Interviewing the dead Albert Einstein about free will

by Jon Rappoport

June 22, 2021

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Note: I’m publishing this piece as an introduction to the scientific tyranny which has overtaken us: the premise that we are machines, and we can be decoded and transformed by genetics.

This is a lie on every possible level.

For many people, their first taste of this insanity is the COVID vaccine—a genetic treatment. However, that treatment comes out of the conviction that life is “mechanism.”

For 35 years, I’ve been waging war against this conviction. I continue to do so—not because I have some quirky mystical alternative, but because FREEDOM VERSUS THE MACHINE is the Big One, the big battlefield under the surface of our civilization.

I’m talking about today, tomorrow, the next hundred, the next five hundred years.

OK, here we go—a piece of fiction to make the truth known:

It was a strange journey into the astral realm to find Albert Einstein.

I slipped through gated communities heavily guarded by troops protecting dead Presidents. I skirted alleys where wannabe demons claiming they were Satan’s reps were selling potions made from powdered skulls of English kings. I ran through mannequin mansions where trainings for future shoppers were in progress. Apparently, some souls come to Earth to be born as aggressive entitled consumers. Who knew?

Finally, in a little valley, I spotted a cabin, and there on the porch, sitting in a rocker, smoking a pipe and reading The Bourne Ultimatum, was Dr. Einstein.

He was wearing an old sports jacket with leather patches on the elbows, jeans, and furry slippers.

I wanted to talk with the great man because I’d read a 1929 Saturday Evening Post interview with him. He’d said:

“I am a determinist. As such, I do not believe in free will…Practically, I am, nevertheless, compelled to act as if freedom of the will existed. If I wish to live in a civilized community, I must act as if man is a responsible being.”

Dr, Einstein went inside and brought out two bottles of cold beer and we began our conversation:

Q: Sir, would you say that the underlying nature of physical reality is atomic?

A: If you’re asking me whether atoms and smaller particles exist everywhere in the universe, then of course, yes.

Q: And are you satisfied that, wherever they are found, they are the same? They exhibit a uniformity?

A: Surely, yes.

Q: Regardless of location.

A: Correct.

Q: So, for example, if we consider the make-up of the brain, those atoms are no different in kind from atoms wherever in the universe they are found.

A: That’s true. The brain is composed entirely of these tiny particles. And the particles, everywhere in the universe, without exception, flow and interact and collide without any exertion of free will. It’s an unending stream of cause and effect.

Q: And when you think to yourself, “I’ll get breakfast now,” what is that?

A: The thought?

Q: Yes.

A: Ultimately, it is the outcome of particles in motion.

Q: You were compelled to have that thought.

A: As odd as that may seem, yes. Of course, we tell ourselves stories to present ourselves with a different version of reality, but those stories are social or cultural constructs.

Q: And those “stories” we tell ourselves—they aren’t freely chosen rationalizations, either. We have no choice about that.

A: Well, yes. That’s right.

Q: So there is nothing in the human brain that allows us the possibility of free will.

A: Nothing at all.

Q: And as we are sitting here right now, sir, looking at each other, sitting and talking, this whole conversation is spooling out in the way that it must. Every word. Neither you nor I is really choosing what we say.

A: I may not like it, but yes, it’s deterministic destiny. The particles flow.

Q: When you pause to consider a question I ask you…even that act of considering is mandated by the motion of atomic and sub-atomic particles. What appears to be you deciding how to give me an answer…that is a delusion.

A: The act of considering? Why, yes, that, too, would have to be determined. It’s not free. There really is no choice involved.

Q: And the outcome of this conversation, whatever points we may or may not agree upon, and the issues we may settle here, about this subject of free will versus determinism…they don’t matter at all, because, when you boil it down, the entire conversation was determined by our thoughts, which are nothing more than atomic and sub-atomic particles in motion—and that motion flows according to laws, none of which have anything to do with human choice.

A: The entire flow of reality, so to speak, proceeds according to determined sets of laws. Yes.

Q: And we are in that flow.

A: Most certainly we are.

Q: The earnestness with which we might try to settle this issue, our feelings, our thoughts, our striving—that is irrelevant. It’s window dressing. This conversation actually cannot go in different possible directions. It can only go in one direction.

A: That would ultimately have to be so.

Q: Now, are atoms and their components, and any other tiny particles in the universe…are any of them conscious?

A: Of course not. The particles themselves are not conscious.

Q: Some scientists speculate they are.

A: Some people speculate that the moon can be sliced and served on a plate with fruit.

Q: What do you think “conscious” means?

