God finally consents to an interview about COVID

by Jon Rappoport

August 25, 2021

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As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy setting up this interview. Across the world, there are so many intermediaries, cutouts, and organizations that insist you have to go through them to get to The Man.

For example, I tried the Pope. One of his minions came back with a cryptic message suggesting I should offer a gift to the Church before formal negotiations even commence. And I’m not talking about a nice wrist watch or a crystal vase. More on the order of a truck full of cash and a personal pledge of my immortal soul for all of eternity.

Anyway, eventually I managed to work things out on my own. A direct appeal is best, I found.

The meeting place was a motel room on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio, on a warm Thursday afternoon. I made coffee, and we sat across from each other at a small folding table near the chugging air conditioner. He smiled and said, “Lucky you have a website. Nobody would believe you’re talking to me. Nobody would publish this conversation.”

And so it began.

God, did you make humans to be free? To have freedom?

Think it through. You don’t MAKE freedom. Freedom exists. You can only try to take it away. And I didn’t.

So if someone says he doesn’t want the COVID vaccine—

He’s free to refuse. But he has to pay the price. When the government or a corporation clamps down and mandates the shot, it’s a tough situation.

Where do you stand on the vaccine?

I can speak with authority on the human immune system. I created it. Vaccination is supposed to be a rehearsal for the real thing, right? The antibodies and the T-cells swing into action and neutralize the protein or the piece of the virus that’s injected.

Yes? And?

Well, if the rehearsal goes well, then why did you need it in the first place? Are you catching my drift? If the rehearsal is a success, why wouldn’t the real thing be a success without the rehearsal?

I hadn’t thought of it that way.

Nobody does.

Why not? Did you create humans with low IQ?

You can’t put that on me. People make themselves and each other smarter or dumber.

Again, freedom.

Well, yes. If every person’s IQ was 102 forever, it would be a strange world.

I take it you’re against the lockdowns.

Imprisoning innocent people in their homes? I’m very much against it.

The rationale is, “we have to stop the spread of the virus.”

I’m very familiar with rationalizations, reasons, and excuses. They tend to hide actual motives.

In this situation, what’s the actual motive for the lockdowns?

Do you really need me to confirm it? Control. Over populations.

But you yourself, when you made the world and everything in it—you were exercising extreme control.

Really? Is that what you think? I never changed or corrected what I was doing? I never stopped to consider an alternative? The bible says it all happened in six days. Do you suppose I was sitting somewhere counting? Saying, “All right, that was Tuesday, and now I’m almost in the middle of the week…”

You made mistakes?

I made changes. A mistake is when an engineer looks at his plans and says, “This won’t work. The bridge will fall down.” I wasn’t building a bridge. I’m an artist. I had an infinity of possibilities before me. I could have gone a trillion different ways.

Did you create viruses?

Cutting to the chase, eh? All right, let’s get down to it. I made a lot of little particles. Some of them can alter their forms. But in the sense you mean it, no. I didn’t make Rockefeller-type germs, each one of which supposedly causes a so-called specific disease. That’s a human story. A nonsensical fairy tale. I’m not on the hook for that. That’s a business model.

So what about SARS-CoV-2?

What about it? It’s the kind of shadow people are afraid of. They think, as they’re walking around, that the shadow follows them. And eventually, some pathetic character will say he’s discovered the cause behind the shadow—and it’s the sun. So the sun has to be neutralized. Or blocked off. Or shut down. Or changed.

So accusing the sun of causing all the trouble is like saying diseases are really genetic in origin, and in order to cure the diseases we have to re-engineer humans.

And meanwhile, a pipe from a factory is leaking into a river, and the river is filled with poison, and the fish are dying, and people who swim in the river and drink the water are getting sick and dying. But to protect the company that owns the factory, scientists say the people have defective genes and that’s the problem. Another business model.

Did you make SARS-CoV-2?

No. Why would I?

Then who made it?

Who made the shadows people are afraid of? The press, governments, propagandists.

