Paul McCartney and Howard Stern: two more mental midgets

by Jon Rappoport

February 8, 2022

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ONE: Billboard (8/2/21): “Sir Paul McCartney is spreading one simple message for his fans: ‘BE COOL. GET VAX’D’.”

Well, that’s it then. You can tell Paul dug deep to do his research on the injection. Be cool.

“The beanie- and face-mask-wearing 79-year-old rocker wrote this message on Instagram, while signing off as ‘Paul,’ underneath a picture of himself getting his COVID shot from a health care professional on Monday (Aug. 2).”

As opposed to getting his shot from a health care amateur, or a shoe salesman?

“’The vaccine will get us out of this. I think we’ll come through it, I know we’ll come through, and it’s great news about the vaccine’,” he [McCartney] said in the interview.”

Sir Paul has obviously bought the whole enchilada. Virus spreads, infects, makes people sick and kills them, get tested, isolate if necessary, lock down a whole country if necessary, the vaccine will stop the virus in its tracks, we’ll be OK.

No need to look at contrary evidence. The official doctors and the political authorities know what they’re doing.

Obey. Comply. Was that always the secret message of Paul’s music, hidden amidst the vinyl grooves?

Since God knows when, famous Brits have issued consoling messages to the lower classes. “We’ll get through it. We’ll pull together.”

It turns out lots of famous ones aren’t doing any of the pulling.

A reasonable person would realize a vaccine mandated for the whole population should be scrutinized down to it core. It’s cool, and we’ll get through it, don’t cut it.

A breezy cavalier attitude is a sign of a mental midget.

I wonder whether a hypnotic medical blind spot will turn up on a brain-scan. “You see this dark area, Paul? The neurons aren’t firing. When I shine this ray of light at your skull and it penetrates and hits that area, a message pops up: ‘Don’t think. The doctors know everything’. If I were you, I’d get that checked out. But not by a doctor.”

Judging from his Billboard quote, Paul seems to realize he’s being enlisted by the National Health Service and the government to assure the public the vaccine is safe; and he’s willing to go along.

If he were working a steady job, and a SINGER told him it was cool to take the shot, would he go along?

Having amassed fame and fortune, he’s not able to imagine that reverse-scenario anymore. That’s not the fault of his career, his composing, his singing, or his earning pounds and dollars. It’s his fault for surrendering to his elevated status.

He wouldn’t admit it, but he’s detached himself to a sufficiently remote area, from which he can shrug and support a government edict affecting millions of people without a second thought.

His stupidity is towering.

TWO: Howard Stern is a bunch of ugly sticks glued together with dried semen from one of his old wet dreams.

Once upon a time an abject failure as a broadcaster, he glimpsed a possible way out of Doom by taking on the role of psychological pornographer.

He’d assume everyone was obsessed by sex, and he’d force their inner dog to drool when he rang the bell.

Now, from a political perch, he’s decreed that all unvaccinated people should be locked in their homes and die.

That’s his style. Cut to the extreme chase. And also: see nothing, say something.

The mental midget status applies to Stern in spades. He knows zero about vaccines. He listens to the official doctors and the federal government like the kind of good little boy he hates.

As a young awkward schlub, he decided to rebel and burn down normal people by illustrating they were nothing more than prurient fish waiting to be shot in a barrel.

It was an easy choice. Once he found his radio style, he opened fire. His ratings soared; fame and fortune arrived.

He knows his success is nothing to be proud of. But success is all he has to hang his hat on. So he pretends it means something about his character.

It only means he’s one more person who’s tapped into a lowest common denominator and found dollars.

If Howard Stern tells you, you need to get vaccinated, you pretty much know it’s the wrong thing to do, on that basis alone. Directing people down bad alleys turns out to be one of Stern’s skills.

His notion of free speech is entirely self-serving. He wants to elevate his tired half-baked porn into a Constitutional issue.

He possesses a high degree of intelligence. He’s used it to recreate himself as mental midget. The only interesting moments in his career arrive when he laughs at himself because he knows what he’s done to himself.

He probably, on occasion, dreams he’s Field Marshal Fauci. And Fauci occasionally dreams he’s Howard Stern.

Coda: Now here is the REAL WORLD. LOOK AT THE PEOPLE. WATCH THIS BRIEF CLIP ALL THE WAY TO THE END. Canberra, Australia, Feb 7th, 2022

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

88 comments on “Paul McCartney and Howard Stern: two more mental midgets

  1. Opie Poik says:

    Yeah, Sir Paul? Well, don’t you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool, by making his world a little colder.” Remember that lyric, Walrus? Goo goo ga jab.

