The extinction of species, Bill Gates, and the US military

by Jon Rappoport

May 2, 2022

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There is a technology called gene drives.

It asks the question: what species should we make extinct today?

Why are Bill Gates and the US military involved in forwarding that technology?

A gene-drive scientist might say, “I have a plan. By manipulating genes, we can make invasive rodents extinct, on an island where humans are living.”

In the next fraction of a second, a flurry of questions pops up.

The overarching question is: Does this mean genetic manipulation can make ANY species extinct?

Here is a passage from Gene Drive Files, a site with a referenced information on the subject:

“Gene drives are a gene-editing application that allows genetic engineers to drive a single artificial trait through an entire population by ensuring that all of an organism’s offspring carry that trait. For example, recent experiments are fitting mice with ‘daughterless’ gene drives that will cascade through mouse populations so that only male pups are born, ensuring that the population becomes extinct after a few generations.”

“Proponents have framed gene drives as a breakthrough tool for eradicating pests or invasive species. However, the Gene Drive Files reveal that these ‘conservation’ efforts are primarily supported by military funds.”

Gene drive technology could be deployed to wipe out troublesome plant-parasites, weeds, crops, animal pests, animals, and…what about humans? Mull that over with your morning coffee.

Several years ago, UN member nations were considering a recommendation to call a moratorium on the use of gene drives. However, Bill Gates showed up to try to squash the moratorium.

The Gene Drive Files reports: “Documents received under Freedom of Information requests reveal that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation paid a private agriculture and biotechnology PR firm $1.6 million for activities on Gene Drives. This included running a covert ‘advocacy coalition’ which appears to have intended to skew the only UN expert process addressing gene drives…”

“Following global calls in December 2016 from Southern countries and over 170 organizations for a UN moratorium on gene drives, emails to gene drive advocates received under a Freedom of Information request by Prickly Research reveal that a private public affairs firm ‘Emerging Ag’ received funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to co-ordinate the ‘fight back against gene drive moratorium proponents’.”

There’s more from the Gene Drive Files. It involves the military:

“A trove of emails (The Gene Drive Files) from leading U.S. gene drive researchers reveals that the U.S. Military is taking the lead in driving forward gene drive development.”

“Emails obtained through a freedom of Information request by U.S.–based Prickly Research reveal that the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has given approximately $100 million for gene drive research, $35 million more than previously reported, making them likely the largest single funder of gene drive research on the planet. The emails also reveal that DARPA either funds or co-ordinates with almost all major players working on gene drive development as well as the key holders of patents on CRISPR gene editing technology.”

“These funds go beyond the US; DARPA is now also directly funding gene drive researchers in Australia (including monies given to an Australian government agency, CSIRO) and researchers in the UK. The files also reveal an extremely high level of interest and activity by other sections of the U.S. military and Intelligence community.”

For the moment, put aside the notion of intentional extinction of species. Consider unintended consequences.

As I’ve shown in past articles, the latest and greatest gene-editing tools (e.g., CRISPR), which are used for gene drives, are far from slam-dunk precise, despite official assurances.

For example, this study: Genome Biology, July14, 2017, titled, “CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing induces exon skipping by alternative splicing or exon deletion.” An exon is “a segment of a DNA or RNA molecule containing information coding for a protein or peptide sequence.” So you can see that exon skipping or deletion is a very bad outcome.

ANY gene editing done on ANY species opens the door wide to all sorts of errors and unforeseen consequences.

As for intentional destruction, we have this: MIT Technology Review, 2/8/16: “We have the technology to destroy all Zika mosquitoes.”

“A controversial genetic technology able to wipe out the mosquito carrying the Zika virus will be available within months, scientists say.”

“The technology, called a ‘gene drive,’ was demonstrated only last year in yeast cells, fruit flies, and a species of mosquito that transmits malaria. It uses the gene-snipping technology CRISPR to force a genetic change to spread through a population as it reproduces.”

“Three U.S. labs that handle mosquitoes, two in California and one in Virginia, say they are already working toward a gene drive for Aedes aegypti, the type of mosquito blamed for spreading Zika. If deployed, the technology could theoretically drive the species to extinction.”

