The failure to prove the virus exists

by Jon Rappoport

September 20, 2021

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Over a year ago, I proposed (insisted on) a procedure to prove SARS-COV-2 exists.

This procedure is essential—and needless to say, it hasn’t been done, and will never be done.

Why? Because the outcome could completely and utterly destroy the COVID narrative.

Here is the procedure: You line up 500 people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and you take tissue samples from them.

You properly process these samples, through centrifuging, etc., in order to extract and arrive at what you believe is the virus.

You put that material under an electron microscope and photograph it.

You then place the 500 photos from the 500 “pandemic patients” side by side.

You ask yourself three burning questions.

One: In each and every photo, are there many identical viruses?

Two: Are these viruses in every one of the 500 photos?

Three: Is the virus one you’ve never seen before?

If the answer to question one and two is yes, you appear to have found a common virus for the 500 patients. If the answer to three is yes, it’s a virus never seen before.

If the answer to either question one or two is no, you’ve failed to find the common virus you’re looking for. You’ve failed to prove a viral cause for what you’re calling COVID-19.

If you see many identical virus particles in some, but not all, of the photos, you may or may not have found a virus. To decide that issue, you need three conditions: the researchers are honest and independent; a new team of such researchers will repeat the whole procedure, from the beginning, to see whether their findings match those of the original team; and you need truly qualified experts to determine whether the particles in the electron microscope photos are actually viruses or something else.

Note: This is why one or two photos from a study mean NOTHING.

All right. Moving on, there are other factors involved in the process of discovering a virus. These factors are ISOLATION and GENETIC SEQUENCING.

They’re both covered in a Statement on Virus Isolation, authored and published by Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan, and Sally Fallon Morell. I reprint it here in full:

Statement On Virus Isolation (SOVI) [1]

“Isolation: The action of isolating; the fact or condition of being isolated or standing alone; separation from other things or persons; solitariness.” — Oxford English Dictionary

The controversy over whether the SARS-CoV-2 virus has ever been isolated or purified continues. However, using the above definition, common sense, the laws of logic and the dictates of science, any unbiased person must come to the conclusion that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has never been isolated or purified. As a result, no confirmation of the virus’ existence can be found. The logical, common sense, and scientific consequences of this fact are:

* the structure and composition of something not shown to exist can’t be known, including the presence, structure, and function of any hypothetical spike or other proteins;

* the genetic sequence of something that has never been found can’t be known;

* “variants” of something that hasn’t been shown to exist can’t be known;

* it’s impossible to demonstrate that SARS-CoV-2 causes a disease called Covid-19.

In as concise terms as possible, here’s the proper way to isolate, characterize and demonstrate a new virus. First, one takes samples (blood, sputum, secretions) from many people (e.g. 500) with symptoms which are unique and specific enough to characterize an illness. Without mixing these samples with ANY tissue or products that also contain genetic material, the virologist macerates, filters and ultracentrifuges i.e. purifies the specimen. This common virology technique, done for decades to isolate bacteriophages [2a] and so-called giant viruses in every virology lab, then allows the virologist to demonstrate with electron microscopy thousands of identically sized and shaped particles. These particles are the isolated and purified virus.

These identical particles are then checked for uniformity by physical and/or microscopic techniques. Once the purity is determined, the particles may be further characterized. This would include examining the structure, morphology, and chemical composition of the particles. Next, their genetic makeup is characterized by extracting the genetic material directly from the purified particles and using genetic-sequencing techniques, such as Sanger sequencing, that have also been around for decades. Then one does an analysis to confirm that these uniform particles are exogenous (outside) in origin as a virus is conceptualized to be, and not the normal breakdown products of dead and dying tissues. [2b] (As of May 2020, we know that virologists have no way to determine whether the particles they’re seeing are viruses or just normal break-down products of dead and dying tissues.) [2c]

If we have come this far then we have fully isolated, characterized, and genetically sequenced an exogenous virus particle. However, we still have to show it is causally related to a disease. This is carried out by exposing a group of healthy subjects (animals are usually used) to this isolated, purified virus in the manner in which the disease is thought to be transmitted. If the animals get sick with the same disease, as confirmed by clinical and autopsy findings, one has now shown that the virus actually causes a disease. This demonstrates infectivity and transmission of an infectious agent.

None of these steps has even been attempted with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, nor have all these steps been successfully performed for any so-called pathogenic virus. Our research indicates that a single study showing these steps does not exist in the medical literature.

