New evidence for infanticide in the creation of the fetal cell line used for COVID vaccine testing

by Jon Rappoport

October 20, 2021

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“To obtain embryo cells, embryos from spontaneous abortions cannot be used, nor can those obtained by means of abortions performed via the vagina: in both cases, the embryo will be contaminated by micro-organisms.”

“The correct way consists in having recourse to Caesarian section or to the removal of the uterus. Only in this way can bacteriological sterility be guaranteed.”

“In either case, then, to obtain embryo cells for culture a programmed abortion must be adopted, choosing the age of the embryo and dissecting it while still alive, in order to remove tissues to be placed in culture media.”

“Given these premises, we face the dilemma of whether the deliberate systematic destruction of a human creature to obtain cell material can be justified, when it is recognized that this is of great interest to fundamental research and for the diagnosis of some human diseases. Are research and diagnosis of such great value that they justify the destruction of human beings?”

“The Geneva Declaration affirms that the doctor has the duty to take the greatest care to safeguard the life of a human being from its conception and will not, even under threat, use his knowledge to infringe humanitarian laws.” (1986-04-26; Herranz, Gonzalo; Il Sabato, no.15…Professor Herranz was, at the time, president of the Committee of Medical Ethics of Spanish Doctors and vice-president of the Permanent Committee of Medical Ethics of the European Community.)”

What exactly happened in 1972 or 1973, in the Netherlands, where an infant girl was aborted, and her kidneys used to make a cell line that would be used, going forward, in the testing of vaccines?

That cell line is called HEK 293 (HEK stands for human embryonic kidney), and it has been used to test COVID vaccines.

I have already presented evidence for concluding the abortion involved removing the living infant from her mother’s womb, and taking her kidneys, which of course killed her.

This evidence rests on the realization that, in order to extract viable and useful kidney tissue, the baby had to have a functioning blood supply, which meant she was alive.

But the evidence ALSO comes from knowing many other abortions have been carried out, in order to harvest tissue for medical research, by murdering living babies.

I have found a very informative article (2/9/2021) at the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK, by Christian Hacking, titled, “What the HEK?!” by Christian Hacking. Quoting from the article:

“HEK 293 is a human cell line created using a kidney from a dissected unborn baby in the Netherlands between 1972 and 1973. It is the second most common cell line and is used extensively in ‘pharmaceutical and biomedical research’. It is also used in vaccine creation and cancer research.”

“It was used, along with other human cell lines, to develop a genetically engineered spike protein (that the mRNA vaccine codes for) in the original development stage of the vaccine. The ‘new technology’ Pfizer vaccine and the Moderna Vaccine were tested on HEK 293 before they began human trials. This testing is ongoing for all new batches. Finally the ‘old technology’ Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine grew a weakened viral strain in HEK 293 cell culture…”

“The kidney in question was dissected from a healthy Dutch baby girl of unknown origin by the team at Leiden University in the Netherlands in 1972. Despite the inclusion of the term ‘embryonic’ in the title, the baby in question was probably 12-13 weeks old when she was killed so as to secure functioning kidney cells. The man in charge of the research was named Alex Jan Van der Eb; he is still alive and still based in Holland.”

“When questioned on the matter by the FDA in 2001, Dr Van der Eb confirmed it was an intentional abortion of a ‘fetus’ but gave hazy details of the exact experiments.”

“’So the kidney material, the fetal kidney material was as follows: the kidney of the fetus was, with an unknown family history, obtained in 1972 probably. The precise date is not known anymore. The fetus, as far as I can remember, was completely normal. Nothing was wrong. The reasons for the abortion were unknown to me. I probably knew it at that time, but it got lost, all this information’.”

Author Hacking continues: “…extracting and growing living cells is incredibly difficult. In order to give oneself the best chance of success you need to ensure the child is healthy, fresh, intact and sterile. As one embryologist and Emeritus Professor of Anatomy confirms:”

“’In order to sustain 95% of the cells, the live tissue would need to be preserved within 5 minutes of the abortion. Within an hour the cells would continue to deteriorate, rendering the specimens useless’.”

[That statement was made by “Dr C Ward Kischer, embryologist and Emeritus Professor of Anatomy; specialist in Human Embryology, University of Arizona College of Medicine…”]

[My comment: This suggests the abortion, in the Netherlands, in 1972, was planned and technicians were standing by. I would say that, to ensure the viability of the tissue, the infant had a functioning blood supply and was alive when her kidneys were removed, killing her.]

