The Galactic Tribunal grills Bill Gates

by Jon Rappoport

September 14, 2021

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We don’t know how Bill Gates was transported to a Galactic proceeding, and we only have fragments of the interrogation. But because no court on Earth would deliver justice, those distant powers intervened.

A judge read an unusual opening statement, which apparently is presented before every trial:

“In our high civilization, we’ve fulfilled the ancient prophecy, THE LOST SHALL BE FOUND. There is no barrier between those of us who live here in the flesh and those most close to us who’ve departed this life. We experience joy with them in dimensions far greater than this. Why then do we bother to conduct these trials? Because we also fight for justice. We will not turn our backs on that ideal.”

FRAGMENT 1: …Mr. Gates, it’s time for the truth. How long did you plan the pandemic before launching it?

Why am I forced to tell the truth?

Because this is a place for conscience.

Will you torture me if I decline?

We’ll keep asking until you answer honestly, no matter how long it takes.

Who can I pay? I’m rich.

Denied. We don’t want money.

How about land? I can deliver you a large colony on Earth. A whole country. Maybe even Europe.


I could create a medical system for you that would dazzle your minds. On Earth, the Nobel Committee should give me the Prize for my efforts, but they don’t have the balls. Did Melinda put you up to kidnapping me? I demand my rights…

FRAGMENT 2: …The pandemic narrative was simply the occasion for establishing a worldwide dictatorship?

We needed a pretext. There were many meetings over the course of 25 years. We decided early on that a medical story was our best option. It appears to be politically neutral.

On Earth, the modern religion is science.

Exactly. So if we could get out in front of that trend and create a medical scenario of threat and impending destruction, we could apply just enough coercion to control the population.

But you weren’t conducting real science.

We were inventing the appearance of it. We had so-called experts in our camp. They would take the lead. The masses have no way of distinguishing science from fantasy…

FRAGMENT 3: In the planning stage prior to the declaration of a pandemic, what were the vital elements?

I’m most proud of our messaging organization. We had the news media. We had government leaders. We had recognized medical experts. But you see, in that type of operation, you can’t afford defections. The seal has to be tight. Ours was. Over the years, through money, through influence, in some cases through threats, we had built a network of unity and compliance.

You’re proud, you say?

Why, yes. It took work. Much work. You don’t lock up all the key sources of information on a planet overnight.

So it was the message you were aiming for, rather than the truth.

Of course. There was no pandemic. We had to make it seem there was. Convincingly.

You were heading a sales force.

Exactly. The whole idea was to make the buying compulsory…

FRAGMENT 4: …You had planned the lockdowns?

Years in advance. Then, at the right moment, China pulled the trigger, setting the example. When my World Health Organization praised China, other nations followed suit and imprisoned their populations.

So the Chinese regime’s lockdowns were definitely part of the advance planning.

Yes. That was crucial. The government there wasn’t fully on board with the globalist future we set our sights on. China is, first and foremost, for China. But we had enough cooperation from them to make it work.

And social media? You had them on your side from the beginning?

That was easy. Their leaders are willing and compliant. They’re afraid to go against our medical consensus. And they’re globalists. In the long run, they want world government, too.

As do the controlled media?

Yes. Putting the right people in place in the news industry has been a decades-long proposition.

You wanted a planet that was a prison.


And the pretext again?

The scenario? There is a deadly virus sweeping across Earth, and in order to stop it, we have to lock down countries…and then inject everyone with a vaccine.

But there was no virus?

Among us, there were arguments on both sides of that question. But if it existed, it certainly wasn’t any more dangerous than the flu. We had to make it seem very, very dangerous.

Through pronouncements to that effect.


FRAGMENT 5: …You want depopulation?

We have to have it. You can’t run a planet when 8 billion people are living on it. It’s impossible. The vaccine is the weapon. But not just the COVID vaccine. Vaccines before it and those coming in the future.

And all those deaths will be laid at the door of pandemics?

Yes. “The virus did it.”

And you’re willing to murder all those people.

Hard choices dictate the outcomes of events. A better life for some, rather than a terrible life for all. That’s my choice.

