James Bond is alive; held captive in Australian COVID hotel

by Jon Rappoport

January 28, 2022

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Dear reader, this is a blockbuster. As new details emerge, I’ll get them to you. Here is what I know so far, as relayed to me by a trusted Hollywood cocaine trafficker, money launderer, and financer of several major film studios.

James Bond is supposed to be dead. He was killed off in his recent film. The plan was to reboot him as a non-binary trans-ish woman.

However, the director of the new Bond film went rogue, on location in Melbourne. And when I say rogue, I mean off the cliff. He dumped the script, recast the film, and with a beer-guzzling male Aussie wrestler as Bond, and a gorgeous out-of-work female stripper as Bond’s sidekick, undertook a wildcat mission:

Free Novak Djokovic from the clutches of the Australian border police and propel him on to center-court at the Open, standing in full view of the crowd and the television cameras at the service line, ready to compete and defend his crown.

The director, Sam Kubrick, was prepared to cast a largely unknown local amateur tennis player as Novak, but owing to some sort of gargantuan mix-up, the actual Novak was thrust into the role of himself.

Novak is still in Australia.

Not all the scenes of the new film have been shot, but this is what Kubrick has in the can so far, as he and his crew are fleeing from authorities into the far reaches of the Northern Territory:

Bond slips into Melbourne in the middle of the night without a vaccine passport. He hasn’t taken the injection. He arrives at the home of an old pal, a US former CIA ex-pat, Jim Munson, who is running a sophisticated operation in his basement—counterfeiting “wellness certificates.”

Munson leads Bond through a door in the basement, revealing a fully staffed lab, where medical refugees from federal research facilities are analyzing vials of Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccine.

So far, they’ve found traces of a failed heart drug which actually causes heart attacks, graphene oxide, and an overabundance of toxic lipid nanoparticles in some vials.

One of the refugees (the gorgeous stripper) walks up to Bond and hands him her credentials, establishing her as an undercover agent for the Swedish Ministry of Defense. She was originally tasked with the project of estimating the deleterious effects of the Australian lockdowns.

But now she is digging deeper into an Australian government scheme to establish total control of the citizenry on a permanent basis.

Suddenly, upstairs, there is a massive explosion.

The ceiling of the lab collapses. Munson is trapped under a pile of heavy boards. He dies. Bond and Sally Licious (the stripper-undercover Swede) escape through a tunnel that exits in a forest.

They run from a bevy of Australian Special Forces…and eventually emerge in a clearing and come upon Sally’s helicopter.

With Bond at the controls, they take off and depart into the vast North.

The next scene I’m aware of places Bond, Sally, and a well-armed rebel Australian Open tennis official at a secret mansion in the middle of nowhere.

This is where Novak is hiding out with several dozen extremely tough-looking characters—who we learn are Serbian military veterans. Their leader tells Bond they’re ready to die for Novak, if it comes to that. They want to force their way into the Open at Melbourne Park and put Novak in front of the crowd ready to take on all comers in the tournament.

Next available scene: a seedy COVID quarantine hotel in Melbourne.

Bond, Novak, Sally, the rebel tennis official, and the Serbians are handcuffing and stashing security guards in a community room. They liberate patriot Aussies from their rooms and lay out the Open invasion scenario. Novak makes a long speech. He doesn’t want violence. He just wants to play tennis. He says he’s ready to surrender to the Australian authorities and go home.

At this point, a drone strike decimates the hotel. Obviously, the Australian military are willing to kill Novak.

Next scene: Outside the Melbourne Park stadium.

Bond, Sally, a few of the surviving Serbians, and Novak are concealed inside a hot dog cart. One of the Serbians tells Bond the President of Serbia has dispatched a large force to invade Australia and kidnap the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, who is holed up in a high-end dress shop in Sydney with a tactical nuclear weapon.

Next available scene: another seedy COVID hotel in Melbourne.

Novak, Bond, and Sally are tied to chairs in a dim room, surrounded by heavily armed soldiers. One of the soldiers says, “We’re not Australians. We have orders to kill you if you try to escape. We don’t care about blowback. This is end-game stuff.”

At a small table, a doctor in a white coat is preparing syringes. He’s going to inject Novak, Bond, and Sally with the vaccine.

Bond asks, “Who’s the manufacturer?”

The doctor replies, “Moderna. In case you’re not aware, this is the first product of any kind the company has ever brought to market. I wouldn’t shoot up one of my goats with it. Actually, no vaccine is safe.”

And there you have it.

As of this date, the director, the Bond actor, the stripper, and Novak are somewhere in the Northern Territory with the cans of shot film.

In that vast landscape, Serbian and Australian military units are engaged in battle.

A UN peacekeeping force, backed up by weaponized drones, has been dispatched to the area.

