Zuckerberg, Roger Waters, and the case against FB

by Jon Rappoport

June 18, 2021

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“How did this little prick, who started off going, ‘She’s pretty, we’ll give her a four out of five. She’s ugly, we’ll give her a one’… How the fuck did he get any power in anything?” (Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, on Mark Zuckerberg)

On a spring afternoon, with birds chirping in the trees outside the secret/private Committee room, a little man, whose face was a rubber mask devoid of feeling, sat before a table of legislators—among them, a strange senator, John Doe, who did not belong to the Club. It fell to Doe to interrogate the rubber man, Mark Zuckerberg.

Mr. Z, you’re under oath, remember that. Do you recall a company called Accel Partners?

How did you find out about…yes, Senator, I recall Accel.

And its boss, Jim Breyer.

I’ve met Jim.

Well, it must have been quite a meeting, back in 2004, because he supplied you with a 13-million-dollar rocket, and Facebook was on its way.

Senator, I’d say that’s an exaggeration.

Then we come to a man named Gilman Louie. He joined the board of the National Venture Capital Association of America (NVCA). The chairman of NVCA? The man I just mentioned, Jim Breyer.

I don’t know Gilman Louie, Senator.

Gilman Louie happened to be the first CEO of the important CIA start-up, In-Q-Tel. In-Q-Tel was founded in 1999, with the express purpose of funding companies that could develop technology the CIA would use to “gather data.” That’s not the only connection between Jim Breyer and the CIA’s man, Gilman Louie. In 2004, Louie went to work for BBN Technologies, headed up by Breyer. Dr. Anita Jones also joined BBN at that time. Jones had worked for In-Q-Tel and was an adviser to DARPA, the Pentagon’s technology department that helped develop the Internet. DARPA, CIA, the Internet, gathering massive data for the CIA, Facebook. Are you seeing the connections, Mr. Zuckerberg?

I’m seeing nothing of the kind, Senator.

Right. You’re just an entrepreneur who is now devoting his life to charitable causes. Moving along, here’s a story about you. A sketch, if you will. From the time Mark Zuckerberg was a child and attended the summer camp for “exceptional children,” CTY (Center for Talented Youth), run by Johns Hopkins University, he, like other CTY students, Sergey Brin (co-founder of Google), Lady Gaga, and Andrew Yang have been easy to track. CTY and similar camps filter applications and pick the best and brightest for their accelerated learning programs. Spotting these children and tracking their progress in school and life would be a standard operation for agencies like the CIA. When Zuckerberg founded an interesting little social network at Harvard, and then sought to turn it into a business, the data-mining possibilities were obvious to CIA personnel. Through their cutouts, as described above, they stepped in and lent a helping hand. What do you think of that story, Mr. Z?

It’s outrageous, Senator. My whole goal in life is helping others.

I’m sure. And as a prime asset of the Deep State, with your ability to assemble trillions of data sets on FB users across the world, and with your ability to censor content unfavorable to your bosses, you’re adopting a very strange definition of “help.”

I believe in community standards, Senator. If that’s a crime, I’m guilty.

What community are you talking about, Mr. Z?

The human one—all of us.

I see. And you know humanity’s standards of conduct and speech. How? Is God talking to you?

It’s just common sense, Senator.

So common sense makes you use Facebook to keep true information about the torture of Julian Assange from the public?

All information has to be fact-checked.

And if I post a few words about the COVID vaccine that aren’t rainbows and flowers, you ban me.

We rely on the World Health Organization as the authority on such matters.

Why? Who appointed that organization the final arbiter?

Somebody has to be in charge.


There is chaos.

Chaos, or difference of opinion? You want to choke off the difference. You want fascism.

Really, Senator? That’s where you’re going?

I know, Mark. You’re just a little boy who made it big. You don’t have an axe to grind. You have nothing to do with the CIA. You’re an American success story. Happy, happy.

Is that all? Because I have a busy schedule, and I’d like to get back to work serving the people.

How did you become what you are, Mark?

I’m harmless. Look at me, Senator. Do I look like a fire-breathing dragon? A giant trampling over populations?

You look like a boy who is wearing a rubber mask.

You see, Senator, I tapped into just one human impulse—the impulse to say I LIKE THIS, I DON’T LIKE THAT. That’s all. That’s all I did. I gave that a public face. The rest is history.

