COVID concentration camps for Australians; it’s happening

by Jon Rappoport

November 24, 2021

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Zero Hedge, November 22, 2021: “The Australian army has begun forcibly removing residents in the Northern Territories to the Howard Springs quarantine camp located in Darwin, after nine new Covid-19 cases were identified in the community of Binjari. The move comes after hard lockdowns were instituted in the communities of both Binjari and nearby Rockhole on Saturday night.”

“’Residents of Binjari and Rockhole no longer have the five reasons to leave their homes,’ said Northern Territory chief minister, Michael Gunner, referring to the country’s five allowable reasons to avoid lockdown (buying food and supplies, exercising for up to two hours, care or caregiving, work or education if it can’t be done from home, and to get vaccinated at the nearest possible location).”

“’They can only leave [home] for medical treatment, in an emergency, or as required by law’.”

“’It’s highly likely that more residents will be transferred to Howard Springs today, either as positive cases or close contacts,’ he continued, adding ‘We have already identified 38 close contacts from Binjari but that number will go up. Those 38 are being transferred now’.”

“’I contacted the Prime Minister last night. We are grateful for the support of about 20 ADF personnel, as well as army trucks to assist with the transfer of positive cases and close contacts – and to support the communities’.”

“’We are doing an assessment today of what extra resources we might need from the Feds, and the Prime Minister is ready to help further – I thank him for that’.”

“Five days ago, NT [Northern Territories] Senator Malarndirri McCarthy told ABC that over crowding in Indigenous communities was a ‘massive problem,’ pointing to the region’s second cluster of new infections – which included nine members of McCarthy’s direct family, including her sister who flew from Katherine to Robinson River while unknowingly bringing COVID-19 with her, per the report.”

The sociopaths and their stormtroopers who run Australia would make Hitler and Stalin envious. “You mean you can exercise iron control over a whole nation based on a STORY ABOUT A VIRUS?”

I’ve received a report from Australia showing numbers of protesters against the national vaccine mandate, in key cities, for the weekend of November 20-21. The total is close to a million people—in a nation of 25 million. That’s stunning.

Hopefully, those numbers will increase.

Update: another report from Australia; the military have begun forcing vaccinations on the aborigines in the Northern Territory.

It’s abundantly clear we’re not living in the same world we were two years ago. That world doesn’t exist anymore.

Watch this shocking video made by June Mills, an aboriginal elder in the Northern Territory. As she excoriates the fascist Chief Minister of the Territory, Michael Gunner, and calls on her people in other towns to report on what’s happening to them and what the Army is doing, ask yourself: Is this the irrational raving of a woman who’s gone over the edge, or is this exactly how a sane person would react when government killers are loose in her neighborhood?

SOURCES: (Micheal Gunner’s statement) (Howard Springs COVID concentration camp) (June Mills’s call to action)

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

72 comments on “COVID concentration camps for Australians; it’s happening

  1. From Elsewhere says:

    On Sunday, Gunner said: “Yes, these are strong measures, but the threat to lives is extreme.” – this is how the article on ZeroHedge ends. Reportedly, 2% die, out of which 97% in reality have comorbidities – officially – not to mention how far the truth is from the official story… There is no extreme threat. Nothing new, compared to known illnesses. Only the measures are extreme.

    • sid says:

      And they choose the most vulnerable and historically oppressed — the indigenous — as their initial foray towards interring people into COVID Camps.

      Australians in particular need to rise up against this outrage!

      • Marilyn Shepherd says:

        Most of them don’t give a shit, and Mccarthy should be ashamed of herself, her sister is not sick, the tests are all fakes but they lie and lie. An Aboriginal woman in parliament has brought this hell down on her sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles heads.

        Thank you Jon for running with this

      • Laura McDonough says:

        Australian men need to grow backbones and quit being cowardly wussies. The women and kids need real men to stand up and protect their society from tyrants. Or do they want to go back to being a penal colony with no rights like China, N. Korea and the middle east where citizens are abused and treated like slaves and livestock.

