Memo to Corporate-State COVID Medical Bloggers living in Mommy’s basement

And to morons and CIA assets who call themselves medical reporters

by Jon Rappoport

August 16, 2021

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I know times are tough for you. You’re devoted to following the science, but over the past year, it’s changed so many times you’re dizzy and confused.

For example—

There’s no need to wear a mask.

Wear a mask.

Wear two.

Wear three.

You can take them off now.

Put them back on, until the vaccine arrives.

After you take the vaccine, wear a mask anyway.

Wear it outdoors and indoors. Wear it during sex. Don’t talk during sex. Don’t talk at all.

Asymptomatic infected people never drive an epidemic.

Asymptomatic infected people are driving this epidemic.

The PCR test is accurate.

The PCR test may have resulted in 90% of all COVID cases actually being false-positives. But take the test anyway.

Setting the sensitivity of the test at 35 cycles or higher makes the test meaningless.

Labs run the test at 40 cycles or higher.

A “COVID case” is defined as someone who tests positive, even if he has no symptoms and is perfectly healthy.

A “COVID death” is defined as anyone who dies for any reason, as long as a doctor writes “COVID-19” on his patient file.

SARS-CoV-2 was isolated (discovered). Isolated means: “assumed without evidence to be buried in a soup in a dish in a lab surrounded by toxic drugs and chemicals and cells and random genetic material; in other words, un-isolated. Isolated means un-isolated.”

The vaccine prevents serious illness.

The vaccine was only designed to prevent mild illness (cough, or chills and fever).

The vaccine keeps the vaccinated person from being infected with virus.

No it doesn’t.

The vaccine prevents a person from transmitting the virus.

No it doesn’t.

Get vaccinated.

Public health agencies are reporting huge numbers of vaccine injuries and deaths. In any other situation, this would have resulted in the whole vaccine campaign being halted.

The vaccine is safe.

The virus (which has never been discovered) has been sequenced. Various bits of so-called genetic information were cobbled together by a computer program. This method is as reliable and meaningful as a blind drunk aimlessly fiddling with the combination to a vault, and then claiming he retrieved a billion dollars from the room inside the vault.

Yes, you bloggers and reporters…you’ve had a tough year.

Oh, wait. Did you think I was going offer some helpful suggestions?

Why would I?

You’re hopeless.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

20 comments on “Memo to Corporate-State COVID Medical Bloggers living in Mommy’s basement

  1. RegretLeft says:

    I have a particular interest in the notion of (apparently) healthy (asymptomatic)persons being sick and thus being transmission risks (Originally rolled out -as we are reminded by “AIDS, Inc.” – circa 1984 with the “discovery” of the HIV virus.)

    You have mentioned several times Dr Fauci remarking that “asymptomatic” persons do not “drive” epidemics. I have a distinct and clear memory of him actually saying “asymptomatic” – and then quickly interjecting: “actually, pre-symptomatic persons do not drive…” … etc. – which – if you accept the “contagion model”, at least makes a little bit more sense.

    • David says:

      What a bonanza! Prior to the 80s and Tony Fauci’s huckstering with AIDS Inc. and HIV who could have imagined that a new-fangled Cooties would create billions and billions of dollars for what I call the Disease Industry? COLD-19, all told, revenues and socio-economic damages, could already reach a trillion. Without symptoms there’s no disease. The closest parallel might be fears of demonic possession as happened in Salem, MA.

    • Siouxma says:

      This terminology of pre-symptomatic, asymptomatic and symptomatic were literally copied & pasted by the CDC from the HIV Case definition to the Covid Case definition. All are counted as Cases whether you get sick or not. Infection = Presence of a virus on a lab test, no illness or symptoms needed, ditto. Running the PCR test at a false positive level plus the fact there is no Covid isolate at all ramps this Scam off the Charts.
      Go to the CDC website and read the whole Case Definition for yourself. It’s mind blowing what they have gotten away with. Quarantine plans, tracking and tracing, all there hidden in plain sight just as was done for HIV stigmatizing and terrorizing.

  2. spiritguide says:

    A popular message being shared on social media to counter the criticism of the flip-flopping from the health authorities is that “When Science changes its opinion, it learned more.”

    Scientific opinions are important but what matters more in science is reproducible results. The mainstream scientific and medical authorities have offered nothing to disprove or improve the decades of reproducible results that show that masks don’t work, lockdowns don’t work, coronavirus vaccines don’t work. You cannot truly learn by censoring and ignoring past science solely on the basis of claiming Sars-Cov-2 is new and completely different.

  3. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Interesting and detailed article today by Bill Sardi, a well respected health researcher, which demonstrates that the virus is not a virus but a deficiency of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine). Excellent article that explains how the deficiency actually attacks the central nervous system and mimics the symptoms of COVID. The pandemic within the pandemic is driven by fear which ultimately encourages behaviors that further prevent the absorption of B1. It’s a vicious cycle.

