Computer-generated Presidents

The sky’s the limit—in the self-feeding loop

by Jon Rappoport

April 5, 2021

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To prepare readers for marvels and innovations, I offer this piece.

Since we live in a virtual age, the image rules. A substitute for the thing itself is acceptable in many venues. If the government can spend $6 trillion it doesn’t have to bail out the population from a virus that doesn’t exist—$2 trillion more than the cost of World War 2—what ISN’T possible?

I can see CNN leading the way, with this sort of announcement from CEO, Jaspar X Pucker:

“Today—after consultation with our attorneys—we make this legal ruling: Our use of the term ‘President’ will cover a range of potential meanings. For example, it could mean ‘the committee that hovers behind the Occupant of the Oval Office and decides policy, on behalf of which policy the Occupant acts a conduit (to the public)’.”

“That would be one meaning. But ‘President’ could also mean a computer generated image (CGI) of the Oval Office Occupant, when that image delivers what the Occupant WOULD HAVE delivered, were he present.”

“Here is our FAQ on the subject”:

Would the CGI image of the President have to resemble the President?

Yes. We will render an exact likeness.

CNN could decide when to deploy a CGI image of the President?

Of course. That’s the whole point. But we will maintain a close relationship with the committee that hovers behind the Occupant of the Oval Office, to ensure we are accurately presenting official policy.

Is it possible that, in a single instant of time, several CGI Presidents could simultaneously appear in different locations speaking to audiences?

Yes. Getting out the message(s) is the first priority.

What about viewer confusion?

We recognize there will be an adjustment period. It isn’t a major hurdle. For instance, for years, we’ve been claiming our anchors and hosts are ‘real journalists’. Our viewers now understand that term is relative.

The reality of TV ads is also relative.

Exactly. And no one has a problem with them.

Does the new definition of “President” also cover actual physical doubles who stand in for the Occupant of the Oval Office?

Yes. We’ve pondered that decision. You see, we’re already in an era of gender fluidity. A person can declare any of a whole host of gender IDs. So why not extend that concept?

You’re saying a physical double for the President would IDENTIFY AS THE PRESIDENT?

Correct. And since he is a certified double, his/her claim is acceptable.

He/she IS the President?

That’s right.

Who has priority? A CGI President, or a physical double, or the Oval Office Occupant?

There is no priority. The situation is roughly analogous to Quantum Entanglement.

I’m not sure I understand.

No one does. It’s all right.

How will you avoid programming errors? Suppose a CGI President goes off on a tangent in public?

Every human President has done that from time to time. People complain, they object, then they forget and quiet down.

Do you intend to let the viewing audience know every time you use a CGI President?

That’s a definite no. The whole thrust involves the audience believing the image is real.

Even though they know or suspect it’s not.


How does THAT work?

The broadcaster broadcasts. The viewer accepts. That’s the ideal toward which we constantly strive. The viewers accept logical and psychological contradictions.

Suppose, through some programming error, the CGI President shows up naked in a Washington DC hotel room with a hooker?

This would mean the system has been hacked. The HACKING would be the central element of the story we run. Russian hacker. Domestic terrorist. Trump supporter. QAnon.

But still…

Possible headline: “The hacker and the hooker.” The tabloid implications would be enormous. Our ratings would go through the roof. It’s a new KIND of story. We’re talking INNOVATION in the news business. The Future shows up and blows everybody away.

I guess I’m focusing on potential missteps. CGI President in Iowa delivers a speech denouncing China’s trade policy, while CGI President in Florida supports that policy at the exact same moment.

Yes? And? A President talking out of both sides of his mouth? We haven’t encountered that before?

But not in the same instant.

It’s just a difference between serial and simultaneous TIME. The whole notion of time is changing.

So the news would be manipulating space and time in a new way.

Exactly. Four or five CGI presidents appearing in different locations at the same time, each saying something quite different, with multiple contradictions involved. It’s the Theory of Relativity applied to the news. All based on one constant: giving varied audiences what they think they want.

Is it possible a CGI President would be smarter than the actual Oval Office Occupant?

Of course. And this could eventually lead to the phasing out of all Oval Office Occupants.

The public would vote for one CGI over another CGI?

Correct. Each major political party would put up its CGI as a candidate for President. It’s inevitable.

The Republicans could run a CGI Ronald Reagan against a Democratic CGI Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

Yes. Or a political party would invent a CGI candidate based on extensive polling data and the deep profiling of voters.

That version makes it sound more believable.