Who made the actual virus?

I believe I’ve already answered that question.

I want a clear answer on the record.

And I want to lead you to give your own answer. What good does it do to make a pronouncement from on high?

You’re God.

And you’re free.

I was afraid we’d get into a pickle over this issue.

It isn’t just a pickle, my friend. It’s a whole apocalyptic pastrami sandwich on rye with mustard. The people of Earth have to decide whether they want to destroy themselves or lift themselves up with vital life-force—which, by the way, is the ultimate immune system.

You can’t make that decision for us.

I could, but then I would just be a super Bill Gates.

Freedom means freedom.

That’s the ticket. If you buy it, then as they say, you take the ride.

You have empathy for us?

In my own way, more than you know.

Does SARS-CoV-2 exist?

Does fear exist?

You’re saying both questions are the same? Look, these virologists in their labs—they’re working with soup in a dish, and they’re saying they’ve isolated a virus. They’re not isolating anything.

Don’t you think I’ve been in those labs? I have wide, wide experience. I’ve been everywhere. Watching the virologists is like watching a cheap circus act. When it’s over, you want your money back. I have to go now. I have appointments to slap some priests of various religions on the head. They’re taking my name in vain.

That’s a lot of priests. It must keep you very busy.

It’s similar to doing a spot-check of products coming off the assembly line.

Why don’t you just shut down the line?

Why don’t I make everything everywhere perfect all at once? Because I’m not running a puppet show.

Some people want a puppet show.

I’m not Fauci or Klaus Schwab.

Then slap those two.

Oh I have. But they like it. Sadists often do.

If a person was going to be executed…you know, killed; and he could save his life if he answered one question CORRECTLY ON THE BASIS OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH; and the question was, does the SARS-CoV-2 virus exist; and he prayed to you to give him the answer, would you?


What would you tell him?

I’d tell him it doesn’t exist.

But you would never reveal that to me.

Of course not.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

48 comments on “God finally consents to an interview about COVID

  1. Diane says:

    Nailed it. Thanks, Jon!

    • Bill de Montaigne says:

      Yes, that was really great Jon. I’m generally tetchy when people these days play around with “God,” (not a subject to be toyed with, IMO) but you handled this well, with taste, seeming to nod a bit at Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor, which is always good for business. Thank you for this effort. I mean to pay more attention to you now.

  2. ak in vt says:


  3. Eluard says:

    “God: He’s free to refuse. But he has to pay the price. When the government or a corporation clamps down and mandates the shot, it’s a tough situation.”

    This is what struck me the most. “He has to pay the price.” What price freedom? It’s a tough situation. You have to confront your willingness to be free. Confront the strength of your faith. You may lose much. But what you gain may be very, very dear.

    • Alan says:

      The freedom to “buy or sell”, as per Revelation 13:17

      17 so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.

      The number of the beast has already been cracked:
      move the “D” in COVID-19 to the front, and you get 666.

      DC O VI -19

      Roman numerals, and “O” being 79 in ASCII code.

      “Buy or sell”, especially selling one’s labor, i.e. working under employment. It couldn’t be more obvious.

  4. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    “ Look, these virologists in their labs—they’re working with soup in a dish, and they’re saying they’ve isolated a virus. They’re not isolating anything.” Understanding this requires logic and critical thinking, something that is in short supply today.

    How can you sequence something you have never proven to exist? When I ask this question, I get responses such as:
    Of course they have been isolated. Viruses are real.
    They have patents that proves it.
    People get sick from them.
    Everyone knows viruses exist.

    Does the patent office actually prove what is being presented to them? Do they whip out their electron microscopes and verify the information for viruses? Seriously?

    Factoid: Kary Mullis said he got the idea for the PCR test based upon what he learned from computer programming.

    I tell them virologists use computer models and that they program these sequences. They make them up.

    And then they “correct” me with their opinions about the validity of “the virus”. Every knows they exist, weirdo.