A: It means we participate in life. We take action. We converse. We gain knowledge.

Q: Any of the so-called faculties we possess—are they ultimately anything more than particles in motion?

A: Well, no, they aren’t. Because everything is particles in motion. What else could be happening in this universe? Nothing.

Q: All right. I’d like to consider the word “understanding.”

A: It’s a given. It’s real.

Q: How so?

A: The proof that it’s real, if you will, is that we are having this conversation. It makes sense to us.

Q: Yes, but how can there be understanding if everything is particles in motion? Do the particles possess understanding?

A: No they don’t.

Q: To change the focus just a bit, how can what you and I are saying have any meaning?

A: Words mean things.

Q: Again, I have to point out that, in a universe with no free will, we only have particles in motion. That’s all. That’s all we are. So where does “meaning” come from?

A: “We understand language” is a true proposition.

Q: You’re sure.

A: Of course.

Q: Then I suggest you’ve tangled yourself in a contradiction. In the universe you depict, there would be no room for understanding. Or meaning. There would be nowhere for it to come from. Unless particles understand. Do they?

A: No.

Q: Then where do “understanding” and “meaning” come from?

A: [Silence.]

Q: Furthermore, sir, if we accept your depiction of a universe of particles, then there is no basis for this conversation at all. We don’t understand each other. How could we?

A: But we do understand each other.

Q: And therefore, your philosophic materialism (no free will, only particles in motion) must have a flaw.

A: What flaw?

Q: Our existence contains more than particles in motion.

A: More? What would that be?

Q: Would you grant that whatever it is, it is non-material?

A: It would have to be, but…

Q: Then, driving further along this line, there is something non-material which is present, which allows us to understand each other, which allows us to comprehend meaning. We are conscious. Puppets are not conscious. As we sit here talking, I understand you. Do you understand me?

A: Of course.

Q: Then that understanding is coming from something other than particles in motion. Without this non-material quality, you and I would be gibbering in the dark.

A: You’re saying that, if all the particles in the universe, including those that make up the brain, possess no consciousness, no understanding, no comprehension of meaning, no freedom, then how can they give birth to understanding and freedom. There must be another factor, and it would have to be non-material.

Q: Yes. That’s what I’m saying. And I think you have to admit your view of determinism and particles in motion—that picture of the universe—leads to several absurdities.

A: Well…perhaps I’m forced to consider it. Otherwise, we can’t sit here and understand each other.

Q: You and I do understand each other.

A: I hadn’t thought it through this way before, but if there is nothing inherent in particles that gives rise to understanding and meaning, then everything is gibberish. Except it isn’t gibberish. Yes, I seem to see a contradiction. Interesting.

Q: And if these non-material factors—understanding and meaning—exist, then other non-material factors can exist.

A: For example, freedom. I suppose so.

Q: And the drive to eliminate freedom in the world…is more than just the attempt to substitute one automatic reflex for another.

A: That would be…yes, that would be so.

Q: Scientists would be absolutely furious about the idea that, despite all their maneuvering, the most essential aspects of human life are beyond the scope of what they, the scientists, are “in charge of.”

A: It would be a naked challenge to the power of science.

Einstein puffed on his pipe and looked out over the valley. He took a sip of his beer. After a minute, he said, “Let me see if I can summarize this, because it’s really rather startling. The universe is nothing but particles. All those particles follow laws of motion. They aren’t free. The brain is made up entirely of those same particles. Therefore, there is nothing in the brain that would give us freedom. These particles also don’t understand anything, they don’t make sense of anything, they don’t grasp the meaning of anything. Since the brain, again, is made up of those particles, it has no power to allow us to grasp meaning or understand anything. But we do understand. We do grasp meaning. Therefore, we are talking about qualities we possess which are not made out of energy. These qualities are entirely non-material.”

He nodded.

“In that case,” he said, “there is…oddly enough, a completely different sphere or territory. It’s non-material. Therefore, it can’t be measured. Therefore, it has no beginning or end. If it did, it would be a material continuum and we could measure it.”

He pointed to the valley.

“That has energy. But what does it give me? Does it allow me to be conscious? Does it allow me to be free, to understand meaning? No.”

Then he laughed. He looked at me.

“I’m dead,” he said, “aren’t I? I didn’t realize it until this very moment.”

I shook my head. “No. I would say you WERE dead until this moment.”

He grinned. “Yes!” he said. “That’s a good one. I WAS dead.”

He stood up.

“Enough of this beer,” he said. “I have some schnapps inside. Let me get it. Let’s drink the good stuff! After all, I’m apparently Forever. And so are you. And so are we all.”