Are you listening to yourself, Mr. Gates?

I always listen to myself.

FRAGMENT 6: …I want to return to the messaging effect you created. It’s difficult for us to understand how you managed it…why so many leaders in their fields went along with your false science.

It was a combination of things. Many people are true believers. Scientists talk, and they believe. Other people wanted money. We paid them money. Certain resistant politicians were threatened. We set an example with several assassinations. As you build a consensus, you reach a threshold where the tide is in your favor. Then people ride it with you, out of fear of excommunication if they don’t. Media leaders were given to understand that the pandemic was the gateway into a global governance system. And the system was inevitable.

What about Anthony Fauci?

He’s a little man, a striver, who wants to be accepted in elite circles. I recruited him a long time ago…

FRAGMENT 7: …You yourself have given much money to media companies.

I praised their work, gave them money, and they showed loyalty to me. You see, life runs on stimulus-response. I make use of that principle on a worldwide basis. My colleagues and I provide calculated stimuli, and the population, in all areas of life, responds as we predict.

You view humans as machines.

Well, they are.

But you and your colleagues aren’t.

We’re of a higher order. We can stand outside stimulus-response and operate the levers.

As you sit here, Mr. Gates, you don’t believe you’re confessing to crimes. You’re proud of what you’ve done.

Of course.

Listen to me carefully now. We know enough of what you are, in order to pass sentence on you. But we know a great more than that. Like every individual, you have a greater dimension. We could show it to you. We could compel you to experience it. If we did, you would come apart at the seams. You would understand your own evil actions in a way that is undeniable.

…I don’t like the sound of that. What are you talking about?

I think you have an inkling of what I mean. The experience we could compel you to have is one you yourself, on your own, will come face to face with, some day. Not in your present life. Afterwards, at some point. There is no telling when, but it will happen.

You mean some supposed higher power will force it on me?

No, Mr. Gates. It’s much worse than that. You’ll force it on yourself.

Why would I do that?

Because although you’ve embraced crime and destruction, somewhere inside yourself you also understand The Good. And in that understanding, you can potentially live in joy and peace. As anyone can.

You’re not making sense.

You’re beginning to see I am making sense.

I don’t like this.

Why would you like it, given what you’ve made of your life and lives of others?

You’re trying to pass off some kind of religious nonsense on me.

Far from it. We don’t have churches in this place, Mr. Gates. We don’t need faith in things unseen. We’ve already seen.

I want to go home.

You will.

You’re not going to kill me?

So you can blame us for what you’re doing to yourself?

You’re insane.

We’ve opened up just a bit of light here for you.


Because although we’re a just people and don’t need justice for ourselves, we will exercise it on behalf of others, who’ve been harmed.

This is ridiculous.

Even the worst murderers have it in themselves to become good. They can cross that bridge.

No they can’t.

We can hear voices, Mr. Gates. Many voices are telling us to put you to death.

Then why don’t you? Go ahead.

We’re doing something much worse. We’re imposing this sentence…YOUR FATE IS IN YOUR OWN HANDS. That sentence is real. It carries weight. As you’ll discover.

It’s meaningless.

Take Mr. Gates away. He’s about to become ill. Take him home…

You don’t have the courage to kill me. You’re cowards.

I’ve heard that refrain from hundreds of murderers in this court…they all want a quick death. We don’t give it to them…

Kill me.

Take him home.

You did something to my mind.

We heard your confession of crimes. Mass imprisonment and murder.

Then destroy me. I throw myself on the mercy of this court.

Goodbye, Mr. Gates.

This is just a dream.

If it is, it’s your dream. You have to ask why you’re presenting it to yourself…

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

39 comments on “The Galactic Tribunal grills Bill Gates

  1. AJ says:

    This is factually true. Most ignore the truth by ignorance and bribes. Murderer vaccine Gates has no morals or conscience. Gates is responsible for the murder and disabilities of millions of people. But he is still promoting the mass murders.

    And is money is accepted around the world which continues to depopulate unsuspecting people. These vaccines work exceptionally well to reduce the population and control the survivors, by the nanochips. We are all on his hit list that resist. Difficult to state openly what is required to correct this tyranny. […]

  2. Tim says:

    Fragment x:

    You based your planning on the results of prior events.

