxically, hindered the effort to counter vaccine skepticism. In the developed world, only a small portion of the population has seen the death and suffering caused by the diseases of eras past; vaccines, in the minds of many, have come to pose a greater threat than the diseases that they have helped nearly vanquish. In a sense, vaccines have become victims of their own success.”

[Obviously, the Times writer is a gymnast. Probably practices yoga. He can bend and stretch and twist with the best of them. Also, notice how he characterizes the parents who “have been radicalized”: They’re people who don’t have a brain in their heads. They’re massively ignorant robots, dupes and yokels just waiting for vaccine misinformation, which they grab like kids going for candy. Parents actually thinking for themselves? Never happens.]

On the other hand, readers of the Times are DISCERNING. They’re COLLEGE GRADS. They take their vaxx info from the paper’s pros, who have perfected the ability to look down their noses at the great unwashed and cluck and tsk tsk and express a modicum of sympathy.

Nowhere in the Times—ever—will we read an actual debate on the subject of vaccines, in which two sides are adequately represented and given ample space to present a little thing called EVIDENCE (or fake evidence).

To host such debates would be demeaning for the Times. It would signal a departure from their perch which constantly advertises: if-we-say-it-we-know-it.

Maintaining that pose month after month, year after year, decade after decade is debilitating.

Which is one reason why so many mainstream reporters are drunks.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

41 comments on “New York Times launches Vaccine Fantasy Island

  1. Walter says:

    Dear Criminal Vaccine Industry —

    Please remove all liability protections from childhood vaccines as a sign of good faith, then maybe we’ll consider your useless and dangerous products. (Probably not.)

    Also, perform full tests on every childhood vaccine to ensure that they don’t cause:
    • Cancer
    • DNA Mutations
    • Infertility

    Also, perform research proving that vaccinated children are healthier than unvaccinated children.

    Is that too much to ask when our children’s lives are at stake?

    Thank you.

    • Jj says:

      My thoughts exactly. Grom my experience un-jabbed children are roughly 15 IQ pointa above the herd and don’t really her sick and if tury do it’s usually mild and quick.

    • Laura says:

      And I might add…it would also be wonderful if big pharma would test the safety of vaccines with a TRUE placebo instead of using another highly reactive and dangerous vaccine as a “placebo”. But, what do I know, I’m not a “scientist”?

    • Jackson says:

      God Forbid! Please don’t let ‘them’ perform the research. Then for sure we’ll never get true data results.

  2. Paul says:

    “The Times really had to stretch to come up with such a load.”

    ~ Jon The Rebel

    Oh God, THAT’S Fantastic!

    “Nowhere in the Times—ever—will we read an actual debate on the subject of vaccines, in which two sides are adequately represented and given ample space to present a little thing called EVIDENCE (or fake evidence).”

    “Duel at dawn.”

    CHEERS !

  3. Bernardo Paratore says:

    I would not use the Times to wipe my a..

  4. William R Hall Jr says:

    “There are no viruses All vaccines must be banned,” should be the Headline on newspapers around the world.

    It’s the masks that are making people sick with Bacterium Pneumonia. In the future people will refer to this embarrassing time in history as the Mask Pandemic.

    • Marten says:

      Gandhi new that a century ago !!!!!

    • bmseattle says:

      “In the future people will refer to this embarrassing time in history as the Mask Pandemic.”

      What a wonderfully optimistic prediction.

      We still think the Spanish Flu was a flu, though… so I doubt our “future selves” ability to realize the truth in this instance.

  5. Opie Poik says:

    Will the character of Tattoo be played this time by the Bill Gates quantum-dot form of vax?

    Look, de plan, de plan! It’s plain! It’s plain!

  6. Paul says:

    Heaven’s Help &
    Uvalde Reporting

    “Something stinks to high heaven about this entire thing [Uvalde-shooting].”

    ~ SKB

    “This is evil versus Good.
    Not guns.”

    ~ The Intrepid Ben Bergquam

    Missing Timeline
    ID for purchased expensive guns/ammo
    Psychotropic drugs
    Low-income Cartel corridor

  7. Orpheus Owl says:

    And while you’re at it, STOP VACCINATING YOUR DOGS and CATS!!!! There’s even a medical term for the cancer that vaccines cause called “Injection Site Sarcoma” — the tumor grows right where the animal was injected with the vaccine!

