The Abortion Culture

by Jon Rappoport

October 27, 2021

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From “According to WHO [World Health Organization], every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day.”

“In the USA, where nearly half of pregnancies are unintended and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion, there are over 3,000 abortions per day. Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies in the USA (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion.”

In researching my current series of articles on abortionin which infants are removed, alive, from the womb, and their organs cut out, killing them—for medical research—I’ve come across information about what I would call the culture of abortion.

In this article, I’m just going to quote others and make no comments.

Investigate Magazine, Ian Wishart, 3/7/12: “[Abortion clinic technician Dean] Alberty told of seeing babies wounded but alive after abortion procedures, and in one case a set of twins ‘still moving on the table’ when clinicians from AGF began dissecting the children to harvest their organs. The children, he said, were ‘cuddling each other’ and ‘gasping for breath’ when medics moved in for the kill.”

The following quotes are collected at, an astonishing resource (for starters, see this link):

A Year in the Life of an Abortion Clinic, Peter Korn, 1996: “Although the operation is over, the fetus is still a matter of concern…Rhonda, a medical assistant who also works for a biological supply company, takes the surgical tray in another room where she uses a plastic colander to strain out the blood, leaving only the separated parts of the fetus. These she places in a glass dish, taking a moment to measure one of the feet against a transparent plastic ruler to establish exact gestational age. Earlier in the day she received her regular fax detailing what body parts are needed by which researchers around the country. The researchers specify preferences for age and, in some cases, sex. Liver, spleen, pancreas, and brain are the organs most often requested.”

Is Abortion Good for Women, Rachel MacNair, Angela Kennedy; Swimming Against the Tide: Feminist Dissent on the Issue of Abortion, 1997; from abortion worker Judith Fetrow, who worked for Planned Parenthood:

“When I started at Planned Parenthood, I saw two types of women working at the clinic. One group were women who had found some way to deal with the emotional and spiritual toll of working with abortion. The second group were women who had closed themselves off emotionally. They were the walking wounded. You could look in their eyes, and see that they were emotionally dead. Unavailable for themselves, or for anyone else.”

Abortion at Work: Ideology and Practice in a Feminist Clinic, Wendy Simonds, 1996; quoting an abortion clinic employee: “It’s just—I mean it looks like a baby. It looks like a baby. And especially if you get one that comes out, that’s not piecemeal. And you know, I saw this one, and it had its fingers in its mouth…it makes me really sad that that had to happen, you know, but it doesn’t change my mind. It’s just hard. And it makes me just sort of stop and feel sad about it, the whole necessity of it. And also….it’s very warm when it comes into the sterile room because it’s been in the mother’s stomach. It feels like flesh, you know…”

Interview of Joy Davis done by Life Dynamics in 1993; Joy Davis, a former abortion worker, wrote about her fellow clinic workers: “We don’t have conversations. Sometimes the employees faint. Sometimes they throw up. Sometimes they have to leave the room. It’s just problems that we deal with, but it’s not talked about…If you really dwell on it, and talk about it all the time, then it gets more personal. It gets more real to you. You just don’t talk about it, try not to think about it…If [the abortionist] ever caught you discussing something like that, he’d fire you.”

Sadja Goldsmith “Second Trimester Abortion by Dilation and Extraction (Evacuation) [D&E]: Surgical Techniques and Psychological Reactions”; Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Planned Parenthood Physicians in Atlanta, Georgia Oct 13-14 1977; In a paper on the D&E abortion method, which at the time was new, an abortionist wrote: “The fetus was extracted in small pieces to minimize cervical trauma. The fetal head was often the most difficult object to crush and remove, because of its size and contour. The operator kept track of each portion of the fetal skeleton….”

“Selective Abortion, AKA Pregnancy Reduction.” New England Journal of Medicine, April 21, 1988; Two abortionists describing selective abortions done on multiple pregnancies: “Using ultra-sound to locate each fetus, the doctors would insert a needle into the chest cavity of the most accessible fetus and place the needle tip directly into the heart of the baby. Potassium chloride was then injected into the heart and the heart was viewed on the ultrasound screen until it stopped beating. Even at 9 weeks, 3 of the 12 fetuses selected for elimination presented problems. The heart continued to beat and the procedure had to be repeated.”

