The News Ooze

by Jon Rappoport

December 10, 2021

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Tonight’s top story
An unvaccinated man jumped twelve stories to his death
Landing three blocks away
From US Attorney General Merrick Garland’s limousine
The FBI is investigating
What could be the attempted murder of the nation’s
Top law-enforcement official and
An act of domestic terrorism
Blood taken from the scene
Revealed the Omicron Variant
The Daily Mail interviewed a close friend
Of the deceased unvaccinated attacker
The friend stated
“He was a Christian moonshiner
He lived in a cabin in the woods
With his dogs and guns
I tried to convince him
To take the vaccine”
Here’s Bob with a weather warning
Yes, Jim, there’s a huge storm brewing
400 miles off the coast with winds up to
200 miles an hour
The system is slowly moving toward us
It could arrive next month
Thanks Bob
I have a breaking update
On the unvaccinated terrorist
Who jumped to his death hours ago
Dangerously close to the visiting US Attorney General
Local police have found he was carrying
A fake vaccination card
This is a federal felony punishable by up to five years in prison
The card was apparently issued by
The Church in the Woods
An offshoot of a white supremacist
Which has active chapters in seven states
Including members
Who may have participated in
The January 6th Capitol break-in attempting
To overthrow the federal government
And install 500 new handpicked Congressional legislators
And this just in
The FBI has searched the terrorist jumper’s cabin in the woods
And has discovered a significant amount of
Nigerian Yellowcake uranium
12 new cases of Omicron Variant COVID have been reported
In Nigeria
The CDC has sent researchers to the African nation
Omicron is now affecting 57 countries
President Biden has canceled his trip to Waukesha
Wisconsin the scene of a devastating SUV accident
That killed and injured scores of Christmas shoppers
Four cases of Omicron have been diagnosed in that community
Which has been locked down
Bill Gates has released a statement assuring the public
That a new vaccine targeting the Omicron harpoon protein
Is undergoing testing and could be ready for approval by next week
TMZ spoke with Melinda Gates, who emphasized
That her divorce proceedings “have nothing to do with Jeffrey Epstein,
He and Bill were merely
The Gates Foundation is donating 400 million dollars for research
On mental health issues arising from the pandemic
Here in our community, Dr. Frank Lummer, head of clinical services at
The Grimes Psychiatric Outreach Program, has announced a
To obtain cutting-edge
Medicines to treat clinical depression and adult ADHD
Dr. Lummer’s wife, Bobbi, is organizing her
Christmas sing-along at the Folsom Lighthouse
The structure which was the scene of a Civil War battle
Is soon to be torn down
After local students demanded the removal
Of all commemorative plaques from its base
Last year during
Halftime ceremonies of the football game
Between the Wilson High Dragoons and the Velma Tigers
Velma is in the state playoffs again this season
But their star running back Ric Ransom has entered the
COVID protocol and must show two negative tests
Before he can rejoin the squad
Ric hopes to enroll at Miami U in the fall and play
For the Hurricanes
The heavy offshore system we’ve been monitoring
Has just been downgraded to a tropical storm
The terrorist jumper attacker
Has now been identified as Lee Michael Foster
An African American male
32 at the time of his tragic death
US Attorney General Garland has
Released a statement
“This unfortunate suicide was a cry for help
The young man was desperately trying to
Obtain COVID vaccination but
Owing to the disproportionate distribution of
Medical services to disadvantaged communities he
Was unable to succeed in his efforts and
The virus ravaged his system
I will do everything in my power to ensure that
His protest and his message and ultimately his
Death were not in vain”
Kit, do you have a further update on this heroic suicide?
“I was just wondering what happened to our earlier report
That this man was living in a cabin in the woods where
The FBI found Yellowcake uranium—“
(The screen
Went dark
Then colored bars appeared
After 30 seconds
The broadcast resumed)
Sorry about that
We experienced a momentary technical glitch
Here’s the newest member
Of our news team
Sam Blam Franklin
With a half-time report
On the Lee Michael Foster Memorial Pop Warner game underway in Goshen Park
Where ground has been broken for the
Construction of the Lee Michael Foster Omicron Universal Vaccination Clinic

Alternate ending: The next day, the local paper ran this story on page four:

“Local police have positively identified the man who leaped to his death from the Branton Building. He is Robert Case, son of Mayor Carl Case. Robert left a note at his apartment indicating he was despondent over a recent break-up with his live-in girlfriend, Margo Moskowitz. Robert had withdrawn from the Harvard Business School earlier this month…The Mayor has announced he is resigning his office to be with his family at this time. He will dedicate himself to raising funds for a new local center that treats mental health issues. The Mayor is currently under indictment for trafficking fentanyl, in collaboration with members of the Zuma Cartel. Before his suicide, Robert Case was participating in an out-patient program for drug addicts. The program is sponsored by the area’s leading employer, Xi Pharmaceuticals, a Chinese-owned company. Xi’s Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Herbert Cash, was US Attorney General Garland’s college roommate. The Attorney General was in town paying a brief visit to Dr. Cash. Mr. Garland is now en route to Zurich, where he will address a global banking conference. His spokesman stated the conference is likely to last six to ten weeks…”

