Natural Health Fakers; their scam and their fear

by Jon Rappoport

September 28, 2021

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In a small American city, a supermarket caters to locals who’ve lived in the area for a long time.

Because the political authority has mandated masks, most of the shoppers wear them. But some don’t. The store employees ignore those who don’t. There’s no harassment.

Across town, a major health food store presents a quite different scene. Everyone is wearing a mask. Shoppers keep their distance from one another. If a daring shopper walks the aisles with a naked face, there’s a good chance a masked marauder will shout at him: PUT YOUR MASK ON. Store employees will definitely descend on him and hold out a mask. If the outlier refuses, the employees will promptly kick him out of the store.

What’s going on? Why are these supposed natural health devotees behaving like germophobic storm troopers?

Why are they suddenly worshipping at the altar of Fauci?

Why are they supporting the mainstream/government medical model?

Indeed, as it turns out, why are so many eagerly lining up to take the vaccine, which is actually a genetic treatment, when they’ve been attacking Monsanto/Bayer for genetically modifying crops?

Why do they squeeze that germicide goo out of a machine on their hands before they enters the store, when they believe Nature (their goddess), in her wisdom, has dispensed trillions to the trillionth power microorganisms all over the planet?

Once upon a time, long ago, natural health advocates went to the wall for Health Freedom, the right of every human to decide how to take care of his own body. Big government and big medicine were the enemies.

In 1994, I ran for a seat in the US Congress on a platform of Health Freedom, and I met some of these people. They were true (not fake, not compromised) libertarians. Their vision of freedom was crystal clear. And inspiring.

However, the present generation of natural health people (certainly not all, but many of them) are working an entirely different program.

Its bottom line is:


It’s a full-blown wall-to-wall fetish.

They see themselves as “successful in life,” and as such—no matter what platitudes and virtue signals they broadcast publicly—they consider themselves a class apart from the great unwashed masses.

For them, the lower masses are definitely unclean. And in order to build and maintain a wall against close contact with those proles, the new “natural health” proponents will take every measure they deem necessary.

Masks? Wonderful. Wear at least one, maybe two. Socially distance? Of course. Forget about six feet. Six miles, at least, if at all possible. There must be no class mixing.

Shame and attack the unvaccinated? You bet. Those virus-laden dirty super-spreaders must be stopped at any cost.

Suddenly, Mother Nature is a goddess who bathes in a tub of Purell twice a day, and rubs various oils and creams and gels and lotions on her body, to ward off the dirt and grime and ooze of The Streets. She does internal Cleanses at an upscale resort-retreat.

And if you could probe down below all the fancy memes and slogans these new “natural health” advocates adorn themselves with, you would find the conviction that THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THE PLANET, AND DEPOPULATION IS A MUST.

Otherwise, contact with the UNCLEAN is unavoidable.

And that is how these present-day Soldiers of Nature secretly join up with the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, various elite “radical environmentalists,” and other eugenicists, on behalf of The Great Reset, which ultimately demands Culling the Herd.

—Although, short of torture, you could never wring such a confession from one of these contemporary “natural health” persons.

The unwritten history of the last 40 years involves the transformation of the Health Freedom movement, from the radical I DECIDE to ELIMINATE THE UNWASHED.

As I say, not all those who still stand for Health Freedom now are on the side of Big Government and Big Medicine, but a disturbing number are.

As they stalk the health food stores wearing their masks, searching out offenders, they vaguely remember their freer days, long past—but now they’re the Stasi and the KGB. And they have no idea how that switch happened.

Meet the new androids.

If you actually took them to meet Nature, up close and personal, on an African plain where hungry lions were attacking the dead carcass of an antelope, pulling out the entrails, ripping away chunks of flesh, vultures circling overhead, stench-ridden dogs trotting in the background waiting for their leftovers, thousands of flies gathering on the corpse, they would flee back to their jeeps.

For them, the ideal wished-for dream of a natural environment would be the back seat of an air-conditioned limo cruising silently through Beverly Hills, the interior air sweet with the scent of lavender sanitizer.

For all but a few of them, that vision is a shore too far. But it’s a comforting fantasy.

Meanwhile, they can patrol health food stores and harass the unmasked. They can shout: VIRUS. They can imagine they’re wearing black uniforms and have guns in their hands.

Or syringes and needles. Or blow darts.