      • Arby says:

        It’s like the Nazi Israelis’ regular assaults on defenceless Gazans. The Palestinians are practice. Gaza is a lab for testing weapons. In the case of Australia, soldiers are being trained to do to less vulnerable people what they doing to their indigenous and those trapped by them when flying into the country. Once they are bloodied and have had some practice being brutal, then they’ll be ready to take it to others elsewhere in Australia.

    • Invisible Man says:

      “On Sunday, Gunner said: “Yes, these are strong measures, but the threat to lives is extreme.””

      How can the threat to lives be extreme from a disease that doesn’t even exist?

      • Marilyn Shepherd says:

        The only death in NT in nearly 2 years is one man finally allowed to come home after being locked out and being killed in that concentration camp.

        In South Australia where almost no one ever got ”sick” and 4 old people died last April, 2020, they are now ranting that muslims aren’t being jabbed enough even though over 2 million people in a nation of 25 million have reported injuries.

        • AJ says:

          Is there proof of the 2 million injuries from the vaccinations? Never heard these facts. Australians gave up their guns about 10 years ago. Now, you see the results of that the government has no fear of forcing vaccinations on them and quarantine camps-prisons. Australians will become violent soon and the death toll will be noticeable. Good luck to them.

          • Marilyn Shepherd says:

   Here it is, they demand people do the surveys for safety then ignore them but when 44% are reporting adverse events and 21% need time off work then there is a real problem. Also on the doctor reported deaths I counted over 1500 on the main causes register for the two main jabs.

          • Laura McDonough says:

            Gave up their guns in 1996. Only slaves give gov their guns, total losers. Many American citizens will cower and give in when time comes. Soon this country will be taken down because majority are nihilists and apathetic, shallow and self absorbed.

    • Covid is being used as a reason to do what they wanted to do before the scamdemic.

      Covid and the lie allows for extreme measures because of Gunner’s mandates…the man’s a fuckin snake. He’s Labor looking for his next vote!

      The Northern territories:

      “The economy has grown considerably over the past decade, from a value of $15 billion in 2004–05 to over $22 billion in 2014–15. In 2012–13 the territory economy expanded by 5.6%, over twice the level of national growth, and in 2014–15 it grew by 10.5%, four times the national growth rate.”

      “Between 2003 and 2006 the gross state product had risen from $8.67 billion to $11.476 billion, an increase of 32.4%. During the three years to 2006–2007 the Northern Territory gross state product grew by an average annual rate of 5.5%. Gross state product per capita in the Northern Territory ($72,496) is higher than any Australian state or territory and is also higher than the gross domestic product per capita for Australia ($54,606).”

      “The principal mining operations are bauxite at Gove Peninsula where the production is estimated to increase 52.1% to $254 million in 2007–08, manganese at Groote Eylandt, production is estimated to increase 10.5% to $1.1 billion which will be helped by the newly developed mines include Bootu Creek and Frances Creek, gold which is estimated to increase 21.7 per cent to $672 million at the Union Reefs plant and uranium at Ranger Uranium Mine.”

      “Northern Territory GSP fell 0.6% in 2020-21 following an increase of 6.0% in the previous year.”

      With the “Wall Street’s Takeover of Nature Advances with Launch of New Asset Class”, the ethical hedge fund class gobbling up natural assets an astounding rate; the exponential rate of green asseting and the climate gaggle. The need to take aboriginal people out of Northern territory into Darwin for prolonged periods of time works to the benefit of the Michael Gunner class. This fight can on forever, and when they come back. It will be a new normal.

      Now with the new and improved “bounce back better”. The doors are flung open for the money makers to rape burn and pillage. Mining is at the top of the list and with rare earths in a dire need for technological advance,

      The Northern Territories with a total area of some “1,419,630 km2 (548,120 sq mi)” and a population of some 247,023. That places the NT as the 3rd largest in Australia with the least population. Or in other words. Northern territories is 2.1 times the size of the province of Saskatchewan with less than 35% of Saskatchewan’s population with just as much Uranium available and more rare earths.

      This is a land grab. Just like south America. With rich rare earth deposits in the NT. Nolan Bore and Charley Creek, able, if allowed to support the world demand of NdPr (Neodymium and Praseodymium).