    I explain that computer modeling is used to make the phony Big Bang, Black Holes, Dark Matter, and much more of the nonsense concocted by Astronomers, who are so frequently “astonished” by what real observations show them in contrast to their failed models. No one has ever observed any of these things. But, the junk science is well funded. So, universities continue to crank out degrees from teaching useless junk.

    I point out that computer modeling is also used for the junk science of Anthropomorphic Global Warning, and their models fail like 100 per cent of the time.

    Ahhh, but the learned scholarly public “corrects” me by saying humans are killing the planet. I tell them that pollution and climate are separate issues and that corporations do the majority of the pollution. And, limiting the possibility of a hundred variables for climate to just two, CO2 and solar irradiance, is junk science because it ignores the majority in favor of two. And those two have a lot of misinformation attached to them.

    But, we must now stop using all “fossil fuels”! Fossil? What evidence do you have for that statement? Why do you think mining for rare earth and other metals for intermittent energy is an improvement? Do you REALLY want to live in a coffin-sized tiny home?

    Why did they slyly change the term AGW to “Climate Change”, a weasel word that is senseless because the climate is always changing. They use computer models to “prove” it by using cherry-picked data. And by manipulating real data.

    Are you noticing a pattern here?


    I knocked, but no one’s home.

    • yonnik says:

      You nailed it

    • Dee Zee says:

      Thank you Jon!

    • Theri McEntee says:

      Understand too, the legalize behind all the PATENTS AND $$$ being made on something that NEVER existed: Love this guy:


    • Catherine says:

      That was as good a read as Jon’s article! Thank you.

    • Alan says:

      I believe that most people are too poisoned in their bodies and brains to carry out critical thinking. Poisoned by primarily “food”, but also other things. Processed food laden with chemicals (pesticides, antibiotics, MSG, sugar, etc.), CAFO meat, toxic “edible” (i.e. originally industrial) vegetable oils, etc. Also nutritional deficiency by eating only the nutritionally poor part of things (muscle meat, white flour, egg white! etc.) rather than whole foods.

      Personally I did feel the difference when I changed my diet.

      Now, of course we have another major source of heavy poisoning, the not-a-vaccine thingie which is the mark of the beast.

      • Michael Watson says:

        90% of the foods I eat were available 5,000 years ago. The other 10% are cheats against nature but I have made psychological peace with this (for the most part). I’ve been doing this for 16 years now and my DNA responds very well to this food lifestyle. It shouldn’t be a surprise considering I am genetically identical to my 5,000 year old cousin who had no access to the types of “nutrition” you outlined above. I am physically stronger, mentally more acute and clearer of mind than I was 20 years ago. According to the CDC and Fauci, based on how I have lived my life over the past 18 months I should have already died a dozen excruciating deaths. Oh well. Here’s to being as prepared as possible for the imminent battle royal.

  5. liam says:

    This was fucking great Jon…outstanding!

  6. rae says:

    you’re in fine form here, Jon

    thx for the chuckle…

  7. fatima says:



  8. Sean says:

    Because Im equipped with everything I need to find the truth of the matter.

  9. Fidel says:

    I quite enjoyed this! Very good article, Jon. Thank you.


  10. Paul says:

    What would you tell him [about the SARS-CoV-2 existence] ?

    I’d tell him it doesn’t exist.

    But you would never reveal that to me.

    Of course not.


    Jon, did you JUST trick God?

    Ya know…if you gave God a piece of buttered bread, but actually dressed it in margarine…



    If you think it’s a virus…
    But it’s not.

    • Alan says:


      What would be most shocking to the mainstream believers is that, people who claim that viruses do not exist are the true believers in God’s eyes, while those who affirm their existence are viewed as idolators and blasphemers.

      The other half of the essential truth being that it is God’s will that righteous people bear arms and overthrow tyranny.

      People who bear neither half of the truth are totally useless to God, and can never be part of the solution, regardless of their “religion”. False religion counts for nothing, because it is false (of course).