    And never mind Stern. He’s been over for almost as long as McCartney – funny until twenty or so years ago. Bring back Jackie, Billy, and Artie!

    • stu says:

      Mad Science: Researchers Now Putting COVID mRNA Vaccines Into Vegetables To Vaccinate The Unvaccinated

      could this really happen???

      • AJ says:

        I believe USC is trying to grow plants with the mRNA as a natural substance in it.

      • stu: Sure, it could happen. But when drugs and nano-tech enter the body through the digestion system (by eating or drinking, or even snorting), the body immediately recognizes them as foreign objects and/or poison and eliminates them in the most efficient way via our brilliant bodily functions. Drugs and nano-tech that are forced into the blood stream (via inoculation/jabs) unfortunately do not get eliminated — or, if they do, no one really knows how long it takes. What we do know is that the body DOES RECOGNIZE the injected foreign objects/poisons but has no natural way to eliminate them because they didn’t enter in the normal, natural way, so the body creates all these reactionary events to “try” to eliminate the invading substances. Meanwhile, the injected “software of life” and other poisons begin self-assembling and create what is known as synthetic homology:

        The proliferation of the nano-tech quickly destroys our natural chemical/energetic/physiological terrain and forces synthetic homology, meaning that those who get the jabs will need to keep getting them in order to maintain this new artificial homeostasis.

        In any case, the CONs have long been spraying synthetic poisons and nanotechnology onto our food crops and into the air, in addition to polluting our waterways and feeding that crap to CAFO animals which most people then consume. So it’s been in our food and water for some time. Yes, it is causing hella disease, but detox protocol can “reset” our innate, natural homology and restore true health.

        I hope my comment is helpful.

      • jj says:

        Well, if they put it in veggies, then jabbed and un-jabbed will get some equally. Unless they put this on shelves only in stores for un-jabbed. And no one with two brain cells left gets their groceries from farmers at the moment. I’m talking fresh food, not “ice cream” and “beer” – where it doesn’t really matter where you buy it, it’s still the same shit.

      • R R R says:

        I have always been skeptical of gene splicing. Can an injection get into every cell in your body? I only ask the question. I don’t think it can. They use virus carriers to inject genes into your body, I think. Not an expert here.

    • Shelle says:

      I feel John wouldn’t be singing the hymn as Paul

  2. “Hipgnosis Songs Fund has purchased 50 percent of the rights to Neil Young’s entire back catalog in a deal that’s said to be worth $150 million, the BBC reports. There are nearly 1,200 entries in the prolific Young’s cache of songs.”

    There is more to come, as most people hear always the same.

    Blackstone, Hipgnosis partner to invest in music as online streaming booms –

    • Bob says:

      It’s a shame that Spotify didn’t tell Young to take a flying leap when he insisted they remove his music from the service. They should have reminded him he no longer owns any of it. He sold it all to live his free love hippie farming lifestyle—-very comfortably. I don’t deny him his wealth. He earned it, but he got his payout and is no longer in any position to dictate what happens to the product he sold. Blackstone has deep ties to pharma. They are the real drivers of this phony boycott car.

      • Christina says:

        As if SPOTIFY CARES??? All a charade.

      • Bob: “They are the real drivers of this phony boycott car.”

        Exactly. Also, Young is simply fulfilling his contract with HellyWeird and thus remains “relevant” to boost his souled-out ego-husk. Same for Mitchell.

        • arlene20 says:

          Has beens. Seeking to stay relevant by being controversial. Bunch of phonies with too much money. Do you think they give a rat’s ass about regular people who have to work to survive. I dont understand how these 1960s anti establishment/ anti government types are now soooo supportive of a tyrannical government. Boy they sure changed their tune

      • jj says:

        Well, Spotify most likely belongs to same people Hipgnosis belongs to – Blackrock, Vanguard and Backstreet. They own majority shares in almost every single streaming service, printed media, television and cable networks. They also own Pfizer, AZ, JJ and Moderna. It’s all in same hands. All skimrishes and pillow fights they have with the “media” are just for show.

      • Societal Illusions says:

        he only sold half i believe.

      • R R R says:

        There is something wrong with Spot A Fly. It is just another way to track you and that is that. I am not paying them. It is amazing you can find practically any song ever composed. They have an evil agenda …. I cannot put my finger in on it. Something is wrong with spot a fly

    • R R R says:

      What was up with the song “sweet home alabama”? Neil Young is Canadian. He has turned into the scum of scum…. it may just be a smoke screen to create more chaos. I have lost all respect for Neil Young. I think Black Rock Capital has something to do with it, not sure.