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

33 comments on “Interviewing the dead Albert Einstein about free will

  1. Greg C. says:

    It’s obvious the scientists running CERN would never grasp this single most profound idea for our time. One scientist in this clip even refers to himself as an object:

    Do they even understand their own motives to find the material basis for all existence? If they found it, could they build another machine to undo all existence? Thank God we are safe because no such basis exists.

    • Paul S. says:

      This is absolutely brilliant and right to the heart of the matter of what we are dealing with, and what underlies so many misconceptions out there currently. Bang in the bullseye!

  2. Brad says:

    Interesting concept. A non energized existence beyond the energized one we experience as reality. I would ask the question if one needs the other to exist or if each can exist independently of the other or if just one is reliant on the other?

  3. Tim_2A says:

    USN&WP, Newsweek, NYT, WaPo, ChiTrib, et al need to print this!

    CNN would call it a hoax, but so what?


  4. Alan says:

    Dr. Stefan Lanka is questioning the mainstream theory of genes (nucleic acid) and materialistic heredity.

  5. ReluctantWarrior says:


    Wonderful article. A great fictional literary device that even Einstein would have approved of.

    A recent LTE Satire that I wrote that was published in a local paper:

    A Letter To the Editor from Our Socially More Just Future

    Having achieved Ray Kurzweil’s much ballyhooed singularity It is now possible for me to travel in time and to write this LTE from the future. I wanted to assure the good people of Asheville that there is nothing to fear in the future. Absolutely nothing….Don’t worry, be happy!

    The year is 2032 a full 12 years after America’s Great COVID Pandemic and most of the world has ‘built back better.’ The so-called ‘Great Reset’ is now in full swing and some people seem to be adapting to the new reality. Life has been made much simpler and, if one follows the basic rules, life could be as ‘Seinfeld’ creator and comedian Larry David would say, ‘pretty….pretty….pretty good!’ But don’t forget your mask! Time for us to look in on how things are going. You with me?

    It is Election day 2032 and the campaign for President has been contentious. The Basket of Deplorables (BOD) ticket of Governor Matthew McConaughey and Former Governor Caitlyn Jenner have made some unexpected gains against the incumbent Democratic Ticket of Gretchen Whitmer and RuPaul. This is really going to be an election for the ages, the first ‘Trannycontinental’ election. The Democratic ticket campaign slogan ‘More Equity and Social Justice for All’ seems to be resonating with most Americans.

    In the titanic struggle between equality and freedom equality had won the day hands down and freedom had become a mere footnote to history. After all, if everyone is equal who needs freedom it just tends to complicate things and encourages people to be different, to fend for themselves and achieve the uncertain prospect of creative individuality which is anathema to our wise overseers. We had long ago decided that security was far more important than freedom. As a result, all conflict had been eliminated from society. The legal profession was understandably not too happy, and this new reality certainly did not feed the Pentagon’s traditionally voracious budget. But….as the song goes “The times they are a changin”

    Voting eligibility had become a bit more complicated in the days following the 2020 election because such a fuss had arisen concerning voter fraud. But here, once again, modern technology has come to the rescue. We will never again have to worry about vote fraud or voter suppression. Voting was only an implanted chip and Wi-Fi broadcast away for those who met the criteria of the voting standards act passed in 2025 by majority direct popular vote. Oh did I forget to tell you that Congress had been essentially eliminated because it was now possible to have direct voting by the people. Why have elected representatives when you can hear the braying directly from the horse’s mouth? WE THE PEOPLE were now in full control. No more greedy lobbyists, silly resource consuming investigations or Electoral Colleges to complicate the political process. The doors of Congress had been shuttered. Its members had become representatives in the Global New World Assembly, Barack Obama presiding.

    Each person was now chipped with all his, her or its (depending on gender assignment and sexual preference) pertinent social, health and financial information. One’s standing in society was closely tracked and monitored. Voting among many other privileges was no longer a matter of citizenship but depended on a social responsibility score. This score was based on an aggregation of various algorithms that tracked one’s social behavior measuring one’s participation in and progress toward society’s overall ‘Woke’ goals.

    Before I voted though I was getting a little hungry, so I went to the vending machine at the corner ‘Green Station’ and attempted to get a ‘Payday’ bar to give me a quick energy boost. As I walked up to the vending machine, I heard the tones indicating a lock on my chip and when I selected a “Payday’ bar red lights flashed along with a loud klaxon-like sound indicating that I had been denied the bar. The algorithm that allows access to various food items from vending machines had noted that I had the symptoms of pre-diabetes. It also scanned my genetic history which showed a disposition toward type 2 diabetes. I was offered a bag of trail mix instead.