“Everyone on Facebook is famous for 15 minutes.”

No, Senator. Everyone has a chance to be famous forever on Facebook. It’s up to them to try to be liked in every way they can.

Unless they’re telling the truth about something important.

Then we ban them. Why? Because telling the truth bridges over into another kind of impulse that has nothing to do with Facebook.

That’s your story and you’re sticking to it?

I’m just a guy with an ordinary and banal company.

I plan on setting that myth on fire and burning it down.

What about all the people who love Facebook and can’t do without it?

You mean the people who say 2 plus 2 equals 4 is racist and should never be taught in schools?

They have a right to express their opinion.

But if they say Assange has been tortured for revealing the truth, you censor them.

That’s different.

Why is it different?

Because my fact-checkers and researchers say it is.

Mr. Zuckerberg, I’m holding in my hand a group of internal Facebook memos. They prove your company has been working in concert with the federal government to shape what the public can read and see about COVID-19. In other words, Facebook has been acting as an agent for the government. This takes you and your company out of the realm of private enterprise—into a whole new arena, where you can be brought into court on a charge of malicious lying during a national crisis. That’s a felony. At trial, expert witnesses can testify about the real facts of COVID versus the distorted picture you’ve presented, as a result of which picture many lives were lost. That’s a compounded felony.

How did you obtain those memos, Senator? You’ve broken the law! You’re guilty of government spying. The memos are property of Facebook. You stole them.

Mr. Zuckerberg, we can argue that charge in court. And during the protracted argument, the press will bring many facts to light. I welcome the challenge.

Are you speaking for the Department of Justice, Senator? Because I haven’t received any paperwork from them. No charges have been filed against me or my company.

In case you’ve forgotten, the United States is composed of 50 states. If the Justice Department is nothing more than a political ally of scum of the earth, there are at least 10 states whose Attorneys General will gladly press charges and drag you into court. There are elephants in your room, Mr. Zuckerberg, and people all over the world are going to see them.

Fine. My lawyers will talk to other lawyers.

There will be a lot more conversation than that. I guarantee it.

You really think you can bring Facebook down, Senator? It’s too late.

Is that what the CIA is telling you? I hate to break the news, but those people are trained to lie. That’s all they do. In other words, they’re like you. Let me tell you a secret, Mark. Manipulating people and their feelings has an ELASTICITY. And when it reaches its limit, it SNAPS. Speaking of which, after we adjourn this session, we’re going to move into a public hearing. Of course, the television networks will be covering it. I’m going to bring on a parade of Facebook employees who will testify about these memos in my hand, and about other confidential company practices. Then we’ll see what happens to that rubber mask you wear.

They told me there would be no public session…

Who told you? Your handlers? To them you’re just a pissant agent who’s been doing their bidding.

But I have enormous…

Wealth? You think they care about that? They’ll throw you to the wolves in a second, if things get too hot.


Run your own test, Mark. Allow every Facebook user in the world to state I LIKE ZUCKERBERG or I DON’T LIKE ZUCKERBERG. See what happens. Put your own ass on the firing line and check out the result.

I would never do that.

Why not?

Because I own the system that does that. I’m apart from the system.

You’re different.

Every person who owns or runs a system is separate from it.

I see. So in your case, people don’t have to LIKE you.

I guess that’s right.

They can play the like-don’t-like game with each other. You can play the whole game on all of them.

ON all of them?

You can manipulate them. It’s the way of the world. “There are the manipulated and the manipulators.” Right, Mark?

Pavlov proved that, didn’t he?

He was experimenting with drooling dogs and food.


Where did you learn that, Mark?

I don’t remember.

Were you born thinking that thought?

Some people know it, others don’t.

You’re quite a piece of work.


We’ll take a break and then go into public session. Thank you, Mark. Now I understand you and the way your gruesome mind works.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

45 comments on “Zuckerberg, Roger Waters, and the case against FB

  1. Paul says:

    My most beloved scholastic Teacher was a man of great Ability. He taught in that Ancient style. Only Knowledge, Understanding, & Wisdom, were upon his palette.

    He was bespectacled & bearded. Coarsened facial hair, slightly straggled, much I imagine, as that Ancient desert cry-er.