    And one of the most common side effects in animals is seizures that happen sometimes just minutes after their “annual shots.”

    Shots full of neurotoxins and animal blood are just as poisonous and unnecessary in animals as they are in humans.

    • Lisa Franklin says:

      Yes. I keep dogs and they have not been jabbed with shite for over 12 years. I tell everyone because their dogs are dying young from weird cancers. I grew up in the 60s in UK. I dont recall dogs getting cancer and dying so young. People are totally brainwashed over the bloody things.

      • Sue says:

        Just like Big Pharma arranged with the government to absolve vaccine makers of all liability for childhood vaccines (1986), paving the way for increased frequency and numbers of vaccinations after that, there is also some kind of unholy deal made with govenrnment impound facilities (which deliberately changed their official identity to “shelters” in the late 70’s to project an image which most of them don’t deserve).

        These “shelters” not only mandate the rabies vaccines, but every animal that comes through their doors gets injected with numerous poison vaccines. I am convinced this is done to ensure a constant supply of sick animals, future vet visits, and more pharmaceuticals prescribed.

        In addition, private rescues are also under the stranglehold, coerced into vaccinating under threat of losing their non-profit status.

        This MUST change. There is no proof that vaccines prevent disease – it’s smoke and mirrors – but plenty of evidence that they cause disease. The ingredients are known poisons.



        • Laura says:

          Sue, those 2 articles are great. Another important point people need to be aware of are the supposed vaccine “laws” for pets. If people would CAREFULLY read and analyze the language that is used in the Vet association’s vaccine compendium that cities/states base their “laws” on – the compendium NEVER says domesticated animals MUST be vaccinated. The document says they SHOULD be vaccinated. Legally, the word SHOULD is a big difference from MUST (kinda like the Clinton trial defining the word “is”.) Words matter – the devil is in the details. The vet association clearly knows the difference between the words “should” and “must” because later in the vaccine compendium they state vets MUST document vaccines given.

          I read my state’s/city’s pet “laws” and all it says is that pet LICENSES are required within city limits. In order to get a LICENSE, the owner needs to show proof of current rabies vaccine. In my city the fine for not having your pet LICENSED is a stupid $60 fine – that’s it, big deal. (Who knows if it’s ever enforced). The neighboring city has no penalty for not having a pet license. If there’s no penalty, then who cares?

          So, to sum up – pet LICENSES are required NOT VACCINES.

    • Laura says:

      I completely agree. I commented on one of Jon’s other articles that talking to vets about the dangers of vaccines is worse than pediatricians. I have never seen so much hostility and refusal to discuss risks. What about informed consent?? My sister has been putting off spaying her 2 cats because she could not find a reasonable vet who would not “require” vaccines. We finally tracked down the only ethical vet in town who never requires vaccines. We lost track of him because he is frequently fired from practices because of his stance on vaccines. He openly tells his clients that he does NOT vaccinate his own pets. He told my sister that the vet association heavily fines vets that don’t follow protocol. He said other vets treat him like crap. My sister did not want to make his life difficult so she said she would simply pay for the vaccines if he would just “go through the motions”. He was absolutely agreeable and “injected” her cats with empty syringes and documented as if her cats were “up to date”. It was brilliant. He can’t afford to be fired again.

      It’s astounding that people actually think science is behind the development of vaccines. Nope – it’s nothing but fraud and sociopathic behavior. Pasteur “discovered” rabies by drilling holes in rabbits’ skulls and injecting their brains with sh*t. After the animals obviously got sick and died, he claimed that was because it was rabies. Seriously, that’s science?? And people believed him. And now we poison millions of animals for a virus that doesn’t exist.

    • Saeger says:

      Absolutely and don’t forget horses, cows, chickens. ‘vets’ are either cons or dupes, there is no reason for ‘vaccine’ and that goes for the ‘west nile’ nonsense on horses they began about fifteen years ago, and ‘distemper’ nonsense about ten years before that.