  3. Steve Crimi says:

    Thank you Jon for that funny description of that lowlife Stern. Made my morning! “Sir” Paul is a Tavistock tool. Waste of musical talent.

    • stephen langley says:

      Viz “a Tavistock tool” …yeppo, now he’s repaying his debt for being one of the Prefab Four ! …and all the rest, Stern, Young, Mitchell, CSN&Y, et al. They are all the product of social engineering designed to capture the youth, create a “counter culture” that in the naïveté of youth were easily baited to become “icons”; instead became corrupted by their status and easy, i.e., wealthy insular lifestyles… now it’s payback time. I’ve said it before: It’s a damn good thing that our false idols are crumbling before our eyes… by the grace of God we are being disillusioned with the whole intergenerational psyop.

      I wonder who’s next ? …Dylan ? …famous for not selling out… except for that one Victoria’s Secret commercial he did a few years ago… wondering if that will come back to haunt him, now ? I also wonder about those who’ve passed: Elvis, Zappa, Morrison, Joplin, Cash… they’re lucky they aren’t here now.

      • Eluard says:

        Sorry to tell you brother, but Dylan sold out completely. Check out this compilation of commercials with a very funny satire at the end.

        Plus it’s well known that he’s a plaigarist. Much of his “autobiography” was lifted from other sources and you can find info on that easily enough. I don’t think he really cares (if he ever did) anymore about the sacredness of music and what it means to people. Cynicism.

        I agree (see my comment below) on the Seeing of our “idols.” It’s about time.

      • Christina says:

        Bob Dylan was interviewed by 60 minutes saying exactly who his paymaster was and still is. Bob Dylan was very much one.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Tavistock uses a LOT of musical and artistic talent.

      It’s not a waste for “them”, nor for the political controllers.

      This how many people have become, what they are today: Through “acculturation” and conditioning – via the academic, entertainment, and economic “messages” for virtually their entire lives.

      That’s what the Tavistock Institute was all about.

      – The study of human behavior

      • Christina says:

        Freud, Skinner, Jung, Edward Bernays et al were the devil incarnate. ALL OF THEM. The most twisted minds in history.

        And those that study Psychiatry and psychology learn the EXACT SAME THINGS. They are TRAINED IN IT.

    • bleak says:

      I came here to say pretty much the same, Steve. Stern got shredded by ninja razor words just now. No doubt he/they will read this article. Good. Bleed to death you garbage.

      The bigger can o worms IMO is the Tavistock game and I firmly believe that “Paul” is not the real Paul who died in a car crash in 1966. Forensic evidence is strong and so is telltale symbolism on the album covers, songs/recordings (especially the reversed stuff), and movies (anyone catch “23” in Magical Mystery Tour? Does anyone know what it means?) and much else.

      A lot of people may think this is nonsense and trivial but think about it… how great the lies are. Lies pervade the very threads of our history, our cultural DNA if you will.

      If anyone doubts “Paul is dead,” try Tina Foster – Plastic Macca, book and blog if you haven’t already. Also try “iamaphony” on soundcloud and bandcamp and “BillyMartin” on soundcloud (the same “group”) for some incredible Beatlesque music from a very anonymous source (Tavistock having some fun imo) 😉

      • arlene20 says:

        Very possible. The British government didnt want to lose that money machine the Beatles. Easy to get a look alike and his music was different after that. I was young but I remember it well

      • Al Cambrola says:

        Excellent book and research by Tina Foster. Billy Shears should not be telling anyone what to do.
        Howard Stern was and is a no talent who happened to land in a lucky pile of shit.

        • bleak says:

          Apparently, “Tina Foster” is her pen name. Her real name is Cynthia F. Hodges. I stumbled on her bitchute account, AurigaBooks. She is my kind of lawyer.

      • mary says:

        Sage of Quay, Mike Williams has an enormous amount on this, on his channel and blog. Imo he has proved the real Paul is dead.

    • Steve Crimi: Thank you for bringing Tavistock into the conversation. Everyone should know that all people in the limelight are products designed to mind-control audiences.

      • Al Cambrola says:

        If anyone is going to watch the Stupid Bowl, This is where a ton of Illuminati symbolism is brought out during the half time show. I’m staying away.

  4. Adria says:

    After all these years, I am still shocked by Paul McCartney’s description of John Lennon’s assassination as, “a bummer.” If I didn’t witness the interview I would have hardly believed it. I guess some behaviors can be relied upon.

