Putin launched the first war in history; there was never a war before

by Jon Rappoport

March 3, 2022

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And THAT’S why the US media and the government are so shocked and outraged.

The history of the world up until now has been one of peace.


I do seem to recall, though—so long ago it’s quite dim in memory—the US conducted war in Iraq more than once, and Afghanistan as well. And there was no outrage in the US press then.

And wasn’t there a US war in a place called Vietnam, or am I mistaken?

American journalists are now on wartime alert, fanning every flame of anti-Russian sentiment they can find.

And real red-blooded patriots should shout down and blot out anyone who dissents from absolute hatred of Russia.

Forget the fact that, for many years, the US government has been moving nuclear missiles closer to Russia. If more of those missiles were set up in the Ukraine, it would constitute an even greater threat.

Forget those moves, because they weren’t war. They were FOREIGN POLICY, which is quite different.

Americans aren’t supposed to think about that strange animal called foreign policy. It’s a subject every loyal patriot should make sure he never understands. It’s part of the patriot code.

For example, here is a secret piece of foreign policy carried out by a beloved President who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. You might remember him. Barack Obama. As you read the following details, make sure you don’t think they constituted WAR. There was absolutely no reason for the American press to report on them, or to stir up anti-war sentiment in the public.

The Guardian, January 9, 2017, “America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016. What a bloody end to Obama’s reign,” by Medea Benjamin:

“…in 2016 alone, the Obama administration dropped at least 26,171 bombs. This means that every day last year, the US military blasted combatants or civilians overseas with 72 bombs; that’s three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day.”

“While most of these air attacks were in Syria and Iraq, US bombs also rained down on people in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. That’s seven majority-Muslim countries.”

“One bombing technique that President Obama championed is drone strikes. As drone-warrior-in-chief, he spread the use of drones outside the declared battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, mainly to Pakistan and Yemen. Obama authorized over 10 times more drone strikes than George W Bush, and automatically painted all males of military age in these regions as combatants, making them fair game for remote controlled killing.”

“President Obama has claimed that his overseas military adventures are legal under the 2001 and 2003 authorizations for the use of military force passed by Congress to go after al-Qaida. But today’s wars have little or nothing to do with those who attacked the United States on September 11, 2001.”

“Given that drones account for only a small portion of the munitions dropped in the past eight years, the numbers of civilians killed by Obama’s bombs could be in the thousands. But we can’t know for sure as the administration, and the mainstream media, has been virtually silent about the civilian toll of the administration’s failed interventions.”

“In May 2013, I interrupted President Obama during his foreign policy address at the National Defense University. I had just returned from visiting the families of innocent people killed by US drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan, including the Rehman children who saw their grandmother blown to bits while in the field picking okra.”

“Speaking out on behalf of grieving families whose losses have never been acknowledged by the US government, I asked President Obama to apologize to them. As I was being dragged out, President Obama said: ‘The voice of that woman is worth paying attention to’.”

“Too bad he never did.”

Again, that was foreign policy, not war.

Shh. Don’t tell the children.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

70 comments on “Putin launched the first war in history; there was never a war before

  1. Dr David Hill says:

    Were the bombs/missiles Russia or the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, as the latter have created unprecedented fear in the Donbass region for over 8 years now with over 14,000 murders of the people, torture of the Donbass people, continual and unimaginable rapes of women and children and genocide –

    And NATO that the WEF’s Schwab controls indirectly is what is happening to Ukraine-Russia through our puppet politicians that the WEF own, will be the ultimate undoing of people when it comes to wars and ironically through the NATO’s military and political mindset, Russia may turn out to be the saving grace in the long run.

    Someone I knew well and one of the main scientists to build the ‘bomb’ but signed the ‘Franck Report’ to not detonate it on occupied territories and a White House insider, decided years ago that the USA leadership’s mentality and psyche was literally mad and could not be TRUSTED for even 1 SECOND to what insane lengths they would go to and mask the TRUTH in the world-at-large (from WW2 and to even present times) –

    So be very careful what you see, watch and are told is my advice –

    “Seaborg (Element 106 Seaborgium) knew that with the political and military mentality in the USA, World War 3 was an inevitable event without a change to a global “development” system of Cooperation, Collaboration and Concern for Others Between Nations – Being the ‘Scientific Adviser’ to no less than ’10 US Presidents’, he should know”


  2. Eluard says:

    There was a movie made some years ago about one of those drone “pilots.” You watch him go to work in this sealed off room in the desert of the USA and click buttons that take out the people he’s TOLD to take out–ten thousand miles away. Poof!

    His life slowly falls apart. Ethan Hawke plays the guy. He left the job I believe, at the end. But I was left thinking–they’ll just replace him with someone else who believes he’s doing it for his country and democracy. Or just a good paycheck.


    Yesterday I heard Sean Hannity on the radio condemning Putin for “killing civililans.” Amazing. I turned off the radio.

    • Courageous Lion says:

      That’s basically why the military attracts psychopaths.

      Military institutions are tailor-made for psychopathic killers. The 5% or so of human males who feel no remorse about killing their fellow human beings make the best soldiers. And the 95% who are extremely reluctant to kill make terrible soldiers – unless they are brainwashed with highly sophisticated modern techniques that turn them (temporarily it is hoped) into functional psychopaths.

      In On Killing, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman has re-written military history, to highlight what other histories hide: The fact that military science is less about strategy and technology, than about overcoming the instinctive human reluctance to kill members of our own species. The true “Revolution in Military Affairs” was not Donald Rumsfeld’s move to high-tech in 2001, but Brigadier Gen. S.L.A. Marshall’s discovery in the 1940s that only 15-20% of World War II soldiers along the line of fire would use their weapons: “Those (80-85%) who did not fire did not run or hide (in many cases they were willing to risk great danger to rescue comrades, get ammunition, or run messages), but they simply would not fire their weapons at the enemy, even when faced with repeated waves of banzai charges” (Grossman, p. 4).

      Marshall’s discovery and subsequent research, proved that in all previous wars, a tiny minority of soldiers – the 5% who are natural-born psychopaths, and perhaps a few temporarily-insane imitators-did almost all the killing. Normal men just went through the motions and, if at all possible, refused to take the life of an enemy soldier, even if that meant giving up their own. The implication: Wars are ritualized mass murders by psychopaths of non-psychopaths. (This cannot be good for humanity’s genetic endowment!)