Instead, since 1954, virologists have taken unpurified samples from a relatively few people, often less than ten, with a similar disease. They then minimally process this sample and inoculate this unpurified sample onto tissue culture containing usually four to six other types of material — all of which contain identical genetic material as to what is called a “virus.” The tissue culture is starved and poisoned and naturally disintegrates into many types of particles, some of which contain genetic material. Against all common sense, logic, use of the English language and scientific integrity, this process is called “virus isolation.” This brew containing fragments of genetic material from many sources is then subjected to genetic analysis, which then creates in a computer-simulation process the alleged sequence of the alleged virus, a so called in silico genome. At no time is an actual virus confirmed by electron microscopy. At no time is a genome extracted and sequenced from an actual virus. This is scientific fraud.

The observation that the unpurified specimen — inoculated onto tissue culture along with toxic antibiotics, bovine fetal tissue, amniotic fluid and other tissues — destroys the kidney tissue onto which it is inoculated is given as evidence of the virus’ existence and pathogenicity. This is scientific fraud.

From now on, when anyone gives you a paper that suggests the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been isolated, please check the methods sections. If the researchers used Vero cells or any other culture method, you know that their process was not isolation. You will hear the following excuses for why actual isolation isn’t done:

1. There were not enough virus particles found in samples from patients to analyze.

2. Viruses are intracellular parasites; they can’t be found outside the cell in this manner.

If No. 1 is correct, and we can’t find the virus in the sputum of sick people, then on what evidence do we think the virus is dangerous or even lethal? If No. 2 is correct, then how is the virus spread from person to person? We are told it emerges from the cell to infect others. Then why isn’t it possible to find it?

Finally, questioning these virology techniques and conclusions is not some distraction or divisive issue. Shining the light on this truth is essential to stop this terrible fraud that humanity is confronting. For, as we now know, if the virus has never been isolated, sequenced or shown to cause illness, if the virus is imaginary, then why are we wearing masks, social distancing and putting the whole world into prison?

Finally, if pathogenic viruses don’t exist, then what is going into those injectable devices erroneously called “vaccines,” and what is their purpose? This scientific question is the most urgent and relevant one of our time.

We are correct. The SARS-CoV2 virus does not exist.

—end of Kaufman, Cowan, Morell Statement—

Finally, here is a repost of my article about a claim of virus isolation. Dr. Kaufman does a step-by-step analysis of a quote from a typical study that purports to describe how SARS-CoV-2 was isolated:

—Dr. Andrew Kaufman refutes “isolation” of SARS-Cov-2; he does step-by-step analysis of a typical claim of isolation; there is no proof that the virus exists—

The global medical community has been asserting that “a pandemic is being caused by a virus, SARS-Cov-2.”

But what if the virus doesn’t exist?

People have been asking me for a step-by-step analysis of a mainstream claim of virus-isolation. Well, here it is.

“Isolation” should mean the virus has been separated out from all surrounding material, so researchers can say, “Look, we have it. It exists.”

I took a typical passage from a published study, a “methods” section, in which researchers describe how they “isolated the virus.” I sent it to Dr. Andrew Kaufman [3], and he provided his analysis in detail.

I found several studies that used very similar language in explaining how “SARS-CoV-2 was isolated.” For example, “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 from Patient with Coronavirus Disease, United States, (Emerging Infectious Diseases, Vol. 26, No. 6 — June 2020)” [4].

First, I want to provide a bit of background that will help the reader understand what is going on in the study.

The researchers are creating a soup in the lab. This soup contains a number of compounds. The researchers assume, without evidence, that “the virus” is in this soup. At no time do they separate the purported virus from the surrounding material in the soup. Isolation of the virus is not occurring.

They set about showing that the monkey (and/or human cells) they put in the soup are dying. THAT’S THEIR KEY “EVIDENCE.” This cell-death, they claim, is being caused by “the virus.” However, as you’ll see, Dr. Kaufman dismantles this claim.

There is no reason to infer that SARS-CoV-2 is in the soup at all, or that it is killing cells.

Finally, the researchers assert, with no proof or rational explanation, that they were able to discover the genetic sequence of “the virus” they never isolated. “We didn’t find it, we don’t know anything about it, but we sequenced it.”

Here are the study’s statements claiming isolation, alternated with Dr. Kaufman’s analysis:

STUDY: “We used Vero CCL-81 cells for isolation and initial passage [in the soup in the lab]…”

KAUFMAN: “Vero cells are foreign cells from the kidneys of monkeys and a source of contamination. Virus particles should be purified directly from clinical samples in order to prove the virus actually exists. Isolation means separation from everything else. So how can you separate/isolate a virus when you add it to something else?”