Hacking: “In order for the organs to be at ‘optimal viability’, the child needs to be dissected and organs extracted within 5 minutes of delivery. Anaesthetic also cannot be used so as to not change the cellular activity of the organs the researcher wants to obtain.”

“Acclaimed Doctor, Ian Donald, the pioneer of the ultrasound scanner, also claims to have witnessed the WI-38 [another cell-line] dissections [1962], conducted at the Karolinska Institute; he described them such:

“’Experiments were being performed on near-term alive aborted babies who were not even afforded the mercy of anesthetic as they writhed and cried in agony, and when their usefulness had expired, they were executed and discarded as garbage’.”

“In his dense book ‘The Foetus As Transplant Donor the Scientific, Social, and Ethical Perspectives’, immunologist Dr Peter McCullagh relays detailed descriptions of the methods used on dozens of ‘fetal tissue donors’ from the 1970’s onward, including the deaths of babies between 7 and 26 weeks gestation by decapitations, exposure, dissection and drug testing. Gynaecologist and ex-abortionist Dr Bernard Nathanson, relaying his own understanding of abortion, and citing McCullagh’s book claims the Swedish experiments took place thus:

“’…in Sweden they have been puncturing the sac of a pregnant woman at let us say 14 to 16 weeks, and then they put a clamp on the head of the baby, pull the head down into the neck of the womb, drill a hole into the baby’s head, and then put a suction machine into the brain and suck out the brain cells….. Healthy human fetuses from 7 to 21 weeks from legal abortions were used. This is in Sweden. The conception age was estimated from crown rump length and so on. Fetal liver and kidney were rapidly removed and weighed. Now at 21 weeks, what they were doing, or 18 weeks, or 16 weeks, was what is called prostaglandin abortions. They would inject a substance into the womb. The woman would then go into mini-labor and pass this baby. 50% of the time, the baby would be born alive, but that didn’t stop them. They would just simply open up the abdomen of the baby with no anesthesia, and take out the liver and kidneys, etc.’”

“A research paper from the University of Toronto from June 1952 commenting on the method of their experiments suggests that these techniques were universal with researchers working in close proximity to the abortions.”

“’No macerated [softened after death] specimens were used and in many of the embryos the heart was still beating at the time of receipt in the virus laboratory.”

“According to Gonzalo Herranz, former head of the Committee of Medical Ethics of Spanish doctors, the best way to prevent ‘contamination by microorganisms’ is to deliver the child by caesarean section or the removal of the uterus.”

“A 1982 review of a history of tissue donation affirms this, and much of the above evidence:”

“’Fetal tissue for transplantation must be “harvested” within a few minutes of delivery. Ideally this is by hysterectomy, with the fetus delivered in utero. Drugs which reduce fetal physiological activity need to be avoided. The fetus is therefore in as alive and aware a state as possible when being opened’.”

From Hacking’s article, it’s quite clear how the standard procedure of infant-murder is carried out.

It’s entirely reasonable to assume fetal cell line HEK 293—used for COVID vaccine testing—was originally produced, in 1972, by the murder of an infant. Refusal to take a COVID vaccine on the basis of conscience and religion is more than justified.

Given the weight of the circumstantial case, I would say that for all people of faith, refusal is essential.

Lunatic medical murderers and their allies will say anything to avoid blame and the application of true justice to themselves. They will invent “science” at the drop of a hat and couch it in humanitarian terms. They will claim the ends justify the means. They will commit gross forgery to pretend those ends are vital.

But we don’t have to stand by and passively believe them.

Billions of people of faith can stand against them.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

53 comments on “New evidence for infanticide in the creation of the fetal cell line used for COVID vaccine testing

  1. Theresa says:

    Thank you for standing for the truth. We decided not to get the jab. Now there is an even stringer reason to say absolutely not! Barbaric killing of alive babies!!!!

  2. Katherine says:


  3. FrankLloydGuy says:

    I do not think the Pope cares about this.

    And, please, do not try to tell me: ‘if the pope knew that a live baby was killed
    to obtain the stems cells needed’ that he would then come out against the vaccine.