      Sickness is about overgrowth of bacteria, or not enough salt lick, or mold on grain or hay where they eat the same thing, or similar. There’s no such thing as ‘contagious’ that way. Only skin bacteria is contagious.

      They vaccinate chicks, even organic people not realizing it’s nonsense. Dogs cats all bogus including ‘rabies’ which is bacteria, not virus, and no it doesn’t make animals ‘violent’, that was a con they made up with the bogus movie ‘old yeller’, then pushed again in ‘color purple’ I think it was. Heinous setup for later propaganda or biotech weapons imo. In any case agree and with others, it’s a conjob, and shows again how the schemes are wide.

    • Heather Rae says:

      A penicillin (lepto) vax caused auto-immune hemolytic anemia in my cocker spaniel. Years later, while studying integrative medicine, the instructor, an MD, said that penicillin vax are known to cause this liver disease/death in humans. The “misinformation” police do not want anyone to wake from the VIRAL DELUSION and learn pleomorphism and terrain theory. The entire narrative falls apart when people learn that viruses are debris of dead/dying cells, the output of toxic assaults (such ad these injections)

  8. Piksil says:

    I’ll use different brackets if that’s alright. {}

    “In 2019, even before the pandemic struck, the World Health
    Organization listed growing vaccine hesitancy as one of its top 10 threats to global health.”

    {More importantly, that was one of the biggest take-always from Event201, that ‘they’ would have to deal with ‘vaccine hesitancy’. Guess this NYT article is another feeble propaganda attempt at addressing ‘their’ ‘concern’.}

    “If this dynamic continues, it could threaten decades of progress in controlling infectious disease — a triumph that has, paradoxically, hindered the effort to counter vaccine skepticism… In a sense, vaccines have become victims of their own success.”

    {Right. There have been ‘decades of success’ in controlling ‘infectious disease(s)’? (I won’t even bring up the question of the existence of infectious diseases at this point.) If so, why have we had (at least) 3 supposed pandemics in less than 20 years? Oh wait, because of a fundamental lack of vaccines from these fictitious viruses that are out to get us. There’s the (not) reason. Makes (no) sense. And these latest ‘vaccines’ have been so successful…I’m still waiting for the Osama bin Laden variant…pretty sure it’ll be the next variant.}

    Hopefully, readers of this NYT piece of ‘journalism’ will be pre-registering for their monkeypox vaccines. If they survive until its (monkeypox vax) release, they’ll surely need it as their immune systems have most likely been compromised by the C-Vax, among other things.

    And again, if vaccines were effective, why should the vaccinated worry about the unvaccinated? (It’s not a health concern. It’s a financial concern. Which equals control.)

    Thanks Jon (TRVFIJSNBG) Rappoport!

    P.S.: Loved “Duel at dawn. Choice of weapons.”!

  9. Tina Marian says:

    Devoted readers of the NYT have cement heads that sadly will rarely be cracked open enough to allow in any form of discourse. They are as thick minded as professors in a liberal arts college. Sometimes it is painful and lonely to be a discern-er. That’s why Jon’s blog is the first thing I go to every day. Thank you Jon!!

  10. Roundball Shaman says:

    The Times has a new piece about the anti-vaxx movement: “The Anti-Vaccine Movement’s New Frontier: A wave of parents has been radicalized by Covid-era misinformation…”

    What have We the People been ‘radicalized by’?


    That’s why in our Happy-New-One-World-Order-Where-You-Will-Own-Nothing-And-Like It-Because-WE-YOUR-MASTERS-DECLARE-THIS-TO-BE-SO-OR- ELSE!…

    They have declared that THE TRUTH HAS TO GO. ALL OF IT. The Truth is a danger that must be fully eradicated from the face of the Earth.

    Well, one might agree that something indeed DOES have to be eradicated from the face of the Earth. But The Truth is not what needs to go… but something else sure does.

    “… readers of the Times are DISCERNING. They’re COLLEGE GRADS.”

    Discerning? More like STOMACH TURNING.

    If you want to find people who are dumber than rocks today, find a COLLEGE GRAD. You don’t graduate these days without having your mind turned to mush and your sense of values and ethics fully excised. Lobotomies Gone Wild.