STUDY: “…We cultured Vero E6, Vero CCL-81, HUH 7.0, 293T, A549, and EFKB3 cells in Dulbecco minimal essential medium (DMEM) supplemented with heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum (5% or 10%)…”

KAUFMAN: “Why use minimal essential media, which provides incomplete nutrition [to the cells]? Fetal bovine serum is a source of foreign genetic material and extracellular vesicles, which are indistinguishable from viruses.”

STUDY: “…We used both NP and OP swab specimens for virus isolation. For isolation, limiting dilution, and passage 1 of the virus, we pipetted 50 μL of serum-free DMEM into columns 2–12 of a 96-well tissue culture plate, then pipetted 100 μL of clinical specimens into column 1 and serially diluted 2-fold across the plate…”

KAUFMAN: “Once again, misuse of the word isolation.”

STUDY: “…We then trypsinized and resuspended Vero cells in DMEM containing 10% fetal bovine serum, 2× penicillin/streptomycin, 2× antibiotics/antimycotics, and 2× amphotericin B at a concentration of 2.5 × 105 cells/mL…”

KAUFMAN: “Trypsin is a pancreatic enzyme that digests proteins. Wouldn’t that cause damage to the cells and particles in the culture which have proteins on their surfaces, including the so called spike protein?”

KAUFMAN: “Why are antibiotics added? Sterile technique is used for the culture. Bacteria may be easily filtered out of the clinical sample by commercially available filters (GIBCO) [5]. Finally, bacteria may be easily seen under the microscope and would be readily identified if they were contaminating the sample. The specific antibiotics used, streptomycin and amphotericin (aka ‘ampho-terrible’), are toxic to the kidneys and we are using kidney cells in this experiment! Also note they are used at ‘2X’ concentration, which appears to be twice the normal amount. These will certainly cause damage to the Vero cells.”

STUDY: “…We added [not isolated] 100 μL of cell suspension directly to the clinical specimen dilutions and mixed gently by pipetting. We then grew the inoculated cultures in a humidified 37°C incubator in an atmosphere of 5% CO2 and observed for cytopathic effects (CPEs) daily. We used standard plaque assays for SARS-CoV-2, which were based on SARS-CoV and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) protocols…”

STUDY: “When CPEs were observed, we scraped cell monolayers with the back of a pipette tip…”

KAUFMAN: “There was no negative control experiment described. Control experiments are required for a valid interpretation of the results. Without that, how can we know if it was the toxic soup of antibiotics, minimal nutrition, and dying tissue from a sick person which caused the cellular damage or a phantom virus? A proper control would consist of the same exact experiment except that the clinical specimen should come from a person with illness unrelated to covid, such as cancer, since that would not contain a virus.”

STUDY: “…We used 50 μL of viral lysate for total nucleic acid extraction for confirmatory testing and sequencing. We also used 50 μL of virus lysate to inoculate a well of a 90% confluent 24-well plate.”

KAUFMAN: “How do you confirm something that was never previously shown to exist? What did you compare the genetic sequences to? How do you know the origin of the genetic material since it came from a cell culture containing material from humans and all their microflora, fetal cows, and monkeys?”

—end of study quotes and Kaufman analysis—

My comments: Dr. Kaufman does several things here. He shows that isolation, in any meaningful sense of the word “isolation,” is not occurring.

Dr. Kaufman also shows that the researchers want to use damage to the cells and cell-death as proof that “the virus” is in the soup they are creating. In other words, the researchers are assuming that if the cells are dying, it must be the virus that is doing the killing. But Dr. Kaufman shows there are obvious other reasons for cell damage and death that have nothing to do with a virus. Therefore, no proof exists that “the virus” is in the soup or exists at all.

And finally, Dr. Kaufman explains that the claim of genetic sequencing of “the virus” is absurd, because there is no proof that the virus is present. How do you sequence something when you haven’t shown it exists?

Readers who are unfamiliar with my work (over 300 articles on the subject of the “pandemic” during the past year [6]) will ask: Then why are people dying? What about the huge number of cases and deaths? I have answered these and other questions in great detail. The subject of this article is: have researchers proved SARS-CoV-2 exists?

The answer is no.



