The COVID Cancel Culture Quiz Show

by Jon Rappoport

April 2, 2021

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Hi, everybody. I’m Bob Torquemada, host of the new COVID Cancel Culture Quiz Show. And here’s our first contestant tonight, Mike, a gym owner from New Jersey. Are you ready to play our game, Mike?

I’m ready, Bob.

Good. I have to warn you, Mike. So far, no contestant has won a prize. Instead, they’ve had to endure penalties for losing. So let’s get started. I’m going to present you with four situations designed to limit your individual freedom. You have to explain why these situations aren’t legitimate. Ready?


The first one is: You make a remark to a college student, and she says, “I’m triggered.” She’s trying to limit your freedom of speech. How do you respond?

Well, Bob, let’s say I’m a student, too, and I’m in the cafeteria standing in line to get my food. She’s working behind the counter. I say, “I’ll have the burger and fries.” She looks horrified and says, “I’m triggered. ‘BURGER AND FRIES’ makes me feel anxious.” But that’s ridiculous. It makes no sense. I’m free to order my food. There’s no rational cause and effect relationship between my request and her reaction.

Good enough, Mike. That’s acceptable. Here’s the second situation. You’re walking down the street and six people wearing masks come up to you and scream, “You’re white! Whiteness is racist! Get off the street!”

Bob, first of all, these people are trying to tell me I can’t walk on the street. That’s certainly limiting my freedom. And second, having white skin doesn’t make me racist. There’s no automatic cause and effect relationship between having white skin and being racist.

No major flaws in your position, Mike. You advance to the third round. A group in your town is claiming that owning a business and making a profit is evil. You own a store. How do you respond?

Bob, again, this would be an attempt to limit my freedom by telling me I have no right to own a business because it’s some sort of crime. While it’s true that some corporations are crooked, the basic fact of owning a business and having employees and paying their salaries is completely legitimate. Making a profit is legit, too. Otherwise, how am I going to pay those salaries? Ambition to make a profit, in and of itself, is entirely reasonable.

A passable answer, Mike. Now here’s the fourth situation. There is a declared pandemic. You’re told a virus is attacking the world. You have to wear a mask, keep your distance from other people, stay indoors, close your business, and wait for the governor of your state to lift the COVID restrictions. When the vaccine is available, you have to take it, in order to earn an immunity certificate, which lets you travel, enter certain venues, and mingle with others openly.

Okay, Bob. First of all, did researchers really prove this virus exists? They’re not providing evidence. They claim they’ve isolated the virus, but what they really mean is, they have the virus in a soup, in a dish in the lab, mixed together with all sorts of other material. There is no proof the virus is actually in the dish.

Sorry, Mike, that’s not going to fly. Many studies claim the virus has been isolated.

Yes, Bob, but those studies are twisting the meaning of “isolated.”

No. Your answer is unacceptable. Everybody knows you’re wrong. Anything else?

Absolutely, Bob. When researchers claim they’ve sequenced the genetic structure of the virus, they really mean they’re guessing what that sequence is, because they never had an actual isolated specimen of the virus to begin with.

Wrong again, Mike. Those researchers are experts.

Anyway, Bob, even assuming the virus is real, masks don’t work, and they have harmful effects.

Wrong, Mike. Dr. Fauci said masks are unnecessary and then he said they’re necessary, so masks are necessary.

The lockdowns, Bob, are actually house arrest. They’re unconstitutional, first of all, and even assuming the virus is real, lockdowns wouldn’t stop viral transmission. Destroying the economy and people’s lives with lockdowns is a major crime.

Sorry, wrong again, Mike. Lockdowns are absolutely necessary. You need to obey all the rules and keep your mouth shut. That’s part of what America means. Facebook and Twitter confirm that. So you lose this quiz, Mike.

What? I haven’t even talked about the worthless PCR test yet.