      And the high tech need for such things is ravenous, China is leading and the west needs to corner the market or else.

      “Another key player in the space is Lynas Corporation, one of the largest processors of rare earths outside China. The Australian mining company, which operates a separation facility in Malaysia, [recently received $30.4 million in funding from the Pentagon to build a Texas light rare earths processing facility and earned another contract, in partnership with Blue Line Corp., also based in Texas, to build a heavy rare earths separation facility.]”

      “A Lynas spokeswoman referred to the new facilities in an email to CNBC as an “essential foundation” for renewing downstream metal making and implementing magnet manufacturing into the U.S. She wrote that diversifying outside the Chinese magnetic materials supply chain is important to create competitive markets and meet the growing demand for 21st-century technologies.”

      • sid says:

        This explains a lot, thanks.

      • Nicholas says:

        They do not need votes, when the powers that be count them for the desired outcome.

      • Larry C says:

        “The Northern Territories with a total area of some “1,419,630 km2 (548,120 sq mi)” and a population of some 247,023. That places the NT as the 3rd largest in Australia with the least population. Or in other words. Northern territories is 2.1 times the size of the province of Saskatchewan with less than 35% of Saskatchewan’s population with just as much Uranium available and more rare earths.”

        548,120 square miles ÷ 247,023 people is about 2.2 inhabitants per square mile. How does a body take a full breath living under such cramped conditions? 🤔

    • J anis noelene says:

      This is genocide so who’s taking their land cos that’s what this is about what else could it be about we know it’s not about a bloody virus and the health of the Aborigines their fucken and right over what the hell is going on and when are these people going to hang for their crimes enough is enough it’s all bulshit

  2. Ed says:


  3. Nut job (but not severe) says:

    Two days ago Macron sent planes of military over to Guadeloupe on the other side of Atlantic to silence riots over forced vaccinations. Looks like Baal Gates’ plan is failing.

  4. Jodi says:

    Many positive thoughts and prayers I hope and pray that the beautiful people of Australia find the Lion within and Roar those circus clowns out of their towns !!

  5. Evangeline says:

    If we had a world of June Mills we wouldn’t be here. This lady is speaking truth to power, and doing so fearlessly. God bless her and the people, who are experiencing a tyranny and brutality none of us thought possible.

    Now is the time people. Fight back, and God be with us all.

    • Donella says:

      Yes. Thank you, Evangeline. I had that very thought as I listened to her.

      • Lisa Franklin says:

        Yes June Mills voice must echo across the world now. She is worth 10 of the likes of Jacinda Ardern in NZ. These are real people fighting for their lives. I’d fight alongside June Mills any day.

  6. TheRocksBelow says:

    Tonight I will be sitting for 10 minutes with my eyes closed and I’m going to put myself in Binjari. I will sensorily smell the air, feel the breeze and hear it in the trees. I will feel the dirt under my bare feet or hear it crunch under my shoes. I look around me and see various faces of aboriginal people there and there is relief and happiness because I am seeing quite clearly help arriving NOW. In all forms. In the form of people showing up from all over, in the form of a powerful protective electricity that shields this entire area and protects it from from all evil influences and intrusions, and in the form of the residents themselves exercising mighty empowerment and mighty sovereign will so strong that it cannot be crossed. And I’ll do this until I feel relief myself and have goosebumps. And then give thanks. I can usually do this in a few minutes, but I will give it 10. And I don’t give it a second thought afterwards. because I refuse to doubt my power to create a desired outcome for the good of all.

    This is how you remember the future and create it. And then give thanks.

    I’m asking for people to join me and let me know that you are. Commit and join me 7 PM Mountain Standard Time.

    Then I might set up a Zoom contact to continue for all areas in need of remembering their innate and powerful sovereignty.

    • Roslyn says:

      Thank you🙏🏻

    • Amary says:

      Thank you. 2am UK time, will be there.

    • jane mariouw says:


      i had inklings of the same feelings.

      these people believe in The DreamTime. i hope that faith brings them protection and justice now!