[2a] Isolation, characterization and analysis of bacteriophages from the haloalkaline lake Elmenteita, KenyaJuliah Khayeli Akhwale et al, PLOS One, Published: April 25, 2019. — accessed 2/15/21

[2b] “Extracellular Vesicles Derived From Apoptotic Cells: An Essential Link Between Death and Regeneration,” Maojiao Li1 et al, Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 2020 October 2. — accessed 2/15/21

[2c] “The Role of Extraellular Vesicles as Allies of HIV, HCV and SARS Viruses,” Flavia Giannessi, et al, Viruses, 2020 May





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50 comments on “The failure to prove the virus exists

  1. polka099 says:

    Very good article Jon, thank you!


    – You could add to you article Stefan Lanka’s controlled experiment which has been done in April or May this year and his further work on this subject.

    – Then you could try to analyze rebuttal of Stefan Lanka findings by below article mentioning ‘Mock infection’:

    Then your article would be really perfect summary :).

    • spiritguide says:

      It is Frank Visser again. Frank still does not address any of the criticism but continues to use cheap fact checker tactics by focusing on only finding faults in Lanka’s simplified explanation of books and letters in regards to sequencing. Lanka has never done what Frank is accusing him of in the article which is creating impossible genetic sequences by randomly rearranging A, T, G, C.

      Lanka is a microbiologist. He already knows the segments of the genetic sequence comes in different lengths and are not the equivalent of single uniform letters that you can rearrange at will. He was just giving an example that was never meant to be literally taken as the step by step description of what genetic sequencing is. That is not what he is arguing. What Lanka is arguing is what Frank refuses to address. That is that the Sars-Cov-2 sequence was not taken row by row from a whole virus particle but compiled from multiple different nucleotides and gene libraries.

      These nucleotides do give clues on what is happening to the cell and they are unique. However that can be said for any new infection. Each new infection is unique. That does not mean however there is a single virus is the cause of everything. These nucleotides are found separately and comes from separate sources which give different clues of what caused the illness. What Frank gets wrong is using circular logic that all these separate particles must be part of a larger sequence of a whole virus particle that is always found in separate pieces and no one has isolated yet.

      If the virus is not contain the whole sequence presented to us then it cannot infect a cell. If you cannot purify the virus then viral transmission is impossible as the virus must be purified the moment it inserts its code into another cell’s genome.

      • polka099 says:

        Very true what you say.
        However, this article about SARS cov2

        indicates mock infection. This is kind of controlled experiment.
        I know is still has got a lot or wrong doing but why Cowan, Kaufman and Lanka do not mention about ‘mock infection’?

        • Rose B says:

          Probably because the exact nature of the “mock infection” is not disclosed in the article. Is it simply that nothing was done to that sample? In that case, it would just reveal “before and after” information. Without specific information as to what constitutes the mock infection, it is impossible to know whether it is a true control experiment or not. The experiment is not reproducible because that critical information is not available.

  2. sid says:

    This quite mind-boggling information.

    What is needed is a polite “debate” between Dr Kaufman and a qualified virologist to hash this out in terms non medical scientists can make sense of.

    I am not holding my breath for that event although I suspect Dr Kaufman would be willing.

    In the absence of such an interchange I would recommend the following interview with Dr Kaufman which does not specifically deal with virus isolation but rather other related topics of interest:

    “…the topics of Terrain Theory and Germ Theory, and how this very important conversation has everything to do with understanding COVID-19 and its true catalyst.”

  3. Brad says:

    This is the only bone of contention I have with J.R.

    We instinctively know this virus exists because we know it was manufactured in the lab at Wuhan.

    Sars itself, let alone the CV 2 variety, does not exist in nature. It is man made and was likely released on purpose.

    The Koch Postulates do not apply to viruses without additional protocols. The inventor of mRNA technology stated that the spike protein was man made.

    Therefore ‘something’ was created call it what you will, and then put into circulation.

    The whole event was well planned out and executed as a means to an end, besides the gross transfer of wealth, as clearly stated by Heir Schwab. Good luck to everyone of the disaffected and remember to get involved with your local ‘real’ human freedom and dignity group. If we lose this one it will be all over for those human freedoms and dignity for a very long time if ever.

    • Courageous Lion says:

      “We instinctively know”????? Really? How about I instinctively know that it is BULL crap just using reason, logic and common sense!

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      No Brad, there is no virus and never was.

      You fell for the Red Herring.

      This is so frustrating. If something doesn’t exist, how can anyone say it exists without proof that it exists?

      They only TOLD you it exists, and you believed it because you have a particular belief system that has zero grounding in fact.

