Wuhan Lab, bioweapon, gain of function, but…the SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t exist in the first place

Putting the paradox together

by Jon Rappoport

May 31, 2021

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What I’m about to lay out might seem “too staggering to believe.”

Fortunately, what people do or don’t believe isn’t the issue.

And with that, here we go. Buckle up.

For the past year, I’ve been presenting evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t exist. It’s never been proven to exist. [1]

Those who claim it does exist have two legs to try to stand on. One: the virus has been isolated (discovered). [2] And two: its genetic sequence has been found. [3] [3a]

However, the mainstream scientific definition of “isolated” turns out to mean: “We have the virus in a soup in a dish in a lab. The soup contains all sorts of material. We never extracted the virus from the soup.” In other words, “isolated” means its opposite.

In the soup, in addition to the purported virus, there are human and monkey cells, toxic drugs, chemicals, and other genetic material. When the cells begin to die, researchers assert (with no proof) that the cause of cell-death must be the virus.

Therefore, the virus IS in the soup, and it is deadly.

However, the drugs and chemicals could be killing the cells, and the cells are being starved of nutrients, so that could certainly account for their death.

Bottom line: There is no proof of isolation. It isn’t even close. There is no evidence that the purported virus is in the soup.

I’ve published a typical account of virus-isolation from a study, and Dr. Andrew Kaufman did a step-by step analysis of this process and tore it to pieces. I published his analysis. Dr. Kaufman showed there was no merit to the claim that SARS-CoV-2 had been isolated. [2]

What about the genetic sequencing of the virus? You can’t sequence something you haven’t isolated (discovered). To claim you have sequenced it would be like saying, “We have a generic fragment of iron dust, and we know it comes from a 1932 Ford Moon Rover fender.” There was never a 1932 Ford Moon Rover.

Researchers presume, assume, guess, pretend that “SARS-CoV-2” WOULD HAVE certain pieces of genetic material, and referring to libraries which contain data about such material, they use a computer program to cobble together pieces of data and present a genetic portrait of “SARS-CoV-2.” [3] [3a]

If we were discussing a science fiction novel about a virus, we might say, “That’s an interesting genetic sequence. An interesting castle in the air.”

Now—to bridge over from this part of the article to the Wuhan lab, gain of function research, tweaking a coronavirus to produce a dangerous entity, we need to know one thing:

Mainstream researchers—virologists, molecular biologists—BELIEVE they are working with a real virus. Most of them certainly believe this. They are married to their fallacious and fantastical processes of proving a given virus exists.

And because they believe, so do politicians and public health officials and military leaders.

Therefore, we could certainly say, if the evidence is convincing, that there has been an effort to ramp up the function of a coronavirus in Wuhan.

But EFFORT and TRYING have nothing to do with the truth.

Based on unproven and untenable beliefs, people have TRIED TO DO all sorts of things. And some of those people have CLAIMED that they SUCCEEDED.

Therefore, it’s really quite easy to see how a) the virus has never been proven to exist and b) some researchers have been trying to ramp up the function of a fantasy they call a virus.

“But…but if the virus doesn’t exist, what are these researchers in their lab in Wuhan doing? What are they working with? What’s going on?”

Yes, I like that question. But you see, in the Church of the Virus, the inner sanctum, the holy of holies—THE HIGH-SECURITY LAB—is not open to you or me or anyone from the outside.

We (and dissenting scientists) can’t look over researchers’ shoulders. We can’t film every step they take. We can’t stop them at any point and make them explain what they’re actually doing. We can’t say, “You just fabricated a conclusion out of thin air, so justify it.” We can’t challenge their ironclad beliefs about the truth and validity of their procedures as they’re actually carrying out those procedural steps.

“What? You call that isolation? You didn’t isolate anything. You just stirred the soup in the dish. Explain yourself. And the gene you say you just tweaked? What gene? Let’s go back over that again. You just fiddled with DATA about a gene in a so-called virus. Makes no sense. Let’s review that move. Let’s break it down.”

No, we can’t do any of this.

Instead, we’re supposed to have faith in what these researchers have faith in.

If this amounts to science, Kool-Aid is the nectar of the gods.

“Excuse me, Doctor Towering-Arrogant, but you just plugged your latest ‘finding’ into a computer program, which is supposed to spit out the genetic sequence of the ‘new tweaked virus you just created’.”

“Yes? So?”

“First of all, you’re working with DATA here, not actual physical material. But we’ll put that aside for the moment. I want to know exactly what’s in this computer program. These five people standing with me here in the lab? They’re software pros. They have no allegiance to any government or funding entity. I want them to take the computer program apart and analyze it.”

“I’m not responsible for the program.”

“Who is?”

“Colleagues. I don’t know them personally.”

“Well, get them in here now. All research stops until we have them here in the lab. They’ll open the whole computer program to the light of day, explain it, and then I’ll have my people go through it with a fine-tooth comb.”

“That’s outrageous. Why?”

“To see if the program is credible, or just another fantasy constructed to give the false appearance that you’re actually sequencing something.”

We’re not permitted to do that, either.

We’re in Church. We must accept all the prescribed articles of faith.

For those people who not only claim SARS-CoV-2 was tweaked or invented in a Wuhan lab, but was made deadly there…they should consider the extraordinary lengths to which public health officials have gone to FALSELY pump up COVID case and death numbers.

None of that pumping would be necessary if an actual PANDEMIC virus existed and were loose in the world.

During the past year, I’ve covered all the criminal schemes to inflate case numbers. To cite just one scheme: Running the PCR test at an unconscionably high sensitivity has automatically created millions and millions of “positive COVID cases.” In concert with this fraud, the CDC has changed its definition of “a case,” so people who test positive but remain healthy with no symptoms can be counted as “COVID cases.” [4] [4a] [4b]

Now, I’m going to present a Part Two to this article. It isn’t necessary, but some people are thinking: “If it isn’t the virus, why are so many people dying?” I’ve written perhaps a dozen pieces that answer this question. Here is a shortened version:

—The disease switcheroo; they don’t teach this in medical school.

I’ve mentioned this shell game hundreds of times in articles and lectures over the years. Here I want to boil it down to a protocol that has earned the medical cartel trillions of dollars.

We begin the story with an “outbreak.” Somewhere on Earth, we are told there is a cluster of unusual cases of illness.

The key word is “unusual.” Otherwise, who would care? People would instead say, “Forty people in Wuhan have lung congestion.” And that would spark no interest.

In Wuhan, it was “unusual pneumonia.” How so? No convincing answer. Some people have cited a “ground glass” appearance in pictures of patients’ lungs. Meaning gray areas, or opacity. Another claim: patients had extreme shortness of breath.

But opacity and shortness of breath were mentioned and described in medical literature long before COVID.

Something else must be offered, to justify the term “unusual cases.” And we get it almost immediately, while we’re still trying to figure out what makes these patients’ illness new and different:

It’s a virus. A never-before-seen virus.

Already a switcheroo is in progress. There is actually nothing unusual in the Wuhan cluster of cases. And just as we’re about to realize that, we’re hit with “new virus.” And then we forget there was no reason to look for a new virus in the first place.

