COVID scam falls apart; it’s over

by Jon Rappoport

January 3, 2022

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Since the beginning, I’ve been producing the evidence COVID is a scam. Now, official agencies are virtually admitting it.

On December 29, the head of the CDC, Rochelle Walensky, announced, in a White House press briefing, that the PCR test can register positive (meaning the person is “infected”) long AFTER infection is over.

Here’s Walensky’s money quote:

“…people can remain PCR positive for up to 12 weeks after infection and long after they are transmissible and infectious.”

That means MILLIONS of FALSE positive test results have been logged as REAL, in the past two years.

If you can’t trace the implications of THAT, I can’t help you.

Recall the old Zen Koan: What is the sound of one hand clapping?

The new version is: What is the sound of the White House press corps after Walensky’s admission?

And is the answer is: Nothing. Zero. Silence. And not stunned silence. No. Clueless silence. Sold-out silence.

No shouting. No furor. No questions.

“Dear Mr. Smith, We here at the CDC wish to inform to you that your positive PCR COVID test, administered in the spring of 2020, was misleading. There was no proof it meant you were infected. Therefore, your isolation, your hospitalization, during which your business closed and went into bankruptcy, your wife left home taking up residence with the children at her mother’s, your business partner committed suicide—all that was unnecessary. Thank you for your understanding.”

Of course, the blind following the blind following Fauci will say, “But…but…the CDC couldn’t have made a mistake that big…there must be some explanation…”

And yes, there is an explanation. The CDC and other public health officials have known all along they were running a scam. Committing a crime. A Nuremberg-type crime.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

119 comments on “COVID scam falls apart; it’s over

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:


    I think you are right that the scam is falling apart. Almost everyone that I talk to is beginning to really question the entire COVID gambit especially the OmiCON. People are not as stupid as our fearless leaders seem to think they are. The truth is they don’t see people dropping dead in the streets as they did during the black plague. The shocking thing that seems to be getting through is that the vaxed are the ones getting sick. I know 5 people who had the jabs and various boosters who are sick now. I mean the NYT, CNN, MSNBC can only cover up the truth for so long. The anecdotal evidence is like a gathering wildfire that is sweeping across the world. My fear is that now that the story is falling apart what comes next for the power hungry masters of the universe. What are they planning next to continue their march toward global tyranny.

    • Ryan Kindel says:

      WAR !!

    • shachalnur says:

      what’s next is they are gonna torture the vaxxed.

      that was clear a long time ago: 1/3 of peeps won’t fall for it,and get be forced to commit suicide.

      2/3 will take the jab and die,but will they go quietly. or will they get angry and desperate.

      and where will their anger be directed at?

      those poor idiots are gonna feel really bad from the jab or whatever sheit they will release on the population.

      5g? frequencies? ‘lifesaving’ medication for the vaxxed?

      the most important thing is how are the unvaxxed gonna evade the horrors that are gonne be released on the sheep.

    • Hannah says:

      Something in the air, like a crop duster.

    • Tom says:

      Buddy, I don’t know where you’re from (I’d hazard somewhere in the US), but I’m getting the same impression with SOME of you who are living in the West… you know, that SOME people are waking up.

      Not in the East. People are as blind as sheeple as ever. Even in so called educated countries like S’pore, Korea, Taiwan etc. They even make amateur badminton players wear stupid masks while playing the game in Korea.

      • lamberth says:


        Asian peoples are some of the most brainwashed individuals on planet Earth. Totally indoctrinated with Western education, pseudo-science, lifestyle and media.

        The countries that you mention, plus you can add Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, etc. to the list. And China.

        Their own native health care, education system and lifestyle all but wiped out. At least in their major population centers.

        Very Sad.

      • Jenny Wren says:

        OMG, how stupid is that!

    • Abigel says:

      Doesn’t matter if falls apart, too late. How will you remove this?
      “Microtechnology in Pfizer’s vaccine”

      “Complex microtechnology in Pfizer vaccine”

    • Andy says:

      Covid/Convid is so last year. It’s now zero net (carbon) – read “climate change”, which is also so last year, but that doesn’t matter. Any old rehash will do.

  2. “Dear Mr. Smith…” LOL That’s why I like this blog so much. You have a great sense of humor besides you expertise.

    • Blair Davey says:

      Amen! I think Jon has helped a number of us retain and grow our sanity through these times that hardly any of us could imagine or fathom that we would see/experience in our life times.

      I’m old enough that my parents lived during WWII, the depression, etc. They instilled a strong dose of responsibility, accountability and love of the truth in me. I’m glad they’re witnessing this from above and not living it like we are. I know we will survive, thrive and be stronger.

      Whoa – this was just going to be a short little post. Sorry y’all – I got carried away. Time for meditation and yoga!

  3. Karen Bracken says:

    And let’s not forget they also admitted the PCR could not distinguish between the flu and COVID so millions that had the flu were refused early treatment and left to die. AND Fauci knew the PCR could not be used to detect infection and the inventor of the PCR (Dr. Mullis) told Fauci that when Fauci wanted to use it to detect AIDS. Fauci also knew if you spin PCR more then 28 cycles it could tell you whatever they wanted. Yes Jon you and many others were right from the start. So why aren’t these EXPERTS fired?? NYC Health Director admitted recently that they lied about the number of children in the hospital to motivate parents to get the shot. Why isn’t she in jail? I also think the family of Dr. Mullis should investigate his death that conveniently occured just months before the scamdemic.

  4. Laura says:

    It is astounding that so few people are outraged by the whole scam. They have been telling us in black and white it’s a scam from the beginning. I think one of the main issues is pride – people refuse to admit they were duped. They are too prideful to admit they pranced around in masks for NOTHING, they poisoned themselves for NOTHING, they left their elderly parents in nursing homes to die from abject neglect and despair for NOTHING, they closed their business for NOTHING. All events were canceled for NOTHING. I have family and coworkers who are TRIPLE jabbed and became very ill after and they REFUSE to admit it was the toxic injections that made them ill. They can’t connect the dots and accept the illogical notion that an imaginary “virus” made them deathly ill AFTER they got the supposed “cure”. They all gleefully say they “had COVID”. It is too much for them psychologically to admit they poisoned THEMSELVES. I think the most important lesson in all of this nonsense is personal RESPONSIBILITY. This will only end when people finally have the guts to admit they were fooled.