    • Natalie says:

      B1, D3, obesity, the processed food, the crap they spray or add to water, lack of real animal-based nutrients (the vegan agenda), EMF radiation, other pharmaceuticals, you name it…

      • Eluard says:

        Yes Natalie, I was thinking much the same: Who knows what it is that’s undermining human health. Some say it’s lack of D3, this guy B1, others Zinc… and it’s probably all of it, plus what you add.

        It’s not easy attaining balance. All you can do is try some of it and see what works. Nothing beats strenuous exercise (sweat and out of breath) and good restful sleep. And yes Reader’s Digest, laughter IS the best medicine.

        • Natalie says:

          I think high intensity workouts are best, the low level cardio (such as jogging all the time) will promote chronic inflammation, that’s why they’re promoting it. High muscle mass is the best way to reduce frailty in the old age (coupled with eating more animal proteins – but the doctors don’t recommend it, I wonder why).

          The other thing is the sun, we need it, and not just for the vit D but general sense of well being, and of course they push sunscreen or try to lock us inside. Now in the northern regions we need to supplement in winter, no way around it, all the northern people used fish oil or brains or butter (as Weston Price found out). But wait, what about the Mad Cow disease, we can’t eat brains (another fabricated crisis, it’s like they’re lying about everything now).

          • CSFurious says:

            Read “The Barbell Prescription”. That is a good book that supports your view of exercise. Sample workout from this past weekend; 7 sets of 3, incline barbell press; 7 sets of 5, tire-flip; 7 sets of pushing weight sled approx. 50 feet. All exercises are performed as one superset.

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      Beriberi, Pellagra, all deficiency diseases in humans are related to scurvy.

      It has always been about deficiency disease.

      But this “pandemic” is all about “you are sick because they tell you that you are sick”

  4. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Memo to Corporate-State COVID Medical Bloggers living in Mommy’s basement… And to morons and CIA assets who call themselves medical reporters

    Hello, Losers. Just wanted you to know we really appreciate all your efforts to lie and hide and misdirect and cause harm and mayhem. We know it takes a lot of work. And your time. Not to mention, the cost of your very SOUL. And your active perversion of the profession of journalism.

    You have all sold out to the Dark Side. Whatever your reasons might be, you chose the wrong side in this battle for the soul of the World and the future of humanity.

    You follow those visually seen nonsense peddlers like Doctor Death, aka Mister ‘The Science’! And you follow all those whom we can’t see that hide in the darkness to not be known or identified by all those billions upon billions who suffer the pain and agony of your delusional insanities. And you will STAY in the Darkness all of your days. And after that, as well.

    You had better hope that there is a God and that this God is indeed merciful. You will seek a forgiveness from Him one day that very few upon the Earth will be willing to extend to you for your uncounted atrocities and unspeakable agonies.

    We are commanded by that Great Spirit to not judge you. And so, we won’t. But we WILL recognize you for what you are and who you serve.

    The question is… will YOU ever recognize YOURSELF for what you are?

  5. vakzine machst frei says:

    People are underestimating the stupidity of sheeple. think borg drone level of brainwashing. I am on the opinion that they have to be slaves. You cannot be that dumb and allowed to be free.

  6. Don't Drone Me Bro says:

    I disagree.. that they are in mommies basement.. People like that are probably living very large as a reward. just sayin 😛

  7. Myles says:

    1. Highest inflation since early 80’s.
    2. Pleas with Opec and Russia to raise oil output
    3. Resurgence of the Covid crisis – Pfizer Vaccine 58% DEFFECTIVE -“Thank you sir, my I have another.”
    4. Border crisis with immigrant Covid positivity
    5. Segregating people via Covid vaccine mandates at public agencies, restaurants, bars and gyms
    6. Taliban taking over Afghanistan. Al Qaeda making a come back
    7. Critical Race Theory/Project 1619 in kindergarten, mandatory masking
    8. Defund the police

    Is the Covid Vaccine safe?
    1. Are there possible adverse event outcomes? 543,000 in VAERS database (7/15/21) –
    2. Do the pharmaceutical companies have total indemnification from liability? Yes, congressional “PREP ACT”
    3. Is this a vaccine? No, mRNA messenger is a lab synthetic
    4. What additional chemicals are in the injection? Moderna SM-102 proprietary
    5. Is the vaccine FDA approved? No, emergency approval only
    6. Were drug interaction studies done? No
    7. Were single dose toxicity studies done? No
    8. Were toxicokinetic studies done? No
    9. Were genotoxicity studies done? No
    10. Were carcinogenicity studies done? No
    11. Were pre/postnatal studies done? No
    12. Is the mRNA injection effective? Mild reduction in symptoms
    13. How long does it protect against Covid? Don’t know
    14. Does it help people who contracted and survived Covid? Don’t know
    15. Does it prevent transmission of Covid? No
    16. Are there medical treatments for Covid? Yes, ivermectin, hydroxichloriquin, vitamins D, C and zinc
    17. What are Covid survival chances? 0-14 99.9998%, 15-44 99.9931%, 45-64 99.9294%, 65-85 99.6297%
    18. Is the PCR test accurate? Cycle threshold must be less than 35, FDA approved up to 40. Fauci – over 35 is dead nucleotides, not able to cause infection
    19. Asbestos particles are 50 times LARGER than the corona virus. Paper/cloth masks (excluding N95) are not approved by OSHA to be used around asbestos.