      • TheRocksBelow says:

        If you have trouble imagining in a sensory way, then just read my words above and know it’s reality as you’re reading it. trust it. Your desires are an immediate, electrical command to life itself. They are beyond time and place and all of life will move in a natural way to accommodate it.

        Or.. picture what shoes you have, that you would you wear to that environment and feel them on your feet. Feel in your feet the way the soil crumbles under the your shoes when you walk. Smell the air. Now look at this place and these people in Binjari and see great protection coming in from all directions. It has arrived. Honor your natural God given authority and see safety and relief and happiness on all the faces here. All evil influences fall away of their own weight and this place has become invisible to them. Only love and healing enters here. Then go on with your day or night Turn off all news. watch a. movie or something and then honor this by sleeping well. Do not look for confirmation. Do not doubt and rest assured.

        • Aor says:

          Finally, we come across someone who thinks as we do.
          We exhorted long ago:
          “All good-hearted need to imagine Judgment-Justice-Peace.
          Judgment is the separation Good-Evil;
          Justice is the corresponding punishments;
          Peace is what comes after these Two.
          Your imagination must encompass the entire conceivable Universe, or at least the entire Earth.
          No selfishness allowed, because the effort will fall flat!”

          But no reaction.
          And now we find you.
          Good meeting!

          • Sallie says:

            I would have joined, but am just now reading this. I’ve often thought if I could find like minded people we could do something like this on so many things going on.

    • Aor says:

      We posted earlier and expressed that the visualization must be made at global scale. Otherwise it falls flat.
      If the dangers are targeting individual or close group (family, etc.) then the visualization MUST be made on that individual/group.
      It is difficult, and it takes tremendous focus.
      There are different levels of ability in this, for different individuals.

      But the “virus” hoax/murder is a Global Threat!

      Therefore, the response must be Global Vision – which includes you and close ones!
      Each effort enforces all others and reciprocally!
      A good heart would do no less!

      That’s all.

  7. Tim says:

    Mass suicide, that’s how you thumb your nose at these idiots.

    That might look like “defeatist”, or “letting them win”…but actually it’s the opposite. Believe me, I’d go to war against these freaks, these robots, except, then one is just accepting and buying into their INSANE “understanding” of life and reality, but this world and life isn’t worth “fighting” for or clinging to.

    There’s a reason why “…it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into “Heaven”…”.

    Predator-Prey/Parasite-Host is the name of the game on the ground here, the only way to ACTUALLY win, is to NOT PLAY THAT GAME. If one is neither “predator” nor “prey”, offender nor defender, there is no place in the game for them.

    The players of the game don’t know the game is rigged, there are no “winners” except the ego, and the game will “reset”(recycle) and begin the predetermined cyclical process all over again. Ultimately,seen from above, the name of the game is; Self-DECEPTION.

    There are no real victims. There is no real enemy or danger “out there”, the enemy is within, which then tricks us into projecting and experiencing it as “out there’.

    Denial or rejection of that is actually a denial or rejection of Reality. The opposite of what such a statement would “seem” to be.
    Insistence generates resultant perception.
    Then it comes down to…”why are you complaining?”. Ignorance. Arrogance. Ego-dominated=enslaved by illusion and hypocrisy.

    The Truth Sets Us Free.

    • “Mass suicide, that’s how you thumb your nose at these idiots. ”

      Goddam that’s such a great idea. Why didn’t I think of that, shit I miss all the good ideas…you have such great ideas Tim, is it because you eat Fruit Loops every morning with tweezers.
      Sucks to be me.

      BTW I love your rationale. *wink wink*

      “That might look like “defeatist”, or “letting them win”…but actually it’s the opposite.”

      I bet that’s reverse psychology, right!
      You’ve been reading again haven’t you?

      • Tim says:

        Struck a nerve there, huh? The “no-go zone”…

        It’s called “live free or die”.
        There ain’t no freedom to be had in this world,,,, only varying degrees of enslavement.

        Some people get it,,,some don’t.