“Hold that disgusting man down! I’m going to shoot him full of Moderna! Then I’m going home, taking three showers and testing myself. Call Dr. Fauci and tell him I’m on the case. Achtung! We will destroy the Unclean…”

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

46 comments on “Natural Health Fakers; their scam and their fear

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:


    Our overseers (I call them The Masters of the Universe) have made a grave mistake. For years they have operated under the radar screen pretty much taking advantage of the fact that most of us think we are free and can come and go as we please. With open elections and other devices of ‘civilization’ they were able to at least convey to us a sense of relative freedom that we came to believe in. Now they have overreached and many people are waking up! They almost had us sold on the illusion of freedom.

    • Bobalot says:

      Don’t you see? They want you to ‘Wake Up’ because then they can really take their gloves off and mow you down with bullets and bombs. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. They hold all the aces.

    • Eva LaRoche says:

      I highly doubt we were ever free in the true sense even from the get go. The controllers’ tentacles were never cut, when the united states were formed from the very beginning.

    • mary says:

      I agree, it appears they are in a desperate mode, granted in that state they will probably attempt to pull the final lever. As I observe this daily I am reminded of a brat, a child who has lost and being a brat, strikes out insanely, rather than accept defeat. We all know we are watching insanity, but the hold it all has gotten over those going along, still baffles me, but then again, I never saw this world as sane.

    • Courageous Lion says:

      So true. I was in high school back in 1972 when I started seeing so many contradictions. I realized then that I wasn’t being taught. We were being indoctrinated. But being I had a divergent mind, I was always asking questions and causing controversy right in the class room. I remember being in US “Government” class and reading the 10 planks of the Communist manifesto and asking the teacher a question about the 1st plank. I said to him that my dad had to pay “property taxes” which were used for “public purpose” on his home and if he didn’t he would have had the Sheriff show up and kick him out. I said isn’t that the same thing as the 1st plank but with different words? He looked at me with this blank stare on his face as I launched the next question which was, doesn’t the 10th plank match up to the “public” school that I was sitting in and wasn’t that one of the things the 1st plank said the “rent” was used for? Another blank stare. One other student said, gee, seems like Mark is RIGHT. Well in 2004 I wrote an article for Media Bypass on the subject after doing lots of research and found that all 10 planks are in force and effect here and have been for many many years. Here is a link: You can fix the spots I took out pretty easy. I don’t want the moderator to hold up my post www(dot) Reply if you can dispute my findings. How are you “free” if you have to pay the 2nd plank? How are you “free” if you are forced to pay for public school and if you don’t you face fines and penalties for not paying “your” property taxes? How free are you when in many places you have to ask someone and pay a fee to carry a firearm for your own protection? How free are you if you are told you have to take a vaccine because they tell you to? Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose.

  2. Tim says:

    That which Knows Everything need not “think” about anything.

  3. Piksil says:

    I guess I’m lucky that my local health food store isn’t like that at all. I used to wish there was a Whole (Paycheck) Foods or Traitor Joe’s nearby….no longer. Trying to support local businesses as I can.

    I watched that Project Veritas video the other day, with mixed emotions. Seems to me that blow darts will be unnecessary if certain components of the jab can be genetically engineered into food/food commodities.

    Or is that already being done?
    There have been whispers for a few years about engineering vaccines into foods. Sounds like a great idea, since they’re only trying to protect our health.

  4. Corinne Coster says:

    So true!

    Evil enjoys co-opting about anything to turn it upside down. The same was done with soy, being an hormone disruptor and promoted as healthy food. And now with the whole trans agenda being the result of it.

    Similarly lettuce and salad were not a regular in the western diet before 1900, but got promoted as “greens are good for you!” Now some greens are tho it depends of one’s health background really.

  5. Lois says:

    So true, Jon.

    I watched the change when vegetarians were supplanted by vegans led by Madonna. Their premises were not moral ideals focussed on the world but chemical components focussed on their person. While we outdated vegetarians were including a root, a leaf, a stem and a fruit on our plates to nourish all the body’s systems, they ate products filled with sugar.

    Spirituality met spiritual materialism in the vegetarian to vegan culture. The products in health food stores no longer listed botanical ingredients but chemicals, vitamins and acids.

    That’s okay. We’re now planting gardens and happy to share the produce with carnivors, vegans and family members who buy the narrative.

    Looking forward to your interview on Vaccine Choice Canada!!

  6. Antithacus says:

    I work at a small “natural foods” grocery in the Northeast, in a very politically left-leaning area. I am amazed that today’s progressives seem to have gone full-on Fascist and don’t even realize it. If anyone can explain it to me, I’d be happy to consider it. As it is, there is no longer anything “liberal” about Liberals.