    Can you get natural immunity if you contract but survive Covid?
    If yes, do you still need a vaccination?
    If yes, why?
    What population percentage of vaccinated/immune constitutes herd immunity? Why?
    How does testing differentiate between Covid variants?

    ”If I get vaccinated can I stop wearing a mask?”
    Government: “NO”

    ”If I get vaccinated will the restaurants, bars, schools, fitness clubs, hair salons, etc. reopen and will people be able to get back to work like normal?
    Government: “NO”

    ”If I get vaccinated will I be resistant to Covid?”
    Government: “Maybe. We don’t know exactly, but probably not.”

    ”If I get vaccinated, at least I won’t be contagious to others – right?”
    Government: “NO. the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission.”

    ”If I get vaccinated, how long will the vaccine last?”
    Government: “No one knows. All Covid “vaccines” are still in the experimental stage.”

    “If I get vaccinated, can I stop social distancing?”
    Government: “NO”

    “If my parents, grandparents and myself all get vaccinated can we hug each other again?”
    Government: “NO”

    “So what’s the benefit of getting vaccinated?”
    Government: “Hoping that the virus won’t kill you.”

    ”Are you sure the vaccine won’t injure or  kill me?”
    Government: “NO”

    ”If statistically the virus won’t kill me (99.7% survival rate), why should I get vaccinated?”
    Government: “To protect others.”

    ”So if I get vaccinated, I can protect 100% of people I come in contact with?”
    Government: “NO”

    “If I experience a severe adverse reaction, long-term effects (still unknown) or die from the vaccine will I (or my family) be compensated from the vaccine manufacture or the Government?”
    Government: “NO – the government and vaccine manufacturer’s have 100% zero liability regarding this experimental drug”
    So to summarize, the Covid19 “vaccine”…

    Does not provide immunity
    Does not eliminate the virus
    Does not prevent death
    Does not guarantee you won’t get it
    Does not stop you from passing it on to others
    Does not eliminate the need for travel bans
    Does not eliminate the need for business closures
    Does not eliminate the need for lockdowns!!!

  8. george says:

    You are too kind. The real message:

    2020: The vaccine prevents a person from transmitting the virus. Therefore we should have vaccination passwords to limit virus spreading.

    2021: The vaccine does not prevents a person from transmitting the virus. Therefore we should have vaccination passwords to limit virus spreading.

    2016: The people that say FEMA are building concentration camps are conspiracy theory promoters.

    2018: People that say UN army and chinese army will be used against US citizens are conspiracy theory promoters

    2020: The people that say that there will be vaccination passwords are conspiracy theory promoters and they should be censored.

    2021: The people that are against vaccination passwords are conspiracy theory promoters and they should be censored.

    2021 March: There will not be covid concentration camps. it is a conspiracy theory.

    2021 Jul: Covid concentration camps law proposed by CDC

    2021 Jul: Law that allows use of foreign army against US citizens passed in few states.

    2021 Jul: Cina’s last province, Australia, sends army against it’s own citizens

  9. Paul says:

    George Costanza Wants to be Hopeless

  10. Brad says:

    Well said.

    I was listening to a gathering of 14 high profiled Doctors and medical scientists a few days back on the Mercola site. The subject of virus isolation came up. A Dr. Malone (credited as a co discoverer of mRNA technology) stated that the genome of SARS 2 was known. He went on to state that this is done differently than for a bacteria. Bacteria isolation uses Koch’s postulates but this cannot be done with viruses.

    A virus is sequenced piece by piece. Malone speculated that roughly 95% or greater of the SARS 2 virus had been sequenced and the remaining genome factors computer generated along known lines to complete the genome.

    Now, I’m no virologist but I thought I had better pass this along. The other panelists had no problem accepting Malone’s opinion as a known fact. So either some folks are not up to scratch on the scientific methods or they knowingly are muddying the info surrounding CV 19 for who knows what motives. Just sayin’

  11. Michaela says:

    Spot on and very funny. I noticed myself these endless meetings, since 2 years, of doctor and lawyers “for truth.” Without consequence…so yes, CIA assets, gathering all opponents and keeping them lame in endless discussions. Clever, otherwise…

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