Kenneth Paul Fye, PhD, Obvious Murder: The March From Abortion to Infanticide (May 30, 2016) 253; Jewish former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson [who had performed thousands of abortions] said to an audience in Canada, where he was speaking: “I’m going to set it against my Jewish heritage and the Holocaust in Europe. The abortion holocaust is beyond the ordinary discourse of morality and rational condemnation. It is not enough to pronounce it absolutely evil… The abortion industry is a new event, severed from connections with traditional presuppositions of history, psychology, politics, and morality…This is an evil torn free of its moorings in reason and causality, and ordinary secular corruption raised to unimaginable powers of magnification and limitless extremity.”

Written Testimony of Kathi A. Aultman, MD Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing March 15th 2016:

Chairman Grassley, I would like to thank you for inviting me to participate in this hearing today. I have spent my entire career as a women’s advocate and have a keen interest in issues that impact women’s health. I come to you as someone who has done 1st and 2nd trimester abortions and who has treated women with the medical and psychological complications of abortions. I have cared for women and their babies throughout normal pregnancies, medically complicated ones, and those with fetal anomalies. I have taken care of women who decided to keep their unplanned pregnancies and those who aborted them. I have given birth vaginally twice and I have had an abortion. I also have a cousin who survived an abortion. I have testified on issues related to abortion in state courts and legislatures, and before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution.

At the time I entered medical school I believed that the availability of abortion on demand was an issue of women’s rights. I felt that a woman should have control over her body and not be forced to bear a child she didn’t want. My commitment to women’s issues was strengthened as I was exposed to the discrimination inherent in medical school and residency at that time, and to the plight of the indigent women we served in our program. I also believed it was wrong to bring unwanted children into an overpopulated world where they were likely to be neglected or abused.

During my residency I was trained in 1st trimester abortions using the D&C with suction technique. I then sought and received special training in 2nd trimester D&E procedures during which the fetus is crushed and removed in pieces. After each procedure I had to examine the tissue carefully to account for all the body parts to make sure nothing was left to cause infection or bleeding. I was fascinated by the tiny but perfectly formed intestines, kidneys, and other organs and I enjoyed looking at their amazing cellular detail under the microscope. I realize it is hard to imagine someone being able to do that and be so detached but because of my training and conditioning a human fetus seemed no different than the chick embryos I dissected in college. I could view them with strictly scientific interest devoid of any of the emotions with which I would normally view a baby. I wasn’t heartless I just had been trained to compartmentalize these things.

If I had a woman come in with a miscarriage or a still birth and she had wanted the baby I was distraught with her and felt her pain. The difference in my mind was whether the baby was wanted or unwanted.

After my first year of training I got my medical license and was able to get a job moonlighting at a women’s clinic in Gainesville, Florida doing abortions. I reasoned that although the need for abortion was unfortunate, it was the lesser of two evils, and I was doing something for the wellbeing of women. I also could make a lot more money doing abortions than I could make working in an emergency room. I enjoyed the technical challenges of the procedure and prided myself on being really good at what I did. The only time I experienced any qualms about what I was doing was when I had my neonatal care rotation and I realized that I was trying to save babies in the NICU that were the same age as babies I was aborting, but I rationalized it, and was able to push the feelings to the back of my mind. My last year in residency I became pregnant but continued to do abortions without any reservations.

The first time I returned to the clinic after my delivery, however, I was confronted with 3 cases that broke my heart and changed my opinion about abortion. In the first case I discovered that I had personally done 3 abortions on a girl scheduled that morning. When I protested about doing the abortion, I was told by the clinic staff that it was her right to choose to use abortion as her method of birth control and that I had no right to pass judgment on her or to refuse to do the procedure. I told them it was fine for them to say but that I was the one who had to do the killing. Of course she got her abortion and despite my urging she told me she had no desire to use birth control. The next situation involved a woman who when asked by her friend if she wanted to see the tissue she replied “No! I just want to kill it!” I was taken aback by her hostility and lack of compassion towards the fetus.

The last case brought me to tears. This was a mother of four who didn’t feel she and her husband could support another child. How I hurt for that mother. What a terrible decision to have to make. She cried throughout her time at the clinic and that was the end of my abortion career. I had finally had made the obvious connection between fetus and baby.

I found out later that few doctors are able to do abortions for very long. Physicians are taught to heal, not harm. OB/GYNs especially, often experience a conflict of conscience because they are normally are concerned about the welfare of both their patients but in an abortion they are killing one of them.

Although many people view an abortion as just removing a blob of tissue, the abortionist knows exactly what he or she is doing because they must count the body parts after each procedure. Eventually the truth sinks in and if they have a conscience they can no longer do them.