    During Wintertime, he wore soul-ly…a thick, heavy, coarsely-woven sweater (much like Al), sans overcoat.

    He bore well-worn cowboy boots, he refered to as “my shit-kickers.” He was an admixture of mental elegance, clarity, & foresight, enwrapped in slightly coarsened over-garment. He was boldly, but Truthfully & Honestly, opinionated. But his carried-opinion was married-to Truth. His bride, Reason.

    We still confer now & again.
    Visits, I venture, when Seen fit.
    He passed many Moons ago.

    I consider myself most lucky, to be Overseen, by such tutelage.

    His name was Benjamin. He was A Son of The South. With smooth, drawn-out drawl. A True Classic, Individual, in The Stoic-Sense, to the end!

    No complaints sung hear,
    Or There…

  2. Paul says:

    “Reality is elastic.”
    ~ JR

    “Time can be stretched. One ventures, along its lighted trail.”
    ~ me


    I believe Jon favors great jazz music.

    I know very little of it. I like the jazz-fusion of Steely Dan & Weather Report. Jaco Pastorius is my favorite jazz bassist. A pioneer, whose life was cut way-too-short, due to unfortunate circumstance.

    He had little money. Got a fretted axe, tore off the metallic frets with pliers. Filled the gaps… with wood-putty.

    My limited understanding of jazz is that its finest performed-venue, its Power-Display, is best eventuated, live.

    Ensconced within Group, harmonies are rendered. Themes bespoken. Interstitial melodies flow.

    Then, a standing. Solos interjected. Attuned to underlying themata. A working hypothesis evoked.



    For Jon & Charlie,
    And (Every-One)!

    Set Sail along Mercury Aflow!
    Sing & Water The Terrain,
    With Winged Fleet-Feet,
    …You Songbird (s).


  3. Paul says:

    “On a spring afternoon,
    with birds chirping
    in the trees outside…”

  4. Paul says:


    So I’m in Jon’s office, filling out my rigorous, lengthy paperwork, that he requires to be a Participant in his Lyceum.

    [whisper: “now I kinda filled in some spots on stuff, wrote this ‘n that, about here ‘n there. don’t tell him.]

    So he’s reading through the smallish pamphlet of pages, & without looking up, says, “Where the hell is Oshkosh University?”

    (A small bead of sweat drips down my face. I quickly wipe it away) & say, “Well…uh… it’s on the Northern border of the Eastern section. It’s in a small town. They keep to themselves.”

    Still without looking up, he adds, “What State?”

    I counter, “Well… that’s a bit of a quandary. In a manner of speaking…and so forth.”

    He restrain-ly & slowly lays the stapled pages upon desktop, & now, all-too-slowly, puts a single index on the isthmus of his glasses, & pulls them down the aquiline slope.

    Altho’, to my thinkin’, it felt like he was raising a drawn shade, on a window.

    He says, “What town are from, boy.”

    I reply, “Squalor.”

    He turns his head slowly, obliquely to the left & just momentarily stares at the wall.

    Well… now I’m thinkin’ ‘this interview has taken one-of-turns.’

    He slowly rotates his head, back to center, makes a soft fist with pointing index & asks questioningly “You’re from a town called Squalor?”

    “Yes, Squalor. You see my mother, who was half-screaming Banshee, would enter my childhood bedroom & scream “Why must you live in squalor!!!”

    I would scream back emphatically, “Cause that’s where we live, mommy.”

    Apparently… I didn’t keep a tidy room. Anywho…

    Well…full-circle being reached, I offer “I guess I should be leaving about now?”

    He unflinchingly says, “What do you think?”

    I say, (with that slight head-bob that Reagan would do)…”Well… I’m thinkin’ YES.”

    He breathes “Good thought, man.”

    This time-again, I wipe a number of sweat beads from my face.

    LIFE & Living is far-too-serious,
    to take seriously.

  5. Lisa Franklin says:

    I dislike the word community. Sounds like communist. A community of communists. I prefer tribe. Yeah I believe we will become more tribalist. We all need to find our tribe.

    • jjtech says:

      100% it will come to that – the separation of tribes around common values. Some people are just too stupid to live around – there is a need of separation.

