Virus mutation in Jewish deli infecting all of Africa came from Beverly Hills

by Jon Rappoport

November 30, 2021

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Tony Fauci, the Great White Father, is flying to Africa, to save the continent from the latest virus-mutation, which originated in a deli in Beverly Hills.

Fauci gave a statement to reporters at LAX before departing: “We now know that what we’re calling SARS-CoV-6 crossed species from a pastrami sandwich at Fineberg’s Deli on Rodeo Drive, to Fred Reilly, a customer, in late October. Reilly flew to Botswana, where he infected three soccer players who were moonlighting as security guards at a UN cocktail party.”

Fauci will explain to Africa that a new IG Farben drug, RP-1984, which has been stockpiled for 20 years, since it failed to slow the progression of leukemia in rats, will be dropped from planes over the continent.

The drug attacks all cells of the body, preventing them from replicating. The hope is it will also prevent the deli variant from replicating before it kills the host (human beings).

“Preliminary data looks promising,” Fauci stated. “Of course, lockdowns for at least a year, vaccination, mask wearing, and distancing will have to be practiced religiously,” he added.

“Owing to business closures, most African countries will sink into irreversible and desperate debt. The International Monetary Fund, as usual, will tide these countries over with loans. However, this time, the United Nations will usher in a new digital currency for Africa.”

The currency, Fauci asserted, will include Universal Guaranteed Income for every person in Africa—as long as they obey all government dictates without question or protest.

At the White House, Joe Biden said, “I don’t eat pastrami. Nurse Jill won’t let me.”

Deli owner Hank Fineberg told the LA Times, “We didn’t start this. We buy our pastrami from Gornish Garnish, a wholesaler in Brooklyn. Why isn’t the CDC investigating them? Besides, none of our customers have actually gotten sick. So what’s the problem?”

The Times attributes the plunge of the stock market to the deli variant. It also questions California Governor Gavin Newsom’s decision to “leave Rodeo Drive open to shoppers.”

Bill Gates is urging people to eat a pastrami substitute made from dried maple leaves, a pine tar derivative, and salted mica.

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine concludes that “the deli variant causes the body to produce 12 different sets of antibodies, some of which resemble the original SARS-CoV-2. The body then faces the prospect of antibodies attacking antibodies, resulting in a downward vortex resembling a black hole in space…”

NBC states, “Black Lives Matter leaders are huddling with officials at the Ford Foundation, shaping a response to news that the deli variant is sweeping through Africa.”

CBS: “In Africa, the major symptoms associated with the deli variant are weight loss, dehydration, and diarrhea. These symptoms traditionally stem from malnutrition and starvation, but researchers say the variant is now the principal culprit…”

At the White House yesterday, the President’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, told reporters, “The dark winter has arrived early. It’s here. The deli variant will necessitate new lockdowns and business closures. President Biden will be issuing a new wide-ranging vaccine mandate in the next few days. At the moment, he is meeting with NIH researchers and poring over the latest data on infection rates. His background in statistical analysis will serve him well in this effort…”

A FOX News reporter asked, “Will Christmas be canceled?”

Psaki replied, “Shopping will proceed. But Jesus was born only once. Is it necessary to keep celebrating the event? The Secretary of State is meeting with Pope Francis to discuss the question.”

The FOX reporter followed up with another query: “What about all the migrants coming across the Southern border? How many are carrying the deli variant?”

Psaki: “We have a new mass testing program called The Wand. It can survey thousands of people at once and detect the presence of viruses. So far, we’ve found only one person at the border who is infected with the deli variant—a former Montana resident. He has been the subject of an FBI manhunt, owing to the fact that he was present at the January 6th Capitol breach. He is now in custody at Walter Reed Hospital. He has no symptoms, which is a bit of a mystery.”

Retiring NIH Director Francis Collins clarified several deli variant issues this morning, on a conference call with reporters: “The new variant is producing different effects in different populations. In Africa, we’re seeing weight loss, dehydration, and diarrhea. In South America, the primary symptom is a dry cough. In Australia, it’s transient leg pain and anger. In Europe, numbness of the extremities and increasing poverty. In the US, waning immunity conferred by the vaccine, hypnotic passivity, and paradoxically, attendance at football games…”

Senator Chuck Schumer has introduced a bill that will compensate victims of the deli variant, in the form of a federal card that can be used to purchase $900 in goods and services. The diagnosing doctor will also receive a card, worth $3900 for each variant case identified.

Don’t leave home without it. Actually, don’t leave home. Lock down.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

42 comments on “Virus mutation in Jewish deli infecting all of Africa came from Beverly Hills

  1. vakzine macht frei says:

    I am not sure if it is true or not. 40 years ago, Monty Python created this:

    It was the most absurd, the most stupid thing they could come up with. Now it is reality. I expect that idiocracy will look like a mild variant of reality.