My views also changed as I saw young women in my practice who did amazingly well after deciding to keep their unplanned pregnancies and those who were struggling with the emotional aftermath of abortion. It was not what I expected to see.

I will never forget one woman who had gone to the Orlando area for a late term abortion. She had not recovered from the horror of delivering her live 20+ week baby boy into the toilet. Her agony was compounded by the fact that her baby brother had died by drowning.

Another woman told me that she was seeing a psychiatrist because although she strongly believed in a woman’s right to choose abortion she couldn’t cope with the realization that she had killed her child. Some of my patients didn’t express any remorse until they realized they would never get pregnant either because of medical problems, advancing age, or personal issues. I personally didn’t have any concern or remorse about having had an abortion until after I had my first child. It was then that I mourned the child that would have been.

As a society we have shifted our priorities from basic human rights to women’s rights and have taught our young women that nothing should interfere with their right to do whatever they want with their bodies, especially when it comes to pregnancy. We have also done a good job of sanitizing our language to make abortion more palatable. We don’t speak about the “baby”, rather we talk about the “fetus”. The abortionist “terminates the pregnancy” rather than “killing the baby”. As medical doctors and as a society we have moved away from the idea that life is precious and closer to the utilitarian attitudes which wreaked so much havoc during the last century. In most ethical dilemmas we must weigh the rights of one person against the rights of another.

Even for the most staunch abortion supporter there is a line somewhere that they feel shouldn’t be crossed. I would agree that we need to give a women as much choice as possible in determining her future and what she does with her body but we must also recognize the truth that there are at least 2 people involved in a pregnancy and that at some point the rights of the weaker one deserve some consideration. Some people believe life begins at conception when the egg and sperm meet and should be safe guarded at that point. Others feel it isn’t until it is safely implanted it its mother’s uterus that it deserves protection. Many feel it should have some rights once it is viable or old enough to live outside the womb. Yet there are some who feel that the baby has no rights even in process of being born. Should a baby that can live outside the womb be given no consideration, no protection, and no rights, just because it is unwanted? Should we not at least have compassion on babies at 20 weeks gestation when their nervous systems are developed enough for them to experience pain and protect them from the excruciating pain of being dismembered or killed in other ways?

Hopefully we all agree that a mother should not be able to kill her 3 year old child; but what about an infant? There are some who advocate that a mother should have the right to euthanize her infant up until 3 months of age because there may be a defect that didn’t express itself at birth. I think most Americans would say that once a baby is born there is no question it should be protected and yet there are those who say that if it is unwanted but managed to survive an abortion it does not qualify for the same care that any other baby would get at the same gestation and it is OK to kill it. Is it the child’s fault that it is unwanted? Should it lose its rights simply for that reason? Doesn’t the government have a responsibility to protect that child even if its parents won’t? What if a baby is defective when it is born? We have laws to protect people with disabilities. Are we going to exclude babies, our most vulnerable citizens, from that protection? The problem is where does it stop? Where does a civilized society draw the line?

As legislators you have the burdensome task of writing the laws that govern our society and that the majority of people will accept. At the same time you must protect the most vulnerable among us. You are ultimately the ones who will determine where that line is drawn. It’s a difficult job. We are a people of many religions and traditions with different needs and wants.

In making your decision you should not forget that abortion generates a lot of money. Much of the power and influence behind the drive to prevent any restriction on abortion comes from those who make a profit on it and I am sad to say they have used a distorted view of women’s rights as a cover.

I have always thought of myself as a good person but at one point I was horrified by the realization that I had killed more people than most mass murderers. Today when I meet young men and women that I delivered, the joy of meeting them and knowing that I played a part in bringing them into the world safely, is clouded by the thought of all the ones I will never meet because I terminated their lives. I would not want to be in your shoes and have the burden of knowing that I could have prevented the deaths of thousands even millions and did nothing. I would encourage you to vote for both of these bills.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

31 comments on “The Abortion Culture

  1. Barb says:

    I haven’t read the complete blog. I couldn’t get past the twins. I can SEE them in my mind’s eye, through the tears.

    HOW can anyone MURDER A CHILD.

    EVIL knows no bounds.

  2. Diane says:

    “I have always thought of myself as a good person but at one point I was horrified by the realization that I had killed more people than most mass murderers.”

    Says it all. Thank you, dear Jon.