  6. Pam says:

    Maybe it’s irrelevant but I’ve wondered if any of these people, Zuckerburg, Gate’s, Brin . . . Invented anything or if they’re just the faces the real culprits hide behind. The boy genius story is too pat and overused. I like the idea of squeezing these little pip squeaks.

    • george says:

      of course not. they are only front face for globalists?

      Do you think Bill Gates or Zuckerberg will leave the money to their children? No the money are not theirs.

  7. Brad says:

    Nicely thought out and written exposure of both FB and its straw man owner. I’ll quibble on Assange, who is very likely another front persona. Logic would clearly indicate that J.A. was not holed up in the Bolivian embassy for seven years beyond the reach of the world’s top spook agencies with his internet access intact. A simple fire or what have you at this embassy building would have delivered J.A. into the hands of the real Murder Inc.

    Some internet and computer savants have put forth the hypothesis that the true mission statement of the CIA from conception, held secret, was to develop a means of complete control over the mass of humanity, both psychologically and physically. A general perusal of the facts and results to date and seemingly forth coming with new biotech control mechanisms definitely tends to support this hypothesis.

    This is a great blog as it makes one put on their thinking cap and weigh what evidence one can find.

  8. Need A Ladder says:

    Is this article like the novel virus, fiction? It would be helpful to have this clarified in these writings when it is a novel.

    Jon writes so well sometimes some of us do not know which is real and which is like the novel virus that does not exist as fiction.

    It does seem to be another of endless hits on certain big social media companies. Why do people not understand that going to ____book is like going to Disneyland, that also works with government?

    Many businesses work with government this is not new. The entire electronics and computer industry has ALWAYS worked with government from the first day electricity was discovered by flying a kite to when a vacuum tube was imagined and then produced and one bit was discovered. Why is this an issue? All I see here is a bunch of whining and claims that data is more powerful than we are.

    If someone takes a megaphone to Main Street Disney and shouts that Goofy is a dangerous alien and Mickey is a criminal they are thrown out of the park not even so much for what is said but rather for disturbing the flow of enjoyment, the very reason they are visiting, to have fun, get away from all the crap outside in the real world, etc. This is also fundamental to the business model of “big tech” and it cannot be allowed for such behavior based on “freedom of speech”.

    This would also happen with a person of health trying to get their message out in front of one of the roller coaster rides. They can preach to get kids to stop eating teeth rotting sugar, they will be stopped if they feel it’s ruining the enjoyment. If people started doing this would there be equal calls to end this squelching of “freedom of speech” at Disneyland? I doubt it.

    These online businesses are not the town square nor are they a city council meeting and it doesn’t matter that they have all 7 billion users on the planet, people visit there, talk, share, enjoy the ride.

    The demands made on ____book is like running a porn site and expecting fundamentalist religious freaks to be allowed to preach and post pictures of Jesus and Mary everywhere and forced to give equal time to the Baptist church that goes to the gay pride parade with their nasty messages.

    The constitutional freedoms allow they be AT the event on the sidelines, but the event coordinators can REFUSE participation IN the event.

    Everyone that’s heavy handing against “big tech” is looking like fools. Stop it.

  9. Jimmy says:

    Great piece, Jon: too bad it’s nothing but fantasy. Guys like Zuckerberg ARE protected. After all of the lies and liars are exposed, few if any will face any kind of justice.

  10. Paul says:

    Jon has audios on Paranormal Study.

    IMO, his research & reportage is very science (in the Truest Sense) based.

    Citing the Workings of Dean Radin, Brenda Dunne, Robert Jahn, & others of same.

    Laboratory testing, double-blind studies, etc.

    With the ADDED BENEFIT of his analysis & synthesis.

    Please consider arming Your Venture with his Offerings.

    Thanx Much!

  11. “How the fuck did he get any power in anything?” Because he has the right middle name: Rockefeller. 🙂

  12. michael burns says:

    I’m going to enjoy seeing that that little test tube alien’s pecker get nailed to a tree.

    He is part of that first generation of organic androids, soon to be upgraded to the second generation, that is digitally integrated.

    He’s the next Epstein type agent to be suicided. Off course he has always been connected to the Chinese as well. Him and that Twitter twit, that student of Mao and and his little beard the little red book…

    I’ll say, they will all be a big part of that cyber pandemic we’re about to have, and that will be when the system lords take over. Cyber Polygon 2021 is the Event 201 of cyber space. The warning before it happens, and then whack…

    But they have all they need now anyway.