    And they say that roundup and GMO are safe. While arsenic, lead pesticides, DDT produced physical defects like polio, the new generation of pesticides and vaccines, affect brain. If you read the text of the insecticides used in agriculture, you will find this word: neurotoxin. at least 90% are neurotoxins. they claim that it only affect insects. Most are systemic, aka they are metabolized by plants.

  2. erin says:

    …..and I’m dead, ROFL. This is the “reality” the hypnotized are living in. Anything goes in the minds of the 24 hour news, reality tv, talk show worshippers. Throw out your televisions.

  3. Paul says:

    [Note to myself]:


    It’s amazing no one ever made that OBSERVATION before.

    THAT viruses like to travel westward ONLY.

    I guess they’re anti-jetlag.

  4. R says:

    And the nurse said…

    “EXCLUSIVE | Nurse Sounds Alarm On Heinous Medical Malpractice: Immediate Intubation, Remdesivir Killed Covid Patients”

    By Alicia Powe

    Published November 22, 2021

    • Jim S Smith says:

      She’s just the latest exposure of an on-going massive crime of mass-murder.

      The facts and evidence have been there for over a year and a half.


      Many WANT to believe that it was “the DEADLY virus”.

      – “The Cult of COVID is here to stay.

  5. michael burns says:

    Interesting to watch the ‘Totalitarian crawl’ as regulations increase from a once glacial crawl forward, to a race car speed as the initial infrastructure (WEF) was laid long ago and now allows for such speedy implementation of such drastic measures in these lockdowns…

    Licensing and permits on everything you need to do; a permit to build a simple fence or repair your front steps, license for a car, gun, bicycle and a dog or cat and now soon a license for the internet (application forms should be forthcoming (with a small administrative registration fee of $45).

    Botswana has now a system of Covid-19 Permits that must be adhered to for the different *members* of society, these permits are purchased to allow movement of people from one place to another, almost like a forced starvation for some who can’t even get a permit:

    INDIVIDUALS (Special permits) – Informal businesses (Essential Services Permits), Shopping for essentials, Funerals, Health, Finance, Restaurants, Hardware, Agricultural Supplies, Social Protection Packages

    INFORMAL BUSINESSES (Essential Services Permits) – Vendors, General maintenance services, Tailors, Agri-business, Auto mechanics etc

    COMPANIES/GOVERNMENT (Essential Services Permits) – Healthcare, Banking, Food Industry, Agriculture, Energy Supplies, Water, Security, Funeral, Emergency, Media, Government Services, Air [Travel] , Mines, Logistics

    …and all this has moved from online to a convenient app now, for your slave slab (cellphone). Now they know if you have a permit, now they know where you are, now they know you movement at any given time. Isn’t that convenient? And with the UBI in the mix you can be fined and so a small stipend can be extracted from that for the next year so you can learn, and understand how you should care for others around you, by restricting your movements and locking down. If you don’t have a cellphone, well then you are destitute, aren’t you? And, will receive a payment from the Covid relief fund which all citizens can donate to at our listed banks and institutions.

    Now one must understand that Companies/Government (Essential Services Permits) are, a lot more free in there permissions to move around, as they have the monumental task of running the government and society, getting those needed essential services and things to its people. They are less restrictive because of that huge responsible that the government must bear during these trying times and it’s want to services the 2,421,379 citizens of Botswana. So, air travel, and movement on highways and byways, and appointed and elected officials must be allowed to perform their trusted duties.

    All this will come to the west in time, with a little more social programming — a tweak here and a tweak there and the total elimination of the elder populace of society so they cannot educate the younger ones on their drastic loss of freedom and individuality.

  6. Black Shepherd says:

    Brilliant. Hilarious, and sad at the same time. Same same here in Naziland-Canada. I could have write thoses ‘news’. In fact, I am doing this almost all the time. Thanks Jon.

  7. Tim says:

    From Austrian chemist: Graphene nano razor blades in injections:—Graphene-razor-blades-found-in-the-COVID-vaccines-Dr.-Andreas-Noack:5

    He was killed shortly after making this public. There’s a later clip from his wife?/partner telling what happened.

    Don’t forget Kari Mullis, inventer of PCR and critic of Fauci)…just happened to pass away in Aug. 2019.

    • TheRocksBelow says:

      Important- Tims above link about Graphene razors. Jon, or anyone, please post or comment if you know anything more about this?

      • miker says:

        Next they’ll be putting it in motor oil. Then call the recycled motor oil “Medication” (waste-not-want-NOT). They will only regulate your specific weight. If you’re between the ages of 10-40 yrs. guess which weight they’ll prescribe?