    • sid says:

      Along with the increased cost of food and the increased impoverishment of working people the customer base for “natural foods” has shifted to mainly the upper middle-class and the wealthy.

      “Hippies” or working people can less often afford to eat “organically” these days since the latter requires that one pay a premium in order to not be poisoned by chemical-based “foods”.

      So the attitudes of the “organic consumer” have shifted to a certain elitist technocratic mind set.

      These people are generally more inclined to accept the pronouncement of “experts” and to avoid thinking for themselves when doing so threatens to expel them from the tribe. The cognitive dissonance becomes too intense. They are also, in many cases, intellectually lazy and would rather accept the conventional wisdom even if it might threaten their lives and those of their families.

      I know many of these types and, while not “bad people”, entertaining anything outside the official COVID narrative is unthinkable.

      On the other hand it has been noted that an outsized percentage of those questioning the quackccine safety are those holding Phd degrees.

  7. Eluard says:

    I’ve seen the same in the supplements’ aisle of local drug stores. People who would have sworn by Vitamin C and their own immune systems adorning themselves in masks. Not only–actually taking the jab. Some of them having no relevant answer as to why they took it. (Maybe there is something to that thing we’ve been hearing about, a weird subconscious urge to “just get it over with,” that Jeff Rense was talking about.)

    I’ve also seen this with the political warrior types. For years they “saw through” the government b.s. on all issues– war, 9-11, you name it. Now they’re “all in this together,” masking up, rolling up their sleeves. Look at someone like Sean Penn. Not only has he bought the whole scenario–the guy’s “foundation” was literally jabbing people in Dodgers Stadium.

    Just goes to show you. Don’t judge a book by its cover. An oldie but a goodie. Seriously.

  8. Paul says:


    Those dirty Humans, with their dirty fingernails, supple oil-rich skin, & wavy ocean-ed salty hair.

    How do they dare !
    We mustn’t bear.
    Cull the rabbit rare.

    ~ sayeth The Simple Machine Insects, within Their rote Factoried Hive

    The Humans reply:

    “Listen pal… How ’bout I rip your freakin’ antennae off.”

    Antennae-d One:

    “No no, save that OW, I’m just gettin’ started…”

  9. Mario says:

    Genial, !!cómo puede decir tantas cosas claras, con tan pocas palabras¡¡

    Great, how can you say so many things clearly, with so few words!

  10. Curtis says:

    Jon, […] I want to say thanks for your work. I only recently picked up on your site and I’m glad I FINALLY found it. I enjoy it because I don’t agree with everything you write. A lot of blogs I find myself in agreement with 99% of what is written and I think that’s dangerous.

    It’s amazing to me what has happened to Western society and culture. When sufficiently frightened most people will not only accept authoritarianism, they will demand it. The people in your local health food store are scared, they have been propagandaized and are happy to do the bidding of the authoritarians. They don’t realize that they will be the first to be subjugated and eliminated.

    The clean versus the unclean is something I’ve also been thinking a lot about. There are so many profound components to this rapidly developing social disease, for anyone who likes to ponder these topics it really is an interesting time. I think at the moment that we are the rats in 1940’s Germany. I think it’s possible that the “vaccine” is turning people into Zyklon machines. I think the goal is to create a situation parallel to Marek’s Disease in chickens. Anyone who is unvaxxed and who does not keep up with the boosters will need to truly segregate from society or die. Plan B (which seems more likely) is to release a weaponized MERS virus. That will really help depopulate the planet.

    • Invisible Man says:

      “A lot of blogs I find myself in agreement with 99% of what is written and I think that’s dangerous.”

      What a smart and shrewd comment. I see this a lot, especially blogs related to Covid commentary. Readers leaving comments on blogs like, “Thank you so much! You are so brilliant! What I love about your writing is you express my own thoughts and feelings perfectly. I feel totally in sync with everything you say!”

      Such people invariably envision utopia as a place in which everyone agrees about everything and conflict doesn’t exist at all.

      But I think you’re right that wanting and needing to be in total agreement with a writer at all times is a bad sign.

    • Andrew McKim says:

      But, there is no virus. Have you read ANYTHING by Jon?

    • Eluard says:

      Curtis, I recommend checking out some of Jon’s articles from the beginning (and before) of this thing. Put in duckduckgo Jon Rappoport January (or whichever month) 2020 and you’ll get his articles from that period.

      January through May (and into summer) 2020 they were coming like gangbusters. He was dead on with this whole scam. Enjoyable reading, if bittersweet.