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

28 comments on “The News Ooze

  1. erin says:

    Just run both stories, no one will notice. Lol

  2. Lois says:

    My head is spinning! Speaking of spinning, do you know the spinning song from Novalis’ story of Fable from Heinrich von Ofterdingen? “Awake in your cells, you children of ancient time, in the east it is brightening, the morning is nigh. I’m spinning all the threads into a single cord”… Quite the opposite sort of spinning!

  3. Larry Austin says:

    Metallica sang, “Sad, But True”. In this case, it is hilarious, but true. The mainstream news is nothing but mindless ooze and innuendo and suggestive propaganda lies.

  4. Paul says:

    NICE !

    Oozing right past the periods.


    “The silent spaces
    between the notes
    is as important
    as the notes themselves.”

    ~ Carlos Santana

    .Strum on.

  5. Karen Bracken says:

    Jon…we need to start pullling data that proves Flu death numbers were greatly decreased during the COVID pandemic. We also need to do data crunching on the death rates over the past 10 years (using population figures in the study). It has been said in the US and in Germany the death rates have not increased during 2020. But flu deaths greatly decreased. So to me this data if done correctly can prove that COVID was nothing more than the yearly flu made political. I believe the yearly flu is thrust upon us each year by our own government in order to feed big pharma. Fauci has been lobbying for a mandatory flu shot for decades and now he has made his promise to big pharma and Bill Gates, his partner in The Decade of The Vaccine (2010-2020)a reality. We need to start doing some number crunching to prove what we know to be true. COVID was the yearly flu and there was no increase in deaths in the US in 2020 or 2021. We should probably use data from insurance companies because they generally have the most accurate numbers because accurate death rates are the mainstay of their business.

    • AJ says:

      Early 2020, John Hopkins University/
      hospital, G. Briand, did 2 decades research on deaths in the USA. It proved there was no spike in 2020. Average deaths 2.8 million. The deaths attributed to the fraud China flu were the deaths decreased from heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia, etc. Her article was quickly removed.

      • M Brenner says:

        Is it posted anywhere? Perhaps a saved copy from a second-hand source, thank you?

      • Karen Bracken says:

        I saved all of her stuff because I knew it would be taken down. I just happened to watch her presentation live when it took place. I knew as soon as it was over there was going to be a huge issue with what she had to say. Glad I saved her stuff.

  6. Laura says:

    Brilliant. I was reading through the list of medical disorders that Pfizer included in their “secret document”. Essentially, all of our current health problems can be directly traced back to Big Pharma’s poison concoctions. I work in home health and a client I care for has Rett syndrome and, of course, all of the literature makes the claim that it is not caused by vaccines. They claim it is “genetic” (blame the bad genes of the parents) even though they admit only 90% of the sufferers have the “mutation”. The technical name for Rett syndrome is Hyperammonaemia and, lo and behold, it’s on the list. Rett syndrome was first “discovered” in 1966 and the MEASLES VACCINE was unleashed on the public in 1963. If people look at when certain vaccines were developed and then look at when new diseases/syndromes were “discovered” it is clear they are directly caused by the vaccines. Take Parkinson’s for example – it was first “discovered” in 1817 and the small pox vaccine was widely distributed in the early 1800s. But nothing to see here! I also worked at a pain clinic and was astounded at the number of chronic pain sufferers. Arthritis in many forms is also on the list. It’s all there! I wouldn’t doubt that big pharma puts certain ingredients into vaccines in order to cause certain disease processes. I would imagine that each lot has a different formulation so that not everyone develops the same adverse reactions.

    • Sue says:

      You are so right, and most people don’t know about this. Drugs can also produce those effects, but it’s much more common for vaccines to be the culprit, as they are injected, bypassing all the safety filters of the body.

      The genetic damage is largely being done by vivisectors who believe they can do better than God and nature (survival of the fittest is an important natural law in the physical world). Then, when the new damages occur from what they’ve sold us, they go back to the lab and try to invent something to patch up the damage they’ve caused, but it causes even more kinds of damage.

      Or, as Dr. Anna Kingsford put it, over a century ago:
      “The spiritual malady that rages in the soul of the vivisector is in itself sufficient to render him incapable of acquiring the highest and best knowledge. He finds it easier to propagate and multiply disease than to discover the secret of health. Seeking for the germs of life, he invents only new methods of death.”