“…a gene drive [gene editing] can…make mosquito populations disappear. The simplest way to do that is to spread a genetic payload that leads to only male offspring. As the ‘male-only’ instructions spread with each new generation, eventually there would be no females left, says Adelman. His lab discovered the Aedes aegypti gene that determines sex only last spring. The next step will be to link it to a gene drive.”

Bill Gates favors this technology. So shouldn’t we? After all, Bill is the number one humanitarian on the planet, right?




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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

31 comments on “The extinction of species, Bill Gates, and the US military

  1. Rob Rob says:

    And zika didn’t cause encephaly… They were testing vaccines on pregnant women in Brazil before this. Dr Malone was a part of that butchery.

    Also we know that virus theory is broken as fk

  2. Hannah says:

    Yes, just a great guy Gates, his handlers are fantastic as well so concerned about our well being.

    I am really looking forward to the climate change lockdowns at the end of the year.

  3. janoska says:

    would secret bioweapons labs in, say, ukraine use gene drive tech?

  4. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Spirit in your eyes

    I see that randy spirit
    Imprisoned behind those smiling eyes
    Dream flight of the the wind
    That brushes the dark and lonely sky,
    Impregnating the hollows and the glades
    Waltzing through the meadows
    On sun washed days,
    Giving hope when the new day born
    Filling sails and billowing souls
    Blessing so many hearts forlorn,
    Oh lonely wanderer
    Wildly roaming the countryside
    Sparring with the light
    Caressing with your gentle zephyrs of spring
    Breathing powerful hurricanes of strife,
    Brushing the plump sweet figs
    Painting the blushing plums,
    Becoming a cushion neath
    A gaggle of geese in glorious flight
    Kissing those delicate spring wildflowers
    Soothing struggling young stems
    Seducing them to full bloom,
    Forgetting the passing hours
    Laughing with butterflies
    As the lowly beetle glowers,
    Teasing the busy honeybee
    On its sacred mission
    Lifting him on wispy tendrils
    Amongst the fragrant blossoms
    Where honey dreams are born,
    Invisible hand
    Of the great Mystery
    That paints the whitecaps
    And stirs the sand
    Sculpting the lonely dunes of winter,
    Always changing,
    Restless and new,
    Ancient animator
    Humming the ocean’s stormy blues,
    Where you from?
    Where you going?
    To that bald hillock yonder
    Where the shepherds tend
    Their placid flocks of doom
    Or racing down the backstreets
    Echoing through so many broken hearts
    That thou dost lovingly befriend,
    Showering them with your Invisible kisses
    That enrapture the spirit
    Lifting us beyond the wounding hands of time,
    Carrying us away from our own raucous roadshow
    To the very bosom
    Of the mystery sublime,
    Where we may kiss her face
    Resting with joy
    In her everlasting embrace,
    For the miracle and wonder of life
    Fires our passion
    And swallows the strife
    That has haunted mankind
    Down through the bloody ages,
    Discovering that fair land
    Where our dreams no longer sleep
    As the day betroths the night
    And the gods no longer weep
    For tho our love oft turns blue
    I can’t get you out of my heart
    Where I ever long for you.

  5. Jim S. Smith says:


    Just like all those promises about GMO crops not being able to genetically-pollute wild species and other unrelated species of plants!

    Interesting how Mexico, a number of years ago, started experiencing unusual variants/traits in many of their regular maize production, as well as strange “genetic traits” exhibited in wild, roadside corn, etc.

    We were all “reassured” that pollen “blow-over” from experimental GMO farms would not happen, yet – how many other farmers were forcibly shut down, by court actions against them, because some of their crops “contained” or “expressed” certain genetic traits that were traceable to the “patented genes” associated with the GMO crops.

    These “genetics sciences” are done very sloppily, and without any genuine regard to the substantial risks of “genetic spread” through cross-pollination and other possible avenues of “genetic drift”!


    “They” do not care, so long as there are massive profits to be made!

    – JSSmith

  6. Julie M. says:

    God must be waiting to see the full extent of destruction from the “we shall be as gods” virus before intervening. (Best guess.)

    • trutherator says:

      he book of Revelation promises a plague of “grevious sores” on the bodies of those who receive the Mark of the Beast, “in their right hand, or in their foreheads”.