    • Calvin Diggs says:

      Amen, wise one. Seems the majority are idiots. No, let me lighten up. They acted on FEAR! Sadly, had they had a stronger faith in God the fear would have evaded them. John 14:1 sums it up and now for those that are not familiar with the verse. Goggle it or open the good book for a change. I’m praying for us all!

      • NanookInTexas says:

        @Calvin Diggs ~ Well chosen words. I found out about “EVENT 201” in early to mid February 2020. I knew then what would ensue, simply because of the “actors” involved. When “lockdown” and “shaming muzzle” mandates were instituted where I reside I told countless people “it’s a HOAX”. I met one person only (a nurse) that agreed. To people wearing the “shaming muzzle” I posed two considerations. 1) Make certain you’re not w(h)or(e)shipping a “golden calf”? 2) If you TRULY believe in God as creator of ALL things, does that mean you are created in His own image and likeness, therefore you, I, we are ALL imbued with a MIRACULOUS immune system intelligently designed to overcome virtually any illness? The response of the overwhelming majority (as in 99.999%} was that “I am a ‘conspiracy theorist”. Further, I provided documentation proving the entire “Scam-Demic” is a HOAX. I would further ask the individual, are you going to believe them (the gov’t and their minions) when they finally admit they have been (and are) lying about this charade? Response? “Deer in the headlights” look in their eyes. So sad to witness so many people that have not eyes to see nor ears to hear. I pray for these people because NONE of this ought have been permitted to go this far. My concern is has the die now been fully cast? Certainly the perpetrators are closely watching. Will the general populace fully succumb to “Stockholm Syndrome”? I don’t know. I do know that here where I reside the “shaming muzzle” is all too common.

        What comes next? In my opinion it will be something to do with CYBER POLYGON 2021 and the December 2021 Cyber Security conference led by the Israelis.

        I encourage people to strongly consider getting out of the financial web (as much as possible) of the Kabbal that is the global banking system and into God’s money (Au and Ag … as much as one sees fit on an individual level) and prepare accordingly especially regarding one’s relationship to Holy God the Almighty.

        I pray we dodge this “thing” coming at us, yet a grande scheme is afoot.

        There is an April 2020 document from the World Bank stating that this is “a program,” “a project” and we’re in the “first phase,” and the “program,” the “project” has an “expected end date of March 31, 2025”.


        Here I will bid you farewell and Thank You again for your well considered and chosen words.

        PEACE, be well and may God the Father Almighty, Creator of all things, bestow His full armour upon you and all your loved ones.

        • Judy Dickman says:

          So what do we “unvaxxed” do from here??? We researched and responded accordingly and we need a plan to get around this travesty!

    • Blair Davey says:

      Your first sentence said it all. Many just seem apathetic.

      One observation to consider:

      • LadyLiberty4U says:

        Bingo, Blair!

        I’ll mention something about the scam to some folks (usually *not* wearing a “slave leash” [mask]) and we’ll have a lively discussion that gives me hope in humanity.

        Then I’ll casually mention it to someone else (“slave leash” firmly in place) and their eyes actually *literally* glaze over and I’ll get one of two reactions: 1) Sudden monotone “My Uncle Benny died from Covid. He was just sick and they took him to the hospital and he died.” Or 2) Virulent, rabid anger and heated, rapid-fire vituperation about “We’ve been warned about you ‘hate-mongers’ and conspiracy theorists. I think you should all be KILLED!”

        The first one is just sad, but the 2nd one is terrifying! The programmed are pretty rare here, in E.TN (we’re a stubborn and Patriotic bunch!), but when you do run into one, they’re over-the-top psychotic!

        I don’t watch MSM and haven’t since ’95 (OKC, BS); just what are they putting into the programming?! 😲😱

        I’m beginning to wonder if that kind of thing *can* be de-programmed…

        Peace and Blessings to you!

    • Nikita's_UN_Shoe says:

      Exactly right on the human pride thing.

      “It is easier to fool someone, than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.” — words of wisdom often associated with Samuel Clemens.

    • Invisible Man says:

      Unfortunately, I have a feeling you’re right.

    • Eluard says:

      Very well said, Laura. Besides the deep brainwashing, when people DO get a flash of light in there, they’ll shade themselves from it. The pain of the cognitive dissonance is too much to bear.

      I think we need to help them through that. If they would only get to that point — and ask us for our help.

    • Richard says:

      Mark Twain

      Hit the mail on the head when he famously said, “it is easier fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled”

    • Dwain Huff says:


  5. Opie Poik says:

    The Most Interesting Doctor In The World:



  6. jeff chalk says:


    spread these words near and far

    • Sean says:

      I’m still telling them that it is just a major psychological operation. That many millions know it. That we are watching all of the people that allow their thinking to be swayed by tv,radio,internet, movies, celebrities, corporations, military, hospital actors and actresses, donald Trump, their neighbors that the IT is real, when in fact it has not ever been proved to exist. Which would be a great place for them to start to prove their case. But that proof is not necessary for them. Stunning. Especially for if your running around still believing in this hoax that you care not to prove.

    • Judy Dickman says:

      I’ve rarely worn on2…..

  7. Marlene says:

    Yes Jon, to us it has been over for a long long time.

    But there have been at least 20 times in the past 2 years that I have declared to myself ‘NOW, with this information, IT IS OVER – Praise the Lord, let’s get back to living!”

    But no, not over. Not over and tripling down happening. I saw yesterday the criminal Fauci say the CDC will come up with new quarantine guidelines this week.
    My grandson’s school in preparation for kids coming back after break is more like a prison!!
    It is March 2020 all over again and worse – much much worse!!

    The journalists who showed up at Trump’s covid pressers everyday were the ones who started driving the actions of the administration. The media has been in charge and the tremendous force that has been pushing this entire ting for this entire time.