    I would soon be ready to vote but I had to first get to an appointment with my Social Adjuster (SA). My social compatibility score had suffered a hit recently because I failed to attend a gender sensitivity re-orientation session that was designed to teach us about how gender is really a matter for individual self-determination. Apparently, I had made an offhand comment at a dinner party about how gender was not a matter of choice. My comment had been picked up by ‘Alexa’ and communicated to the Citizen Compliance Personal (CCP) database. As I raced out into the street, I was able to get the attention of a rather stocky and intimidating Brown Mask. The ‘Brown Masks’ were the muscle responsible for keeping order in the streets and making sure that the automated ubers were coordinated. He scanned my chip with his smart device, grunted, and then flagged down the appropriate uber that would take me to the quadrant of the city where my Social Adjuster was located.

    After my meeting with my friendly SA it was time to vote. I was concerned about my vote and what it might do to lower my social credit score. Having already been flagged for gender insensitivity and having skipped my gender attitude reorientation a vote for the McConaughey-Jenner (BOD) ticket could lower my social credit score considerably. One new addition to the electoral system was the fractionalization of vote scoring. My voting ‘fract’ as it was called had already been reduced to ⅓ of a full vote. What should I do? What would you do? Vote your conscience…nah…why bother. I want to continue to be able to get my Big Mac and fries at McDonalds. No big gulps though as they have been eliminated by Health and Homeland Security (HHS) secretary Bloomberg.

    It had been a very trying day and I decided to check my options for evening activities that my chip would allow me to participate in………..

    (…And that’s the way it is, Tuesday Nov 2, 2032…. Reporting from the future, this is BOD 010621…To be Continued).

    • Paul says:


    • Paul says:


      Robert Monroe was a “surprised” voyager, initiated unexpectedly. Best described in Far Journeys (Vol. 1).

      [I searched my personal library to find the Vol. 2, so I could quote the accurate year. But alas, I probably lent it away, & it wasn’t returned.]

      In his 2nd Vol., Farther Journeys (I believe that’s the Title) he flew over the Earth & witnessed enormous vegetation & flowers. He landed & spoke with “caretakers” of the green splendor. The much fewer Human Inhabitants were calm & caring. (I think the year was early 3000s). So…it’s happy, but uncertain, & merely one Seers snapshot.

      Earth is a rigorous laboratory. And Mankind has suffered all-along-the-way. However, if we diligently work toward our goals, anything, anything is clearly possible.

      With that said, to my own viewing, I see only future possibility, grounded in present effort. The effort & skill, I think, will determine the future. My own vision is quite cloudy. We’re at the oft said crux right now. If we don’t flip this one 180 degrees, it’s gonna get messy. But I hold hopeful in Mankind’s inborn enterprising faculties.

      I enjoyed your perspective, Poet.

      Thank you.

  6. Tim says:

    We have the freedom to accept Reality as it is, or dream up something that it is not.
    When we dream up something it is not, insanity becomes the norm.

  7. Duke Walters says:

    Reality is metaphysical. It exists beyond science. Science will never be able to describe it, or explain it. We are inside the experiment and are the subjects of the experiment. We would need a revelation from the outside to tell us the truth, exactly how Morpheous told Neo the truth in the movie The Matrix. A revelation from the outside, something external, is required to make us see beyond.

  8. Edward Wrinch says:

    Great article, perhaps one of Jon’s greatest, nailing the philosophical basis of what we are dealing with. Thanks for your faithful alignment with truth and all you do in its service, Jon Rappoport.

  9. stephen langley says:

    Beautiful ! As the “mystics”, those who actually EXPERIENCE & EMBODY the total Reality of Unlimited Universal Consciousness … including its illusory shadow (Maya – our human experiences), convey: Mind (the Immaterial desires, feelings & thoughts) creates Energy (atoms in motion – both, subtle & gross) and Energy coalesces into Matter… “mind begats energy; energy begats matter”. Thus the entire universe issues from the immaterial (macro) Universal Mind within which our individuated (micro) minds dream up, i.e. IMAGINE our personal experiences within the Infinite Imagination of God. As you advocate Jon, its all about accessing imagination / Imagination… the possibilities are infinite. Here in your brilliant piece, I kept expecting Einstien to reiterate his non-material mystical statements such as, “I want to know the mind of God.” & “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” However, those personal utterances aren’t germane to your aim of routing out the reducionistic materialism of the current scientific paradigm, which has misappropriated A.E.’s personal search for enlightenment by absurdly inverting effects as causes… hell, by ignoring Cause completely. They “think” that measuring every minute atom and manifestation of life will provide some revelation ?! …the only thing it registers is more and more measuring and CONTROL. Viz, the real aim of the current power structure: Total surveillance, thought-mind control, biological control, nternet of [all] Things etc. … control, control, control sans any meaning… certainly no imagination / Imagination. Brilliant writing,… and imagination, sir.. thank you !