      Facts. There is a void of facts here. Until someone can show me the damned virus and prove it causes ANY disease, then I will defer to what I know: it doesn’t exist until proven otherwise.

      “Intuitively” is not a valid reason for knowing something. That is tantamount to belief, and religion.

    • JoeG says:

      “We instinctively know this virus exists because we know…”

      But we can’t find it.

      I instinctively know the Earth is too big to move.

      I rest my case.

    • AJ says:

      Sorry you still can’t see the truth. There is no spoike in deaths, beyond natural causes.which was proven by a 2020 John Hopkins report. That was quickly removed. All the subversion should prove to anyone that this all was fabricated. 100 million gun others vote against this fraud.

      • Invisible Man says:

        “We instinctively know this virus exists because we know it was manufactured in the lab at Wuhan.”

        We don’t know any such thing.

    • Need A Ladder says:

      Fauci does not care that anyone will claim “that it was created in a lab and released” that just fuels the fear more and helps his agenda and that of his drug pushing friend$. So many have fallen right into that trap and all of this “created in the lab” and “variants” is a distraction from the fundamental facts.

      1) viruses are not living things so any approach to “killing” them is absurd
      2) they have never been proven to exist nor proven to be the cause of anything only assertions made
      3) if you cannot prove they exist by isolation you cannot prove they were “created in a lab”
      4) variant viruses are exactly like variant snowflakes, all different yet the same yet all different while the same

      Regarding item #4 it’s like if the medical industry that is fully profit structured first and foremost had the same approach to preventing snow accumulation as it does with trying to prevent virus accumulation, it would basically assert without evidence that we need new, better, different complex CHEMICAL BASED improved ways of shoveling snow to clear a path out of the driveway when salt or a piece of metal attached to a wooden rod or a machine does it properly, effectively, efficiently or just waiting for it to melt also handles the problem. The pitchers would of course then scare the public as we see the medical cults that practice their voodoo do routinely over hundreds of years, and then provide the solutions all based on chemical formulations to handle the variant snowflakes that infect communities causing death and destruction.

      If we look around us a bit we see evidence as the CHEMICAL PUSHERS hard at work spraying everything NON STOP in stores, restaurants, everywhere with these dangerous disinfectants to allegedly KILL what is not a living thing nor even exist in the air anywhere. Might we do better inquiring repeatedly with “health” departments and public officials as to where the test is for finding virus IN THE AIR.

      There is no test for them in the air BECAUSE THEY SIMPLY DO NOT EXIST.

      • Invisible Man says:

        Well said, Need A Ladder. Very well said.

        We are on the brink of losing everything – the entire population of the world – to these tyrants and madmen due to a type of “deadly threat” that isn’t even real. This is even worse than allowing the state to run roughshod over human rights due to the threat of terrorism (foolish as that also is) because at least terrorists can conceivably exist and aren’t a pure illusion.

  4. David Malcolm Currie says:

    There is no proof the “SARS-CoV-2” virus exists.

    According to the CDC’s statistics, a pandemic doesn’t exist even IF a virus did exist.

    The PCR test does not prove existence of a virus, yet it’s being used to diagnose people as having a viral caused disease. According to the CDC, the PCR test doesn’t prove anything because too many amplifications are being used. Despite those FACTS, the government and CDC (a for-profit vaccine company) are both STILL insisting a pandemic exists. The government, CDC, and controlled media, are all clearly lying to us, yet most people still believe them. People are being sickened, sterilized, and killed everyday in ever greater numbers, because the government, CDC, and controlled media are all aiding and abetting genocide. How long will it be until most people understand that? We are headed towards an eventual tipping-point when most people will understand the truth, but before that happens the satanic cabal that controls the world will play another card to stop it from happening – likely the WW-III card (which seems imminent) We can only hope and pray that doesn’t happen, and prepare for the worst. God bless Jon Rappoport, Dr. Kaufman, and all the other intrepid researchers who are risking their lives, by telling the truth about this FAKE PANDEMIC!!!

  5. Eluard says:

    It’s like what Brando used to say when a “journalist” would ask him about some incident that he was supposedly involved in: VAZYADEREFELLA ?

    Vaz da Virus dere fella? Is it dere now? No? So den shut up and go avay. Far avay.

  6. mika says:

    Very good Jon.