      Marshall’s work, brought a Copernican revolution to military science. In the past, everyone believed that the soldier willing to kill for his country was the (heroic) norm, while one who refused to fight was a (cowardly) aberration. The truth, as it turned out, was that the normative soldier hailed from the psychopathic five percent. The sane majority, would rather die than fight.

      The implication, too frightening for even the likes of Marshall and Grossman to fully digest, was that the norms for soldiers’ behaviour in battle had been set by psychopaths. That meant that psychopaths were in control of the military as an institution. Worse, it meant that psychopaths were in control of society’s perception of military affairs. Evidently, psychopaths exercised an enormous amount of power in seemingly sane, normal society.

      How could that be? In Political Ponerology, Andrzej Lobaczewski explains that clinical psychopaths enjoy advantages even in non-violent competitions to climb the ranks of social hierarchies. Because they can lie without remorse (and without the telltale physiological stress that is measured by lie detector tests) psychopaths can always say whatever is necessary to get what they want. In court, for example, psychopaths can tell extreme bald-faced lies in a plausible manner, while their sane opponents are handicapped by an emotional predisposition to remain within hailing distance of the truth. Too often, the judge or jury imagines that the truth must be somewhere in the middle, and then issues decisions that benefit the psychopath. As with judges and juries, so too with those charged with decisions concerning who to promote and who not to promote in corporate, military and governmental hierarchies. The result is that all hierarchies inevitably become top-heavy with psychopaths.

      So-called conspiracy theorists, some of whom deserve the pejorative connotation of that much-abused term, often imagine that secret societies of Jews, Jesuits, bankers, communists, Bilderbergers, Muslim extremists, papists, and so on, are secretly controlling history, doing dastardly deeds, and/or threatening to take over the world. As a leading “conspiracy theorist” according to Wikipedia, I feel eminently qualified to offer an alternative conspiracy theory which, like the alternative conspiracy theory of 9/11, is both simpler and more accurate than the prevailing wisdom: The only conspiracy that matters is the conspiracy of the psychopaths against the rest of us.

      Read more here: http://www.whale.to/b/barrett.html
      and here: http://www.whale.to/b/callahan1.html
      and here: https://www.sott.net/article/148141-The-Trick-%20of-the-Psychopath-s-Trade-Make-Us-Believe-that-Evil-Comes-from-Others

      I have the book at the last link and believe me, it will open up your eyes.

      • Rob says:

        Wow you nailed it! I’ve been harping about the fact that psychopaths are behind most of our violent history. I encountered a few growing up. The cruel bully and torturer of animals. They are able to lie and do whatever to get ahead. They will turn others against you. That’s why they end up in powerful positions. My mother used to call those kids the bad seed or bad egg. So could humanity do better if we contained the 5% ?

      • Eluard says:

        Thank you for that my friend. Makes perfect sense. It’s no wonder that David Icke continually uses the P-word to describe those at the top (and middle too) of the “power” hierarchy on the planet. They know a good psychopath when they see one. Look also at much of the police departments.

        They’re not like us, which is why most people can’t see them for what they really are. It takes a little training and courage for that.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark says:

        What an ugly slander against men and women in the military.

        Psychopaths are not soldiers and sailors…they are people who enjoy harming others. That can include any class of people including the ‘helping’ professions.

        Those sorts are a danger in the military or any hard core effort…they are able to follow pleasure, including suicide or masochistic or the reckless ‘heroism’ that gets others killed.

        Any soldier knows this and watches out for those tendencies, even in himself.

        If any profession has no shame and gloats over hurting others, its corporate executives and bankers.

        • Mac says:


          Your straw man to compare other cons to miltary dogs as means to excuse them is nonsense.

          The psychos are many and everywhere, not only bankers and corporations, they are in govt and state goverment and media and fake medicine and phony activist groups to distract and the bogus military and schools, they are everywhere, and, your pumping military and claim that his statments of fact are ‘slander’ shows you haven’t done the sightest thinking about the fraud of ‘state’ or ‘wars’.

          No one from any other country did anything to you.

          Read that again.

          You have no business invading other people’s territory. Those who ‘joined’ the ‘military’ since the nine eleven con especially, are unthinking paid dogs, or purposed paid dogs, and either way as dangerous as non-thinking.

          Here’s a clue, the fraud ‘wars’ haven’t been about ‘oil’ or any other con, they have been about killing others who want to be free. The muslims you killed in the mid east were more probable to defend themselves against the big plans now in your own face, that’s why the cons attacked them, how many countries did you attack without cause the last twenty years. Count them. Then those before that. When you faile oppose ‘war’ or ‘military’ you are as guilty as they are.

          Now that you’ve either killed those who would fight or oppressed those left with your ‘bases’ everywhere, there is no one left to fight for you.

          Your ‘turn’ under the boot of tyranny is coming and there won’t be any escape. Feel free to wake up and make other effort.

      • Isaac Wiir says:

        Very well said. Thank you for the resources there at the end.

        I am inclined to agree with you as I’ve been studying personality types these past few years.

        The implications of this may be precisely why there is such a large populace willfully ignorant to the reality.

        The % of people who perceive positivity from learning new information may well be comparable to the % of psychopaths.

        Most are threatened by new information and especially information that conflicts with their current beliefs. They actually put forth efforts to remain ignorant, and inevitably become increasingly so.

        This 90% bubble is essentially directed by the top 5% (psychopaths).

        And as such, there will always be a mindful effort to consolidate and increase power. Power=pleasure for psychos.

        Look past superficial branding of ‘they’. The source is INSIDE. How does one’s mind operate? Where do I sit on the MBPT? Each personality type may as well be from another planet (of course some contrasting much more than others).

  3. Dr David Hill says:

    As we are never told in the West the true story these days by MSM who are owned lock, stock and barrel by five large US corporations and our government (ALWAYS therefore a one-sided story these days with US and international MSM being owned by a mere six massive corporations, with only corporate interests, not the people’s interests).