    June 2020 – The Who says – we have found Asymptomatic spread to be extremely low if it even exists.
    I text my kids GREAT NEWS!!!!
    They don’t believe it even though it was The Who who said it
    The media freaks out – NO NO that can’t be true
    Next Day The Who walks it all the way back

    We want Masks
    We want ventilators
    we want lockdowns
    we want santitzer
    we want vaccines
    we want NOT TREATMENT
    we want NO COMMON SENSE
    we want whatever our
    we want blah blah blah
    Hurry up it’s an emergency we are not getting what we need!!!

    I have whiplash from it all – and my heart is continually breaking as each time I say NOW it’s over and it isn’t, I am dashed and feel worse than ever.

    What did Dr. Malone call it? (OK I know he buys into the entire virus thing – and he got very sick in Feb. 2020, and then took the double vax BEFORE he knew hypertension was a side effect, and then he almost died from the side effects!!! – but his 3 hour interview with Joe Rogan – not a genius – is amazing) Mass Formation Psychosis.

    Here is Dr. M’s interview with 2 docs one pediatrician , one a Kids Shrink, talking about the devastation being brought upon this generation of kids ages birth – 18.

    I hate these perpetuators so much I cannot begin to express how much. And those who see it, and who wield some power are unable to change anything except continue to put out information as they get banned and canceled and lose thier entire life’s work as doctors because they would not comply……leaving the doctors who were last in thier class and who have the internal fortitude of a worm to care for our sick and elderly.

    I am so bitter my food doesn’t taste good any more!!!

    • Ryan Kindel says:

      Marlene you are right on. And Jon you have been right from the beginning, there is no new virus, no sars cov2. It’s the biggest scam in world history !

      We all know it here on this blog, but look all around people are still wearing the worthless face diaper and what I am seeing people that had taken it off once are now putting them back on !! It’s crazy, it’s insane, it’s mind boggling.

      I have been emailing web sites and forwarding emails for 2 years, all information on the fake plandemic and have yet to receive a “thank you for the info” or a note of agreement or anything. It’s like people have been hypnotized or are in some kind of a trance or something. Like tunnel vision or a one track mind.

      I feel like my efforts are all wasted time. But we have to keep pushing the truth out there because that is our only hope.

      • Rosline Loutsios says:

        Ryan Kindel – I have also tried so hard to inform and reason with them, but to no avail, because they are totally brainwashed from the repetitive narratives coming from the pushers, day in and day out. They have no interest to ask questions or find what’s going on The multiple shots they have already had may very much have already altered their cognitive reasoning and certainly their I.Q.

        • Afra Hall-Beers says:

          I agree. The vaccine may well have something in it to ensure people can’t think right anymore. No amount of hard concrete evidence will change their mind about vaccines being ‘necessary to keep us safe’. It’s total mind control really and if anyone does get very sick and die it will be because Covid came back and got them! Not that they were poisoned slowly and surely!

    • Need A Ladder says:

      I agree it’s not over. Fauci is a criminal con man master manipulator. There are large swaths of people who will NEVER EVER EVER admit they were ever conned by anyone or anything no matter what.

      Jon and so many other good people tried to warn and educate people from the 1980’s on the HIV virus fraud. People trust their doctors, TV news, and the brainwashing is better than Jim Jones cult.

      When doctors saw that AZT the HIV drug was killing everyone they sounded the alarms then something happened, lower doses, now it just kills slowly, may have some benefit killing bacteria but it kills healthy cells too much. So then the marketeers proclaim again how great their product is, and people believe it.

      The gay magazines have always been in bed with these drug companies thus pushed on them forever. Many times it seemed it was over, still today most either go get tested regularly with that PCR magnifying glass that merely makes everything in the biological soup bigger and now take PrEP a daily anti-HI virus pill which is merely chemotherapy AZT in lower doses.

      That is where this new cold and flu marketing campaign is going, many will be conned into taking a once daily pill.

      • Kieron says:

        The way I view it, now all the straight people know what it’s like to go to the clinic to get tested, as well as the anxiety around “seroconversion.” It’s a massive leveling effect that the world is experiencing. In the same vein, white/Euro people are becoming acquainted with the life experiences of other skin colors when it comes to cops, businesses, public safety, financial system, and so forth.

    • Ort says:

      Amen! Selah!

      I live just outside Philadelphia, PA in the Southeastern Pennsylvania “tri-state” area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

      I confess two biases: 1) I’m a natural pessimist, and 2) all of these states have been ruled (not governed) by rabidly pro-scamdemic Democratic Gauleiters. In short, I have a Mordor-eye view of the New Abnormal’s status.

      As much as I long for the Megadeath Virus(es) of Doom scamdemic– a monstrous Big Lie mosaic composed of innumerable Little Big Lie tesserae– to implode, around here I’m still seeing the authorities double down, and the public returning to anguished, masked zombiehood.

      On New Year’s Eve, I was standing at a crowded deli counter at my local shopping center; I wasn’t the only unmasked person, although we were in a minority. An older woman muttered something in my ear as she squeezed past to exit. I said “Pardon me?” because I didn’t catch what she’d said, and she hissed “You should be wearing a mask!“.

      I guess she picked me out from the other non-masked customers because she felt the urge to vent on her way out the door, and I was the closest offender. There was no time for even a snappy comeback. I mention this because it was the first time anyone directly “confronted” me over the months.

      It may be that they are assiduously tightening the screws because they know it’s their “last stand”, but I think they will keep it up regardless of all of the outrages and scandals that are finally slipping through cracks in the official, media-assisted scamdemic propaganda narrative.

      BTW, certain anti-scamdemic sites have taken to repudiating good-faith reports of the New Abnormal’s persistence. Both commenters and moderators either “question” or outright castigate such reports as unsavory “blackpilling”, “despair trolling”, “learned helplessness”, “defeatism”, etc. I’m neither daunted nor persuaded by such criticisms, since they can just as readily be countered or dismissed as “whitepilling”, “bravado”, and “learned helpfulness”.

      So thanks for the eloquent and compelling validation, Marlene. I know we both desperately wish and hope that the scamdemic and New Abnormal are on the verge of extinction, but in the meantime we have to trust our lyin’ eyes!