Deadly air pollution has been hanging over Wuhan for a long time. It explains all sorts of lung infections, including pneumonia, the cardinal COVID symptom. And by the way, roughly 300,000 people in China die every year from pneumonia. [5] [5a] [5b] [5c] [5d]

The “new virus” is trumpeted. But of course, as I’ve demonstrated many times, it hasn’t actually been found. No one isolated it. The so-called genetic sequencing of it was a fictional castle in the air based on supposition. How could it be otherwise? No one has an isolated and purified specimen of the virus that can be analyzed.

Accepting “new virus” as fact produces this situation: a list of very familiar clinical symptoms can now be called unique, because the cause is unique.

Suddenly, cough, chills, fever, fatigue, congestion, shortness of breath—which have been called flu, or just infection, or other names—are COVID. That’s the big switcheroo.

Next step: provide a diagnostic test for “the virus” that would automatically spit out false-positives like water from a firehouse. That’s the PCR. I’ve taken the PCR apart six ways from Sunday and exposed it as a fraud.

With the PCR in hand, the switcheroo is deepened. That list of familiar illness symptoms—taken together with the test—paints the picture of millions of cases of a “new plague.”

All this fabrication is on the order of—“Hey, Jim, sales of our widget number 6 are in the toilet. What can we do? Unless…let’s call it widget number 7, put it in a new box…”

People say, “But there ARE mysterious COVID cases that can’t be explained away as repackaged lung infections…”

Of course there are. When you make the net big enough, it will sweep in groups of cases that seem to defy explanation. But when you move in close enough, you discover a variety of factors that cause illness and death. New poisonous vaccination campaigns, toxic pesticides, lagoons of feces in giant pig factory-farms, opioid drugs; even various electromagnetic technologies.

I first caught on to the switcheroo in 1987, when I was doing research for my first book, AIDS INC. Scientists in Africa were investigating a “new” outbreak among people who, “incidentally,” were suffering from protein-calorie malnutrition, hunger, and starvation.

The scientists, cheap con artists that they were, called this “wasting syndrome,” then “Slim disease,” and finally “AIDS.” They announced the cause was HIV—a virus no one had isolated.

And lurking in the background, if you needed another cause of illness and death, there was the infamous World Health Organization mass smallpox-vaccination campaign in Africa, one of the most dangerous mass medical experiments ever carried out on a population. That campaign had wrapped up injecting millions of people several years before “the discovery of AIDS.”

The campaign was so dangerous that, at a secret WHO meeting in Geneva, a decision was made never to use that vaccine again, because it had caused smallpox (or something that looked like it).

In 1987, I combed through volumes of medical journals at the UCLA bio-med library, and discovered that the single most prevalent cause of T-cell depletion (“AIDS”) in the world is MALNUTRITION.

In Africa, malnutrition, hunger, starvation, contaminated water supplies, lack of basic sanitation, toxic vaccines, grinding poverty, war, fertile farm land stolen from the people by major agricultural corporations, toxic medical drugs…were all repackaged as a new disease caused by a new virus, HIV.

I then went on to study every so-called high-risk group for AIDS. I found that in each group, all the “AIDS symptoms” could be explained by non-viral causes.

At that point, I realized I was looking at a classic intelligence-agency-type covert operation, applied within the medical universe. The virus was the cover story. It was being use to hide ongoing government and corporate crimes. For example—forced starvation.

A con is a con.

Only the disease-names are changed, to protect the guilty.

With COVID, you must also consider the following: an extraordinarily high percentage of cases and deaths are occurring in people over the age of 65. The elderly. Many of these people are living in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

IB Times, 7/27/20: “New research from the Kaiser Family Foundation has indicated that while adults 65 and older only account for 16% of the U.S. population, they make up 80% of COVID-19 deaths.” [6]

CDC, May 14, 2021: “8 out 10 COVID-19 deaths reported in the US have been in adults 65 years old and older.” [7]

Why are these older people dying?

Because they have long-standing serious health problems. And for years, even decades, they’ve been treated with an array of toxic medical drugs.

Then, in 2020, they’re terrified they might be diagnosed with COVID. And then they ARE diagnosed. Which ramps up their terror.

On top of all of this, they’re neglected by nursing home staffs, even handled brutally in some cases. They’re isolated “because of COVID,” imprisoned, cut off from family and friends. They’re alone.

So they give up and fold up and die.

No virus required as an explanation.

In a large study of New York state hospitals, it was discovered that people over the age of 65 who were diagnosed with COVID, and put on breathing ventilators, died at the rate of 97.2 percent. [8] [8a] [8b] [8c] [8d]

No matter what the prior condition of the patient, any treatment that has a death rate of 97.2 percent must be discontinued at once. But it wasn’t discontinued. It still goes on. This amounts to murder.

“People are dying, it must be the virus.” No. Wrong.

There is no “it.” People dying from various causes are fictionally brought under one umbrella, called COVID-19.

This is titanic fraud, tragedy, mass murder—murder compounded many times by the destructive vaccine, aka genetic treatment.

It didn’t originate in a lab in Wuhan.

But the story that it did originate there cements the premise, in many minds, that we are dealing with a virus.

Quite convenient.

The Wuhan lab, intentionally or unintentionally, becomes a cover story that obscures the truth.

For further reading, see “The China lockdown, Sun Tzu, and the Art of War” [9] and “Meet the Medical CIA” [10]


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The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

96 comments on “Wuhan Lab, bioweapon, gain of function, but…the SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t exist in the first place

  1. Doug Holdridge says:

    So what is the truth. What is this ‘thing’ that has killed so many millions.

    • Kathleen Devanney says:

      He has been explaining that all year, as well as in above. Maybe re-read it.

    • Sean says:

      Yes, it may take a reread or so to become aware that it is not one thing causing a million deaths. And Im not going to explain that to you. Though if you choose to go along with it without further investigation, dont worry, you are not alone in that assessment. There is lotsa people thinkin the same thing.

    • stephen langley says:

      Are you serious ?! Perhaps you are being facetious ?! If so forgive me… if not and either way your question only underscores how this “virus pandemic” has assumed such fantastic delusional proportions: MASS MIND CONTROL ! I beg the author’s forgiveness for my synoptic answer to your (daft ?) question: MULTIPLE VECTORS ARE RESPONSIBLE AND ARE BEING LABELED AS A “VIRUS”. This is plainly unpacked in this article and dilineated in all his work on this fraud [sheese !!]. I also ask indulgence for stating plainly what he doesn’t say outright but what I personally consider to be the overarching vector of mind control. And I ask your forgiveness, if you were serious rather than facetious, for saying that your comment / question makes this painfully obvious… so thank you (in a most odd way) for asking.

    • nowisnnew says:

      Doug don’t worry about it just watch your tv

    • Plam says:

      Haha, didn’t read the article, did you?

    • Citizen Quasar says:

      This ‘thing’ has killed NO ONE. No one at all. All the death count numbers were FAKED until they simply ran out of numbers.

      • rebellious earthling says:

        All channels of the mainstream media announced that 98% of the flu mysteriously vanished worldwide in 2020 and this year. That’s because they were all simply renamed “COVID.”

        The one truth they don’t want you to know is that “There is no virus.”

        See videos on bitchute titled “Wuhan Lab Virus ORIGIN LIE Exposed + Demonization of Bats & Stray Dogs” – May 18, 2021 and “Case of the Vanishing Flu Deaths EXPLAINED! Renamed & Rediagnosed as Covid” March 26, 2021.

      • SY Ng says:

        Are you saying that all the countries are having fake death count numbers?!

