The COVID vaccine; more genetic thunder

Don’t believe anyone who claims the vaccine is causing one and only one problem.

by Jon Rappoport

June 3, 2021

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Children’s Health Defense: “VAERS [US] data released today showed 227,805 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 4,201 deaths and 18,528 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and May 14, 2021.” [1]

Depending on which study you read, you can multiply reported adverse-effect numbers by 10 or 100, to arrive at a truer estimate of the human damage.

I’ve been warning readers about the inherent dangers of any genetic treatment. [2] The RNA COVID vaccines are just such a treatment—the first of its kind to be unleashed on the global population.

In this article, I’m using a mainstream piece from the BBC as a source for what can go wrong when genes are deployed “to work miracles.”

BBC, “The genetic mistakes that could shape our species,” 4/12/21 [3]:

“In fact, there have been no shortage of surprises in the field [of gene research]. From the rabbits altered to be leaner that inexplicably ended up with much longer tongues to the cattle tweaked to lack horns that were inadvertently endowed with a long stretch of bacterial DNA in their genomes (including some genes that confer antibiotic resistance, no less) – its past is riddled with errors and misunderstandings.”

“More recently, researchers at the Francis Crick Institute in London warned that editing the genetics of human embryos can lead to unintended consequences. By analysing data from previous experiments, they found that approximately 16% had accidental mutations that would not have been picked up via standard tests.”

And 16% is the estimate of unintended ripple effects in publicly available research results. Who knows what the error rate is in secret labs, where the obsession to create “different humans” would instigate throwing all caution to the winds?

The BBC article describes a criminally fraudulent experiment carried out by researcher He Jianku, in China, several years ago. After in utero genetic treatment, twin baby girls were born with the instruction to create a specific “CCR5 protein.”

Does that sound familiar? The current COVID RNA vaccines are supposed to force cells of the body to produce a specific spike protein.

But in the Chinese baby experiment, something went very wrong. The baby girls produced a variety of proteins.

BBC: “We’ve never seen these CCR5 proteins before and we don’t know their function in the context of a human being,” says [Krishanu] Saha [“a bioengineer at University of Wisconsin-Madison”]…”

Boom. Thunder.

Is the COVID vaccine is only forcing the production of the one intended spike protein? NO large-scale study of vaccinated people has been done to find out. It’s bad enough that the COVID shot is supposed to result in the spike protein. But what about unintended proteins, whose effects are entirely unknown?

Researcher Saha comments on a different type of genetic experiment, designed to edit the genes of the recipient—without passing that alteration on to the next generation.

“So let’s say we are injecting a genome editor into the brain to target neurons in the hippocampus,” says Saha. “How do we make sure that those genome editors do not travel into the reproductive organs and end up hitting a sperm or egg? Then that individual could potentially pass the edit on to their children.”

The COVID RNA injections are called vaccines, in order to conceal the fact that they are global genetic experiments. That’s what’s going on.

The huge mounting numbers (and variety) of injuries and deaths publicly reported are a signal of a catastrophe. Whether you choose to believe this is intentional, accidental, or both, the picture is clear.

The GENETIC EXPERIMENT currently launched against the human population is not what we are being told it is.

We’re GMO crops, GMO mosquitos; we’re the GMO cattle and rabbits; we’re the twin baby GMO girls in China.

Further reading: “Genetically modified people: what could go wrong?” [4] and “Vaccines: an ideal covert op to genetically re-engineer humans” [5]







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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

54 comments on “The COVID vaccine; more genetic thunder

  1. Tom P. says:

    Using propaganda is too time-consuming and too uncertain.
    I guess ‘they’ want people to be connected to A.I. that will show them the way. In Isaiah 30:21 it’s stated:
    “and whenever you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear this command behind you: “This is the way. Walk in it.”

    That’s the plan in a nutshell.

  2. Dr. W! says:

    Jon and company, It appears to this commenter that Team Global is bound and determined to achieve its now repeatedly stated goal – reducing total human population. Reviewing this article and contemplating the larger, wider view of availably ‘known’ information right now we can surmise there is some imperative which is currently afoot, on the loose and rampaging world wide. That imperative appears to be: By Any and All Means Available, NOW. While I ‘ve got my own hypotheses as to what may be the factors, currently compelling the deciders for our society, I do not know for certain. It does seem to me that expectations held by the well informed inner circles of the elite among the elite mostly or entirely agree with the plan, whatever it may be. Apparently it is an agreed upon goal and there are deals being made to execute their plan. As the years advance it would be no ‘Surprise” at all to find that survival with dignity and freedom of thought become more and more costly to come by and maintain. So in closing, I’m requesting that others chime in with their ideas and thoughts regarding the question, Why? Why is this such an urgent goal now? For what purpose(s) and to what end are these actions so important that they had to begin in late 2019 and become widely known in 2020? What’s up with all of that? What’s going on?