    One day, some day, in the near future, a five year old girl with a cellphone, will blow up the entire world.

  13. Paul says:

    That Deer Senator looks like he did some research. All by his lonesome.

    Strange. Considering the normal Senatorial Fare. With all their staff & reach. Ya know…

  14. Dr. W! says:

    Yes, here again we see that it is an aging member of the Artist Class speaking out – disclaiming the non-sensicality of the current control through electrical devicery paradigm. That paradigm dies soon enough and we cannot yet discern or divine its replacement or successor. A day may well arrive when we are returned to the pre-telegraph era. How long that might last we do not truly know. Meanwhile, Mr. Waters is an ideal person to tell off and to widely and wisely expose the “Rubber-face Fakebook Boy.” “…it’s all right, we know where you’ve been.”

  15. Roundball Shaman says:

    “How did this little prick, who started off going, ‘She’s pretty, we’ll give her a four out of five. She’s ugly, we’ll give her a one’… How the fuck did he get any power in anything?” (Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, on Mark Zuckerberg)

    If it wasn’t this particular Little Prick, it would have been another.

    If it wasn’t Fakebook or Farcebook or whatever the hell that gaggle group from Hell is called, then it would be some other gaggle group under some other name.

    We were going to have this kind of atrocity forced upon us. One way or the other. We didn’t get a vote and we didn’t have a choice.

    But here’s the thing. That Little Prick isn’t the problem. The Corporate Name On The Door isn’t the problem. The secret funding isn’t the problem. The particular gaggle of snakes and lizards and slimeballs that operate such atrocities are not the problem. The problem lies… elsewhere. In fact, the problem is found in billions of places all around the world regardless of what size prick they are and what sex they choose to be at that moment and which gaggle they are employed by or choose to hang around with.

    Care to guess where the problem really lies?

    • hyden says:

      according to Krishnamurti ‘total selfishness’ is reason of most of worlds problems…..”Why should we suffer? If man is the creation of god, god must be a rather horrible entity, a monstrous entity that is making human beings go through hell. Right? He must be total disorder because we live in disorder – if he created us. If he created us and we are killing each other through terror, bombs, kidnapping – oh, you know all the terrible things that are happening in the world. If you are created in his image, that image must be monstrous. Obviously it is quite evident that man is responsible. Nobody outside of us, no gods, no angels, no Brahman, no higher – none of that is responsible for this, we are responsible. And what is the cause of this? You understand now? Is the cause selfishness? Is the cause the accumulated knowledge – please listen carefully. We are not against knowledge, knowledge is necessary – to drive a car, to learn a language, to operate any electronic… so on, so on, so on – knowledge is necessary. But the psychological knowledge that one has accumulated, generation after generation, is that the cause? Is it that the knowledge has been translated psychologically into concepts, into your belief and my belief – you are following all this? Please sirs, don’t go to sleep! If you are really deeply concerned about this, which everyone must be, why we live this way, so-called civilised human beings, with cars, marvellous surgeries, excellent communication, transport and all the rest of it, but psychologically inwardly, inside the skin, we have become terror, we have become the most dangerous people on earth. Right? We may be occasionally kind, occasionally loving, unselfish, but this separate individual unselfishness and so on has not solved the problem. It is not poverty, starvation, disease that is the problem, it is us, our consciousness.https://jkrishnamurti.org/content/why-there-such-chaos-world

  16. Greg says:

    Roger Waters is pro mask and pro vaccine. Guess his record label agents want to save what’s left of his rock n roller reputation. So they give him a few quotes to put down Zuckerberg. See thru that right away. Even Ted Nugent and Mick Jagger sold out just like most other music artist that want to keep their fame and fortune.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      * Even Ted Nugent and Mick Jagger sold out just like most other music artist that want to keep their fame and fortune. *

      Let’s not forget the fact that they are also “Associated Freemasons”!


      We have all kinds of sell-outs and cowards all around us these days.

      Just waiting to see if Missourians are so forgiving of Mark McCloskey (hoping for a run for the senate) – as so many commentors were wishing for.

      I lambasted Mr. McCloskey for good reason: He and his wife “pled” guilty for an act that was justified – which has the net effect of saying that our 2nd Amendment rights, as well as our right to protect ourselves and our homes – takes a back seat to someone’s (McCloskey’s) future (and very doubtful) election aspirations! – Another sell-out!