    • arlene20 says:

      I was young then(born in 1957) but I remember John Lennon declaring the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ. Even back then I thought that was a disgusting statement. Especially John Lennon with that “Imagine” song. What a freakin hypocrite. Acquired expensive apartments and Rolls Royces. What a disconnect and lecturing people on being austere. Yeah right

  5. Bernardo Paratore says:

    Most likely it was a propaganda stunt and he didn’t get a shot really, unless he is really demented which is a possibility.

    Stern?? I remember when he came on the scene on the radio in the washington dc area in the early 80’s: classless then, and classless now.

  6. Tim says:

    Paul kinda missed out or chickened out of having a extraordinary spiritual awakening, he also wrote a song supporting the wars attached to 9-11 too, that got air time on the radio back in the day.
    Hopefully The Truth will dawn on him at least after his body expires.

    I never paid any attention to Stern.

    Some are true believers, some are sellouts. The world relies on self-deception, suspension of disbelief to be experienced, the inversions and absurdisms are a natural expression of that. Up and down, back and forth, and all around, it always leads to untruth, until it doesn’t.

    • Anne T. says:

      The controllers needed a Paul that would obey their request. I don’t think the original Paul thought a bait and switch on his fans was a cool idea. He didn’t want to give out LSD tabs to fans who attended the Monterey Pop Festival compliments of the CIA, and things of that nature. But, the replacement would and did do anything the controllers ask of him. So, he won the role and is still playing it to code decades later.

  7. sid says:


  8. ReluctantWarrior says:

    “I don’t really want to stop the show
    But I thought that you might like to know
    That the singer’s gonna sing a song
    And he wants you all to sing along
    So let me introduce to you
    The one and only Billy Shears
    And Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, yeah”
    -From Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band

    I told you about the walrus and me, man
    You know we’re as close as can be, man
    Well here’s another clue for you all
    The walrus was Paul.
    -Glass Onion

    • Thomas Palm says:

      Yes, the One and Only , Billy Shears is William Shepard, the stand-in for the original Paul. He is tied in a knot, contractually, with the Devil (via the agency that signed the BEATLES) and MI6 that engineered the whole thing.

      He tells the whole story (in novel form, for onvious reasons). Look for the titlen BILLY’S BACK, by Thomas E Uharriet, his ghost writing co-author. Not a bad read, and just one of a series that tells the same sad story in various degrees of detail.

  9. RSBP says:

    Thank you Jon!!!

    “Howard Stern is a bunch of ugly sticks glued together with dried semen from one of his old wet dreams.”

    I laughed so hard that you brought tears to my eyes – that is the perfect description of that low life.

    Again thanks for the moment (or ten) of levity that was sorely needed.

  10. Lora Chittenden says:

    The sad thing is that this whole Plandemic has turned us against each other. Celebrities I’ve always liked and respected are human after all and just as eager to fall for the hypnosis as ordinary people are. I hate the fact that their inability to see through the scum makes me like them a little less. But I guess that’s part of the original Plan in the first place: to divide, corral and conquer the people for ultimate World control.

    • Al Cambrola says:

      There are so many dumbed down people, it’s beyond belief.

      The sad thing is, the plan to get everyone in fear over something no worse than a cold, unfortunately worked. They went running for the experimental jab and are now paying the price.

      Even so, we need to unify. I know a lot of people that have jab remorse as more and more data comes out.

  11. Tim says:

    “Paul is dead”…spiritually dead…we were told back in the day…

  12. tyrone says:

    i agree that they’re both mental midgets. but i think they promote the “vaccines” because they are being paid to promote the vaccines. like all celebrities, they are paid very well to use their stage personas to push products on their fans. also, i’m willing to bet that neither of them has been jabbed. they may pretend to have been jabbed, but i think it is all part of the act.

  13. stephen langley says:

    I just gotta throw it out there: It’s a compelling story that the original Paul McCartney was replaced by the guy who assumed his life. That character was a superb musician who had previously had several on stage musical personas. I won’t try to argue any points, but only say it is compelling. What led me to seeing the story as compelling were a couple of old videos/films wherein the other three were speaking despairingly of him, referring to “Paul” as “Faul’, i.e. Faux Paul… truth is always stranger than fiction. Cheers.

    • ReluctantWarrior says:

      Yes George Harrison referred to him as ‘Faul’ in several interviews. Actually the original Paul wrote quite different songs that were really ‘bubble gum’ stuff then along comes his replacement, the one and only Billy Shears and the nature of the songs and lyrics took a radical change in the 1966-67 time frame. I have seen the evidence presented in a tape allegedly made by George. It looks fairly convincing to me with or without it being George. It sure sounds like him…but I imagine his voice is easy to imitate.