    Yes, of course. The HIV/AIDS events taught us a lot, it was like a dry run. We found out the need to have a real puppet virus instead of the non-performing HIV that was shot down by Duesberg and all the others. What an embarrassment. So we had our AIDS point man Fauci channel funds to create the designer virus Covid family of viruses that are just cold viruses, but they cause problems for a tiny subset of the population, so we can get a big fear campaign going on a mouse sized problem. That let us shut down global travel and shut down economies world wide! Wow, that really worked out nice! Just like we planned! And then it let us create the vaccines that are over dosed to make sure problems show up. It’s great working with the RNA viruses, they mutate so fast, it’s the gift that just keeps giving! Can’t lose! But you already know all that, why don’t you tell me something, like what did I miss? You know if we work together we could make galactic history, and really put on a show for ’em! Kubrick would be laughing till the end of time! Wadda ya say? What the world needs is a good anti-hero, like me, that will inspire copy cats for the next thousand years. You got to admit, I take the cake!

    Bill, we’re not impressed. The covid scam is as flimsy as wet toilet paper, and we’re gonna flush ya’ll. We can see your point about creating history with a good anti-hero, but you’re not a talented liar. First you have to be a talented liar, and entertaining. But you’re just not interesting.

    • Kirk Kahn says:

      I’m an entertaining truther, not a talented liar, much like the author of this blog. I’m the hero. I’m Captain Planet in the flesh. The five elements combine in me. I want Mr Bill Gates to be my puppy. He still has much usefulness. I will instruct him on how to make Windows 11 a somewhat resurrection of Window 7, and then we’ll begin mass-production of the Ducky Doo workstations for all public school systems and Walmarts and Amazon. I have the exact specifications. Our next generation of youngsters will the brightest most brilliant and loving generation every created.

  3. Tim says:

    I’ve realized there has been a bit of a misunderstanding. In this “world” Gates, etc, are not criminals, in this world of natural predators and parasites, they are the “saints”, the ones most devoted to the imposter “god” of this fictional “world”. They are most like that imposter “god”, and acting in perfect alignment with the principles peculiar to this “world”.

    Deception doesn’t exist outside of this “world”, at the same self-deception is the cause of it. That means as soon as an untrue idea is considered worthy of expression, the consciousness that accepted it just slips into a dream that conforms to the deceptive idea, until they re-awaken to Reality.

    It’s “The prodigal son”. Without The Truth he/it would be lost forever.

    • Kirk Kahn says:

      The divorce of Billinda is the death of the imposter god because Satan and Lucifer are the serpent who eats its tail throughout infinity. I have diagrams and formulas to explain everything. I must created more elaborate articles to better illuminate the concepts. In the meantime, these formulae may be of interest in better understanding the nature of this cannibalistic husband and wife transgendered pairing


    • Kirk Kahn says:

      The serpent becomes the creatrix in the model of reality that’s currently unfolding. More on that later. The creatrix is the eternal now that births all possibilities.

  4. Sean says:

    You have to ask why you are presenting it to yourself. Very good!

  5. Tim says:

    That pipsqueek imposter “god” “thinks”(it’s not really capable of real thought) it’s going to get a mass-human sacrifice, and it will retain power,,,

    that ain’t what’s going to happen!…. “wicked witch of the West”???.
    SHRINKING!! Terrified it is.

    Challenge The Truth? Good luck with that shit….good luck with that shhhiiitt.
    …in selfdeceptive dreams only….and The Truth still “wins”(a “game” IT cannot “lose” ever. EVER. Any way, any how! Hahaha!

    My safety and Well-Being is guaranteed by GOD. INFINTE.

    (the born loser loses…what a surprise!?!)

    egoMatrix–World of Nonsense and Psuedocreation(aka; miscreation)

    • Kirk Kahn says:

      Many wonderful insights here.

      wicked witch of the West SHRINKING

      My head is spinning in magical mystery at the depth and profundity of the implications.

  6. Roundball Shaman says:


    “Mr. Gates, it’s time for the truth. How long did you plan the pandemic before launching it?”

