The Gray Man

by Jon Rappoport

December 6, 2021

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The Gray Man
Reads the New York Times
He watches CNN
So he knows who the traitors are:
The ones who refuse the vaccine
And want to infect the world
The night is long
And only the injection will deliver us from evil
The Gray Man is beginning to believe
The virus has always been here
And only by some miracle have we managed
To avoid it until now
The violators must be punished
They must be thrown into camps
The kinder and gentler age is over
Now comes the hammer of reason and science
And if the backward and uneducated cannot grasp
The fundamentals they will pay the price
They will be sacrificed on behalf of all of humanity
And the survival of the species
The Gray Man reads the New York Times
He watches CNN
The night is long
But the injection will deliver us from evil
It is unthinkable that the State itself is corrupt
And is controlled by banks
It is unthinkable that the virus itself
Does not exist
And a story about a phantom is the pretext
For a tyranny behind the bland assurances of bureaucrats
The Gray Man reads the New York Times
He watches CNN
He understands the phrase “anti-vaxxers”
Applies to unhinged lunatics
Who cling bitterly to their guns and religion
In the hills of unincorporated territories
The military must be called in
To hunt them down and put them in camps
Where data can be collected from certified medical experiments
The prisoners must wear prominent marks of their status
Civilization when all is said and done
Is a system
The system is well organized
It favors The Good
If no one who is official can be trusted
Then there is chaos
Thus and therefore and ipso facto
The mandates can be deduced
The Gray Man reads the New York Times
He watches CNN
He knows what he knows
He is eager to serve the force that drives progress
He will be outfitted with government currency
And codes of behavior
This is a permanent emergency
The police and the courts and judges are backing him up
We are biological machines awaiting signals
The night is long
The injection will deliver us from evil
The Pope can be trusted
He is a banker
The Gray Man reads the New York Times
He watches CNN
He knows all there is to know
There is no other information
That which has been censored and blacked out
Would have eaten into his certainty
It would have served no other purpose
It stands to reason that corporations and governments
Are working together to filter out contrarian
Impulses that spring from
Lower branches of the evolutionary tree
Give us your huddled masses
Yearning to be vaccinated
The Gray Man
Knows what he knows
He reads the New York Times
He watches CNN
The ship is coming into the harbor of safety
Gold bars are moving in tunnels under the streets of New York
In coordination with Swiss algorithms
Which govern the inflections of global currency
The digital framework is building out day and night
The individual human has always been
Unreliably programmed and
This will change
Money the constant, the human the variable
“This is to inform you your account is overdrawn”
The Gray Man reads the New York Times
He watches CNN
He knows what Davos and Brussels and the City of London
And Beijing give him to know
The medical cartel is neutral
It flies under no political banner
It alters all populations
For the sake of
Survival of the species
Stimulus response
The Gray Man reads the New York Times
He watches CNN
He knows what he is supposed to know
He is educated
He grasps the essentials
Every datum proceeds from prior data in an unbroken chain
The system nods at the Gray Man
“You’re on the right track, you’ve always been on the right track”
When the Gray Man hates
He knows who to attack, who to go after
He wants to become a sharper instrument
In the war against the ignorant
He wants to enlist in an army and wear a uniform
He dreams of clicking his heels and saluting
He wants to stand a post
The Gray Man reads the New York Times
He watches CNN
He drives his children to school
Wearing masks, they enter a shroud of plastic encasing the building
And disappear
Inside the gymnasium they stand in a long line
To receive their shots

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

32 comments on “The Gray Man

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:



    I am an alien of some renown
    Let me introduce myself
    My name is Omicron,
    I have come hither
    To this time and place
    From the turbulent depths
    Of your inner-space
    To terrorize all mankind,
    Be advised that
    Only the truly free
    Will escape my virus of fear
    That I have unleashed on thee,
    This is not my first visit
    Nor shall it be my last,
    For I have been feeding
    On the delectable morsels
    Of your torment and terror
    Throughout the centuries past,
    I have been your intimate companion
    Across the blood strewn ages,
    I have haunted your epic heroes
    And sparred with your bearded sages,
    Whose stoic wisdom
    Was never able to forestall
    The collection of life’s blood wages,
    Remember, I followed that sly serpent
    Into Eden’s garden
    And got the fall rolling
    With a bite from that juicy apple,
    I terrorized those brave soldiers
    Readying their attack
    On the plains of Marathon
    Before they could savor
    The glorious scars of battle,
    I fiddled a fine tune with Emperor Nero
    As Rome Burned
    And her good citizens
    Fled screaming into the streets,
    And what can I say about
    Those brave knights of the round table
    So protected by their
    Layers of manly mail and armor
    Whose crevices I loved to infiltrate
    That sweet moment right before
    The lance took my place,
    I followed the black death
    Through the Eurasian countryside
    Marveling at the sheer number
    Who were falling like dead rats in the streets,
    I was with Napoleon at Waterloo
    When the tide of battle turned
    As his mighty empire slipped away
    C’est la guerre!
    I was at Antietam in Sixty-Two
    Where the sweet meandering creek
    Ran red with brothers blood
    While I held hands of both the grey and blue,
    And during the war to end all wars
    I rode down the lovely River Somme
    Where both sides were
    Hunkered down in their trenches
    Scribbling their doleful dreams
    To their sweethearts back home,
    At Stalingrad I terrorized
    The super soldiers of the mighty Reich
    Shivering in the drifting snow banks
    Dreaming of soft summer days along the Rhine,
    I have crossed the DMZ
    At Panmunjom a thousand times
    Spooking the guards
    At the heavily fortified crossing of a war
    That has never ended,
    I loved going on patrol with those brave GIs
    Through the steaming jungles of Southeast Asia
    What a place not to be
    Though I gleefully accompanied
    Each mosquito infested step
    To engage an enemy they could not see,
    I ran through the corridors
    Of the White House
    During thirteen days in May
    where I loved to preen
    As solemn advisors huddled
    And mad Generals screamed,
    I rolled with those jets on Nine-Eleven
    Across the land of the free
    And followed the many brave
    First responders who
    Dropped their donuts at Seven-Eleven
    Before dying in those towers of greed
    And now, here today
    On this no special day whatsoever,
    I am here with you
    To share your six feet of separation
    From those you most love,
    To mask your dignity
    From even the angels above,
    And let me clue you in
    On a secret of which you may not be aware
    Known even to devils cynical,
    Freedom is yours to choose
    Even In this golden age of fear and despair
    For the gates of heaven and hell are adjacent and identical.

    • Opie Poik says:

      Please allow me to introduce myself
      I’m a ploy of stealth and haste
      Been around for forty long years
      So many bought my ruse of AIDS

      (To the melody of “Sympathy For The Devil” by the Rolling Stones)

      Sorry, Reluctant Warrior, but the opening lines of your elegant musings triggered my lesser-browhood.

    • Phil Kane says:


    • David Marino says:


  2. Paul says:

    Dispelling gray
    By jungled syght

  3. Eric Larsen says:

    “The Gray Man” is brilliant and absolutely on fire with the truth about “Covid,” about the lethal, murderously destructive aims of its inventors and purveyors, as well as about the aims of the inventors and purveyors of the homicidal and “experimental” mRNA “vaccines.” “Omicron,” on the other hand–ostentatious, intellectually lazy, profoundly uninformed–might well have been written by The Gray Man, and perhaps it was.

  4. Vitruvius says:

    Just in, NYT no less:

    “New York City Announces Vaccine Mandate for Private Employers”

    Here is the catch. Mayor has no any legal authority for this “mandate”. As proven by recent several injunctions against Brandon over the very same legal issue.

    Of note: usually they send weather balloon to test winds a few days before. This time around, DeBlasio received overnight call on red phone in his bedroom, and was briefed on the way to work. Announcement was without delay.


    “The mayor also announced that the rules for dining and entertainment would apply to children ages 5 to 11, who must have one dose to enter restaurants and theaters starting on Dec. 14, and that the requirement for adults would increase from one dose of a vaccine to two starting on Dec. 27, except for those who initially received the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.”

    So where exactly is science behind that? Why 14th of December, not 15th, or better yet, not right away? Why 6 y.o. not 7, or infants as well?

    As with all fire sales, there suppose to be no time to look into details.

    What make one wonder, why the rush?

    • eceres says:

      The points in your post are several, and will mention there’s something about numbers five, eight, also eleven, have a quasi positive effect on brain perception. The cons know it and use numbers for their purposes.

      The numbers less serious looking than others. There’s nothing but gibberish on web on it and web is half gone, so don’t bother search. Just look at them and think. Then share info with others, keeping to ourself doesn’t go anywhere, have to share with those around us.

      They use in perpaganda, such as in that one kidz ages, and in other ways, such as choose certain dates so numbers are associated, or in their fake voting, or supposed numbers of people on this or that, to dumb down, or if using more serious looking number, to oppress. They use numbers to steer.

      Not to distract from your post, which in other way goes around part of point. Just wanted to mention, the cons use many angles.

