Monica Smit arrested for advocating freedom; she refuses bail; spread her story far and wide; Australia is ruled by crime bosses

Do you want a hero, or do you want tyranny?

by Jon Rappoport

September 2, 2021

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Adam Crabb, Australian journalist (The Crazz Files): “…the Australian government is now plunging the country into the darkest period in its history. The coronavirus is not the cause of this darkness. The Regime’s use of the coronavirus as a pretext to establish a totalitarian system of control over the Australian people is the cause of this darkness.”

An Australian woman advocated freedom. Freedom from lockdowns and mandates. So she was criticized on social media? She was censored?


Her name is Monica Smit. She’s sitting in jail.

The fascist authorities agreed to release her on bail, if she renounced everything she stood for.

Does that sound familiar? The USSR. Show trials. The massive power of the State coming down on an individual.

Monica Smit refused the deal.

She clings to her faith, her courage, her vision, her ideals, against the scum of the earth.

The very least we can do is spread her story far and wide.

Here are the details.

The Age, September 1, 2021: “A woman charged with incitement and accused of urging people to attend anti-lockdown protests remains in custody despite being granted bail, because she has refused to agree to conditions imposed by a magistrate.”

[Incitement? Is that what demanding freedom now means? In Australia, yes.]

“Monica Smit, the founder of activist group Reignite Democracy Australia – which opposes the Victorian government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic – remained in custody at a Melbourne police station on Wednesday over her refusal to sign a bail consent form.”

“Ms Smit was granted bail on two charges of incitement and three of breaching the Chief Health Officer’s directions, but after a 10-minute conversation with her lawyer to clarify the conditions she had to accept to get bail, defence counsel Marcel White told Melbourne Magistrates Court the 33-year-old did not want to sign the consent form.”

“Magistrate Luisa Bazzani responded: “’It’s a matter for her. I am not about to sweet talk her into bail if she wants to stay in custody’.”

[Monica Smit doesn’t want to stay in custody. She wants to keep her right to advocate for freedom in Australia.]

“Ms Smit was arrested on Tuesday and was to stay in custody at Dandenong police station on Wednesday night. The only way she could be released on bail was by agreeing to the magistrate’s conditions and signing the consent form, or by taking her bail application to a higher court.”

“Police allege Ms Smit incited people on social media to attend two anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne last month, including the violent August 21 event where at least 4000 people demonstrated and where at least nine police officers were injured.”

[I see. Telling people to attend a protest, where it turns out that police are injured, equals telling people to attack the police? Is that what you’re saying? Apparently so. Are you listening to your own lies?]

“Prosecutor Anthony Albore said Ms Smit used the messaging app Telegram to encourage people to attend the protests. Ms Smit’s group has 18,000 followers on Telegram, the prosecutor said, as well as 67,000 followers on Facebook and an email list of 63,000 people.”

“Court documents state that in the lead-up to the August 11 protest, Ms Smit posted that ‘lockdowns take lives’ and urged people to demonstrate.”

[So? Lockdowns DO take lives. Many, many lives. And urging people to DEMONSTRATE? Is that suddenly a crime? Are protestors supposed to stand silent with their heads bowed for a few hours, praying to the Prime Minister to set them free?]

“She [Smit] also posted numerous messages before the August 21 protest, the documents allege, including: ‘The more they lock us up, the more people will have nothing left to lose … and that’s when Australia stands up!’”

[Nothing left to lose—that’s another true statement. And for making the statement, SHE is now locked up. In jail. Obviously, Monica should have written, “and that’s when Australia lies down…let’s go out into the street and demand our enslavement…”]

“Other posts encouraged people to wear masks while travelling to the protest but to take them off once in central Melbourne. Another message said: ‘Stand up Melbourne’.”

[Ooo. Take off your masks. Another incitement to mayhem. People who show their faces are terrorists.]

“Prosecutors did not oppose Ms Smit getting bail as long as it was subject to conditions.”

“After legal argument over the conditions, Ms Bazzani ruled that if Ms Smit was to get bail she had to abide by a 7pm curfew, abide by the Chief Health Officer’s directions and not incite anyone to breach those directions or publish anything that might incite breaches. She also had to remove any material previously published online that might incite people, not attend protests, and had to wear a mask when outdoors unless she had a medical exemption.”

[USSR tactic. Perhaps Monica should appear in court, in chains, before television cameras, and read a prepared statement confessing to capital crimes.]

“The magistrate refused to include two conditions proposed by police: a call for Reignite Democracy Australia’s social media accounts to be deactivated, and an order which would have prohibited online discussions about lockdown measures. Ms Bazzani said those two proposals would ‘overstep the mark’.”