Inside Melbourne Park, Serbian spectators at the Open are throwing their vaccine passports on to center court. Television cameras have been turned off. Eleven unvaxxed tennis players have revealed their status and are giving interviews to the international press, but those conversations are being blacked out. The players are announcing their support for Novak. I’m told one player said, “We all know the vaccine is bullshit. Even the public health people admit it doesn’t prevent anything. My cousin had a heart attack two days after he took the shot. The world is being captured by criminals. I’ve had enough. This is war.”

My Hollywood contact had a few more interesting things to say: “In the last two days, a high-ranking Sinaloa cartel member flew to Washington and met with Kamala Harris. He basically told her he was a killer, and he didn’t mind destroying lives trafficking fentanyl into the US, but recently word came down from the CIA that cartel members shuttling back and forth between Mexico and America had to be vaccinated. He told her there was no way his people would take the shot.”

Harris said she understood. She referred the cartel executive to a company called PPPLife in Nashville, a front for DARPA, the Pentagon’s tech research arm. The company supplies celebs and heavy hitters with medical personnel and vials of Pfizer and Moderna “lite,” which basically contain only electrolyte solutions. Commonly called the Fauci placebo.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

19 comments on “James Bond is alive; held captive in Australian COVID hotel

  1. Paul says:

    Where The F!!!, do you get your Imagination!

    I am reading this Piece of Glory, to WifeyPooh as she chops peppers & onions on her cutting board.

    But I’m laughing too much &
    ruining the PlotLine for her.

    She just whipped her chopping Ginsu at me.

    [shhhhhh…(whispering to ya)
    Jon, I didn’t want to type the word “knife” to alert the algorithmists. Clever…huh.]

    Present Score: “love-love”.

  2. Simon Templar says:

    ” The plan was to reboot him as a non-binary trans-ish woman.”

    Working title “Cocktopussy”

  3. Eluard says:

    And Dennis Hopper has returned to play the part of Sam Munson and Sally Kirkland (sadly, actually badly vax-injured) has regressed to her thirties to play the Swedish stripper intel agent.

    I really want to see this film. What time is it playing? I want to make sure I don’t miss a thing because freedom is so precious. That reminds me of what we used to say when we spontaneously entered a movie at any time and stayed into the next show to catch up: “This is where we came in.”

    God bless and inspire the TRUCKERS of Canada and the U.S. Making real life movies.

  4. Opie Poik says:

    Bringing The World Back To Reason:

    “I know it will be hard for many people to take, and understandably so. But if we want to actually fix things, I think this is crucial:

    “Rather than spending our time and energy analyzing the disaster, we need to rebuild the foundations of civil society.

    “There will be a time to expose the villains, but that time isn’t now… at least if we want a better world to emerge from this mess.

    “If we go after “the other side,” a phalanx of defense mechanisms will spring into action. If other words, people will dig in their heels and maintain that posture for a long, long time. Yes, that’s stupid, but humans will evade admitting they were wrong, neurotically, even if they know in their gut that they were wrong.”


  5. Kyle Young says:

    If I was a producer, I’d hire you to flesh out that script. Then I’d begin pulling together the other resources needed to make that movie. It’ll be a blockbuster.

  6. Ed says:

    Poor advertisement for the Fauci placebo if Joe (pass my pudding) Biden took it.

  7. R says:

    Good Morning Jon, This article indicates Ivermectin, has toxic long term effects. The Many, who suggest Ivermectin is safe are not highlighting the facts of the dangers of long term use of Ivermectin, if true. Would you please consider reviewing this literature and writing an article articulating your thoughts surrounding the safe long term use of Ivermectin.

    God Bless and Thank You, Rhonda Piccola

    Article: “Bill Gates, History of Pesticides as Medicine in Africa, & Red Flag Ivermectin Nanoparticle Study”

    Updated: Oct 29, 2021


  8. Mitchell Johnston says:

    Fantastic! Best read I have had in a good while!

  9. Michael burns says:

    I KNEW IT!!

    I could smell a rat when I saw that intersectionality inclusive, beautiful big bottomed and heavy on top, black woman say, in the sultry voice of hers, “Hi I’m the new double-Oh-seven, white boy! But you can borrow the number if you ask nice… smooch smooch.”

    It cost me $29.99 CAD at Bezos’s place to rent the new Bond flick, and I went through a whole box of Kleenex… sniff, at the ending when he caught a Patriot missile and five-gun shots wounds!

    I knew he was tough.

    I was going to start a GoFundMe for his widow and his cute little girl…sniff, but it seems GoFundMe can lock the funds if they don’t agree with the cause.

    I knew that director was a woke sissy Justin Trudeau type — I think their cloning them — when I read what he said about the James Bond character in the past films, he said, “The James Bond character wasn’t much more than a rapist.”


    “Director Cary Joji Fukunaga compared Bond to a “wounded animal” and described his state of mind as “struggling to deal with his role as a ’00 agent’. The world’s changed.”

    Now I understand the slow explosion of the two-year release of the final Bond Film. A timed explosion.