    Independent analysts determined that the Ukrainian government is predominantly neo-Nazis and the 2014 UN vote against banning Nazism worldwide and every year since then including last year 2021 again states their allegiance to that dire mindset with them voting to keep it with the USA every time – only the USA and Ukraine, with Canada now and again have consistently voted to keep Nazism –

    ASK YOURSELF WHY and what is going on in the Ukraine presently is not a one-sided story where the Ukrainian military forces have caused genocide on the people of the Donbass for over 8 years now, killing thousands of people – the other side of the story we are never told?


    • Silv says:

      Banning Naziism is the kind of thing a Nazi would do. Not that they would ban themselves, but they certainly would ban ideologies that they don’t like, and that’s part and parcel of why they’re bad. If you can ban ideas that are inconvenient, you can ban people who are inconvenient, and if those people are banned, you might as well kill them. This is the natural progression of people who seek to control others, and it always starts with censorship. It never ends there.

      The same people across the world who are in favor of banning anti-Covidism (anything that opposes the official narrative about COVID, which has been the pretext for totalitarian impulses across the globe) have said in no uncertain terms that they don’t care if anti-Covidians die, and they have also talked of putting them in camps. These camps would have a high concentration of their political opponents, certainly.

      But no, that’s not Naziism, is it? It’s not being done by people who call themselves Nazis, so it must not be. The people doing it profess a hatred of fascism even as they engage in it on a daily basis, perhaps without even knowing what it is (a type of collectivism in which the corporate and government interests are blended, and in practice it is always imposed by totalitarian dictatorships or oligarchies, starting with things like banning parties and ideas you don’t like).

      Naziism is just one of many brands of collectivist ideology, and they are all equally evil. Mao Zedong remains the modern world’s most prolific mass murderer, with Stalin coming in second. Those two were every bit the evil that Hitler ever was, yet no one’s trying to ban communism. That wouldn’t please China, and of course we must do what China says. China is a one-party state, and that one party is the party of Mao, a killer and despot with a body count of innocent civilians that far exceeds Hitler’s.

      It’s not Naziism specifically that leads to bad outcomes like the Holocaust. It’s collectivism, by whatever name you call it. The people calling for bans on Naziism are collectivist themselves. To oppose one specific brand of collectivism while giving the rest a pass is madness.

      Banning and censorship are not the answer. They’re the problem. If all the information was out there and it was a level playing field, their ideas would be widely recognized as the garbage they are. It’s only because of mass censorship and media lying (including lies of omission) that these ideas still exist in the first place.

      • Fenwick says:

        Yes, any flavor of collectivism is evil and always leads to tyranny. Why does humankind keep buying into this flawed, illogical concept?

  4. Opie Poik says:

    Text of First Dad Vlad’s speech, regretfully preparing for defense of his home:


    And at home, too – there’s a new sheriff in town:


    Russia is Bad has always been at war with CoVert-19 is Real, Winston.

  5. john-oranje says:

    “President Obama has claimed that his overseas military adventures are legal under the 2001 and 2003 authorizations for the use of military force passed by Congress to go after al-Qaida. But today’s wars have little or nothing to do with those who attacked the United States on September 11, 2001”.

    Interesting quote from the Guardian article.
    So Medea Benjamin still believed that moslem Jihadists
    were responsible for the 9/11 events.
    The twin towers and building 7 were of course brought
    down by controlled demolition.
    It could only have been an “inside job”.
    Burning jet fuel and missiles cannot bring down steel
    framed buildings at free fall speed.
    I hope everyone who reads Jon’s blog understands this.

    • Jim S Smith says:


      Some of us were already well-aware of the discrepancies in the “official narrative” even way back then!


      It was Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu who publicly admitted that the attack of 9-11-2001 was favorable to Israel’s public image – as it would cause “world opinion” to look more favorably upon Israel and its “allies” in their struggles against “Islam”.

      That dreaded day had far more international significance and connections than anyone seems to want to talk about.

      – IT was only a single step towards where we are at now, and heading further into – for the future.

      THIS is all to further “global-governance”.

    • Opie Poik says:

      There may not even have been any jet fuel:


      The first CGI casus belli? Industrial Light & Magic’s propaganda division?

      Go to BitChute and enter ” project blue beam 9/11 “.

      • Opie Poik: Thanks for the comment and link. I have watched Tim Truth’s visual analysis which comes to the same or similar conclusions. Military-industrial-ENTERTAINMENT complex. Most people are literally hypnotized by their multiple black-box screens.

      • john-oranje says:

        Opie Poik;
        A French film crew, who were on the streets
        making a documentary about the New York Fire
        Dept., filmed the first aircraft hitting the
        north tower. No question of computer graphics.
        All that nonsense was to confuse people and
        help to denigrate truth seekers as
        “conspiracy theorists”.

        • Deanna Johnston Clark says:

          Thank you…there are false flag conspiracy theorists making actual research look like rubbish.

    • Orpheus Owl says:

      Even if she never bothered to question the official narrative, her information about the bombings and war response is valid.

      In a recent article, Medea Benjamin simply refers to 9/11 as “criminal attacks.” (She doesn’t say by whom)

      Like many others, she took the safe route of focusing solely on the anti-war angle and not what actually happened that day. She only cared about the response of war regarding other countries, and not the actual “criminal attacks.”

      You’d think she’d at least be curious.

    • AJ says:

      I built high rise steel buildings, nuclear plants, dams, off shore drilling rigs, etc. The engineering uses compression to stabilize the structures. Most if not all connections are welded. All the columns are bolted and most 100% welded together. No way to slip or move. Impossible!!!

    • Michal Sokolowski says:

      It is widely known that the BBC reported the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 over 20 minutes before it occurred. WTC 7 was a 47-story skyscraper that was not hit by a plane on 9/11 but collapsed at free-fall speed later that day. It was brought down in a controlled demolition which would have taken days to prepare! This is the ‘smoking gun’ of the entire 9/11 conspiracy making the entire official 9/11 account, which is still forced down people’s throats at every turn, a giant lie and a war crime.


      Anyone with the intelligence and ability to look at the available evidence with some objectivity, and not only listen to the talking heads and corporate news media, will come to this conclusion. If you think of me as some conspiracy nut or somehow delusional just investigate for yourself, please.

