Pfizer document describes vaccine “shedding” from person to person

by Jon Rappoport

August 6, 2021

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Pop quiz: During their clinical trial…

If Pfizer insists that certain unvaccinated persons who come into contact with a vaccinated person creates a…

SAFETY SITUATION that must be reported to Pfizer within 24 hours…

Would you say that implies…

The transfer of vaccine components from person to person can occur?

If you answered YES, you win four tickets to Oobladee, a little-known island nation where vaccines are forbidden and the people naturally remain healthy and live to a ripe old age.


I’m going to take this in small chunks, and translate the fake-speak clinical language as we go along.

“Exposure to the study intervention under study during pregnancy or breastfeeding and occupational exposure are reportable to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of investigator awareness.”

The “study intervention” means the RNA COVID shot. That’s what the study is FOR—intervening with a jab. “Hi, I’m your intervener, you’re a volunteer in the clinical trial, and I’m going to hit you in the arm with this needle and inject you.”

“Exposure” to the shot doesn’t mean injection. It means somebody who hasn’t been injected gets physically close to somebody who has been injected. Or it could mean an un-injected person touches vaccine-liquid from a vial.

And that un-injected somebody would be a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding. For example, she could be a lab worker, or a person who is giving the shots.

If THIS exposure event happens, it’s a safety situation, and it has to be reported within 24 hours.

A lab worker who is pregnant or breastfeeding gets physically close to a person who has received the vaccine and BANG, it’s serious, and it has to be reported.

Why? Because, obviously, there is a potential danger to the unborn baby. Or the mother, who is already breastfeeding her baby, could pass this danger to the baby through her breast milk.

The woman just came physically close to a person who already received the vaccine. That’s all. That’s all that happened. But it’s enough. It means THERE CAN BE A TRANSFER OF VACCINE COMPONENTS FROM PERSON TO PERSON, AND THIS IS NOT GOOD, THIS IS DANGEROUS TO PREGNANT AND BREASTFEEDING MOTHERS AND THEIR BABIES.

Here is the next piece of the Pfizer document. It’s crucial:

“An EDP [exposure to the vaccine during pregnancy] occurs if a male participant who is receiving or has discontinued study intervention exposes a female partner prior to or around the time of conception.”

This is a dangerous situation, too. A man who did get the shot then gets physically close to his female partner, who didn’t get the shot. This doesn’t necessarily mean sex. It means close physical contact. But the warning is obviously all about danger to the woman who is going to conceive a child or has just conceived, and the warning is also about a danger to that child. Some kind of severe injury. Or a miscarriage. Again, the document is obviously referring to the transfer of vaccine components from a vaccinated to unvaccinated person.

And then, in the Pfizer document, we find an example of this dangerous, immediately reportable situation: “A female family member or healthcare provider reports that she is pregnant after having been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact….”

Here, as plain as day, we see two meanings of “come in close contact with.” Inhalation, and skin contact. Do not assume this has to mean physically rubbing up against or breathing in the liquid in the vaccine vial. Go back and read the other quotes I gave you from the Pfizer document. They are clearly talking about something much different. They’re talking about close contact between PEOPLE, one of whom has ALREADY had the shot, and one who hasn’t.

They’re talking about vaccine components passing from the inside of one person’s body to another person.

Call it shedding, call it transfer, call it transmission, call it whatever you want to. Pfizer was clearly worried about it, because they insisted that any such occurrence had to be reported to company safety personnel.

They were aware that damage could be the result. Damage to mothers conceiving, mothers pregnant, mothers who are breastfeeding, and damage to babies.

Through person to person passage of components in the vaccine.

A person might object, saying, “Well, maybe the pregnant woman had skin contact with someone who was just vaccinated, and the vaccinated person has a small amount of vaccine on his skin, because that tiny amount of liquid somehow escaped from the needle during injection.”

That’s highly doubtful. And if you go back and read the Pfizer statement about the man who received the vaccine and then had close contact with his female partner, there is no time line mentioned. A) He received the shot and then b) at some point later, he came into close contact with his female partner. It could be days later, weeks later. There would be no amount of vaccine left on his skin.

We ARE talking about the passage of vaccine components from the inside of one person’s body to another person.



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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

129 comments on “Pfizer document describes vaccine “shedding” from person to person

  1. Greg C. says:

    Strange that they would be so concerned for the safety of the unvaccinated, and at the same time have no compunction about putting this dangerous untested stuff into a good chunk of the planet. Makes no sense. Unless you see their endeavor as a kind of secret society ritual and not science. The Initiated must be careful not to pass any “secrets” (secretions?) to the Uninitiated. The medicos possess the secrets which must be protected. The magic ingredient is foreign to nature, patented, and transforms humans into something incompatible with natural biology.

    • Dave says:

      I think it is probably simply explained by considering that they genuinely wanted uncontaminated results from these studies. Now, we know they were testing the lethality of the death shot, but how could they be certain of the mortality and morbidity rate without ensuring the integrity of the control group…? That is all this is. Not concern for the safety of unvaccinated participants, but concern for the reliability of the results.

      • Researcher says:

        They are not genuinely worried about anything. The ingredients were most likely trialed elsewhere, in other vaccines long before the December rollout. Maybe in the HPV vaccine, probably in flu vaccines and most likely in vaccine batches sent to third world countries.

        The shedding nonsense is in there to bolster the contagion myth and spread fear.

        Shedding is impossible. Our enzymes break down down foreign RNA and DNA immediately upon contact. Which is just one reason why contagion has never, ever been proven.

        You can’t catch germs, toxins or tech. They all have to be injected. Hence, the creation of vaccines.

        • Toni says:

          Researcher: thank you for your comment! I have been picking up on the “contagion myth” from people like drs. andrew kaufman/tom cowan (cowan has book out co-authored with sally fallon-morell with that in title, they also have done a number of videos on this subject, you can look for covid-myths website. And “A Manufactured Illusion…” dr. david martin (businessman/patent expert) interviewed by Reiner Fuellmich (international lawyer constructing lawsuit against the drug cartels and gov’ts) on Odysee.

          • Yacov Ezra says:

            Self spreading vaccines were used in the 1990s in South Africa to sterilise an entire village of females by jabbing just a few women. Johns Hopkins acknowledges the existence of self-spreading vaccines.