      I also searched Muscular Dystrophy, which was first diagnosed in the 1830’s. The “scientists” (vivisectors) claim it’s genetic.

      Read these articles and connect the dots:

      Vaccine Induced Mitochondrial Disease

      Mitochondrial Transfer

      Dads (not just moms) Can Pass on Mitochondrial DNA

      Muscular Dystrophies and Mitochondrial Myopathies

    • oranje says:

      Great post Laura;
      That is an aspect of the evils of vaccination I was
      unaware of, that they could be the cause of so many chronic conditions, and yes there is “Hyperammonaemia” in one of the lists on page 34 of the Pfizer document.

    • Piksil says:


      So what you are inferring is that the human body isn’t helped back to optimum ease (opposite of dis-ease) by chemicals derived from crude oil???

      That’s crazy talk!!! Just state that to almost any MD (via Zoom, of course. Don’t want to see them in person…isn’t that the trend…’virtual visits’?).

      They’re likely to have a prescription for an anti-depressant/mood stabilizer/anti-psychotic to your local poison center (pharmacy) before the session is over, because those kind of thoughts are clearly the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain. All humans need more crude oil derivatives in their system!!!

      Please don’t have that prescription(s) delivered; pick it up in person, and be sure to get your flu shot. And shingles shot. And tetanus booster. And HPV shot. Et al.

      Better living through chemistry. Protect grandma! 💊💉

  7. LadyLiberty4U says:


    I’m shocked, *shocked* I tell you that you missed 2 “relevant” “facts” in your “totally relevant” and “vitally important” “news” story:

    1) That the Velma Tigers had broken “new ground” earlier this year, in the heroic fight for Gender Equality by becoming the first “Female” team to ever be allowed to compete in the backward, male-dominated 4A high school football league. The “identifying as female” Team Captain Collinette Brabson was quoted as saying, “We are proud to take our place in the perennials of history.”
    We believe that Captain Brabson meant the “annals” of history.

    And 2) That the cause of the “recent break-up” between Mr. Case and Margo Moskowitz was due to ZMrgMs. Moskowitz’ recent declaration of being “non-binary”. ZMrgMs. Moskowitz is quoted as saying, “Robert just couldn’t accept me as I am! Next week I plan to register for classes as a puddle of protoplasm and fight for the rights of the non-bipedal and non-human to an education!”

    Love ya, Jon; you’re on a roll!


    P.S. Jon, I hope you know that adult adhd ain’t part of the “joke”?

  8. michael burns says:

    “That her divorce proceedings “have nothing to do with Jeffrey Epstein,
    He and Bill were merely

    He and Bill…ahahahah very good.

    I think heshee is mad because of the guy in this quote…and you wrote it!

    “At the highest levels of the medical cartel, vaccines are a top priority because they cause a weakening of the immune system. I know that may be hard to accept, but its true. The medical cartel, at the highest level, is not out to help people, it is out to harm them, to weaken them. To kill them. At one point in my career, I had a long conversation with a [man] who occupied a high government position in an African nation. He told me that he was well aware of this. He told me that WHO is a front for these depopulation interests” ― Jon Rappoport interview with ex-vaccine Researcher

    …she saw Bill’s cheque stubs signed to that very same man. And heshee thought all along that they were doing such good, she woke up, she was greenhorn back then, a simple office girl looking for a rich owner!

    BTW heshee does not want to be called Melinda anymore, its French Gates…or is that Grench Fates. Anyway she is pisssseed, that the IT world is dominated by males and soooo, wants a lot more women in the biz.

    Down to some 20% since 1987 she is abandoning the vaccine/depopulation bit for “A women should rule the world bit and I think I can be President bit” talk about post-divorce angst,(Think I’m kidding! Of course I did read that at Babylon bee and those guys have too much fun creating narrative.).

    Heshee is investing heavily in women in computing now…

    Now back when she was working for Microsoft and wooing Bill and practicing gold bricking at night, women, were a rising number in IT. At that time less than a third of undergraduates computer science degrees. That number has dropped now to 1 in 5.

    But French has failed to understand that Aspie nerds who collect around computing are now a new variety of genders and so that gold bricking bunch of undergraduates that were looking for all those rising computing stars as husbands are all married and divorced and suing their husbands for billions and billions. She should know , I mean “How tough was her competition when young Bill was a spring chicken and all starry eyed and boyish and ready for some vamp mamma to stamp and commit mate crimes on him.

    Not that Bill’s any angel, I mean he was boinking under age girls at Jeffy’s place between runs. He doesn’t need any sympathy being so psychopathic and all warped out of shape.