  10. Pisces says:

    Everything that is observed in “science” is only a small piece of information perceived through our very limited physical senses. And that is the problem that separated the mind of a scientist from the realms of the “other side” of life that’s undetectable with our physical senses and with our instruments even. Which means that if we believe in science, we believe that what we see with our limited physical senses is all there is to it. But nothing could be further from the truth… To think that there is no spirit just because there are no instruments to detect it is a very foolish way to attempt to disprove there is life and consciousness beyond what our physical senses can detect. There is no denying that it’s useful to detect any phenomena using instruments to confirm a theory and so on, but there is a limit on what the instruments can detect. And that limit of the instruments is also a limit of knowledge of most scientists and physicists because that’s the limit of what they can observe with their physical senses that stops them from thinking outside “their” box, so to speak. But if they weren’t too busy looking through their instruments and started looking through their consciousness, they’ll start to see that life is not so mechanical as they had fooled themselves to believe it is. And by “looking through their consciousness” I mean through the art of “conscious disembodiment”. Here’s what I mean by that… Your third eye, the consciousness that makes you SEE with your eyes closed when you dream (hence the name 3rd eye) can be projected out of your body, which enables you to explore the universe without being limited by your small physical senses. By practicing that phenomena, you’ll regain knowledge about your spiritual self you forgot when entering this heavy, dense physical world we live in and gain the ability to see beyond what both science and religion told us their version of “truth” about our existence. For example, scientists convinced themselves that there’s no spirit because their instruments can’t detect it; therefore, they believe we are nothing more than disposable physical beings. But I don’t need a scientist to tell me what to believe because I know from experience that we are spiritual beings that are “housed” in a physical body. And I’m not a religious person, so I don’t need any religion to tell me what to believe about spirituality either. Some types of religion want us to believe that you have to be some kind of an “enlightened” or “chosen one” to learn about the spiritual side of life and that you have to seek their guidance in order to know more about “higher consciousness”, but don’t fall for it. Don’t believe those idiots (the pope, for example) they only want you to worship and obey them to make it easier for them to control your mind (and your heart). That goes for both scientists and priests. Don’t rely on them because you have the knowledge you need within you that you can access by practicing the art of “conscious disembodiment” or even just by breathing deeply and rhythmically to change your brainwaves that’ll enable you to access the astral realm, if you will. But the choice is yours because you have free will that you can use to do anything you want… Anyway, I just want to mention that don’t rely too much on someone else’s opinions and not to rely too much only on your physical senses because they’re very limited. Regain your trust in your own intuition. Meditation would be a great start for those who want to reconnect with the “other side” of life. Or practice how to have conscious OoBE and HAVE FUN… Trust me, it’s worth it!

    • Paul says:

      “…but there is
      a limit
      on what
      the instruments
      can detect.”

      …Not Yours.

    • ReluctantWarrior says:

      Very well said! Really inspirational. What science doesn’t tell us (or want us to know perhaps) is that the Universe is really us. It is a human universe because our brains through our senses cohere or orchestrate the particles and waves of the universe. We create our universe and we, therefore, have the power to imagine the best. To create our dream with creativity and imagination. What other alien races or life forms may experience is unique to their biophysical structure. I suspect that the wold an ant experiences is very different than that of a Dolphin.

  11. Roundball Shaman says:

    Another conversation with Einstein…

    ‘Velcome to The Realm. Hey friend, this is some Spooky Action at a Distance, huh? Vhat you take to get here, those funny weeds or some-ting?’

    ‘I know you want to talk about free will. I know I once said I do not believe in it. But then I didn’t believe in This Place, either. Funny ting, even the Smarted Man That Ever Lived can miss on a few. Nobody’s perfect… not even in This Place.’

    Q: Sir, would you say that the underlying nature of physical reality is atomic?

    ‘Once, I thought that. Now, I know the underlying nature of reality is Dreams. We just dream all this stuff up. Even ourselves.’

    Q: So, for example, if we consider the make-up of the brain, atoms are no different in kind from atoms wherever in the universe they are found.