        • Yacov Ezra says:

          Sheddung is fact. How else do you account for the tens of thousands of unvaxxed people showing deadly symptoms by simply being around vaccinated people or the death of thousands of pet cats and dogs who died after their human owners took the shot? Last month, a doubly vaxxed 18 year old Israeli teenage boy caused 83 of his peers to become seriously ill after he interacted with them at a birthday party. The spikes and genetic material in the vaxxes are synthetic are remain intact post destruction by antibodies of an infected cell. These synthetic mRNA and spikes then repeat the same process in other cells. Moderna lists dozens of radioactive ions in the vax formula. It’s the same with the other covid vaccines.

        • Yacov Ezra says:

          Each covid vaccine shot contains trillions of genetic code particles to produce the synthetic spike proteins once they get inside cells. These trillions of vax particles will enter trillions of body cells inviting cytokine storms leading to autoimmune diseases and destruction of tissues. End result in say 2-3 years is a most painful death. These shots also contain radioactive isotopes and other dangerous materials like graphene oxide etc.

          • Da1nonlee says:

            The slow & painful death sounds like the bible prophecy in where man will seek death but can not find it oh Lord come quickly🙏🏼

        • brett says:

          […] The skin is the largest organ system on the body. And one of it’s purposes is to release toxins out of the system. Sauna’s just make the process faster. […]

    • Dave says:

      They also needed to ensure the shot would have an incubation period; can’t have all the human subjects drop dead within days like the ferrets did. That would be too obvious if rolled out in the general population.

      • Mojo-ssomeS says:

        agreed…but just like injecting rna (aka viruses, aka exxossomes aka cellular messages) can elicit a cell response.

        there are also bacterophages. certain bacteria that carry this rna from person to person. riding along other concurrently infectious bacteria ofcourse (or during flu like symptoms condition or similar which would also facilitate transfers of bacteria)

        and this little tidbit complets the terrain theory and bridges a few inconsistencies observed across the years.

        • Helena says:

          Are you familiar with Arthur Firstenberg’s book The Invisible Rainbow. He has postulated that “flu” is an electrical disease..which is why it occurs spontaneously in humans.

          • Orpheus Owl says:

            Most cases of “flu” are actually food poisoning. Look up the symptoms — they’re identical. Funny how most people don’t equate what they eat to what makes them sick.

    • Epicurious says:

      Or perhaps, those in the know (politicians, media, bureaucrats, big pharma researchers) and have not been “vaxxed” because they “know” are worried about picking up this shite from those who have had the jabberwolly.

      • Researcher says:

        No. They are not worried because it cannot happen.

        They have to inject the tech and the toxins into people. You can’t catch germs, tech or gene therapy.

    • Steve says:

      One of the requirements is they have to tell us what they are doing. They can’t infect the non vaxed without somehow letting them know.

      • Researcher says:

        No. That’s a myth also, just like the contagion and shedding myth.

        • Miguel says:

          ¿En qué página del documento de 146 pp. viene lo del posible contagio de la vacuna?

          On which page of the 146 pages does it come from the possible contagion of the vaccine?

          • Researcher says:

            It’s fraud. They lie constantly. It’s Pfizer. A criminal organization.

            What contagion?

            It’s a magnetic/radiation effect. *If* anything at all. Where the injected could act as an EMF antenna.

            But as soon as the uninjected are removed from the proximity of the injected, any symptoms will vanish.

            So it’s not contagion. It can only be a bio-resonance field created by the neural lace shot.

            Breast feeding mothers could excrete PEGylated NLPs, graphene oxide and other toxins that may be in the injectables.

            But that’s toxin excretion. Not shedding.

        • Orpheus Owl says:

          Researcher: Yes, thank you! The contagion & shedding are absolutely a myth, as is the idea that these psychopaths are somehow obligated (by some Cabal Code of Honor) to “tell us what they’re doing.” It’s also absurd that a pharma company actually “cares” about harm to the unvaccinated.

          • Patricia says:

            Orpheus, you are a trusting soul. It’s not a “Cabal Code of Honor”, but a cosmic law to gain permission from those you intend to harm… our silence and even enthusiasm for movies and books that describe a dystopian future are seen by them as “permission” or “consent”… so they proceed with one insult after another. Read Kerth Barker’s books, especially the one on Cannibalism.

        • k says:

          Johns Hopkins already confirmed vaccine shedding is a fact and is in play in Africa

    • Patricia says:

      Greg, ponder this one: Big pharma is protected against lawsuits re injury from vaccines injected, but if someone was not vaccinated and is injured (kinda like 2nd hand smoke, only in this case vaccine) by their product, are they in that case exempt from lawsuits, or not? I betcha not and their “concern” is a legal – aka $$$$$ – issue. And yes, it is surely a form of satanic ritual abuse to inject lethal substances into live persons in the hopes of changing their DNA into a new and different expression that can be patented and thereby OWNED by the patent holder.

  2. Opie Poik says:

    Technocrat Scientists Are Working On Self-Spreading Vaccines

    UK orders millions of pounds (weight) of bodybags to store the experimented-upon victims of the vaxocaust/pHARMageddon:

    Rise Of The Variants by WhatsHerFace

    • sm says:

      Yes, self-spreading toxcine was the goal and they were monitoring it. I believe kill gates made mention of this before. News from IsraHell is that 95% of hospital cases now are toxcinated and 80-90% are fully toxcinated.

      The cult will cull all, including their own.

    • sm says:

      The variants, just in time for the completion of the starlink satellites rollout, for 5G. Microwave and O2 starvation anyone????

      • Helena says:

        I wish they would post the exact day it is being turned on in August.

        • sm says:


          That would be too transparent. If they should announce a date, it would probably be mis-information, a ploy to divert their true intentions.

          The truth here, is another failed empire, based on a fiat currency printed into worthlessness. History repeats.

          Learn the historical truth of the KJV BIBLE, both old and new testaments and you will unlock the truths of the last 130 years of LIES

  3. marlene says:

    :…the transfer of vaccine components from a vaccinated to unvaccinated person=” Sounds like another PUSH for us to be jabbed, but is it a legitimate claim?

  4. Marilyn G. says:

    On May 4, 2021 I had a root canal done. Un-vaxx’d me.

    The endodontist and her assistant were fully inoculated with the experimental injection. They worked a long time on my tooth, well over an hour.

    The following day, the first symptom I had of this ‘shedding’ was that I began vomiting. This was followed by spitting up quite a bit of blood, followed by menstrual cramps (when I’ve left menopause far far behind) and so on.