      That said, the entire pretext for going to war into Afghanistan, and of course Iraq, was a giant manufactured lie making them giant war crimes designed to make the western populous initially angry and willing to go to war and later pliable and in a constant state of fear.

      I have always been and will be one of the voices that are and was against these ‘corporate expansion’ wars as I am now against the US-led coups, the mess in Syria and now in Russia’s backyard!

    • Courageous Lion says:

      When it first took place my take on it was that the Muslims had had enough of our killing their children, women and men who had actually never done anything to the US. So they did the best they could to punch the bully in the nose. But then the WAKE UP CALL…Test your perception: FIND THE BOEING, a site brought to my attention in January following the “event”, put on the internet by Thierry Meyssan. It was a red pill moment. I was like WTF????? And after that the “official” narrative became a joke in my mind. It also opened the obvious path to figuring the THREE buildings were not brought down by office fires. There is so much proof out there that it was an “inside job” that anyone who still believes the “official” narrative has to be pretty daft.

  6. Tom Bernard says:

    If the uncorrupted media and people of the United States don’t start focusing all their attention on the midterm elections the bad guys will win!!!

    Biden and Harris are a clown show to distract us from the grim intentions of those actually calling the shots behind closed doors… These people haven’t even begun to implement their intended horror show, and it would benefit us all greatly to keep that in mind…

    These people have only one goal: to cause massive suffering and death before crushing those that remain under sadistically inhumane conditions.

    And considering our religious communities are useless, […] the midterm elections have become the most vital element of survival in the United States.

    • Courageous Lion says:

      So you are expecting no more cheating like what took place to put Chairman Xiden of the CCP into the Whitehouse to no longer happen? Yeah, right…

  7. Chris Wick says:

    Wait… So a woman can say NO to unwanted sex (because it’s her body) but not too experimental medicines?

  8. Scott McCutcheon says:

    To put it bluntly, “Amerika’s” foreign policy SUCKS! And has for many decades.

    “Amerika” has been involved in some form of military conflict my entire life, moving from one fabricated crisis to another.

    Come to think of it, “Amerika” has been in unending war, for the most part, since the creation of that evil beast known as the Federal Reserve.

    Even in this latest Russia/Ukraine battle (with “Amerika” covertly and overtly stirring the pot) I ask people, what nation on earth is the greatest threat to national/international stability? Often I receive a “deer in the headlights” stare and, sometimes an answer of Iran, Syria, Russia, etc. I then ask, what nation has the greatest number of foreign military installations? This is where I completely lose people. I ask what if there is a nation out there that has over 700 military installations in more than 130 countries and no other nation on earth comes even remotely close, as in a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of that, wouldn’t you consider that the greatest aggressor nation? The response, most generally, is “yes,” followed by, “but what nation has that?” To which I inform my fellow human being, you and I are standing on the soil of that nation possessing all those military assets scattered across the face of the earth. This, generally speaking, is when heads explode in disbelief or some (fictitious) form of “patriotism”. A large portion of the “Amerikan” populace just doesn’t get it. And I reside in that great big state known as Texas.

    Not only is the U.S. government, it’s military industrial complex, along with it’s “intelligence apparatus” and it’s attendant mainstream media the greatest threat to international stability, it is increasingly turning against all the people living within its borders (what little remains of them).

    If I recall correctly, a gentleman by the name of Thomas Paine, way back in the late 1700s, warned us we would eventually devolve to such a decrepit place (as all nations throughout history have).

    Which begets the question : Will we be able to salvage this once upon a time Constitutional Republic?

    Thank you, Jon, for your daily posts. Yours is a rare and welcome voice of reason in an upsidedown world.

    PEACE and be well!

    • AJ says:

      Hard to argue about past history. Never realized the 700 USA military bases around the world. So, this causes the violent aggression from the communist tyrants??

      So how do we defend freedom if the USA removes all these instillations?

      Realize the USA is being pushed toward communism every minute.

      Ever citizen needs to make a commitment to change political direction before it is TOO LATE!!!

      China in the past 10 years has bribed its way into 60% of the world. Bet there is China military in everyone of those countries also.

      Don’t have the answer to stop the coming world nightmare!!

      Do you!!!!!

      Those US citizens that hate and despise the the USA aren’t moving to Russia or China!!! I Wonder why!!!

      • Scott McCutcheon says:

        GREETINGS to you @AJ!

        Did I suggest I despise the USA? If you comprehend the full reading of my post you will know I do not. In fact, my last question is are we going to be able to salvage our Constitutional Republic?

        Which begets a question for you, do you fully comprehend the gravity of that question?

        If you read my post in full you will see quite clearly my discord is with our Federal government (and many State and local governments), the military industrial complex, the attendant surveillance apparatus and the U.S. Federal Reserve System.

        The death knell of our Constitutional Republic and our individual inherent immutable inalienable freedoms that are supposed to be protected by our government rang when the U.S. Federal Reserve was created along with it’s attendant Internal Revenue Service.

        Are you not aware that central banking is one of the tenants of the evils of communism you speak of?

        Are you not aware that all central banks (the FED, the BOE, the ECB as examples) are sovereign entities (by their own decree) unto themselves governed by the Bank for International Settlements (commonly referred to as the B.I.S.) in Basel, Switzerland (itself a sovereign entity within the borders of Switzerland) and thus they abide by no nations’ law? Another example? Are you aware the Queen of England MUST, by decree, receive permission to enter the “City of London” (as the one square mile banking district is referred to in the UK’s capitol city)?

        Are not aware that ALL wars are banker wars and especially those beginning with WWI and those after have been financed on both sides by such families as the Bushes, the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, and others, all of whom have direct ties to the FED?

        Are you not aware that those 700 plus military bases scattered across the earth are there to perpetuate the fiat currency known as the U.S. Dollar (a fiat currency backed by nothing, basically Monopoly money) and the Petro Dollar/World Reserve Currency status?