    • Sue says:

      I’ve gone too far, there ain’t no comin’ back for me
      Auschwitz gas chamber full of Zyklon-B
      Just like the Spanish exterminatin’ Tainos
      Rapin’ the black and Indian women, creatin’ Latinos
      Motherfuckers made me out of self-righteous hatred
      And now you got yourself a virus, stuck in the Matrix

      Immortal Technique – The Point of No Return (2003)

  11. Donella says:

    There was a staff member at a liquor store here giving out those useless masks to the unclean with a pair of plastic salad tongs. I didn’t intentionally laugh out loud, it was completely involuntary. I politely refused her offer.

  12. TheRocksBelow says:

    This is a scenario that describes really well what is going on in California. Almost everyone I know who was die hard holistic- no pharmaceuticals, all organic, no gluten, no Glyphosate, etc ended up going out immediately and getting both shots and boosters. The ones I’m still in contact with are having terrible symptoms. One woman’s neck started shaking the following week and it hasn’t stopped since. One who has never been in the hospital for anything has now been in the hospital for 4 months. No one knows whats going on with her. She has lost control of her legs, etc.

    After living there for 40 years, I moved to Utah just to get away. and the heath food store here has the least mask wearers. IMaybe one out of 50 has on a mask. I’ve spoken to people in there who wish they hadn’t had the shot and are looking for ways to help get it out/ support their system (Nutribiotic Liquid Grapefruit seed extract).

    I went back to visit LA, and I was blown away because people there are actually like Nazis now. They are policing each other, etc. Strangest environment I’ve ever seen really. It’s like an adult version of Lord of the Flies. I realized that many of the people I knew who seemed stable, were in fact being almost entirely run by their emotions and hive thinking. They have actually lost their ability to trust their own instincts and their own thinking.

    Southern CA is the land of entitlement, narcissism, and something called spiritual bypassing. which means fake positivity all the time while bypassing your own interior reality. I would never live there again. The upside is health food stores and holistic people are not as bad in other places from what I’ve seen.

    • TheRocksBelow says:


      I think it also has to do with the need to see oneself as a “good”person. Thats a really dangerous thing to try and be. It seems people can’t handle being disliked by anyone, or risk getting hurt, even a little bit anymore. A little phony pandemic comes along and people are chomping at the bit at to show how good they are.

      • Kriss says:

        You’re right. How many times have I heard from a regretful vaccinee, “I just wanted to do the right thing,” or, “I wanted to help the world.” The WORLD!

  13. Eva LaRoche says:

    This blog post is perfect timing and an excellent topic to cover. Just yesterday, I told my daughter that it boggles my mind to no end as to why people who are on a journey to near optimal health – vegans on one end of the spectrum and carnivores on the other end – could so easily buy into the plan$camdemic and follow the government’s and medical establishment’s marching orders so perfectly. I’ve been on both ends and am 3-months shy of four years being in the carnivore camp, as it has been the only way of eating that has made the most difference in my health.

    The main goal of following a path to the best possible mental/emotional/physical health is to be FEARLESS. Knowing that mind to matter has everything to do with our health, and not just what we put into and onto our bodies, will help reach that goal. The ‘natural health faker’ virtue signalers obviously don’t believe in or trust their lifestyle; because if they did, they wouldn’t be fearful of anything (boogeygerms included), and they wouldn’t allow any kinds of toxic poisons (harmaceutical drugs/vaxxines) and gene-altering therapies to be pumped into them.

    If indeed as you say this mentality of theirs – THE CLEAN VERSUS THE UNCLEAN. I AM CLEAN, “THEY” ARE UNCLEAN. – is what causes them to give into the mandates, then they are some of the most hypocritical people to walk this earth.

  14. Gwyneth Cann says:

    There is a rather descriptive and accurate name for such people. I read it first on Eric Peter Autos’ website.


  15. Casey says:

    Their idea of engaging with nature is using their keen eyesight to hunt out the green leaf organic label on their favorite factory produced, nutritionally stripped, pre-packaged food items.

  16. CSFurious says:

    This article is on point. The same exact scenario has played out in my suburban town.

  17. Rico Debiase says:

    It’s simply EUGENICS by another name, unfortunately. & BTW obsessions, particularly w/ PURITY, NATURE, & WHOLESOMENESS can & often are easily subverted, inverted, & perverted…often leading to mountains of bodies readied for sacrificial tribute at the altar of “The GODS” or some such

  18. Roundball Shaman says:

    “…why are so many eagerly lining up to take the vaccine, which is actually a genetic treatment, when they’ve been attacking Monsanto/Bayer for genetically modifying crops?”