    Here’s Dr. Lanka being in a short interview after he had offered $120K for anybody in the world who could produce a peer-reviewed scientific paper demonstrating the existence of the measles virus in 2016. One person (not a scientist) tried to collect the prize money by submitting 5 separate scientific papers. The fist judge blithely found in favor of this guy, which was later overturned in appeals court when the science was actually examined and used as the criteria for the final judgment. Nobody else came forward to collect the $120K

    Net-Net – Only one of two conclusions can be true:

    Conclusion one: No scientist, doctor, researcher or virologist on the planet was interested in collecting a quick $120K for simply producing someone else’s previous scientific work demonstrating the apparent existence of the measles virus.

    Conclusion two: There is no such thing as a measles virus

    All of virology is built on the 1954 Ender’s scientific research paper and methods for “isolating” the “measles virus”.

    Keep up the great work Jon!

    • trishwriter says:

      Thank you for posting this information. We can conclude from the 1954 paper that the polio epidemic may not be what we’ve been told. The virus mythology seems to be very helpful to the billionaires, their bosses, and their minions, all of whom benefit from the false narrative.

  7. Patrick Valtin says:

    Thank you so much, Jon!

    Is there a coordinated effort in the USA to bring the CDC to court and ask them exactly that question: “show us evidence that the virus exists…”

    In the Alberta province of Canada, a father went to court by himself and defied the judge with THAT question. The result was full cancellation of all restrictions in that province.

    If no coordinated effort exists, how can we do it?

    With admiration,

    • ReluctantWarrior says:

      The CDC could not even prove that the common cold exists.

      • Rick in Phoenix says:

        There’s something to your point here– of higher relevance than normal under current conditions because a common phrase or thought has been “we can’t cure the common cold”… It’s a ubiquitous phrase like “if we can land a man on the moon…”…

        Firstly, what IS the “common cold”? And what is the “flu”? Are they similar in the “public mind”? I think they’re pretty close. The “common cold” has all sorts of remedies from “grandma’s chicken soup” to “tylenol” and “plenty of fluids and rest in bed”.

        Your comment sparks a notion in me that I might follow up on in coming days… tracking down the cause and lack-of-cure for the “common cold”. My pithy question would be “If they can’t cure the common cold with a vax, how did they cure covid with a vax?”

  8. Doug says:

    Uncommon sense in a world of machinations.

    Covert-19 seems to be the actual theme of things and a grand awaking is overdue.

    Cheers to Jon!

  9. Donna Guillaume says:

    Jon, you have kept me sane throughout this awful event in our times. THANK YOU!

    If readers have not yet seen the report from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich who put together an international committee to examine the issues involved, I highly recommend this 39 min video. Reiner’s first language is German (which he speaks beautifully), but he’s reading his report in English. Highly recommended.

  10. Courageous Lion says:

    This is the summary from a post from the Unz Review called The The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right; It IS a “Poison-Death Shot”

    Near the end of the post there is a statement by a Doctor mentioning a “Blunder”…the rest I am posting here because IT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!

    “Right now, the fatality rate of the virus is estimated to be approximately 0.26%, and this number seems to be dropping as the virus is naturally attenuating itself through the population. It would be a great shame to vaccinate the entire population against a virus with this low of a fatality rate, especially considering the considerable risk presented by ADE. I believe t his risk of developing ADE in a vaccinated individual will be much greater than 0.26%, and, therefore, the vaccine stands to make the problem worse, not better. It would be the biggest blunder of the century to see the fatality rate of this virus increase in the years to come because of our sloppy, haphazard, rushed efforts to develop a vaccine with such a low threshold of safety testing and the prospect of ADE lurking in the shadows.” (“Is the Coronavirus Vaccine a Ticking-Time Bomb?”, Science with Dr. Doug)

    “Blunder”, he says?

    It wasn’t a blunder. It was deliberate. The Covid-19 vaccine was supposed to fail like all the coronavirus vaccines before it. That’s the point. That’s why the drug companies skipped the animal testing and long-term safety trials. That’s why the FDA rushed it through the regulatory process and suppressed the other life-saving medications, and silenced all critics of the policy, and pushed for universal vaccination regardless of the risks of blood clotting, cardiac arrest, stroke and death. And that’s why the world is on the threshold of an “international catastrophe of mass mortality.” It’s because that’s how the strategy was planned from the very beginning.

    The vaccine isn’t supposed to work, it’s supposed to make things worse. And it has! It’s increased the susceptibility of millions of people to severe illness and death. That’s what it’s done. It’s a stealth weapon in an entirely new kind of war; a war aimed at restructuring the global order and establishing absolute social control. Those are the real objectives. It has nothing to do pandemics or viral contagion. It’s about power and politics. That’s all.