    • RSBP says:

      Thing is he ain’t the Pope – a long story, but there hasn’t been one since Pius XII died (and probably slowly poisoned) in 1958.

      The “catholic church” that has been present to the world over the past 60 years is actually the false church that will welcome the a/c (that’s the anti-Christ) with open arms.

      This “new church” is all about death – why do you think they shut down before even being told to do so, or embraced the mask, the distancing, and the jab.

      God won’t be mocked for long and all these priests / pastors going along with all of this are going to be seeing the darkest pits of hell when their time comes.

      • Tom Bernard says:

        Sadly, Christianity hasn’t told God’s truth is over two thousand years.. The Apostle Paul knew the churches he taught would veer off course shortly after his death… The Bible was clearly altered for the same reasons the pandemic was created: Control of the people.. and the Catholic Church was much more than a willing participate… With that said; we need to understand Christianity has become a religion without faith or trust in God. Having fully embraced the rule of man, which is why we witnessed churches across the globe embrace masks, social distancing, and the vaccine… My fear, sadly as well, is that Christianity will brush these new facts aside because in the end,(having no understanding of a literal Sovereign Entity, or personal accountability) they will remain more afraid of death than God.

        • Brian says:

          Fantastic reply Amen and amen.

        • Kelleigh Nelson says:

          But the faith is not about a “religion,” it is about Christ, the essence of faith. Religion can mean bondage, when there is total freedom in Christ. For it is by grace you are saved, this not of yourselves, it is a gift of God.”

          Comparing true faith in God Almighty to a “religion” is false. Christianity is God’s truth, it’s not Christianity that is failing God’s truth, it’s the infiltration of the pulpits.

          May I suggest everyone pick up a copy of Eric Metaxas’ book on Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s life for a look at true faith and Christ Himself.

      • Fenwick says:

        Yes, I am aware of this. The current pope is a full-blown communist. I’ve been considering joining the local Ukrainian Catholic Church since they closed the Polish church during “Covid” and never reopened it.

        We are living I very dark times. The quote from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings keeps coming to mind:

        (I amar prestar aen.)

        The world is changed.

        (Han matho ne nen.)

        I feel it in the water.

        (Han mathon ned cae.)

        I feel it in the earth.

        (A han noston ned gwilith.)

        I smell it in the air.

        Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.

        It began with the forging of the Great Rings. Three were given to the Elves, immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings. Seven to the Dwarf-Lords, great miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls. And nine, nine rings were gifted to the race of Men, who above all else desire power. For within these rings was bound the strength and the will to govern each race. But they were all of them deceived, for another ring was made. Deep in the land of Mordor, in the Fires of Mount Doom, the Dark Lord Sauron forged a master ring, and into this ring he poured his cruelty, his malice and his will to dominate all life.

        One ring to rule them all.

        • Fenwick says:

          But, as always with Tolkien (and C.S. Lewis, too) there is HOPE:

          “For the time will soon come when hobbits will shape the fortunes of all.”

      • BDBinc says:

        Their pseudo science didn’t and isn’t even “testing” anything as they just lie and manipulate the data. They said they got the GM mrna they use to hyjack healthy cells to make synthesized spike protein off GMO bacteria.

        The Pope doesn’t care, if you research him you will discover he is a war criminal .

        Vatican, Washington, Crown= three heads of the Central banking cabal’s Cerberus.

        The cruelty, torture that is called “clinical testing” on all sentient life has to stop.

        There are many many legal reasons for not having the injection:

        Religious, Philosophical and Medical.
        And the other one is Law. NO.
        You have the right to say NO.
        No one has the right to force you to participate in medical experimentation.
        No virus no covid no vaccine.

        Just some insane corporate Nazis spreading BS in the media hoping to put fear into you so they can mind control + coerce you.

        The word is no.

      • Carol Hadenough says:

        You’re right, RSBP. Makes me glad I’m not Catholic, but other churches have also fallen into this trap because the Bible has been “amended” shall we say, in several ways that will lead us to hell. It’s horrifying!


      A Pope who is applauded 6 times by the Freemasonic friends of Lucifer has to know all.

    • Paul Codde says:

      I would like to tell you, that pope Francis has been killed more than a year ago. What we see now… so now and then on his balcony , is a hologram. On other moments it is a doubble, who speaks the word of the illluminati. Watch this little film, I’ve made on ‘holograms’ and the way they are misleading us. Pope Francis comes at the very end of it. But I suppose you want to see how Hillaria Clinton en Biden are able to do strange things on screen… Holograms, the new illusion in our reality.

