The Pandemic Planners: Conversations in the Dark

by Jon Rappoport

September 15, 2021

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Do we have a launch date set for the pandemic?

Looks like December of 2019, or January 2020.

I’m still confused about the virus.

There is no virus.

Why not?

We’re selling A STORY ABOUT A VIRUS—that’s a winner. That’s all we need.

How do we sell it? Won’t people catch on right away?

Are you kidding? Our people will develop a diagnostic test for the virus that isn’t there. How they build that test determines the outcome. It’ll register positive much of the time, along with some negatives. And here’s the important point: the technical details involved in constructing the PCR test are very dense. Even many professionals don’t understand them. It’s like speaking Icelandic to a South American tribe in the rain forest. Don’t worry, we’ll get away with it.

And the lockdowns? The quarantines?

They’ll come, trust me. The Chinese will start the ball rolling. They have the force to pull it off. They’ll lock down a few cities right away. Wuhan, for example. Maybe 60 million people. Overnight. It’ll be a startling development. The UN and the WHO will climb on board quickly and praise China for its handling of the crisis. China will become THE MODEL for the rest of the world. Other countries will follow suit.

Who is going to step forward in the West? Italy?

Yes. They’re next in line for big lockdowns. The Chinese regime has enormous clout with the Italian government. So Italy will become the first beachhead in the attack on the West.

America is the key. If they join the club, we’re in. How do we convince Trump to play along?

He’ll cave. We’ll feed him a computer projection of deaths in America. Something huge, like two million. Trump isn’t good with details. He’ll buy in.

But the lockdowns will decimate the US economy. Trump’s whole presidency rests on economic success.

He’ll give in to Fauci and Gates.


Because he doesn’t have the stomach for this battle. He won’t go up against the medical experts. He’s bold in some respects, but on this issue, he’s a wobbler. That’s our calculation.

The news media are ready?

With wall to wall messaging, 24/7. PANDEMIC. Cases. Deaths. There are no dissenters among them. We’ve got that all sewed up. Medical experts pontificating on-air. Fear.

Where will the deaths come from?

We’ll relabel and repackage all sorts of traditional lung infections and count them as “pandemic deaths.” We’ll label anything we want to “pandemic.” We’ll be counting the elderly, who die for all sorts of reasons. We’ll use treatments that kill the elderly.

I’m nervous about this. Will it really sell? I mean, how can they construct a PCR test if they don’t have a virus, if there is no virus?

It’s easy, trust me. We’ve done it before. Anyway, your part of the operation comes after the lockdowns. You’ve made a few hundred million doing business with China. You’ll be able to make a few BILLION soon, buying up distressed properties after the lockdowns gain traction.

I’m going to bankroll social justice movements. Protests, riots, burning, looting, assault, in major cities across America. It’s a terrific issue, and it’ll be a major distraction from the lockdowns.

I know all about that. I’m copied in on every aspect of the operation. Just make sure all those riots are focused on racism and police brutality. We don’t want any leakage about inner city gangs and drug cartels and banks.

No problem. The gangs distribute drugs for the cartels, the cartels wash their money through banks. It’s a tight fit. Nobody is going to prosecute the gangs as continuing criminal enterprises. That’s off the table completely. The protests will have no mention of gangs as a problem. We’ve got the foot soldier protestors all sewed up. Hell, some of them ARE gang members. Are you sure the 2020 presidential election is in the bag?

Biden is our man. We need someone with SEVERE cognitive deficits in the Oval Office. Only a completely dim bulb, mentally speaking, would sign some of the orders we’re going to put in front of him. Harris is being prepped to step in if Biden has to resign for health reasons. She knows enough of the score. She won’t try to go off on her own. Give her a whiff of the presidency and she’ll do somersaults for us.

Here’s the thing. Forget about Trump. The real danger is all the people who support him. The millions of deplorables out there. They still think the American Republic and freedom are on the table.

I agree. They’re a problem. But there are solutions. We’re going to put a label on all their heads. ‘They’re very bad people. They all want to destroy the government.’ That’s how we’re going to paint them. Our modelers believe there are enough Americans who are beholden to the federal government…they’ll view Trumpers as a serious threat. Very serious. We’ll have that issue covered.

Is the QAnon op going to keep going?

We’ll keep it going forever. After Trump leaves the White House, we’ll have people saying he’s still president and he’s arresting every high-level evil person in the world.


The lights come back up.

Wow, THAT was a hell of a dream—who are you?

