NY Mayor’s ‘Hookers for Needles’ Vaccination Plan Exposed

by Jon Rappoport

December 28, 2021

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Elbert Farthing, an in opinion piece for the NY Times (1/2/22), writes: “Exiting NY Mayor Bill de Blasio was about to issue a startling directive in the spring of 2021. Any male between the ages of 18 and 23 who stepped up to receive a COVID vaccine would be rewarded with a prostitute for an evening in a city hotel room.”

“This was an effort to increase vaccine compliance in the youthful population of New York. However, one of the Mayor’s advisors, June Staley, became furious with the Mr. de Blasio. She pointed out the discriminatory aspect of the plan. Young women would receive no similar inducement for taking the vaccine.”

“Sources close to the Mayor told the Times that de Blasio was prepared to assemble brigades of prostitutes in Manhattan and Brooklyn to fulfill his offer, and as one aide put it, “Bill had a green light from Governor Cuomo, who thought the project was a brilliant idea.”

“So far, the Mayor has declined to comment on any part of this prostitute proposal.”

“Desperate times do call for desperate measures, and as long as sexual participants are fully masked and vaccinated, the risk of viral transmission would be low.”

I reached out to former Governor Cuomo’s economic aide, Martin Liff, who told me, “The Governor didn’t give full approval, he was waiting on a financial report. He wanted to assess the projected cost of hiring many hundreds of prostitutes.”

A New York hotel owner I contacted said, “Our establishment would have been called upon to enable the Mayor’s plan. I told them I wouldn’t dedicate a few dozen rooms for sex. We don’t run that kind of place. Imagine what our other guests would say. I mean, we do have a few high-priced call girls sitting at the bar most nights, but that’s an entirely different situation. These girls are grad students and actresses trying to land roles in plays. They’re good people. But your regular street prostitute—that’s what the Mayor was probably talking about…”

Sources tell me de Blasio’s scheme broke down in the planning stage, over the issue of how long each prostitute would have to provide services to an individual young man. Recommendations ranged from 20 minutes to an entire evening. There was also disagreement about repeat services for the same male, when he took the second shot or a booster.

And no one was able or willing to inform me about prostitutes’ attitudes toward the Mayor’s plan. Another one of my questions that went unanswered: from what part of the city budget would payment for the prostitutes be drawn?

A member of the NY Elderly Coalition told me, “There are lots of older vaccine-hesitant men who would come forward and take the jab, if they could have sex with an attractive prostitute. Why did the Mayor omit them from his plan? Sex is a medically recognized remedy for prostatitis.”

I reached out to the Times’ opinion writer, Elbert Farthing. At first he stated he had no comment on his piece. Then he offered this: “I understand many, many women in the city were interested in volunteering. I’m not talking about hookers. These were housewives, singles living in the suburbs, even socialites. That’s probably the real reason de Blasio withdrew his plan. Word had gotten out about it, and the response was overwhelming. Think of the scandals that would have emerged, if the plan had been put into effect. Good-hearted people want everybody to get vaccinated, but there’s a limit to what they’ll endure to make it happen.”

To cap things off, a high-ranking Catholic official in New York, speaking off the record, told me the Pope was aware of de Blasio’s plan and refused to condemn it. The Pope felt the unvaccinated were an extreme danger to the human population, and whatever could be done to convince them to take the injection was permissible.

A few months ago, I was sitting at the bar at the Eloise Hotel in mid-town Manhattan, when an attractive woman took a seat next to me and said, “Have you been vaccinated?”

I told her no. She frowned. “Well,” she said, “a lot of us think we should offer people a reward if they comply with the mandate. For a limited time, we’re offering reduced rates on our services. I’m getting my PhD in philosophy at Columbia. You know, Plato had a theory of The Good as the highest Idea, in a separate perfect realm of consciousness. Despite the fact that the vaccine has caused over 900,000 injuries in America, it’s still our best weapon against the pandemic. In fact, those injuries show the vaccine is working. So if you take the jab and present your passport, I can…help you out…”

“Are you a cop?” I said.

She smiled and took out her badge.