    ‘Me? Plan it? It was planned a long damn time ago. When I came along, I just found a way to further our great cause.’

    “The pandemic narrative was simply the occasion for establishing a worldwide dictatorship?”

    ‘It was one of several we discussed. A nasty contrived alien invasion was one idea. A few more World Wars was also suggested. We even thought about bringing the dinosaurs and dragons back. But in the end, the Plandemic just checked all the boxes and was clearly the best choice to eradicate the bigger virus known as the Human Race. The Human Race, that is, who is not part of the illuminated godhood like we are.’

    “On Earth, the modern religion is science.”

    ‘It didn’t used to be. But we needed to weaken and neutralize the real religions that had evolved organically over the ages. We needed to once again instill the idea that We are the gods and, like the Outdated One of old said, We can’t have any other gods before us. So we took a sterile process of boring procedures handling tangible physical objects that we call The Science! and turned that into the religion of the World. Now, if you don’t believe in our version of deified and defiled and polluted Science, you’re considered a Cave Man Wacko. Or worse, a Trump supporter.’

    “In the planning stage prior to the declaration of a pandemic, what were the vital elements?”

    ‘It was simple. Only two thing. Keep working on our multi-generational plan of humanity annihilation while at the same time dumbing-down a spineless, confused, and pliable public over the years. They seemed to like all this so they made it easy for us.’

    “You’re proud, you say?”

    ‘I won’t really be proud until the job is done. There’s still work to do. These damn humans just don’t seem to want to go away.’

    “You had planned the lockdowns?”

    ‘Not me personally. But Our Group did. We knew it was the easiest way to make humans dispirited and submissive while also destroying the larger economy and making lots of people sick and dead. You know, fun stuff!’

    “You wanted a planet that was a prison.”

    ‘Not a prison. Just a place free of those pest-walking-viruses called the human race.’

    “And you’re willing to murder all those people.”

    ‘Do you call it murder if you squash a cockroach on the bathroom floor? That’s not murder but just removing a pest.’

    “What about Anthony Fauci?”

    ‘Funny you should mention him right at this moment. He’s a cockroach too but doesn’t know it yet.’

    “You view humans as machines.”

    ‘No we don’t. We LIKE machines. We don’t like humans.’

    “…although you’ve embraced crime and destruction, somewhere inside yourself you also understand The Good. And in that understanding, you can potentially live in joy and peace. As anyone can.”

    ‘You’re looking at this all wrong. WE’RE THE GOOD GUYS HERE. We’re saving the Planet and installing our divine rule of destiny at the same time. If you were one of those that we had planned to let live then you’d be around to see that.’

    “You’re not making sense.”

    ‘Of course I am. I wouldn’t expect the likes of you to understand…’

    “You’re insane.”

    ‘Insanity is Genius. Death is Life. Submission is Freedom…’

  7. stephen langley says:

    Exactly, inexorably how consciousness self-corrects. AND on a very real spiritually consensual level, we are here to help the lost ones, i.e. the Gates’, Faucis’ et al, find their own humanity. “The universal divine life includes everyone and everything without exception.” ~ Meher Baba. BUT everyone must atone their mistakes… God’s Natural Law is inexorable.

    • Kirk Kahn says:

      Gates is part of the universal divine life. I’m glad you brought that up. I can uplift his spirit. The Christ stands on the head of the Satanic-Luciferian snake, capitalizing on its accomplishments, and elevating it to Godliness. I’m a 24 strand Sirian Christed being, and I have the genetic key codes for our ascension and evolution. I harmonize the agendas of the various ET races who seek some sort of control of our planet. The singularity of consciousness converges in me.