    • April DeCenzo says:

      Do you really believe that Malone actually took the shots knowing that the MRNA technology he invented was dangerous? I don’t believe Trump really took them and a booster but IDK.

  8. Steve Trueblue says:

    Its actually good news that these psychopaths are making so many damaging admissions. They amount to confessions. And there will be a change of Government.

  9. Paul says:


    You’ve been saying it,
    all too long.

    You’re the ONLY reporter
    to have EXPLAINED
    the PCR (cycling) test
    to the layman.


  10. karl haemers says:

    The explanation is: Gates and Soros have invested $41M in the new test. The CDC and the rest of the medical mafia system are phasing out the old test and bringing in the new one. It will not be any more accurate or even capable of detecting disease, but it will appear to, allaying fears and outrage at the old test’s uselessness. It will still spit out false positives on demand, and most likely will contain some new biotech inserted into the body with every test.

    They did this with glypyhosate in roundup. The patent had expired and monsanto had too much competition. So they phased out glyphosate, admitting it was cancerous, in order to strip the competition of access to the chemical. Now Monsanto is providing the next chemical for which it has exclusive patent rights. See how it works?

    • Daniel says:

      I’m afraid that is true. That is what sprang to my mind too. They are just changing gear and will soon be saying that the new PCR is now the reliable gold standard despite it being just as fraudulent and manipulatable as the old crock of shit one. This won’t be over until the masses really suffer terrible loss and destruction in their lives. Only that will awaken enough or lead to their own deaths.

  11. Rosline Loutsios says:

    Jon, in all your writings, whether it be fiction, satire, parody, or the real truth to our present dilemmas, you are my greatest hero. Many thanks for keeping us informed with nothing but the truth.

    Your subscribers might also be interested to get to the bottom of who this killer, Dr Fauci really is. Our second hero: Robert Kennedy, Jr. has recently published a book, top seller already, about Fauci, entitled: The Real Antony Fauci.

    Please folks go and read it, or some excerpts offered on Google. You will be stunned, numbed, and completely stupefied by what this piece of filth has accomplished in the last number of decades. It is a real must to get to know how he has managed to kill so many absolutely healthy human beings with his numerous attempts at finding the real McCoy of vaccines to eliminate us. The Coronavirus seems to fit his goal and he goes on smiling at his final success!!.

    • Terry BEar says:

      YES, Robert F. Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci”, is amazing, and meticulously researched. Fauci is the American Medical Mengeles!

  12. stephen langley says:

    Seems there was about thirty percent across populations who saw it for what it is on day one. It’s been crumbling daily ever since thanks to many… especially glad for this blogs’s author in helping unpacking and track it !

    Back to the population percentages. It ain’t over nor will ever be. It’s a scam too big for most to accept much less comprehend. “It’s easier to fool people, than to convince they’ve been fooled.” (I’m weary of using Mr. Twain’s quip). Those population percentages are still way too high to state confidently that it’s over. But else can we do but keep beating this dead horse ? We’re all weary of presenting facts, which cannot be perceived by anyone under spell of an engineered mass hypnosis. Those still in the grip of the collective psychosis are still sucking up the cool aid.

    A scam ends only when the true believers loose trust in their handlers; the media and its sick cadre of “experts”, the government players, the psychopathic “philanthropists” et al who’ve engineered the entire scheme.

    They gotta FEEL it. It’s gotta be really, really painful… but the mass hypnosis anesthetizes their real world pain, the destruction of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, even death by injection of family & friends. Real world empirical evidence is meaningless to anyone who is under hypnosis. This is the real problem because it ain’t no ordinary scam. It’s a scientifically engineered one.

    Hypnotized victims of a scam, the true believers, will go to their graves denying they were fools. They will literally commit murder & suicide defending their self-identification with the cult… and it is just that… a death cult.

    “Their” (the perps) civilization is dying and they are full tilt boogey in taking as many of their victims with them as possible so that they may “rise from the ashes; they’re in for quite a shock. “The Laws of God or inexorable. But psychopaths can only double down when exposed. That’s all good news in the end. They will end up dying in their own filth (think a “rat king”).

    The good news is on the flip side of this the re-establishment of the natural order. Cooperation and harmony among people. Life, truth, Love and beauty always prevail. Pie in the sky, hopium ? No, just the natural cycle of duality. Civilizations rise and fall… but this is a really big one, the ending, the death throes, of a “cycle of cycles” as the Masters reveal, though it is rotten now still and we must endure more, no doubt. Godspeed, all.

    • 4mychildren says:

      The stench of lemmings from the bottom of the cliff will gag us all for some time to come.

      If they didn’t feel the lie in the gut right at the get go, They will not likely ever pullout of it. Don’t waste one’s breath saving what doesn’t want to be saved.

      • stephen langley says:

        Agreed, the time has passed of waking up many; certainly the true believers and many who sincerely couldn’t sort it out despite their gut reactions that sumpin’ ain’t right and their fear that paralyzed them.

        Still, I feel I can’t abandon anyone. In the beginning of this covid war we were trying to wake up the masses from a distance so to speak. Now it comes down to being in the trenches, hand to hand. Taking the one on one approach now with “nonlethal weapons” armed only with my own humanity… and certainly choosing battles much more strategically. Facts & figures were ineffective weapons; logic, missiles unable to penetrate their bunkers. Now, looking the inhumane in the eye as they raise their swords to strike. If I fall, so be it, I fall with dignity and my spirit at peace. There are many things worse than death, an ignoble life chief among them. “ Grandfather, it is a good day to die!”

        We, the humane will it for them to see we are not the enemy but that “their enemy is their brother”… which is exactly what the cabal doesn’t want; that is how we all win. We’ve always waged their wars for them… fallen for every boogey man they created and it was always the same: The humane lost and the inhumane won. NO MORE. Really loving our fallen brother will be their lesson in grace and how all humanity, even those now in the grip of the inhumane elites finally wins. And the elite perps themselves ? God will deal with them… be certain of that ! Our battle is to win our brothers & sisters hearts back… trying to win their heads certainly hasn’t. Godspeed.