That version, using actual human candidates, has been in effect for centuries. We’re just updating the practice and making it much more effective. And people will learn to accept the notion of many current CGI Presidents who look exactly the same, instead of one physical human who looks exactly like himself.

Will these simultaneous CGI Presidents be numbered for easier recognition?

Heavens no. We want all of them to be equal and the same.

Here’s an obvious question. Suppose CNN and FOX create different CGI Presidents who don’t look the same?

That would present an interesting situation. On the one hand, we would want to forge an agreement among all the news networks, based on the outcome of the vote and the election. The CGI who wins the election becomes the universal likeness of the President. But think of the conflicts, battles, scandals, and ratings bonanzas, if CNN and FOX used competing CGIs as Presidents. Again, by agreement, the networks could stage occasional wars against each other, mounting different CGI Presidents, but then the wars would fade out and the one winner in the election—that CGI—would reclaim its rightful place as President. This way, everybody wins.

Let’s take an actual situation. Joe Biden, for example.

Sure. You would have a dozen CGI Bidens as President. Some would stagger and fall as they mounted the steps to Air Force One—that’s the sympathy factor—and others would bound up the steps like healthy kangaroos—that’s introducing hope.

And Trump?

Well, the way old reality works now, Trump comes out in May of 2021 and says he never bought into the heavy COVID restrictions and the crashing of the US economy; that was all Fauci’s fault and Birx’s fault. But in March of 2020, a year ago, he did support the temporary lockdowns, and then, when they were extended, he went along with the horrendous show. You see? Two different positions. Contradiction. But in the NEW reality, you would have a dozen CGI Trumps simultaneously defending and opposing the lockdowns.

People’s heads would explode.

Which is better? Their heads exploding, or their minds accepting without question the two opposing Trump positions in 2020 and 2021? In the former case, they have to come to terms with political life as it actually exists. In the latter case, they just give in to their own deteriorating and long-term brain rot.

Finally, do you think the public would really accept CGI Presidents, with all the possibilities you’ve sketched out?

Of course. Consider how quickly people accepted smart phones. One minute they were alertly walking down the street looking around them, and the next minute they all had their heads bowed, enraptured by those phones.

I know, but—

And consider this FAQ. Are we two people talking, or was the FAQ generated by artificial intelligence, based on polling and profiling?


Why not?


And you do, in a sense. We do. Or we did. We’re done.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

30 comments on “Computer-generated Presidents

    • john-oranje says:

      There is no doubt that aircraft hit the twin towers,
      but they were brought down by demolition charges.
      This September, being the twentieth anniversary, we
      will be deluged with repeats of the old lies and
      maybe some new ones.
      I am quite surprised that this video is still up on
      You tube.

      • Bill says:

        Yes there is doubt. Do some more digging, there are still good resources out there on how it was done. No real planes hit that day, just CGI.

  1. Opie Poik says:

    Hi, trans-reality department? yes, I’m a pixel who identifies as President. I demand recognition. Objective reality is a social construct. It is not easy to become sane, Winston.

    • michael burns says:

      70% drop in population for the USA?
      Hah…horseshit on a shingle.

      I’ve been tuned into Deagel for some time now, so many using it as a stick to beat fear into people…

      Deagel is a model, and as we know models are skinny-ass things that are photo-shopped and walk funny and live on a one cracker and a glass of water every day.

      It is impossible to predict four years into the future of Earth at any given time.
      Far too many variables.

      A solar flare could unexpectedly erupt to something like a micro-nova, as we rise in this new solar cycle 25, and there you are super extra well-done in your little pile of ashes, that use to be a house along with the rest of humanity.

      A magnetic reversal — which has been ongoing and speeding up — plays hell with the tides and movement of the worlds oceans and title waves the likes of a thousand foot wall, rage across the continent — would deluge us again.
      We have been experiencing Geo-magnetic reversals consistently through history.

      Global resets have been happening for some time now, actually since the dawn of time.
      A human bottleneck caused by a super volcano some 70,000 years ago reduced the human population to as low as 5000 breeding humans.

      Besides that! Deagel predicts Venezuela population up 4% to 28 million inhabitants, I would quander the possibility of that one. No I wouldn’t!