        Are you not aware that any nation on earth that attempts to exist the U.S. Dollar World Reserve Currency system will, if need be, be met with regime change, by assassination and war? Simply ask Muammar Gaddafi? Oh, excuse me, he was assassinated by the U.S. government. And not for being a terrorist, as you will undoubtedly express. Gaddafi was getting ready to roll out the African Gold Dinar (as in GOLD, as in Au from the periodic table of elements, as in the one of the only true forms of money, the other being Silver, as in Ag, also from the periodic table of elements, both of which have millennia of historic use as money) and was going to make that available to ALL countries in Africa along with any other nation that would conduct trade in gold. Engineers within Libya also discovered “primary water”, another form of “independence” the global banker Kabbal despises, because they would not control it.

        Are you aware that many major cities in the USA have been “SOLD OUT” to globalist organizations such as the “Resilient Cities Network (originally created by the Rockefeller Foundation, management being transferred to the Atlantic Council in 2019) or the “Strong Cities Network” (created by the corrupt United Nations)? Example? The city in Texas in which I presently reside was “SOLD OUT” to the “Resilient Cities Network” in 2013. Unbeknownst to many people, nearly every major city in Texas has been “SOLD OUT” to either of these two globalist organizations.

        Are you aware of the missions of those two previous mentioned globalist organizations?

        Are you aware of why we now have runaway inflation here in the USA.(and it’s not for the reasons that individual currently occupying the Oval Office says)? I’ll provide you with a clue. Let’s say you hold 1,000 shares of APPLE Inc. What happens to the value of your 2,000 shares of APPLE Inc if APPLE Inc decides to issue 20 million brand new shares of stock?

        Which begets another question for you : Now that you have a crystal clear picture of what my original post already addressed (I’m now simply providing very pointed and verifiable proofs), from whence do you think this communism you, and I, fear is coming from? Based on verifiable facts I know what my answer is.

        I pray that by now you have corrected your original opinion and response to my original response. Fore contrary to your original and misguided perception I am not your foe. Quite the contrary. The Founders of this Constitutional Republic laid down an Original Intent for this nation. An Original Intent that many within or borders seek to destroy (arguably they’ve been largely successful). Contrary to your misguided perception I stand for the inherent immutable inalienable freedoms of all people in this country. I would hope that those same people will stand up for those same inherent immutable inalienable rights that I possess.

        Thus I will ask the question a second time : Will we be able to salvage this, once upon a time, Constitutional Republic?

        In peace I bid you farewell.

      • Courageous Lion says:

        “So how do we defend freedom if the USA removes all these instillations?” We have to work on getting the “States” to bring back the first 13 words of the 2nd amendment. As the Founding Fathers set it up. They understood the system and one nation in the world has been utilizing it for hundreds of years and HAS NEVER BEEN INVADED AND DEFEATED! SWITZERLAND. And it is the only place in the Constitution that the word NECESSARY is written. So they MUST have thought it was NECESSARY. The National Guard is NOT a state militia. A state guard without proper military training and arms is NOT a state militia. We are all members of the UNORGANIZED militia and we need to have a state governor lead the way to getting back out STATE militias and do AWAY with the standing military that is FORBIDDEN in the Constitution. Think that might help? A WELL REGULATED MILITIA BEING NECESSARY FOR THE SECURITY OF A FREE STATE, …NECESSARY people. NECESSARY!!!

      • john-oranje says:

        Re China and Clinton.
        Interesting article from 1997.


      • Courageous Lion says:

        One other thing…”pushed towards communism”?? Prove me wrong…https://www.educate-yourself.org/cn/communistmanifestortenplanks12sep06.shtml

      • Saeger says:

        – Scott McCutchen – You make good points, and though want to add some things to pull back on the scrap of paper constitution and supposed republic. The false money is a thing, and the false ‘consitution’ is as big of a non-thing. It was always a con, and courageous lion, we should stop using familial terms such as ‘founding ‘fathers’. They were cons, all of them. The paper could have been worth something if people used force to defend the so-called bill of rights, but they did not. They’ve allowed predators labeling themselves ‘govmt’ ‘state’ to amass weapons, the same time spew ‘laws’ to tell us to close our mouth and dictate what weapons we can have or not. Here’s a point:

        That we cannot own a predator drone is a violation of the second amendment. Anyone who disagrees, when there is one over your house you will understand natural law and why you are wrong.

        Back to main point, ‘constitutional’ ‘republic’ is not only a step back from your control as with ‘democracy’, it is two steps back, as you ‘vote’ for someone ‘else’ who then ‘votes’ ‘for’ whatever your supposed interest are, which is nonsense and they don’t care about our interests –other than keeping fake ‘normal’ a mintue longer until they launch the next assault. Supposed voting is a con and always has been. Though the constitution is also a con it could have amounted to something if people paid attention, and, as importantly, the problem of supposed ‘courts’ and ‘lawyers’ which are the real steerers of tyranny by false ‘law’ they scribble ‘for’ false ‘govt’ and themselves and false ‘judges’. If you don’t think so, search ‘judicial immunity’ with the word malice. They scribbled that one less than twenty years ago. People did nothing.

        That handed judges the ability to take whatever you have and destroy you, there’s no criminal charge for judges who assault you with false judgments to destroy you. It is going on every day. To appeal a bad judgment many people can’t afford it. The number of people affected by con lawyers and judges by now should have raised a serious revolt but has not. That tyranny is the same as govmt it is the same bucket, made by generations of the same smiling viper cons people ignored, until the results land on their head. To want to keep the same system that begat all of this is to deny the problems noted. Appreciate the mid parts of your post though. – Back to courageous lion, none of the ‘governors’ have every worked for us. None. It was and is on ourselves to make our own groups. No ‘state’ anything exists for our benefit, and the word they use are a clue, ‘a well organized militia necessary for a free state’ – the ‘state’ is free, to knock us off. See the trick. You and I are not the ‘state’, the cons are.

        The answer is share info, focus where we live. Make our own small groups. Watch for infiltrators. Share ideas.

  9. Dave P. says:

    It’s been the MO of America for centuries: Goad the other side into firing the first shot — regardless of acts of war committed to get there — then play the victim and label them “the bad guys.”

    • AJ says:

      Just like Pearl Harbor!

      Knew Japan was moving toward Hawaii but allowed Japan to attack Peatl Harbor because 99% of the USA did not want to enter WWll.