      • April DeCenzo says:

        Yes! totally agree!

  13. From Elsewhere says:

    “…the answer is: Nothing. Zero. Silence. And not stunned silence. No. Clueless silence. Sold-out silence.

    No shouting. No furor. No questions.”

    I was waiting for insiders to come forth and admit to the truth. I was waiting for protests and a strong opposition to the scam, to the censorship. I must be weak, naive, unrealistic. It does not end here. As if people wanted it this way, goats and cattle in the slaughterhouse…

    • From Elsewhere: It’s a mass psychosis. They’ve been hypnotized by their Tell-a-Visions their whole lives and by social mind-control (FB etc.) for another decade. Add in predictive programming in films and the Satanic/Luciferian programming in music/music videos, and they are literally brainwashed by the controllers. They were already so deeply traumatized by fake food, fake love, fake boobs, fake medicine, and fake information that they barely stood a chance. It could still happen, but it will take a miracle. And, for what it’s worth, most of them already submitted their divinity to the Borg/hive-mind when they took the first jab. The rest of us are on course to continue raising our individual and collective awareness. How the world will look in a year or ten partly depends on our work in CREATING that new vision.

  14. trishwriter says:

    Logic so often works, but not with those under a spell. I am coming to believe this is a satanic agenda; at this point, that’s the most logical conclusion I can think of. What else can be happening when the PhD-laden academics that I used to work with cannot see through any of this mess?

  15. Eluard says:

    If Fauci goes on TV and says (for whatever wild reason):
    “Folks, we need to come clean. There is no Sars-Cov-2; hence no Covid-19. There were many reasons why people got sick, the usual ones and a few others plus we slapped the label on almost anyone who died. It was an experiment. Sorry.”

    How many people would cling to the narrative, calling for a new “chief medial advisor,” justifying the Vax, even clamoring for more boosters?
    How many doctors would continue pushing protocols for the “disease” that is now openly a non-thing?
    How many would still say “Yeah, I had IT, it was really rough…” “I tested positive for it twice, my symptoms were mild…”
    How many would still line up for the “test”?
    How many would still clamp on the mask and slather on the sanitizer

  16. Joseph Merlino says:

    So I am guessing this Walensky was banned from all social media for spreading disinformation and the ‘fact’ checkers ate her lunch, then she was summarily fired from her job and banished from polite social darwinian circles forever? Oh but not until Rachel (big pharma minion) Maddow did an expose on her and tied her to ‘pee-gate’?

  17. Maggie Russo says:

    They already manipulated the data with their use of the PCR tests. Now, they are walking back their statements to rewrite history. It is just another tactical move in their gaslighting campaign. It’s about protecting their power, prestige and paychecks – not the population.

    JOKE: How do you know when a narcissist is lying? His lips are moving.

  18. Thinktwice says:

    Here is a link to the English version of the Corona committee session of last Friday of lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. Please watch the second part with Dr. Sam White from the UK. Very interesting, beginning at about 1:08:


  19. Paul says:

    builds its phantoms
    which are more fearsome
    than reality itself.”

    ~ Jawaharlal Nehru

    (Nehru often described British rule as perpetuating a climate of fear, and he sought to give citizens relief from the years of political turmoil).

  20. Mary Parks says:

    True, but a few days later fauci said he may make a rule that you have to get tested after your 5-day quarantine. Makes no sense at all.

  21. KillingUsSoftly says:

    Although there so many obvious signs of this hoax/scam what struck me most was the lunacy of watching football players grunt and spew out endless streams of aerosols on each other on the field and then put on the useless mask while being on the sidelines. Truly a serious case of cognitive dissonance in plain sight yet …..

    • Marilyn Shepherd says:

      The olypmics was one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen, athletes barely able to breath in the heat and smog having to face nappy up

  22. Tom Bernard says:

    The real home run would be PROVING Biden and Administration took office through an act of treason…

  23. Alabama John says:

    Hardly ever see a mask around here, but the most heard reply to your not taking the shots is “John, there is something out there or our government would not be pushing the shots.”

    Very confusing to hear that said while not taking the shots, but rebelling.

    I look at it like a meat eating animal coming upon an innocent herd of something good to eat. The first to be caught are those old, crippled, sick, young, since they are the easiest to catch. By elimination, the herd becomes harder to catch as the healthiest survive.

    That is what is happening to us.

  24. Jim S Smith says:

    A big part of the problem, still:

    The “news media” will simply “pigeon-hole” all actual admissions into forgotten memory, as per usual!

    That, and the gullible will STILL continue their own acts of self-destructive, anti-social behavior! – Sometimes, there’s no helping the sincere fools!

    I seriously doubt any of this will amount to any real action. Plus, lest we forget – the big “alien-invasion” scare will be coming next! – You can be sure that the globalist planners are always several steps ahead.

    – J.S.Smith

  25. Marilyn Shepherd says:

    In Australia today one TV channel finally asked what is the point when people being jabbed still get sick, it’s taken nearly 2 years and on another note the police chief tyrant in South Australia has ”tested” positive, being a cop in SA he has been double jabbed.

    I don’t like to wish ill of people but I really, really hope he gets Guillane Barre and is crippled for life

  26. gorden says:

    for edward jenner and banka friendo pasteur it was never about the facts or truth

    just the money
    and the deaths and control

    that was and is the job the heart of the matter

  27. AMC says:

    Like most people, I watched the Joe Rogan podcast featuring Dr. Malone. While I was impressed with his insights and warnings about the manipulation going on especially with the mainstream media, Dr. Malone brought up two notable points.

    1. He is working a competing medicine with Dr. Peter McCullough

    2. Which means he believes in the virus narrative even though no objective scientific evidence is available to demonstrate isolation and purification of sars-COV-2

    Is Dr. Malone “controlled opposition”? Is he numb to the fact that computational genetic sequences based on false assumptions does not prove a novel virus?

    Be wary of not only the message but the messenger.

    Dr. Malone comes across as a genuine guy who is concerned about the alarming number of deaths and injuries due to the mRNA shots but he went into great details talking about the severity of the infection that is…non-existent.