      Starvation is the number one killer in Venezuela; murders have quadrupled in ten years; kidnapping are ten times what they were in 2001. Human rights is at it lowest and disease and crippling poverty have reigned since Maduro. Inflation is in the triple digits, there is no garbage pickup, or health care, public utilities in general are non existent. Stifling sanctions by the West, obliterate food sources.
      Unemployment has been at its highest even before COVID hit with ridiculously low wages, well below the poverty line.
      The number one killer of children is starvation.
      Diseases like cholera, dysentery, lice and filth reigns supreme. And COVID has been extra specially significant as the government in closing down business and food sources only adds to this… it is using of all things China’s Sinopharm vaccine.
      BBIBP-CorV? Ya know the one with the inactive and non existent, never been proved to exist COVID virus — so, what is in it?…oh and also the Russian Sputnik vaccine.

      Myanmar up 4% by 2025, to 58 million, I dare say nought, Myanmar at present is about to explode into a terribly bloody civil war, because of the Coup — the riots are bloody and the protests have been savage, with protesters fighting with of all things, bows and arrows against a well supplied military.

      Snipers and RPG’s from the military are picking them off like a fish in a barrel. They should get tired of this by Wednesday.
      And with Russia and China both complicit, its definitely heading to a serious shit storm.

      India up 1% to 1,341 million, wow, I could have done better with a Quija board or throwing darts on a map.
      Inflation, food shortages, in fighting, border deputes, sanctions by China crippling food sources in existing starvation, escalating diseases and killing poverty, Global Reset in true action…I don’t think so…India is heading for a serious dive…

      Deagel couldn’t be more wrong Opie. Computer models are always wrong, that is their only consistency.

      • Opie Poik says:

        Covert-19(84) injections = massive depop. Get a jab or don’t eat; so, megadeaths. Who needs computer models?

        “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

        • Michael Burns says:

          You are saying nothing but seeding fear for its own sake.

          “Covert-19(84) injections = massive depop. Get a jab or don’t eat; so, megadeaths. Who needs computer models? ”

          But you quoted those models as sources of information to support massive depopulation?

          Covid injections depopulating — if that is what they doing — it is not the only way this decades long war has been depopulating the world.

          Depopulation is a war fought by all sides…the Chinese are depopulating the US and other nations.

          The first and second world war, stole generations of breeding males, that extrapolated to how many children not being born in the world?

          The Spanish flu, toxic foods and polluted environment, and the medical system killing roughly a quarter of million a year consistently in the US alone; the overdose deaths from prescription drugs in the hundreds of thousands: weather modification and crop loss starving millions a years to death…

          Cancer from smoking kills how many world wide a year?
          Abortions and the general vaccination programs shortening lives?

          Your looking at a pawn on a chessboard and think you know the game. This just didn’t start in 2019. This has been going on since Jesus walked around, and before…

          Maybe that’s a good thing, that some don’t eat since they don’t know how to feed themselves, since they do not know how to get food?

          I know people that treat their children like they are their pets…are they humans?

          Xfiles?… seriously.

  2. D. Johnson says:

    in 2020, only 175 people in Nicaraugua died of covid, despite no lockdowns. Why? How many got the 2019-2020 flu shot?

  3. Jim S Smith says:

    Good God!

    Talk about a very dystopic, possibly futuristic view into an “electronic democracy”! (This term WAS used before, BTW.)

    Just like all those “terrorist” videos, and virtually everything presented by MEMRI, and other similar organizations. Virtually all of them are fakes!

    This article also dovetails nicely together with all these supposed “school-shootings” – which turn out to be MORE “crisis-psyops” than anything else. – Again, presenting something totally fake – as if it were real.

    So the end moral of the story is: “We NOW can say we live in a virtual-reality.

  4. Paul says:

    we live in
    a virtual age…”

    “It’s a new
    of story.”

    “The Future

    “Heavens no.”

    “People’s heads would explode.”

    Where is Director Michael Bay?


  5. phil says:

    we are living under a spell the epidemy of evil itself in a realm imposed on us by the parasites in power believe it

  6. Greg C. says:

    Almost all of the live footage of “The 9/11 Event” was a combination of CGI and actors in a studio.

  7. Linda Howell says:

    What about the fake “president” that wears a face mask. Because the fake “president” is gone. So, who’s under the mask? Possibilities are endless. Hopefully the game will end soon. I don’t want to play this game anymore. Also, what’s this about obiden being taken to a hospital yesterday? Fake president and fake white house. Fake hospital also?

  8. ALISON KAY PEEL says:

    Ha, ha, very funny! Actually, there is a germ of truth in what you say. I can even imagine people voting for a CGI President of their choice, but when that day comes I’m not sure if they’ll be afforded a vote at all.