        • ak in vt says:

          SY Ng

          Research a little harder and you will find that there is no increase in the overall death rates (mortality rates) of practically any country — including the united states.

          Also, regarding the CDC death counts for the united states, the CDC did something it has never done before — it dumped over 200,000 deaths in the last week of December 2020 as deaths for 2020. In the past, the CDC waits until confirming deaths and cause of death, but it needed higher numbers to make it appear as if the death toll was much higher in 2020.

          For example: most deaths reported/recorded by the CDC for January and February of 2020 would have actually occurred in 2019 in November and December as there would be a wait for the data. This should have happened for the end of 2020/beginning of 2021, but it didn’t. Another sleight of hand to panic people into taking a shot of who knows what.

          Hope this helps somewhat.

          Keep on asking and seeking.


          AK in VT

          • Gregory J Hill says:

            I saw the same thing regarding overall deaths, the only number that omits the fake hype. No change in overall deaths in the USA, no pandemic.

    • Marilyn Shepherd says:

      There is no thing and it hasn’t killed millions. It was a computer mock up by Dr Drosten in Germany based on an assumption the partial theoretic genome on social media was a corona virus.


      There are ten fatal problems with the Corman-Drosten paper which we will outline and explain in greater detail in the following sections.

      The first and major issue is that the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (in the publication named 2019-nCoV and in February 2020 named SARS-CoV-2 by an international consortium of virus experts) is based on in silico (theoretical) sequences, supplied by a laboratory in China [1], because at the time neither control material of infectious (“live”) or inactivated SARS-CoV-2 nor isolated genomic RNA of the virus was available to the authors. To date no validation has been performed by the authorship based on isolated SARS-CoV-2 viruses or full length RNA thereof. According to Corman et al.:

      “We aimed to develop and deploy robust diagnostic methodology for use in public health laboratory settings without having virus material available.” [1]

      This is like taking a glass of tap water and sticking in a stick and claiming to find urinary protein

    • Thomas Milton says:

      One part of the truth is the “statistical chimera”. If you take a group of various fatal maladies and put them under an umbrella “cause” like AIDS or convid, you assemble a large and frightening total. It does not alter the biological cause of death, it just creates fear by statistical sleight of hand.

    • Arjan Kuiten says:

      a good question would also be: What is the flu? Or a regular cold?

  2. Pisces says:

    This article simply yet cleverly sums up the basics of this gigantic hoax we’re forced upon. Well done, Jon. I hope people will try to prove you wrong and do some research for themselves so they can find out and know for a fact that there are no authentic scientific studies that prove the existence of SARS-CoV-2. They can’t prove you wrong because it’s only a computer-generated picture of what that virus could look like if it was real, and just because a patent of “covid-19” DATA was created and financed by someone, it doesn’t mean that there’s an actual virus out here in the real world… It’s still only a theory.

    But nobody cares about the proof of existence of a new virus as long as they’re told by the script writers of the hoax that it is something that they need to FEAR. And to keep the fear alive, the hoaxsters can just:

    Change up the PCR cycle threshold to create “covid cases” at will…

    Announce a “new strain” on the “news” to cause public panic by telling people there’s a new deadly variant of “covid-19″…

    Relabel almost all causes of deaths to “covid-19 deaths” to make the “pandemic” look real…

    Create movie-style drama for people who might question the existence of SARS-CoV-2 by fooling them into believing it’s a man-made bioweapon, created in a lab, and letting them hear it on controlled opposition sites they trust, to make “SARS-CoV-2” and the “pandemic” more believable for them. (So many of the “alternative media” have now become dramatic-sounding disinformation platforms.)

    Release and promote “experimental” mRNA technologies with different brand names and confuse people to make them think only some of the “vaccines” are dangerous to avoid people to reject to get injected with these toxic substances.

    Censor, shadow ban, ridicule or vilify anything or anyone that questions the “official” narrative about covid-19, “vaccines”, policies or plans regarding the “pandemic” in order to successfully apply the pre-planned agenda to monopolize and centralize of every aspect of businesses and private lives of people to implement One World Government fully controlled by the “globalists” after the Great Reset.

    …And it’s EASY for them to do this because they control most of the information about the event that most people will get to hear…

  3. will iam says:

    “Fortunately, what people do or don’t believe isn’t the issue.”

    It can be argued that that has always been the issue because the biggest truth these charlatans want to keep under the lid and hidden is that…. “It really doesn’t matter what people believe or do not believe, it matters only what the individual believes or does not believe”.

    Forget the masses, those are too easily lead astray and because an individual falsely believes truth lies in numbers he/she waits for the masses to “get it”.

    Masses will never get it because masses move too slowly and are excess weight. Drop the m and you will discover whom those really are!

  4. Harry says:

    I was affected in January 2020 by a relatively short flu…but with serious headache and vertigo.

    Over 4 weeks ago had contact with a Pfizer vaccinated person – and immediately fell ill with a similar headache and vertigo. except that it is not quite so intense…although worryingly persistent.

    I feel that it is the spike protein which is the consistent factor here.

    Many other people have reported the same phenomenon. Something serious is going on!

    I don’t think that the virus (if it is that) is all that bad – but the spike protein…that IS extremely dangerous, as far as I can see!

    • Kathleen Devanney says:

      Agree. And more and more doctors are saying same. Stephanie Seneff and Bryam Bridie most recently that I’ve come across. The spike protein is the bio weapon inside the vaxx.

    • waterproof says:

      Do you think that this has nothing to do with immunity but more to do with a type of poisoning? My brother came over to visit me and I got a strange pulsing feeling in my chest while he was talking which I tried to ignore. Then he told me that he was completely vaccinated and gave me a hug. I am not sure if it was because of knowing this or of an actual effect or just a coincidence. I certainly don’t want to cause even more divisions than we have already by shunning people that are vaccinated. I can’t think of what the mechanism for this would be.

    • stephen langley says:

      Many biolgical scientists and various researchers are level headedly surmising that the “virus” fraud was always about the “vaccine”. The “germ theory” is obviously flawed for many reasons. But it has served the controllers well in getting many to fall for the real dis-ease maker: a “therapy” that gets the body to attack itself… what’s the remedy for that ? Why more therapies of course, creating and capturing more “patients”, thus generating more cascading profit, societal engineering & control and ultimately population reduction & control. The virus numbers were obvious fraud but as long as the mass mind control works it provides perfect cover for the real bioweapon(s)… those actually created in a lab ! , i.e. vaccines, aka poisons that create autoimmune dis-ease. It is a business plan diabolically inhuman beyond all calculation.

  5. Kathleen Devanney says:

    Excellent, Jon thank you. The issue of does this virus (or any for that matter) exist, has been an ongoing confusion for me. Very credible people say no: Andrew Kauffman, Thomas Cowan. And then other very credible people say ‘yes’: Judy Mikovits, Sherri Tenpenny. Still don’t understand how there can continue to be disagreement on such a fundamental idea. Zach Bush has connected air pollution and 5G to those places that had a high number of deaths from ‘Covid’ which he also notes has never been isolated.

    • Alan says:

      Do not look to “people”. Look to yourself. Kaufman and co. don’t just tell you to believe them. They actually teach you how to read virology papers and discern the fraud yourself. It is not that hard; even a mahjong scholar like myself can do it.

