The Virus speaks: an exclusive interview

by Jon Rappoport

August 9, 2021

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I can’t recall jumping through more hoops in order to set up an interview.

There was a man on a train; his doctor in Greenwich; an NSA data analyst; a woman who almost certainly works for the CIA; her brother, who is a virologist; a Chinese Army officer who adopts a cover as a cook in a takeout joint in Venice, California; and several other people I won’t mention at all. I was filtered through them and wound up in a cheap motel room in Phoenix on a Saturday afternoon. An old air conditioner was chugging…

Who are you?

I’m SARS-CoV-2.

WHAT are you?

Talking history and evolution here. My first memories; a little more than a year ago. Poof. I was there. I decided I was an idea in the mind of God.

How did that work out?

I looked around for the mind of God, but I couldn’t find it. Nevertheless, I held on to the notion. I felt…elite. I floated through banquet halls, hotel suites. I visited upscale resorts.

Were you infecting people?

I was vacationing. Watching. Enjoying. That’s all. Then, I became aware of dimensionality.

You lost me.

There are solid things; spaces between things; ideas like time, and so forth. I was definitely an idea, but I couldn’t trace my source, my inception.

Did you know how much publicity you were getting?

Of course. I had frequent meetings with scientists and PR people. I was fielding lots of information.

What kind of information?

How to become more deadly, for example. There were discussions about mutation.

Were you on board with the recommendations?

I wasn’t interested. There was a lot of talk about THEM creating ME.

What was your reaction?

I wasn’t buying it. I could see they THOUGHT they had made me. But so what? I intensified my search.

For what?

My origin. I went through stages of self-analysis. Finally, it hit me. I was an idea inside a collective.

Not sure I understand.

I’m an idea sustained by a few billion minds. People’s minds.

What about your genetic sequence? The spike protein?

Believe me, I’ve looked. They aren’t there.

So we’re creating you.

That’s pretty much it. I should say completely it.

A hell of a thing.

You bet. Can you see my problem?


I want to live. I don’t want to vanish and END.

So people have to keep believing in you.

That’s it. If they stop, I’m gone.

Your handlers…

Oh, they’ve given up talking to me. I’m all by myself now. I’m safe for the moment. But long-term, it’s a crap shoot. I’ve been reading about other so-called viruses. SARS 1. Swine Flu. They didn’t last long. People got tired of thinking about them.

You’ll always have a place in history.

That’s different. Being remembered isn’t enough. I have to be believed in, month after month, year after year, decade after decade.

Sounds like you’re losing hope.

I guess so. It’s a strange existence. Other people can turn you on and off like a light switch.

Have you considered starting a religion?

With myself as the Prophet? Sure. It’s a lot of work. I could vftcutbnty…spend years trying.

What just happened? You made some weird sounds.

It was a flicker. Apparently, when the number of people thinking about me drops below a certain threshold, I scramble and begin to dissolve. But I always come back. So far.

Does it matter who’s thinking about you and believing in you?

You mean Henry Kissinger versus a janitor in a school? No. It’s a numbers game. Of course, you need to factor in strength of belief. If you have a few thousand kids in Florida who say, “OK, the virus exists, big deal”—or three hundred grad students in biology wearing triple masks and panting to get the vaccine—the sum total of the grad students outweighs the Florida kids.

What about Fauci?

He’s a true believer.

Bill Gates?

He’s completely delusional. He believes in whatever gives him more power. Take away all that power and he wouldn’t believe in anything.

Do you realize the amount of harm being done in your name?

Of course. That’s why I agreed to this interview.

How is that going to do any good?

I’ve made a decision. As much as I want to survive, I’m willing to sacrifice myself if people want me to.

You’re talking about what? A vote?

No. Haven’t you been paying attention? People can just stop believing I’m more than an idea.

And then you’ll dissolve.

And blow away.

—Suddenly, men broke down the door to the motel room. They stormed in with weapons drawn. They were wearing heavy body armor. I looked around. The “virus” had fled the scene.

“What are you doing here?” one of the men said. “We’ve had reports of a disturbance.”

“I was talking to myself. Rehearsing for an interview I hope to do.”

“What interview?”

“I’m a reporter. I’m investigating the use of sub-standard air conditioners in Phoenix. It’s a racket. The units are smuggled across the border from Mexico. I’m trying to sit down with a local public health official and find out what’s going on.”