    • Opie Poik says:

      The president’s been more or less CGI since 1960, when Nixon and JFK faced off on TV for the first time.

      And we’re not afforded a vote already. Dominion and the USPS appointed Cacklin’ Kamala this time. Proof that, in a limited way, Trump was truly not the eSTABlishment’s choice. Never again, saith the Deep State.

  9. Ole Gerstrom says:

    The CGI president is not mentioned in the Constitution. He/She/It should be impeached.

  10. Larry C says:

    Speaking of legerdemain, check out this video of Biden. Watch his hand move through the microphones.


  11. Donella says:

    Very likely CGI already exists many times a day on my cellphone and that flat-screen in my living room, yes?

    Jon’s most excellent post recalls when that Superbowl 2000 ad for Nuveen Investments which featured Christopher Reeves walking up to a podium to accept an award after being cured of his spinal chord injury. The futuristic ad also briefly mentioned “breakthroughs” for cancer and AIDS …but neglected to say what those were. Sadly, after it aired people started calling the Spinal Chord Institute wanting to know where they could get that cure.

    I prefer to perform my own “neuroplastectomies” – a word I just made up – without turning on that screen or my phone or taking the jab. Sure they can track me down but this old dog has learned new tricks, too.

  12. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Suppose CNN and FOX create different CGI Presidents who don’t look the same?”

    These broadcasting posers have been promoting different versions of life and reality to the Nation for years. So, creating different Presidents is just more of the same. Different realities, different Presidents, different America Nations that don’t look the same to replace The One we all knew. Why do this? For the good of the Nation? For the good of the American people? No, for good old MONEY and MARKET SHARE. And the consequences of doing so be damned.

    “…do you think the public would really accept CGI Presidents, with all the possibilities you’ve sketched out?”

    If the Many-Worlds interpretation in quantum physics is true, We already have. Somewhere. In fact, many “Wheres”. Everything and anything that could possibly happen in life has… in some universe somewhere. In fact, somewhere there’s a universe that actually makes much more sense than the one we’re currently live. May we all be granted the grace to actually find it some day.

  13. Hyden says:

    36 million people across the globe took part in almost 3,000 protests against the Iraq war in 2003.

    Do protests work, no they don’t because the Iraq war still went ahead, even though there were bigger turnouts than the covid protests.

  14. Tim_2A says:

    “Joe’s Empty-Head-Room”

    -‘Faux-Vids,’ Ad nineteen…
    -Phony, “graphically,” as we’ve seen.
    -Occupant, green-screen.

    “They (Still) Live”

    As the knowledgeable observers are being exterminated, today’s elite policymakers can’t be more elated.

    Their toxic innoculations are showing the designed ability to manipulate, and then incapacitate, the educated.

    We’re being served a stinking pile of donkey manure, but at least it’s been gold-plated.

  15. Tim Willwerth says:

    CGI has evolved to the point where they look like real people. Then you have real people posing as the Prez, like Ed Chiarini proves on his website Well Aware1. com, Hallmark actor Ron Masak was Trump. Deception is on the menu until, like Henry T Laurency’s books about Pythagorean Hylozoics ( Greek for esoterics) clearly state, the planetary hierarchy, members of superhuman kingdoms,are called back. Until then there will be no peace on Earth, so if you’ve got something more important to talk about I’m all ears.

  16. Tim says:

    I’ve only got this to say;
    The artificial, synthetic, digitized mode of life is crap, garbage, shit.
    And they want us to worship and celebrate it, become “one” with it, their fucking fake bullshit hive-mind fraudulent utopia. Imprisoned by it. Hey, kids… that’s what they’re trying to pull here…they use seduction and trauma to assimilate others into the it/egoMatrix mega-farm being passed off as “reality”. And “wonderful!”.
    What is “inversion”?

    While actually, all this shit is just a prop, a placebo effect, a distraction and denial of The Real. A channeling of creative “energy” into fake objects and “things”, giving them “life” and effect. The computer or phone is nothing, it’s a fake perception, an anti-telepathic device.

    All Real minds of The Real are connected, a priori.

    GOD said;
    “Ain’t nothing like the Real thing Baby, ain’t nothing like the Reeeal thing…”

  17. American Flounder says:

    Loved this story! I’m glad I’m not the only who sees the problem with too many false realities being bought by large groups. I’m afraid it could end with so many accepted views of thinking they’re all presumed biased leaving the majority believing solely in state declared consensus… I love the way you put that all in this piece about CGI presidents, keep up the great work!

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