Bob, because you lose, there are penalties. You have to take the PCR test, cooperate with contact tracing, stay indoors alone for two weeks, close your business, and accept the vaccine. After vaccination, you have to keep wearing a mask, and you’ll have to get tested on a regular basis. Loss of freedom is the price loyal citizens must pay to keep us all safe. You see, Mike, there is a CAUSE AND EFFECT RELATIONSHIP THAT BINDS US ALL TOGETHER. IT STARTS WITH THE VIRUS. THE VIRUS MEANS WE’RE ALL AT RISK FROM EACH OTHER. WHAT YOU INDIVIDUALLY DO INEVITABLY AFFECTS EVERYONE ELSE. YOU CAN’T ESCAPE FROM THAT REALITY. SO YOUR FREEDOM HAS TO BE SQUELCHED.

I refuse, Bob. I won’t go along.

Then you’ll also pay a stiff fine, and possibly go to jail, Mike. Let’s move one level deeper, and maybe you’ll understand. Listen closely. Most people accept the existence of the virus. Therefore, for all practical purposes, it does exist. Everything else flows from that mass perception and acceptance. The masks, the distancing, the lockdowns, the vaccine—these are the necessary consequences. And on a metaphysical level, reality IS what people consent to. Now, how can the desires of one individual be allowed to countermand what most people consent to? The individual is AN EXTINCT NOTION. In his place, we have the State, and the Plan on how to organize the State. This is the natural evolution of government. Eventually, it all comes down to a definition of The Good. As Plato realized 2500 years ago, The Good is the highest idea humans can contemplate. And humans must embody that idea in their government and ENFORCE IT. So it’s inevitable that individual freedom will be curtailed and ultimately constricted. Freedom is, so to speak, conquered by The Good.

I disagree, Bob. That’s a slippery slimy argument. America was founded on a different ideal. Individual freedom. That’s what America is supposed to aspire to. That’s the struggle we’ve been in, since the beginning. Freedom is unlimited, but with the condition that you don’t infringe on another person’s liberty. American wasn’t founded on a definition of The Good or The Collective Good.

Okay, Mike, I’ve heard enough. I can give you six bonus points for trying to argue your way out of the penalties with fervor and passion. So let’s see. When I add up your answers to the first three challenges, and then your failure to handle the fourth situation…you’ll have to stay indoors alone for a week and get tested three times. Then we’ll reassess your situation. I can provide you with four rolls of toilet paper, a dozen cans of string beans, and three blocks of cheese from Government Storage, a subsidiary of the US Department of Justice. Thanks for being on the show, Mike.

Screw you, Bob.

I get that a lot. It’s part of my job on…THE COVID CANCEL CULTURE QUIZ SHOW, brought to you by Smartest Phone Services: keeping you under surveillance and in the loop and safe during hard times. Remember, folks, much of what you’re told about the need to cancel culture is debatable, but THE VIRUS ENDURES. It’s the bottom line on why this isn’t your grandfather’s freedom anymore. We’re in a NEW WORLD. And it must have ORDER. We’ll be back after the break with another contestant, a doctor who thinks the vaccine is dangerous and ineffective. Watch what we have in store for him…

COMMERCIAL ONE: Hello, I’m Dr. Frank Stein. These days, your one trusted source for accurate pandemic information is the Centers for Disease Control. While we have no comment on Bob Torquemada’s statements about social issues, his COVID science and virology are solid. Thanks, Bob, for your great and insightful work, and congrats on your Emmy nomination.

COMMERCIAL TWO: Embarrassing skin rashes? ExophilSmooth is a medicine given by injection. It clears up skin in 30 days, in some patients. Adverse effects may include headaches, nausea, limb paralysis, dark green knobby stains on fingers and toes and neck, hallucinations, unwanted male pregnancy, and the occasional migration of the cerebral cortex to the right buttock.

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The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

23 comments on “The COVID Cancel Culture Quiz Show

  1. Mawa says:

    Jon! You have just added decades to my life; my 85 years young Maddah told me laughter is di* best medicine and mi* laugh suh* til*

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Bob, you’re hilarious!
    I like your pace & toothy grin.