[Thank God for the merciful State. They love us, they really do.]

“Ms Smit, a self-described journalist, was arrested in Brighton on Tuesday, not long after filming herself talking about small-scale anti-lockdown protests.”

[She’s a self-described journalist, whereas talking news head puppets on television are described as journalists by their bosses. Yes, that’s a crucial difference. Of course. Let’s make it a crime for people to describe themselves as journalists.]

“She faces a further two charges of breaching the Chief Health Officer’s directions by attending a protest in Melbourne on October 31 last year.”

[More charges. The Chief Health Officer has all the rights of a dictator. Naturally. And the sheep should kneel before him. Does he wear a ring? Can we kiss it? I have an idea. Let’s tell him to kiss THIS.]

—end of The Age article—

JUDGE: So Mr. Madison, I understand you and your friends are composing a document called THE CONSTITUTION. I’m also told this founding document declares FREEDOM the preferred state of affairs in our new nation.

JAMES MADISON: Yes, your honor. That’s right. Why are you asking? Is there a problem?

JUDGE: There most certainly is. Freedom is a flexible concept. It must be given and taken away by those who have wisdom.

MADISON: Who are these wise ones?

JUDGE: The men who are running things. They can assess issues of safety and danger as they arise and measure the amount of freedom allowed to the people at any given moment.

MADISON: Really. Well, once the new nation is founded, I assure you you’ll be removed from your position of power. You’ll be seen as a felon.

JUDGE: I doubt that.

MADISON: Then you’re not only a criminal, you’re a moron.


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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

51 comments on “Monica Smit arrested for advocating freedom; she refuses bail; spread her story far and wide; Australia is ruled by crime bosses

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Bless you Monica! Thanks for your great courage. You are a real Heroine of Mankind in these dark times.

    “I regret that I have but one mask to remove for my country.”

  2. Tracy Kolenchuk says:

    Hey Jon, have you heard this story yet? Dateline: November 2021. Authorities on a state-sponsored television program, also transmitted live via the internet, held a public draw for the winner of the one-million dollar Vaccine Incentive prize. Unfortunately, when the name of the winner Alice Batten was revealed, it was found that she had died three days after the vaccine injection from uncontrolled blood clots. Her application to the VAERS reporting system had been rejected for technical reasons and the death was long forgotten by the authorities. Note: This is a fictional story. It hasn’t happened yet.

  3. Erik Vasseur says:

    “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.” — Mark Twain

  4. Charles says:

    There are people in California getting arrested for wearing a mask and then having to go to court to plead innnocence. Why not encourage people to defend themselves against the mask-courts and the mask-police in the U.S.?

  5. Charles says:

    […] learn about how to be free, freedom, and your responsibilities as a free man or free woman, research the American States Assembly.

    This corporate government we’re living under is not an American government.

  6. Sean says:

    Who is John Galt? Another great question, “Who is Monica Smit?”

    (note to self, be more like Monica Smit)

  7. Raven says:

    Once again, fascists show their true colors as weak, pathetic bullies who pick on easy targets. This is how one mainstream Australian news source described Ms. Smit, the ultimate terrorist threat:

    “A reality TV wannabe who has emerged as Victoria’s most high profile anti-lockdown campaigner has livestreamed what she claims was her own ‘arrest’.”

    The quotes around “arrest” are trying to imply she wasn’t actually arrested even though she was. The “journalist” who wrote this POS also described Ms. Smit as a “self-styled journalist.”

    But wait, the horror continues:

    “The content on the activist page she is involved in includes praising a ‘mother of seven’ who wants to keep her nail salon open despite the lockdown and ‘covert mum’s groups’ that want to remove barriers around public playgrounds.”

    • LynnLor says:

      The “authorities” have gone completely deranged in Australia. (Wow that covert mum’s group sounds scary…) Same will be soon happening here in the US. It is already approaching the same here.

      “Fascists show their true colors as weak, pathetic bullies” – I called them the New World Whoredom. In the US, they are paying mobs of pathetic idiots to harass “dissidents” in public. Also, some here feel free to commit crimes that victimize people with whom they politically disagree, while the authorities look they other way. They exert enormous effort to portray the victims (who are usually decent people) as “the bad people.”

      There are hoards of liars and whores here now. Some were my close friends until recently. They have shown their true colors, which is that they would betray Jesus for money or a “career opportunity.”

      The Great American Empire is so strong and secure. They need to harass their own citizens as they shop at the grocery store.