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      Good question. I would first refer to that Lockstep program because not only is this being rolled out now, as opposed to later… it’s being rolled out in a coordinated way. Maybe they’re racing to accomplish something ahead of some unstoppable event.

      I’ve been watching talk about sunspot activity and the possibility of a solar flare. Doug Vogt is sure it’s going to occur in 2046 but that’s still 24 years down the road.

      Last night on Noori’s Coast to Coast, a guest said that Biden’s economic team is predicting 5% growth in 2021 and 2022 but 2% for the eight years after that. That means something is about to happen in 2023. The site shows reduced populations from that date as well I think.

      Some of those who predict the vaxxed will die are citing an expert who is being quoted as saying they have 2 years before death.

      I don’t have any definitive guess yet but those are a few items your post prompted me to consider.

      • David Hoffman says: says planet Nibiru is approaching soon, which would create a ‘pole shift’ which would ‘wipe out’ the New World Order, and that’s why all this is being fast-tracked now. Idk if it’s true, but that’s what he says, check out his site. Regards.

      • Amanda says:

        Interesting info Rick. I recently stumbled upon Doug Vogt’s channel and he seems to say that our sun micronovas every 12,000 years and that it’s due again in 2046.

        I found his channel from the Suspicious Observers channel, which I highly recommend. He also talks about the 12,000 year disaster cycle and has some good play lists on his site. All of his info will make sense to those family with Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision, Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, and Robert Schoch (fwiw- Joe Rogan has done great shows with Carlson and Hancock).

        • TeresaE says:

          Yes Amanda, yes!
          The Solar System, our brother and sister planets have already begun physically changing.
          It is happening whether we believe it or not.
          The Elite don’t want to leave, but just like the dinosaurs, soon won’t have the option to stay.
          So, its all good.
          Though birth is always a messy, dangerous, life-risking proposition, and birthing a new planet will be the exact same.

        • Marguerite says:

          12,000 years is the time period of precession, or “The Great Age”. It doesn’t necessarily mean any great disaster – Noah’s flood is a metaphor for the ending of one age (washing away) and a new cycle coming in.

        • john-oranje says:

          What could possibly go wrong with research
          like this applied to human beings?

          Baylor’s Martin Matzuk is using clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) genetic-engineering biotechnology to delete mouse genes that are active in the testes one by one, the MIT publication explains. “These mice are allowed to mate, and if their female partners don’t get pregnant after three to six months, it means the gene might be a target for a contraceptive. … His next step, he says, will be a novel screening approach to test whether any of about two billion chemicals can disable these genes in a test tube. Promising chemicals could then be fed to male mice to see if they cause infertility.”

          Researchers at the University of Georgia, another Gates-funded institution, are testing contraceptive drugs on human stem cells “that look and act like the sperm-making factory cells in the testes.”

          In 2012, Natural News founder Mike Adams nicknamed Bill Gates the Sperminator because of his alleged obsession with destroying human sperm and depopulating the planet.

          The above is part of an article at

      • Shannon Gream says:

        My daughter recently sent me an article about the “ring of fire” that is supposed to happen april 2023. I admit i haven’t looked into it yet, but its something I’ll look into now,after reading your comments!

    • BoogeymanSlayer says:

      Thank you for your comments. I, too, am curious as to the timing. I have been studying solar weather cycles, ancient history, plasma physics, electric universe theory and catastrophic events on our planet for at least a decade or more and I am quite certain these people know far more about these things than I do. I have learned that our planet is undergoing some overlapping cycles that can have dire consequences for life on our planet at some point, likely in our relatively near future.

      Now no one knows for certain if or when these events might go catastrophic, but it is more likely than not. I am not a Bible scholar, but people seem to relate current events with predictions from that book.