    Granted there are women in the university computing programs, but nowadays they are part elf, or, 60/40, 50/50, 20/80 some even are androgyny and from a galaxy far far away. Sometimes both, some are like barbie dolls or GI Joe with a smooth nude-colored plastic front.

    Anyway French is creating an office to work on this problem and is starting a number of Coding Camps for girls. Whoopee! That should be a lot of fun, wouldn’t ya just love to be a fly on the wall of one of those places with all those little transgenders weirdos showing up or protesting and burning the place down if she balks on what she says.

    The future is looking brighter…bwahahahahha

  9. Roundball Shaman says:

    The News Ooze…

    “An unvaccinated man jumped twelve stories to his death.”

    Before he jumped, he yelled out to someone hanging laundry on the roof…

    ‘I can live with Covid. I can live with being shunned and ridiculed. I can live with losing my job due to refusing the kill shot. I can live with my family and friends turning against me. I can live with no cola drinks and Oreos on the store shelves. I can live with all that, and more…

    ‘But I JUST CAN’T stand listening to one more pronouncement of absolute bull snot from the weaselly mouth of Doctor Death!’

    “Here’s Bob with a weather warning. Yes, Jim, there’s a huge storm brewing 400 miles off the coast with winds up to 200 miles an hour…”

    ‘And you won’t believe this. Radar shows it’s coming from… the mouth of Doctor *The Science!* Get the pets inside and put away the lawn furniture, because he’s about to speak again! GGGAAAAAHHHHHHH! HOLD ONNNN!’

    “President Biden has canceled his trip to Waukesha”

    ‘He said he just can’t take an overseas trip right now when so much is going on that needs his wise and prudent attention. He’s sending Skamala instead. When informed of her upcoming journey, she began to giggle wildly and say, “HUH? WWWWHHHATTT?’

    “The Gates Foundation is donating 400 million dollars for research on mental health issues arising from the pandemic”

    ‘The White House announced that it is seizing all that money to buy pudding… because pudding is a classified mental health issue related to serious national security.’

  10. Rick in Phoenix says:

    Still don’t get how the so-called ‘waves’ are created? La Quinta Columna gives you the rundown
    December 07, 2021

    A few hours ago, La Quinta Columna briefly explained again for its new followers the real cause of the famous “waves” caused by the never isolated, never purified, and never sequenced SARS-CoV-2. What’s today known as COVID clinical picture is nothing more than an acute irradiation syndrome (ARS), with the difference that patients present bilateral pneumonia (COVID lung). This type of pneumonia would be caused by the graphene oxide located in the lungs once electronically excited through non-ionizing radiation emitted by 4G, 4G Plus, and 5G antennas.

  11. Larry C says:

    Clearly, Rappoport, you have posted last night’s CBS Reports verbatim to your site, taking credit for the entire blizzard of ‘information’.

    For shame….SHAME! 😡😡😡

  12. hulu says:

    Just in: NY state gov imposes Covid passport or mandatory masks for everybody over 2 y.o.

    There is no any legal standard for mask anywhere in state of NY nor anywhere in USA, except for masks for certain workers, as per OSHA (construction dust). That would make women’s thong perfectly legal mask, if someone wishes to make a point.

  13. J. Barlow says:

    They blamed mothers for cot deaths – doctors, scientists, etc all got on the bandwagon, the real culprit was vaccines.

    Mustn’t blame vaccines say Big Pharma, it’s making us money, no matter what new illnesses and deaths they cause, big bucks is more important than people!

    Vaccines – a crime against humanity!

  14. dnomsed says:

    Lovely. Thank you. 😊

  15. Orpheus Owl says:

    That’s genius hilarious, Jon, how you managed to roll all these Idiocracies going on in the world into one story: a terrorist attack by a dangerous anti-vaxxer, weather modification/geoengineering “predictions,” fake vax passes, BLM riots, bigoted distribution of the injection due to white supremacy, News reporters’ changing stories, the global lightning speed travels of the Omicron/Moronic variant, Fentanyl trafficking and the promise of new pharma mental health drugs, the Capital “event,” Jeffrey Epstein’s ties to the Gates family, and of course, the cabin in the woods and yellowcake uranium.

  16. Siouxma says:

    That’s what I want to be if and when I ever grow up: a Christian Moonshiner!

  17. Jim S Smith says:

    “News Ooze”? ? ?


    The graphics on THAT leave me shuddering. XD XD XD!

  18. lamberth says:

    Tell us honestly Jon, cause I’m so confused right now.

    Did you break into the CNN news faults – H2Ogate-style – and obtained the Teleprompter Script V1.1984.R4 for Tuesday’s news cast?

    Oh, wait a minute.
    Satire, you say?

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