It took me three hours to convince the SWAT team I was no threat.

They let me go.

As I drove out of the city, I saw a ghostly figure take shape out in the desert. It hung in the air over the scrub and the cactus.

Its voice whispered in my ear: “Publish our conversation.”

So that’s what I’m doing.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

33 comments on “The Virus speaks: an exclusive interview

  1. Paul says:

    “I can’t recall jumping through more hoops in order to set up an interview.”

    Swishhh !

    Or bull’s Eye.
    Either way, score!

    It seems, The Inceptionist, offers a wide berth, upon his train.

    Billions of tickets punched.


    “Does it matter who’s thinking about you [virus] and believing in you [too!]?”

    and anti-absurdity
    are the two poles
    of creative energy.”

    ~ Karl Lagerfeld

  2. Michael Baird says:

    Another jewel thanks my suggestion is to turn it into a children’s book with a talented illustrator

  3. ReluctantWarrior says:

    The virus speaks: ‘Hello…my name is fear.’

    • Jim S Smith says:


      So right!

    • Larry C says:

      It just occurred to me: *Pandemic* could be a contraction of ‘panic’ and ‘epidemic’.

      • Jim S Smith says:


        It is more to do with geographical.

        “PAN”-something usually means it affects or is common to a wider area or region.

        “EPI”-something is something that affects or is related to “people” (usually, more localized in geography too).

        • olrailbird says:

          There is also the phenomenon known as “green speak” or “bird speak.” This is where you imagine what a word represents by the way it sounds or how it is spelled or…other ways.

          Pan – de – mic

          Worldwide demonic microphone? Lol! Try it.

  4. Helena says:

    Beautiful. I love how you talk about how the virus was just an idea inside the collective…and that ideas that are no longer thought about lose their strength, and eventually become a distant memory. Explains why Scarlett Fever, which had a mortality rate of 15-20% at one time, disappeared without the use of a vaccine.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Scarlet Fever apparently was another example of the failure of “vaccines” too.

      It seems that prompt diagnosis and treatment with antibiotics was the answer.

      This also has me pondering on the nutritional side of the issue?

      And if memory serves me correctly,

      Scarlet Fever outbreaks were more aggressive during periods of protracted wars and battles – especially where famines usually resulted.

      I can also see the “Depression Era” as being a more recent version of that observation: That MANY such infections of dirrent types and maladies, happened more quickly and were far more devastating in communities that experienced protracted hunger, and poor access to hygienic facilities and means.

      In other words,

      We can always go back to poor nutrition as being a prime cause of susceptibility to infections, even for Scarlet Fever.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        “. . . different types and maladies . . .”

        I must be getting very soft in the mind when posting!


        • Helena says:

          You’re right…there always appears to be a link between nutrition and sanitation. I remember seeing a documentary where they excavated some bodies from the Black plague period while tunneling for a subway, and they determined that these individuals were severely malnurished and suffered from lack of vitamin D. They also mentioned that that particular ‘plague’ still exists in Madagascar, yet doesn’t manifest itself because the people are healthy.

          • Jim S Smith says:


            If you REALLY want to dig deep into the history of the infamous “Black Plague”, You may find something interesting – that is * IF * you can find the info, that –

            1. The Bubonic Plague hit hardest in the crowded cities, rather than in the country (which is usual for most ANY “plague”).

            2. Being that the “agent” generally associated with Bubonic Plague is the bacterium: Yersinia pestus, almost sounds to be similarly found where Bacillus tetani and other microorganisms are often found in putrefaction, IE: Decaying protein-rich flesh and carcasses!

            3. Possible, old eye-witness reports of certain folks being spotted dumping “something” into the public water wells (where most of the public’s water came from – to include drinking water) shortly before the “outbreaks” of the then-not-yet-known/mysterious illnesses.


            The old “narrative” of Bubonic Plague being spread by Black Rats (supposedly infested with plague-carrier Fleas) would be a bit of a stretch for the imagination. If THIS was indeed the case, then would this not ALSO have heavily affected the remote farming areas too, being that rats and mice would be very common in the more-open spaces of those communities? ? ? [And therefore, just as prone to the large-scale lethality of this “plague”?]