    • Cora says:

      That’s because the anti-vax but pro-virus scientist believer uses gobbledegook jargon to confuse the outsiders. Dr. Kaufman SHREDDED Judy (bitchute; lbry, possibly rumble), causing her to admit she’s never isolated a virus in the TRUE sense/meaning of the word, which is what the word “etymology” means. Look up SOVI by Drs. Kaufman/Cowan. https://justpaste.it/The_Truth_About_The_Lies has some links to reputable virus debunkers. Jon Rappoport, Dr. Kaufman, Makia Freeman, & certain others cut through the jargon & clearly expose & explain in layman’s terms the deceit & lies thrown out to the ignorant masses. Koch’s/Rivers’ postulates have NEVER been fulfilled & they cannot be fulfilled, because they don’t & cannot ever exist in they way/forms we’ve been taught.

    • CK says:

      Read “Fear of the Invisible” (2008) by Janine Roberts. That book discusses “virus isolation” in extensive detail. Virologists mean something very different when it comes to “isolation” than everyone else, which is part of the confusion. Also, if virologists admitted that viruses have never been PROVEN to exist- then hundreds of thousands of scientists would be unemployed! So they have to believe in infectious “viruses”. It’s a mass-hallucination by the GUESS-perts.

  6. Liv4ever says:

    I think important piece of the puzzle is CAFR1daughtcalm

    For over 20 years Walter Burien has been exposing all the various governments, school boards,etc. have a black box budget. Reinvesting tax dollars into a trillion dollar slush fund which has de facto control over China. So if anyone gets the urge to play the blame game, look in the mirror

  7. Joe says:

    Jon another great explanation of what their doing to the world these charlatans need to be brought to justice and tried for crimes against humanity

  8. Diane says:

    You’ve nailed it nicely, as usual. There’s a part of me that can’t help feeling that if we, the public, had not been the way we were (that is, greedy and self-serving), none of this would’ve happened. The Phoenician Navy would not have been able to breach our ramparts…

    Off to share…

  9. L L says:

    Hmm… so let me try to put story together.. When the outbreak happened in Wuhan, the Chinese Government locked down the city/ country, however, for whatever reason, this nude went to Wuhan for match making came back to New York, and for whatever reason US government took the excuse the virus came back with him and spread in the whole Unite States and the pandemic began with locked down, mask up, social distancing… On the other part of the world, Europe, South Americas, Asia, all the countries in the earth, for whatever reason, they have similar cases happened, people are sick, dying, swap test, locked down, mask up, social distancing.. Why do all the governments in the world are so united this time to lock down, mask up, and social distancing? What is the motive behind it, who is the one behind the orchestra?

    • JV says:

      All the governments in the world are in “lockstep” with the WHO. The motive is technocratic control and pure profit. There is not a “one”. There is an integrated system of laws, patents and media manipulation, all bought and paid for by a wealthy elite, using their hedge funds and other financial institutions. It doesn’t matter who is President, or Governor, etc. Their hands are tied by the system.

    • Walkintherain says:

      Well let’s see, this has been going on for over a year and you haven’t yet read any explanation? Kwitcher trollin’.

    • Amanda says:

      @LL- The banking cartel is behind the Covid global psyop. Covid is cover for ushering in the Great Reset/4th Industrial Revolution, which is a totalitarian takeover of the world, where all aspects of life will be controlled by technology and there will be no rights or freedom (unless we stop them).


      You can learn more about the Great Reset/4th Industrial Revolution from Allison McDowell’s videos.

      And more about the central bankers (the most powerful people in the world, more powerful than nation states, they control nation states by controlling the central banks of each nation) from James Corbett’s video:

  10. Sean says:

    I was in college in the late 80s early 90s. We had people I think were from the state or a health agency. They would visit our classes and inform us on AIDS and how to try to protect ourselves. I was in my prime so to speak, and I bought this hook, line and sinker. I didnt want to die of this awful deadly virus. I took a major chill pill. Though the decades, I heard of people dyeing from AIDS. It was supposed to potentially kill all of us. Ive raised a family and I noticed that there are a lot of people alive still. Around 2011, I run into an article on Thrive, What On Earth Will It Take? website and it was Jon Rappoports, No More Fake News. I got his Exit The Matrix Collection and read his included AIDS INC book. I now recognized that I had believed the world was a certain way, for a long time and it is not. It’s a lie in my head that controls my behavior. It is deliberate. The bad guys know the tricks to make people believe, complete lies.

    How long could a guy like me believe in false medical realities is obvious, almost forever. And I can see, unfortunately, massive amounts of other folks completely suckered.

    Thank you Jon Rappoport for your decades long work of showing me the flaws in these con artists plans to control, enslave, to massively profit off of the unsuspecting, to damage and kill those that blindly trust in a world that, surprisingly, unknowingly, are energetically and committed at helping the perpetrators to fulfill. And for solid long term answers to deal with and overcome this collectivist experiment. Which I found in your Matrix Collections and no where else.

    • Thomas Milton says:

      I was a bit older and out of school before “AIDS Classes” started. I am always surprised to see younger people who took them successfully propagandized. I also learned about Duesberg and Mullis in the 90’s. I could see the “scamdemic” coming. We seem to believe a lot of things we can’t verify, school does that. Anybody else here stop believing in “nukes “?

      • Erika says:

        Yes, me.
        I did not really buy AIDS when I was young, for we often did not use condomes. Of course, I thought that I might play Russian Roulette at that time but even then it didn’t hinder us in that generation to enjoy our sex lives. I’d say that it effected nevertheless how we felt afterwards. Kind of guilty and anxious but then ignoring those feelings.

        I am lucky that the one and only Aids-Test I was having, was negative. Nowadays I wouldn’t make that test. What was I knowing in my teens and twenties? Nothing. And I really did not care that much.

        Despite this “deadly Aids virus” we did our thing and from what I can tell, we were in the majority to ignore the “risk”.

        The inner statistician, he saw no reason to be overly insecure. There was very rarely someone mentioned in the wider circle of acquaintances who died from Aids, as they were saying. But I never knew another human in person who did. And that told me, that despite the “danger” people behaved otherwise and did not restrict their sex lives in the required manner. No matter what school told us.

        This changed unfortunately – for known reasons. I even myself changed behavior when someone told me: back away, I am having a cold. And I did.

        How sad that we people un-learned how to handle life and other people in a humanly normal way.

        I hope this is going to change.

        Cheers to you.

      • phredd7 says:

        Epidemiologist Peter Duesberg came under massive persecution by the medical establishment when he suggested that there is no connection between HIV (a virus for which a normal person could randomly test positive) and AIDS (a disease defined by a collection of conditions which are accompanied by HIV).

        I have suspected that there is a similar relationship between coronavirus and COVID, and I believe this is the case.

  11. The Watchman says:

    Some great points as usual, Jon.
    Linked an article yesterday from Off Guardian titled – Coronavirus Fact-Check #11: Is Sars-Cov-2 a bioweapon?
    They brought up a good point:
    If Covid is a bioweapon, it’s a rubbish one. What, exactly, would be the point in a bioweapon which is no more deadly than common flu viruses? Why go to the trouble of creating a pretty much harmless virus in a lab?
    That does seem to make sense!
    Will be linking your article today as well @ https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

    • Kyle says:

      I think the virus is not the bio-weapon, it is the excuse to vaccinate everybody, which is the the actual bio-weapon

      • phredd7 says:

        @Kyle – precisely. Mandatory vaccination of the entire planet, part of Bill Gates’ eugenics dream, was the endgame of this entire thing all along. Whether or not the virus is real, the outcome is the same – forced vaccination.