  3. Greg C. says:

    The road to infanticide is built by experts who are allowed to make life termination decisions. Now that we have given them that power, what’s to stop them from applying it to anyone who is unwanted by society? We have basically said it’s OK to kill anyone who does not have a voice. Couple that with the power to take away anyone’s voice through censorship, and the have an absolute license to kill. China leads the way, but the western world is quick to imitate.

  4. Sean says:


    How group rights (women’s, minorities, ect) can supersede human rights. That is the first time I realized the difference and how it is used to control and do harm.

    The point she makes about the importance of legislators and how they must make the most vulnerable among us protected.

    Damn. What a journey she is having. Im sure Im no longer the same.

    • waterproof says:

      This is an example of the fallacy of concreteness. The group can’t really have a right. How can you distribute a right? The group doesn’t live a life either, can’t die, be buried. Only an individual can have a right, a life, health, pain, suffering, thoughts or death. The group can only exist when individuals give up their rights, lives etc and adopt a group identity which is really formed from the desires of some individuals to rule the group they have created. The first time I read about this from Kierkegaard, I was stunned to see it everywhere. We’re soaking in it.

      It would be nice if the corrupt legislators would make a law about this, but all their laws, rules, statutes, edicts, decrees have trapdoors and contradictions built into the language to allow the thing they prohibit.

      • Sean says:

        To dare is to lose ones footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself. – Soren Kierkegaard

        He’s got some good ones. Thanks

  5. Eluard says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. This doctor has a lot to deal with. And there are thousands of such doctors and nurses out there.

    What does one say to a fifteen year old girl (or her parents) who made a mistake? To a woman who got raped or impregnated by a family member? To an older woman who may risk her health going to term?

    Those are the areas I’ve been thinking about. That it happens otherwise so casually and so often–when obvious and readily available measures could have been taken–is incomprehensible. And very sad.

    • Alan Kwan says:

      > What does one say to a fifteen year old girl (or her parents) who made a mistake?

      Two wrongs don’t make a right. The undesired consequences of fornication should not be “solved” by murder.

      > To a woman who got raped or impregnated by a family member?

      Those cases should be relatively few. If the woman does not want the baby, it should be given up and taken care of in a charitable orphanage, waiting for adoption.

      > To an older woman who may risk her health going to term?

      Have the baby *delivered* pre-term, not aborted and murdered.

    • Opie Poik says:

      Feminism was never Not Rotten, by Karen Straughan (a.k.a. GirlWritesWhat)

  6. Laura says:

    I am ashamed to admit I used to be an advocate for this abhorrent practice. I was just as brainwashed as millions of other women equating “freedom” with the ability to have an abortion on command. Women are indoctrinated to believe a fetus is “just a clump of cells” so an abortion is “no big deal”. This is a heartbreaking article and difficult to read, but nothing will change until we all face the painful truth. Thank you, Jon for bringing light to this nightmare.

  7. michael burns says:

    On further thought…

    The question…”Is vaccine the cause of abortion?”

    And the answer is no!

    Is it the cause of HEK-293 or the PUR cell line, the answer is no!

    The assholes are simply taken advantage of an outrageous problem with so many women using abortion as a birth control method. There is a world surplus of aborted babies – some 40 to 50 million. And many as stated are still alive when aborted.

    Scientists take advantage of these truths. And try to apply a positive to such crimes.

    And that’s a staggering number of humans killed every year… because? And we haven’t included the illegal abortions that push that numbers to even greater heights.

    Abortion has been around since 2700 BC in China and approximately 1559 BC in Egypt.
    How many abortions have been performed over that vast amount of time by humanity, not just abortionists? And not because of vaccine research.
    And abortionists, the medically trained have only been around really since the about 1950.

    One, Henry Morgentaler, a piece of shit Jew who fought the Canadian government and made an absolute fortune out of his clinics and the killing of thousands of babies. And strange as it is, he is Polish, and his sister was involved in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and was exterminated at Treblinka along with his mother, and he suffered terribly and was liberated at 22 years old, by the Americans in 1945.

    And yet, he has killed how many small innocent lives himself.
    He also was the one of the first of Canadian doctors to perform vasectomies.
    Such a paradox of belief.

    It is in a statement his belief in anti-life, the obliteration of it at its genesis. Which only goes to prove what I believe is that most of these assholes are psychopathic MF’ers and, in his case, I think he earned it in the camp. He was conditioned to become one…
    He must have seen such atrocities. But to take that and make a career from it, to make a fortune from it and turn it into world renown success is astounding. All under the guise of a women’s rights.