      • Al Cambrola says:

        There was a study in the early 2000’s by 2 Italian forensic doctors to finally put to bed all the PID rumors.
        When they computer analyzed the skulls of Paul pre 1966 and post 1966, they found they were different people.
        You can have all the plastic surgery in the world, but you can’t change a skull.

  14. Laura says:

    Thank you for including that inspiring clip in your article. We all have so much power that we forgot we have. As we’ve seen from Canada, no violence is necessary to show strength.

    These are unrelated questions, but I’ve been thinking more about the obsession with Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine that the supposed benevolent “front-line doctors” are pushing as “magic cures” for the cooties-19. How did they all of a sudden pull those 2 antiparasitic drugs out of their hats as a cure for a “virus”? To me there is probably symbolism is the choice of those drugs. It’s pathetic that the public is clamoring to be given a horse de-wormer. Have these drugs EVER been used to treat another “flu virus”? If cooties-19 is supposedly no worse than the “flu”, why would they come up with these nonsensical “treatments”? I have briefly read the side-effect and ingredients of these two drugs, and they are nothing to sneeze at – they both have serious side effects. Just because they have been a for decades does not mean they are safe. It’s mind boggling and embarrassing to me that people are proud to say Ivermectin “cured” them from cooties.

    I have also watched the “Grand Jury of public opinion” proceedings from Germany. And it is so disappointing that they, too, are perpetuating the notion that cooties-19 is real and that there are magic cures for it. Yes, the witnesses are exposing some of the crimes against humanity, but the crimes are framed with the lie that cooties-19 is real. They could be using their platform to put the reality of the “virus” on trial. When I watched the proceedings, I wondered why they didn’t ask Jon Rappoport, Andrew Kaufman, or Tom Cowan to be witnesses? Because that would expose these “front-line doctors” as fraudsters, too. Having witnesses who are critical of the germ-theory would chip away at the foundation of the entire allopathic system. How can a grand jury trial be legitimate when both sides are presenting obvious lies?

    • JamesS says:

      Actually yes. Anti-parasitics and many other repurposed drugs have been used to treat flu and other alleged viral respiratory diseases. The idea behind the drugs is that it can directly treat the health complications from infection regardless. Focusing on killing viruses and vaccinating everyone was the model back during the Victorian Era. In the 21st century we can treat the ailments without fully knowing the true cause. Maybe there is a virus causing rapid replication within people’s cells. Maybe a toxin is causing the cell to overproduce debris. Either way we have the ability to treat it.

    • Carolyn Gutman Dey says:

      they did “invite” (finally, after months and months of not inviting them) Kaufman and Lanka on, last week. Didn’t go so well. They are NOT interested in taking this strategy, or even really truly looking into it. It’s become a farce. Everyone “in the know” knows it.

      • nmbsp says:

        Don’t fall for their tricks and the ways that they try to present things. This is not about a “strategy”, it is about the truth. They are not interested in the truth. And in fact, they want to hide it.

        And even Andy fell for their tricks, and he just played along and let them get away with presenting things the way they wanted, which is very worrying…

        Don’t fall for such tricks. Stay focused on the truth, and call the lies and the sneaky ways out.

    • Geo Martin says:

      The ‘Grand Jury’ will still maintain there is a disease called covid only it was not as serious as presented by the media and governments ‘over reacted’ and over played their hand, so used the ‘pandemic’ to introduce tyrannical measures.

      The trick is that by this position in the minds of the masses there still was a deadly disease going around, so the measures by govts and health officials and doctors might have been over the top but their intentions were good.

      The ‘protests’ are the same, they do not focus on the fact that the whole story is a lie, from the virus, to the vaccination theory, to the whole medical and scientific cabal being under the thumb of a beast.

      Nothing is going to happen, no one is going to indicted or end up in jail. Not even a junior doctor, nobody.

      It will be another psyop son enough, failing economy, internet blackouts, climate ’emergency’, health crisis (due to the whole covid op) whatever takes your fancy. This is only the beginning of the show, soon enough nost people won’t even know what’s true or not to the most basic levels; and that’s the goal of this plan.

    • martyg says:

      On the first day of Reiner Fuellmich’s current Grand Jury hearings, Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Stefan Lanka appeared as witnesses and testified about the lack of evidence of the isolation of the alleged Sars 2 virus, the falsity of the Germ Theory of contagious disease, etc. They were confronted by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a virologist and panel member who is an avid believer in the Germ Theory, and there were several very acrimonious exchanges. At the end of the session, Reiner did his best at reconciling the warring factions- he expressed his belief that the Germ Theory, might in fact, be false but advocated putting this debate on the back burner until after the War being waged against the deranged psychopaths is over and they are made to answer for their crimes against humanity.