        Revelation 13:16-18 is coming.

  12. Thomas Brennan says:

    I intuitively foresaw this whole scenario, since I’ve seen it play out before, in physics. There are major paradigms in physics, such as the existence of quarks and the Higgs boson that are total nonsense yet two generation of particle physicists built their careers on them. Major blindspots and delusions. No such thing as atom bombs. Nobody landed on the moon.

    So if I look at biology, everything they do comes down to a ‘soup’ as Jon explains. If no one has or can separate the components of the mixture, there’s no way to prove or conclude anything about its separate ingredients. That’s basic logic, but scientists are no longer trained as philosophers who are self-aware and have insight into assumptions, axioms and principles. There’s no logos in science unless you know what logos is.

  13. JV says:

    Have you ever had a panic attack? I did back in the 80’s during stressful life circumstances. I couldn’t breathe and thought I was going to die.
    If anyone with those symptoms presented at an ER now, they most likely would have been diagnosed with COVID and put in bed with a respirator. Followed by a COVID death cert.
    The world we live in today is thriving in a fear based environment. How many people simply died from panic attacks? There’s a lot more hypochondriacs now.

    • phredd7 says:

      Agreed – hypochondriacs, germophobes, agoraphobes, unwitting Muslims (mask = hijab), and wannabe surgeons (who wear masks).

  14. JZ says:

    The explanation for how this started in China is not difficult. In the summer of 2019 there were many protests in Wuhan over the massive pollution there and the horrific respiratory events that happened because of said pollution. So what they did there is they concocted a scheme to pacify the public and claim that the respiratory situation had nothing to do with pollution but rather claimed there was a new virus which created the respiratory events. Lee Smith has written about this in some detail. But China did not want this deflection away from pollution to a virus to go global— they wanted to keep it local. China clearly did not benefit from the scamdemic going beyond Wuhan. It has literally destroyed their global trade economy. China simply did not calculate that this would go beyond Wuhan the way it did. It was a self-inflicted blow to their economy nonetheless . That in part explains why China is not requiring anyone to get the vaccine and it’s not even providing an mRNA vaccine to those who want to get vaccinated there

  15. Dear Jon,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for refocusing readers on the truth, and with such clear and caring language. Everything we need to know about what is going on, and has been going on, is in this and past articles you have written.
    Readers, read it again. “Independent” news sources citing the high number – any number at all, really – of so-called covid deaths are not actually independent, they are paid spin artists keeping people confused. THERE ARE NO COVID DEATHS, as you explain so eloquently, with sourced material. You have maintained this from the beginning, and it’s just the simple truth.

  16. Walkintherain says:

    Disturbingly, “independent” sites are now publishing more and more writers whose articles  deliberately mix information with disinformation. The “tell” is the ritual citation of “deaths due to the [mythical] covid virus.” Since it takes mega time and energy to research, plan and write articles of any kind, I often wonder how so many of these writers appear to have jettisoned their day jobs to churn out articles and opinion pieces with such regularity with new angles or rehashed angles. Are they being funded to “control the opposition”? Seems a good guess.
    And it’s working because there is no opposition except that sponsored and manufactured by the ultra wealthy to keep our world in a supposed state of chaos, when the whole business is wholly controlled. We’re like startled fish living in an aquarium with someone banging on the glass all the time, and there appears to be nothing we can do about it because we’re flying in all directions from fear.Here’s a thought -if we all shut off our computers and pitched our TVs there would be nothing they could do to us. ‘Cause it’s fake. Whenever you look outside your door, the world is not in chaos. 

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      Walkintherain says: Disturbingly, “independent” sites are now publishing more and more writers whose articles  deliberately mix information with disinformation. The “tell” is the ritual citation of “deaths due to the [mythical] covid virus.” Since it takes mega time and energy to research, plan and write articles of any kind, I often wonder how so many of these writers appear to have jettisoned their day jobs to churn out articles and opinion pieces with such regularity with new angles or rehashed angles. Are they being funded to “control the opposition”? Seems a good guess.

      Rick responds: I think you must be correct… they’re being funded to control the opposition by mixing info and disinfo. I think this must be related to the way money is created and accessed. There are missing trillions and more trillions (thousands of billions) being “presto’d” into reality frequently now… it must go somewhere…. into the hands of the reality-churners– paid disinfo agents– many of whom have been reliable researchers in the past. Many of my fave alt media people are disintegrating before my eyes churning out that wuhan-lab creation story. George Noori is doing it. Jon was on Coast to Coast once. I’ve been wracking my brains (both sides) trying to figure out how to turn this whole thing around and it MIGHT be that the pivot is another Jon Rappoport on Coast with Noori. […]

  17. David says:

    Virus isolated or not. The goal was to push out the global inoculation campaign which is NOT a vaccine. So what does it matter if a virus has been isolated or not because the shots being administered are merely gene therapy bio weapons and not true vaccines anyways.

    • rebellious earthling says:

      What does it matter? Because when people realize THERE IS NO VIRUS and that it’s impossible to transmit such a thing except through injected vaccine, the whole scam and lie is exposed.

      If you realized there was no ‘pandemic,’ that it was simply renamed FLU, would you still volunteer for a vaccine and wear a mask after you realized there was nothing to be afraid of?

  18. nowisnnew says:

    How can one purchase your book Aids Inc

  19. Dr. W! says:

    As Jon wrote: “There never was a 1932 Ford Moon Rover.”


    I am wondering now – was AIDS invented? While reading your blogs during this paast 16 or so months there have been many, many wrecking balls slammed against “The Citadel of Allopatherology.” Billy gates hold billy goats away from the baby goats, yet there seems to be no such protection for human children and elderly. Here is a concept presented to me during that same time frame, the late 1980’s:

    How can giving something, perhaps a pill, a potion, a powder or an injection – which something would make a healthy person become ill, possibly help an ill person become healthy? In Latin one might say that is a “Non sequiter.” Although I never studied Latin, to the best of my understanding- that means “It does not Logically follow.” Vast amounts of Allopathy fit that description – non sequiters.
    If there is any silver lining to this entire Mess it could be the following. The foundations and the pillars of the aforementioned “Citadel” are taking such a beating now that hopefully human children, of all ages, who are born a decade or two from this time frame (the 2020’s) will not become subjected to all of the same anti-logic which most of us have endured. This is not to say that the entirety of allopathy is flawed, I am not saying that at all. Good luck, children. Thank you again, Jon

    • Anna says:

      What if the very point of the innocultation is to dissolve/disarm/control the anti-logic (and logic) faculties of human children, once and for all…via genetic manpulation and/or activation of nanoparticles?

      • Anna says:

        ^^^ My comment above is in response to Dr. W!’s sentence, “The foundations and the pillars of the aforementioned ‘Citadel’ are taking such a beating now that hopefully human children, of all ages, who are born a decade or two from this time frame (the 2020’s) will not become subjected to all of the same anti-logic which most of us have endured.”