    • Courageous Lion says:


      • Rick in Phoenix says:

        It seems that the deep state is pushing ahead to promote covid-mania in order to get people “jabbed” with the vax which contains the nano-graphene-oxide that resonantes with 5G… ahead of the public understanding of the fact that they’re being poisoned and zombified. It’s a race between them and us.

    • sm says:

      C lion,

      There’s never been a c-19 virus. But there MOST CERTAINLY IS, a sickness generated by the toxcins. The end game here is the death of NATO countries.

      BTW, communists and masons have this in common, “satanism”, but not limited to that only.

  11. Haniel Adhar says:

    Show me the virus!

  12. michael burns says:

    (Stream of consciousness)

    Yeah yeah, but isn’t that likely to be the argument they want you to have? Don’t they want you keep splitting hairs…endlessly.

    Now I know your capable and a good investigator, but…

    So let’s suppose that COVID exists, just for the moment.

    We don’t know if its a virus, or even if a virus exists. Maybe, it is that highly virulent anti-biotic resistant species of Staphylococcus aureus, that is ravaging the world and no one is paying any attention to at the moment– which is normally commensal and has, because of abuse of antibiotics and other means become dangerous to us especially the elderly. And so Big Pharma can be accused of creating this little beastie over decades of abuse of pushing antibiotics…

    But, it is not alone in its, mutations — Staphylococcus aureus. There are many others.

    Now I find it interesting — and being a shit disturber — that the sole representative in the investigation into the Wuhan lab from the US, on whither they (Wuhan) released a virus accidentally or not — and chosen by the WHO — was that twit named Peter Daszak. Now this clandestine SOB has been thick in espionage for a long time.

    Add to the fact the Lancet letter he co-authored by him and 27 other scientist were coerced to sign.

    And the the collaboration between him and the bat lady Shi Zhengli was famous for some five years before COVID.
    The Lancet inquiry forced Peter Daszak to recuse himself from their investigation — and so the sidestep to avoid the avalanche of links collaboration and shit storm of investigation with the WIV (Wuhan Institute if Virology) — and that’s an interesting word don’t ya think coming from a medical organization like the Lancet.


    “To disqualify or seek to disqualify (a judge or juror) from participation in the decision in a case, as for personal prejudice against a party or for personal interest in the outcome.”

    Pete gets elected to the National Academy of Medicine in October twenty eighteen while working with Shi in the bat cave…I could on for a day on this specific thing the Peter Daszak/Shi Zhengli connection and I thing one or the other is going to have an accident soon if someone comes to close.

    But there no room for all the type I would create in this little piece.

    Personally I think they are weaponizing organisms that use to live inside us in that Wuhan Lab, they genetically creating population control.

    In conclusion doesn’t this seem, feel, smell, look like a big stinking 45 gallon drum of fish guts.

    Pete D on the investigation of Wuhan is like Dulles and the Warren commission.

    History repeats itself and the usual we are looking always in the wrong place to undue this catastrophe that has inundated and collapsed the entire world in a pack of lies that is growing on a daily basis.

    Does a virus exist or not exist, that’s a big mouthful, and this red herring has a lot of side roads.

    Is there an illness or is there not?

    If a virus does not exist and I believe that is true, then what is this other than that science has succeeded in the ability to turn our bodies against us, things that use to live in Commensalism or Mutualism existence with us are now killing us because of over use of pharmacology. And now the genetically modifying of those organisms

    The evolutionary process of millions of years is being undone and we’re chasing after CGI images of what? Something that has never been proven to have ever existed. And we keep those hairs.

    Arguing whither a virus exists or not is profuse, redundant.

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      It’s not biological. It’s chemical (graphene oxide) and electromagnetic (5G). The “virus” is a ruse as it always has been going back to The Black Death which appears to me after researching it– merely a well-water-poisoning-campaign. Biological warfare is not controllable but chemical-electromagnetic warfare is.

      Illness is a lack of nutrients like sulfer, selenium and B1 or an exposure to toxins like em radiation 5G or air pollution from lower regulations on oil refineries that then output higher levels of cyanide. Sickness is the body’s effort to eliminate toxins. A person appears to be having a rough time but that is the elimination process in progress.

      Pasteur’s germ theory is a canard being used by deep state. Beachamp’s terrain theory is primo.

  13. JA says:

    I am with Jon all the way on his articles about the non-virus virus.

    However there is something awful involved with “the Jab”.