    • Pip says:

      God is on a sabbatical.
      The History of Sabbatical and Sabbath: Take a Break

      We tend to think of sabbatical in academic terms, as a school year free from teaching duties that can be devoted to research, travel, and writing. Traditionally, this occurs every seventh year. Because of this scholarly context, we may easily miss what is hiding in plain sight: that sabbatical is related to Sabbath, which refers to the Biblical day of rest, or the seventh day. We trace the origins of both sabbatical and Sabbath to the Greek word sabbaton. Sabbaton itself traces to the Hebrew word shabbāth, meaning “rest.”

      The Old Testament refers to God’s “day of rest” most famously in Genesis, but Sabbath referring to an entire year of rest is mentioned in Leviticus (25:3-5):

      Six years thou shalt sow thy field, and six years thou shalt prune thy vineyard, and gather in the fruit thereof;

      But in the seventh year shall be a sabbath of rest unto the land, a sabbath for the LORD: thou shalt neither sow thy field, nor prune thy vineyard.

      That which groweth of its own accord of thy harvest thou shalt not reap, neither gather the grapes of thy vine undressed: for it is a year of rest unto the land.

  7. george says:

    I have finished reading ‘Jane Hawk’ series. It was written 2017-2019. Feels like somebody knew about upcoming vaccines but was afraid to go public so he gave the idea to a writer.

    He even describes part of the Matrix in the books. Once he even uses the term NewNormal. Was this term used before pandemic?

    • BigT says:

      Dunno, but I read those books, as well. It was terrifying at the time, more so now.

    • BigT says:

      I believe the term was used before the Scamdemic. I’ve read the Jane Hawks books, as well. Koontz did such a great job of terrifying you, but now…

      • george says:

        Something strange is happening. I have a coworker that used to sell things on gray market 15 years ago. not illegal things, but imported without taxes.

        One day he tells me that he will not use cash anymore because it is used by criminals. This was few days after a big campaign started on TV against cash.

        And this can be seen on all kind of other ideas propagated by media: global warming, migration, blm… people act like programmed. even people that don’t watch tv

  8. Roundball Shaman says:

    “There is a technology called gene drives. It asks the question: what species should we make extinct today? Why are Bill Gates and the US military involved in forwarding that technology?”

    What We-the-People can fully agree upon with Bill Gates and the US military is that certain species SHOULD be eliminated from the Planet.

    But what we differ on is in WHO deserves this technology to be used upon.

    Bill Gates and the US military (and the WEF Globalist Thieves and Vultures) have one idea about that.

    And We the People have another.

    Here’s a thought: Very dangerous weaponry and science and technology in the hands of
    seriously deranged Madmen and Madwomen is NOT a very good idea.

    Note: The above words have NOT YET been cleared and approved by National Department of Fatherland Disinformation Clearinghouse and Mass Dispersion Center and Foot-In-Your-Face-Planting Office. Such review is pending.

  9. trishwriter says:

    As a former scientific editor for SBIR proposals that went to the evil organizations planning this mess, I can only hope that inflation bankrupts governments so that they don’t have money to fund these evil, haphazard plans. Teaching people to grow a 10’x 10′ garden in their back or front yard is a much healthier and less expensive project than playing doctor with humanity.

  10. Need A Ladder says:

    Translated what we have here is more used vaccine salesmen telling us that the genetically engineered lemon you returned will now turn into a pumpkin and take us to the ball AND make us princes and princesses.

  11. William R Hall Jr says:

    Gates is a very, very dark swine
    and in an electric chair he should be frying!

  12. Ernie says:

    Who the HELL are these demons who believe they have the right to make ANY species extinct? The same pesky mosquito that makes Minnesota summers miserable is the base of a very complex food chain feeding fish, birds, and other insects. The sewer rat also has a place and a purpose.

    These people defy God and serve satan.

    • Nicholas Eric says:

      Good shot!

    • Scott McCutcheon says:

      My sentiments exactly!

      Here in El Paso, Texas there used to be an annual passing through of grasshoppers, in large numbers. Now? I’m lucky to see an occasional one.

      Same can be said for many other insects.

      This, of course, has also led to the disappearance of birds (not all, but vastly reduced) indigenous to this part of the country.

      I’ve always been against any form of this “genetic tinkering” on anything.

      Many years ago it became quite evident all of “Mr. Global’s (so aptly named by Catherine Austin Fitts) desires to achieve his idea of “sustainability” is a ruse. All of it is anathema to all life on earth. Dare I say it, satanic!