    • Anna says:

      Dr. W! — I’d also add that the “billy gates” metaphor in your comment certainly piqued my attention. At first I thought you were referring to Bill Gates! I briefly considered a scenario of Bill Gates being the actual gate-keeper between metaphorical billy goats and metaphorical baby goats. I wondered, what or who does billy goat symbolize here, and what/who does baby goat symbolize. considering those ramifications, I then allowed my imagination to riff on the metaphor as applied to the mechanism of the brain, central nervous system, their functions, and the human organism, itself. Many possible, multi-layered meta-commentaries/conclusions here. Back to your original statement, “Billy gates hold billy goats away from the baby goats, yet there seems to be no such protection for human children and elderly,” to whom does each component of the metaphor apply? To your mind, who/what is the billy gate, the billy goat, and the baby goat? Can’t tell if you’re refering to the institution of allopathic medicine/checks and balances/the populace, or what. I want to understand your precise meaning. Can you elucidate? Thanks.

      • phredd7 says:

        RAMifications? Are you KIDding? So many puns, it’s enough to make a person ba-a-atty…

        Sorry, I couldn’t resist injecting some humor into an otherwise very serious topic.

        Joking aside, the article is excellent, as usual.

  20. Arby says:

    Thanks Jon. Thanks for sticking to your guns. I tap many (anti covid 1984) sources for my blog and 99% disappoint me regularly because of their embrace of the lie that there is, for sure, a Sars CoV 2 virus. They are clear thinking people… until they are the opposite.

  21. Vishva mitra says:

    What a profound fantastic summary of events,, i will share it everywhere, no one can explain it and summarize it so so well
    Big support from many of us in Portugal.

  22. Eluard says:

    Anyone else having problems posting comments to Jon’s blogs? It used to happen to me, stopped and has started again. VPN on, off, I hit “post” and either get taken to the home page or get “duplicate comment detected” if I try again.

    Not sure what’s up.

    • Eluard says:

      Now, paradoxically, it’s working. So why are you complaining? ‘Cause sometimes it doesn’t work and it’s frustrating! Oh, stop. No, I like to engage here. 😉

    • Alan says:

      Me too. My attempt to post about Stefan Lanka’s recent control experiments fizzled in the same way.


  23. Paul says:

    It’s unfortunate that a symposium cannot be called in which Health Officials, et al. would have to demonstrate imaging or other substantive means to prove the existence of the specific virus.

    But I guess any magic trick could use the technique of proving itself by simply asserting-authoritatively that something exists.

    Perhaps, this technique is old & has been with US, for quite some time.

    It seems to work.

  24. Larry C says:

    “Junk Food + Junk News = Junk Brains.”

    ~ Gerald Celente

  25. Donna says:

    I know people who say that had covid. I ask them, “How do you know?”

    What do you say to somebody who believes he had covid? I am on the email list for one of my state legislators. In his news letter, he had reported that he had what is called “long covid.” He was sick for about a week and at the point he started feeling better, he had a relapse.

    I’ve had friends tell me that a family member, a client, a friend, got sick and died. I want to know how old the deceased person was and if that person had any comorbidities. In most cases the person was over the age of 70 and had at least a couple of other diseases which would have killed them at some point.

    Some people are freaking out about losing their rights. I tell them that they are not losing their rights, they are freely giving them up out of fear.

    • phredd7 says:

      Ben Franklin said that those who give up liberty for security deserve neither. (He actually used more words than that.)

      I wonder how many people who claim to have had covid just want the attention, and you can’t disprove that they had it.

  26. Stef says:

    If the sheep want to follow orders, good! Let them go to slaughter. Depopulation. Isint that the ultimate objective? Survival of the fittest according to Darwin, is natural.

    • phredd7 says:

      Bill Gates, in a TED Talk on YouTube called “Innovating to Zero” from a few years ago said that the earth’s population is increasing too rapidly, but that it could be reduced by 10-15% using vaccines and reproductive health care (a euphemism for abortion).

      His vaccine programs in India and Africa have a history of causing injury and death to many of the (mostly children) who received polio & HPV shots.

      He is an admitted eugenicist, and is pushing for everyone on the planet to get the shot. Can this be any clearer?

      • phredd7 says:

        Oh, and whoever is not killed or otherwise maimed by the vaccine, is at least left infertile/sterile, thus unable to reproduce and contribute to the alleged overpopulation problem.

        (The lame formula he touts in that video is CO2 = P x S x E x C, where CO2 is carbon dioxide emissions, P is people/population, S is the number of services consumed by each person, E is the environmental/ecological impact of each service, and C is the carbon footprint. In other words, depopulation will save the planet.

        It’s hogwash, and it’s evil.

  27. Chris says:

    So, perhaps…Fauci will – in order to clear his name from being associated with Wuhan “Lab” outbreak and the corruption of funneling money there for years- will spill the beans and validate what Jon R is saying ….then he will disappear!

    The whole truth will come out one day!

  28. CK says:

    Great article Jon. There is no single “cause” of “COVID-19 deaths”- rather numerous other causes are being “reclassified” as COVID-19 deaths, which is why FLU deaths disappeared this Winter.

    We know that COVID-19 is a hoax but we don’t know the motive. Here are some theories from various sites. The first thing to understand is the medical industry is incredibly corrupt and eagerly awaits a pandemic so they can create a new vaccine and cash in. Public Health officials are VIRUS FANATICS as explained in books like “Virus Mania” and “Inventing the AIDS Virus”. So what triggered the fanatics this time?

    1) There really was a spike in deaths in 2019/2020 (perhaps due to manmade or even natural EMF?) and the virus industry simply kicked in and did their usual scam-demic (e.g. like AIDS, which had nothing to do with the fake HIV virus).

    2) China faked the COVID-19 virus (by posting fake videos of people dying on the streets) and hailing the success of lockdowns in order to get rid of Trump and wage “economic warfare” on the West.


    3) Elites used the WHO to fake COVID-19 in order to get rid of Trump. This is why the WHO initially used a PCR cycle count of 45 and then lowered it on the day of the Biden inauguration.

    4) Elites decided to implement the “Great Reset” in order to save the world from Global Warming. Vaccines are being used to depopulate and sterilize for the “greater good”. Another variant of this idea is that elites are doing this due to Peak Oil concerns, i.e. affordable oil is running out quickly and the world economy will collapse, killing billions. I only heard of this recently but it has some credibility because fracking/shale oil are apparently not the panacea they were made out to be.

    5) Elites are doing this simply to assert control over the rest of us because they now have the technology to do so.

    6) Here’s a wacko idea. What if David Icke is correct and aliens really do control our world? What if our alien overloads gave the vaccines to our world “leaders” in order to get rid of us? There’s ZERO proof of this except that it’s now become acceptable to talk about UFOs in the mainstream media. I only added this to the list for completeness.

    Anything else?

  29. Roundball Shaman says:

    The campaign to sell the “virus” narrative and grip the World with fear and economic destruction has been wildly successful beyond all measure. It could not have been rolled out and exploited any better than what has already happened. In some very dark quarters, the smiles and high-fives are happening on a daily basis. Careers have been established. Reputations have been made. Incredible fortunes have been accumulated and with much more on the way with the ‘Vax-Of-The-Month’ Club members now giddily lining up to have their monthly arm punctures until they begin to look like a piece of bloodied and bruised Swiss Cheese and their bodies contort into something seen in 1950s horror movies.

    For all those behind the scenes who are gaming and grading this thing out… this has been the most successful campaign against humanity in all of human history.