“Nice try,” I said. “How did you come up with that story?”

“My cousin works for the Mayor,” she said. “I’m not taking the shot, and I’ll probably be fired for refusing.”

Note: If you email me and ask whether this article is factual, you’ll confirm my worst fears about the education system in America.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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32 comments on “NY Mayor’s ‘Hookers for Needles’ Vaccination Plan Exposed

  1. hondo says:

    Obviously true article, the date is wrong however.

  2. Butte Bill says:

    I very much enjoy your fantasy articles. Lots of truth in them.
    Do you have many readers in Austria? They may have a more difficult time distinguishing fantasy from reality. (https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/austria-brothel-covid-vaccine-vienna-rcna52720

  3. Need A Ladder says:

    Another great one!

  4. ReluctantWarrior says:

    I’m with June Staley on this one. It seems like a very clear case of gender discrimination. Furthermore how does the Mayor plan to deal with all the new genders:

    Cis Female
    Cis Male
    Cis Man
    Cis Woman
    Cisgender Female
    Cisgender Male
    Cisgender Man
    Cisgender Woman
    Female to Male
    Gender Fluid
    Gender Nonconforming
    Gender Questioning
    Gender Variant
    Male to Female
    Trans Female
    Trans* Female
    Trans Male
    Trans* Male
    Trans Man
    Trans* Man
    Trans Person
    Trans* Person
    Trans Woman
    Trans* Woman
    Transgender Female
    Transgender Male
    Transgender Man
    Transgender Person
    Transgender Woman
    Transsexual Female
    Transsexual Male
    Transsexual Man
    Transsexual Person
    Transsexual Woman

  5. Ed says:

    Well you could have mentioned free donuts in the deal

  6. Jim S Smith says:

    New York City: The “Sin City of the North“.

    Were they trying to compete with Las Vegas?

  7. Larry C says:

    DAMMIT! I can’t hold out any longer….I’M IN….but only if I get a free *BOOSTER* every three months!

  8. Paul says:

    “My friend says We’re like
    The dinosaurs
    Only We Are
    Doing Ourselves In
    Much faster than they
    Ever did”

  9. Doug says:

    Sign me up😂👍

  10. vakzine macht frei says:

    Lucky Americans. In Europe, Nazis are forcing people to get vaccinated. You can not work, cannot enter a store, in Austria you go to jail if you do not submit.

    The Germans and Austrians can not accept that Hitler lost. They want to try again. 99% of Germans supported Hitler; it is in their blood.

    • Jennifer Arnold says:

      Vaccine macht Frei is pretty funny , actually . Hitlerian reality is closely bound with narcissistic reality . It is not that Hitler “lost” .. it is that Hitler when visible was a mirror energy of their inner dialogue . The delicacy of the narcissitic state is very difficult to explain … other than that it is unconscious , unconsionable , and thereby , immoral ( not pertaining to biological life force energy ) – but yes , you made me laugh at least , with the Vaccine Macht Frei comment .

    • Tim says:

      That’s why they are target no.1 in Europe. That IS why..

      But go ahead, keep believing the “good-guys” won. I’m not a “nazi”, but I know Germany was the least hypocritical and least evil of the major participants in that war, and the one before.

      The “globalists” won, and snuffed out the Nationalists.

      Too bad there still was error and corruption within Germany, it was and is minimal compared to their enemies (who love to blame the victim, especially if they attempt to stop the victimizations). It’s a flawed world. From the beginning.

      The war only proved that the world and it’s imposter-god is evil, and that it favors it’s most evil worshippers, and that violence and attack won’t work, not even defense.

      This world (sick dream) is unworthy of The Son Of GOD.

      • vakzine macht frei says:

        The only difference between comies and nazi is that the first want to unite all countries under a global marxist system.

        Nazis wanted to conquer all countries under german marxist system.

        Both are far left lunatics. It is funny that some consider nazis to be right wing.

    • Rosline Loutsios says:

      vakzine macht frei – Have you forgotten about the ones who escaped and got scattered all over our planet only to continue the Nazi’s agenda? . Example: in Australia, others will follow soon.