      Personally, I have researched this issue extensively and am convinced that the Terrain Theory, not the Germ Theory, is the scientifically valid one. However, since Pasteur promulgated the Germ Theory, we have been heavily programmed to believe that contagious diseases result from catching germs, e.g., viruses, and it’s a challenge to overcome that programming.

  15. Evangeline says:

    Your ratings just went way up in my polls. I enjoyed the tear on McCartney. Everything you said, dead accurate. One of the worst things to happen in our world, one of the most destructive, is professionally stupid people now able to say things and get heard.
    Young people should know this is a new phenomenon. Back in the day, 20 years ago or so, famous people did their thing and shut up. They had the intelligence to know they had nothing to say about many things. Blessedly, nobody asked.

    But it was your perfect terminology, the elegant combination of words to arrive at a delightfully exquisite description of Howard Stern, that has earned my respect.
    After I stopped crying because I laughed so hard, I took a picture of it and sent it to my husband so he could enjoy it. We all need more laughs. Just so you know, salty language is not my thing, quite the opposite, but when it’s that good, it’s art. Kudos.

    • Evangeline says:

      Add on, and the only reason musicians or “actors” get heard now is because they are such useful tools to the narrative. Predictably Marxist and idiotic, they can be counted on for a good sound bite to help the cause. Sadly, we have enough numbers of gullible dimwits who listen.

  16. Bob says:

    Stern is a known hypochondriac and germaphobe. His insistence that we must all take the jab to save the country is really his own fear turned outward. He is really saying, “get the shot so that I can be safe.” Because, he still believes in all the mainstream lies despite the very clear evidence and admissions that the shots don’t do anything and none of the protocols(masks, lockdowns, distancing) have made any difference. He mocks those who question the narrative saying they don’t believe in science while he, a radio entertainer, apparently is a paradigm of science. He still dutifully wears his (non-functioning) cloth mask and stays isolated in his Hamptons bubble living on home deliveries only leaving to get another booster.

  17. Lisa Franklin says:

    No surprises John Lennon ditched McCartney early doors. He had the best idea. Maybe I shouldn’t say this but I wish it were the other way around and Lennon was still here but then he was assassinated for a reason. McCartneys an arse kisser. I have a simple rule, don’t trust anyone who’s a sir. They’re all stuck up Betty 2 stroke. She who hobnobs with the likes of Gates and his terrorist buddy Abreyusus( I can never remember how to spell that dudes name ). One knows exactly what one is doing I believe.

  18. Raven says:

    The Canberra video brought back fond memories from my Vietnam anti-war protest days. The unity was electrifying … and that’s precisely what they fear the most. The CIA brought in the fake Manson Family to finish off the deplorable hippies. What ruse will they try now that we’re all awake to their pathetic capers?

    “You say you want a revolution?” – Sir Paul James McCartney, Globalist Sell Out

  19. Bruce Wright says:

    Well done again, Jon. Another bulls-eye. These heavyweights are complicit bots. We’re surrounded by bots. The insanity is ghoulish and impressive, isn’t it…? I read that 4.7 billion people have been ‘vaccinated’ now, despite the obvious fact that it isn’t a vaccine at all.

  20. KillingUsSoftly says:

    A while back when ‘Sir’ Paul was married to Linda Eastman he championed against the atrociously cruel treatment of animals in factory farms, it’s but one of the many disconnects in our society. He made the statement that if factory farms were made of glass we’d all be vegetarian. I’m pretty sure he’s been called to task by the cult who owns him, sad news. I wonder if John was killed for refusal to submit to the cult?

  21. Kevin Beck says:

    If we are to trust the opinions of musicians, then how about the opinions on this issue expressed by Eric Clapton and Van Morrison?

    Or do their opinions not count, because they run counter to “Doctor” Fausci and the other Fauscistas?

  22. Donella says:

    “Howard Stern is a bunch of ugly sticks glued together with dried semen from one of his old wet dreams.”

    You are a wordsmith of the first order, Jon. Your concise description of that pig made me lol 🤣. Thank you!

  23. Rob says:

    You can bet your bottom dollar that any of the elite public figures who openly admit to getting vaxxed or go on camera getting jabbed only received a saline shot or equivalent. You think they are that uniformed about the agenda? The demons walk among us, pay them no heed.

  24. Marilyn Shepherd says:

    When the Beatles first started I was 9 and I did not like Paul McCartney one bit.

    Then when Lennon was penning Give peace a chance and Imagine Paul decided Mary had a little Lamb was his go too.