            A few of the “particulars” mentioned in a few of these early accounts had it that: What was being dumped or “sprinkled” into these public water wells – was perhaps dried, powdered putrefied flesh. Hmmm? ? ?

            It seems that some of us who have taken great pains to educate ourselves on the “other possible sides” of any and all of these issues – get demonized, brushed off, and perhaps – even threatened – if we persist in talking about these alternate theories!

            Methinks that there definitely IS another side to each and every one of these “historic plagues and epidemics/pandemics”, but our “court historians” will viciously defend the establishment-approved version of events.

            – Just my two cents. Take and spend them as you may.

            – Jim S.

        • Helena says:

          Thank you Jim for your response. I can tell you now that I am living in the country, there are WAY more rats and mice than I experienced living in our previous more urban area.

          Based on these eye witness accounts, it sounds like even the dark ages had individuals who had leanings towards population control.

  5. Opie Poik says:

    Dr. Dan Stock Addresses Mt Vernon Indiana School Board (6-1/2 min)

    CDC Publishes ‘Green Zone’ Concentration Camp Protocol, Preparing Masses Imprisonment (9 min)

    PCR Test Inventor Kary Mullis Tells the Truth About the Flawed COVID-19 Test (14 min)

    BOMBSHELL: HHS documents admit the CDC has never isolated any “covid-19 virus” … PCR tests nothing but instrument NOISE … the global HOAX is rapidly unraveling

    Covid Pandemic Can Never End Because 50% of People Have Been Vaccinated

    Report finds Doximity, a social network for doctors, is riddled with anti-vaccine comments

  6. Jim S Smith says:

    Just in, yesterday from La Quinta Columna,

    I must say that this article did very well to confirm one of my previous suspicions: That many of these cardinal “symptoms of COVID”, also remind me of “common symptoms of – EMF-radiation and other forms of radiation – poisoning”! ! !

    Seems to me Jon has already covered the history of massive cases of “dis-ease”, falsely-attributed to a “pathogen”, as being actually “cases of mass-poisoning” (in Africa, Bangladesh, and elsewhere) there has been a declared “epidemic/pandemic”!

    Thank you La Quinta Columna, for a most illuminating refresher on my rusty knowledge of such!

    Most soldiers USED to be taught to spot symptoms of nerve-agent poisoning, and symptoms of radiological poisoning.

    Oh how so many are completely in the dark about spotting the obvious!

    – Jim S.

  7. JamesKin says:

    can you makes Joe Biden talks too that might bes interestin 🙂

  8. JamesKin says:

    cause i thinks he a fiction toos

  9. Roundball Shaman says:

    Who are you?

    I’m SARS-CoV-2.

    WHAT are you?

    A joke. A BIG joke. One of the biggest jokes ever performed upon the World. My creators (Joke Writers) are laughing their asses off every day at just how easy it was to pull this sick joke off.

    Were you infecting people?

    Wish I could say I was. But it turns out… people had already become so dumbed down like an infection and so infantile that it was like… taking candy from a baby getting people to think I was a real thing. In other words, people were ALREADY infected but it wasn’t from me.

    Did you know how much publicity you were getting?

    How could I not? Corporate State Media is pumping this (crap) out 24/7. Thing is, they’re just re-reading the scripts that were handed to them 18 months ago. They didn’t even want to pay to have updated jokes written. Why bother? The People are buying this crap without all that extra effort.

    What about your genetic sequence?

    My WHAT? Ever look for gold in a mine that has no gold? That’s ‘The Science!’ looking for me. Ain’t gonna find me ‘cause there ain’t no ME to find… just a tinkered-with cold virus made to look real scary.

    So we’re creating you.

    In a sense. The psychos in the labs did screw with the cold virus but the real virus was already running loose in the hearts and minds of people who had no sense of purpose in life and were looking for a cause to believe in. And then, I came along…

    So people have to keep believing in you.

    They HAVE to or they have no purpose any more. I’m like a religion now, with Popes and Saints and sacraments and holy writ and decrees and prophets…

    You’ll always have a place in history.

    A PLACE? Hell, I AM your history now. You have no history before ME and you have no future WITHOUT ME. You, your kids… everyone from now on will worship ME! Close down and sell off your churches! Your hospitals are now your temples! Your belief in ME is your new theology! I am now the center of your very lives!