    He admitted to performing some 5000 abortions outside the hospital setting when it was illegal in Canada.

    He went on to set up clinics across Canada, and changed the laws to allow a woman to murder her developing child legally. Taking that responsibility of her shoulders and placing it on the legal grounds of an atheistic federal law.

    They gave him the order of Canada for that!

    Vaccine and abortion are two separate problems here, to conflate them, only muddies the water and uses the outrageousness of the latter as a so called positive coming out from the latter.

    Vaccine mandates are a violation of Nuremburg Code and the ‘Declaration of Helsinki’, developed for the World Medical Association in 1964 — medically imposed vaccination is a violation of those human rights and informed consent.

    “[…] 2017: “Medical Ethics in the 70 Years after the Nuremberg Code, 1947 to the Present”. President and Rector Markus Muller [Medical University of Vienna] writes in his introduction that the Code “constitutes one of the most important milestones in the history of medicine, providing for the first time a proper framework for research on human subjects. Sadly, this milestone was not a voluntary, precautionary measure resulting from enlightened humanity, it only came into existence in the aftermath of dreadful Nazi atrocities. Following its conception, the Nuremberg Code bore rich fruit in multiple legal regards, becoming a cornerstone of clinical research and bioethics.”

    • Jim S Smith says:

      I believe the point you are missing:

      MANY of the products that go into the manufacture of “vaccines” – ARE DERIVED FROM aborted fetal tissues, etc.

      Hope this helps clarify your point.


      Many of our food flavorings and other artificial chemical additives are also DERIVED FROM products from aborted fetuses.

      THAT is all FACT!

  8. BDBinc says:

    We have a pro-death culture.

    It is corporate ideology we are taught and mind conditioned to believe, a hyper-value put on profit/financial gain.

    The corporate legal system is not about the law or “rights” its all about control. The Crown’s legal system is a “can and cant do” set of rules for the straw-man.

    Definitely along with the other dysfunctional systems Big Pharma’s PIMP medical industrial complex needs to be transformed into a HEALTH system.

    The problem is human unconsciousness. What we know ie that it is cruel to torture and murder sentient life, this knowledge in other conditioned minds is said to be replaced by Greed+ignorance everything is justified by profit in the corporate mindset.
    It is transhuman as it does not value life, love, compassion and kindness.
    It is positive to see that a lot more people are aware of this and want to stop cruelty and murder.
    I am pro life but not the “I’ll tell you what you can and cant do with your body” kind.
    Raising awareness( consciousness) is key to ending the culture of death, cruelty and ignorance.

  9. Roundball Shaman says:

    “…every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day… In the USA, where nearly half of pregnancies are unintended and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion…”

    Leaving aside the contentious issue of any rights to ‘abortion’… one thing is indisputably clear. Human beings are doing a DREADFUL job of preventing unwanted pregnancies.

    Men don’t like to wear the ‘thing’? Women don’t like taking preventive measures tailored for their use? What the hell is wrong with us? If you want to have sex… and you don’t want an unwanted pregnancy… then DO SOMETHING REASONABLE TO PREVENT IT so you don’t have any need for abortions. Something as serious abortion should only be considered when there was forced sex without consent. But if there was consent there is no excuse for this.

    Human beings have been around for uncounted thousands of years. And we STILL can’t figure out how to ‘do it’ responsibly. This is one of our greatest shames. And there is still no indication that we will ever figure this out or be responsible about it.

    Just have your fun in the moment without thought or regard for serious consequences later? Sure, that’s the ticket… At least animals in the wild have an excuse.

    ‘My body, my choice?’

    Or, once pregnant with child, hasn’t it really become ‘OUR body, but only YOUR CHOICE? Hey Mother and Dad, WTF?’

    • Sean says:

      Yeah be irresponsible and be paid monthly for it too.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Condoms are known to have up to a twenty-percent failure rate, by breaking.


      The ONLY sure way to not have an “accidental” pregnancy, is just don’t do it – if you are not ready to deal with the consequences.

      Basic commonsense escapes most people, because it is too “inconvenient”. “Politics” LOVES to sell us all on “convenience”.

  10. Jean Bush says:

    You’re articles on this subject are excellent. I would like to see one on possible abortions after rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother.

    How these women felt, what drove them to terminate their pregnancies and what happened to them afterwards.

    Actually, there are 3 people involved: mother, baby & the father. More needs to be said on that.