    There’s nothing worse than an ignoramus who thinks they are the smartest person in the room. And today, the World is full of them.

    “Why do they squeeze that germicide goo out of a machine on their hands before they enters the store, when they believe Nature (their goddess), in her wisdom, has dispensed trillions to the trillionth power microorganisms all over the planet?”

    Have to receive the daily sacramental liquid to prove one’s faith and loyalty to the Unholy Church of the Most High Covid.


    The “US” versus “THEM” game. This never goes away. Whether one uses skin color, religious dogma, one’s choice of football team, one’s tribe out in the wilds, or a million other things… human beings have a sick need to seek easy superiority over others so They create a false righteousness that they can demonize others with. This is the desire of a weak and infantized mind that seeks never to mature.

    “Hold that disgusting man down! I’m going to shoot him full of Moderna! Then I’m going home, taking three showers and testing myself. Call Dr. Fauci and tell him I’m on the case. Achtung! We will destroy the Unclean…”

    And all the while, the Puppet Masters who watch this sad display safely from above laugh their asses off.

  19. Sean says:

    I travel around. I go to the various natural franchise stores. But now I get it, why, in all the places I would shop, that these natural stores are not a kind of safe haven that I just knew would be. They aren’t. Im in Georgetown, Texas now, and the employees and some of the customers are wearing them, still. I understand now why I am uncomfortable around them and they me. They dont like me, my fellow healthy minded folk. Even the farmers markets are masking up a little more again.

    In the past, Ive been to the farmers markets, where Im the only one without one. In Texas of all places. Now Im thinking that the ones that are unmasked, whereas before they were masked, might be unmasked now because they got the shot. Im blown away by this whole criminal activity that has been imposed upon us and how to navigate around it. Thank you to all the 100’s of millions of folks that want be childish, and want your tv daily to keep you in the know, which is causing this.

  20. lamberth says:

    Oh, and don’t forget that many of the people that run these stores are totally on board with the Climate Change hoax. Or is that Global Warming, or the Greenhouse Effect…?
    They think we’re all going to drown in the next 10 years and that only GretaT can save humanity.

    Seems to me that they are just very naive and gullible.

  21. Andrea Lucas Crosby says:


  22. Lauran says:

    Try going into a Sprouts Food Store in southern California without a mask. You will be screamed at, harassed, and told to stand back as you enter the checkout line. They may have wonderful vitamins, and organic food; but half of the people shopping in there look sickly, and malnourished. Still able to scream at you, though!…Jon, great article!

  23. les online says:

    Definitions Changed: pandemic, case, isolated (virus), fully (as in “fully vaxxed”- it’s going on 4 to be fully vaxxed in Israel), vaccination…And so on…
    If there’s one thing that might help break the spell/ undermine the Official lies, is a leaflet listing all the changed definition made TO FOOL YOU (into thinking there really was a pandemic.)

  24. HBird says:

    I can attest to their hypocrisy. There’s a local “New Age” expo I used to attend annually to look at crystals, this year they required masks therefore I didn’t go.

    They talk about love conquering fear, fear is just an illusion and so on, then why the masks and all this fear? Why not just trust the universe to keep them safe?

  25. Judith Pecho says:

    It has nothing to do with any non existent virus. The jab will have nanobparticles that will cross TYhe blood brain barrier and interact with 5G. Surely most have read about this but nit one comment about it.

    How else can they control for instance a population of more than 315 million armed weapons.

    If you realize that every level of gvmt is now a Corporation registeted in Europe and that their employees must register as foreign agents, must gave a bond as they do not have qualufied immunity and can each be sued forvup to $75K and serve a 10 year prison sentence for violating your Constitutional rights, why aren’t we suing them. Corporations mandating jabs, masks and sicial distancung. Get sime class action cased going. Din’t just sit there and surrender to the fate the Corporations illegally mandate. Put all the Governors and their Board Members in jail. Fine folks whose curtains don’t match in the front of their house.police and all court staff including judges (banksters with bankibg numbets);are foreign agents. Corporatiobs do not hace prisecuting attirneys. When did this Corporations take over our elected officials. Govenors firing elected mayors and appointing Corporate people. They are after your CAFR1 money. Look up Walter Burien. He will talk with you. Wake up and read The Midnight Ride of PaulvRevere. I memorized that as a kid. A good part of it. Look up The Foreign Agent Actvif 1838. Lots found my last search.