        Talk about a slippery-slope!

    • Jo-Anne Head says:

      I hope Jon will look into this story of the graphene razor blades in the covid vaccine, found by Dr. Andreas Noack, who was thereafter murdered evidently for revealing this information.

    • NoMoreLies says:

      Right!! “passed away”. How convenient. Fauci and his soldiers (who can’t think for themselves or past that dollar bill) murdering for profit and power. Any age. Any gender. Any race. He don’t care. Look what he did with aids. Nothing’s changed, except, there are more fools who believe his motor-tongue of lies.

  8. striketheroot says:

    Upon reading the MSM “Moronics” accounts and this piece side by side I had a senior moment and couldn’t tell them apart. Now I’m afraid of deli sandwiches. Help me Bill Gates!

    • AraFura says:

      Yer man is underway to “cure” you. He bought halve a country and started his next project: growing anti-Covid vegetables. A gentleman called Fauci as his relible adviser.

  9. Jim S Smith says:

    Still have yet to identify the “K-virus”.

    It’s a rather ancient virus, which is largely responsible for the destruction of entire civilizations for thousands of years! It mainly attacks Western civilizations, but has been known to attack other civilizations more subtly – and therefore – remain unnoticeable by the people.

    It is a virus that is most commonly associated with extreme poverty, debt-laden economies, and massive amounts of corruption and criminality. It has the effect of slow-starving the cultures it embeds itself in, until those cultures eventually “fall apart” and become an anarchic, confusion-filled turmoil of a mess.

    It is also a virus which induces massive cases of amnesia, especially of the history of the various cultures it infects. We’re talking the level of amnesia that even AFFECTS what is printed in the “history books”!

    It is a very serious virus which has eluded identification so well, that there has been no ability to ascertain the roots of its behavior, AND has so far – out-maneuvered every attempt at treatment and curing it.

    This “K-virus” has a long history of leaving devastation, destruction, and genocide in its wake! – If we do not find a successful cure for it, and actually rid the world of this deadly menace in short order, humanity, as a species, kind, and any memorable cultural traditions, knowledge, and such thereof – will perish from this Earth!

    We really MUST isolate, identify, test, and then treat this deadly “K-virus” before it is too late for humanity!

    • Tim says:

      Their’s is “a house of desolation”; this “world”. Their “world”.

      You’ve been deceived. Or, you’re one of them.

      “My Kingdom is not of this world”.

  10. Lewis Papier says:

    This was the funniest blog Jon has come up with ever! Absolutely brilliant! It should be mandatory reading for all Sheeple who insist on drinking the Kool-Aid everyday! I am going to share this all over. I suggest everyone here do that too.

    Speaking of everyone–I need your help. I’m putting together a free eBook of the best blogs, videos and memes out there covering the anti-Covid narrative. Jon’s blog “How the Illusion is Built” will be on the top of the list.

    Please send me your best 3-5 links which have influenced your thinking as to what’s really going on today. They can either be serious or humorous or both.

    I’m Lewis. Email me at Thanks much.

  11. Jon, I was secretly hoping you would write this piece after you mentioned Beverly Hills yesterday! It’s perfect — and perfectly ridiculous, just like the black magicians and their silly, sycophantic, psychopathic career clowns.

  12. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Virus mutation in Jewish deli infecting all of Africa came from Beverly Hills”

    ‘Gimme one of those Schnitzel and Sumac Slaw Sandwiches with a big slather of that new Very-Scary-Vary-Ant-Nano sauce, please!’

    ‘And a Large size Super-Spike-Protein smoothie drink too. Make it a double! I’m feeling too damn healthy today!’

    “At the White House, Joe Biden said, ‘I don’t eat pastrami.”

    He went on: ‘Pastrami? What the hell is that? Is that some country I’m supposed to be invading or something? Yeah, wait… That’s that place right next to Afghanistan, right? Where’s the damn launch codes?! KAMALA!!!’

    “At the White House yesterday, the President’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, told reporters, ‘The dark winter has arrived early.’”

    And then she QUICKLY apologized. ‘Dark Winter? Sorry! That sounds kind of racist. Nothing ‘dark’ is bad anymore. Let’s call it a White-Privileged Winter.’

    “President Biden will be issuing a new wide-ranging vaccine mandate in the next few days.”

    ‘Now that we’ve quadruple-vaxxed every human being on the planet, we’re now *Totally Vaccinating* all the cats in the World. Cats are the only creatures left on the Planet that have any independent streak left in them. Humanity has been totally conquered! Cats are a bad influence on humanity that must be neutralized. Cats are domestic threats! So bring your Fluffy and Bootsie to your local injection site and let’s get this job done!’