  8. Rick in Phoenix says:

    Covid has graphene and resonates with 5G as a kill-switch

    …But the reality is that this element that’s introduced into the blood is modulable from the outside, depending on the proximity to external electromagnetic fields. This nanomaterial has toxicity. It may be that you’re feeling perfectly well, that you barely have or you have very little D-dimer [fibrin, a normal clotting material in blood], for example, and when one day you go eat ice cream in front of an antenna… Goodbye. In other words, this nanomaterial can be modulated from the outside. So, you can feel well today and unwell tomorrow depending on where you are and what kind of signals you are exposed to.

    source: Dr. José Luis Sevillano with Fernando Vega on La Puenta Columna translated and transcribed by, summarized by Rick Potvin

  9. Dale Miller says:

    Thank you Jon,

    I have been reading your blogs and listening to your interviews since the onset of the “pandemic” and am grateful for the solace you bring to me. The truth and the manner in which you integrate it into your stories enables me to relax and appreciate what I am absorbing without feeling alarmed, in contrast with just about all other credible news sources.

    Sincerely, Dale Miller

  10. miker says:

    Wow Jon, Another masterpiece!

    “Do you want depopulation?
    Are you listening to yourself, Mr. Gates?
    I always listen to myself.”

    “Fictionally Edited”: “Have you never considered leading by example,Mr. Gates?”

  11. Ms. LaVaughn James says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing this information!

  12. Leinani says:

    Thank you for this, Jon. I’ve been following you since the beginning of this plandemic. Your content is exceptional.

    Keep it up!

  13. Opie Poik says:

    This story evokes Julian May’s “Galactic Milieu” series of futuristic sci-fi speculative fiction, with its great mass murderer, who retreats to self-imposed exile for millions of years, creating an unprecedented galactic unity as a penance. In the process, he becomes the most powerful being in the galaxy, but utterly benevolent and moral.

  14. Larry C says:

    TOP FDA OFFICIALS RESIGN (Copy this article if you want to preserve it.)

  15. Larry C says:

    California voters shocked:

    They already voted.

    (Their next plebiscite, should be a referendum on whether this is legal! 😒)

  16. Donella says:

    Thank you for this true story, Jon. For such a “smart” guy, Bill didn’t really think things through very well on this one. And it’s a big one.

  17. Walkintherain says:

    Thank you, this is GREAT! Thank you!

    Except, narcissistic sociopaths never stop being that. Regular people have a hard time grasping just how deeply and completely not-nice sociopaths are, with their ability to empathize forever arrested.

    Uber-uber wealthy sociopaths get so very bored floating around on their uber yachts that they just naturally go for world dominance and destruction. Reminds me of my pre-teen daughter playing the video game Roller Coaster Tycoon. After she got bored building the perfect theme park, she’d contrive elaborate roller coaster disasters with passengers screaming all the way to their doom.

  18. J Salazar says:

    Which is the Puenta Columna?

    I’ve heard of La Quinta Columna, which is the 5th column in spanish. But what is the other one?

  19. george says:

    Who is Bill Gates master? Warren Buffet. Who is Waren Buffet master? we do not know.

    But you can trace a lot of young billionaires to Warren Buffet. All of them are involved in nwo. Like Zuckerberg. And a lot of corporations controlled by Buffet are also involved. apple, bank of america, merck, visa, verisign,

  20. hyden says:

    And yet just like David Rockefeller who lived to over 100 years old, bill gates will properly get nice life, while some of us die before our time is due.

    The universe is impartial to all living things, and treats all myriads of things as straw dogs, Good or bad, bad or good all created by Mans Hood.

    In this dirty old part of the city
    Where the sun refused to shine
    People tell me there ain’t no use in tryin’
    Now my girl, you’re so young and pretty
    And one thing I know is true
    You’ll be dead before your time is due, I know
    Watch my daddy in bed a-dyin’
    Watched his hair been turnin’ grey
    He’s been workin’ and slavin’ his life away, oh yes I know it
    And I’ve been workin’ too, baby (yeah!)
    Every night and day (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!)
    We gotta get out of this place
    If it’s the last thing we ever do
    We gotta get out of this place
    ‘Cause girl, there’s a better life for me and you
    Now my girl you’re so young and pretty
    And one thing I know is true, yeah
    You’ll be dead before your time is due, I know it
    Watch my daddy in bed a-dyin’
    Watched his hair been turnin’ grey, yeah
    He’s been workin’ and slavin’ his life away
    I know he’s been workin’ so hard
    Every day baby (yeah!)
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!)
    We gotta get out of this place
    If it’s the last thing we ever do
    We gotta get out of this place
    Girl, there’s a better life for me and you
    Somewhere baby
    Somehow I know it, baby
    We gotta get out of this place
    If it’s the last thing we ever do
    We gotta get out of this place
    Girl, there’s a better life for me and you
    Believe me baby
    I know it baby
    You know it too