  11. nocorona says:

    The difference between God and Bill Gates/Fauci is that God does not think he is Bill Gates or Dr. Fauci.

  12. C. J. van Dam says:

    Thank you Mr. Rappoport, for this thought provoking story.
    The wisdom it speaks is phenomenal.

  13. Haniel Adhar says:

    Apparently, Nancy Pelosi thinks she is god.

    Maybe she knows where the COVIDZ came from.

    Hey, Algore made the interwebzz, right? So Nan-nan made da virus!

    (My brain is so fried from all of this)

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      “Algore”. Sounds like a villain from an 80’s NES game.

      But seriously…what more is there to say? We are at war with an almost mythical villainous cabal that sounds like something out of a Nintendo game from the 1980s. It is that bad.

      It is like they read all the cheesy sci-fi books, watched all the cheesy sci-fi films, threw in some biblical prophecy and some Orwell, and then polished it off with a plot line from Metroid, and BOOM, pandemic, end of freedom, end of civilization, hello New World Order…


  14. Rick in Phoenix says:

    Jon, when reports say second jabs and boosters are needed because protection declines, how are they determining that as far as their inside-game narrative goes?

    I’m thinking that perhaps they’re doing the PCR test with more cycles to show presence of bits and pieces of what they’re calling virus particles. Do you have an inside-game narrative that explains what they think they’re doing?

      • Rick in Phoenix says:

        Right, that explains the cycles but not the covid-narrative for boosters. But I did extra research just now and it appears that the story-teller Fauci says one requires a booster because delta is more virulent.

        Higher levels of antibody may be required to protect against Delta.

        Of course, this flies in the face of traditional reasons for “boosters” in old-fashioned vaccines that ostensibly fool our immune system into thinking we have an infection when we really don’t… priming it for the real thing just-in-case. The traditional narrative would have been that our immune-system “forgot” what the infection looks like, so the booster would “remind” it and “retrain” it.

        Of course, the covid-vaccine is not a vaccine but, according to their narrative, an mRNA that recreates the “shell” of the “corona virus”. This narrative would now say, I think, that the delta-corona-virus is “stronger” or “more virulent” or is more “contagious”… so that requires a “booster” or MORE mRNA to make more shells that look like it, to fool the natural immune system into thinking it’s being attacked.

        To say “protection declines” is to say that the natural anti-bodies (T-cells) that were trained by original “shot” or mRNA… is to say that the T-cells declined and were not up-to-the-task of dealing-with-delta….

        Of course this narrative is not internally consistent because it doesn’t explain things, ever, and certainly not officially, the way anyone can understand it– given the historical narrative of vaccines. The booster is never said to be a DIFFERENT mRNA… with different A-C-T-G strings of genes.. to look like delta-variant.

        Finally, of course, the entire vaccine-narrative is false– because viruses are exosomes, not infections. Historical diseases are due to chemical and electromagnetic toxins and malnutrition as well as seasonal expellation of toxins in geocontiguous regions, giving the ILLUSION of contagion. Even the Black Death of medieval Europe, I read somewhere, looks as though it might have been due to intentional poisoning of water wells in Europe, an interesting theory consistent with Jon’s lectures here.

  15. RSB says:

    Could see you talking with George Burns in “Oh God, Book 4.” Wonderful conversations!

  16. Roundball Shaman says:

    “… I should offer a gift to the Church before formal negotiations even commence… on the order of a truck full of cash and a personal pledge of my immortal soul for all of eternity.”

    ‘So, the same offer that was made to the FDA by their Owners Big Nazi-Inspired Pharma for that… ahem… FDA “Approval!” for the kill shot!’

    “God, did you make humans to be free? To have freedom?”

    ‘I made humans to… become whatever They chose to be. Freedom? Of course. That’s in the foundational fabric of Universe. But I made it so that humans could choose slavery and darkness if they wanted that. And to My non-astonishment since I know everything… way too many humans choose slavery. Am I disappointed? No, that’s a human thing. It’s more like… What the Hell is wrong with you people?’