      • Hilda says:

        A clever lawyer should file for two parallel injunctions:

        1. Fork out science to back up Covid “mandate” for children at this precise level.

        2. Ban McDonald’s junk food in NYC public schools based on proven science of child obesity.

        This would force NYC to struggle with two opposite defenses at once.

        Then, I would pour myself a glass of Courvoisier, and see what happens.

      • darrell says:

        Speaking of numbers with special occult meaning to certain groups of people, there’s of course the ominous magic number 6 Million. Which reminds me, the running joke in Europe after Communism fell: Auschwitz lowered death totals to 3 million, so what does 6 Million minus three million equal? It equals 5 years in jail.

    • Epicurious says:

      Is it a coincidence or not that on the 15th here in Oz, your 14th there will be a number of announcements regarding the police states’ policies on loosening/tightening controls. Given coincidences are not coincidental then one can only assume that something big is going down on our 15th or your 14th.

  5. Clifford Case says:

    Right on the money! What do I do? Follow the crowd? The mandate? Get shot. I did. Now what? To do? Hope for the best? W H O do you believe? I am confused. Defused. Regusted & degusted. Isolate! Hibernate! What about Florida Ivermectin?

  6. Rico Debiase says:

    Don’t all cults always end this way

  7. Roundball Shaman says:

    “The Gray Man…Reads the New York Times…watches CNN…so he knows who the traitors are”

    He ‘knows’ who the traitors are… and in believing he knows, he misses the true traitors in his midst… the New York Times, CNN… but most of all… HIMSELF. He is his own traitor to and against himself. So in failing to identify the real traitors, he projects that label against all those that State Media tells him to fear and dehumanize. He is his own devil hiding in his own shadow.

    It’s a terrible thing when someone does something bad to us. But it’s even worse when we are doing terrible things to ourselves. When we do, we look for things to demonize all around us and fail to look the true traitor demon in the eyes… to be found IN THE MIRROR.

    “It is unthinkable that the State itself is corrupt… And is controlled by banks”

    And why is this ‘unthinkable’? Because we were told it was so BY THE STATE AND THE BANKS. And after we were told that the State and Banks are not corrupt, we were then told by Them about all the other things around right in front of our faces that are not really ‘corrupt’ (so They say) that are in fact ROTTEN TO THE CORE.

    ‘Lie to me, Daddy! I love it when you tell me lies. I want to believe all your lies, Daddy! Tell me more!’

    “He dreams of clicking his heels and saluting”

    And we, the good people of the World, also seek to click our heels. But for us, we crave to click our heals and find ourselves back in our own version of Kansas again… back to our homes and families and our lives before the deep infections known as the New York Times, CNN, and all those who represent legal fictions supported by their hammer of mindless unbridled authorized thuggery took over everything. We want to go home…

    We call out to our personal Auntie Em… and cry out to a World gone horribly wrong… “There’s no place like home… there’s no place like home…’

  8. Orpheus Owl says:

    Thank you, Jon, that was Brilliant.

    As for your last line, “They stand in a long line to receive their shots…. fired,” they do say that the real injection (not the saline placebo one) feels like “a bullet going into the arm.”

    That seems really appropriate.

    After enough boosters, won’t all the “Gray Men” die out, though?

  9. Bee says:

    I regret to inform Baal Gates, but his mandates to have people put secret chemicals in their bodies keep failing on many occasions. More and more citizens around the globe continue have a nerve to defy him:

    That is only a song, but in Guadeloupe we saw almost overnight overthrow of colonial French government last week.

  10. Barbara says:

    Perfect Love, Jon! Thank you for all of your Love.

    • Cris M. says:

      Agree, and add a little, I wonder how many see, effort, and we have reasons to try, people we know, or meet here and there, and I count Jon as a reason, and so keep sharing info. Here a tune to go with your post

      for Jon, so long keeping the campfire going that others may see, and for us too, who appreciate, resonate ~

  11. Lewis Papier says:

    Watch the music video THE COMMANDANT. They want internment camps here. Spread the word that these devils are trying to do that here.

  12. senorena peepers says:

    You can break my spirit and kill my body but you cannot destroy my soul.

    Jesus would have had great conversations with you, Jon – I think he is. Praise.

    Remember the interview with the human robot designer who was asked, [But, what about our soul, and he said], “Oh, we can add that in later, if we wish.”

  13. aquavist says:

    Thank you for your continued high powered enlightenment. Please consider that as co-creators of this reality, the information we put into our minds each day which works its way into our paradigms, the engine of our reality creation. By inputting negative information to your paradigm repeatedly, your world to spin in the gutter.

    Jon, please find a way to offset the darkness and introduce hope into your message. We’re beating a dead horse into the ground and it’s aiding the slaughter.