    • Luisa Ruedas says:

      This is very dangerous, because apart from the manipulation with humans and other animals, the extinction of “weeds” fungi, plant pests and others, which interact with each other self-regulating naturally, would cause a fatal biological imbalance for the whole of species among which we also find ourselves.


      Esto es muy peligroso, pues aparte de la manipulación con humanos y demás animales, la extinción de “malas hierbas” hongos, plagas de las plantas y otros, que interactúan entre ellos autoregulándose de forma natural, causarían un desequilibrio biológico fatal para el conjunto de especies entre las cuales también nos encontramos nosotros.

  13. Sean says:

    What an incredibly evil planet. The UN, the military, the mega rich humanitarians, the medical industry, completely bogus.

  14. Margaret says:

    We have a choice to choose good or evil. This is Evil people using Technology in an Evil way in the euphoria of Power that makes them think they are GODS.

  15. Bob - Enough says:

    Doesn’t nature work as one with what we call good and bad, living hand in hand ?.

    These people are insane with their God complex.

  16. Nicholas Eric says:

    I remember a study done on students at a uni in Sweden where they drank a half cup of pig saliva (gross as f..) and did DNA tests on their blood to see when the pig DNA turned up in their system – as little as 20 minutes for it to happen.

    So, you could eat something that had been through the CRISPR and end up with it in *your* blood, then heaven knows what happens to you after that… since it can affect sexual functionality then it can easily be modified to affect other genes, this is the risk of GMO food – maybe like the GMO corn you eat you’ll end up with spider venom in your veins, which you synthesised and which will kill you. This is a real risk.

    People like Bill Gates should not be dabbling in this stuff, nor should anyone else from the ‘Umbrella Corporation’ set of ‘Resident Evil’ proponents. They don’t care seemingly about the Fermi Barrier that they seem intent on crashing civilisation into.

  17. R Jensen says:

    Mosquitoes, as annoying as they are, are a vital component to the food chain. Eradicate them, and you will do the same to other animals; fish, birds etc.

  18. AJ says:

    Clearly the future for natural humanity is in jeopardy. Power and control is destructive in the wrong hands. Needless to remind you, the plan to suppress, control and enslave the world has been written and is being critiqued every day to engulf the resistance and destroy independence. Until there is no choice 99% of humanity will follow the judas goat. When the “AWAKENING” comes only this chosen will be in attendance. Know where you stand before that final day arrives.

    Would like to be here when these tyrants meet the rath of the real GOD.

  19. L.G. says:

    This is just another example of the unelected beaurocracy functioning as all three branches of government unconstitutionally. Where is DARPA coming up with $100 million funding gene drive experimentation? Aren’t we supposed to be in a Great Depression right now, and who authorized this?

    Recently an interviewee in the alternative press made a bombshell comment, saying that there is no way to stop mad scientists from rogue experimentation, either by law or by policy, because they will always find a way to circumvent rules, as their curiosity drive and God-complex are too strong to control. If we only knew what our taxes were being funneled into, or worse – proceeds from trafficking when taxes are not available.

    Consider that even Jack Parsons admitted that a certain ilk of scientists desperate for answers to nagging research questions would not hesitate to turn to the occult to get answers, even if those answers come with a blood price to a dark entity. That’s how his JPL was created, according to him.

    Perhaps the greatest test of our civilization will not be getting to the stars, but rather learning how to get control of those who put getting to the stars and other unaffordable projects of dubious utility to earth ahead of morals, human well-being, and realistic budgetary constraints.

    • Donna says:

      L.G., Have you read The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert Kennedy, Jr.? The taxpayers have funded atrocious things without realizing it. As long as the claim is it’s for national security, it seems most will be okay with it.

  20. Laura says:

    Does this technology actually exist in reality? My instinct tells me that these “scientists” are just big talkers. They want us to believe they are more god-like than they are. What if they are planting seeds of fear in the population’s collective mind and we end up creating these technologies for them with our imagination?

  21. Paul says:

    “Why are Bill Gates
    the US military
    involved in forwarding
    that technology?”

    Is the DoD involved with vaccine manufacture?


    “ANY gene editing
    done on ANY species
    opens the door wide…”

    It’s far more sophisticated than oiling up some door hinges…





  22. Jimmy says:

    Gates seems obsessed with population reduction. I say he should go first, and remove his entire blood line from the planet. That would be a start.

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