  10. ACM says:

    Great article except you forgot about Trump’s mass murder of innocent civilians during his presidency under the guise of America’s ‘war on terror.’

    All of this, in addition to Trump pardoning some of the most heinous criminals appearing to be ‘just white collar criminals.’ This includes Trump’s son-in-law’s (Jared Kushner) father. #factchecked

    Here we go!

    As with every president since Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump is a mass murderer and international war criminal. He dropped more bombs and murdered more innocent people than any of his predecessors during a first term. He cold-bloodedly murdered a foreign head-of state, Iran’s Qasem Soleimani.

    Throughout his entire presidency, Trump waged relentless war on Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. He illegally seized and occupied Syria’s oil fields. And he gave pardons to murderous war criminals.

    Trump gave pardons to Zionist spies and international gangsters. He made a mockery of justice by giving pardons to a litany of Zionist miscreants, many of them at the urging of ultra-Zionist Alan Dershowitz.

    Let’s call them ALL out! That way we ALL know D.C. is a war machine no matter who is in office. That’s because they answer to the Jesuit – Vatican – NWO, don’t they?

    • Courageous Lion says:

      SHHHHHH!!!! No one is supposed to KNOW that Donald J. Trump is just as big of a psychopathic control freak as the cheat in Chief NEXT President and as all of the FORMER ONES except a few in the mix way back when. I think Thomas Jefferson might have been normal but I don’t know about a most of the others. Obombya was definitely up there with the blow the up and let God sort them out crowd.

    • Saeger says:

      Your general point is agreed, though there are no ‘elections’, they are selections, not elections. ‘voting’ never mattered. That is why ‘they’ made it up along with fake money. The tyranny is covid, and bogus vaxs, and gmos, and surviellance, and monopoly, and masks on everyone’s face. Focus where we live is what matters. Not ‘dc’ or anywhere else. So again agree on the other things distracting, just not to focus on elections. Focus where we live, on everything else. The tyranny is local.

  11. nfw says:

    Texas? That’s the area which fits what 3.5 times into the state of Western Australia? Huge, just huge.

    Okay, what is the answer to: “Will we be able to salvage this once upon a time Constitutional Republic?” When you BEG a quation you already know the answer and are simply propsing a question for the answer. Or do you mean “Raises the question?”

    Don’t understand “…government, it’s military industrial complex, along with it’s “intelligence apparatus” and it’s attendant mainstream media…” the contraction “it’s” means are you saying “it is” or it has”, which makes no sense. Please elaborate.

    given you must be using the Interweb, couldn’t you check to see if Thomas Paine did say what you believe and let us know?

    • AJ says:

      You can argue, discuss, provide historic verbage, facts, photos, documents until some one drops that first nuclear bomb. And what will it accomplish to stop that bomb!!!

      Need to elect real cleared head people that are not already bought and paid for.

      And pass laws that create treason charges for any politicians, federal-state, accepting bribes.

      It will never happen.

      Politicians take an oath to support the US Constitution. Taking a bribe to subvert US laws should be treason.

      • Courageous Lion says:

        Another reason for state militias. They had GRAND JURY indictment power. They could convene grand juries and indict TRAITORS. Which is one of the main reasons the PSYCHOPATHS in control in 1903 had to get rid of them before they passed the Federal Reserve act.

  12. Paul says:

    Trains are driven by loco-motives.


  13. David M Pelly says:

    RE: The big bad USA with all their military mite:

    The USA is blamed for all the wars since the WWI

    And blah, blah blah ….

    There is one fact that is either not known or avoided.

    At the beginning of WWI Britain and it’s commonwealth countries, were at war with Germany (Europe).

    The USA wanted no part of it.

    But Canada, being a commonwealth country, could not say no about going to war. And so they did.

    (And the Canadians basically won both wars.)

    But Canada sharing a very long and friendly/ good neighbour border (almost open border) with the USA, said hey, USA, we are your good neighbour, you have to come and help us against the enemy. Bc if we fall, they enemy will take us over and will be your neighbour.

    But the USA was not budging.

    Bc they had little military ability and still did not want to get their hands dirty.

    They were busy with their industrial revolution and industriousness and a new concept of the capitalistic spirit, and modernization in overdrive. The USA was just a movin and a shaken within their own borders and having a blast.

    They just recently fought to gain independence from Britain. They wanted no part of that messed up monster and quagmire.

    Now at the same time, the British leaders (power brokers) were in the USA, begging and twisting arms for the USA to come and help fight the war.

    So, the USA had the Canadians from the north and their disowned mother (Great Britain) pleading for them to come and help fight the war.

    So they (the USA) gave in and decided to go help fight the war.

    But they did not have much military mite to speak of.

    But they had a lot of factory ability.

    They had lots of good labour. And all kinds of talent.

    And a capitalistic spirit that they put to work to build military mite, and they did it at a breakneck speed.

    They quickly became the world’s biggest greatest super power,with incredible mechanical and technological superiority.

    They had created more military ability than anyone in the world and did it in record time.

    Now they were the force to be reckoned with in the world.

    They were more powerful than anyone in the world.

    So they were by default, called upon to be the world’s policeman.

    And called in or dragged in to every scrap or scuffle in the world to keep the peace.

    Or give the bad guys a lickin.

    And so, over the yrs, the USA was forced to set up military basis in all the hot spots of the world, to keep the peace.

    And the human nature of scoundrels, likes to pick on the big guy to bring him down.

    This is the true story about USA military mite.

    The USA was forced to get into the fight and fights.

    They were forced to be the so called “bully”. But they were not the bully. They were the policeman.

    They were dragged into or called to the fight, to break up the fight.

    So, stop pointing fingers at the USA, as the big bad bully on the block.

    • AJ says:

      And it continues today ask Ukraine, Tiawan, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Philipines and ?????

    • Courageous Lion says:

      Yea, the good ol’ USofA is keeping the peace by bombing wedding parties, involving “themselves” in coups, propping up tin pot dictators and all kinds of other “peace keeping” activities. The possibility exists that mass formation psychosis has taken hold of your way of thinking. Killing innocent civilians all over the world really helps keep terrorist cells from forming. Robbing your neighbor to fund pet projects on the local level garners love at it’s highest ability! So yes I’m pointing fingers at the USA, the BIG BAD BULLY ON THE FKNG PLANET! Oh and BTW…read this and PROVE ME WRONG!