      If you know the solar cycles and lunar, it’s much easier to make predictions about the weather patterns. Those who followed the stars became the powerful because they controlled the knowledge of planting cycles and could influence the wealthy. Prophets/profits. Oh, I dunno…

      The Catholic Church has some of the best telescopes on the planet, I have heard, and the Chinese have been following solar cycles for thousands of years. Their abilities to predict catastrophic events must be fairly reliable. No Chinese Dynasty has lasted longer than 400 years, a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) cycle. These GSMs result in extreme and erratic weather patterns and plants can’t handle it. Famines result, people riot, and dynasties lose control. We are at another GSM beginning.

      The saying that millionaires don’t follow astrology, billionaires do might have some validity. Knowing that the stakes are high and that we are quite likely facing an upheaval in our lifetimes may spur these dregs on to make a last ditch effort for control. Maybe they are intentionally or unwittingly trying to beat the clock. I just find it interesting how these events seem to coincide.

      If you don’t already know this, but solar flares and other events affect our body’s electrical system, and after a flare there is an uptick in ER visits for mental and heart-related issues such as atrial fibrillation and heart attacks. There is something called the Kp index that ranks the magnitude of the event. You can find the index on Mass psychosis might occur under some of the bigger solar cycles, I am thinking.

      There is much more to be said, but this summary describes my thoughts and curiosity about the coinciding events.

    • Raven says:

      The answer is simple albeit hidden to most. The earth and all her beings are being showered with cosmic energies from the central sun of our galaxy. This is a cyclical evolutionary process that happens every 26,000+ years and results in an evolutionary upgrade to the human (and all animal/plant life) genome. Darwin’s theory of evolution was a total lie, descending from apes is not how we evolved.

      The globalists are not educated in our school systems so they know all about this process and they are trying desperately to stop it because it results in humans awakening to who and what we truly are because our so-called “junk DNA” that is not junk at all will be turned on. When this happens, it’s game over for the globalists. Problem is, it’s too late, they screwed up and they know it, so this sensation of “what’s the hurry?” is real.

      Those who, by their own free will, took the mRNA genetic monkey wrench will not be participating in evolution of humanity this time around. They get to come back and try again next time, hopefully by then they will value the sanctity of their bodies as the miracles they truly are.

      • TeresaE says:

        Why hopefully?
        They are all in the place of evolution and growth that they are.
        Do infants “hope” to read Shakespeare?
        Do we feel sorry for infants because they can’t play Chopin, or Led Zeppelin?
        Nope, we understand they are in a stage in human life cycle, not messing up.
        I’ve found this explains earth humans very nicely.
        Everyone is in a different point of their own life cycle, everyone will end up exactly where they are supposed to be.
        Thank you for sharing this view.
        I believe it is happening, too.

      • Shannon Gream says:

        Since these globalists have rearranged our existence for some long, I started questioning time. They have changed our calendar many times, have added and subtracted time from us, so we don’t have a grip on time, and place. They obviously do. And there are certain countries still running on the right time.
        The oldest calendar could find was the Enochian calendar. But recently I came across a man (who is now deceased) and of course everyone thought he was sci-fi type and the fact checkers said his work was fiction, but I’m not so sure! His name is Terry Pritchard, and his work is the “disc world”, and he used to publish calendars.
        A couple of other calendars that drew my attention because of how they were discussed as being fake were the Enochian calendar, the Darian Calendar, the Middle Earth Calendar, and The star date calendar.
        These revisionist psychopaths are determined to not let us know the true date, or even the true point in eras, or age that we are in.
        Once we find that out, I think more of the puzzle will fall into place!

        • Shannon Gream says:

          I also wanted to mention that the psychopath control freaks have also changed latitude and longitude lines in order to screw up our sense of time. They literally made mari-time.
          The “navel” of earth I believe is suppose to be in israel, but I can’t find my notes at the moment. There is a period where the sun and the moon rise at the same time, but the sun hides the moon. That is where the original lat. and long. lines are suppose to be.
          Also, Kerry just got back from an Antarctica trip “for global warming”, why there?
          And lately Trump has been talking about a jubilee. Being that these psychopaths tell us everything before they do anything, I didn’t interpret trumps jubilee statement as a grand party, but rather what it means relative to time. King Antiochus died 1335 days after he dedicated the temple to zeus, and 1290 days after he defiled the temple by sacrificing swine on the alter. Hellenization began in 170 bce, and according to the bible, in jubilee time, that was 350 years from the death of the king. It states 7 jubilee times 100, times 200, half time 50.
          There are articles out there about how badly they have high jacked the English language and are using it as a weapon with the double and sometimes multiple definitions of our words. I look up historic meanings to words on etymology online.
          The leaders have a habit of using the same words and phrases,at the same time. What they are doing are incantations. They rely heavily on us not paying attention. There are powerful frequencies and resonance in words. Words carry power. So if you look at gematria, you can figure out their double speak. Dates are very important as well. They have had us in 1918, the fall of the Roman empire, 1945…well the next date they have down that seems significant is June 30, this was the beginning of Hitlers night of the long knives, and lasted 4 nights.
          This cabal is as diabolical as they come. And the “woke”, aka “illuminated” are just puppets.
          Once you dive down the Freemason, illuminati, symbolism, gematria, luciferian calendar of “holy” festivals you’ll know more the lunar cycles they follow, and important days for them. Its what the Vatican symbols and rituals are based on. There is nothing christian about Catholicism! It’s completely based on pagan doctrine, We have been deceived on many, many levels.
          The true calendar is based on a fixed 364 day solar calendar with the first of the year being the spring equinox.With 30 day months and 31 when we transition into the next season, which there are 4. So in 12 months, we have 4 months with 31 days, and 8 months with 30. For a total of 364 days, 12 months. And the first day of the week is suppose to be Sunday. The 7th day is suppose to be Saturday, abd this was Sabbath worship. They have completely flipped holy scripture on its head. Our whole existence has been a lie, so we need to uncover the truth to expose these creatures for what they are. They are panicking which makes them more dangerous. Look up the etymology of corona, it may shock you, it did me! Happy hunting, these rabbit holes run deep!

    • michael burns says:

      Every 12,000 or so years there is global reset (hate to use the word), but it is eminent and well above anything us puny humans could try to stop…but information is lacking and subdued outside of the scholars world.

      The sun go through many different cycles the most pertinent is the 11-14 year solar cycle, it is obvious and can be studied easily.
      We are presently in Solar Cycle 25, the coldest solar cycle in two hundred year, and might possibly be heading into a Grand Solar Minimum, or a small Dalton Minimum of just this Solar cycle 25.

      The last Grand Solar Minimum had such events as the little ice age and generally is thought to have lasted 150 years from 1600-1750, but many have seen a continuing connection that goes back to the 1200’s and the end of the Medieval Maximum. The Wolf, Sporer and Maunder Minimums as a continuing event with a few cycles of reasonable and hotter climate in between.

      And the resulting dark ages bares witness to such thought, and the great lack of food and order — these periods were hectic for average humans; oppression, starvation, crop failures war and some of the most horrendous genocides and catastrophes of nature in all human history.

      Now that being said, there are greater cycles that the 11-14 year fits into — we rotate around a galaxy and it takes approximately 26,000 years. Orbiting above and below the equatorial equator, through vast fields of radiation and EMF and dust, particle and gas fields millions of miles wide — denser space results in hotter solar cycles, voids or sparse areas of space cause colder cycles.

      It is a electric universe!

      So, reading core samples of earth and understanding of what is ahead or behind can be properly known and the samples show continuing reversals of the poles and this leads to the understanding that we waver and cycle above and below the galactic equator and thus the solar reversals causing earth reversals in magnetism. Many will say these are slow events, but evidence from other fields support that they can happen quite quickly, within a decade…

      These are catastrophic and to make matter worse the solar activity of the sun incurs a every so often super-flare of massive proportion some as weak as the Carrington event, others so powerful that they can turn sand to glass — as can be witnessed in the sun facing side of the moon. Depending these solar mega flare can be as small as the Carrington event or reach a possible Micro Nova range.

      The solar system is not finished in its continuing creation and destruction.

      The 12,000 or so years cycle can be seen as far back as 750,000 years in core samples.

      Historical myths and stories, the Bible, the writing of the Sumerians, Babylonians and even the Maya all hold evidence of these possibilities having happened before. Scientific fields in geology, earth sciences all hold evidence.

      The great deluge of the Bible has its happening during one of these reversals or quite possibly a super-flare that melted miles deep glacial ice that covered most of Canada and the northern areas and Europe and the Northern border regions of the US.

      Huge amounts of water were locked in that glacial ice — released it resulted in a geological evidence based flood of Biblical proportions.

      In North America it was the cause of the death and extinction of the mega-fauna like mammoth, camel, horse, bears, and large cats, rhinoceros and, the Clovis people. It is estimated the ocean rose as much as 140 meters separating England and Ireland from the European continent, flooding Doggerland; separating much of the pacific islands from the mainlands.