    • Rosline Loutsios says:

      AMC – Now I am glad not to be the only one who could not make any sense of it. Yes, Dr Malone, a highly respected scientist, seems to believe in the existence of this Sars/Cov-2. How is this possible? For me, this is a big mystery given that he has been involved in research with vaccines for so many years and is so knowledgeable, yet he goes into multiple details as this virus really existed.

    • Marlene says:

      Yes, AMC, they both are 100% invested in Germ Theory.

      Been listening to Dr. Malone since he first brought himself out onto the scene on Steve Bannon’s show most likely cause no on in MSM would put him on.

      And I genuinely believe he is as close to perfect as possible.

      Did you hear his backstory? He knows all the players, he has played so many roles, he is wicked smart – but still admittedly got fooled by his belief system regarding the vaccine, plus he had to travel internationally to try to save medicine’s purpose – to do no harm, let doctors prescribe for this own patients whatever treatment they chose, not one size fits all, but the vax almost killed him.

      But he is the perfect vehicle to get the word out. Joe Rogan went on GETTR the social media site cause Malone told him about it and that GETTR is the “Twitter killer” and 8 million people followed him.

      So he has influence with the left leaning crowd, so hearing Malone for the first time has blown some paradigms up amount those 8 million. That is good news.

      Dr. m said he has been “multi-dimensionaly Red pilled” in another interview.

      But as smart as he and Dr. McCullough are – what are they actually working with if disease causing viruses don’t exist…it is a huge mystery to me.

      An entire industry has been built around an invisible thing!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      MOST of the big-time “anti-compulsory-vaccination” promoters are still faithful to the “vaccines saves lives” mantra, even though historic evidence has still yet to prove that any “vaccine” has been responsible for saving a single life!

      They are ALL “controlled-opposition”. Some via a vested interest in keeping with their education, and others – with a financially-vested interest.

      We who dispute MOST of these non-natural (and quite profitable) medical interventions are in the minority!

      There simply is no room for gargantuan profits in genuine Natural Health.

      – J.S.Smith

    • Gustav Agenbacht says:

      XACTLY. Plus, he refers to The Faucet as Tony, a long time pal. Well connected with the revolving door, and CIA. Well funded by Pharma on several studies…into what?

      The Scientists whose opinion is till worth anything, are those not INCENTIVIZED.

    • Mac says:

      This a good question, and there is something even more basic, as people are connecting more now, and they know it, for their schemes to work they need us divided and distracted, so ‘they’ always put on more distraction, the ‘new person’ – so people stay glued to tv or –web, and fail to look to each other, web is also a trap. By putting on false saviors or ‘talkers’ it keeps people watching instead of connecting, where we live, the most important thing.

      By connecting I mean simple truth fact mention or there, and getting others to pass on, or when I share a website or two, I always say check it out and pass along, but don’t get stuck, 90% of time should be off their elctronics and sharing with others instead. Nothing wrong with checking in here and there such as Jon’s site, just focus off web is what matters.

      No person in any media is going to stop anything, have to focus around us, share a bit, which gets other people connecting with others, by sharing a little it shows others how to do it.

      We’ve been trained not to connect, just have to go to our nature. Remember being kids. Our nature is to be independant, but also group, and the cons who made fake ‘govt’, and all of it is, and also media, and fake politic groups, and fake activist groups, are all fake groups.

      The way to see, is us against them. Everyone we meet is us, and media are them. Though, should probably note there are cons among us, also, have to watch for those, but most people are us, we just have to show the tv is ‘them’, not a friend. There’s many good comments today. Appreciate the article Jon.

    • Gwen says:

      Yes I think he may be controlled opposition. There is no mass formation psychosis. Those who support the “psychosis” are compensated psychopaths.

  28. Lisa Franklin says:

    Every time some one mentions Nuremberg 2 I get all excited. God, I hope that day comes. I hope we get the chance to see every minute of it. I haven’t watched tv in years but I’d buy one just to see that.

    Death penalties please — especially for tiny Tony the Big Pharma rep.

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      I’m not sure the Nuremberg 2 analogy for military court for covid-hoaxsters is the correct analogy. I was interested in it at first, when I saw Reinhart Fuelmich promote it but then I read Mike King at Tomato Bubble and I’ve changed my mind. I don’t believe we should correlate the current problem with THAT problem after WWII. In the interest of saving space and time here in Jon’s forum, I would simply refer you to MIke King at

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Read his books “Planet Rothschild I & II”, and “The Bad War”.

        They tell much of the story too.

        I also watched “Europa: The Last Battle“. – It tells of an even deeper story that MOST on here (and elsewhere) have not the stomach to contemplate.


        Most would instead continue to use “NAZI’s this . . .”, “NAZI’s did that . . .”, and whatever.

        Until we, as an intelligent people, crack open the “book of forbidden knowledge” – and learn to question ALL of the “establishment version” of events and history, as well as everything else that the “establishment” want to hold us all to, we are NOT going to be successful in throwing out all of this global tyranny. This “system” was built to painstaking detail – over a period of MANY, MANY years!

        – J.S.Smith

  29. Mairo Kiho says:

    Maybe I am the only one, who sees a littlebit different picture here – widely promoted Event201 was not only a “behinddeskexercise”, but continued and continues to this very day!

    Sad part is, that most of the “awaken” people still sees like “behinddeskexrcise” and “whathappenefinreallife” are somehow different matters.

  30. michael burns says:

    It isn’t over, it has barely begun. And so what!

    Just another lie on top of the centuries of lies. There is no shock or surprise to it, it seems to me in a way, like a kind of morbid voyeurism to keep reading and watching their sins at work in the world.

    They are psychopaths! How many times before you realize, this is all that they are…and nothing more. Ponerology.

    The coalescing of a global technocratic pathocracy.
    The future, the end is the fully realized and mechanized evil. These technological tools where never meant to make ‘your’ life easier, they were meant to speed the process of that technocratic takeover.
    There is no redemption for you given by this material world. None at all. Stop thinking it will happen, it won’t, the world has become addicted to evil. Even the watching of it…

    The soulless, and those that have sold it, will, never leave this place. That’s a fact, Jack.
    If you are an atheist in that belief, you are I am afraid, truly in hell.