  14. michael burns says:

    Okay wait a minute…

    I am not interested in hijacking you piece BUT!

    Do you mean ‘thee’ Medea Benjamin?

    The Code Pink pussy hat wearing flake Medea Benjamin. The telling big fats lies about all kinds of things; about, Venezuela ‘Medea Benjamin’. And being a supporter of Maduro and that torturer Chavez? A devout dipped in pink communist Benjamin.

    The make it up as she goes Medea Benjamin. Who went to Gaza like a twit and stay with Hamas and believed every word; who can’t get it right, and will say anything to get at at the government, she hates it and wants it to fall. In fact she wants all democratic government to fall.

    She supported Castro and Cuba, Venezuela and it goes on and on and on…

    Think about it?

    How do you know this source is ‘true’ how do you know the quotes are anything close to fact or even truth…?

    You plucked it out of the Guardian Archives, but you failed to look at the source. Stop and think for a minute, your better than this…

    This woman makes it up as she goes!

    ”…in 2016 alone, the Obama administration dropped at least 26,171 bombs. This [means] that every day last year, the US military blasted combatants or civilians overseas with 72 bombs; that’s three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day.”

    So, the picture painted by screwball, by this communist leftie quote is that each day Obama’s military air men dropped 3 bombs on some combatants or citizens…is that everywhere overseas? And that happen every single day, or do they drop them in a combat zone over the course of say, a battle. A few weeks.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I despised Mr. Barack “Divisive mouth himself” Obama, and bombing, but that’s quite a picture! She paints.

    “In 2006, Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin said that it was a myth that Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez had limited freedom of speech and eroded civil rights in Venezuela.”

    Tucker Carlson in 2007, on his show further corrected her and said… “Do you want to revise that given the news that Hugo Chávez has closed the last nationally broadcast opposition television station for criticizing him?”

    “Benjamin replied that Chávez had not renewed the license of RCTV because the station “participated in a coup against a [democratically elected government], his [Chavez’s] government.” Benjamin also said “Peru recently did not renew a license. Uruguay didn’t renew a license. Why do you hold Venezuela to a different standard?”

    So she supports suppression of the press?

    Which was absolutely true what Tucker Carlson said… and Chavez was not “democratically elected”, the vote was fixed, the election was a fraud and scandalous affair of death and destruction and bribery, as usual.

    Desperately impoverished people were paid the equivalent of five dollars to vote. Chavez’s men were standing outside around the corner of voting stations with bags of money.

    Benjamin is pink communist who changes the information to suit her needs. And this is a lesson for me as well, all journalists actually.
    We sometimes forget about the source!

    Benjamin is like that flake outfit ‘Extinction Rebellion; and I fail to except what they say. They make it up as they go, blinded by their stupidity.

    • AJ says:

      “They are not blinded by their stupidty”.

      Everyone lie is planned and rehearsed to fit the situation. That is why many are fooled. You do your research so you are much more aware of the truth as possible. There is much that remains clouded and dark that may never be exposed.

    • Walkintherain says:

      To Michael Burns: So, you want us to think you’re a journalist? With all the sneering, adolescent-style name-calling in your rant you sound much more likely to be an employed propagandist.

      And if one strips away the name-calling, Medea Benjamin sounds pretty interesting to me.

      I’m thinking of Naomi Klein’s positive assessments of Venezuela and Bolivia in her book, Shock Doctrine: the Rise of Disaster Capitalism. A hell of a worthy read.

      To Jon: In the very beginning, it seemed to me that Pres. Obama made some decent moves, but then I got the idea he’d been reined in when he reversed his stances on an Illinois union issue and on his intention to bring overseas troops home from the Middle East.

      So, I’m reminded of my early idea by your inclusion of what Obama said, which surely didn’t come from a teleprompter: ” .. President Obama said: ‘The voice of that woman [Medea Benjamin] is worth paying attention to.'”

      Thank you.

      • michael burns says:

        To Michael Burns: So, you want us to think you’re a journalist?

        No I don’t I don’t fuck what you want… I don’t write for followers, I write for those still have some brain cells left, and remain individual, who like what say…they are not woke flakes like you and the pussy hat wearing Benjamin. A gate keeper and influencer for the masters.

        President Obama said: ‘The voice of that woman [Medea Benjamin] is worth paying attention to.’”

        Really, after she trashed his ass…

        Fucking collective communists…one mind and its not that sound.

        Walkintherain take a “walkoffashortpier”

    • Jimmy says:

      Interesting. Jon, any reply?

  15. Kali El says:

    For what they planned they needed a lot of propaganda. They wanted to shut Russia down economically but Euro elites in Germany and elsewhere (Italy) didn’t want to. So the propaganda is to get their citizens to pressure them.


  16. AJ says:

    Russia and China are always testing the world in deciding how to further their power. And I assume so is the West.

    Russia spent months prior building up their forces on the Ukraine border before invading. It was planned since the Crimea invasion.

    Eventually there is going to be something –full scale. Too many psycho egos involved. Hopefully no nuclear weapons involved. But no one likes
    defeat and will resort to anything to stop it. SO!!!!!

    Happy dreams!

  17. Roundball Shaman says:

    “The history of the world up until now has been one of peace. Right?”

    The American People were brought up on TV Westerns. Cartoonish, simplistic stories of simple Good Guys vs. Bad Guys. The Good Guys were all virtuous and wonderful. The Bad Guys were all bad and worthless.

    And so, People grew up on these simplistic notions that all of real life is like that. Someone or something is either wearing the white hat or the dark one. Someone is always looking like a paragon of virtue, or is dirty, in bad need of a shave and bath, and cannot ever do anything that is not evil or at least not very nice.

    So, People never grew up. They learned that Life is a Cartoon filled with cartoon figures and easy answers. People carry their childish notions of easy lines of demarcation and who to root for or jeer with them their entire lives.

    And ‘Those Who Move Us Around Like Chattel’ are very happy with that arrangement. Those Dark Forces have worked tirelessly to keep us all dumb, happy, and dumb.