    And it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Even though the bloom has fallen off the rose a bit lately and Doctor Weasel has lost a bit of the angelic glow radiating around his Medical-Industrial-Complex-Poster-Boy-Minotaur head… entire populations of True Believers around the World now eagerly worship The Cult of the Wholly Un-Holy Priesthood of Medical Malpractice Black Magicians. And beg for more.

    Remember. One person’s pain is another person’s pleasure. One person’s loss is another one’s gain. One group’s ‘Pandemic’ is another group’s… Paradise.

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      Nicely written but that last paragraph baffled me. I would have thought the last paragraph would sign off with a little twist in our favor. To end with our pain is their gain… well– I’d like to think their apparent gain reflects this: That whom the gods destroy, they first make mad. Yes?

      The saying Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad, sometimes given in Latin as Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat (literally: Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first deprives of reason)

  30. hhi says:

    Gain of function is about using PEG to make the lipid envelope to mimic exosomes so that RNA can be injected into people without the body being able to detect it is artificial.

    It can then infiltrate the blood brain barrier to do “its thing”.

    Clever cover story as usual.

  31. LEONIE says:

    Ask The Nurses – Why Can’t We Catch a Virus + Mind & Emotional Viruses + BioEnergetics


  32. Metaphysical Jerk says:

    They not only created the virus and spread it, but they also extinguished the flu, cold, bronchitis and pneumonia viruses, among others. What a biomolecular talent!

    And by the way, when they test healthy people to allow them to travel or work, do they also test for the flu viruses, the 200 viruses which theoretically cause the common cold, and other hundreds of viruses in the collection? People could be “asymptomatic” of these viruses and KILL other people without knowing it.

    Try this last reasoning with a covidiot.

  33. Alexander Morris says:

    I liked the “Hey Jim, Widget #6 isn’t selling” bit, it is just the right amount of pepper for such a serious topic. Thank you again Mr. Rapopport for not only your work on AIDS in ’88, but this past year as well! […]

  34. Citizen Quasar says:

    Another good one. Reading this article is like taking a breath of fresh air after being imprisoned in a septic tank. Thank you, Jon. Thank you very much.

    Meanwhile, in the United States Congress…

  35. bleak says:

    This operation is so thick and complex, it’s not going to be solved and even if it is, no one believes it. If they don’t know about Building Seven, do you think they want to grasp any of this?

    Even many anti-maskers, anti-lockdowns, anti-vaxxers don’t want to go through the “sarscov2 was never purified/isolated” data.

    I’m sure Dr Kaufman is right. He was ahead of the whole thing. I’ve seen this video with him and Del Bigtree where they show a clip of Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell. In March 2020, Sidell swears he’s never seen anything like what he was seeing in his clinic (ie in the trenches). He described someone being dropped on Mt Everest with no gear. Dr Kaufman mentions his first thought was cyanide poisoning.

    Why isn’t the possible bioweapon linked to chemtrails? Why does absolutely no one write about the plausibility of bioweapons being sprayed? They did it in Vietnam, right?

    Chemtrails aka SAI… the blackest op in the history of the world. Blacker than “covid19.” Blacker than the “vaccines.” Blacker than 9/11. Blacker than the 2020 selection. Because it’s right over your heads IN PLAIN (plane) sight and still no one is talking about them. No one is acknowledging them. Not Jon Rappoport. Not James Corbett (he has in the past but not since 2016). Only Dane Wigington (geoengineeringwatch dot org) talks about chemtrails regularly but he hasn’t examined the possibility of a “virus” bioweapon.

    So either someone like Dr Sidell was lying through his teeth or there really is an anomalous “virus”/bioweapon.

    I can understand people who say they experienced a family member, friend etc who was sick and died from “covid19” because I personally knew two people who died from AIDS in the early 90s. I was the only person in the room when one of them took his last breath through a respirator. AIDS was sweeping through NYC and I lived there. No one can tell me AIDS didn’t exist. No one can tell me that it was “various symptoms” and “not one cause.” If you’ve ever seen someone with Kaposi Sarcoma up close in person, you’d know it was real. These were young males who caught AIDS (one through the needle, one through promiscuous gay sex), became violently ill and fucking died from it. Stop with “AIDS didn’t exist!”

    That AIDS was a bioweapon, I am certain.

    Is “sarscov2” different? Answer: Yes and No.

    It’s both a bioweapon AND a mental deception trick of the mind-controllers. It was certainly conjured in chinese labs ie monkey petri dish goo genome bla bla bla extrapolation multiplied with PCR run too fast etc etc etc. It is that.

    AND it’s a nano bioweapon.

    Why can’t it be both? Answer: It CAN be both.

    Two operations run simultaneously.

    “Andrew Kaufman on the Highwire w/Del Bigtree 7-16-20” (why is this still up on shitube?)

    Christine Massey’s FOIA requests completely no evidence of samples stored “sarscov2”







    • TMgreen says:

      No one denies people got sick or there are not unique illnesses. What we are denying is the faulty evidence presented to us as the cause. There may be bioweapons but the genetic sequence we are shown sure as hell are not it.

  36. Paul Holme says:

    I had literally just uploaded my own blog post on the same issue – http://pgholme.blogspot.com/ – when I read this. I therefore quickly included a link to it. The parallels are gratifying! Keep hammering, Jon.

  37. Tom P. says:

    Dr Stefan Lanka repeated a few weeks ago the ‘labproof’ of the sars-cov-2 virus.

    He did exactly what the ‘scientists’ did minimizing the nutrition and adding the same poisons BUT without adding the ‘virus’ soup taken from a human being.

    It turns out that the same breakdown of the cell happens.

    This means this is proof that there is no ‘virus’.

  38. Lou Minati says:

    A jumbo jet takes off from Boston, bound for Los Angeles. Somewhere near the CT/NY border, the transponder is turned off. The plane goes “missing”, but ten hours later the transponder is turned on again near the CA/NV border and the plane lands in Los Angeles. Late, but without incident.

    We know the plane departed Boston and eventually arrived in Los Angeles. But how did it get there? Did it pass over Chicago and Denver? Did it fly over Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix? Did it go over Canada, Alaska, and Las Vegas? About all we can say is we don’t know for sure, because the transponder was off for most of the trip.

    And this is exactly what’s being pulled here by “researchers” who’ve “isolated the virus”. In truth, we have no idea what 95% of its supposed genetics looks like – whether they’re unique or whether they look like a cold or the flu or pneumonia. But we’re confident it’s something new, because er… our computer program said so.

    And I have 100 acres of prime swampland I’m willing to give you a great deal on… Just step right up!

  39. Sheila says:

    I was really hoping you were going to touch on this Jon. As the news is now pointing to the Wuhan lab as the source of the COVID outbreak, all I have been wondering is, how can they claim this when it hasn’t even been proven to exist? I’m all for seeing Fauci go down, and while it’s true he was funding gain of function research, for which there should be consequences (not to mention his crimes against humanity during the AIDS epidemic), I am gravely concerned that the medical fraud (PCR test spitting out false positives, manipulation of statistics with 5% of COVID deaths actually being caused by “COVID” while the remaining 95% had 4 comorbidities – according to the CDCs own website, and then those put on ventilators having only a 2.5% survival rate) is just going to get swept under the rug and forgotten about, and that’s one of the most important pieces the American people — and the world — needs to know about. It cannot be overlooked.