    Then it was as if I’d been bitten by a tse-tse fly, because a sleeping sickness took over me. I still vomited from time to time, when I’ve long bragged that I have a cast iron stomach. I mean NOTHING makes me throw up. Anyway, I slept around the clock for a couple of months. During that sleep time, I became ill, but not the sort of ill one normally associates with, say, a virus. It was just a horrible feeling, unreal, otherworldly. It was as if my entire body had undergone an attack; I really can’t explain it. It’s still with me, 3 mos. later. Oddly, valerian helps. Why? Don’t ask me, it just does.

    I’ve written to friends: ‘I don’t mind leaving this world but I take umbrage at being murdered.’

    • Helena says:

      Wow…that is horrible. Thank you for sharing your story. Have you tried activated charcoal to help your body detox?

    • BC says:

      I wonder if Flor Essence would help your body remove the vestiges of the physical assault you encountered??

      I’ve used it for detoxing. Safe for humans and animals.

      You were assaulted….when will we start seeing law suits over this??

    • Opie Poik says:

      Try finding a doctor who’ll get you ivermectin. Talk with the doctor about your experience. If you bomb yourself with zinc and quercetin, too, you may prevent more of the spikes from taking root. You sound like you have a strong constitution. So sorry.

    • Orpheus Owl says:

      First, that’s odd that you happened to know they’d received the injection. Second, I’ve been around a relative for long periods of time who received both doses and felt absolutely NOTHING different. Something is not computing with your story.

      • Helena says:

        On July 4, my neighbors attended a party of about 25 people outdoors. At the party, was a one year old baby who had sores all over his body. His mother told everyone that he was getting over coxsackie (hand, foot, and mouth disease) and that although he still had sores, he was no longer contagious. Two days after the party, my neighbor’s son started spiking a fever and had no appetite. The next day, his older sister also came down with the fever and then both started producing the same sores all over the body that the baby had. Six additional people at the party, 2 adults and 4 children, also came down with the exact same symptoms. Just to give you some background, my neighbor’s two children are unvaccinated and eat over 80% organically. What happened to them? And why did it only affect 8 people total, the majority of them children? And, does it make it less real because the majority of the participants at the party did NOT get sick? I’m honestly asking your opinion because I find myself questioning germ theory all the time, yet when I hear stories like this, I have to consider that maybe it isn’t all black and white. Maybe there is some grey with germ and terrain theory. And, I would like you to consider that YOUR experience does not necessarily trump or negate someone elses.

        • Bri 3D says:

          Anyone feeling tired and not eating, get a blood oxygen meter & test your O2 level immediately.

          We had the same thing happen to 8 of us in our big group. My fiance died and we have a friend on a vent for over a month now. They wanted to admit me but I refused and went home sick as a dog for a month. My unqualified advice, stay away from the ER and DO NOT let them give you a CT scan while you are sick.

          I used Ivermectin, Vit D,C,zinc and what really helped was taking nano silver with a nebulizer. I used St. George.

          I will check this post in a day or 2. If you reply with any questions, I will go into more detail for you on my experience.

          • Helena says:

            Bri 3D,
            First of all..WOW, I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling right now, and I really appreciate you sharing your story and experience.
            Can I ask, were the 8 of you getting together for a special occassion somewhere, or do you just normally hang out together?
            Were you exposed to 5G that you know of?

          • Bri 3D says:

            Hi Helena,

            It’s been very hard. She was the love of my life and my best friend.

            6 of the 8 were at a pool party on 6/27.

            None of us were near the other 2.

            I don’t know how I would know if we were exposed to 5G but it is one of the theories I subscribe to. I don’t buy the virus non sense at all. Catherine Austin Fitts is calling this the great poisoning. I don’t know the answer but I believe whatever it is, it’s not a virus.
            If you go back on this blog to 8/2 there is an article called covid 19 is the murder of old people. Scroll near the bottom of the comments for my Bri 3D post and read the reply from Nicole. Basically she says don’t let them ct scan you while you are having this issue. She called it a lethal dose.

            My unqualified opinion from my experience, stay away from the ER, If you have issues try Ivermectin, D3, Zinc, C and for sure take nano silver with a nebulizer.

            I also highly recommend looking into MMS health recovery guidebook.

            I’ll keep this link for awhile in case you have anymore comments. No one is probably reading an article this old anymore anyway. If you want to discuss stuff with the folks on this blog, it seems like you have to catch them on the 1st day of the post.

            I highly recommend reading that comment by Nicole though on the other article.

    • Martine says:

      OMG… I had something similar a couple of months ago, I don’t really know how it started. But all I could do was sleep I would work and sleep and that’s it I almost gave up on my life it was an awful dark heavy feeling. I don’t know what I did to come by that but one day I woke up and it was just a light switch had gone on in my brain and I was all right again. I still am very tired all of the time. I am unvaccinated. I just hope I haven’t been permanently damaged

    • John H says:

      Marilyn…I also had a weird ‘sleeping sickness last spring (3/20/20), extreme fatigue, slept on the couch most of the day, then got up and went to bed. Slept till Noon everyday. Thankfully, I shook mine in about 3 weeks. I started taking Quercetin, Zinc, 6,000 Vit-D3 and 3,000 Vit -C. I now take an Ivermectin+ cocktail made by a compounding pharmacy as prescribed by my Osteopath Doctor.

      I would get blood work done and/or a scan of your jaw. It may be possible you still have infection from your bad tooth. I never knew it till a few years ago, but a serious tooth infection/abscess can actually kill you if left untreated.

    • Mark Williamson says:

      SO sorry to hear about your illness.

      I am 42 yo otherwise healthy, unvaxxed, have a similar but not so intense story about what is likely spike protein exposure where I live in Bangkok, Thailand.

      On three separate occassion I have been exposed to Thai citizens (workers) in close contact situation and all three times I have had somewhat severe sickness as a result.

      First time was when the partner of a housemate first came to the house after she received the (I think Astra) vaccine. We hung out for hours – no masks – we were inside. I was sick for about 5 days (and so was one of my other housemates) – unusual symptoms for me, appeared to not be associated with my normal illness/symptomns. Main one was bone-tired fatigue, body pains and aches, and at one point mild fever.

      2nd and 3rd times I was exposed to Thai people who had presumably been vaxxed (tho I can’t confirm) – I also got very intense and unusual symptoms for me – a couple of days of fatigue, unusual sensations in my heart/chest area and headaches…

      Only sharing because I hope it helps people be able to recognise the symptoms of what might be spike protein transmission.