    “A FOX News reporter asked, ‘Will Christmas be canceled?’”

    ‘Psaki replied: Of course not! Santa and his reindeer have all been Fully Vaxxed and we need to keep making deliveries to keep all you serfs pacified. But this year there’s a bonus! To facilitate the next vaccine injection program, Santa will deliver his presents and then fully-vaccinate all persons (and cats) in the house against that HORRIBLE, TERRIFYING, CIVILIZATION-ENDING Very-Scary-Vary-Ant! A real Two-For! Just have your kids awake when Santa comes with arms extended and sleeves fully rolled up!’

    ‘What’s that? Look kids! Here comes Santa! And look at the SIZE of that NEEDLE!’

  13. mary says:

    I like your answer, I’m going to die laughing, me too.

  14. R says:

    And in Germany… You need to be vaccinated, for prior approval to receive govt approved euthanasia, yes sir! No Kidding! Really!

  15. Larry C says:

    I Got the new variant in Texas. (Poor bastard.)

  16. darrell says:

    Satire is often the best way to carry a message — and psychological and emotional medicine.

  17. LadyLiberty4U says:

    Makes about as much sense as the (ROLMAO) original “the virus started when a woman in the Wuhan Province ate a DEAD, COOKED BAT in a bowl of Bat (spit crazy) soup”!

    Tomorrow, expect to be quoted on MSM as “a reliable source”…

    Thank you, Jon; one of your BEST! 👍😍🤗😘

  18. AJ says:

    Very funny. But it is nearer the truth then you realize. Article just published, is that the vaccinated not only spread infection they spread the mRNA from those death vials to anyone around them which infects your body the same as the vaccine. Merry Christmas! Another gift from these tyrants. So from all facts attributed to life expectency after being vaccinated, you have 2 to 5 years before your death.
    Hope “Vaccine Gates” knows this new information. Gates and all these tyrants will be “victims” of their own eugenics vaccine push to save the world. Fitting that these billionaire tyrants will suffer the same fate in this world as the average citizens. But at JUDGEMENT DAY, they will receive their real everlasting suffering, in Hell for eternity!! Makes me smile to know that. And it definitely proves GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS!!!!

    […] Sorry to spoil your day with these facts. Never give up. Hope can still produce a miracle. Good luck to all!!!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Poor rube!


      You folks like you are cowering in the corner – awaiting a fate that may or may NOT come,

      The rest of us are just going to go on with our lives, and do our best to help others do the same.

      The only “JUDGMENT DAY” I see coming,

      Is when the survivors finally come together – and issue a sound judgment of their own – to the criminals: “GUILTY! TO THE GALLOWS!

  19. Thanks for the update on the deli variant. I knew it was in the works. I just didn’t realize they were going to let you write about it so quickly.

  20. chau says:

    have someone rode/saw about the 2 docs in north van (bc) who filled a complain with the pol ice about the evil practices at their local hosp.? like a dozen of still born dea ths in one day. brave men.

  21. Bach says:

    “However, this time, the United Nations will usher in a new digital currency for Africa.”

    That may not be a joke after all:

  22. Amy says:

    Well thank you for being so honest and bringing us the real truth!!! 😂😂😂😂

  23. NoMoreLies says:

    Gee…, I wonder why Bill and Melinda gates are trying to buy up all farmland in America? Because they want to “Grow” their own poisonous “Veggies”!

    More depopulation!

    Wait!!…, everybody with a brain that can think critically, already knows this. Rats. I’m too late

    Hey, Bill…, are you going to share what you “Really grow” with ouchee Fauci?

    Didn’t think so.

  24. NoMoreLies says:

    Oh yes. Again. Fauci hits africa with another “pandemic” Africa: you are being used for his next (never ending) experiments. Demand scientific proof of his claims and demand proof that the so called vaxes work. Then, listen to him lie like the snake that he and his reptile wife are.

  25. Michaela says:

    Brilliant satire.

    Just got back from Africa (Kenya) it’s a total Babylon.

    Most are Muslim, incredible misery, poverty, drought, destroyed infrastructure, all GM vegetables (tomatoes look the same, everywhere) textiles made in India or China. Nobody has the flu in that heat (36C) the roads are very dusty and broken, so people might get sick from breathing in the dust. They are forced to wear masks in public places, all wear them on the chin. In the middle of every market digital antennas…etc. Ethiopian Airlines full of travelers coming from South Africa after Qatar Air cancelled all flights. Chinese passengers wearing both mask and visor on top of each other. In Business Class (perhaps also in Economy) they spray DDT on passengers to prevent transfer of African insects to Europe!!! Nobody complained under their masks.

    What a crazy and sad world we live in!

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