    “… so many mainstream reporters are drunks.”

    Why so many drunks? You have to be drunk to write that tripe. And you have to be even more wasted to read that swill.

    They are ‘mainstream’ in the same way that the main sewer lines of the city all feed in to a big cesspool of filth on the edge of town.

    The reports are the sewer lines. The ‘paper’ is the cesspool. And the stink They leave is EVERYWHERE.

    The New York Times had the slogan “All the News That’s Fit to Print.”

    Today, it’s more like ALL THE POO WE GIT TO VENT.

  11. Ort says:

    My older and only sister, X, is in her late sixties; she’s a well-educated suburban Normal with a master’s degree– X and her Normal husband, a career educator, are nominally members of the “intelligentsia”.

    Sadly, after the Megadeath Virus of Doom scamdemic was launched, X unexpectedly and rapidly became what I call a scamdemic thrall. I say “unexpectedly” because before the scamdemic she never was particularly fussy about health issues.

    By sheer coincidence, just a few weeks before the scamdemic was launched I did discover that X is a fervid vaxxer, i.e. a True Believer in Big Medicine and Big Pharma’s well-marketed vaccine-extolling dogma and mythology. While on an outing, she related with rising outrage that an “anti-vaxxer” parent had attempted to enroll an unvaccinated child in her granddaughter’s daycare. She concluded this anecdote by shrieking, “That parent wanted to kill my grandchild!”

    Anyway, the first clue that she’d been scamdemic-shocked into becoming a germophobe (or “virophobe”) came when she mentioned in April 2020 or so that she’d declined an invitation to get together with former co-workers (she’d recently retired) for lunch because she didn’t think it was “safe”. Beginning that summer, when X stayed in their beach town condo she refused to go to the beach or even stroll down to the outdoor mall shopping area because she “didn’t want to be around ‘people’ in groups”; she also canceled her traditional holiday dinners.

    X was happy when the pseudo-vaccines were released; she hoped that once “everyone” got vaxxed the scamdemic would quickly wind down and we would all live happily ever after.

    I bring all this up because X and her spouse have been devoted subscribers to The New York Times for decades; the Sunday NYT is like an accessory in their home(s). Probably just a another coincidence, and merely “anecdotal” to boot.

  12. kevin king says:

    Yes that makes sense. If you were paid to lie professionally it would drive you to drink. Let’s hope more of the NYT pros take it up. The sooner they kill themselves the better for humanity.

  13. Richard Cadway says:

    A woman I know just had a baby. She is a nurse. After seeing the movie “vaxxed” I spoke with her about vaccinating her baby. She said she weighed the pros and cons and decided to vaccinate it. I said to her that parents are in a bad position and that position is if they don’t vaccinate and the baby gets sick they’ll feel guilty and if they do vaccinate and the baby gets sick they’ll feel guilty. I told her the risk of autism is one in 110 and the risk of these other diseases is extremely small but she is going to vaccinate the baby anyway. I was born in 1948 and my mother’s baby book shows I was vaccinated with a triple at 6 months again at 7 months and again at 9 months then in 1953 for school and then again to polio shots. They’ve been poisoning babies for a long time and there’s no way to know if chronic problems are caused by those vaccines.

  14. Sue says:

    It’s nice that a lot of people have caught on to the COVID jabs, but I still find myself at odds with too many who think that vaccine makers’ corruption, and manipulation of headlines and history, didn’t exist before the planning of COVID19.

    There have been various excuses offered for calling COVID injections “Not a vaccine.”

    However, in my estimation, if it’s injectable, is alleged to prevent disease, is made of poison substances, damages immune systems, kills recipients, is promoted with lies and censorship, plus the destruction caused by it is covered up and denied, then it qualifies as a vaccine.

  15. Tim says:

    Same shit, different century. “newspaper” = scribes.

    Matthew 23:27
    “Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, so that the outside may become clean as well.

    Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside, but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and every kind of corruption.

    In the same way, on the outside you appear to be righteous, but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.…”.

    Luke 17:2

    “Jesus said to His disciples, “It is inevitable that stumbling blocks will come, but woe to the one through whom they come!