    • Mojo-ssomeS says:

      could be combination of viral shedding exposure plus the dental anesthesia. some governments have warned the vaccinated not to see a dentist for at least 3 weeks post injection if it involves anesthesia

    • Andrew Delano says:

      You probably know about IVERMECTIN & the work of Dr. Pierre Cory and the FLCCC Aliance if you don’t Please consider a deep dive. The frontline medical people have been all over this and have encountered so much push backl it isn’t to be believed but it is true.

      Hope you feel better. The most recent weekly update has a Florida Keys Dr. Named Dr. Bruce Boros. Independently he and his teams have used this along with other protocols to keep his patients well.

    • Bri 3D says:

      If you’re still sick after this long, I would look into MMS Health recovery by Jim Humble. I am 3 days into my 1st detox & so far so good but I need a few more weeks to report back.

      If you reply to this message, I can give you more details.

    • Myles says:

      You were poisoned – nothing to do with ‘shedding’ nonsense.

      Root canals are one of the worst possible procedures you can undertake while visiting a Dentist.

      A dis ease comes from within.

      Contagion is a myth.

      (Hint: teeth rot from the inside out – a species appropriate diet is the only way to preserve your teeth)

    • Geo Martin says:

      Marylin, if what you’re saying is true, stop living in a sci-fi move and get that root canal tooth removed and your health problems may go away.
      Root canals can be problematic in some people. I’ve had two, one seemed to work but the other got infected, caused me a lot of grief and the tooth had to go.

  5. wanda says:

    It would seem to me, the molecules of the components are transfering by hitching onto the water (humidity) in the air, and move into the eyes and respiratory system of one or more of those standing by.
    However, it would affect each person differently.

  6. Arinze says:

    So if you agree with the so called shedding, you must also believe in infectious dieases. Or are you agreeing that micro particles can somehow be transferred from person to person through the air and cause symptoms in the infected? Are you suggesting that the nanoparticles are infectious? Pleae elaborate.

    • Helena says:

      That’s a very valid question. Trees communicate with eachother through fungi, warning of impending danger from pests and the like, giving the trees opportunity to create a hostile situation for the pest to ensure the tree’s survival. Do humans, through the quantum field we are all connected to, communicate through exosomes possibly, warning other humans of some impending toxicity in the environment, which would then start the process of cells dumping their garbage to help tackle the new onslaught. Or, is there really a germ that spreads? I dunno…

      • Mojo-ssomeS says:

        very interesting.

        if anything like that is happening, my next guess would be that the rna exxo etc messages would be programmed into pheromones to be released.

        which to me would be much more efficient, no?

      • Fanny Adams says:

        That’s a very sound suggestion. If you read Thomas Cowan’s work, The Infectious Myth he explains how we share micro energy just as nature does… trees communicate with each other of dangers etc. So what we call contagion is really us getting a vibe from the next person enough to trigger a toxic response that signals danger of some kind, such as EMR or some pollutant. Then the body gets to work to protect the cells and get rid of the toxins.

        • Myles says:

          Trees has been known to communicate with each from miles away – no root systems touching

          I’ve yet to see any research proving they communicate via ‘fungus’ – how would they?

          Cowans cook in incredible, but the ‘communication’ element is unsubstantiated via science as of my knowledge after having read it

          • Lyn P says:

            Remember that no research takes place without a framework to inform it at the outset – so we may have a situation where the “scientists” in the existing paradigm could not set up a confirmation protocol for Cowan’s perspective one way or another.

            I for one hope we evolve in this realm and recognize/explore ideas like his, or we remain in the materialistic, drug-pushing, germ exaggerating framework dragging us down now.

    • TMgreen says:

      The argument against viruses is that the viruses do not possess the ability to override the human cell and cause disease. Viruses are waste products so it can contribute to or trigger an toxic overload or detox event in another person who accumulates too much toxins.

      These nanoparticles used in these injections for delivery of the mRNA are known toxins. The spike proteins produced by the cells via mRNA injection are also toxins and can directly damage the cells upon contact.

      • Mark Williamson says:

        Yes it’s true that he spike protein is a toxin, but how you described viruses is probably not correct. See the work of Zach Bush for more on this. Viruses (real viruses not fake ones lol) are actually mechanism for genetic transfer that act like “software updates” for the virome/genome, and in this sense they are not only not pathogenic, but are actually a beneficial, “evolutionary” mechanism for continued adaptation to changing living environments.

        • Researcher says:

          Zac Bush is dead wrong. There are no viruses. There is nothing that is exogenous to our cells. Everything is internal.

          And illnesses are not “updates” they are expressions of toxins and cellular debris being excreted through our lymphatic system, our mucosal linings, our lungs, skin, bowels and stomach, liver and kidneys.

          That’s been proven time and time again. No contagion. No transmission. No particles ever isolated.

    • Orpheus Owl says:

      Exactly, if someone believes the vaccinated can somehow “transfer” synthetic substances deep within their cells to another person, then they should also believe in the absurd idea of the “highly contagious” virus transferring.

      This is nothing more than fearmongering being deliberately orchestrated by pharma. They don’t care what you fear, as long as you fear something — with the message that “you WILL get the vaccine even if you don’t receive the injection” — it’s just ludicrous.

      • Mark Williamson says:

        I have been thinking about this a lot, read JR and listening to many other alt medical professionals and I don’t think it’s true what you are saying – that you have to believe in viral transmission / contagion to believe in spike protein transmission…although I do think it’s a valid question to ask…

        Also, if you listen to enough of what different people are saying it’s really quite a mess.

        To me, and from my understanding of the work of Zach Bush viruses DO transmit from person to person, but they are NOT pathological. Also, like Kaufman is saying, Very often when people say they “caught covid” it’s total nonsense because the virus was probably never isolated, hence the tests are meaningless

        But what Zach Bush is saying is the viruses are a genetic transfer mechanism that act like “software updates” to the genome / virome, and like Kaufman he’s saying that they are NOT fundamentally pathogen/pathological and that this of course if the fundamental misunderstanding/fraud of modern virology.

        So I think it IS possible that we shouldn’t be worried at all about covid being transmitted (even if there is a virus/es they have almost nothing to do with people being sick, and “covid-19” is probably not viral at all – but a blood poisoning disease – if you want to even acknowledge that there is such a thing as covid – of course there are no human clinical trials to confirm it’s actually a disease)

        But at the same time we SHOULD be worried about spike protein transmission from vaxxed to unvaxxed

        • Orpheus Owl says:

          Why “SHOULD” we be worried about coming in contact with other people in case they’ve been injected? To ensure we worry ourselves sick and become consumed with FEAR which will then manifest?

