The new sexual mandate

by Jon Rappoport

December 22, 2021

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NBC, September 4, 2056. Three hours ago, on the Morning Blow, anchor Rex Regis interviewed US Department of Genetics Chief, Dr. Dove Fauci Gates. Here is a rush transcript excerpt:

Doctor, can you summarize the new federal mandate? It seems to represent a scientific breakthrough.

It does, Rex. We’ve discovered that during the act of sexual intercourse, there is a cascade of unmonitored genetic information transferred between partners.

Hasn’t that always been the case?

Yes, but we had no idea how extensive the information was.

So natural birth is on the way out?

With this new mandate, all sexual acts must now be monitored and tested, before conception is permitted.

I’m not sure I understand, Doctor.

Well, ever since the development of RNA vaccines, we’ve had the ability to introduce nanoparticles into the body. And then, we pioneered the insertion of nano sensors, which record, in real time, thousands of biological and chemical processes and changes. We can enable these sensors to report their ongoing findings to a central location—and we can issue instructions from that location back into the body.

What sorts of instructions?

For example, an increase or decrease in hormone production. A raising or lowering of blood pressure. An elevation or decline in certain brain processing functions.

I see. How does all this relate to sexual intercourse?

Basically, before engaging in sex, people will need to take an injection that inserts nano sensors in their bodies. Then we can monitor key genetic exchanges that occur during sex. If we deem these exchanges to be harmful or counter-productive, that couple will not be permitted to conceive a child.

And how do you define “harmful” and “counter-productive”?

We have algorithms. For instance, we don’t want babies with gross anti-social tendencies.

I see. So all couples would have to engage first in an act of test-sex, so you can discover what genetic information is exchanged.

That’s right, Rex. Granted, it’s a bit cumbersome, but it’s necessary if we’re going to have the kind of society we all long for.

Yes, it sounds cumbersome, Doctor. First of all, everyone will need to take a shot.

Yes, to insert the nano sensors. Then when—

Suppose my wife and I are planning to have sex after watching a movie on a Tuesday night?

All right, Rex. You would punch in a code on your cell phone. Now you’re registered for a test-run. During sex that night, the nano sensors in your body and your wife’s body would report certain information to our Division of Jilly.


Yes. That’s the name of an experimental female we tested in Indonesia six years ago. She was Patient Zero. She was the first human to have nano monitored sex in the Pfizer facility there. So your sexual act with your wife on that Tuesday night would be monitored. About six weeks later, you would get the results. Either a go to try to conceive a baby, or a full stop.

Are there any adverse effects from the nano injection or the monitoring of sexual intercourse?

They’re both remarkably safe and effective, Rex. Perhaps a bit of pain and swelling at the injection site, that’s all. And a rare case, here and there, of myocarditis.

Well, that’s good news.


As far as the new mandate goes, what will you do about refusers?

The “anti-sexers?” We’ll get to them. Since every human is registered on our national database, we can cut off their government-guaranteed income, as well as other privileges.

Suppose someone wants to have sex while using a condom? Or suppose the woman is taking the pill or has an IUD?

Well, Rex, studies show those methods are less than a hundred percent effective. So no, those excuses won’t fly. We consider every act of sexual intercourse a potential precursor to pregnancy. If you want to have sex, you must take the injection, do a test run, and then, if certified as safe, you can engage in sex.

Are there injection boosters?

Annually. It’s mandatory.

You’re talking about an enormous undertaking, Doctor.

Yes, although much of it is handled by AI.

I assume this is a temporary program on the way to universal conception in laboratories, without sex of any kind. There will be no parents.

That’s a long way off, Rex. Perhaps 50 years.

Some people will want to get around this new mandate by applying for religious exemptions.

The courts have been clear on this issue. And as you know, the Pope himself rejects exemptions.

But sex is a basic human impulse, no matter what mandates are issued.

We realize that. But as the Australian Prime Minister declared, an hour ago, “Do you want to have unapproved sex and be cut off from money transactions?”