    It would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck and to be thrown into the sea than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.
    Watch yourselves. If your brother sins, rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him.…”.


  16. Cris M. says:

    ‘ The Anti-Vaccine Movement’s New Frontier: A wave of parents has been radicalized by Covid-era misinformation to reject ordinary childhood immunizations — with potentially lethal consequences. ‘

    It is far past time to see, and get others to stop teevee and whatever garbage on smart phones, and only use web less than a half hour a day, for things like Jon’s articles or to see what the moon phase is, though you can do that by looking up if you keep track. In any case the first few sentences – is projection, they project ‘onto’ us their false cons, should make note. Seriously, it’s a main tactic, govt state cons use it, fraud con lawyers and judges use it, phony medi cons use it, they slickly accuse others of this or that – to pressure down our rights to be free from their further assaults on us.

    Another way to put it, acccuse the other of what you do, label the other what it is you are. You don’t get to see this often so again suggest make note, paper pen better than copy paste. And share, otherwise it only sits when if share then others can. The more people can point at the tactics -the less they work.

    Another thing is its because of past ignorance they attempt to ride on it, ‘ordinary’ – pretend their poison has been ‘normal’ because they got away so long, when nonsense ‘immunizations’ are a fraud. Thing is to encourage others to know and be solid in sharing, it’s about energy. Don’t join big ‘groups’ though, they’re fronts to downsteer our own strength and creative effort or power. Making our own small groups or truther friends here or there is good though.

    Appreciate the article.

    • Cris M. says:

      -should probably add realize it was nyt, but whether web or paper or teevee, point being imo best stop intaking the cons, and share what we know on their tactics, besides the false claims.

  17. Deuce says:

    We don’t hold lawyers in high esteem. But even lawyers will penly disclose when they have conflicts of interest. But the NYT will prattle on, straight faced, with all this ‘medical information’ yet time and time again conveniently leave out the fact (and coincidentally the only actual fact) that they are funded by big pharma to the tune of 60+% of their operating revenues. So while you should definitely not assume a word of what they say to be the product of any real reporting, news gathering or journalism, go easy on them. Do you know how hard it is to be Mioses Velazquez-Manoff, living your whole existence being puppeteered by some big pharma troll with his arm shoulder deep up your bung hole? Cramming ghostwritten words up your poop chute and out your mouth. While he may not have any other redeeming human qualities, this is still a tough way to live. To live a lie so fantastic, for such little monetary reward. To sell your soul, betray the truth and deceive your fellow citizens because you don’t have the intellect or human character to make it in this world any other way. Gotta be tough. I actually applaud the Times for giving people like this an umbrella under which to act out all of their human failings. You might have to work with these people at your job otherwise. And let’s be honest, nobody of any relevance to the Renaissance that’s coming actually reads, much less believes the NYT. It’s mostly just comic relief at this point. But at least it occupies the minds and the time of the most dullard among us. Otherwise these people might be out there building houses and cars which might pose an actual danger that their silly press release ‘stories’ don’t. It actually gives me great pride on the rare occasion I check in on the NYT. If something so stupid and fake and embarrassing exists at all then I’m the most powerful force in the Universe by comparison. Me and Jon The Rebel on Vaccine Fantasy Island Just Say No to Bill Gates Rappoport and you too. Far too powerful to even care what the NYT puppets are regurgitating next. Just keep your sense of humor about it.

    • Cris M. says:

      – Though you say you don’t hold lawyers in esteem you also claimed lawyers disclose conflicts of interest, which is false on the large scheme, and also some of the time in the term you mean. You’re talking if there were supposed previous dealing with someone connected to a possible customer, or more accurately said, victim. But that sort of disclosure is irrelevant compared to the larger more important scheme, which most supposed ‘lawyers’ and ‘judges are part of the large schemes on us which of course they don’t ‘disclose’ that. People find out the hard way when a supposed ‘lawyer’ you paid drags a case or throws you under the bus, or two lawyers ‘help’ futher divide people divorcing, and cause chaos with kids, or dead people’s family in ‘probate’ rip offs. You can search corrupt lawyers and judges on that. Masses have been and continue to be badly falsely impacted by the con of lawyers and judges, which ‘judges’ are only other lawyers in a ‘robe’.