    ‘That’s true. The brain is composed entirely of… nothing. No, I’m not making joke. Atoms — when you look deep enough into them — are NOT THERE. Nothing is there. Not you. Not me. Not atoms. NOTHING.

    Q: And when you think to yourself, “I’ll get breakfast now,” what is that?

    ‘That’s me wanting breakfast.’

    Q. Now you are making a joke?

    ‘No. That’s me being HUNGRY. Or should I say, I dream myself that I’m hungry.’

    Q: You were compelled to have that thought.

    ‘As odd as that may seem, yes. Something is driving… EVERYTHING. But every time I try to catch it, it slips away. It seems to know I’m coming. It seems to know my thoughts.’

    Q: These “stories” we tell ourselves—they aren’t freely chosen rationalizations, either. We have no choice about that.

    ‘Vell, yes. That’s right. But only if we tell ourselves a story like that.’

    Q: So there is nothing in the human brain that allows us the possibility of free will.

    ‘If the brain isn’t there, then there is nothing in there at all to tell us anything.’

    Q: And as we are sitting here right now, sir, looking at each other, sitting and talking, this whole conversation is spooling out in the way that it must.

    ‘I don’t like that word… MUST. There is nothing that… MUST. We make it all up. All of it. The only MUST is if we tell ourselves there MUST be a MUST. But we MUSTN’T do that!

    Q. Another joke, sir?

    ‘I get silly some times over here. Must be from smelling smoke from those funny weeds that everyone seems to like using.’

    Q: When you pause to consider a question I ask you…even that act of considering is mandated by the motion of atomic and sub-atomic particles. What appears to be you deciding how to give me an answer…that is a delusion.

    ‘Everything is a delusion. Or, everything is reality. It’s whatever you tell it to be.’

    Q: And the outcome of this conversation… the entire conversation was determined by our thoughts…

    ‘The entire flow of reality, so to speak, proceeds according to determined sets of laws.
    Laws you and I and everyone else dreams up every moment.’

    Q: And we are in that flow.

    ‘No. We ARE that flow.’

    Q: Now, are atoms and their components, and any other tiny particles in the universe…are any of them conscious?

    ‘Everything is conscious. Even politicians. Don’t laugh. Even they have a primitive form of self-awareness. In fact, everything about them is primitive. But I don’t waste my time thinking about them.’

    Q: What do you think “conscious” means?

    ‘We live. We know that we live. We know that we know that we live. We know that we know that we know that we live. On and on it goes into infinity. That’s what we do over here, infinity. You thought we just sat around and played harps or some-ting?’

    Q: All right. I’d like to consider the word “understanding”. Do the particles possess understanding?

    ‘Particles are just waves of potential. One of those potentials is understanding. So in a sense, yes, particles possess understanding.’

    Q: How can what you and I are saying have any meaning?

    ‘When we SAY that it does. Only then.’

    Q: Our existence contains more than particles in motion.

    ‘Particles in motion are just like leaves on the ground blowing around in the wind. The Power is not in the fallen leaves. The power is the Wind. We ARE the Wind.’

    Q: And if these non-material factors—understanding and meaning—exist, then other non-material factors can exist.

    ‘Let’s review. EVERYTHING is ultimately non-material. “Material” is a LIE that we foolishly fall victim to if we let it. The Nightmare in The Dream.

    Q: Scientists would be absolutely furious about the idea.

    ‘Scientists are idiots. They are some of the most closed-minded people you will ever come across. There is nothing worse in life that someone who knows NOTHING who believes they know EVERYTHING.’

    Q. You know, this conversation didn’t at all go as I thought it would.

    ‘That’s good. Life is unpredictable. Life is nothing but limitless potentials. We are limitless potentials.’

    ‘Enough of this beer. I tink it’s time I tried some of those funny weeds. I mean, I am a scientist, right. On second thought, dear God I hope I’m not!’

  12. george says:

    The idea that life obeys particle physics was known to be false for 200 years. But as all other religions, scientific materialism ignored the knowledge.
    Quantum physics tells us that there is no matter. only energy. a particle is just a vortex of energy. also it was proven that there is intelligence at subatomic level, there is instant communication between particles, there is memory in the space.
    and 97% of universe is invisible to us or to our instruments. And this is only in 3d dimensions.

    None of the scientific developments in the last 100 years are incorporated in life “sciences”. They are using a 200 years old model

  13. DarkStalker says:

    “Therefore, we are talking about qualities we possess which are not made out of energy. These qualities are entirely non-material.””

    Energy is non-material.