    • TBP says:

      I think that CDC data is often misinterpreted: https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-08-31-independent-media-wrong-94-percent-covid-deaths-comorbidity-factors.html If there’s an explosion and 9 out of 10 people had co-morbidities, you don’t say that only 10% of people died from the explosion. And often a death certificate will only state the most immediate cause, such as pneumonia, which may (or may not) have been caused by the virus.

      The extremely high death rate from ventilators was early in the plandemic and was also incentivized by up to $39,000 free money from the govt (in the case of NYC). I don’t think that’s happening anymore.

      But the PCR cycles fraud? You bet, that one absolutely needs to be exposed, or we remain at the mercy of those who know how to use it to produce further casedemics.

  40. Michaela says:

    yes to everything you say!

  41. TBP says:

    Jon, I always enjoy your analyses, but I believe the following assumption is completely wrong: “Those who claim it does exist have two legs to try to stand on. One: the virus has been isolated (discovered). [2] And two: its genetic sequence has been found. [3] [3a]”

    There are other legs, which are rather difficult to ignore. People do get sick in peculiar ways, seemingly from an infectious agent, and there are various censored drugs/substances that heal people experiencing “Covid”, apparently by various mechanisms of action that inhibit enzymes the virus (and others of the same type e.g. RNA viruses) requires to replicate.

    That the protocol for cataloguing a virus has changed over 130 years since the Koch postulates, by changing the definition of the term “isolation” and (I think since 2004?) constructing a virtual viral genome using computer models based on genetic databank samples, doesn’t in itself prove that viruses, or perhaps weaponized infective EVs/exosomes, don’t exist.

    The idea is that for SARS-CoV-2 to infect a cell, its Spike protein has to first come in contact in a particular place with a host enzyme called furin (and the furin cleavage site seems like a smoking gun of lab modification), and then with another two called TMPRSS2 and Cathepsin L, before it can enter a cell and deliver its mRNA payload that then tricks cell ribosomes into making viral proteins. I find it hard to believe that these viruses could somehow evolve by themselves as nonautonomous/parasitic biological entities (and they’re supposedly the most abundant type of biological entity) as they could never have become pathogenic without “help” from the host (or a 3rd party tinkerer). But they seem to have been around since way before modern lab gene editing tech, so if they originate as EVs produced by animal cells, they must’ve been modified throughout centuries/millennia by external forces that want to manipulate/control us.

    So I agree that “SARS-CoV-2 has not been isolated”, according to the real meaning of the term and previous standard protocol. But that doesn’t prove it doesn’t exist. What proponents of the “viruses don’t exist or cannot infect” are lacking IMO is a good explanation of the symptomology (of covid, flu, SARS1, childhood viral infections, etc), of why many (including young) people have “long-covid” symptomology that never quite seems to heal unlike previous diseases even when they take vitamin D etc, of why the censored effective treatments (ivermectin, HCQ+zinc, etc) work (if used early enough), of why monoclonal antibodies targeting the Spike protein also seem to work, of why USG funded GOF research, of why the CCP and others have spent so much effort researching bat coronaviruses if they aren’t effective bioweapons…

    The pumping up of COVID “cases” and death numbers is necessary because even a GOF lab chimera isn’t enough to affect people with a strong immune system. Many of the people involved are old folks who could possibly succumb to a more pathogenic one, and with the PCR cycles tool you don’t need it to be highly pathogenic, just highly infective/transmissible (plus perhaps even use unspecific primers that match other hCoV sequences), in order to create “casedemic” panics.

    I do agree with you on HIV.

    It’s possible the “Wuhan lab leak theory” is a cover story for deliberate release of the virus as suggested by Event 201 (and previous simulations that became real) and that they’re throwing Fraudci under the bus. It’s even possible it’s a cover story for the idea that there really is no virus, however, I’m not sure you have as good a case as you think here.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


  42. Anthony Fox says:

    This data manipulation has been ongoing. The WHO reports the success of it’s polio eradication campaign touting numbers have fallen from 306 in 2014 to 20 in 2016 and only 3 in 2017.

    The WHO fails to refer to the phenomenal increase of AFP (Acute Flaccid Paralysis)
    and, more recently, NPAFP (Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis). They had ro strees rhetoric non-polio part. They describe NFAFP as “Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis, but twice as deadly.” Polio is pretty bad, I can’t imagine twice as bad. They also report that the AFP rate increase in proportion to the number of vaccine does received in each area, but using regression statistics see no causality. Just goes to show the their are liars, damn liar, and statisticians.

  43. THX1138 says:

    Vaccinology’s foundation is based on a sordid 300 year history. In 1796, Edward Jenner, an English physician, claimed that an eight year old boy was successfully immunized from small pox after scratching pus from a cow blister on his skin. Hardly the scientific method, wouldn’t you say? Unfortunately the practice of vaccinology hasn’t extended far beyond these pseudo-scientific roots.

    People simply believed what Edward Jenner told them and still do to this day!

    • phredd7 says:

      Yes, if people knew the origins & history of vaccines & immunizations, practically no one would subject themselves to them.

      All the diseases which the vaccine makers claim to have cured were actually in dramatic decline when the vaccine was introduced, and yet they took the credit for eradicating the disease.

      Read Revelation 9:21, and look up the Greek word for “sorceries”…. it’s pharmakeia. Share that with everyone you know.

  44. BRUCE CAIN says:

    This video has now been viewed nearly 3100 times. Please share widely. YouTube deleted the video in record time: about 5 hours. It is now on BitChute. In this video I cover three main topics:
    * The Worldwide Anti-Globalist Protest on May 15th, with links to all protests in the comments.
    * How the United States EEOC is allowing employers to force vaccinate their employee’s. This is wrong and the first time that ALL working adults could be forced to get the mRNA “software injection.” I also point out that while Corporate Media is discussing “vaccine hesitency” they are NOT covering the fact that employees are already being forced to get the “jab.”
    * How activists are pushing back against “Vaccine Passports” with video of 800 protesters pressuring a City Council to stop the program.

    Mandatory Jabs, Passports and the New Era of No Voice, No Choice

  45. TheQuestion says:

    Jon, if I may speculate, perhaps the “unusual pneumonia” in Wuhan was tuberculosis originally? I’m no expert on diseases, but if the pollution index is high, and the living conditions are poor, wouldn’t that raise the risk for this sort of illness? (this then being relabeled and rebrandedas the faux illness.) I seem to also recall that TB does absolutely horrendous things to lungs.

    Secondly, given that there i no virus, just what is it these injections are meant to do to People? Do they just cause disease in the short term or are they meant to alter People geneticlaly in the long term over time to suit a transhumanist agenda?

    Disturbingly some years ago a cartoon of “justice league unlimited” in a 2nd season episode entitled “epilouge” was meant to wrap up the plot for “batman beyond” an even older cartoon, and part of that plotline involved making one of the characters unwittingly Bruce Wayne’s actual son, because the characters dad had, without his knowledge or consent, gone in for a “flu shot” which targeted and reprogrammed his reproductive cells to instead carry Bruce Wayne’s genetic material. The thing of it is, this episode was aired back on July 23rd, 2005.

    Similarly the plotline for the video game “Resident Evil 6” (released on October 2nd, 2012) also has some similar things as well in it’s plot, involving a “c-virus” that breaks out in a few places, including in China, etc. But of course check everything I say above yourself.

  46. Daniel says:

    The virus has actually really been isolated : see Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 isolate Wuhan-Hu-1,
    complete genome. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/1798174254

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