    As stated by the profound thinker C. S. Lewis,

    “Why is God landing in this enemy-occupied world in disguise and starting a sort of secret society to undermine the devil? Why is he not landing in force, invading it? Is it that He is not strong enough? Well, Christians think He is going to land in force; we do not know when. But we can guess why He is delaying. He wants to give us the chance of joining His side freely. I do not suppose you and I would have thought much of a Frenchman who waited till the Allies were marching into Germany and then announced he was on our side. God will invade. But I wonder whether people who ask God to interfere openly and directly in our world quite realize what it will be like when He does. When that happens, it is the end of the world. When the author walks on to the stage the play is over. God is going to invade, all right: but what is the good of saying you are on His side then, when you see the whole natural universe melting away like a dream and something else -something it never entered your head to conceive- comes crashing in; something so beautiful to some of us and so terrible to others that none of us will have any choice left? For this time it will be God without disguise; something so overwhelming that it will strike either irresistible love or irresistible horror into every creature. It will be too late then to choose your side. There is no use saying you choose to lie down when it has become impossible to stand up. That will not be the time for choosing: it will be the time when we discover which side we really have chosen, whether we realized it before or not. Now, today, this moment, is our chance to choose the right side. God is holding back to give us that chance. It will not last forever. We must take it or leave it.”

    ― C.S. Lewis, The Case for Christianity

  31. Arthur Danu says:

    They got away with it, and will CONTINUE to get away with it, just like all the other Big Scams that are running and continue to be believed, like:

    Circumcision (slicing your genitals at birth or puberty makes for a HAPPIER, MORE TRUSTING and SANE HUMAN BEING!)

    The Income Tax applies to every dollar a person earns (pay for your own torture and slavery!)

    JFK’s assassination (the laws of physics no longer apply to reality)

    Vietnam War (Gulf of Tonkin Incident never happened!)

    The Moon Landing (Stanley Kubrick’s greatest film achievement!)

    HIV/AIDS (God’s proof that he hates fags, right?)

    9/11 (with much better video evidence than the doctored Zapruder film, Physics still doesn’t matter!)

    Autism Epidemic in Children (no connections to vaccines at all!)

    Geo-Enginering/Weather Modification (blocking the SUN with toxic chemicals is good for human health and biosphere longevity!)

    We continue to claim to be the VICTIM of these things, but the truth is, we have empowered these sordid realities, because very few of us actually want to take the responsibility on for fixing them. It’s much easier to voice our disgust on a forum like this, which GOES ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE!

    You can hear me sing about this at

  32. RegretLeft says:

    Substack has become a remarkable resource! May I suggest:

    A very clever writer who has been pursuing the official narrative back-tracking for a couple of weeks. (an MSNBC talking head just today jumping ship over a school ordering re-masking between bites!)

    Interesting, El Gato, above still seems to be wavering between “biggest policy error ever” language and JR’s more robust language: “Nurrenberg type crime”.

  33. frog says:

    Jon, not so fast!

    Baal Gates and Master Schwab are not going to walk off the table just like that.

    There too much at stake. They overplayed their cards, and scam is limping badly. However, people are waking up and will not put up with third year of forced misery.

    I am guessing another Reichstag Fire.

  34. Roundball Shaman says:

    “COVID scam falls apart; it’s over”


    Get Rid…

    No Kid!…

    Burma Shave

    OR, in the words famously sung by Roy Orbison:

    “All the rainbows in the sky
    Start to weep, then say goodbye
    You won’t be seeing rainbows any more
    Setting suns before they fall, Echo to you that’s all that’s all
    But you’ll see lonely sunset after all

    It’s over! It’s over! It’s over! It’s OVER!…”

  35. Stef says:

    With the state of world affairs, I was prompted to reread the Book of Revelation. It sure seems like we are in the end times. Mandatory vaccines….mark of the beast? The return of the anti-Christ. Allegorical references to China.

    Fauci gets my vote for anti-Christ 😈 with Gates a close second.

    I wonder what the Vegas odds are? Maybe Fauci @ 3 to 2
    -150 on the moneyline?

  36. Pamela Stonebrooke says:

    Vaccines have always been a scam – a deadly one – priming us for a lifetime of sickness and dependence. Hopefully we will prevail and those of us left standing will live to see the medical cabal discredited forever. Here’s a video from years back…

  37. AJ says:

    All this fraud, criminal activity, and tyranny will not end unless those that benefitted from it are severely dealt with. Doctors, nurses, scientists, who advised citizens to get vaccinated, vaccinated popple,hospital treatments that contributed to the deaths of the vaccinated.

    And those like Dr. Fraud Fauci in government agencies that new exactly the side effects and deaths caused by being vaccinated, even before EUA approval, and approved them. Big pharma too needs to be criminally prosecuted to totally prevent further medical scams and dangerous/deadly treatments from being approved for any use.

    Don’t depend on a fair election ever happening again. Unless “REAL LAWS” are passed with treason punishments for all that attempt, aid, conspire to create election fraud. And this is only the start to stop slavery.

    Otherwise, tomorrow is just a different day same game

  38. alysia says:

    what should have gone viral didn’t. In Canada a man was trying to track down Covid19 and it was proven in court, by the judge, that it doesn’t exist. no agency was able to prove its existence. this was vid of that victory. however don’t know if it has been censored by. will look on Bitchute to find it.

  39. Greg C. says:

    Had a date this weekend with a nurse, who came into the restaurant wearing a mask, and here I was ignoring the sign. Funny thing, the date went well. Once we were seated everything was cool. No frosty looks from anyone. I just might date her again. Go figure.

  40. Tommie says:

    WOW!!!! Great responses from all!!

  41. Diane says:

    It’s over. Except… they’re planning even more lockdowns and other restrictions. Bluff?

  42. Evangeline says:

    Covid is not a flu.

    Covid is not a cold.

    Covid is not like anything else Americans have ever faced.