I can see some people saying, “We want to have sex, and if we conceive, we promise to abort the fetus.”

That’s covered in the mandate. It’s not allowed.

I don’t know, Doctor. If my wife wants me to [censored], am I supposed to say no? That would put me in a difficult spot.

Rex, this has nothing to do with personal choices. That’s the selfish way to look at things. We have to make sacrifices for the good of everyone. We learned that hard lesson during the COVID pandemic.

In my first reading of the new mandate, I see it covers companies with more than a hundred employees, plus all government employees and contractors.

Right. That’s stage one. When we work out any kinks in the system, we’ll extend the mandate to everyone.

What about boys who are, say, 16 years old? Their hormones are working overtime.

We’re aware. Of course, parental consent for the injections and the nano-monitoring is not required. Students will have to take the injections in order to attend classes. With nano-sensors in their bodies, we can regulate hormone levels in all teens—if the data show it’s necessary. By the way, there are several fascinating studies that suggest eating a steady diet of GMO breakfast cereals reduces semen volume in boys.

So, Doctor, this new sexual mandate will definitely impact population numbers.

It has to. When you discover errant genetic information transferring between people during sex, you have to do something about it. You can’t just stand back and let it happen. That would be cruel.

Can you describe exactly what kind of genetic information you’re talking about? It seems to be at the heart of the scientific breakthrough which led to this mandate.

It’s very complex, Rex. I could point you to the important publications on the subject. It takes a molecular biologist to understand the details. Basically, there are gene banks that contain an extraordinary amount of data. New processing capability has enabled us to pinpoint a whole host of A, B, and C neg factors.

Sorry, what?

I’m referring to three classes of genetic data that contraindicate birth safety.

I’m still not getting it, Doctor.

Well, that’s what I mean, Rex. You’re not a geneticist. If you were, you’d see the insights light up like a Christmas tree. You can’t miss the markers. When they’re transferred and mingled in the prospective parents in certain configurations, which we call the Epsilon 50 and the Beta 20, the baby the couple wants to conceive would pose a clear and present danger to society, or an insupportable burden. Two hundred years of gene research has led us to this remarkable finding.

Thank you, Doctor. I’m sure we’ll be talking again soon, as this mandate rolls out.

One more thing, Rex. Transgender males and females are exempt from the new mandate. We’ve discovered that, if they can conceive, they show none of the Epsilon or Delta markers. We don’t yet understand why, but it’s an extraordinary indicator…

Delta? You said the two key configurations were Epsilon and Beta.

Delta, Beta—they’re the same. Trust me, Rex. I’m The Science.

We all trust you, Doctor.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

20 comments on “The new sexual mandate

  1. Nicole says:

    What I was looking for recently is information that used to be on the internet, but now seems to be hidden. A couple years ago, I read an article saying that women would keep copies of the DNA in semen that they encountered, and it would form something called a ‘chimera,’ which was kept alive inside them. I do remember that it seemed to be a valid theory, something they had observed and found. But recently, I saw someone on youtube talking about this, saying it was offensive to feminism, basically, saying that her feminism was offended by the idea that women’s bodies were keeping the genetic information from every man they ever had sex with, and what a horrible idea, and how that would make women weaker than men and inferior to men, and blah blah, and this is unthinkable, and she claimed that this whole thing was ‘fake news.’ So I wanted to leave a comment under her video, and I tried to google the old article about the ‘chimeras,’ but I just couldn’t find it on the internet anymore. All that I could find were references to ‘That stuff about women keeping a copy of a man’s DNA from semen has all been debunked.’ Nothing but a long list of ‘This has been debunked’ articles. I’m still wondering what kind of technical jargon that I could use to find it on Google Scholar, because sometimes, you can still find some ‘debunked’ and censored stuff if you use exactly the right technical jargon terms.