  4. Lois says:

    This makes me so sick. Feeling physically ill. Science has gone so far off the rails into black practices that we have to turn the whole thing around. Actually the true medical practices are in full development under the heading of complimentary medicine. Like new media we have to pray that it takes the lead.

  5. Paul says:

    of people
    of faith
    can stand
    against them.”

    The True Practice…
    of Religion.

    What is Religion anyway.
    But a practical Foundation…
    Upon Which,
    To Stand.

  6. stephen langley says:

    Absolutely horrifying. How desensitized is the general public to the sanitized concept of abortion vs. the reality of brutal murder by so-called doctors of medicine… modern day witchdoctors. Murdering and crushing innocent life with impunity must be quite an addictive rush of God-like power for them. Modern “medicine” is a completely inverted science-based immoral, amoral Godless death cult… no hyperbole.

    • miker says:

      Maybe more “horrifying”…is the fact that as perfectly true as you comment is, (“no hyperbole”), it’s most likely drastically understated.

      We don’t know what we don’t know.

      May God help us as one while there is light!

  7. dnomsed says:

    God sees this evil. The deaths of millions of innocent babies cries out against their murderers.

    Do we wonder why divine judgement is now taking place? Surely God’s patience and mercy is now at an end.

    Revelation 14 is rolling out before our eyes.

  8. Anon says:

    The deduction that (HEK 293) the child they killed had a miscarriage from the thirteenth week of gestation onwards refers to the fact that the kidneys do not begin to develop until the 13th week of gestation. But that’s not all, actually. The kidneys only start functioning after your sixteenth week, which indicates that the abortion was done after the 16th week of pregnancy.

    So, another focal point is its only possible to tell the sex of the fetus on an ultrasound examination after the seventeenth week. (Are you following me?) But they seem to love using brains from aborted children, but the brain is still developing until their twenty-fourth week of gestation.

    In mind with all these facts, so there’s a big chance that scientists (or killer, whichever you prefer) performed abortions in this time window (21-26 weeks or more) to “seize” every possible organ and tissue.

    Having said that, if the abortion is done in this time window, it may have exceeded the legal limit for having an abortion and even pro-abortion people can be radically opposed to the brutal murder that was done.

    • Reptilian says:

      Now i understand why Gates et al sent California prosecutors after people who provided to Project Veritas videos of Planed Parenthood selling infants.

  9. Tim says:

    Listen to this…(if you like)’ll tell you the story of this “world” (consciousness), from beginning to end.

    Funkadelic-“Maggot Brain”, live 1971:

  10. Barb says:

    I’ve told people about this. They call me a liar and I’m spreading disinformation.

    Some people will believe whatever their masters tell them to believe.

  11. Holly says:

    This has me in tears to think of the suffering that these little ones endure. There are no words to describe this depth of evil.!!!

  12. Roger welsh says:

    Jon, please remember to enforce that COVID virus does not exist!!!

    No need for any vaccine. Current injection a poison!

    Killing of unborn infants. Prove it. Publish it.

    Reverse the destruction by corrupt people, especially Whitty.

  13. miker says:

    I’m so thankful that you’ve discovered and shared this truth Jon! I believe it could be the “silver-bullet” truth that tips the scales, and helps remove the scales from the peoples eyes to see the naked, horrid truth they’ve been hiding in plain sight.

  14. Roundball Shaman says:

    “New evidence for infanticide in the creation of the fetal cell line used for COVID vaccine testing”

    When certain societal predators decide that human lives (other than their own) have no value, there is no limit upon their ability to commit atrocities upon the human family. And there is little the human family is doing to keep these societal deviants accountable and safely caged away from sane people. Deviants are running wild and sane people are being hunted down.

    “Lunatic medical murderers… invent ‘science’ at the drop of a hat and couch it in humanitarian terms. They will claim the ends justify the means. They will commit gross forgery to pretend those ends are vital.”

    Lies are peddled as truths. Harmful substances are promoted as beneficial and necessary. Corporate whores for profit get even more filthy rich. Men and women with titles and degrees hanging on the wall lose all touch both with reality and their own sense of decency.