      It was literally hell on earth, as fires raised such amount of ash and carbon into the atmosphere which plunged the planet quickly into a fast freeze and mini ice age from roughly 12,900 to 11,700 resulting in the a period called the younger Dryas. Humans suffer for this for hundreds of years. Frozen Mammoths in glacial ice have been found with buttercups in their mouths. Trees and skeletal remains thaw from the fronts of glaciers melting. Ice melted quickly and froze just as quickly.

      This is all modern scientific understanding of the solar system that we live in. The data from a greater number of scientific studies appears to show a coming event quite soon, within years, maybe a few decades. The ice cores; the deep sea cores, fossil tree rings; solar data from space and recorded history; geological study all point in the same direction and coalesces into a single event. An event that has happened many times through human history.

      A single event some 70,000 years ago show a human bottle neck of extinction that resulted in the population being reduced to some 2,200 mating pairs, the cause was a super volcano eruption possibly triggered from a magnetic reversal.

      I think the elites have been convinced as they were before and have well stocked underground bunkers — there is evidence of this in the deep past as well. It is theorized and highly likely that Goblecki Tepi is a monument to the dead of the great flood.

      They are racing against this happening again and sending the whole of mankind and all that he has built back to the stone age again.

      • john-oranje says:

        That is very interesting Michael and maybe puts
        into context the writings of Velikovsky.
        He wrote the books ‘Worlds in Colision’ and
        ‘Earth in Upheaval’ back in the 1950s.
        He describes how great floods caused by the
        axis of the earth tilting could have caused
        extinctions and formed fossils and also
        accounted for the mammoths in ice.

      • TeresaE says:

        Look around
        We seem to need to have our toys taken away from us.

        Gene-splicing, nuclear fission, dead food, water, soil and air, all in the name of health.

        I feel privileged to be here to see the final days/years/decades.

        What a ride!

      • Kat says:

        These events are on a timeline that is equal to 10 minutes or so to the planet whom I see as Mother Earth or Sophia. She’s been experimenting with life or creating life for who can imagine how long! Nothing to be afraid of…
        John Lamb Lash NOT IN HIS IMAGE

    • Dr. W! says:

      Thank you! I am sending a great big thank you to every one who commented. Readers please stay with me because I do expect to get back to my earlier question. The cycle we really ought to talk about most is the approximately Twenty-Six thousand year cycle which corresponds to the Milky Way Galaxy’s procession cycle. If memory serves me this AM, the time period of the movement of our solar system up and down, relative to the center of this galaxy is 25,920 years. That is so much closer to 26,000 that using ‘25,000’ years seems a bit ‘silly.’ Since the ‘space age’ began in earnest about 70 years ago scientists have been able to determine that from the time our sun crosses the galactic equator moving ‘Northward’* and moves to its northern-most zenith, and then travels back ‘Southward’ to its nadir, and then ‘northward’ again to re-align with the equator of this galaxy is 25,920 years. So much of the bally-hoo and hoo rah rah relating to the Winter Solstice of 2012* was based on the fact that that alignment took place then.

      Nature follows patterns and responds to actual real-life circumstances. For the most part it seems that “Nature” knows nothing about “clock time” and it does not set schedules by ‘calendars.’ However, “Nature” collectively does appear to operate on its own ‘schedules’ of sorts. Humans, although frequently silly in their choices, do also respond. It does very strongly appear that a certain faucet of Faucci-isms has been acting in an utterly selfish and stoopid (sp.) manner. The ‘Electric Universe’ could probably care not one single wit about the afore-mentioned nitwit. Not at all, nothing. Perhaps those idiots of Faucci-isms know full well and good what is in store for planet Earth and they are terrified. And maybe, just maybe – Nature is attempting to help these pitiful and foolish creatures called humans. And, nature is doing so in its own ways. I do not know, none of us really do Know. Good luck everybody!

    • Thim says:

      2030 would be 2000 years since Jesus was crucified, resurrected, and ascended to heaven, assuming the Roman Church was correct, and he was born at year 0, AD.

      It is a Lucuferian offensive

    • Lori Kress says:

      The Gov. now want a total social Gov.! And they want to depopulate the U.S. and all the other countries! They want a one group of people to rule over everyone else. I watched a show quite a while ago, that had the richest people in the U.S. talking about what we need to do to keep our water supply from running out, and everything about the Earths food supply. We are looking at a takeover of our planet! They are engineering our corn and other crops to where you cant plant that piece of corn from that crop and get it to grow! They are going to control our food supply also.