Agent Jones. Federal Domestic Terrorism Task Force.

What are you doing in my bedroom?

I’ve been recording your dream.


We have it all. Two pandemic planners. Why were you dreaming about them?

I have no idea. Who—

It reflects a certain state of mind. A dangerous mindset. Why weren’t you dreaming about a television show or a garden in the forest? Have you been reading conspiracy literature?

I read newspapers. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?

Something in you must have triggered this dream. A psychological predisposition. A latent dissatisfaction.

I’m not dissatisfied.

That was not the dream of a normal man. Thoughts and dreams lead to conclusions, and conclusions lead to action.

I once had a dream about jumping off a building. I haven’t jumped.

Not yet.

Why are you here?

Checking up on a potential defector.

A defector from what?

What the rest of us know.

I’m like everybody else.

Everybody else doesn’t dream about a plan to make billions of dollars buying up distressed properties.

Is that a joke? I wouldn’t know where to start, even if I had that ambition. Which I don’t.

You start from where you are. A man with his thoughts. We need to explore your life thoroughly. You may have connections you’re unaware of. A distant relative. A casual acquaintance. Something may have slipped through the cracks.

I have to be at the office in a few hours. And I want to speak with a lawyer.

About your dream?

About you. This situation. Am I being charged with a crime?


Then I’m free to—

You’re not free. Your status is “suspended, depending on outcome.”

What status?

Who told you Kamala Harris would cooperate in a plot to subvert the government?

No one.

Where did you get the idea that Biden is disabled?

Nowhere. It was a just a statement a man in my dream made. I wasn’t speaking at all. I was watching and listening.

I wouldn’t advise trying to deny responsibility. I didn’t have the dream. Your neighbor didn’t. You did.

Do you dream?



The kind of dream you had was aberrant. What makes you think there’s going to be a pandemic and it’s some sort of plan?

Why do you care about my dream?

Because some fantasies are dangerous.

And some are meaningless.

The key is the content. You were constructing a conspiracy scenario. Do you have an opinion about viruses?


I’m going to leave now. By tomorrow, you’ll wonder whether this conversation actually took place. If you reject my existence, think of this event as a warning from your subconscious.

What are you going to do?

You’re on a list.

Meaning what?

A more thorough background investigation. Increased surveillance.

Even while I’m asleep?

Listen carefully, sir. You’re always asleep. In the dream, you woke up for a minute or two.


Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

18 comments on “The Pandemic Planners: Conversations in the Dark

  1. Paul says:



    “You can’t start a fire
    Without A Spark
    This Gun’s for hire
    Even if we’re just
    Dancing in the dark

    Message keeps getting clearer
    Radio’s on
    And I’m moving ’round the place


  2. Rick in Phoenix says:

    I still can’t wrap my mind around the outright treason against truth and humanity by all corporations. Even Guitar Center marched in lockstep with the two-week-lockdown, distancing and vax or mask entry. I tried contacting the board of directors but no email and no contact got any feedback. I was offered furlough, then layoff. I watch cable/satellite tv… and during the initial two weeks, all the ads were already geared for stay-at-home happy-families-in-quarantine. They’re ALLLL guilty… of self-destruction-sabotage.

    AG Brnovitch here in AZ has launched a challenge against Biden’s-6-point-plan-of-9/9/21… which I see as 2021’s 9/11. That 6 point-plan begins with vaxxing the unvaxxed! It’s a direct assault on humans… the vax containing graphene oxide- an AMAZING new material discovered only in 2004. It reacts with 5G microwaves, according to Dr. Delgato quoted at that transcribes and translates the Delgado work in Spain reported by La Puenta Columna.

    Having been a science fiction fan my entire life, I’m familiar with the idea that technology is 20 years ahead of the public knowledge of it. In this case, it appears they’re using new tech to implant control & kill switches in humans worldwide as part of the Great Reset with Technocracy replacing Democratic Republics… I would not be surprised if some kind of alien non-human lifeform is behind all of this.

  3. voodooville says:

    COVID should be called SCOVID – SCOundrels’ VIrtual Disease.

    Definitely as Jon says, there is no virus.

    It is the masks, PPEs, sanitizers, lockdowns, fake tests poking up the nose, and fear that are making people sick.

  4. Eluard says:

    “Everything you do will be reported, at night your dreams will be RECORDED…”

    Jim Morrison, 1967

  5. James Lloyd says:

    How bad will the public perception of Biden be so that Kamala becomes a solution, and will MayorPete forgo his role for a senator or governor spot to keep the effort alive?