          Congratulations, you’ve just joined the enemy. That’s EXACTLY how they want you to react. FEAR is what they feed on. No thanks, I’ll reject this fear porn that is spreading around like the virus they want you to believe exists.

        • Mojo-ssomeS says:

          ever considered the pheromones could be theoretically programed and transmitted to others with an rna sequence/message etc?

        • Researcher says:

          No. Because a synthetic protein (the supposed spike protein that is *allegedly* in the shots) which is only a string of amino acids, would like all foreign RNA and DNA, be instantly broken down upon contact with the enzymes and proteins in our saliva our mucosal epithelium.

          If Zac Bush knew anything at all, he’d know that much.

          Read What Really Makes You Ill. Virus Mania. Bechamp and Pasteur.

          Ignore those spreading fear who are using a divisive, fear based narrative.

          • Toni says:

            Researcher: thank you for the titles in your comment. I have download of Bechamp vs. Pasteur and about to start reading now.

    • Reverend Harry says:

      Shedding of vaccine particles does NOT imply belief in infectious diseases. One has nothing to do with the other.

      • Researcher says:

        But both are false beliefs.

        What is a “vaccine particle”? Define it.

        Is it the spike protein the recipient is allegedly manufacturing? Or is it the excretion of toxins from the injected?

        If the latter, how could a toxic excretion affect the uninjected? If you were poisoned by pesticides and were excreting toxins through your skin, lungs, liver or kidneys, would those near you be affected? No. They would have to ingest or inject that excreted toxin.

        If it’s the former, firstly there’s no solid evidence that there is a spike protein being manufactured by the shot recipients.

        Secondly, *if* a protein is being created, it’s likely that specific organs are the targets and it can’t shed from people’s breath or saliva.

        Lastly, and most importantly, as I explained further up the thread, our mucosal barrier and enzymes break down all foreign DNA, RNA and proteins. Proteins are nothing more than amino acid chains.

        There is nothing to fear except fear itself, generated from the fear narratives.

  7. Denny Joe says:

    Two questions here:

    If the pharmaceutical companies are not liable for damages incurred by those vaccinated by their product, are they liable for the damages of those un-vaccinated persons harmed by the “transmission” described in this article?

    What is the effect on the wildlife and environment of all the pee and poop entering the lifestream from all those that have been vaccinated?

    Thanks Jon! Much gratitude for your service.


    • ThinkTwice says:

      > What is the effect on the wildlife and environment of all the pee and poop entering the lifestream from all those that have been vaccinated?

      I’m afraid That would only improve the intended outcome…

    • Mojo-ssomeS says:

      that could be the very reason these tests and this whole trial was constructed for 😉

  8. Diane says:

    Just more fear porn BS to divide us. Oobladee does sound kinda nice though…

  9. Tierney says:

    That is a clinical trial… they test for outcomes. That’s the whole point. It doesn’t mean they know those things already occur lol

  10. Sean says:

    Planned probably.

    It’s a Notice.

    You get vaccinated even if you dont get the shot???

    More speaking out on the record below.

    • SUE says:

      No…you get the disease and poisons emitting from the person who got the damned shot(s)! Get real … do you think if this ‘jab’ was all that it is cracked up to be big PHARMA would be exempt from liaility???? GET A CLUE! Those who have had the shot just do not want to believe they could have cost themselves ‘health’!

  11. Helena says:

    In 2018, this flu study was making the rounds on FB, showing that those who are vaccinated are 6x more likely to spread the flu than the unvaccinated.
    from the study:
    we observed 6.3 (95% CI
    1.9–21.5) times more aerosol shedding among cases with vaccination in the current and previous season compared with having
    no vaccination in those two seasons.

    What’s interesting is that after the study came out, the spin doctors in the media made NO mention of the fact that it was the vaccinated who were most likely spreading the flu. They blamed it on the unvaccinated and even added a the caveat that based on the study, it is now important than ever for people to get their flu vaccine.

    • Walkintherain says:

      Thank you!

      People who’d had organ transplants are warned to stay away from people who have been given live virus vaccines such as measles; the recommended time for avoidance is three weeks.

      A close relative who accepted the anti-covid vaccine had not had a menstrual period for 9 months. After injection, without warning, she was temporarily bedridden with huge blood clots that wouldn’t stop coming. About two weeks after that I injured my ankle; although the wound was tiny, it bled copiously until a pressure bandage was applied. Lotsa blood all over the floor – or more accurately, blood clots all over the floor. I wondered then if I had somehow become infected by my relative or another vaccinated person.

      • Helena says:

        Thanks for sharing! Your story is so helpful is piecing this all together. I don’t know if it is in the flu study or not, but I had heard that 5 weeks was the recommended time to stay away from the vaccinated. I’ll dig in the study to see if its mentioned, but at a minimum we should adhere to the 3 week timeline as you mentioned.

  12. bolo451 says:

    Jon, since you have yet to comment specifically on this I take it that you have yet to view it ..

    You need to view this, and then write commentary on this ..

    Did you catch that part where Dr. Martin strictly says the CDC offered a bribe to the US Patent Office and the US Patent Office accepted the bribe?

    Then Dr Fuellmich says “We might just have a RICO case here!” Dr Martin quips back, “We certainly do have a RICO case here!”

  13. FE says:

    Information surfaces through the cracks: debts generated by governments under COVID umbrella will be overwhelming. Unless guilty, including pharma, will see huge impounds over assets, accounts and any proceeds from the huge con.

  14. Kathy Roberts says:

    Excellent work, Jon! And consider this:

    CDC says COVID can be transmitted through aerosols. But why now? Experts weigh in.
    Korin Miller
    May 10, 2021

    In a brief updated on Friday, the CDC says that people are most likely to contract COVID-19 when they are within 6 feet of an infected person. However, the organization says, infected people can also release “very fine droplets and aerosol particles” that form when those droplets dry. Those droplets “are small enough that they can remain suspended in the air for minutes to hours,” the CDC says.

    • Mojo-ssomeS says:

      “suspended in the air for hours” ?

      that line of drivel might not even hold true inside a sealed box

      let alone in an environment 🙂

      cdc are garbage

  15. Kathy Roberts says:

    Forgot to include, from Yahoo article:

    Still, Adalja says, it’s “clear that here are certain circumstances that COVID-19 transmission occurs over long distances,” like in an exercise class or singing group. …

    But Russo says that “there’s nothing new here,” adding that “there’s nothing magical” about the recommended 6 feet of social distancing that’s usually recommended to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, noting that SARS-CoV-2 can travel farther than that.