    Readers, just as the world needs an overhaul in the manner of operating, we need to overhaul our approach to consciousness. Getting our experience out of the mind space (the time-driven means of slaughter) and into the heart center (the original organic configuration of humanity) is cupid’s arrow to humanity.

  14. CK_ says:

    Daily Expose has an article about the non-existence of the SARS-COV-2 virus. LOTS of comments on this one, which is unusual for the Expose.

  15. CK_ says:

    This link has 2 great videos: first one is an Australian documentary about how Vaccine passports will lead to tryanny. The 2nd one is a fascinating Catherine Austin Fitts interview. (Is Mr Global trying to settle another planet?)

  16. Jim S Smith says:

    To think, or not to think?
    THAT is the relevant question of our times,
    For those who dare think on their own,
    Be they guilty of any and all “thought crimes”!

    To believe, and what to believe?
    THAT is the big quandary of our time,
    As most find themselves quite sublime,
    For to ever question dictats and morals,
    Be THAT the biggest crime!

    * * *

    There once was a being from Tyrus,
    Who thought he was really Osiris,
    Then just the other day,
    In a remarkable way,
    He truly found – he was a virus!

    * * *

  17. darrell says:

    “The Pope can be trusted
    He is a banker….”

    Jorge Bergoglio (stage name “Francis”) is in fact the 5th in a series of antipopes since the overthrow of a validly elected pope (who just so happened to be anti-communist and a true pastor of souls) after the death of Pius XII in 1958. That is why there was a revolution in the Church which mirrored the revolution in the culture at large. The antipopes since the obese and smiling “Good Pope John” have all been Globalist NWO assets. The evidence can be seen at “The Siri Project” on youtube,, and “Papal Imposters” on youtube, the latter however not up to speed on the slick double agent Malachi Martin, who intentionally in his “limited hangout” didn’t mention the pivotal 1958 papal conclave.

  18. andrew adach says:

    Good one Jon. I have a neighbor that reads the NYT and thinks he knows everything. I’d send it to him but I have determined after many insults to have no converse with him. Thanks

  19. Ashley Howes says:

    Walked to the edge of the world
    staring into the Great Beyond
    how have we come to this?
    How do the world’s minion many
    march in lockstep in goose-step
    over the hills and far away
    far beyond our hopes and fears
    far beyond our imagined utopias
    or dystopias
    or myopias?

    French furniture polish
    may very well smell very nice
    reassure us with olfactory recollections
    of civilized normalcy
    from the days when eggs
    packed powerful nutritive punch
    when pigs squealed as they were slaughtered
    somewhere hidden in the village
    where crows mutter in their murders
    plotting dark deeds in foulsome labyrinths
    in ways which ordinary decent folk
    find shuddering,
    for Evil is their middle name
    and making us all slaves is their central aim.

    Politics are paralysing.
    Sickness endemic to such
    harsh task masters
    governing our every move
    such that all are stillness
    and with stillness
    given that resistance is futile
    as Star Trek has so well taught us

    though two little humble hobbits
    stumbling around in the wild
    might beg to differ.

    I remember English country gardens
    I remember large, dense and crisply juicy potatoes.
    I remember Irish bacon and sausages
    and Irish butter
    and Scottish steel cut oats
    fermenting in humble peasant kitchen drawers
    slightly sour so ever fresh
    good British real ale beer
    the stars and stripes
    battle-weary, waving in storm-crossed winds
    defiant and somehow chipper
    though streaked with the blood of
    friends and enemies gripped in the same embrace
    of glorious struggle.

    A far cry from today’s collectively abject surrender.
    Where did our people go?
    Have we all marched down to oblivion
    following the Pied Piper of MegaTech Trillionaires
    now hell bent on injecting us all
    with their poisons gone viral?

    Nostalgia is for those who long for their past to return in glory.
    We have forgotten our past and cannot even muster simple nostalgia.
    We are the forgotten ones,
    the hesitant ones,
    the aimless ones,
    the heartless ones,
    the obedient ones,
    the frightened ones,
    the reasonable ones,
    the subservient ones,
    the confident ones,
    the well-meaning ones,
    the far-flung ones,
    the exhausted ones,
    the bankrupted ones,
    the betrayed ones,
    the puzzled ones,
    the school-age ones
    the retired ones
    the gifted ones
    the stupid ones
    the loyal ones
    the disloyal ones
    the complacent ones
    the compliant ones
    the consenting ones
    the questioning ones
    the questioning ones
    the questioning ones.

    Where did all our countries go?

    Sunday Dec 5 2021
    Veracruz, Mexico

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