        • Philbert Desanex says:

          talk about ‘not getting it’–the ‘or die’ part of that phrase means you go down swinging and fighting to death, not curling up and offing yourself

      • eceres says:

        – we make the future or others take it from us. Natural law. Nature is dying as the usurpers use the law, because others don’t. The mass laziness to this point has consequence. The destruction of earth and earth spirit people cannot be ‘fixed’. There will not always be a next time. The only real righteousness is in gratitude for life, and act on it, as able.

        Thanks Michael for noting word infinity some time ago, was stuck looking for sub word when caught in comment of yours.

  8. Thomas Palm says:

    There is a movement that is growing legs and may be unstopable. Check out “A Warrior Calls” on most alternative platforms or go to the “dot com”, to learn of a way out or the major mess the planet has been turned into.

  9. Tim says:

    This “world” is a denial of Reality. And it wasn’t GOD’S idea or doing.

    • hyden says:

      explain that to the christians and muslims, god created everything including satan

    • hyden says:

      me personally do not believe in a god, but there is a creative energy field beyond time and space. The god and gods humans have created are false, projected from the minds conditioned by time.

      Think about it critically, do you really think that your “god” (if he/she was so benevolent, omniscient and omnipotent etc) would stoop so low as to have some kind of a power struggle with the devil)? Who created the devil in the first place? Who exactly is this entity known as the “devil”? Who really is “god”? Why is the devil an eternal being? The devil has always been around and will probably be around forever. Why wasn’t the devil stopped long before he had the chance to infect others with the knowledge of good and evil? Who really is in charge of this world from the higher realms?

      • Tim says:

        This “world”(dream) amounts to a mass-psychosis. None of it is ACTUALLY real. This, here, now, is not really anything but a fantasy…a inward projection perceived as “out there”.

        “GOD”=TRUTH rules Reality(and does not indulge in fantasy).

        Acceptance and allegience to THAT, irregardless of seeming “evidence” to the contrary is the way back to sanity/The Real.(denial of that(Truth) is what got us in this mess).

        Infinite Love Is the Only Truth. Anything else is nothing and nowhere…a dream to the contrary with no effect except an interruption of communication and awareness with Truth/Reality=GOD.

        “The Prodigal Son” is about a tiny part of the consciousness of The Son(metaphor for The Totality of Infinite Creation) leaving(tuning out) Reality and eventually returning.

        Despite the attempts by the ego to distort and hijack the teachings, Jesus Christ is who/what he said he was/is. SPIRIT. LIFE. LOVE. THE WAY.

  10. Nancy Solano says:

    This is outrageous and it seems as our world is losing all sense of right and wrong. God help us all!

  11. Marilyn Shepherd says:

    Thank you Ed, I watched her with tears of rage and hatred for the trash running this country.

  12. Roundball Shaman says:

    “COVID concentration camps for Australians; it’s happening”

    Once you start ‘doing away with’ any particular class of ‘undesirables’… then the full-on avalanche follows because the definition of who is ‘undesirable’ will constantly be widened until you are left only with the tiny predatory elitists class who started this whole savage process in the beginning.

    The slow kill. The boiling frog. Whatever you call it, it’s evil to the core. Slow death or fast means nothing to those who commit such atrocities. It’s the end result that counts.

    To deny the right to life and to snuff out that life as if it were nothing at all is the depraved opposite polarity of who and what the human family was designed to be. Many of us know and accept this reality right now. Others deny this to be true (for the moment) until they too have their day of reckoning and finally confront who and what they turned out to be. And if they are not horrified and sickened by what they see in the mirror… then they have further work to do on themselves until they get it.

    In the list of things to be thankful for during this time, give thanks that YOU are not THEM. “If not for the grace of God…”

  13. BDBinc says:

    Isn’t media outlet ZH( Zionist hedge) a controlled opposition branch virus hoaxing “covid19” meme spreading psyop cia media outlet?

    The State( of human collective unconsciousness) often tells people what they plan before they do it to make opposition fearful and to co-op minds in order to manifest it. Many times 9/10 what the media say is happening is not.

    Thoughts and the feelings they generate co create out world.

    Chaotic insanity within = the same in the outer world.Fear= Fascism

  14. Dan says:

    Yes, we ARE living in the same world we were two years ago. Mystics on the internet then would censor me then for condemning faith and advocating reason and they’ll do it today. Nothing has changed.