      The point to consider is they get away with it because people continue to be injured as others don’t pay attention, as we as a population fail to band together to shut down supposed ‘courts’ and for that matter ‘police’, and supposed ‘goverment’ and ‘skools’. On the nyt’ and other media, same thing, it’s not enough to ignore, real life requires us to make effort to overcome the cons, by sharing what we know, focus around in our area.

      • Deuce says:

        Clearly you have some lawyer-related baggage, and I don’t dismiss any of the perversions of our justice system that you’ve seen or experienced. But I was just making an illustrative point that it seems we’re in alignment on. Among both lawyers and journos there are good and bad. We can debate the percentages separately. Both professions are done well only to the extent that they ruthlessly pursue the truth. And both feature those who do the exact opposite out of incompetence, corruption or a healthy dose of both. The difference is a lawyer will eventually face consequences. It’s a bit clearer what they can and cannot do. There are defined consequences leading up to never being able to practice the profession again. And to your point, bad lawyers get disbarred all the time because that many are bad. Even big guys like DAs and county prosecutors. The whole team of lawyers who (NYT journalists still claim a decade later) ‘debunked’ Andrew Wakefields vaccine/autism hypothesis were later disbarred for a host of malfeasance. The DA in the Duke Lacrosse case was another very public disbarring. So we have a mechanism for filtering out the worst offenders, whether or not it’s perfect or even good. This is less true for journos. They lie openly. They stare straight into cameras and assert the exact opposite of the truth willingly and knowingly. Because they are completely failed human beings. And the more failed they are the more they gravitate towards the same outlets we know are the most corrupt. I assert that this is a good thing. With them all collected in one place they are much easier to identify and ignore. You might not find out your lawyer is corrupt until you are in jail. But we already know the NYT is corrupt. And we can ignore it u til the end of time without consequence because not a word they are saying has any basis in fact. We know their agenda and who it serves. Even if we listen or read we do so with the understanding that we should think or believe the opposite. So just think of any NYT reporter as a disbarred lawyer who you would never trust your future to. Just today we learned that WaPo legend Taylor Lorenz was publishing paid PR on Amber Heards account and claiming it as fact. Defaming thousands of people in the process. A lawyer might face disbarrment. She wont. WaPo has scrambled to issue multiple corrections. But what does it matter. No sane person reads the WaPo, nor assigns it or Taylor Lorenz any credibility. In that way these outlets have become the antithesis of what they seek to be and we can relegate them to that forever by simply ignoring them. But we should also thank them for collecting all the garbage in one place. So we can simply cross the street when the stench becomes too repulsive.

    • Cris M. says:

      ”deuce’: Clearly your con comment is jumbled distraction. Your initial ‘baggage’ sentence is inversion tactic, zero. Your con to pretend to half ‘agree’ to then push nonsense is more false tactic. Slopping platitudes or a few names doesn’t do away with the millions affected. ‘lawyers’ do not ‘search for truth’ their con has been and is to weaken the population. ‘we’ are not going to argue about ‘percentages’ because it is fact at least sixty percent are part of the scheme, and too many people are ignorant until the hit is on them. The thirty or forty percent who may be ‘less’ predatory are irrelevant as they fail to stop the con lawyers and shut down the phony ‘bars’, which are only bogus corporations/unions, scribbling their own phony ‘rules’ as cover as lawyers slickly assault others, and wiping off or hiding complaint. No, ‘many lawyers’ are Not ‘disbarred’. There has been zero ‘consequence’ on lawyers\judges compared to the many millions affected. Supposed ‘judges’ are other lawyers in robes, who also scribbled themselves ‘judicial immunity’, and bogus ‘litigation privilege’ so lawyers can lie -yes lie, they can file knowingly fraudulent claims and attempt to use false ‘documents’ -as lawyers refuse to sue each other. They spew ‘friviolous’ at those without lawyers to ‘dismiss’ their cases -as their fraudulent ‘litigation privilege’ and nonsense spew of ‘zealous to get justice for the client’ -obviously isn’t ‘justice’ it is Theft by predators posing as ‘lawyers’, and, when people can’t afford a ‘lawyer’ or if you ‘pay a lawyer’ they throw you under the bus with the frauds posing as ‘judges’. They can take whatever you have, throw you in jail, take your kids, force ‘medication’ on you. It is not ‘only’ about money it’s about destruction. What sort of con ‘system’ lets malicious judges ‘decide’ their own removal\recusal -or refuse and continue to scheme as a gang every day. Their ‘system’ is a con.