    • Marilyn Shepherd says:

      No one in their right mind would call drunk driver Sam Maiden a journalist – and Australia has always been more than a little facist.

      Of course Sutton used to work for the Vaccine outfit the Burnett Institute before becoming the CHO.

  8. From Elsewhere says:

    Yes, heroes, please, more of them, to lead hundreds of thousands of people to the streets, against the crooks and fake experts. Brace for impact, Monica, brace for impact, world!

  9. Paul says:

    “So [Monica Smith]
    she was criticized
    on social media?
    She was censored?

    She was ARRESTED.”

    “Does that

    “She clings to her faith,…”


    “Blessed are ye,
    when men shall revile you. Blessed are you
    when people reproach you,
    persecute you,
    and say all kinds of evil
    against you falsely,
    for my sake.”

    I take “for My Name’s sake…”
    to simply mean THE TRUTH,
    whether religious or secular

    Regardless of the weather.

    Say a prayer
    in Monica’s name,
    To her faithful God,
    if so inclined.
    With such an event,
    You have nothing left to lose.

    […et al….]


    We’re the I, in the middle.
    They’ve made us all mad sons.

  10. mdmnmdllr says:

    The Australian authorities are not criminals – well, maybe they are in a sense, but that’s the wrong point here.

    Remember: The past is prologue. Australia’s past is that of a former penal colony. And its authorities – its rulers – are working to make it so again.

    So they’re not criminals, per se; what they are is JAILERS. And when Australians don’t act like the prisoners their JAILERS need them to be – which, sadly, they often do – what you see with Monica is how they act. It’s a perfect example.

  11. Roger welsh says:

    So Australia is now run by primitive savages.
    Truckers, you drive a weapon!

  12. Roger welsh says:

    Ivermectin works? Upon what? COVID 19 does not exist and never has done. So, what respititory organism is ivermectin effective against?

  13. AJ says:

    And the show goes on!!!!

    When you have a society based on nobility. Tyranny against the common man is practiced openly. Mainly, because the common man’s rights were given to him by the nobility/king/government. The USA is the only country that the founders/citizens granted their rights to themselves before adopting the constitution. But this has not stopped “our nobility”, (government, politicians, agencies, pharmacies, corporations, wall street, etc.) from continuously violating them. No other country has a law to out right resist tyranny like our 2nd Amendment. And it looks like it will be used soon. Understand that where you allow tyranny/slavery to exist in the world you are providing a breeding ground for others to follow.

    Reality exposes “the BLANTANT TRUTH”! It is up to each citizen to be aware of how tyranny begins and resist it to remain free. It appears that “our nobility” has been inching the USA toward complete control/slavery since November 2020. Australia is an example/glimpse of a free society using tyranny to subject it subjects/citizens give up their rights. The longer you allow tyranny to exist the sooner you become reluctant slaves and have no ability to resist a life of slavery. Just look what you have as president and those appointed to assist him. Worse than having cancer. And most elected politicians have been infected with the incurable disease of “BRIBERY”!!!
    Not all is lost. Because there are “PATRIOTS” among us that will resist to death if necessary. To save our CONSTITUTION AND COUNTRY all you have to do is decide if “YOU ARE A PATROIT?!!

    The world is watching and waiting to hear and see what freedom means to the USA. GOD BLESS AMERICA & PATRIOTS!

  14. AJ says:

    Short note. Thank you Jon and others for your open support to resist tyranny. This gives others notice that they are not alone and I hope the strength to resist tyranny.

  15. Haniel Adhar says:

    Witch one of us is the next Winston Smith?

  16. AJ says:

    I over looked the motive behind Ms Smit’s arrest. Ms Smit is looked up to for her stance on freedom and her opinion is followed by thousands. Her arrest was planned. And the judge’s bail/release conditions were handed to her from the ruling nobility.

    If Ms Smit accepted the bail/release conditions the tyranny would have expanded through Australia and the world expotentially showing that MS Smit was not the person that her statements/opinions and actions testified to.

    This is notice to all freedom oriented people that you are next if you have any kind of PATROIT reputation. And I didn’t think China extended that far south. What a surprise!

  17. Roundball Shaman says:

    “An Australian woman advocated freedom. Freedom from lockdowns and mandates. So she was criticized on social media? She was censored? She was ARRESTED.”

    This freedom thing has got to go. If she can get away with this Freedom Thing, then others will want it too. Can’t have that. Enjoy that Big Boot coming down on our heads.

    “The fascist authorities agreed to release her on bail, if she renounced everything she stood for.”