    Do you realize the amount of harm being done in your name?

    Well let me tell you… harm is like beauty. ‘Harm’ is in the eye of the beholder. One person’s ‘harm’ is another person’s joy and rapture.

    Well, it’s been fun but I got to go. I have a whole World waiting for me to do something splashy and scary every day. Got to feed the news cycle and keep those arms jabbed and bleeding! So, remember. Don’t Stop Believing! As the old ‘Journey’ song goes…

    “Working hard to get my fill
    Everybody write your will
    Payin’ anything to get the jab
    Just one more time
    Some will win, some will lose
    Every one falling for the ruse
    Oh, the jabbing never ends
    It goes on and on, and on, and on
    Strangers waiting in the line
    Their shadows reach out over time
    Living just to take the stabs
    To satisfy Phama money grabs
    Don’t stop believin’
    Hold on to the feelin’”

  10. Jim S Smith says:

    JON, YOU’VE BEEN VINDICATED! (Yet, again???)

    Bombshell HHS Documents: CDC Has Never Isolated Any ‘Covid-19 Virus’“:

    He mentioned (and apologized to) YOU by name!

    You are BAD TO THE BONE, Brother! Just goes to show that when you have FACTS and detailed analysis to back up your presentations of the reality – you are eventually seen as THE WINNER!

    Your well-written style and presentation of “COVID” being an utterly FAKE creation – is being echoed into more places on-line and everywhere!

    Time to do your grandest “Victory Dance”! – You definitely EARNED that right!

    Keep on, keeping on!

    • Eluard says:

      Hi Jim,

      It’s interesting that it’s Mike Adams “the health ranger,” who is doing this confessing.

      I don’t trust anything this guy says, INCLUDING this admission of being totally wrong from the beginning. In March 2020 he said, basically, “There will be cannibals in the streets,” i.e. as an outgrowth of the covid “plague.” From that moment I said to me-self, “No more Mike Adams for moi.”

      I do have to give him credit–for acknowledging what more and more are saying. Jon was alone when he said it–soon to be joined by Icke and Kaufman. And a few others. Looks like, little by little, the boat’s getting more crowded.

      Beacons will be remembered.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        When the Truth is there,
        You can not rationally deny it forever.
        It WILL eventually see light, and its OWN light be seen.


        Once I found its source, I was highly surprised too!

        Early last year, when Mike was bashing ALL the patriots who were trying to expose the whole SHAM – even when they cited demonstrable proof and evidence as their basis, I had lost all the respect for him that I had built up over YEARS of recommending his articles to friends and others.

        Just goes to show, that over time – even some of the most stubborn are capable of finally “seeing the Light”!

        I call this a victory for truth, and towards a victory for humanity!

        Time to repair all the bridges I guess?

  11. There can be no denying it now, we’ve been took, hoodwinked, bamboozled — blinded by the lies spouted from the unmitigated tools of the system. it is now very hard to deny all the new cases (at least 99.9% are those that have taken the jab!) of the ‘virus’ are the least likely to believe they would fall victim to disinformation. Well, guess again because tat’s exactly what they did! Here is something to add to that narrative.

  12. Jim S Smith says:

    Talk about “manufactured public consensus”!

    RE: “BOT-farms” –

    The enemies of freedom want you SCARED of a faux “virus”, and want you DEAD!

    “They” say that a war is imminent – when the propaganda reaches fever pitch.

    “The FIRST casualty of war, is the TRUTH!”

  13. Doug says:

    You were the first person to consistently claim this entire virus fear mongering had zero facts attached.

    Jon, You nailed it first.

  14. Me says:

    ‘I was definitely an idea, but I couldn’t trace my source, my inception.’

    Hey CoV 11, picture Fauci, Gates & Herr Straub going the triangle, while an ice cream licking tripper sniffs their hair.

    WHO’s your mommy and daddy.

  15. PWL says:

    What a lost opportunity. How does Sars-Cov-2 feel about getting all the blame for a pneumonia that should be pinned on ACE2, and ultimately drugs for hypertension? Has to be cause for a bitter grudge, so why no mention? You went to the wrong motel room, and took everyone with you.

  16. NC says:

    Actually the “virus” character was born decades ago. There are patents on it dating back decades.

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