      Spewing a few ‘anti’ notes in your sea of nonsense to then spew ‘ignore, walk by and ignore’ is more psyop. They scribbled ‘defamation only if public’ -then their ‘privilege’ con, so they can lie, beside for robbery, to defame millions, despite records have been ‘public’ over twenty years over web either free or cheap and they know it, fed cases instantly public, it’s so lawyers can spew vile over other’s names, while lawyers don’t call out other scum lawyers in filings their names remain ‘clear’ on web as they continue doing defamation and robbery. Only dopes ‘watch’ the bogus ‘depp trial’, if you want to review something look at spears. Everywhere malice goes on and dupes sit. Prisons run by corporations and goons. Homeless people. How many robbed by lawyers\judges. As to ‘media tries to get at the truth’, gross nonense, even ignorant people know that’s bs, supposed lawyers, media, govmt, same, they do distraction such as recent ‘supreem’ nonsense when they’re only more ‘lawyer’ cons, distracting. Any supposed ‘change’ is only temporary distraction. Supposed ‘govmnt’ ‘state’ -over thirty percent ‘lawyers’. That would be a clue. The extortion and theft in bogus ‘courts’ was hundreds of billions last year alone. It is a con.

      Last, again on your attempt to spew down by personalizing the messenger is a fail as the subject has been a matter research over a very long time. Others can search isolate medicate liquidate, also corrupt lawyers family court. Also note the web itself won’t change anything, and its a spy system, so when people talk about this or that more, the con media jabber about it, so it sucks the energy away as dupes stupidly assume media jabber or phony ‘lawsuits’ or fake front ‘groups’ make any difference. Real life is where we live. Doing things ourselves. No one will avoid the consequences of ignoring, Kelo v. New London, and no, wasn’t only ’eminent domain’ which itself has always been a con, it was private to private. The cons spewing ‘mask orders’ -who are they, bogus ‘health officials’ pointing at ‘law’, which is what, more lawyers\judges. So much for that.

      The facts I’ve written is by sacrifice and time, suggest others make few notes, not by copy and paste better to jot on paper. The cons scheme on a similar goal. They don’t ‘care’ about each other they’re individual predators doing the same con. Whether monopoly ‘corporations’ or political cons or lawyer cons they do what they do because people refuse to stop ‘watching tv’ or following phony groups, and ignore that half the cons are females. Should figure out to make own small groups, focus where we live, and watch for cons, learn to share.

  18. Laura says:

    Hilarious article, but infuriating subject. Thanks for the chance to laugh during these indescribable times.

    Hey Jon The Rebel on Vaccine Fantasy Island Just Say No to Bill Gates Rappoport…

    Just think, the New Yuck Slimes just got the new, woke Pooplicker Prize for such excellent journalism. What a proud moment for the press and for humanity!

    I swear, for all of their filthy lies and horrific crimes, these people all deserve CP, then eternities in hell along with the other varieties of sadists and those who prey on innocents.

  19. Laura says:

    “Any possible doubts, whether or not well founded, about the safety of the [polio] vaccine, cannot be allowed to exist in view of the need to assure that the vaccine will continue to be used to the maximum extent…..”-Federal Register, Friday, June 1, 1984, Vol. 49, No. 107, Page 23007 Rules and Regulation

    Neither the govt, big pharma, or the medical industry will ever admit that they have maimed and killed millions of people with the useless, toxic injections for generations. The only way this barbaric practice will ever finally stop is when people simply say NO! Vaccines are the foundation of the entire medical/veterinarian industries. What would a pediatrician do if blindly trusting parents didn’t hand over their perfectly healthy children to the monster in a white coat to poison them??