    If you are still on the fence about whether it might be crippling or lethal let your fingers do the walking through this:

    Do your friends a favor and pass along the link

  14. JA says:


    If the link does not work just type in

  15. Roundball Shaman says:

    “The failure to prove the virus exists”

    You know what’s really hard to do? Prove the existence of something that doesn’t exist.

    You know what’s really easy to do? Con and bully people into thinking that something that doesn’t exist does in fact exist. This has been proven to be ridiculously easy and the Dark Powers are having a great big laugh at just how easy this was.

    There are two ways to accomplish something. You can do the work of actually creating or making something, or you can just make stuff up.

    Actually doing (or proving or making) something is hard work. Making stuff up is easy. So, what did anybody think was going to be the default program here in the age of Quick and Easy? Just make stuff up and con and gaslight people into turning off their sensibility and have them crave the safety of the masses who believe in Mass Delusions.

    In the World today, we make up everything. Viruses… money… experts… saviors… heroes… villains… degrees and diplomas… on and on. A world of illusions supported by nothing but the propaganda, horse manure, and the grand delusions of the dark wizards that spin this ugly web.

  16. AJ says:

    Again, you clearly provide truth that there is no virus. And that our leaders are criminals. Freedom rings loud when these tyrannical liars are exposed. Only one way to end tyranny. Too many average citizens fail to resist because of being attacked I many ways. Never realizing that it will never stop after you are a slave.

  17. Larry C says:


    “Warren’s push for more censorship is yet another example of the growing symbiosis between Big Tech and big government,” and is indicative of a “broader trend: That of the Biden Administration and other progressive officials attempting to circumvent the Constitution by pressuring private tech companies to restrict freedom of expression under a broad definition of misinformation.”

  18. Anthony William says:

    Thank you, Jon, for this very informative article. Articles like this help to keep me sane in this crazy false Covid pandemic world.

  19. Larry C says:


  20. ray says:



    I have appreciated your work over the years.

    If what you say is true regarding isolation, how are different methods of genetic sequencing returning the same result?

    Anyone who knows the answer feel free to chime in.


    • Mos Craciun says:

      Of course they don’t return the same result — it is only CLAIMED that the results are identical.

      • JoeG says:

        They are not identical. You can’t sequence something that doesn’t exist, so you fake it, make it up in a computer (in silico). That’s the ‘original’ genome, which, of course, doesn’t exist in nature, and anything you seen in nature won’t be an exact match. Then, when someone anywhere in the world sequences something and compares it to the ‘original’ genome, he gets a ‘variant.’ I have heard there are, to date, 40,000+ variants of the original SARS-Cov-2 genome.

        We’re gonna need more Greek letters…

    • Rose B says:

      Have you looked at the data sets, or the endless lists of the various genomes that have been registered for SARS CoV2? There are literally millions of DIFFERENT “full genomes” listed for the same virus, some of which are given the designation of “VOC,” variants of concern, like Delta or now Mu, or Lambda. All they are is proof that they CAN’T find identical genomes in the samples. Far from getting the same results, each one gets a slightly different result, even using the same template to line up the smaller sequences against.

  21. Donella says:

    I have no anger left in me, I’m argued out. I just feel compassion and sorrow for all the people who took these jabs. It feels letting go of a drowning person before they take you down with them.

  22. DSKlausler says:

    Thank you.

    I had given up on informing those I know; but this piece is perfect. I have advanced it to the one remaining person, still my friend, who may be reachable.

  23. JoeG says:

    It has been amply demonstrated by Drs. Cowan, Kaufman, and Lanka that the SARS-CoV-2 virus does not exist (polio, measles, chicken pox, and rabies viruses have been refuted as well in some of their other studies). My understanding is that no viruses exist, and what are being identified on EMs by ‘virologists’ as viruses are in fact exosomes, or other fragments of DNA from decaying cells.

    Am I correct in saying that the ‘no-virus’ conclusion covers ALL so-called viruses (retro, pox, simplex, etc). I have not seen these ‘viruses’ mentioned and hope someone could point me to some research that addresses this point.


  24. If the viruses don’t exist what is it that is making people sick? And what causes the apparent ‘mutations’ that invalidate yesterday’s therapies and make new ones necessary?

    And what about the methodologies explained such as Ivermectin co-opting the ACE2 receptor? All of that is sheer nonsense?

    What about the spike protein? And it’s action on the ACE2? What about all these science details and their apparent manifestations in the clinical scene?

    You leave these questions begging for answers

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