  16. D. Smith says:

    Why does this article center mostly on “pregnant women”???

    Vaccines, ANY VACCINES, can shed to anyone coming in close contact with a person who has been recently vaccinated. It doesn’t just mean pregnant women, although they are quite susceptible, but so is anyone else.

    This is particularly why the biden admin is pushing these vax NOW. They don’t want people to understand the concept of vaccine transmission through actual SHEDDING processes.

    You need to be more clear about this situation, Jon. And I can tell you for a fact that right now, you can’t find a damned thing online about this subject. The dimpocraps are hiding facts and so is THE SCIENCE. I have no idea why they would try to hide the truth but apparently this poisonous shot is VERY IMPORTANT to the biden administration because it NEEDS to be given to everyone for their own political reasons. It has nothing at all to do with the health of our nation’s people. If it REALLY had something to do with health, rather than deaths they can accumulate by giving the shot, that border-crossing loving administration would certainly be requiring it for all the illegal aliens coming across the border. In fact, it would be the very first thing required.

    Those jerks can fool some of the people some of the time, but they cannot fool everyone. Especially not those of us who have actually studied this subject LONG before covid/corona crap came along.

    It’s a ruse to get people to take what can ultimately be a deadly vaccine. WHY do you think biden et al are pushing for this so hard? It isn’t because they “CARE” so much about you and yours, that’s for certain.

    • Eluard says:

      “You need to be more clear about this situation, Jon.”

      Listen bub, Jon has been writing article after article after article exposing every nook and cranny of this farce. I suggest you dip into the archive.

      You must be new to J.R. Put in duck duck go “Jon Rappoport March 2020,” etc. You’ll see.

    • Lyn P says:

      I agree with this and add that Bye-den, as the installed global puppet he is, is a pass-through for the global elites’ de-pop/de-stabilize/de-humanize agendas. This has been evident from his first day “in office.”

  17. Walter Frantz says:

    Fine. I get it, (narrative).
    Jon, you are a man of material proof. How is this “theory” proven?
    Looks like we must test female (A) and male (B) before contact, then test them post contact.
    Pathological documentation on both subjects before and after?
    In my estimation, these “statements” could be a larger spade, to dig, yet a deeper rat hole.
    All here say. All conjecture.
    Jon, how is this verified/proven?

  18. D. Smith says:


    I found this explanation at a dictionary site and decided to share the link. There are 4 distinct meanings of viral shedding and what it means; in this case the 4th meaning is the closest to what we have going on in the world of insanity right now.

    I hope everyone can finally understand this subject without relying on POLITICS and POLITICIANS to define medicine for you. That’s kinda like going to a gas station for a physical check-up for YOU, not your car. But right now the medical industry is also lying, so you must find your information elsewhere (like hardcover books, dictionaries, medical dictionaries, etc., because places like wikipedia, et al, at NOT going to be giving out truthful information when they’re in the pockets of the dimpocraps.

    Just learn to be careful what you believe. Not everything in the Biden administration is sweetness and light, no matter WHAT they want you to believe! Use your head for something more than just something to hold your ears apart……… ; )

  19. D. Smith says:

    Forgot the link, sorry. I get too carried away I guess!


  20. andrea says:

    from a poster above: “So if you agree with the so called shedding, you must also believe in infectious dieases. Or are you agreeing that micro particles can somehow be transferred from person to person through the air and cause symptoms in the infected? Are you suggesting that the nanoparticles are infectious? Pleae elaborate.”

    I too would really like to know your thoughts on this Jon. It would seem this underpins or destroys your whole understanding of the situation; mine as well. Please try and respond. Thank you

    • Corinne Coster says:


      I think you have to distinguish, that the theory of infectious diseases is tied to the germ theory. (ie. because someone has germs or bacteria he gave it to my and now I’m sick) versus the terrain theory that said independently of the germs around that you can receive (ie being transferred from contact with others) you will not be sick if your terrain, (aka, body and immune system is healthy). This means that sickness is not ‘transmitted’. However the terrain theory includes the notion that something can be transmitted. Therefore one can say there is no virus being transmitted to create a disease and there are particulates that can be transmitted.

      I personally have been exposed to 3 persons that I know of that have been jabbed. As an energy healer, caring highly for my health I take lots of supplements and use detox protocols regularly. After a 30-45 minutes with those vaxxed, I felt side effects that I would described as pins & needles in different places of my body with dry throat during their presence. Most of the symptoms died after 2-4 days with high vitamin C, some D and my detox protocol.

      As I work with energy and I am an EMF sensitive, these symptoms were to me exactly the same as when I stand long hours in 4G, 5G wifi loaded areas. It does feel to me as some type of radiation.

      I think these people are getting their energy fields changed somehow, and perhaps the phenomena is amplified by 5G rollout every where, plus some toxic crap that they shed through skin and air. With evil doers I don’t exclude anything.

      For years as I was teaching to kids in school, every time they got their flu shots, I had flu, allergy reaction.

      I think it is very possible that these vax are a gathering of all the crappy stuff they put into past vaccines, plus heavy metals plus dead cells (as they like to play with the occult). We’re getting a big load of … — Yet I am certain that if we boost our immunity, harmonize with our spirit and increase our energy fields we will get through that.

      • Researcher says:

        Yes. The injected are more likely to be emitting radiation. There’s no chance they can shed a spike protein. Even if they could, it wouldn’t affect anyone. Foreign proteins can’t harm or infect others.

        However, terrain theory is not based on transmission of microbes at all, rather that the microbes are all created internally. They’re pleomorphic and change shape and type, based upon the health of the terrain.

        So there’s no contagion or transmission in terrain theory.

        There’s a combination of terrain and germ theory being pushed where the allopathic medical community are trying to claim that it’s one’s terrain or immune system that determines if the germ makes one susceptible but there’s zero evidence for that being the case.

  21. Eluard says:

    You do hear people in alt-media saying this is still in “Clinical Trials” but you don’t hear much talk about the fact that some or many are likely getting a Placebo–part of every clinical trial.



    How many people have been told by their doctors (or whoever’s giving the shot) that it’s a Trial? That they MIGHT be getting a Placebo? They call it an “observer-blind” study which I presume is another way of saying “double-blind.”