    Cary Fukunaga is woke, Kalifornia woke and holding a grudge of his father being born in an internment camp. He comes from divorced parents and he’s angry. He’s bi-sexual.

    I think he’s another Hollywood autistic type that hates older white guys like me. Does he understand t5he fiction?

    The first time I saw James Bond, I was a little fellow back in Ireland, At that time men were men and woke gender-confused directors hadn’t been thought of yet.

    I was 11 years old and a friend’s father paid the sixpence for the ticket. As I was a poor kid and my grandmother couldn’t afford the money. The movie was “From Russia with Love” with Sean Connery as 007. I was nailed to my seat…

    I was hooked on what side I was on. I was going to be a straight arrow…with a twist, and two olives.

    So, killing Bond and scripting it that way, was ridiculous, its as bad as burning Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer.

    The narrative the Great Narrative, changing, shifting, purposely being moved towards a society of victims and weakness and submission. And the inclusive coming to you via the woke and Klaus Schwab, the eradication of historical culture from the last Bond villain, and Kalifornia woke.

  10. Paul says:

    If anyone saw RFK Jr’s speech at the Rally, this past Sunday, one could see the dear man Working through his slight vocal impairment.


    So let’s all concentrate & focus, in whatever manner you choose, to HEAL, yes, THAT’S right, heal, his larynx.

    Let’s just give it A TRY !

    This could be A Powerful form,
    & Demonstration,
    Of good-Consensus.

    Ya never know.

    Thank you.
    …In Advance.


    • Eluard says:

      It was a good speech for sure and I really admire the man.

      But your post made me think: The real ground-splitting on this whole fake thing is being done quietly, almost under-ground-edly. Jon’s written texts, cracking the flimsy foundations. Icke, doing his weekly dot-connectors on Bitchute and his London Real effulgences. Andrew Kaufman and Tom Cowan chipping away at the falsity of the paradigms we’ve been trying to live through our whole lives. Background or semi-background stuff.

      And us–yes, us. Through our prayers, our posts, our conversations. Our leonine hearts looking towards–and drawing in–the Light.

  11. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Harris said she understood. She referred the cartel executive to a company called PPPLife in Nashville, a front for DARPA, the Pentagon’s tech research arm.”

    Two months from today…

    Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Kamala Harris ordered her fellow Justices to all line up and take the latest versions of the Kill Shots.

    The Justices – some of whom are not as dumb as they sometimes appear — asked why would she think they would ever permit themselves to be injected with such an atrocity.

    She said the Justices had to set an example for the rest of us. Once the American People saw The Greatest Legal Minds in All of Eternity willingly taking the toxic health-destroyers, it would make things easier for the Pharma Companies that run the United States to peddle their wares to what remains of the American population.

    They decided to go into closed deliberations.

    Chief Justice Harris started things off by reading off endless Big Pharma talking points but was frequently interrupted by her own frequent giggling and smirking.

    But that didn’t dissuade the other Justices. They were absolutely transfixed on her every brilliant word of wisdom. Perhaps Justice Harris was not actually as dumb as she appears to be?

    Then, each of the Justices got their turns to speak.

    There was a short period of back-and-forth. And occasional snoring coming out one Justice who will not be named.

    And when it was finally over, the vote was taken.

    9-0. Full agreement.

    And Chief Justice Harris left the room giggling and smirking… and smiling widely.

    And all the other Justices left the room rubbing their upper arms… and wondering if they’d be around long enough to ever hear another big case again.

    But they too were smiling.

  12. FriedEggs says:

    Jon is on another level. Simple as that.

    I’m also a child of Serbian parents and yes, we are pigheaded but we will give you the shirts off our back if you are our friend.

    Thanks Jon!

  13. der einzige says:

    “Whenever the people need hero we shall provide him” – Albert Pike

    Novak who was silent until now steps up onto the world stage to play the ceremonial role of push back.

    It distracts and stirs up another firestorm of hope and outrage and this emotional trauma primes the mass subconscious again for further messaging.

    Ultimately when nothing comes of his antics, the people experience demoralization and so on and so on.

    Djokovic is privileged at the pleasure of individuals and entities currently trying to shift and enslave the world. If he was a threat to their agenda he’d be a distant memory.



  14. AJ says:

    We are all held captive! But it depends on “you” to limit their boundaries which they in tend to imprison you in. To accept limitations to life subjects you to less freedom, independence, happiness and creative thought. You alone have the ability to not only to demand freedom but to physically act upon it to secure freedom. Physical prisons, by threats, can also imprison your thoughts which in time reduces you to accept the slavery. It has been proven that mental prisons do more damage than physical prisons. This is why we have the Bill of Rights.

  15. Love your work, Jon. Keep punching! 🙂

  16. Larry C says:

    I thought that James Bond had retired from Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and was living the good life in Nashaw, The Bahamash. 😏

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