    • RSBP says:

      Here’s a little lengthy reply – and possibly not exactly what you’re referring to. But appropriate for this time of the year – and sure to make many angry (especially the feminists). I’ve taken the meat of the article out and posted here (Source is

      …there are two phases to Mary’s existence. The first phase was from the moment of her conception until the Annunciation, which is when Jesus was conceived in her womb by the Holy Ghost. The second phase was from that moment of Jesus’ conception forward for all eternity. Each phase has its own physiological delight attached to it which required Mary to be a sinless vessel for Our Lord.

      First, the pre-Annunciation period. As it has been discovered just within the last few decades, all baby girls have all of the eggs that are ever going to be in their ovaries fully formed not just at birth, but fairly early in their fetal development phase. Unlike men who are continuously producing new sperm, a woman’s eggs aren’t created and formed with each menstrual cycle. All that is happening during a cycle is that an egg, which has been fully formed in a woman’s body since she was a pre-born fetus, is released into the reproductive tract. What this means theologically is that the egg containing the 23 chromosomes that God would miraculously fertilize with 23 chromosomes that He miraculously supplied (including a Y chromosome) to become the Word Made Flesh, Jesus Christ, was physically present inside Mary’s body from the time that Mary was inside of her mother’s, St. Anne’s, womb. That egg, and those chromosomes, that physical constituent of Our Blessed Lord was present inside of Mary’s body, waiting to be . . . if I may use the word . . . consecrated. The word consecrate, when broken into its Latin components means:

      Con: With
      Secr: Holy
      Ate: Territory of a Ruler


      • CharlaS says:

        You might be interested in this conversation about IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. First 15 minutes on sexual abuse of children, then into the interview ‘Immaculate Conception & The Christed Priestesshood ft. Marguerite Rigoglioso, author of the book “The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception: Mary and the Lineage of Virgin Births” published this year.

    • Nicole, If you would like a short essay on this subject, check out my web site itsnotthelaw dot com for my contact information. Wayne Barbuto

  2. Paul says:

    …on the Morning Blow, anchor…”



  3. pete schnapp says:

    Yeah, they TELL us it’s just a need to monitor the act for science – In reality though, for them, it’s all to corner the PORN market just as they cornered fiat currency globally. Well, at least that’s what Jeffery Epstein the second has stated in the Fantasy Island Gazette…Co-authored by Roman Polanski.. STILL roaming unfettered due to the FBI’s inability to find him.. We’re told.

  4. Rick in Phoenix says:

    Jon’s article about hospitals being paid to murder people got republished in RumorMillNews here… big readership there and the forum does get reviewed and edited better than most news-accumulators.

  5. Opie Poik says:

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, meet Dr. Charo Cuchi. Vaxocaust, meet spermageddon.

    Trust “Mr. Science” . . . not THE science:

    “Mr. Science” Responds to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Book, by Thomas DiLorenzo, @, 12-21-2021

    By calling him “a very disturbed individual,” implying that he is mentally ill. Government bureaucrats dismissing critics of government as mentally ill must sound very familiar to my friend Yuri Maltsev who grew up in the Soviet Union where they locked the critics up in mental hospitals.

    Fauci makes not a single comment about any of the facts or analyses in Kennedy’s voluminous book, something a real scientist would routinely do. And, he claims without proof that because of Kennedy’s book he and his “children” (are they in their 50s? 60s?) have received death threats. Shut up and obey, in other words. All poor little Saint Anthony has done, he says, is recommend that people wear masks and take care of their health.

  6. Doug says:

    Sooooo funny! 😂😂😂😂 but scarily could be true with these yahoos. Thanks Jon for your lighthearted emails.

    Merry Christmas


  7. Dr. E. Black says:

    Jon, i think you defenitly know the book but i found the movie ! 🙂

    Brave New World (1980)

    Keep up the good work and a happy, powerfull and funny 2022 Jon !

    Respect !

  8. Roundball Shaman says:

    “September 4, 2056… We’ve discovered that during the act of sexual intercourse, there is a cascade of unmonitored genetic information transferred between partners.”

    By 2056, it’s unlikely that there will be any kind of sexual activity anymore. Human beings will have been fully robotized with the kill-shot-nanobot infusions for the past 35 years… the daily overhead nanoparticle geoengineering spraying raids that fill the skies with bots and various inhaled toxins… and the Mark of the Beast chip inserted into everyone’s private parts that controls all behaviors including what used to be normal sexual contact.