  15. Fanny Adams says:

    Thanks for sharing Jonie’s rage. This is not unusual for the aboriginal people who have been systematically picked on time and time again for nothing!

    Now that we can see what is going on it is no longer hidden…I saw and felt this rage twenty years ago and my hands were tied, useless to help.

    Gunner is a complete freak, as Jonie says, a DOG…a low life and he is.

    Is Gunner aiming to war against the people just like Andrews and Palacechook are doing?

    God help Australia.

  16. barbara powers says:

    So I guess we are supposed to be thinking about the pilgrims and the American Indians as Thanksgiving approaches. Did you know that right now, today, not hundreds of years ago, the Australian Aboriginal people are being wiped off the face of the earth? A whole ancient, almost otherworldly in terms of their almost mystical powers, culture will soon no longer exist. Abused, marginalized and rendered as powerless as possible by the English when they colonized Australia, they have managed to somehow survive. They are now crying out for help as they are being rounded up by the Australian military and imprisoned in concentration camps. Will the “you know what” be forced upon them in these camps as Hitler did to the Jews? Because of the censorship it will be hard to know. The result will be known someday, somehow. God is crying.

    • Laura McDonough says:

      I saw this info also, they (aboriginals) need to man up and resist and fight the goon squads if they really care about their family. Australians likewise need to fight back, unless they want another penal colony revived.

    • Jimmy says:

      God isn’t crying. He knows what’s happening and what is to come. In his time all will be revealed.

      As far as the pilgrims, you might want to do some research. Both the natives and the pilgrims bear responsibility for what transpired all those years ago. Nathaniel Philbrick authored one of the most balanced and researched books, titled Mayflower, that exposes both sides and their sins.

  17. Lewis Papier says:

    Please listen to my song THE COMMANDANT on Soundcloud:

    Lyrics can be found on the song profile page. Hit “show more” to reveal all the lyrics.

  18. hhi says:

    I have a dream that a female and male representative of the 300 First Nations gather in a Constitutional Corroboree to declare the Federation of United First Nations.

    Every nation will offer their resources as surety for a new currency, the Indig Coin. The independent economy/ecology will intiate with the distribution of 50,000 ICs to every First Nation person.

    Networks will flourish for fun and profit. The ancient history of aboriginal knowledge will enrich our soul.

    Independence is freedom.

  19. darrell says:

    “The sociopaths and their stormtroopers who run Australia would make Hitler and Stalin envious.”

    Maybe Stalin but not Hitler. For a good red pill to dissolve the never-ending deluge of lying propaganda, see “The Greatest Story Never Told,” deleted by youtube, of course.

  20. vakzine macht frei says:

    Have you seen AIDS symptoms? the same as covid. Was AIDS a test only?

  21. Si55 says:

    Today Michael Gunner said this information comes from “tinfoil hat wearing tossers, sitting in their parent’s basements in Florida”.
    He is deranged.

  22. Arby says:

    I did watch the video in which June Mills ranted. Screaming angrily at her audience, and to some extent irrationally, with someone in the background crazily screaming crush them or something, doesn’t work for me. Don’t scream angrily at me. I’m angry too. I just lost my full time job, at 65 and have no savings, having worked all my life for minimum wage. I’m sitting at home running out of money. I have to give my landlord my two months notice in a few days. I have no where to go. My family – who have all gone and got jabbed – doesn’t give a crap, although when I sometimes hear from them, I sometimes get “I’m worried about you.” I have nowhere to go at the end of January. I have to carefully steal from my two banks so that I can eat till I’m done. I’m not screaming at any one.

    What’s happening in Australia is heartbreaking. I don’t know what can be done for Australians when their military is willing to turn on them. Then again, I’m not faithless. I know that, as bad as things are, and they will get worse (“Track And Trace” is now “Track, Trace and Contain” and you don’t roll out a global biosecurity police State temporarily), in the short term, this toilet world is very near the time when God flushes it.