    “So if someone says he doesn’t want the COVID vaccine…”

    ‘It’s those people who make me not to give up entirely on the human race. To my great pleasure (also more a human thing)… some of My people actually want freedom.’

    “Where do you stand on the vaccine?”

    ‘Look, there’s this guy called The Devil. Yeah, I I could off him anytime I want to but that’s another story for another day. So this Devil guy spends all it’s time thinking of ways to eff with the human race. Yes, even we deities might like the F word slip now and then. Why not? Who the Hell is going to tell us otherwise? Anyway, The Devil comes up with all kinds of crap for humans. One of His biggest successes is the vacc… no, I can’t call it that. I call it what it is… The Kill Shot. I don’t tell humans to take it or not to take it. All part of that Free Will thing I give you guys. So if you choose to take the Kill Shot, it’s your choice.

    ‘So you take the Kill Shot to keep your job? What good is that job going to be to you in six months or a year or however long it takes to off you? The choice is more simple… Life or Death. Let the cultists call you names for not taking The Shot but you still get to live. Follow the cultists into their jab of death… and you know the result.’

    “But you yourself, when you made the world and everything in it—you were exercising extreme control.”

    ‘Control? No. I just created the big game board and all you pieces on it. You guys make up the game you play and rules. I sit back and watch. Makes Eternity go by a bit faster.’

    “You made mistakes?”

    ‘In My World, there is no such thing as a mistake. Just a bunch of comparisons. Forks in the road are always coming around. Which one of these choices is better… Choice A or Choice B? Sort of like that old game show that asked people which door they wanted to open up to see what’s inside. I let people compare things and they decide which door to open up. You can call that a mistake if someone selects a door with a booby prize… but
    it’s just a choice made with whatever information you have at the time. Hard to call that a mistake.’

    “You have empathy for us?”

    Empathy? Empathy? I LOVE YOU ALL. That’s a bit more than empathy, right?

    “If a person was going to be executed…you know, killed; and he could save his life if he answered one question CORRECTLY ON THE BASIS OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH; and the question was, does the SARS-CoV-2 virus exist; and he prayed to you to give him the answer, would you?”

    ‘That’s a bit tricky. SARS-CoV-2 DOES exist… as a virus of MENTAL derangement so in that sense it exists. But is it a real viral thing? Hell no. In fact, almost nothing is a real thing. Read up on quantum physics. Only thing that’s real is Me… and you. And Love.’

  17. Marie says:

    I can’t wait to show this to my husband – it’s brilliant. However, we’re still public enemy number one because the majority have joined the ranks of the kool aid party. We are outcast. Even among friends and family. This is worse than what goes on among friends and family on Thanksgiving Day because it’s only one day. Friends and family caved to pressure and now enjoy the pause that refreshes. Until the next phase. I can’t share your work because they won’t understand it.

  18. Marie says:

    Go to senseofawareness.com to read about the lopsided Pfizer contracts. Sounds like a concordat to me which would place it outside the realm of what we view as law. Who signs these contracts? Look up concordat in an old dictionary if you can’t find a definition.

  19. Larry C says:

    “And I’m not talking about a nice wrist watch or a crystal vase. More on the order of a truck full of cash and a personal pledge of my immortal soul for all of eternity.”


    Did you hear about the dyslexic Satan worshipper?

    He sold his soul to Santa.

  20. Piotr Bein says:

    Lovely piece, Jon!

    God created in ways unfathomable:

    “Whence magnetism in vaxed persons? — WIMPs and biological nuclear reaction in the human body”


  21. Raven says:

    This was great!!! My conversations with The Man are never this polite.

  22. Madeleine Innocent says:

    I think that’s one of your best ones. Fabulous!

  23. hyden says:

    As Krishnamurti once said….