  3. Paul says:

    “I’ve been warning
    readers about the
    inherent dangers
    of any
    genetic treatment.”

    “Who knows what
    the error rate is
    in secret labs,
    where the obsession
    to create
    “different humans”…”

    “But what about
    unintended proteins,
    whose effects
    are entirely unknown?”

    “We’re GMO…”

    At least a decade ago, I saw a documentary (LINK TV or maybe PBS) on cattle production.

    The steers looked really abnormal. They were the size of a small bus. Perhaps blind or poorly-sighted. They were ALL muscle. The workers were collecting semen samples for sale.

    I offer this example, because THE SHOCK of seeing these “manufactured-beasts” & realizing that the meat I consume comes from this type of “selecting-science.”

    I am not a vegetarian.

    Diet For A New America (John Robbins) also spoke of deeper issues concerning “scientific-alteration(s).”

  4. natalie meade says:

    Great article, YES, I am VERY worried about the knock on effects and massive ongoing issues for those who accept this experimental genetic treatment.

  5. Paul says:

    Biden’s pick for Science Advisor

    “Dr. Eric Lander said
    he is reimagining
    “a world
    we rearrange
    a lot of things”…”

    • Jim S Smith says:

      “100 days”? ? ?

      Sounds like they are trying to “best” the Trump administration’s policies (yet again). Either which way, NONE of these “vaccines” are worth the risk to life and limb!

      • Paul says:

        I know someone, close to 70 years old, got Moderns 2-shot, now has Guillain-Barre syndrome.

        Lethargy, intermittent but significant joint pain, loss of balance, heart palpitations, slight mental “slowing”, that is, less quick-mentally, as was before shot.

        • GFH3 says:

          That’s why I’m not getting the shot . . . almost did but decided not to. Events have proven the wisdom of my decision.

  6. Jim S Smith says:

    Ah yesssss!

    We mentioned the genetically-modified Mosquitoes! – Funny how after a major release of these “franken-bugs”, those areas somehow developed large clusters of unusual “illnesses” and “dis-eases” that “suddenly” spiked up out of nowhere.


    And THEN,

    The barely-mentioned idea of using Mosquitoes and other blood-feeding insects to deliver “vaccinations” to the populace! A dark and sick joke of a label called them: “flying hypodermic needles“! ! !

    This has been in the works for many years. WHERE do you think these mysterious illnesses (of course, mis-attributed to some unknown “virus”) have been coming from, and WHY the “coincidentially occur” in areas where such research has been on-going? ? ?

    Perhaps not with “viruses”, but with other unusual substances, bacteria, or even NANO-TECH?

    These horrible “researchers” and their financiers/”owners” are deliberately manipulating the human genome, just as they have been with everything else for YEARS! – This is really not a new concept, just a new revelation into what “they” have been up to.

    • Anna says:

      @Jim S Smith — Yes, exactly: “This has been in the works for many years.” So many incremental steps have gotten us to this point in the dystopian re-org. It’s not new. A “virus” is the perfect, amorphous boogeyman that serves numerous purposes in the implementation of “full spectrum dominance” (the latter, a foreign relations term, which, IMO, also applies to individuals.
      The above, bleak outlook notwithstanding, I continue to receive, cultivate live demonstrable faith in human/metaphysical capacity to powerfully protect and transform oneself, inspite of the “evil.”
      Let’s do the hundredth monkey thing of responding vibrationally and practically via our “highest selves”…until such hi-level consciousness becomes normative, thus superseding the evil.

  7. nowisnew says:

    It is abundantly clear that culling the populace is the objective .
    What if there were Patriots at the top who know who is really responsible and start culling them .

  8. ReluctantWarrior says:

    ‘The COVID RNA injections are called vaccines, in order to conceal the fact that they are global genetic experiments. That’s what’s going on.’


    And SARS-CoV-2 may have been designed to exploit weakened immune systems by triggering widespread inflammation in the body thus resulting in the exploitation of other underlying conditions.

    The recent revelation of Dr. Fauci’s emails make it clear the extent to which the Government has been lying to us. The human immune system is a beautiful work of art. If one really understands how it functions then it becomes clear that there are many ways to maintain it in fine working order and even supercharge it. mRNA jabs are unproven, experimental and potentially very dangerous.