    I heard Howard Stern rant for about 2 minutes once and needed an acid bath. Meanwhile I am watching children starving to death in our grand adventure land of Afghanistan while the west who caused it cower and snivel and waste billions on fake tests, destroying nations and now fake dangerous vaccines. In NSW this last week 81% of all ”covid” deaths had been double and triple jabbed and the premier is still calling for more jabs.

  25. Karen says:

    Cellphones have at least one good purpose. They record what’s occurring. In Australia, that policeman tried to get the crowd to become violent so that the police would have the excuse to physically restrain/attack them. This crowd was awesome; showed incredible restraint and so many people were recording the event. Eventually, we can only hope that mandates will be dropped. It’s also so important to assess every crowd to make sure there are no ‘plants.’ The trucker convoy in Ottawa has done a great job of that, too. The authorities would like to break up that peaceful, positive display. Hopefully, love and unity will prevail.

  26. Eluard says:

    Howard Stern must be a very lonely man with his haystacks of cash and his house in the Hamptons and his celebrity friends. He probably dines with Sir Paul sometimes, who I know also has property out there.

    Howard always expressed a certain ugliness that resonated with people who couldn’t transcend their own.

    Paul’s written some good music but he IS out of touch. Has he got any idea of what it’s like to work for 8 hours with a mask on? Does he even know that’s happening still to millions of people?

    Freedom has nothing to do with celebrities or even great musicians who write songs we grew up on and enjoyed. It’s beyond all of this illusory temporary show. It’s good we are seeing all of this “mental midgetry” now. We can remember what is truly essential and pristine.

  27. Stef says:

    Stern and McCartney have millions of loyal “followers”

    I wonder how many would jump off a cliff if the mental midgets beckoned them to?

    A musician and a shock jock encouraging the masses to be vaccinated should sound an alarm to anyone with a shred of intelligence and common sense.

  28. And a message from bappu…

    “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

    “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

    and last but not the least..

    “Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of man as self-sufficiency. Man is a social being. Without interrelation with society he cannot realize his oneness with the universe or suppress his egotism. His social interdependence enables him to test his faith and to prove himself on the touchstone of reality.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

  29. Roundball Shaman says:

    “… Sir Paul McCartney is spreading one simple message for his fans: ‘BE COOL. GET VAX’D’.”

    What’s happened to Paul? It’s simple:

    ‘He’s a real nowhere man
    Sitting in his nowhere land
    Making all his nowhere plans for nobody
    Doesn’t have a point of view
    Knows not where he’s going to
    Isn’t he a bit like you and me?’

    “Howard Stern is a bunch of ugly sticks glued together with dried semen from one of his old wet dreams.”

    And this guy? Here we go…

    ‘He’s as blind as he can be
    Just sees what he wants to see
    Nowhere Man can you see me at all?’

    They, and other just like them.
    All sitting in their Nowhere Land
    Making all their Nowhere plans
    For ALL OF US.
    Nowhere Men and Nowhere Women. Who want all of us to joint them there.

    John Lennon advocated Socialism and a denial of Heaven.

    Paul became a Nowhere Man.

    ‘You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one’

    Hey John and Paul?


  30. Christina says:


    And so-called PTSD and “treatment” is MORE OF THE SAME.

    Repeatedly recalling traumatic events is NO TREATMENT. It is CRUELTY.

    Psychology and Psychiatry are so damned dangerous. They RUIN people’s minds.

    • Christina says:

      Ted Kaczynski, for example, was an exceptionally gifted 16 year old at Harvard. He was shy and awkward and the psychologists spotted him and lured him into a so-called STUDY.

      In FACT, They wanted to see where his breaking point was so they could SHATTER his personality. And they did. And they also used LSD to make it MORE TRAUMATIC.

      Dr. Menegele came to America to continue on…

  31. Vakzine Machst Frei says:

    Anti vax protesters remind me of police from the movie “Demolition man”.

    Please give us the freedom back

  32. AJ says:

    Liked your article Jon. The comments also were interesting too. If you are not aware of the infinite colors of the rainbow there is no way to find the truth. Mainly, because truth is like a forest, sometimes hard to see because of the trees.

    Many like McCartney and Stern think fame and money creates intelligence. In time all those hypocrites that profess and express their opinions expose their ignorance. The sad fact, is that many followers never get to the front of the line to see the truth.

    When you rely and depend on others to decide your decisions you have no future except mental slavery.

    Everyday, is giving us hope that this world tyranny plandemic is destroying itself by the millions gathering together to oppose it.


    Hard to realize the tremendous amount of harm inflicted on the innocent trusting people being vaxxed. This will also have to be addressed in time so that others know that retribution is not just a word.