    The voices of sanity who hold on tight to the sacredness of human life and the natural freedoms of bodily autonomy as granted by The Creator (and not intended to be violated or interfered with by ANYONE or ANYTHING) are shamed and shouted down by irrational scared little creatures who fear going against the Crowd as much as they fear death. So in their irrationality and adolescent foolishness, they actually PEDDLE DEATH as their answer fearing…. death. And their disconnect from being able to reason and discern prevents them from questioning their lunacy. They create a fear-loop that supports and intensifies their pathologies and helps to lure others into their circle of death cult.

    If there are any real psychologists and sociologists and historians left after today’s current purge of anything and anyone that smacks of reality… they will have a field day in analyzing the institutionalized madness that is now occurring and which passes for normal life in 2021.

    It is a sad commentary on how far and now fast human beings can degrade themselves and pull down the human family along with it.

    But those who stand against this time of madness and those contributing to it are gaining the eternal respect of a Universe that was and is intended for good and not our current major detour into hell. Major blessings upon those who live their lives as Universe intended.

  15. SteveBob says:

    Need the source references for the material in “quotes” to effectively use in Religious Exemptions. Will you please add the source materials via footnotes.

  16. Sean says:

    The timing to stand and reevaluate the whole basis of medical vaccines couldn’t be better.

    They should be driven into extinction. They are based on lies and crime.

    Unconscionable behaviors, over and over. And you are worried if I’m up to date. Yes you bet I’m up to date. Forever up to date.

  17. Larry C says:

    I couldn’t read this article in toto (and the first article that preceded it)…the reality was just too brutal for me to handle at this time. (I was actually looking at the screen out the side of my eye, rather than straight on.)

    But thank you Jon, for bringing this vital information forward.

    Rest assured, I will return to this topic in the near future when I’m feeling more resilient.

    • Brian says:

      I know how you feel as read it I became more and more horrified. I had to skim to comments because I couldn’t take it anymore. You best be wearing armor when you read it with the Bible in your lap. Man just reading about abortion alone is sad but the systematic way these monsters kill live babies out of the womb. Molach

  18. Margaret Prescott says:

    First I have a question, you start out with a quote but not sure who the quote is from? This article really affected me I can’t believe that doctors are actually doing this and have been doing it since The 70s. I feel so helpless in doing anything about it, but something must be done this just can’t keep going on this is one of the most horrific things I’ve ever read other than the baby sacrifices from the Satanic cult!

  19. Ben Factor says:

    The 293 in HEK293 represents the number of “experiments” performed for this cell line. It is the opinion of biologists, such as Pamela Acker, that more that one murder(abortion):

    “The most prominent cell line, called HEK 293, comes from an abortion performed in the 1970’s. It’s labeled 293 because that’s how many experimental attempts the researchers needed to get a working cell line. Therefore, though the abortion-to-experiment ratio is not precisely one-to-one, hundreds of abortions went into the project, even if they didn’t result in the working line. ”

  20. Karel Anthony says:

    Semantics… Killing is killing. Fetus, child, human, if you do not believe in killing and/or that it is a sin according to the laws that God himself handed down to Moses, then whether you perform the act or condone the act, there is no difference in the mind or the heart. The killing has been induced We should be unsensitized to this no matter who or what is in office. ROE v WADE – the ability to take a live fetus/ Child to kill it and harvest its body parts, all in the name of science. Is BARBARIC and must be addressed by God’s People. WE ALLOWED THIS, just like we allowed prayer from the schools and THE GOVERNMENT into our churches with the tax code. time to take the house of God back and give it over to the RUACH HaKodesh of our EL ELYON. Through the blood of Yahushua Mashiach

  21. Sue says:

    How did we get to this terrible situation? Why, indeed. We’ve happily and gladly allowed the torture of other beings for a very long time. They don’t look like us (except in the embryonic stages), they can’t speak our language. What a perfect excuse to draw that big red line and proclaim their suffering and cries mean nothing at all.

    But then, when the people who do these awful things start coming after us, and ours, we are shocked, outraged, impassioned !!

    And yet, it was always going to happen, because if you allow it over there, it will make it’s way over here.