      Zuckerberg is just another symptom, as is Mark McCloskey – of a dying nation which has lost all interest in Freedom and Liberty! – Our Nation’s Founders and early fighters bled and lost their lives and fortunes for THIS? ? ?

    • martyg says:

      Ditto Willie Nelson who sold out to the Dark Side by participating in a video ad promoting the injection of the experimental gene editing population culling/bioweapon jab masquerading as.a vaccine.

    • michael burns says:

      What a sell-out he is…and of all the music genres, the Punks are selling out like cheap tweaking hookers.

      Strange if you look close enough the Matrix begins to look fluid like as it shifts to the “New Normal”. The Reality Manufacturing Machine is being retooled for a digital/organic marriage of existence…I feel so alone these days, surrounded by androids of all shapes.

      On Waters: “Everybody Knows” the truth.

      “David thinks he owns it. I think he thinks that because I left the band in 1985, that he owns Pink Floyd” -Roger Waters

      A “Momentary Lapse of Reason”, the “Division Bell” — such a great album, the “Endless River”…ah yeah mate, Floyd moved forward, you left and the music continued in those are classic Gilmour works and you stopped and became what the band wrote about, hated, and played about back in the beginning. Control and the fucking money, greed and the red carpet.

      Waters constant repetition of the old stuff in concerts, draining the blood from the rhythms, and the rewrites of classic Pink without asking the rest of the PF band, and all those strange stage effects, inflatable pigs with the Stars of David on them. Your political views…who gives a shit.

      What does that have to do with great music…

      The top richest rock stars, Waters holds the #13 as his sacred place, while Gilmour paid for the production of Kate Bush’s first three albums and helped launch her, he continues and is #14 in the world of great guitarists while his bass work doesn’t rate at all.

      David Gilmour remained and remains the eternal artist as can be heard in the last albums and poignantly in the Endless River.

      Waters is a wanker with a chip, and has forgotten he is simply the bassist — his political messages on his masks: “Free DONZIGER”, Palestine and his antisemitism.

      The war against oil caused Chevron to leave Ecuador and take the jobs with them. And Donziger is a fraud and exploited a crisis for his own gain as did Waters who used it politically.

      Even Thom Yorke spoke out about Waters courageousness…he (Waters) is a lying washed up fake, and a has been, no longer an artist, if he ever was one, in it for the game and fame and money.

      Gilmour was the silver lining after Barret thanks god!


  17. Jim S Smith says:

    – “To Clearly See, To Clearly Know, All Things Become Visible.

    There was a reason why I chose this for my own blog’s “slogan”. Jon’s is another blog that would be fitting such a slogan: Because his does exactly that – Illuminates the facts – which bear the Truth – and it ALL becomes much clearer!

    ( BTW: My blog is: “Through The Eyes of a Dragon”, still on WordPress (dot) com. )

    What many may have forgotten (or don’t even know):

    Not only is FaceBook part of the CIA’s clandestine ops,

    But so are:

    1. GOOGLE,
    2. AMAZON,
    3. MySpace (though not as popular now ),
    4. Ebay,

    Along with several “InfoSec” sites. (Rather interesting! The CIA and NSA have supplied these firms with all sorts of exploitation tools, too!)

    • Paul says:


      I tried typing what you wrote (dragon title, .com, etc) to read your blog writings.

      It took me to a site, to set up my own blog, which I not interested in.

      What is your precise address?


  18. hyden says:

    Roger Waters also loves Fauci…It was in interview i saw just after covid started happening. He Roger Waters was saying “how great a job Dr Fauci has done”. I cannot find interview though. He may have changed his mind since then as well,

  19. Pisces says:

    You would make a great senator, Jon, and based on what you wrote in this piece, it seems like psychology could’ve been your expertise if you were interested in that field because your “analysis” of the whole situation regarding that subject and psychology of both “characters” seemed so realistic. A very interesting read.

  20. hyden says:

    And the case against whites….https://www.independent.co.uk/climate-change/news/greta-thunberg-new-zealand-school-strike-b1866457.html

    look the new awoke people Woking themselves…

  21. Paul says:

    On Tucker Carlson’s reportage

    …Glenn Greenwald.