    Have you read this? 🙂

  14. miker says:

    Dear Jon, Thank you for another fantastic “non-materialistic” offering. This is the most Albert Einstein has ever made sense to me. And, “Non-Materialistic Lives Matter”!

  15. Haniel Adhar says:

    I am not a number

    I am a free man!

  16. nb says:

    If I move my hand from one point to another I like to imagine I have done it through the exercise of free will.

    However if the particles in my hand, and all the known components making up that move, such as the involvement of nerves, are obeying the forces as we know them, then that move was always going to happen – ever since the big bang. Just a complicated billard table full of balls forever interacting according to the known forces.

    If we add in free will, there is some capacity outside of the known forces. What?

    I believe in free will. Thus I believe there is a realm that I simply do not understand, except through the manifestation of free will. We have clues, perhaps, such as entanglement, change in behaviour through observation, and so on, but clues. Tiny clues. Maybe red herrings.

    This is the greatest mystery of all.

  17. nb says:

    By the way, this is a similar problem to Lucretius’ ‘swerve’. What causes a particle to deviate from the path it would take according to the known laws?

  18. Greg C. says:

    Science has been gaslighting us for almost a century with impossible stories. The Big Bang tells us Once Upon a Time, there was no time or space. Then suddenly, something “Big” happened and voila, “something” started expanding rapidly into “nothing.” These events were initiated before there was time – get it? How can something happen in timelessness? How can non-space exist “outside” space – you know, that place where there is no place? Contradiction after contradiction.

    Now Science tells us that ordinary people breathing kill other people, and people eating and using electricity will kill us all someday. Both of these postulates are by there very nature unverifiable and unfalsifiable. Show me once person who we can definitely say was killed by a person not wearing a mask. One.

    The mask fable and the climate fable are similar to that atomic fable – invisible particles determine our fate, and the only thing to do is manipulate and control those particles. Nothing else exists. Not only is that a declaration, but it is the scientific imperative. Suppress, ignore, obey.

    • Duke Walters says:

      I agree. I wrote the below as a comment to a previous Jon’s blog but it also fits as a comment to this post.

      Modern science is primarily fake. It has been like that for many years now. Science is used as an enterprise to control humanity. It is one of the most effective tools in the globalist tool box.

      Just about everything we have been taught it is scientific, with very few exceptions, is false. Science is a cult. Comes up with all kinds of speculation and they become scientific theories, or fact. With no reasonable way to be validated through empirical verification. So, in reality, most things we have been taught in science are speculative, thoughts, and ideas. Then they come up with all kinds of beautiful mathematics to supposedly “prove” their existence. The mathematics is beautiful in its own right, and it is a great mental exercise, but the mathematics does not necessarily describe the real world. Most, if not all, of those concepts are unlikely to be verified empirically. Ever.

      Chances are that there were no dinosaurs. Or such a thing as evolution of species transforming into other species. That has never been seen in the real world. There are no electrons circling protons like solar systems, and most of the atomic particles in the “particle zoo”, as it is called unofficially by particle physicists, have inferred existence through mathematical formulations. Similarly, there are likely to be no black holes, or dark energy, or dark matter, or black holes event horizons where worm holes form, etc. etc. Those are mathematical exercises of the mind. Same goes for String Theory, where the universe is made up of multiple dimensions and multiple universes. If there are, in fact, multiple dimensions, there are likely to be extremely different and unrelated to the concepts in String Theory.

      The same applies to Biology, Virology, Immunology, etc. Most of these so called sciences are based on near 100% speculation, ignoring important aspects of the real world and every day experience. Science has a way of selling their theories through propaganda, but they sweep under the rug all those components that are not convenient to the theory. And they should not be called scientific theories to being with. They are all primarily speculative and based mostly on opinions and what is called scientific consensus. Which means, if enough scientists who most of them are self-proclaimed experts say so, it becomes so. No questions asked. Need not be true in the real world.

      It goes on and on. There is no end to how fake modern science is.

  19. Einstein is a bit Over-rated — He is also known as the Father of the Atom Bomb

    Tue, Jun 22 at 8:22 PM

    Dear Mr. Jon,

    Einstein is a product of his day and age. Just as Copernicus and Galileo were products of their day and age. Just as Jon Rappoport is a product of his day and age.

    Three thousand years of Judaism in the desert could never have produced an Einstein but 2,000 years of Western Civilization — (Greek Roman and Jew) — produced many different Einsteins and specialists that no other civilization could ever have produced because it took some 2,000 years for Western Civilization to mature enough to create an industrial revolution, such that the world had never ever seen before.

    Maybe the world has existed for billions of years in the making. But only in the last few thousand years has man emerged with his near god-like vision of unlimited power and control. What has emerged is Pantheism, the religion that says man is god or god-becoming after he has conquered all the mysteries of the universe.

    The Western Civilization of Europe, of which the whole world has become an extension, consists of three totally different conflicting identities — Greek Roman and Jew — Greek philosophy and logic, Roman Law and Jurisprudence and Jewish Messianism and prophecy — these three identities, combined as one identity in our Western Civilization, have galvanized history. Modern man has a three-in-one mentality, a mentality born of the consciousness of three different conflicting civilizations and the consciousness of those three different civilizations.

    A lawyer may tend more to the Roman mentality of law and order, whereas a thinker, a philosopher, may tend more to the Greek identity and the Jew in all of us is, more or less, from all our different Judaic religions with their mysticisms and promise of a greater future messianic paradise on earth or wherever, so the Jewish is the most powerful influence of the three.

    After all, the Greek and Roman civilizations came and went whereas the Jew persists for thousands and thousands of years, as relevant in ancient times as in modern times. For it is the Jew in Christianity, as much as anything else, that is the irritant and drive and spur of modern history.

    Now we see emerging the Jew in the Marxist religion — a religion based on economics and class warfare (white guilt for black oppression is the modern version of class warfare) — emerging and denying the thousands and thousands of years of the Ten Commandments and asserting instead the Ten Points of the Communist Manifesto and the emergence of the values of the psychopath to replace the Ten Commandments.

    The ancient Greek and the Roman identities of Europe died because they lacked the optimistic Jewish vision of a promised land flowing with milk and honey which was why those two civilizations — the Greek and the Roman — were like flowers that grew and bloomed and flourished and then died leaving hardly any trace except what great philosophers like Tomas Aquinas could salvage and incorporate into Christian Western Civilization and tradition. The Jewish messianic vision of a heaven, a paradise, a Promised Land, at some future date, is what keeps Western Civilization alive and vibrant and dynamic.

    There are many false messiahs like Hitler and Stalin and Mao and in our Western World all promising the Kingdom of Heaven on earth at some future date but all these false messiahs leave behind them are rivers of blood.

    Martin Luther is a good example: Instead of unifying Europe he managed to divide Europe, setting one against another, contributing to the rivers of blood and mayhem. St. Francis, on the other hand, also came upon a corrupt church and a corrupt Europe but by his leadership and example he transformed that Europe as never before.

    A Jew alone could not split the atom. A Roman alone could not split the atom and a Greek alone could not split the atom, but modern man, that is a combination of three identities in one, is able to split the atom, to discover the earth is not flat after all, to fly to the moon, to discover electricity, invent an internal combustion engine and a steam engine and even a bicycle — that is the miracle of modern man such that his vanity leads him to believe he is as great as if not greater than God Himself.

    In the Biblical myth, Lucifer had a similar idea, that he was greater than God, that no sooner had God created Lucifer, the highest intelligence ever, the Angel of Light, than Lucifer committed the sin of pride, thinking that maybe he was as great as if not greater then God Himself. And for his sin of pride he, Lucifer, instantly changed into Satan, the Prince of Darkness, in a flash, so that he found himself outside the orbit of God (which is heaven) and outside the orbit of God is hell, where Lucifer has been ever since. God did not banish Lucifer to hell. Lucifer choose hell with his sin of pride.

    Now modern man is playing around with the same idea that maybe man is the highest known intelligence in the universe so therefore man is god or god-becoming after he has conquered all the mysteries of the universe, conquered time and space and and conquered all the diseases and maybe even conquered death itself, so as to assert his deity, his godhood, his divinity. Man will not rest until he has challenged God Himself in his very heavens!

    In another day and age man sought to climb the highest mountain or plumb the deepest ocean but now man seeks to , conquer time and space, to conquer all the diseases, to conquer death itself, to discover immortality, and to challenge God Himself in His very heavens.

    Desmond McReynolds
    22 June 2021

  20. No_NWO says:

    The Heisenberg uncertainty principle tells about the dance floor of energy and matter. Matter and energy (resp. electromagnetic radiation) are two physically interacting expressions of Spirit, or of “I am what I am”. Why should there be any order of higher and lower between these three. Makes no sense.

    But then: What’s Spirit? Is it force, volition, will? Only words. Spirit isn’t to be explained but gives to explain. If at least an allegory, it might be music.

  21. Spirit is will and intelligence. God is pure spirit. Man is limited will and intelligence, man is made in the image of God. We speak of a spirited horse, a restless horse, a horse that is raring to go, a willful horse.

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