  26. 'Tween Heaven & Earth says:

    I, too, work in a store that prides itself on having a large selection of organically grown fruits and veg as well as pastured meats and MSC-certified seafood. Yet, supposedly about 2/3 of employees have taken the shot. (It’s a rumor, so who knows?) Most in my department, where we sell supplements, have not.

    From my training in herbal circles, I also have been surprised by the number of herbalists who have taken the shots or even advocated for them. Many are what one might call “woke” and maybe that has something to do with it. But I really have been puzzled by these reactions as many of these people I also considered to have done their inner work on how to counter fear…and would place their trust in the plants they have worked with for many, many years.

    There’s a fellow on YT, Richard Grannon, who posits a borderline personality disorder dynamic at work in all of this; could be. I have not sussed it out in my own mind. I do see a lot of the drama-triangle stuff going on, though—persecutors, victims, rescuers, all kind of shifting spots as the situation changes.

    As with Jon, from the get-go, I found it odd that the same people who could advocate on behalf of GMO-free agriculture would agree to take a GM treatment. And from what I am learning, recent injections have also been of the recombinant variety. To be clear, everything we take in affects our genome. But why should we grant such ease of access to recombinant or mRNA injections?

    People also are now asking about the safety of the yet-to-come Novavax. It has a saponin-based adjuvant from Quillaja saponaria, the soap tree. Saponins are constituents in many, many plants. Why someone would use this as an adjuvant is beyond me. Seems like it will set the recipient up for various allergic reactions. Quillaja bark extract is part of the Vitamin D3 I currently take, for example. And that’s just one aspect of the injection-to-come.

  27. eceres says:

    Sharp article. The incremental slide scam, now at bottom. Though as much as I could focus on the dopes who think they’re being natural when they’re following a script, instead the article makes me think of the slide downward. When false fda let gmo food be labeled ‘natural’ was a travesty. Then false health type fronts began pushing ‘gluten’ nonsense which affects less then one percent of people, doing that to run over focus on organic. Then as lemmings took to that, the ‘fda’ decided to allow over two hundred chemicals to be used in supposed organic. Then the ‘non gmo’ label nonsense, bogus whole foods, now amazon, also to distract from organic. And the beef con, ‘grass fed’, can mean gmo alfafa hay. Pasture fed may be different, but conglomerates could seed ‘pasture’ with gmo. There are many cons who control the food. If everyone had grown food, and kept population down here by peer pressure, food stores wouldn’t have mattered.

    At base, I think stealing the word natural was the worst. The word organic was to complicate and divide people, which separtism and ignorance the article sort of goes to, and also other comments. If the word natural had been kept, it would have been simple. If more people had paid attention, natural would have meant organic, no other nonsense. The labelers have done many distractions.

  28. LL says:

    Just the other day stepped foot in the small, local organic grocery store. I was immediately told by “Karen” wearing mask, safety goggles and using a wavering shield made by a 5X8ft dangling piece of plexiglass hanging from the ceilings by attached chains, “We prefer everyone entering the store wear a mask if not vaccinated!” I nodded as if to say “ok” and went about my business of collecting a few groceries and NOT wearing a mask. “Karen” grabbed a broom (no kidding) and followed me around the store pretending to sweep up here and there. I grabbed a 5cent plastic bag from the roll hanging by the refrigerated case and I picked up a bunch of celery and some red peppers with the bag as if I was cleaning up after my dog so I didn’t touch other produce with my hands. When I was checking out, “Karen” used her bare hands to pick up my bunch of celery and red peppers and just to have some fun, I made a big deal of how unsanitary it was for her to do that especially during a pandemic! I ran to the refrigerated produce area, grabbed another 2, 5cent bags and picked another bunch of celery and red peppers and returned to the checkout and I asked her if she would please weight the produce while it was safely tucked inside the plastic bags instead of handling my produce with her bare hands. “Karen” was aghast and could barely utter the total amount of my bill. I paid in cash, making sure to touch each coin and watch Karen recoil in horror at having to touch my filthy money. I told her I was sorry she contaminated the other celery and peppers and hoped wondered if she would have to throw them out? She ignored me and gently shoved the contaminated produce to the side. I said, “have a nice day” and walked out smiling. “Karen” was simply unable to see the contradictions but at least she was shielded from virus behind the dangling and swinging plexiglass virus shield! You wrote a spectacular piece and so relevant. Thank you.

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