    “And on a
    metaphysical level,
    IS what people
    consent to.”

    I think you’re smarter than you’re letting on, Bob. Maybe that fast-pace-of-yours is a tell. Or maybe you’d just say your-ad-friend-time is expensive. You’re not very generous with Time-for-Mike-to-explain-his-virus-reasoning, even with that all-too-familiar-slimy-grin-of-yours. You’re nimble-on-your feet, too, Bob. More Faucian than Bidian, I’d say.

    You’re a fantastic game-show-host, Bob. A real-team-play-a. Hope to see ya again.

    Might wanna save The Science, for others, tho’. You’re beginnin’ to sound like the morning hosts at C-SPAN. Ya-know…with That-All-Too-Sure-Science-Stuff, and all. They’ve suddenly become science-experts over there, or maybe just good screen readers. Or something like that, Bob.

    Even sans ads.

  3. Eluard says:

    Jon Rappoport, the human Jackhammer. Splitting and cracking the bullshit narratives for decades. With a sense of humor mixing the Catskills and late George Carlin.

    Yesterday I commented here on WHY some of want to “wake up” and see (more of) reality. Maybe it’s just a soul thing. I know that’s still vague but you can’t explain talent either. It’s there and maybe cultivated through many lives and experiences. Yeah, still vague…

    I had a strange feeling reading this piece today. Jon’s been at this now coming into 15 months. Day after day. And it all comes down to 4 words: There is no virus. For a while now I’ve seen “the matrix” as a kind of loop, a circle we keep going around. We’re now all starting to say the same things we’ve been saying, some of us still very creatively (J.R.) but we’re in another loop.

    We need to step outside. There’s a very big universe out there.

    • BDBinc says:

      The cancel sanity show.

      There is no “virus”.
      The simple truth that would end all this madness if it were known. But it is not yet known the unconscious collective mind of humanity are believers of media/govt and in the grip of fear.
      Instead of being the master of our mind it masters us = mind controlled.

      Reality is Being.
      Reality is not the illusions in this world, a world where points of deathless awareness/consciousnesses are seemingly incarnated as dense fragile individual body/minds .
      In this world we manifest/create from our thinking feeling, our inner creates the outer.
      If like the majority we are not aware of what we think and feel and just adopt the medias mind control programs we run the matrix how we are thought and felt( by R & co’s govts/media). Media amplifies unconsciousness and with every story spreads either fear, anger and ignorance …its is toxic .
      “Covid” is fear, fear and ignorance are markers of the ego mind.
      Which is why I like Jons lightness, truth and humor as it is much needed at this time. While exposing the truth about covID19: The Big Lie and the insanity around us it also combats the fear . This slavery to the ego mind and so slavery those that know and manipulate our do creation powers is long overdue… an inner revolution is called for that is the meaning of awakening. “Know thyself”.
      Real awakening as opposed to the PC Woke mind controlled that think they are awake but they are asleep and have just adopted media PC thoughts and feelings.
      Even knowing about how Rothschilds Rockefeller & Co rule the world through a political, media and economic monopoly does not wake you to who you are.
      And that Being (or the life) that you are is always primary.

  4. Mark says:

    Mike, you have drank fizzy lifting drinks in the virus tank and therefore YOU LOSE!!
    Move on, sir.

  5. Opie Poik says:

    It’s only a game show until the gummint shuts off your in-home care for your ALS-disabled husband, due to the Covert-19(84) ruse – to protect health, of course – but then, they do at least send you a care package . . . containing a bodybag.

    No, really:

    Kathryn Huwig Smashes COVID Pseudoscience at State House, By Tom Woods, @ Tom Woods Show: &/or

  6. Michelle says:

    Omg! You nailed it Jon!

  7. hh says:

    How can Cornell mandate a private medical decision policy that is in direct conflict with state law?? THERE ARE NO religious exemptions in New York anymore…. Please write an article and make this point in the title of the article. Of all of the Universities that have gone full new age nazi so far… