Part Two: I’ve isolated the virus lovers

by Jon Rappoport

January 20, 2022

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As I mentioned the other day, in Part 1, after 14 years of laboring in the lab, I’ve isolated, purified, and identified 16,768 distinct types of virus lovers.

These are people who must say the virus exists. They’re compelled, obsessed.

And in Part 1, I profiled Type 6,659.

Today, I’m going to describe Type 846.

He’s definitely “alternative.” And he thinks of himself as a card-carrying “member of the alternative community.”

But he has a problem. He observes that within his own community—which is battling against the official powers-that-be—there are RUFFIANS.


And these ruffians are claiming the virus doesn’t exist. A few are even saying no viruses exist.

He believes the ruffians are giving his community a bad name. The public will now see the community as generally ruffian-istic.

And to head this off at the pass, guess what he does?

He names the ruffians. He advertises them. He puts up posters on walls.

The public—which was unaware of the ruffians—and the official press and government—which already have 9,453 talking points aimed at burying the “alternative community”—NOW see the virus lover’s advertisements, and say, “Well, these alternative people are even worse than we thought they were.”

When this virus lover was a boy, he headed up a “community” in high school called Students for Academic Excellence. The main thrust of the group was: Football is overemphasized; we need to highlight young scholars; teachers shouldn’t give football players passing grades they don’t deserve.

Well, one night the virus lover and a few of his alternative pals were walking around on the football field, and just outside the end zone they saw a small pile of leaves.

One of the boys said, “Watch this,” and he lit the pile on fire, and he produced a few long sticks and a box of marshmallows, and all the boys sat down and roasted the marshmallows and ate them.

A neighbor peering through his window saw this, and the next day he called the principal of the school.

The principal checked one of the video cameras posted on a tree near the end zone, saw who the boys were, and called them into his office. He said, “What you did was terribly dangerous and outrageous. I’m going to pretend this never happened. If I catch any of you committing an infraction of any kind this year, I’ll call your parents and suspend you. Now get out of here and behave yourselves.”

So the next day, the young virus lover writes a letter, prints copies, and posts them everywhere on campus. The letter describes the horrific marshmallow incident, and concludes: “I swear I had no knowledge that Harry, Fred, and Mason were going to burn the leaves. I was there, but I didn’t participate. I didn’t eat a single marshmallow. Our group, Students for Academic Excellence, is dedicated to achieving higher test scores and overcoming the football hysteria which engulfs our campus. We do not support the marshmallow actions of a few outlaws who carry membership in our group. Pay no attention to them. They’re distracting from our goal.”

Suddenly, a number of students are talking to Harry, Fred, and Mason. “Do the leaves burn fast? Does the fire go out by itself or do you have to pour water on it? How long are the sticks for the marshmallows? Which brands of marshmallow do you buy? Do you roast them until they turn brown or black?”

A week later, having disconnected several video cameras, another nameless group of students burns a pile of leaves on the 50-yard line and roasts marshmallows and sings the Stones’ I Can’t Get No Satisfaction. Possibly, beer is involved.

Meanwhile, the parents of ruffians Harry, Fred, and Mason are having marshmallow roasts with their sons. Harry’s father, who owns a café in town, puts up a big sign above his door: FREE ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS WITH EVERY PURCHASE OF FISH AND CHIPS. His business booms.

A local band, who has a standing gig at a bar on Main Street, unveils their new song, STEAL THIS FRIGGIN’ MARSHMALLOW.

The young virus lover sends a letter to the editor of the town paper: “This is exactly what I feared. One marshmallow roast in the end zone, perpetrated by a few scofflaws, has resulted in a contagion of demeaning incidents. The national press will undoubtedly cover this and make a mockery of our county…”

Flash forward to the present day.

This is what is happening. The virus lover, who now writes for an online publication called REBELLION WITH SANITY, NO RUFFIANS ALLOWED, is penning articles which express support for the existence of SARS-CoV-2. He is receiving a number of emails from, yes, ruffians, some of whom are offering detailed arguments against the existence of the virus. This is annoying and troubling.

It occurs to the virus lover that he can, through the exercise of massive self-control, ignore these emails, forget about them, and write about other vital issues of the day.

But alas, his skin has been gotten under. He can’t walk away.

He has to advertise the ruffians.

He feels the need to distance himself from them while naming them and alerting readers to their existence.

He declares them irresponsible, disreputable, and craven.


Finally, after he attempts to dismiss the ruffians by naming them and advertising them, he argues his own case: the virus exists because it exists. Those medical professionals who can be trusted say it exists.

Although these professionals say the vaccine is safe and effective—which claim is absolutely false—when they say the virus exists, they are absolutely correct.

It’s magic. By chance, they are horribly and dangerously wrong over THERE, but they are true-blue and majestically honest over HERE.

I admire this form of logic. It has a surreal quality which matches the surrealism of the entire fake pandemic story.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

35 comments on “Part Two: I’ve isolated the virus lovers

  1. Paul says:



    Ow! My ribs ache.
    Don’t have to do sit-ups today!


    And a Little ruff-ruff-ian

    Get this…

    My idiot friend, who works as a cameraman for one of those celebrity interview shows, was doing a spot on Paris Hilton.

    It was in the nice part of town where there is this tremendous burger joint. He loves it too & I knew he’d be going there at lunchtime to scarf down the delicious comestibles.

    So I told him to pick me up one of their famous burger deluxes’ with all the fixins’.

    Well he comes over at about 5 o’clock & drops the bag on the table, sits down on my couch & starts watching TV.

    Well… I’m in heaven, in anticipation of the fodder put before me.

    So I open the bag & begin with the burger. But the paper wrapping is all torn apart & there are numerous bites taken out of it.

    (Now…it should be duly noted, that my idiot friend is the kind who would be driving to my house, feel a little hungry, & decide to takes a few bites, thinking I wouldn’t notice. So since he picked up the meal for me, I let it go.)

    I then grab the package of fries, & before even getting them out of the bag, I can tell its half full. When I look at them, what was left, was completely wiped out.

    (It should also be noted, my friend has enormous choppers, augmented by buck teeth. He’s a fangled-tooth-bastard, basically. So, I let it go.)

    So this deluxe also comes with these excellent sweet potato wedges. Since my friend probably has never eaten a vegetable, (since he is essentially a rodent), I figured they’d be preserved.

    Well…I pull them out of the bag, & they’re like completely destroyed. It’s like he walked on them with combat boots.

    So I lose it. I scream at him, “Hey Charlie Freakin’ Chan…(he’s not Chinese)… What’s the deal!?!”

    He spins his head around sharply & his head comes to a halting, awkward stop (due to the rotational inertia from his massive choppers & monster mandible) and says, “Whattaya talkin’ about?!?”

    I reply incredulously, “What am I talkin’ about Elephant Man???” (he doesn’t wear one of those canvas bags over his head, but he should).

    I continue, “YOU MASSACRED MY MEAL!!!”

    “No I didn’t,” he says.

    I retort, “W-e-l-l come over here & take a look Baron von freakin’ Frankenstein.”

    So he gets up from the couch, walks over & suddenly, a Chihuahua sticks its head out of the bag.


    Long-story-short, the scraps were delicious!

  2. jc says:

    Hi Jon,

    I follow your writings and its very clear that the so called cv-19 has never been isolated/purified/identified. That’s clear.


    What’s in the jab? Is the jab a bio=weapon? Is the jab intended for mass genocide or more for implementing 5g/AI/Mind Control?

    • stephen langley says:

      Respectively, are your questions rhetorical?! Or, are u just beginning to ask questions? In either case bingo! God bless… and keep questioning EVERYTHING!

    • Alan Kwan says:

      The point is, we are not too keen to speculate. Claiming that the virus doesn’t exist isn’t speculation – we have read the opponents’ published papers ourselves, and those papers prove that it is the claim that viruses exist is wild, ungrounded speculation.

      So I am happy to settle with the assertion that the contents of the injections are “unknown”. We know for certain that they don’t prevent or treat the disease (because the virus doesn’t exist), and that is enough reason to reject it firmly. Yes it should be investigated, but that is beyond our means nor should it be our responsibility.

    • Rob says:

      The jab is safe and effective:

      1) Safe for the manufacturers as there is no legal recourse
      against them if you are injured or killed by it.

      2) Effective for population control. Wait a few years.

    • Walkintherain says:

      If you follow Jon’s writings as you say, you know the answers to your own questions, if that’s what they really are.

    • Sixway says:

      Money tree seeds are in the jab.

  3. Pisces says:

    The title of this blog is kinda ironic because this “virus lover” mentioned you by name while he’s trying to “debunk” the “claim” that no one has isolated SARS-CoV-2. I don’t know if someone had already shared this link on your site and I post it here just in case…

    “Virus-Isolation Is It Real? Andrew Kaufman MD Responds To Jeremy Hammond”

    • Lyn P says:

      This intended “debunking” of virus truthers by Hammond (and posted by Mercola???!!!) got around real fast to the REAL debunkers like our dear host Jon and this Hammond fool best watch where he treads next.

  4. Hey Jon. I love these articles. Keep ’em comin’!

    “Ruffians”… “Harry/Fred/-Mason-“… “True Blue”.

    Well, I declare this article to be ‘on the level’.

  5. Ed says:

    Substack is home to several of these types mentioned in the article. I had decided that these prolific “opposition” writers are just members of the covidian cult. This latest article by Jon reinforces my decision.

    Thanks, Jon. It’s good to see that we’re on the same page regarding this subject.

  6. Tobi says:

    You’re ruffiang up my feathers now! 🙂
    I got problems stranger then a mosaic of blight
    answers dangerously crawling under my hide
    often responded to with a nasty snide
    because illusions must remain
    it’s just the new sane
    adapt they say
    to my dismay
    because after much deliberation
    I KNOW what will lead us astray
    I see it clear as day
    so alone I sway
    and you may judge me as you please
    time will tell.. what was the disease

  7. stephen langley says:

    We all are just now BEGINNING to descend into the trough of the wave of madness that must rise higher before cresting, breaking and expending its total energy budget… “manyness is about to overlap the limit”.

    Forgive me… I’m trying to bring this into my full awareness; extemporizing…

    …after the crest comes the crushing surge inland that destroys the hubristic, unnatural works of man, i.e. the “manyness”; pulls them out to sea, washes the land clean.

    Most will perish but those who are destined, i. e. determined by each one’s own impressions & evolutionary progress, will be left to enjoy, grow & thrive in much, much less manyness, then to be expressed as healthy natural diversity, which is God’s Natural Order.

    The time for us, thru en masse conscious alignment with “Oneness”, to turn the tide seems to have passed… the wave of manyness must now expend itself. Individual “survival” depends on aligning with Oneness and one’s own fate & destiny according to The Divine Plan, each one in his or her own way.

  8. homegirl says:

    A member of the ‘alternative community’ being upset by ruffians is so ironically funny, but it’s actually quite true here.

    “ruffian-istic” … great one!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      That article is evasive and misrepresents the very idea of proper “isolation” of anything.

      One of their main points about the use of the ATCC [the American Type Culture Collection, a global resource center for reference microorganisms], is that there is still NO GUARANTEE that these “culture samples” are actual source-able samples certified to contain the actual “viruses”.

      Jon has clearly explained, in depth, the flaws in the currently-used processes in isolating and assuming they have actual “viruses” (YES, I said “assuming” for good reason).

      THIS glaring fact, taken together with the huge problems with using (more like MIS-using) the RT-PCR to “test” for the presence of a “virus” – when those PCR samples can NOT be certified to only contain the actual genetic “fingerprints” unique to any said “virus”. The RT-PCR is NOT suitable for detecting “viruses”, because it was only designed to count sequences in which it was calibrated to find!

      The ATCC only contains “bits and pieces” of proteins (also called “micro-proteins”) which can not be certified to come from anything else BUT the said “virus”.


      The ATCC was assembled with only “bits and pieces” of protein-like material. The “curators” simply implied they had a “virus”, by putting these protein pieces together – and used computer-modelling to “fill in the blanks” where they were missing parts of the suspected RNA structure! – In essence: Their purported “virus” was assembled like a “jigsaw puzzle” from only a few protein pieces! ! !

      THAT is what the “ATCC” consists of! – NOPE! They still can NOT PROVE they have actually isolated a genetically-complete “virus” from ANY other organism, especially from human patients!

      And BTW:

      “Dr. Mercola” is STILL controlled-opposition! Even though the “media” and “establishment” have gone after him hardcore, he STILL profits from the fear and panic generated.

      So the thought of “no proof of isolation” still stands based on the glaring fact that NO ONE has been able to produce the actual evidence, NOT just say they have “evidence, but actually produce this evidence for all to see it for themselves!

      • RSBP says:

        With all of this going on, I always thought this laid the groundwork for folks believing it all, though they tell you flat out that they had to “fill in the gaps”.

        It’s set up at the 2:37 mark where they start talking about it – from Jurassic Park we present

  9. Roundball Shaman says:

    “… he argues his own case: the virus exists because it exists. Those medical professionals who can be trusted say it exists. Although these professionals say the vaccine is safe and effective—which claim is absolutely false—when they say the virus exists, they are absolutely correct.”

    To all you courageous people who have your eyes and hearts open and who see this massive Covid scam and World Lockdown for the atrocity that it is… a thousand blessings upon your homes and be of good courage.

    As the saying goes…

    “First they ignore you.
    Then they ridicule you.
    Then they attack you and want to burn you.
    And then they build monuments to you.”

    Just as the Dark Powers are on Their relentless Unholy Quest to pollute the blood of every Pureblood…

    They use their companion technique of terror to ridicule and attack you in every way possible as they try to infect you bodily with their poisons and mentally through their propaganda and mental torture techniques.

    If Their ideas were true and beneficial, They would not resort to such tactics. That They are doing these things is proof positive by itself that They are acting as demons from the depths of Hell.

    Any form of coercion is proof that those who use strong-armed muscle tactics and mental torture techniques are NOT of good intent or nature. Good people do not coerce. Good people do not torture.

    Good people live their lives in courage and with their own integrity that cannot be bought or stolen from them.

    May our Almighty Source along with our able hands and hearts set everything right that has been made so hideously wrong.

    • Donella says:

      Nov. 2019 I was sick in bed with a pretty intense flu. I remember because it landed in on my birthday, so I called off plans to celebrate and told everyone to stay away, mainly because bed and fluids have always been my way of getting over it. I wanted mostly to sleep.

      Amazing that I live to tell this common story, isn’t It? Had that been Nov, 2020 or 21, I would have had friends and relatives rushing to get tested for the deadly “virus” and to hell with me, the only one in the family who hasn’t been to a doctor since 2004. Apparently I deserve to die, for the good of all.

      As much as I weary of this medical inquisition, I still refuse to drink their hemlock.

      • Kieron says:

        Same. I was sick with something in December 2019, aching all over, headache, chills, etc. I hunkered down –long before it became fashionable– and when I wasn’t sleeping, I ate ginger, onions and garlic in chicken broth, downed vitamin C in several forms (pill and juice), stayed hydrated, etc.

        I’m still here, not buying their bullshit or taking their poison.

  10. Jim S Smith says:

    So apropos, this article!


    – “Show me absolute PROOF, through real evidence, NOT “scientific consensus”, NOT from “professional opinions”, and NOT from some half-baked; wordy; and deceptively-written “studies” which explain nothing – but ACTUAL PROOF – that ANY such “virus” has ever been properly isolated, genetically sequenced (complete genome), and tested to actually and observably CAUSE DISEASE!

    As far as I am aware,

    Principia Scientific International (“PSI”) STILL has an outstanding bounty-award of $1.2 Million for actual PROOF of the existence of said “virus”, which has yet to be claimed! ! !

    Nearly ALL of the top leadership and “movers and shakers” of the various “anti-mandates groups“, “medical freedom groups“, and virtually every other sort of “resistance group” on the subject – STILL wants us all to believe in the existence of a deadly “virus” and that “vaccines save lives“!

    EVERY LAST ONE OF THESE “SPOKES-FOLKS” are compromised, and what can be called “controlled opposition”!


    The majority of them, are what can be called “virus-lovers”!

    Great work as usual, Jon.

    – J.S.Smith

    • Alan Kwan says:

      The currently 1.5 million euro bounty is offered not by PSI, but by Samuel Eckert. The PSI article reporting on this was written by “”, who was biased and belonged to the camp who asserted that the virus exists but causes only weak flu.

  11. Need A Ladder says:

    The variant snowflake does exist. They keep mutating. They are never the same. As we can see these variants cause severe problems affecting everyone thus we need more research to identify and categorize each snowflake variant. This will help public officials who only have your interests at heart to create better snow plows to remove what these variants are causing. Also the promise is that they can engineer these variants so that they are eliminated never to be seen again thus the job will be done until another variant emerges.

  12. Marlene says:

    Each day I become more convinced that the development of electricity in the late 19th century and then more advancements that came during random decades and with it a poisoning of the human body that some survived and some didn’t. Spanish Flu etc.

    I am reading the Electric Rainbow and right from the very beginning people began experience nervous anxiety and other such symptoms never seen before.

    And as we all here are pretty much on the same page – but also slowly coming around but have so many questions. Could someone address 2 things.

    What the F— have the people in lab coats with vials and stuff been doing for all these years.
    Why are there Virologists….how can an entire civilization be engulfed in a tremendous OOPSY we just “assumed” it was not part of the human body over 100 years ago.

    This means no human being on the face of the earth has ever actually SEEN a “virus”…do I have that right? No one has seen an invader from another planet or time that has come to infect us.

    And if there are not 300,000 whatevers in a line of a virus cause there is no virus -how are doctors and researchers not saying what are you talking about to their teachers?

    And what is all the spying and infiltration and Biosafety 4 Level labs (in my state 20 miles from my home) all about if there are no viruses and all disease is from being poisoned by 5G, toxins, medications etc.

    So what is the gain of function stuff being attached to? What are the spike proteins being attached to?

    These people can still create some kind of bioweapon – right?

    I know I have said my mind was broken many times on here, but miracle of miracles it repairs itself and then I have more questions.

    So any takers on this kind of stuff below?

    Logic A: There is no virus that means the Chines Communist Party is NOT trying to kill a large number of people all over the world. It was just the 5G rollout in China then getting ready for the Olympics which will require electric use on a tremendous scale, and when people started dropping dead, they were like well, let the world believe we did it on purpose.

    Logic B: There is no virus NATURALLY, NO NATURAL VIRUS, because viruses are simply junk and waste inside our bodies, not alive – no respiration, no digestion – and that means that means that the CCP, Tony Fauci, Dassek, EchoHealth (now people are saying that was a CIA cover – it will never end!!) created some kind of deadly thing that actually can attack human beings.

    • Lyn P says:

      That viruses exist as entities with the power to cause serious bodily disturbance and death is the massive cover for 100+ years of biochem-ops to produce toxic “preventive jabs” (and maybe some side leaks) that DO.

  13. Dee says:

    Keep up the great work Jon

  14. RegretLeft says:

    The mind, actually language, control runs so deep! Readers here no doubt have seen tik-tok, twitter videos created by those who have been dreadfully injured by the vax or lost loved ones. I have lost count of how many times such people preface their accounts with these words: “I am not anti-vax; I am not anti-science; but…” It is like a rigid mantra, a Hail-Mary that needs to be said before they can say anything else. It makes me unspeakably sad.

    It is well known now, or should be, that the term “conspiracy theorist” was created and propagated by the CIA (in the mid 1960s). The term “anti-vax (er), etc” has such similar talisman like power that I strongly suspect it had a similar origin.

    “The Virus Exists” is not quite in the same category; but the dynamics, power and impact are of the same sort.


    The last four paragraphs? Is it impolite to suggest that Steve Kirsch is the target? He has recently been pushing the Virus Exists (has been isolated) mantra; seems to me the principle evidence adduced was: “I’ve talked to people”. There is undeniable ego at work there but, undeniably, he is doing important work to wake the deeply deluded.

  15. Joe Shmuk says:

    We’re way past the point of needing to focus on whether or not the virus has been isolated, or is real. Psychopaths are intent on jabbing all seven billion of us with a dangerous substance, despite mounting evidence of its lethality.

    We should direct all our attention at first stopping them, any way we each can, and then, finding out what their real end goal is. Squabbling and debating amongst ourselves only services their strategy of divide and conquer.

    It’s like the cops standing over the corpse of a murder victim, agreeing that he’s been poisoned but arguing over whether the toxin is natural, from a mushroom, say, or was cooked up in a lab. Meanwhile the murderer’s laughing his head off – “Silly buggers! I shot him behind the ear with a nano ice bullet.”

    • Tobi says:

      It’s a tactic.. A goal of such focus could be to flush out everyone who’s been half truthing their asses out of some hope that’ll help them be part of the goodie baddies and consequential merit scores will keep them safe.

      Loads of them. Some may be believe the dogma, others know.

      The thing with this mess is that it involves so many people participating, that going after one or a few is pointless.. also we only know some public faces.. the others are shadowy? Yet when you can cleanly and clearly state: this has all been a hoax for a rather simple to explain reason, the entire group will need to bear ‘guilt’. The larger the group bearing guilt, the easier it is for them to cope/accept and therefor surrender. Of course they fear mass revolt and tribunals but again, the greater the group, the less responsibility each individual will have so it’s better to think large.

      In your analogy, reality is a little different. We’re watching a group of people busy convincing the masses that the strange looking cage is safe because outside is dangerous, and all our job is find the most basic grounded simple reason to convince those masses that the danger is an illusion.

  16. Lewis Papier says:

    In Jon’s scenario, even Dr. Mercola would fall under the category of “virus lover.” Could it be that Jon was directing his criticism toward Mercola? I believe Mercola has done some good work pushing back against the Covid crazies as he has been victim of quite a bit of their censorship himself. On the other hand, by arguing that Covid exists, he is in some measure still playing into their hands. Nonetheless I would still count him on our side despite his inability to see beyond the practically impenetrable wall members of the medical mafia have erected.

    • Lyn P says:

      I’ve decided he’s trying to walk a fine line. I doubt he would accept a real live debate with the hardcore no-virus truthers. I’ve followed him for over 20 years and he has helped millions find a better health path, but his credibility wanes here… to admit overall viruses-as-fraud would be somewhat a death knell to his O.S.

  17. Jason says:

    Fantastic! I sent this to Steve Kirsch who today is playing exactly the ruffian games you describe 🙂

  18. Dan says:

    “God exists because He exists. It’s magic.”

  19. Sixway says:

    Glad to hear others saying Steve Kirsch is the subject of the article.

    Jon, you really should debate him live on whether the virus exists.

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