    • Myles says:

      Fauci’s emails conveniently leaked…

      Understand this: every and anything the Gov says is pure propaganda.
      Thos emails were leaked to given more attention to the ‘Spike protein’.

      All fake.

      There is no virus, no spiked protein, it’s nonsense.

      There is no immune system as there’s nothing to be immune from – only a detoxification system, which is always working (our organs etc).

      People are indeed getting sick, exponentially. And have been for decades. The UN mortality projections are still waay off – expect more mass deaths

      Viruses do not exist
      Contagion is a myth

      • Amanda says:


      • Paul Jury says:

        Well put and I totally agree. The old battle, increasingly coming to the fore, “Terrain” concept vs “Germ theory” war, and after living with the knowledge of Beauchamp’s ideas for going on 30+ years, I know what I’m backing.

        Something that’s not addressed any where near enough is hydration, nutrition and poisoning any and all which could be responsible for any numbers of ‘illness’.
        Viruses do not exist, but Exosomes do. The clever body offloading poison. RF over exposure has many of the same symptoms as some well known diseases.
        Contagion is a myth, but group poisoning happens. No wonder so many got sick in Wuhan, 2 disgusting industrial incinerators. No wonder the mortality rate has been low last year, we stopped all modes of transport practically speaking. Suddenly cities have clear skies.

  9. Leonardo Andolino says:

    Jon, Thanks for always being the first to ask the pertinent questions no one asks, and presenting the bare facts. Prescience is non-existent in the Controlled Media as is truth, and after the tragic consequences of CON-Virus Pandemic the Controlled Media is done.

  10. BigTim says:

    If they want to introduce the spike proteins of the alleged virus into our bodies so that our immune system will recognize them as enemies and develop immunity against, why can’t they produce these spike proteins in vitro and inject them into our body rather than genetically tricking our own cells into producing them?

  11. Eluard says:

    And the Johnson & Johnson Vax isn’t much different, in terms of spewing who knows what spike proteins into the body. Instead of starting with mRNA of the “covid-19 coronavirus” it uses DNA which then gets transcribed into mRNA and then translated into that — wait for it — Coronavirus Spike Protein.

    Same basic shite, except wearing an Adenovirus Monkey suit. Literally monkey. And the monkey eventually poops the spike protein into the system. Don’t forget the peanuts folks.

  12. Roundball Shaman says:

    When faced with public exposure of committing harmful acts against the human family, the perps of such atrocities have two choices. They can claim they are SO sorry and beg and plead for forgiveness. Or secondly, they can choose to double-down on their harmful behavior and keep peddling more lies and horse manure in hopes that enough dopes out in the public will continue to be bedazzled and hoodwinked by the torrential flood of verbal and behavioral sewage coming out of the perp.

    It appears that Doctor Weasel has made his choice. Version number two. Say you were misquoted. Say you were taken out of context. Say you were then, are now, and for all of forever are right about everything. Deflect attention to others and blame them for being ‘haters’. Puff out your chest and proclaim your good intentions and that you do nothing but kneel at the holy temple of… ‘THE SCIENCE!’

    Thank you, Doctor Weasel. At a time when we have gone through hell for no good reason, you have given us all something and someone to laugh at just when we needed it. You have performed a great public service… but not the one you think you have.

  13. Sue says:

    This is an obvious result of vivisection. We have allowed the megalomaniac God wannabes, and those who are thrilled by causing death and destruction in laboratories (getting paid with our tax dollars) to get away with their bizzare and cruel behavior because they managed to convince the general population of their “superior knowledge and intelligence,” and the suffering of any species other than our own has been largely deemed unimportant. My, how karma has a way of circling back and biting us on our self-centered butts.

    Having never questioned them, why would anyone be surprised at the all the masked zombies walking around?

    Even though the following statement was written over 120 years ago, it still applies, with the possible exception that they are now seeking those new methods of death.

    “The spiritual malady that rages in the soul of the vivisector is in itself sufficient to render him incapable of acquiring the highest and best knowledge. He finds it easier to propagate and multiply disease than to discover the secret of health. Seeking for the germs of life, he invents only new methods of death.” – Anna Kingsford, MD

  14. Paul says:

    “The RNA COVID vaccines
    are just such a treatment
    —the first of its kind
    to be unleashed
    on the global population.”

    “The COVID RNA injections
    are called vaccines,
    in order to conceal
    the fact
    that they are
    global genetic experiments.

    That’s what’s going on.”