  11. Sergey says:

    All this hard stuff comes from the human “civilization” being completely abnormal and currently fulfilling Ralph Emerson’s prediction: “The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.” Capitalism is the latest and super abnormal stage of this species calling themselves “sapiens”, and now that “covid” has visibly demonstrated how mentally deranged most humans have become (both the ruling powers and the sheep below), it’s crystal clear that “homos” are just about to get finished, because clinical psychosis of this magnitude is a 100% medical symptom of an approaching physical end of the entity in question (in this case – of the whole species) and it’s incurable.

    It also confirms what has been clear for quite a while: global population together with many markets and financial instruments is now moving exponentially. Exponential moves up finish with a move down of the same magnitude. So a total collapse is mathematically inevitable (see the graph below):

    And by the way, “evil” and “good” are human categories, which do not exist in Nature, and even among humans they have always been very relative and subjective, varying enormously depending on time and place and particular culture. For example, among the natives of Madagascar it was pretty common until quite recently to kill babies born on certain days considered unlucky, and it was done by parents themselves. This was clearly a form of population control, albeit disguised under religion. In fact, infanticide was widely practiced among all the so-called primitive people as a form of population control. Were those natives “evil”?

    Infanticide is indeed pretty common in Nature with many animal species practicing it in one form or another: adult male bears and male cats killing cubs and kittens, pups of some sharks and kittens of some lynxes fight each other to death etc. Is that “evil”? Nature is not a fluffy thing, and its ways are not always nice to our pampered eyes.

    And also by the way, “rights” are another human invention and a quite recent one, taking its current form from the French revolution and developing into absurdity. There are no “rights” in Nature – only claims. No living thing on this planet is guaranteed anything, including life and safety – all these things have to be fought for, and many perish and always have perished. Of course, these days up to 200 hundred species go down the drain every day solely because of our “civilization”, and how many of you give a damn about that? It’s just “we, we, I, I” and to hell with the rest of the biosphere, even though we completely depend upon it for our life. And this is also a sure manifestation of our clinical psychosis of a completely defective species.

    • Sean says:

      And could human psychosis be having any effects on the animal kingdom, possibly rendering feedback inaccuracies about Nature conclusions?

      • Jim S Smith says:

        He is just another hater of “humans”.

        Nature does have two sides.

        It is premised on life and death – and the ever eternal struggle between the two.

        Humanity had the chance to become far more evolved above that, but has allowed itself to become subsumed back into primitive animal instinct.

        Problem here is,

        Most people even lack the most basic of instincts to survive and flourish!

        Humans, by far, are more proactive in destroying their young – than most other of Nature’s creatures. At least in Nature, there is ample and rational reason for such episodes. Humans often do most things – without rational reason, and without cause.

        THAT is the crux of humanity’s “problem”.


        Folks like “Sergey”, just find it more convenient (lazy) to condemn EVERY human being with a broad brush-stroke, while also downplaying himself as being a member of that condemned species.

    • IgorD2 says:

      Absolutely right. Human “inventions” often go against the nature, the only specie that works on its own destruction.

  12. Opie Poik says:

    Nothing better to effect wider change than calm, sane, honest testimony from a convert.

  13. Opie Poik says:

    In the midst of unrelenting horror, a reminder of good things:

    Jojo Effect – Bossanova Break

  14. L Garou says:

    How do they do these things and think they are not damned..

  15. Amy says:

    Your reports are always disturbing, but I could not cope with this one. I am still crying with a big lump in my throat.

    A big part of humanity is very ill (mislead) and we know the cause.

    I sometimes think that the purge going on might be a good thing if the unthinkng and uncaring have chosen to abort themselves. We just have to make sure that the cause of the insanity is also “cured forever” (not like after WW2)

  16. Stef says:

    Robotic technologies may be a partial answer to unwanted pregnancies. Create a synthetic female with all the right parts for men who just want to express their lusty animal instincts.

    IE: A super high tech blow-up doll.

    • IgorD2 says:

      Obviously ignoring the biological reality that women have lustful animal instincts as much as men.

      It is nobody business what free people do or do not do.

  17. IgorD2 says:

    1. You either believe in sovereignity/freedom of an individual (defined as free individual owns himself and everything he creates) – in which case abortion issue does not exist.

    2. You do not believe in soverignity/freedom of an individual (so who is the real owner of the individual?) which you masquerade by all sorts of “moral” justifications what an individual is or is not supposed/allowed to do.

  18. miker says:

    “It’s nothing personal…just business”

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