    I’ve seen nothing in the mainstream media that this is even a trial, let alone that people are being TOLD about it.

  22. Marc says:

    Shortly after my wife got the Pfizer jab. I got the shingles for the first time on a small area on my back. It seemed odd at the time and only later did I put two and two together. My shingles only lasted two weeks, which was good news. I never want the covid vaxxine, but just maybe I got it anyway?

    • john-oranje says:

      When I met with a friend, shortly after he had his second covid shot, I started shedding skin from the
      palms of my hands.

      This lasted several days but cleared up completely.

      Mere co-incidence seems unlikely.

      So what and how did I pick up from him?

  23. Roundball Shaman says:

    There’s good news and bad news.

    The good news is that we’ll all have a lot more room on the highways and waiting in line at the DMV very shortly. Lots of empty homes and apartments that will soon have vacancy signs on them. Lots of emptied out classrooms.

    The bad news (and profoundly sad news) is that we’ll all have a lot more room on the highways and waiting in line at the DMV very shortly. Lots of empty homes and apartments that will soon have vacancy signs on them. Lots of emptied out classrooms.

    Cue up the Creedence song for our times today…

    “Thought it was a nightmare
    Lord it was so true
    They told me don’t go walking slow
    The vaccine’s on the loose!

    Better run through the jungle
    Better run through the jungle
    Better run through the jungle
    Whoa, don’t look back to see

    Thought I heard a rumblin’
    Calling to my name
    Twenty billion jabs are loaded
    Satan cries, “Take aim”!

    Better run through the jungle
    Better run through the jungle
    Better run through the jungle
    Whoa, don’t look back to see”

  24. Paul says:

    MAYOR OF Oobladee

    “All vaccinated persons,
    shall not meet with,
    nor infect, any unadulterated persons & pets.

    Of the born & yet to be born.

    For the aforementioned reasonable protection, from those vaccine-contagion-borne.


    ~ Vaccinators
    (didn’t see that one!)

    “I don’t think
    we should
    shake hands
    ever again.”

    ~ Dr. F
    (April 16, 2020)

  25. Walkintherain says:

    Jon is just reporting a document: “Here is a Pfizer document, admitting and warning of person-to-person transfer of dangerous vaccine components [1]: “A PHASE 1/2/3, PLACEBO-CONTROLLED, RANDOMIZED, OBSERVER-BLIND, DOSE-FINDING STUDY TO EVALUATE THE SAFETY, TOLERABILITY, IMMUNOGENICITY, AND EFFICACY OF SARS-COV-2RNA VACCINE CANDIDATES AGAINST COVID-19 IN HEALTHY INDIVIDUALS,” (see page 67).”

  26. Carmel says:

    ‘The University of California, Davis program is pursuing ways to incorporate an “off switch” to safely control the technology. And DARPA says any field experimentation related to the project would follow biosafety protocols.’

    ‘Mosquitoes are our apex predator, the deadliest hunter of human beings on the planet.’

    ‘…“A ‘death mechanism’ designed into mosquitoes is meant to ensure no viable female offspring will result from the mating, according to Oxitec. The male offspring will pass on the ‘self-limiting gene’ to half of their offspring, said company spokesman Ross Bethell.”

    Bill Gates On Board With GMO Mosquitoes To Administer Vaccines Bypassing Informed Consent

  27. Eluard says:

    Stew Peters has been doing along with (Dr?) Jane Ruby some dynamite reporting on the spectacle. Below he discusses non-isoaltion. I keep telling him he’s gotta have Jon on the show.

  28. Ursula Stouffer says:

    And yet, they’re jabbing pregnant and breastfeeding moms with this deadly concoction! And of course, miscarriages and stillbirths happen shortly after – but the poor woman are told that it is (obviously) NOTHING to do with the vaccine!

    I have read accounts of babies dying from bloodclots after drinking the breastmilk of vaccinated mothers.

    I’ve also read accounts of women miscarrying after being exposed to vaccinated people.

    Pine needle tea and dandelion tea supposedly are protective against transference of the spike protein.

  29. Tim says:

    Much ado about nothing.(all of it).


    “…wake up Child, you’re dreaming up a nightmare not of my making…”.

  30. CK says:

    Vaccine shedding may be fake. The alternative theory is Graphene Oxide might be “shedding”. If GO coursing through someone’s body causes harmful EMF, then that could possibly affect someone else as well. Our cells use EMF to communicate with each other as well.

    Renz now says more than 45,000 Americans have died from the shots:

    This group now estimates over 150,000 Americans have died!

  31. ThinkTwice says:

    This “shedding” effect is a problem. How ironic: last year we would have used buses (because there is no virus) but they didn’t let us unmaskers in – now there is no mask mandate anymore, but should we use buses filled with vaccinated people? If we are allowed to now, it probably would be the wrong thing to do!? This really needs to be sorted out.

  32. Epicurious says:

    My big concern remains what happens if we ever need a blood transfusion from a vaxxed person to a non-vaxxed one. So stay away from accidents!

  33. Falstaff says:

    The Alberta [Canada} Government was recently requested to produce evidence exhibiting the covid virus exists. An Alberta resident was fined $1200. for being in a group with over 10 persons. He challenged the Courts; simply asking for proof of the isolated virus, the core culprit deemed responsible for his violation. The Provincial Court advised him to subpoena the Ministry of Health for the elusive evidence. They subsequently recommended the case be transferred to the Supreme Court of Canada; whose deity they serve happens to be the Elizabeth, Queen of the British Commonwealth. When the Bard said all the worlds a stage, he evidently was quite right. These proceedings ought to be closely watched globally. The video clip with the targeted individual explains the situation:

    • nfw says:

      How can this lie be left up? You know nothing about Constitutional Monarchy do you?

      Here is a real Canadian lawyer’s take on what happened, not the usbjective opinion of the defendant in the case:

      • ch says:

        The lawyer is misrepresenting the whole scenario. Go and listen to waht King really said. You are perpetuating misinfo re King.

    • nfw says:

      I would rather be loyal to the Constitional Crown than to that humiliating excuse for a representative pedo and accused sexual harrasser President Biden in the USA. Everybody in the USA must be so proud he reresents them.

  34. Loredana Linden says:

    What do they mean exactly by “components”?

    And what of vaccinated teenagers and women generally, who may wish to have children in their future? Why is there no concern for them?