    “… we can monitor key genetic exchanges that occur during sex. If we deem these exchanges to be harmful or counter-productive, that couple will not be permitted to conceive a child.”

    There was a Monty Python sketch that found bureaucrats sitting around a table trying to find new things to tax. One of the ‘crats was worried that ‘Thing-ey’ was going to be taxed. Another worry was that ‘Poo-poos’ might be taxed. Yet another idea was to tax all Foreigners living abroad…

    Sooner or later, ‘Thingey’, Poo-poos, and all foreigners living abroad WILL be taxed. You won’t have to report your activities because the Mark of the Beast chip implanted into your private parts will report everything to The Authorities in real time.

    “As far as the new mandate goes, what will you do about refusers?”

    Good luck with that. How long can anyone go without ‘Thingey’ and ‘Poo-poos’? Refusers can only refuse for so long before they will explode.

    “Some people will want to get around this new mandate by applying for religious exemptions.”

    Not a problem. All religions have been banned except for State-sponsored worship of ‘The Science!’ and His Most High Holiness Doctor Arrogant Weasel Mengele. And he will certainly NOT approve any exceptions on religious grounds or any other.

    Yes, he’s still around in 2056. His essence was downloaded into a life-sized Barbie doll because he always harbored a certain kind of fetish.

    The TSA already has fully authority over one’s genitals with the evil powers vested to it. So it’s already legally established that insertion of the Mark of the Beast chip implantation has full authority under ‘law’ and after full review by 100 Democrat members of the 101-person Supreme Court. And yes, all 101 of them have the implantations in their tender areas. Makes for some interesting deliberations back in Chambers.

    “We all trust you, Doctor.”

    Amen. And may I have another, please?

  9. Eluard says:

    “Perhaps a bit of pain and swelling at the injection site, that’s all.”

    That really is the essence of it right there.

    (I would have left out the Myocarditis part but I know why you added it–by 2056 it wouldn’t be able to be denied.)

    A bit of pain–and swelling. At the injection site. Then we own you like a blow-up doll.

    Stay in the heart.

  10. AJ says:

    Reality is that 2056 will not be available to most of us. There is no doubt by that time no full humans will exist. Within 2-5 years half the USA population will be gone because of the vaccinations. Last year, the USA population failed to grow. And these vaccination will sterilize 90% of our population to further deplete future generations of over population.

    The total insanity facing our present survival is almost too much to comprehend. Hourly articles published with enough factual misinformation to influence those that fail to confirm it with other sources.

    Again, conversations with strangers has revealed that 90% are complacent regarding the truth on simple matters.

    About 15 plus years ago, California considered separately taxing each toilet in a home. Fantacy often mimmics reality.

    Many fail to believe that this present tyranny is not happening.

    How do you wake them up before it is too late???

    Austria has gone completely insane!! Hunting the unvaccinated. This week, Vienna had 300,000 protesters. News stated 40,000.

    NY passing law to quarantine the Unvaccinated in concentration camps.

    And the complacent have no knowledge of any of this.

    Heard that those vaccinated are much less than reported. That is why the forced vaccinations are necessary.


  11. AJ says:

    Hard to wish all a very


  12. AJ says:

    Many of these hypocrites eletes and politicans have claimed to be infected with the China flu. And state they have been vaccinated and some with boosters. Just a coincidence!!! This is to influence the complacent that these vaccinations are safe.
    All these hypocrites with all their contacts and influence know the side effects-disabilities and deaths from being vaccinated. This proves none of them can be trusted. Still many will be take in and completely fooled until they are disabled.

  13. SebastianX1/9 says:

    I hope you publish these scifi short stories together in the future. They’re very funny. I still remember the Obama clone story. Brilliant!

  14. Larry C says:

    Have a Mewwy, Mewwy Kwissmiss, Evweebuddy!!

    E. Fudd

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