    Remember Jon Rappoport’s
    scathing, un-scabbard-ing,
    just hours past,
    Jan The Sixth…

    “History,” Seen,
    in the moments shortly

    The Antidote
    To that million-layered-cake.

  22. Paul says:


    Dear Jon,

    I appreciate your Interrogation,
    on all things Mr. Z
    (& Gated Bill).

    But I need just a little practical move.


    I’m not adverse to correction.

    But I know the difference betwixt “intro” & “into”.



    Mr. Smith! Rescue me!

    Just kidding.

    Don’t trust Jannah and/or “Gata”

  23. Paul says:

    Senator Doe,

    Why were you so mean to Markie Mark.

    Why don’t you spend more time within virtual reality.

    Maybe then, & only then, “you’ll get,” MM.

    I’d thank you, but I don’t like mean people, like you.



    MM sounds so sincere.
    He really delivers a sense-of-presence.

    What’s wrong with you?

    …Crunch… (basement chitos)

  24. Tim says:

    This is the game of ; Let’s Pretend: nothing is something, and nowhere is somewhere.

  25. Tim says:

    AKA; “Much Ado About Nothing”

  26. Grace is Amazing! says:

    Several years ago I read that Mark Zuckerberg’s really a Rotchschild. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  27. Tim_2A says:

    Willie Nelson is now a jab and de-pop sell out?? That’s horrible.

    I have to wonder if he was “made…an offer he couldn’t refuse,” as he lives full-time in his giant RV.

    Regardless of location,
    his life could turn ugly
    if an authoritarian regime was to
    ‘inspect’ (shred) his home
    and then lay claim to
    any ‘illegal’ substances
    they may ‘find.’

    “How about a ‘fast-acting cancer,’ instead of helping us out, Willie?”

    Of course, THAT could happen
    to ANY of us.

    “Keep your love alive.”


  28. Paul says:

    ~Mr. Jim S Smith is patiently turning over a crepe suzette with spatula in-hand. Left hand holds the most recent copy of Electronics Monthly. He speed reads it before his crepe is completed & satisfied forth-with, flips said journal towards the basket…swish…all net. He sits down to his tasty, well-prepared, elegant meal.~


    Ya ever see ‘n hear those bug-zappers?

    Ya know the ones.

    They possess glowing, iridescent, irises, rain-bowed & luminal. They cast a purplish noble light. They project fostered wisdom. But deadly as a scorpion.

    They got resistors. I think a resistor works thus: Energy passes through it & it pushes back (Ohmmmmm & Omega).

    Now, somethin’s gotta give in that equation. And the resistor bears the heat.

    And there is a cost. Master Electric Company doesn’t give a damn of your cost. He gets paid nonetheless.

    That stored heat, can pay a toll, on any valiant resistor.

    I know I gotta watch my own little one & not burn out.

    It seems, in some “strange Senatorial” way, the best resistors, utilize that utility, & project that stored heat.

    Zap!!! Goes Mr. Z

  29. Sailors Delight says:

    https://youtu.be/qVSxq4E0jfc a worthy listen, live yesterday, created 061921, peace to all here, collective of sound minds, applying logic by the day, is boots on the ground 😉

    • Paul says:


      Thank you.

    • george says:

      Why would somebody post on youtube/ facebook/ tweeter is beyond logic. Why give them power? Just ignore them. Are people so brainwashed in using those services that they cannot even imagine there are alternatives?

  30. Paul says:


    My Father was a Sailor.
    WW II Navy.
    He died when I was 15.
    He died on D-Day (June 6th), after The Fight.


    Thanx Especially…

    Hope To See You Again

    Still Listenin’.

  31. Paul says:

    An Open Letter:
    To All U.S. Senators.
    Of Our Nation’s Union.

    Dear Senator,

    I’m asking you to invite investigative reporter Jon Rappoport, to deliver his research, findings, & analysis, regarding Covid-19, the media, & corporate malfeasance, to The People, of The United States.

    I cordially ask, that you consider, my request.

    You & The People,
    will not be disappointed.

    This, I promise.

    [insert name]
    A Concerned Citizen.

  32. Jerry Alan Kimbro says:

    Hey take it easy on Lord Zuck. That’s the future World President for life you be talking about..

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