    Thanks Jon The Rebel on Vaccine Fantasy Island Just Say No to Bill Gates Rappoport

  20. I found a nice music site where we can take a break from this madness. I feel it’s a relevent link because we, here, in Jon’s forum need to console ourselves that there is indeed a truthful reality and truthful beauty. Here’s a beautiful song Windmills of My Mind that might provide a nice backdrop to reading the above

    Henry Mancini — Windmills of Your Mind

  21. Richard Noakes says:

    White House: 1st COVID-19 shots for kids under 5 possible on June 21 if regulators authorize, as expected

    Updated: 2:50 PM CDT Jun 2, 2022

    The Associated Press


    The Biden administration said Thursday that children under 5 may be able to get their first COVID-19 vaccination doses as soon as June 21, if federal regulators authorize shots for the age group, as expected.

    White House COVID-19 coordinator Aashish Jha outlined the administration’s planning for the last remaining ineligible age group to get shots. He said the Food and Drug Administration’s outside panel of advisers will meet on June 14-15 to evaluate the Pfizer and Moderna shots for younger kids. Shipments to doctors’ offices and pediatric care facilities would begin soon after FDA authorization, with the first shots possible the following week.

    Jha said states can begin placing orders for pediatric vaccines on Friday, and said the administration has an initial supply of 10 million doses available. He said it may take a few days for the vaccines to arrive across the country and vaccine appointments to be widespread.
    “Our expectation is that within weeks every parent who wants their child to get vaccinated will be able to get an appointment,” Jha said.
    The Biden administration is pressing states to prioritize large-volume sites like children’s hospitals, and to make appointments available outside regular work hours to make it easier for parents to get their kids vaccinated.

    Jha acknowledged the “frustration” of parents of young children who have been waiting more than a year for shots for their kids.

    It seems that Biden wants everyone vaccinated, no matter what

  22. Richard Noakes says:

    My simple Covid cure – kill the Coronavirus infection before it ever gets to be Covid anything: 3 minutes from preparation to job done!!

    Everything else you have read, or heard, is totally irrelevant – how simple is that?

    Covid Crusher: Mix one heaped teaspoon of Iodine table salt in a mug of warm clean water, cup a hand and sniff or snort the entire mugful up your nose, spitting out anything which comes down into your mouth. If sore, then you have a virus, so continue morning noon and night, or more often if you want, until the soreness goes away (2-3 minutes) then blow out your nose and flush away, washing your hands afterwards, until when you do my simple cure, you don’t have any soreness at all, when you flush – job done. Also swallow a couple of mouthfuls of salt water and if you have burning in your lungs, salt killing virus and pneumonia, there too.

    My simple salt water cure, kills all Coronaviruses and viruses, as soon as you think you have an infection, or while self isolating, before the viruses mutate into the disease in your head and body, for which there is no cure – that is, after you have been out shopping, or mixing with people with potentially, Omicron or Delta viruses, or any other virus.

    It washes behind the eyes, the brain bulb, brain stem (Long Covid), The Escutcheon Tubes to the inner ears and the top of the throat which is at a point roughly level with half way up your ears and not where your mouth is and down the back of your throat, when sore.

    I have been doing this simple cure for over 28.5 years and I am and others, never sick from viruses and there is no reason why any of you should be either – when your only alternative are those vaccines!!

    I do my simple preparation, after I have been out and about, or come into contact with people who have been vaccinated – it has kept me safe – and I hope it keeps me safe for the foreseeable future as Graphene Oxide is in the very air we breathe, outside, as well, but now from the vaccinated!!

    Simply put, if the inside of your nose is dry and crusty, you are OK, if your nose is runny, you really need to do a salt water sniffle as quickly as possible and monitor the results, to see if further salt water sniffles are necessary, but later on in that evening – so far – I remain immune from potential Covid infections, doing just this.

    No vaccines for me – ever – pass on my free cure and have those pass it on too

    If you live near a beach and the sea, take the kids down for a splash around (as kids do) and make sure they sniff the salt water up into their heads – same result

    • Jake Stein says:

      Flushing the nasal passages and sinuses is good practice, for sure. But viruses are not pathogens, if they have even been proven to exist. So there’s no “crushing” of viruses necessary.

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