    All I can hear, I me mine
    I me mine, I me mine
    Even those tears, I me mine
    I me mine, I me mine
    No-one’s frightened of playing it
    Everyone’s saying it
    Flowing more freely than wine
    All through your life I me mine. (From “I Me Mine” by George Harrison)

  22. jane mariouw says:

    no longer proud of my Dutch heritage
    because of this🤬😱

  23. David Domet says:

    I will be linking to this on Vox Cantoris tomorrow in another hammer to Thomas Cardinal Collins for throwing the faithful under the bus in the name of the god phizer.

  24. Moona Lisa says:

    I would like to see lawsuit challenging mandate of fake vaccine based on ethics objections, rather than religious.

    Case should be squarely centered around what Jon brings to light here.

    Plaintiff should be an atheist to deprive defendants religion fanaticism angle of defense. I would like to see Fauci himself, CDC, Pfizer and specific butcher doctors as defendants.

    Including demand to revoke their medical licenses under Nuremberg principles.

  25. Kieron says:

    One need not be “a person of faith” to stand in opposition to this atrocity. I bow to no God, to no Goddess and to no gods, but I will gladly use this damning evidence in my defense if it makes others understand why I will not submit to the poison jab.

  26. Ben Kolly says:

    This is beyond any word to describe this horror

  27. Chris A. says:

    Dear Jon R. and colleagues:

    Not sure how to get this interesting read PDF link to you for your perusal


    Pfizer Clot Shot Is Tracking You (if you got it)

    By Michael Baxter – October 17, 2021

    At Bill Gates’ military tribunal, Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall touched on the notion that Gates and the pharmaceutical manufactures had devised a method to insert a human tracking chip into Covid-19 vaccinations. The attached PDF is an important read, dealing with the Pfizer clot shot. Please read or download. It’s a long pdf, but worth the time to read.

  28. Jake says:

    They don’t need to do that. They’ve been able to grow organs more than two decades.

    They keep things half hidden, no reason for organ ‘harvesting’ or donating. Harvesting was always a weird word, could have labeled it transfer surgery.

    In any event, they don’t have to ‘get’ any more of anything. it’s been a very long time and a lot of demonic people getting away with hiding things, for their uses, and continue bagging money.

  29. Gene says:

    “According to Gonzalo Herranz, former head of the Committee of Medical Ethics of Spanish doctors, the best way to prevent ‘contamination by microorganisms’ is to deliver the child by caesarean section or the removal of the uterus.”

    “caesarean section or the removal of the uterus” implies the painful death of the mother as well; for these anti-moral, anti-human monsters cannot not use anesthetics as that will affect the baby. Hence this also implies human trafficking of women, probably young females.


    And someone has asked the question: “Where have all the Pregnant Mexicans gone?”

    This culture,even this civilization, this Western civilization, deserves the full wrath of God to be poured out upon it; for it has become a demonic monstrosity. This, this is the fully ripened fruit of the Enlightenment.

  30. Iyad Gabbour says:

    Can you please put the References for all you mentioned? I can’t presnt it to some MDs without such references. You know how: What if he wrote all that himself!?

  31. Yvonne says:

    It is absolutely Divine Providence that the truth which I’ve worked to expose for the last 18+ years is now at the forefront of the battle.
    How much longer are we going to turn a blind eye to the culture of death? How much longer are we going to just stand by and do nothing to END this horrific evil and demand that the pharmaceutical industry STOPS exploiting the unborn?

    We must continue to unite our voices , write to the pharmaceuticals, put pressure on our legislators to push forth informed consent to put an end to this once and for all.

    These cell lines are NOT immortal- they will die and NEW FRESH cell lines will be needed to replace… WALVAX is just but one cell line– PER C6 was another created to replace the aging lines.

    Join us, make your voices heard!

    Thank you Jon for exposing this! Keep fighting the Good fight!

  32. Barbara Wing says:

    You can plainly see that the wrath of God is full by the things happening in the world. The wine press is full and God is going to trample out the wicked vintage, and it is quite full.

    Question is, are you right with God? Call upon the Lord Jesus Christ to save you. He said, anyone who comes to me I will in no way cast him out. Who soever calls upon the name of the Lord Jesus shall be saved. Remember, today may be your last upon earth.

  33. Erica says:


    A Pfizer Whistleblower says the company tried to hide the fact aborted fetal tissue was used in development

  34. Lianna says:

    There used to be video proof of this interview. If you have access to this, could you please contact me? It has been scrubbed from the internet.

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