    ‘Track, Trace and Contain’ :

    I blog. I make posters (up to about 4 dozen now) and post them around Toronto while I can. I’ve probably posted a few thousand of them. I’m out often enough that I can see that a lot of my posters are ‘not’ getting tore down. It just takes one covid crazies, and we’ve got them in spades here, but I still think that the many sane, informative voices I amplify (including Jon’s with I think about 3 posters), are reaching people. I’ve had enough conversations with people who came over and read or glanced at my posters over the months to know that there’s agreement with those who don’t welcome covid 1984. Sometimes I just get a smile and a friendly nod. In lieu of the espresso bars I used to frequent, it’ll have to do. I go nowhere but the grocery store, the variety store (lottery tickets; It’s called desperation), the liquor store (I can’t drink only water and coffee for all the hours I spend cooped up) or the beer store.

    • Marilyn Shepherd says:

      June is entitled to scream, aboriginal people are victims of 230 years of genocide.

      • Arby says:

        And I’m entitled to my opinion. And I didn’t say that she isn’t a victim. And I stand by my opinion.

        How would you respond to this:

        There’s a difference, obviously. But ‘how’ you sell something says something about what you’re selling. That’s just a fact. I don’t think that June is clear on how to best sell her truth, whereas I think that Chris Sky is a liar. He’s a violent, thug-like creature. So June shouldn’t sound like him.

  23. Paul says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Jon & Staff.

    Remember, no matter how terrible things may be right now, We The People, still have much to be thankful for.

    Gratitude builds
    an Elliptical Highway
    in The Sky.

    Along its Path
    one can send
    & receive.


    “Life is wide,
    There is no border,
    no frontier.”

    ~ Bruce Lee

  24. Cris M. says:

    People forgot how it really was, with indians here, most of them didn’t live on reservations until around the late sixties into seventies, as those with agendas began baiting them there, to separate us I think. Growing up where I lived was less populated back then, and everyone knew an indian or few.

    I used to ride with them. One of first falls I took, the horse shied, jumped sideways and I fell off, didn’t want to get back on, said I would just walk it back and ride another day. But they pushed me to get back on, then and there, and they were insistant, said if I didn’t it wouldn’t be good for me or the horse, so after a bit I did, and they were right. Was a connecting and strength, one of those life lessons.

    Once the cons baited them onto reservations, and pushed welfare, the alcohol took over, harmed many. Then casinos, less focus on indian life. Need to ignore false things and listen to our gut. The woman June is perfect of how we should be raw people. Feeling it and will share. Appreciate the article Jon.

  25. Need A Ladder says:

    Interesting phone call made to Northern Territory administrator after they started force vaxxing the people there made by one of the elders who knows his stuff. He knows who he is knows who the players are and his indigenous rights. It’s very powerful hearing his discussion that leads to demands about foreign military occupying there and what they will do to stop it.

    Then there’s this fantastic short explanation showing injections only have 1% efficacy not 95% as they should be using data from Absolute Risk Reduction instead of Relative Risk Reduction. I think this is one video that should be sent to everyone you know as it shortly and sweetly cuts down the lie of needing a vaccine. I think the explanation is the most important core fundamental to ending these lies on a grand scale. It could get through to everyone how they have been totally scammed.

  26. No More Lies says:

    Please, buy “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but, DO NOT BUY ON AMAZON! ( don’t support Bezos’ empire. By at or online from local bookstores( Barnes&Noble, etc.).

    Along with Jon’s books, you’ll have massive power of knowledge!!

  27. Larry C says:

    “If you can’t figure out what someone is doing, look at the outcome… and INFER the motivation.”

    This video was uploaded four years ago, but Jordan Peterson’s advice couldn’t be more timely, vis-a-vis the hidden agendas behind the phony pandemic.

  28. Larry C says:

    Please hear the nations first Native American Poet Laureate.

    Dedicated to June Mills…

  29. LEONIE says:

    Excellent article from a virologist

    Virologist Dr. Byram Bridle Speaks

  30. Truth Seeker says:

    June Mills is awake, aware and alert to her surroundings, reacting like a sane, mentally healthy person would. Such a contrast to the response of most western people who have lost their critical, intelligent, mature thinking ability, live in denial, and passively comply with their own demise.

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