    Your God Is Not God

    A man who believes in God can never find God. If you are open to reality, there can be no belief in reality. If you are open to the unknown, there can be no belief in it. After all, belief is a form of self-protection, and only a petty mind can believe in God. Look at the belief of the aviators during the war who said God was their companion as they were dropping bombs! So you believe in God when you kill, when you are exploiting people. You worship God and go on ruthlessly extorting money, supporting the army; yet you say you believe in mercy, compassion, kindliness. As long as belief exists, there can never be the unknown; you cannot think about the unknown, thought cannot measure it. The mind is the product of the past, it is the result of yesterday, and can such a mind be open to the unknown? It can only project an image, but that projection is not real; so your god is not God, it is an image of your own making, an image of your own gratification. There can be reality only when the mind understands the total process of itself and comes to an end. When the mind is completely empty-only then is it capable of receiving the unknown. The mind is not purged until it understands the content of relationship -its relationship with property, with people until it has established the right relationship with everything. Until it understands the whole process of conflict in relationship, the mind cannot be free. Only when the mind is wholly silent, completely inactive, not projecting, when it is not seeking and is utterly still -only then that which is eternal and timeless comes into being.

    J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

  24. darrell says:

    The last time you could have “tried the Pope” would have been in 1958, unless you could get through the new “security” surrounding Cardinal Giuseppe Siri when he returned to his Archdiocese of Genoa, since he was validly elected 2 days before the obese NWO puppet John XXIII appeared before the world to the universal acclaim of the international media as “Good Pope John.” There is much evidence that Siri was threatened into (invalidly) abdicating, most likely by means of a nuclear threat against the Vatican. Sound outlandish? See the WhiteSmoke1958 website. I don’t think it’s coincidence that Apple’s all-knowing, infallible “Siri” was given that unusual name, the name of the last, but very little known successor to St Peter, whom Catholics believe is infallible, or preserved from teaching error when teaching on a matter of faith or morals in a solemn manner to the whole Church.

  25. Paul says:


    I played some football. Wide receiver. Pretty good, others say.

    If I was sent on the field to play defense, I was commissioned to strong or free safety. Because I had quick reactions, could all-too-easy read the quarterback’s eyes of intention.
    I often intercepted. And similarly, could run the caught ball, now turned offense, toward the goal posts, upright & gleaming in the sun.

    I loved playing that defensive position. Because man-to-man, might keep you out of a particular Play, on the broad emerald field.

    But in a Zone Position, it was game on! Every play.

  26. Amanda says:

    LOL!! Even the Pfizer CEO doesn’t recommend getting vaccinated if you are young,healthy and not on the front lines:

    Pfizer CEO “Im 59, I’m healthy. My health type is to recommend not to get vaccinated”

    Pfizer CEO “Im 59, I’m healthy. My health type is to recommend not to get vaccinated”


  27. Tim says:

    False premises lead to false conclusions…….but,,, i’m just a “peon”,,,,so the ego likes to tell me…

  28. Liz says:

    This was a refreshing change of perspective to read. So many on social media are “guilting and shaming” christians who decline the mask/shots. They twist scripture and accuse freedom-loving, awake people of being selfish and uncaring. Sad that so many have drunk the con-vid Kool ade

  29. Citizen Quasar says:

    As an Ojectivist, I am not a faithist but and advocate of reason and so I know that gods don’t exist. […]

  30. BS Detector says:

    Ha ha! That was utterly… divine.

  31. lamberth says:

    Here come 3 serious questions Jon, hope you’re willing to answer.

    Did God like your coffee?
    Taken with milk and sugar?
    Single or double shot?

    Just in case I ever get such an interview with Him, I’ll be prepared.

    It wouldn’t get the conversation off to a good start if The Man has to sip a coffee that is not to His liking.

    It should be possible to sprinkle the cinnamon or chocolate in such a way on top that it represents…..something……what? Turin? Cloud? Oh, sorry, Shroud.

    Going to be creative with my cinnamon or chocolate sprinkling, to make that coffee stand out. With a bit of practice…

  32. Martin MS says:

    Wow. I tend to love your writing anyway, but this is … well, great. Much appreciated. Best regards from Germany!

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