  21. Kirk Kahn says:

    I sent this to everyone on my email list and posted a link to the snippets at the top of my website. This must be the central focus of humanity at this time. This is what’s important. It’s real. Very real. Very very real. I’m so glad you did this. While you did this, I was refusing to sign up for services that required the stupid tests. I told them covid is a scam, and her precious little brain couldn’t compute the possibilities. No matter. This masterpiece is what’s important.

  22. Christopher Bowen says:

    I liked most of this. The part about their debating whether there was a real virus was pretty stupid. Of course there is NOT. If some off worldly benevolent race only WOULD kidnap this freak and scare the beejesus out of him might actually salvage this terrible demise of the human race he is bringing about.

  23. CJ says:

    Gates was installed, as was Greenberg aka Zuckerberg. This is what you get. Somebody has to be the fall guy. These two just haven’t picked up on the fact that ‘THEY’ are the fall guys.

    History (if there is any), won’t treat them well. Same goes for karma.

  24. Pastor Jim Marstaller says:

    Thank you (I am a first timer here). The critical thinking provoked by the dialogue is appreciated. Your comment:

    “But you weren’t conducting real science.” Is interesting. Science comes from a word meaning “to discover” which means that truth is outside of us. I believe that Gates has moved to a different field (not just moving the goalposts) and that field is “technology” which comes from a word that means “to create.”

    The ones in power have now taken truth to be that which they create not that which needs to be discovered.

  25. BDBinc says:

    And the Galactic tribunal didn’t take/try the puppet Gate’s boss Mr Rockerfeller?!!

    The Central banking cabal are global.

    Think there are no nations just land masses and corporations( govts). The “nationalization” concept is what was sold to you since childhood. Cant have wars without it.

    The UN and WHO are the banking cabals organizations.( ever wondered why we have perpetual war and the UN ( haha peace keeping my ass-sanctions them)

    China was just the safest most openly tyrannical most dominated people best place to start locking people up for the psyop covid. As in china the military outnumber civilians and they have an out of the closet dictatorship with no human rights- one of the goals of the (reset).

    The religion is FEAR.

    Ignmroance and fear supporting mis-science is also worshiped.

    This world is also a dream, the dream of form.

  26. senorena peepers says:

    “…somewhere inside yourself you also understand The Good…

    Bingo! Gates and his ilk have practiced preying upon and exploiting the good in humanity for their evil purposes.

  27. Kirk Kahn says:

    This blog article is now

  28. Kirk Kahn says:

    Bill Gates tried to exterminate us like cockroaches.

  29. André Uwe Dürner says:

    Most of the People don´t need to be murdered, they choose self-destruction, cause they are to dumb AND/OR Lazy to look behind the OPEN Curtain.

    If i say “Give me the Jab”, who Murdered me if i Die ?
    Rhe Doctor?
    The Pharma?
    Bill Gates?


    could it be that I MUCH MOORE RESPONSIBLE for my Death, cause i was to Lazy to think

  30. Mr Reynard says:

    Rumour is that Satan has created the Tenth Circle in Hell to accommodate Billy Boy Goetz & Dr Faust,ooops I mean Fauci ..
    & of course Billy Boy Goetz minions as well ….

  31. Brian says:

    I just wanted to thank you Dr. Simone Gold, this means more to all of us then you can possibly imagine. Just watching the CNN episode of all but cursing you out, made me furious. I am another one of the spreaders of true information too, it’s all I know to do from being just a regular old citizen. But one thing about it I know for a fact that I’ve saved at least a dozen lives so far, and if others are doing the same thing then we just may pull through all of this. I believe God will see that we as citizens of this nation prevail. After all our lives are in his hands only and not Joe Biden’s.! TY, Brian Reinhardt

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