    I’m in my sixties, I’ve had colds, flu’s, bronchitis, and all the other things Americans would get. I had Covid along with my husband in April 2021 and it was nothing like anything we ever had. It took us a solid month to get over it, thanks be to God, we did.

    This is one thing people say and get wrong, that Covid itself is a “scam” or a hoax. I know it’s not. I never felt like that. Now, it wasn’t the sickest I ever got, but it was easily the most miserable. We got no treatment except what we had learned from Dr. McCullough et al. Now there are protocols and people are smart to have them ready, although Omicron looks like the end of all of it. But people suffered and many died, of whatever it was, and it was not a flu, not a cold, not pneumonia. It felt manufactured, because it was totally different.

    • G says:

      Just because you felt very sick doesn’t mean that covid is real. nobody said you’re not sick. covid means you were sick because of a virus.

      a new virus you were not sick because of a virus what part of this do you not understand

  43. Robin says:

    Not even close. Dead people do not talk. The vaxxed are headed for end of life. You think this is going to end? It is just a lull in the storm. They will not stop no matter what happens. We are dealing with fallen angels not people.

    • Rosline Loutsios says:

      Evangeline – Did it ever occur to you that it may have been another unknown virus or something else since the Coronavirus does not exist and has been proven multiple times not to be isolated? There is so much toxicity in our environment, serious comorbidities can affect the immune system. Also, the constant fearmongering, emotional issues, prolonged stress issues, and lack of daily exercise can lower your immune system.

  44. Fanny Adams says:

    From experience there is nothing so damning as being brain-washed.

    I am a former nurse and believed to the letter in what we now call germ theory.

    People who opposed medications or vaccinations or certain surgical procedures were rightly and justly mad and deserved to be treated as imbeciles by the medical fraternity.

    Now after many decades and seeing the theatre put on by the Wuhan Acting Company I felt the penny drop.


    All those crisis actors falling over or pretending to sleep from exhaustion did it for me as none of it resembled the reality of a serious event.

    From day one of this’pandemic’ my shit detector was on overdrive as I found out so much that refuted any notion of a contagious event.

    When a student is ready the teacher will appear.

    Thanks to Jon and many others who appeared out of nowhere to steer me out of the hell of lies and real misinformation.

  45. Thinktwice says:

    URGENT – LAST DAY: UK Court Injunction 4 V Injury
    Have you or a loved one been injured by a C19 vaccine?

    The lawyers Philip Hyland, Lois Bayliss, Dr Samuel White, and ex-policeman Mark Sexton, are establishing a case for an injunction to pause the vaccine roll-out.

    Are you a UK citizen and C19 vaccine-injured?
    We need witness statements that can be presented to the investigating police by the 4th of January.

    The lawyers are especially looking for these cases:
    – Myocarditis.
    – Pericarditis
    – Vaccine damage acknowledged by health professionals


  46. AJ says:

    Today Daily Caller
    On 1/01/22, Louisiana Federal District court judge Terry Doughty stop vaccine mandates in 24 states re: vaccine mandates for employees at head start schools. Judge said that Biden unlawfully by passed the powers of congress. So one honest judge stands up!!!

  47. Greg says:

    There will be show trials, and sentencing. However nobody will serve time in an actual prison. Beach front gated community more likely.

    Two years and there were many people such as Jon that were very vocal and provided truthful information. However nobody important came in to save the day and put an end to it. It’s just slowly fizzling out.

    I feel we will get one more month of scary news and then something else will steal the headlines and all things Covid will be over. I think They will still push the vaccines as an option.

  48. vakzine macht frei says:

    You are living in a dreamland. a land where truth and logic exists.

    The truth is that parasites have won. it is game over. nobody fights back. nobody thinks. everybody just follows what they are told

  49. Grumpy says:

    Over? i’m surprised at someone with Jon’s smàrts say that. Can u see the lying criminals hold their hands up to admit it after all the time and effort they put in, likely decades in the planning.

    Btw on a lighter note has anyone else noticed a board game called, I kid u not , “Herd mentality- whatever u do don’t stand out!”. Seems someone has spotted a niche in the market 😁

  50. Apo7 says:

    Why there is no evidence that “SARS-CoV-2” is contagious and causes disease

  51. Bob says:

    That COVID is a scam is obvious to anyone who can think. Sadly there are very few people with such a capacity left. At the end of the day, our population will be more intelligent.

  52. Truth Seeker says:

    Hopefully not, but this may be the next step in their plan and is happening tomorrow, Thursday, January 6 at 3pm EST. And we all know from past experiences what usually happens when there is a “drill”.

    Be prepared just in case.

  53. Toni says:

    One of the most profound statements from the historical Jesus, the man was “The Kingdom of God is within you”, and after nearly some two thousands years later, someone like myself would come along and confess the paradoxical fact that everything you look out and see, is in fact a reflection inside your brain, suggesting that the outside world is also a holographic existence and reality that’s seemingly solid.

    “Seek Silence” for more answers, understanding, and individual best exit plan. Our true selves and oneness rest in a vibrational compassivity that should be seen presently as eternal until proven void or deleted by the essence and unknown origin of energy which (Simply Is) has absolutly nothing to do with God or Creating anything, IT IS UNKNOWABLE. Our physical and material self is one of decay, death, that’s holographic and we are being played, even if your 5% awakened, you know and feel that. So we must chose to be all one in the same vibration, or indifferent in a holographic paradigm that does not progress towards unity and harmony, rather to separate and destroy’s itself. This is worst idea and senerio, won’t you agree?

    Go within and refuse to play such a big part of the outer reality, which previously said, is within. Find your inner peace and bring the outer world into that discovery. Haven’t you not realized yet how world government has constantly attempted to force their importance and place in our life (Jesuits/Vatican/Luciferian Rebellion)? Just walk away people and they lose their power over you, but just because you think you’ve got one monkey off your back, (Politics)does not mean the circus has left town (Religion, Philosophy, and Science). Avoid them all like the plague. Good Luck and thank you for giving me the right to express what I believe, in light of the words from the great Voltaire. May the assurance and “End Game” of God Attainment and Paradise be all of yours. Good luck to Every Man and Woman! Namáste ~~ TheOneWhoIs

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