    How closely aligned will the alt-left, alt-right & established right media outlets become, since they all have an incentive to attack the established left?

    If the last 18mos are ‘a big plan’, is there a contingency/pivot/out and what would it be since “the economy” is actually the people and not WallStreet?

    If the DemocraticParty (which has abandoned liberalism altogether) seized control of the institutions established to protect the ideas/ideologies of the WesternTradition, what will happen as a growing majority reject the reality of the DP-ie will the leftists destroy what they can’t control?

    Will the emergent media zero on the beast that has allowed the welfare/warfare state to make America what it really isn’t [the inevitable correction] and which states will lead the way?

  6. gseattle says:

    Almost an A+ dream.

    What if the real masks are over our eyes and it’s been about fertility reduction all along?

    Someone wrote today:

    “My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen.” — Nicki

    Any other effects in the reproductive system of males that any of you can see?

    Pfizer lipids that envelope the mRNA for delivery into cells are known to accumulate in ovaries.

    As for the direct vax side-effects like, say, death — um, sorry folks, we only wanted to reduce the rate of 237,328 new people on earth per day** to save earth from males and females liking each other. Can’t you see, we are your saviors?

    (** Did the math at unfpa, UN World Population Dashboard)

  7. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Listen carefully, sir. You’re always asleep. In the dream, you woke up for a minute or two.”

    People love their sleep. That’s all they want to do anymore.

    You try to wake them up and they tell you to shut up and go away.

    You try to tell them that there are serious things going on right now in the World that require their attention and they yawn a couple times and then angrily tell you to shut up and go away.

    They say they are tired and need to sleep.

    You tell them that they’re already sleeping almost all of the day.

    They say they are tired and need to sleep. And please go away.

    You tell them that if they’d just wake up they’ll see why they’re tired all the time and they’ll feel better. They tell you to shut up and go away.

    And you begin to wonder. Maybe they are right. Maybe happiness is found in eternal slumber and it is in the Awakening that all of life’s problems start up.

    And you begin to yawn. And you begin to get drowsy. And your eyelids get heavy.

    And just before you join Them in blissful ignorant slumber… you remembered why you came to this rotating rock in a forgotten place in the Universe. Why out of all the impossible odds and countless miracles that had to happen first, somehow they all lined up and you got to Planet Earth with a destiny to be alert and fully alive despite all the things working against it.

    You came here to Wake Up. You came to remember who and what you are. And why you’re here. And suddenly, you’re not tired any more. And you’ll never get sleepy ever again.

    So, you look across at all the multitudes of Sleeping Masses who desire nothing but ignorant blissful slumber.

    And you let them sleep. And you finally go away. And you find others who woke up and
    found their joy in The Awakening. And you realize that your life journey is just beginning.

    The Sleeping Masses have found their contentment.

    And finally, so have you.

  8. From Elsewhere says:

    Perhaps voices are louder while people with power hide behind army and police, deaf and dumb, elsewhere:

  9. CK says:

    Here’s an excellent interview with Lanka where he again demolishes the virus paradigm (check out the last few pages).

    Lanka is a brilliant person but I’m a bit skeptical of the German New Medicine (the idea that cancer is due to mental biological shocks). He believes we’re more than just mere biological machines and that we have a spirit (lifeforce), i.e. vitalism I suppose. I have no idea if that’s true or not- but I hope so.

  10. Larry C says:

    Who needs Deep State Bullshit Artists to tell us what to think, how afraid we should be, and who we are?


  11. Melanie Michals says:

    Hi Jon,

    A Funeral Director speaks out in UK, unbelievable testimony as to the lies of convid. “RT News offered him 85K to keep his mouth shut”

    The Crowhouse on Bitchute has the interview.


    Thank you for all you hard work and loyalty to the Truth.

    Melanie Michals


  12. Dude says:

    Please Jon, could u mention if u copypaste ur own articles at the beginning??
    I hate replays.
    Thx in advance.

  13. BDBinc says:

    A conversation in the light.

    CovID19: The Big Lie
    The thought form “covid” was spread by the banking cabal’s media
    (or you could say FEAR was spread by the media).
    The fascism we see is a manifestation of the collective fear.
    But we are still not aware of the fear and it is being spread in both alt right media and reg media.
    We have a dark fear based world not a light love based world.
    What is missing.


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