  11. Arby says:

    I’m not much for fiction writing and have no time at all for poems. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with any of that.

    That, Jon’s story, was fun. I probably needed it.

  12. Roundball Shaman says:

    “NY Mayor’s ‘Hookers for Needles’ Vaccination Plan Exposed”

    When one visits a hooker, it is understood that there is going to be plenty of sticking and insertions involved in that usual activity.

    So it is just a natural development that hookers would further be involved in an additional form of sticking and insertions in their duties.

    The client has a name for what they are doing to the hooker. And in the new additional activity with needles, what we call we are doing to the hooker is what the government is doing to US.

    There is a major difference between the two activities, though. In the first instance, there is anticipated some sort of climax. In the second activity, there will be be no climax. It will just go on and on and on without end. No climax. No big finish. No smile across our face.

    “Sources close to the Mayor told the Times that de Blasio was prepared to assemble brigades of prostitutes in Manhattan and Brooklyn to fulfill his offer…”

    All one assumes he has to do is simply check his address and contacts list. Should be plenty of names there that he is familiar with.

    “To cap things off, a high-ranking Catholic official in New York, speaking off the record, told me the Pope was aware of de Blasio’s plan and refused to condemn it.”

    The Pope is too busy monitoring all the activities going on behind closed doors in all the parishes in his Worldly institution. So much to keep an eye on in so many places.

    Next up on the horizon: Hookers for ‘The Science!’ going door-to-door sponsored by the CDC, NIH, WHO, Joe ‘The Dark Winter King’, and Tony the Tiny Vax Gremlin.

  13. AJ says:

    On Dr. Joseph Mercola today an article, “Story at a Glance”, reveals the truth about the vaccines. Refers to print server “medRxiv” article dated 5/06/21.
    The information is from experts and exposes these vaccines side effects, disabilities and death, that they cause.

    Heating all over. Protests in S. Korea after notice of 10,000 deaths from vaccinations.

  14. Walkintherain says:

    Dear Jon,

    Made me laugh!!! Whew! Thank you!!!

    I would love to see your article become a docu-comic.

  15. Thomas Palm says:

    This will be the one idea to be grasped and built upon by the crowd you have been hoping to wake up.

    There must be numerous people, including The Pope, saying, “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT”

  16. Thomas Palm says:

    Thank you for the “reveal” at the close of your imagined story. Nothing in it was more outlandish than what many of us have learned to expect from NYC.
    Not one aspect did I consider a “Stretch beyond” believability.

  17. Mark Reynolds says:

    As I read this, seeing how the insanity is running rampant in NY City, I thought, could this be for real? Then I said to myself…naaa…this is Jon’s excellent ability to make us laugh with his dark comedic satire. And as for edjewkashun system? I’m a prowd gradjit of gooberment skewl. U can tel by mie writin abilitie. Karl Marx had the best idea with free edjewkashun in gooberment cisterns.

  18. Mr Gerrit Hendrik Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B. says:

    In Australia there was actually an offer for a freeby (by a prostitution service) that is if one were to accept to be jabbed. No one seemed to consider that this could turn out a very expensive freeby if you were to get the prostitute pregnant and then have to pay for perhaps the next 18 years for child support. It has happened before that a male was deemed to have gotten a prostitute pregnant and the court ordered him to pay child support! No I am still not jabbed and intend to keep it that way!

    • Mark Reynolds says:

      The John should have made a contract with the prostitute releasing him of all liability if she hadn’t take precautions to keep from getting pregnant. Then it would have been on her. Prostitutes should ALWAYS take precautions. Common sense. And any guy who would use one should get his head examined. No, not that head, the one on his shoulders.

  19. richard says:

    Mr. Rapport, I have not understood the last part with the beautiful woman, it will take me some more reads, I’m afraid.
    Thank you very much, be blessed.
    Realrawnews.on stories about NY.

  20. Tamra says:

    The fact that your story was so absurd made it more believable. Ya had me the whole way through. Actually you were being nice, the real weirdo politicians would have opened it up to everyone, with groupings by age, weight, and underlying medical conditions.

  21. Cela says:

    No jab, no blow job.

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