    “Neal Lane,
    President Bill Clinton’s
    science adviser,
    said [Dr. Eric] Lander
    [candidate JB’s Science Advisor]
    is “perfect” for the pandemic
    because of the need
    for a strategy and
    international agreements.”

    At a recent US Senate Committee hearing, that would confirm Dr. Lander, he was asked by TN Sen. Blackburn about his affiliation with Jeff Epstein.

    It’s been reported that Epstein had an interest in eugenics.

  15. Benjamin Martin says:

    MAGNIFICENT!! Acting Victorian Premier sums it up with the perfect gaffe, a must watch…

  16. LEONIE says:

    Ask The Nurses – Why Can’t We Catch a Virus + Mind & Emotional Viruses + BioEnergetics

  17. lyle says:

    Barry and Honey Sherman share holders in their pharmaceutical company were murdered over 3 years ago. No suspects arrested and last I heard they were probably murdered by professionals. Could they have been asked to partake and turned it down. Their claim to fame was generic products. I believe their wealth was estimated at about $5 billion, Seems an amount like that would be invitation to join the elite club and if they declined would keeping a secret like this be worth while in murder. Just a guess like the rest yet I do feel we are being used for testing and eventual candidates for leaving the world in a box burning within the ovens of a crematorium.

  18. lamberth says:

    I just can not wait for the Bayer-Monsanto vaccine.
    That should be the MOAB of all vaccines.

    • Matopious says:

      Oh I’ve been using their noninvasive (no injection required) vaccines for decades.
      Might explain my myriad of perplexing doctor confounding health challenges.
      Who needs a vaccine?

      I do however understand your enthusiasm for their winning entry into the best of “vaccine” race. Hands Down Best of Show! IMHO They would wipe the floor and eat the leftovers.

  19. Sean says:

    Boom. Thunder. What in the world are we creating? We have no idea. Only to say that it isnt anything known to human. But no problem. Let’s shot everyone on with it so they might be able to handle the common cold. Ah, what a service we provide. Yes and the next pandemic will be taken seriously. Yes Bill, you know it.

    • Shannon Gream says:

      The nephilum were real, look at the book of enuoch. Look at the maps of the giants found in north america. Look at indian folklore. There was a time when we didn’t warehouse our elders, and we relied on oral history passed down through generations. We don’t do that anymore, instead we rely on books written by revisionists. My grandparents told me that the earth is flat and stationary. And it makes sense to me, versus we’re a spinning globe spinning at 1000 mph, traveling around the sun at 65,000mph, hurtling through space at 650,000 mph. How then can a plane land on a straight runaway? Why, when we look up at the sky do we not see the spin? Why do pilots say the earth is flat?
      I dont believe the earth is as old as what science says. Carbon dating is a joke.
      Explain Gilgamesh, he was a giant, and when we raided Iran and stole all of their museum pieces, and we found gilgameshes very well preserved body, Hillary was thrilled! His body disappeared, and all of a sudden there was talk of super soldiers.
      Look at the network of DUMBS.
      Look at all the infrastructure that was here when we’re being told we evolved from apes. If that were true, who drew straws to decide to not evolve?
      Look up the bullet train that runs coast to coast in no time flat…underground. How do you think these elites get around so fast?
      There has been electricity around for a really long time! And the Egyptians had planes.
      The levels of deception to keep us dumbed down is infinite. They use Hollywood and movies, cartoons, and TV in general as predictive programming.
      Tel-lie-vision. Which has PROGRAMS to watch. Subliminal messaging. Mind control.
      Check out interviews with SRA survivors, they talk of what is happening underground. Nellis AFB is a highly active DUMB, potentially 50 stories under the ground.
      Its a time for knowledge!


    ‘We Made a Big Mistake’ — COVID Vaccine Spike Protein Travels From Injection Site, Can Cause Organ Damage C. R. Rund
    • 1st
    Anatomical and Clinical Pathologist
    1w • 1 week ago
    Can someone please confirm this.×900

  21. Shannon Gream says:

    There’s so much to this, but I cant help but wonder, because they are talking more about this. But if they want us to believe we walked out of africa and populated the earth, we would then share the same blood types, collectively…so where did the Rh factor come from? Why do some people like the blonde hair blue eyed indigenous people of northern africa have it more? Why are chinese depictions of their gods look more like caucasians, and they all have blue eyes?
    How did the Rh factor get introduced before the technology? Where did it come from?

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