    Someone’s trying to be funny! vb

  35. Jim S Smith says:

    Another thing to consider:

    When one of those NOT-“vaccine” components is Hydrogel – which is supposed to be a composition of the various proteins and lipid-based substances – combined or “encapsulated” within a “shell” or “envelope” made from Graphenes – does this not allude to the existence of a synthetic “virus” that was created via a computer viral-RNA/DNA-modeling program? ? ?

    Does this not also allude the possibility that this “synthetic virus” (as in: “mRNA active principals”) is largely the “agent” that is being incidentally-“shared” between vaxxed and NOT-vaxxed? ? ?

    Isn’t this also how certain chemical and radiological contaminants are also spread within a population? ? ? (Take a look at how AGENT ORANGE even affected those who were not directly exposed to it, but exposed to those who WERE!)

    I never did buy the “theory” of “viruses” being so easily spread by simply breathing, or this B-S about “aerosolized viral particles” being possible from “asymptomatic carriers”. – That’s all political SCARE-FARE in my book!

    My concern is the spreading of contaminants – in which the human body DOES sweat out some of the contaminants that it has been exposed to. It is not a far stretch to suggest that these shedding contaminants could not so easily, themselves, become aerosolized from evaporation from the skin AND also from one’s breath. Therefore, NO FACE-COVERINGS, to include the KN-95 ones, would stop others from inhaling these chemical contaminants! The ONLY way to prevent this form of cross-contamination, is by wearing a completely air-tight CHEM-BIOHAZARD suit, with a thoroughly-filtered air supply. Any military “NBC-trained” soldier could tell you that! (PSSST! I am one of those so-trained folks.)

    The other aspect that I am very aware of, is the subject of “flying syringes” – the colorful description of using biting GMO-insects to deliver “vaccines” to the population. This puts another perspective to the questions surrounding the sudden appearance of LYME DISEASE – when no such illness as described had existed before in that region, as well “Chikungunya” from the Lone-Star Tick (which also did not evidence any existence several years ago). – Seems that the US BIO-WARFARE RESEARCH PROJECTS have been on-going in-country, even after their supposed prohibition by “laws”? ? ?

    These “novel insect-borne diseases” present another very dark side behind the CHEM-BIO research that favors the profitability of the “big pharma” companies (as well as the Malthusian-Eugenics crowd)? ? ?

    I also did a little bit of digging into the infamous “Yellow Fever” illness that struck so many of the workers during the building of the PANAMA CANAL PROJECT: The “reported” history of it is NOT what it seems either! It more likely seems that these “Yellow Fever outbreaks”, there, occurred shortly AFTER a “vaccination campaign” against such (also spearheaded by the Rockefeller medical trusts)! ! !

    The “Smallpox” outbreaks were nearly over and done – well BEFORE – any mass-vaccination campaign was underway! – The very same could said of Polio!


    Shortly after the “vaccination campaigns” against these two “dis-eases” – it seems that the infection rates from them actually CLIMBED up again – as well as – the rates of other chronic and serious injuries and conditions shortly after “vaccinations”, too (like cancers, etc).

    So now,

    It seems that the “insect vector” has become a very lucrative and very plausible means of purposefully-infecting and sickening the populations. THIS was also extensively researched through DARPA grants and funding! ! !


    The “shedding vaccines” (and NOT-“vaccines”) angle is very plausible, as even some of the researchers involved have expressed this as a desirable effect!

    What we have here,

    Is a huge thrust into the realms of insanity on the part of these researchers, “scientists”, and the various funding mechanisms – to actively DENY the right to genuine, natural health. See how hard it is to find very much of the natural remedies as well as the real workable nutritional standards we once understood. – To this day, I can NOT even find anything about the old “Recommended Daily Allowance” schedule ANYWHERE on-line! I have tried searching and searching-again for several years – but only turn up the most current “nutrition schedule”, which is actually a recipe for chronic (and deliberate) malnutrition of the human population!

    This Pfizer document, taken together with the exposure of their one-sided, and very COERCIVE “purchaser agreement” (as exposed by someone in Albania, and translated into English) that they pressure nations to sign – as a precondition to buy their NOT-“vaccines” is an absolute mind-blower – to ANYONE with any sense of right and wrong left within them! ! !


    Thank you once again, Jon – for a most-informative article (and including the downloadable document link – for however long it will remain valid) into the ghastly practices of one of “big pharma’s” most horrible, criminally-corrupt organizations that boggles that mind! Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Eli Lily, ALL of them should be charged under a global equivalent of our own R.I.C.O. Statutes! – However, I be dreaming! I know THIS will never happen!

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      My concern is the spreading of contaminants – in which the human body DOES sweat out some of the contaminants that it has been exposed to. It is not a far stretch to suggest that these shedding contaminants could not so easily, themselves, become aerosolized from evaporation from the skin AND also from one’s breath.

      Rick says– Yes, indeed. I like idea. It brings to mind the dust-borne character in ‘Charlie Brown’ comics– Pigpen.

  36. nfw says:

    I have read the Pfizer protocol, which I can guarantee most who comment here have not, and my conclusions are not as dramatic nor do the page numbers match what you reference. While I have no time for the experimental poison masquerading as a drug. The protocol seems a standard boiler plate cut-and-paste for any trials. Remove “drug for stupidity” and insert Covid-19 and what is the difference? None. It’s a boiler plate, not momentous news.

  37. Lori says:

    I gave my neighbor a ride she had pfizer 1&2 shots now I have massive headaches numbness tangling in fingers& toes back pain irregular bleeding my days are numbered

  38. Lori says:

    I gave my neighbor and her Mom a ride to pick up their car from the shop, the next day I had a massive headache, this is been going on since 6-24-2021, now I have right eye floaters, my back feels like it is on fire, numbness and tingling in my fingers and toes, stiff neck, stomach pain sometimes, I feel tired, weak, and depressed, I had bleeding for 6 days down there, after that irregular bleeding, my period came early and brown stuff coming out , I sometimes have bleeding from my bottom, they are mutating deadly different virus and diseases from their bodies, I got tested for the virus did not have it and new deadly virus my nighbors both took the pfizer shots 1 and 2 stay the hell away from the people who took the pfizer shots for at least 6 months I am dying now WARN OTHERS THIS IS 100% REAL MY FOREHEAD CHEST AND BACK IS MAGNETIC I SHOW PEOPLE AND THEY NOW BELIEVE THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON PRAY FOR AMERICA PFIZER IS PURE EVIL I PRAY ONE DAY THEY WILL PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID TO US ALL GRAPHINE OXIDE 99% in the Pfizer shot

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