    Once again… public policy is being written by Monty Python: ‘CONFESS, WOMAN! CONFESS!’

    ‘But I don’t understand what I’m accused of…’


    “JUDGE: Mr. Madison, I understand you and your friends are composing a document called THE CONSTITUTION. I’m also told this founding document declares FREEDOM the preferred state of affairs in our new nation.”

    JAMES MADISON: ‘Well, we were going to do that. We really wanted to. But then we entered a time machine to look out ahead and we saw 21st Century America. And we saw that The People no longer wanted freedom. In fact, they HATED it. They LOVED their slavery. So, we returned to our own time and said, “Well, screw this. What are we bothering with This Freedom Idea for? They’re just going to throw it out anyway…’

    “JUDGE: Freedom must be taken away by those who have wisdom.”

    MADISON: ‘So, you’re saying that The People in the 21st Century have wisdom?’

    JUDGE: “Well, they think they do. Why, They believe in *THE SCIENCE!* They believe in a career-long-grossly-overpaid-arrogant-know-it-all- lackey that has taken a wrecking ball to people’s health and welfare for generations. You ever hear the phrase *Ignorance is Bliss*? Well, people in the 21st Century are the most blissful people you’ll ever come across.

    MADISON: ‘Yes, we saw that in our Time Travel visit. As for my group, we’re thinking of just going back to Europe or maybe some place new like Antarctica that hasn’t been spoiled yet by Group Think and forgetting our big dream for a nation that we had. By the way Your Honor, what are your future plans?’

    JUDGE: ‘I’m dedicating the rest of my life to stamping out this personal and social disease called Freedom. And I’ll be worshiped as a Hero, just like that career overpaid nasty lackey guy.’

    MADISON: ‘Then you’re not only a criminal, you’re a moron.’


  18. Kika says:

    Even worse – the aussie parliament has passed the “Identify and Disrupt Bill”. This gives police the power to ““add, copy, delete or alter” files on a computer or device, so as to “frustrate the commission of crime”4 where a law enforcement officer “reasonably suspects” that one or more “relevant offences” are “being, are about to be, or are likely to be” committed.”

    Police can now alter your email content and use that as evidence when they arrest you! Will I be arrested for passing on this info?


  19. vakzine macht frei says:

    By far the biggest problem is that majority of australiansare brain death. walking zombies.

    An Australian man clearly in good health was abducted from his home by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) first responders and taken away to a quarantine camp after testing “positive” for the Chinese Virus.
    Australia is busily building new camp compounds for Wuhan Flu patients to live indefinitely until the government decides that it is “safe” for them to rejoin society.

    If and until that happens, residents of these camps will be held there against their will, almost like a prison or a concentration camp. They are not allowed to leave or see visitors and must remain confined inside the compound until the government says otherwise.

    Is this the “new normal” that was warned about all last year? Are people now being hauled off to “quarantine” concentration camps for “cleansing” just like the Jews were during World War II?

    Anyone who resists this agenda will likely test “positive” and be hauled off to a covid reeducation facility to be washed clean of their resistance to the new world order.

    It might sound crazy, but this is what is manifesting before our very eyes, starting with Australia. Eventually, the madness will spread elsewhere until every last nation on earth is purged of “covid,” aka free-thinking humans.

  20. WDFreedomLL says:

    33 years old??? I don’t know if this story is real, but I do know the occultists running this crazy lockdown love using numerology and 33 is one of their calling cards.

    • AussieRebel says:

      It is most definitely real. I have met Monica in person and been on several Zoom calls with her.

    • Greg Ellis says:

      I know the cabalists love numbers but in this case, I think this is a coincidence. Monica is a true champion fighting for freedom. Her arrest was filmed by her and was available on YouTube. She has been defended by a couple of the remaining believers in freedom in the Federal Parliament.

      • Arjan Kuiten says:

        She could very well be a wolf in sheep clothing. Make no mistake about the ammount of counter intelligence they put in play to mislead each and everyone of us. 33 is the big number.

        • Virginia says:

          She was big on defending a clothes shop owner near where she lives, who dared to open his store during a lockdown last year, and coincidentally that same store owner was photographed in his store several years ago with our ex Prime Minister, WHO/UN golden child Malcolm Turnbull. Idk on the surface she seems a hero but … we can’t be too careful.

  21. Peter webb says:

    All Australians would be wise to re-visit the history of the Communist & (Hitler) takeovers of World War 2 and see the lead up and actual elimination of personal and property freedoms in those countries.