    Today, maybe not so much happy. But certainly, dumb.

    The problem is… Real Life is not that simple. Real Life is NEVER that simple. And there are stories and motivations that go on within both the ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ side of things that People never get to learn or hear about because The Narrative must be tightly controlled so that We are herded into the proper pens.

    NEWS FLASH: Real Life is SHADES OF GREY. There was only one person who was said to be All Good and He lived a long time ago. That means, all the rest of us are Gray. We don’t get to wear the White hat. Or if we try to, we are damn hypocrites.

    And Races of People are likewise Grey. Good and bad (shades) of character in all Races.
    But that flies in the face of today’s State Media assault on one particular skin shading while endlessly exalting other shades of skin tone.

    And of course, so it is with World events. Nothing is as simple as State Media or certain people and groups paint them to be. If someone is making something sound simple, run the other way. They are PLAYING you.

    People will never grow up so long as they REFUSE to grow up. The lure and laziness of simple answers is just too appealing to them so They don’t want to grow up. And this applies also to those would-be gods-among-men who lust to rule the World to their
    twisted vision of World Order.

    Are you worried about War? Are you worried about the Future?

    First ask yourself… DO I WANT TO GROW UP?

  18. Low Voltage says:

    But the people on TV look so sincere!

  19. Margot Grammer says:

    How dare Americans condemn Pudin for trying to keep his Country and People safe. It would be wonderful if they would stand up to all the Presidents we have had and still have that start needless wars, killing thousands of innocent people. I am ashamed to be an American. No wonder most Americans are not very bright, just check out our educational system, there is nothing else to say after that.

  20. Larry C says:

    A declaration of war, is the exclusive provenance of Congress.

    To circumvent our Constitution, our War Machine has come up with a number of euphemisms that will not trigger this particular mandate.

    One of my favorites, is “kinetic action”…. kinetic as in bombs dropped on villages, shrapnel tearing into human flesh, drone strikes on wedding parties or on your grandma picking okra in the family garden for the evening meal.

    To assuage our consciousness re these horrors, the mavens in the MIC [ The Military/Industrial/Congressional Complex] have created the euphamistic bromide, Collateral Damage, which acts to soothe our shock and dismay, and truncate the graphic visualizations that spring to mind when you think of your own grandma.

    The MIC has become so creative over the decades and so clever, that they now believe their own bullshit…which is why they are willing to break NATO treaties without so much as a “by-your-leave”, and precisely why we once again, find ourselves on that nuclear hair-trigger.

    (And of course, the latest exciting chapter in The Saga of Vlad ” The Impaler”Putin, provides excellent air-cover for the unraveling of The COVID Narrative!)


    All the Euphemisms We Use for ‘War’ – The Nation

    Here are just a few: collateral damage for killed and wounded civilians (a term used regularly since the First Gulf War of 1990–91). Enhanced interrogation techniques for torture, a term adopted …


    • eceres says:

      also, ‘theater’ -as if entertainment

      ‘insurgents’ – this a tactice of accusatory inversion, accuse the other of what it is you do.

      obviously, people defending themselves by fighting in their own territory, whether against their own false ‘govmt’ or against co-con invaders such as ‘usa’ -are not ‘insurgents’ in their own territory

      also, the word ‘civilians’ itself is minimizing, as if ‘beneath’ govt or military dogs.

  21. Bullwinkle says:

    The U. S. Corporation appears to have provoked every war going back to the “French and Indian Wars”

    But, you will not learn anything by accepting the narrative shoved down out throats in the Government Schools.

    The Royal Blood Line Descendants wanted the war to break off from Britain so that Bloodline could Rule here.

    And it still does.

    • Courageous Lion says:

      Government schools…10th Plank Communist manifesto financed by the first plank. Abolition to rights to private property and the application of all rent to public purpose. Think you own your home if you pay it off? Don’t pay your RENT and you’ll find yourself out in the street forced their by the thin blue line at gunpoint. Oh wait we call the rent “property taxes” and that makes it “different”. I’ve got this bridge for sale…

  22. Dave says:

    Don’t forget they are still in Iraq & Seria illegally ( they have been instructed to leave, but there is still more oil to steal.

  23. Opie Poik says:

    A note from one high school bud to another, on American “help” to Ukraine (and elsewhere):

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OisJkpGYpAo (6 min.)

    Lose the virtue-signaling, dollar-short, day-late crocodile tears, he says.

    Oh, and stay home and help your own devastated country, too:

  24. Mr.Global says:

    First time I heard a believable theory of who is Mr. Global. The only one that makes some sense. Vatican.

    When US was founded, they had more money than everybody else. They named kings, they removed kings. They made the laws in Europe.

    If they were smart they could have used that wealth to control everybody. Even in protestant part of Europe. The theory states that they are behind all big names we hear, all families.. vanguard, blackrock..

    Of course, the chances are that it is just a conspiration theory.

  25. George Clinton says:

    Until the president puts an end to proclamation 39 and 40 which suspended the constitution and declared all U.S. citizens enemies under the trading with the enemy act of 1917 and put us under military martial law under the Emergency Banking Relief act of March 9, 1933 we have no constitutional republic. FDR signed the proclamation and ONLY a U.S. president can rescind it NOT congress. Its time to wake up and realize constitutional argumentation means nothing to these tyrants. Lets reinstate the Constitution and only back a candidate who will do what needs to be done.

  26. BDBinc says:

    Putin’s a Freemason central banking minion he did not order ” the twitter war” .

    Was Covid not scaring you ?… war and Nukes will?.
    Sorry but since when do people here believe the media.
    The CIA’s twitter war. Whats happening, I dont leave to the media which is a source of disinformation, fear and warmongering.
    Looks like they get you in their fake war painting when you all think and feel the media didn’t lie and it is “real”.
    The appointed presidents are media spokesmen for their corporations that is all.
    Covid covid…. Russia Nukes Russia all for you to stay in a state of fear.

  27. Larry C says:



  28. Debbie Butler says:

    Congress has not declared war (per the U.S. Constitution) since 1942. All the wars you are referencing in this article were participated in by the U.S. military illegally….

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