    • R R R says:

      I totally disagree. TRUTH does exist. I do not have time to elaborate. Jon, YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH…. its GREAT.
      There are ways to find TRUTH

      It is meaningless to say there are infinite shades of color in the rainbow. But, you do speak the truth there with respect to colors of the rainbow. There are infinite frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum, so what? There is TRUTH experienced when you tune in the proper frequency and your favorite radio station just booms in. Is that cool or what? There is truth in things like Craps in Las Vegas. There are only 36 combinations of the dice. There is truth in Stop Lights Red is Stop Green is Go… it is so simple. Luckily they have not messed with the gas pedal on the right and the brake pedal on the left.
      There is truth in trees. If you run into a tree it is a solid object and actually feels like running into concrete. There is TRUTH in gravity. It always sucks, well, actually in reality is probably a ‘push force’ but no-one gets it.

      The biggest problem is the ‘ monkey see monkey do follow the follower ‘ world. THE ENTIRE WORLD IS NOW GOING THE WRONG DIRECTION. Well maybe 99.99999%

  33. J.Barlow says:

    Macca must have dementia to think anyone with a brain would want some poisonous vaccine injected into his/her veins. Sufferajab – no way!

    Food for thought – Life Insurance Company Refuses to Pay Out Life Insurance Policy Because Death Was From Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine –

  34. arlene20 says:

    I was young then (born in 1957) but I remember John Lennon declaring the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ. Even back then I thought that was a disgusting statement. Especially John Lennon with that “Imagine” song. What a freakin hypocrite. Acquired expensive apartments and Rolls Royces. What a disconnect and lecturing people on being austere. Yeah right

  35. Lewis says:

    Howard Stern is the perfect shill for pharmaceutical companies. Admittedly suffering from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) since he was a kid, he completely believes that there’s a killer virus out there infecting millions (in contrast Paul McCartney probably is more concerned about maintaining his coveted position as “beloved Beatle”). At a certain point Stern realized that he was a nasty person and began psychotherapy (a profession which he now extolls as the way toward salvation). The therapist (undoubtedly paid very well by the “King of All Media”) eventually gave Stern a clean bill of health. Now Stern gets on the air claiming he’s no longer the same nasty person he used to be. Unfortunately for him the scamdemic has brought out his “true colors.” All that psychotherapy did nothing to reverse his underlying meanness. So he speaks with impunity that unvaccinated people should be treated as pariahs and segregated from society. Stern is the quintessential liberal masquerading as some kind of rebel. If there’s a real plague going on it’s a psychological one due to people like Stern infecting everyone with his narcissistic, contemptuous and dangerous world view.

  36. R R R says:

    You Speak the TRUTH Jon…. keep up the good commentary.

    covid is the scam of all scams and run by pure evil. For example, 1/2 the planet thinks they are in perilous danger and gonna die if they get on an airplane without a mask. It is the biggest pysop of all psyops. I am not sure how we go back to normal anytime too soon.

    The stats on covid are nutty. CDC still states less than 5000 people died of covid in China. I am not sure what to make of it other than covid is the scam of all scams. China may not be in on it…. not sure what is up.

    It is obvious to me that Big weeny Pharma is cleaning up with so-called vaccine/inoculation jabs. It is sicko and the American public is paying them billions. Too ridiculous. It is sad to see little kids being indoctrinated into pure evil lies and parents think they protect their kids with the jab or older relatives.

  37. WRE says:

    “Come on man!” Why are you insulting midgets???

  38. Guitardave says:

    Sir (replacement) Paul is quite CORRECT!!!

    The slab you’ll be laying on 18 months after you’re vaxxed will be nicely chilled…in a refrigerated room called the MORGUE.

    As to that other thing…


  39. spoonful says:


  40. Carol says:

    Sure Paul is a fake, better known as bill so is these jabs, not vaccines to take us out, depopulate, so hunger games we are playing out.

  41. super lemon says:

    Think you mean billy shears. Paul M died in 1966. Pretty physically evident.

  42. Saeger says:

    ‘ “The beanie- and face-mask-wearing 79-year-old rocker wrote this message on Instagram, while signing off as ‘Paul,’ underneath a picture of himself getting his COVID shot from a health care professional on Monday (Aug. 2).”

    As opposed to getting his shot from a health care amateur, or a shoe salesman? ‘

    – ok that was a bit funny, on a not-funny subject, and we could add – or getting it from a heroin addict.

    A heroin addict is probably more legitimate on injecting things than false supposed ‘health profesionals’ – because at least the heroin addict knows what the shot is going to do.

    The unquestioning ‘health professionals’ cannot say the same.

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