    The incarceration of Monica is a ‘lightening rod’ wake up call for every Australian that our Governments are determined to fulfil the draconian and life changing orders of the UN.

    Our compliant Media are controlling the critical information that we need to educate and make the many aware of what the few, like Monica, know is in store for them under the ‘Covid’ subterfurge we are all experiencing via lockdowns etc

  22. AussieRebel says:

    One thing this article failed to mention is that Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) is a REGISTERED POLITICAL PARTY here in Australia, and one of terms of bail was that Monica totally dismantle it! The powers that be DO NOT want competition!

  23. dnomsed says:

    The sad part of the Australian descent into tyranny is that their PM is a self-professed born-again Christian – an ardent Hillsong follower (yes – the get-rich quick mob).

    In reality, he is nothing other than a willing servant of the Beast.

    Another self-professed Christian is Francis Collins of NIH infamy.

    These ghouls are under the end-time delusion forecast in the Bible. They are wolves, not sheep. To endless damnation they will go.

  24. hyden says:

    Most of the people in the world have caused the current situation we in, voting and complying all the time.

    Humans have done this, caused their own imprisonment by listening to all the crap all the time, playing the game.

    Thing is the rules can be changed, and nothing is set in stone.

    • hyden says:

      Frankly i have lost sympathy for some people, they want people doing the thinking for them. So really some humans get what they deserve.

  25. Not So Free says:

    Australia started out as a prison years ago, and it has returned to being a prison.

    Unfortunately, it is now the criminals who are running it.

    • Greg Ellis says:

      In fact, Australia was never really a penal colony. It had many free citizens along with the convicts from the beginning. It had to wait until 2021 before everyone was imprisoned.

  26. hhi says:

    90 year suppression on pedo allegations

  27. Ivan Talbot says:

    Tell Monica’s lawyers to cite the Authority of Burmah Oil Co. V Lord Advocate (1964) 2 All ER 348 at 352, where Lord Reid states:-

    “No doubt there are occasions when a subject is entitled to act on his own initiative in defence of the realm, particularly if there is no one in authority there to direct him.”

    Authority still stands in Law even though it is British. The Australia Act was struck out on the 6th June 1996 in the WA Supreme Court by Ivan Talbot in Talbot v Klahn (1996).

    See “HOME” page.

  28. Jim says:

    In future, all Aussies need to know one thing. Rule is by consent only. Otherwise it is tyranny and criminality.

    Step one. Film yourself.

    Two. Ask “Police Officer or Constable?” (They will say Constable – which is a Crown Office.).

    Three. Ask for 3 things. Oath of Allegence to the Queen. A warrent card and NOT an identity card. Proof of indemnity for travel in the public and private domain.

    Ask these three things three times filming as you go. In the event of arrest say absolutely nothing. After three days they must release you.

    Get a Trust at expertinalllegalmatters dot com (£5K). Fight your own case in court. Long hard learning curve. Can be done however.

    Otherwise do NOT get arrested.

  29. Arby says:

    He’s gone over to the dark side, but before he did, Noam Chomsky was brilliant.

    “James Madison vs Aristotle” […]

  30. Ana says:

    Congratulations Mónica. I pray for you from México.

  31. Fanny Adams says:

    Australians are really up against it now.

    The police think they have the power and they’re getting away with force and violence.

    To report that Monica Smit incited a demonstration that was violent and police were injured…well they just have to look at themselves for causing the violence.

    It is not unusual for police to do the inciting at the demonstration, and to have actors behaving badly to make it appear that the rally was violent when it wasn’t.

    The last freedom rally was OK until the police started with the rubber bullets and pepper spray on unarmed and mostly naive demonstrators.

    The police will not let the people breath…they are everywhere like cockroache…arresting people for the useless mask order for example and anything else that takes their fancy.

    They characterise the worst elements of authoritarian control and the people can hardly do anything about it.

    Be warned: when they start harassing and questioning non stop..Say Nothing! Otherwise you’ll go straight into a paddy wagon for a trip to the cells.

    Rebel News has some good footage, as does Gumshoe News.

  32. Mark Hinde says:

    Since when is “inciting a demonstration” a crime in a democracy? “Inciting a demonstration” is not the same as “inciting a riot”!

  33. Paul Fishman says:

    This is a Continent that has condemned itself with brutal fascism because of its reaction to the Pandemic. As with South Africa, Australia should also be boycotted by the rest of the world whether it is for the next 100 years or 1000 years. Unless their government returns to a Constitution Democracy even similar to some of the Eastern European countries, Australia should be boycotted and left to itself. Its not worth losing your society over a few covid-19 cases.

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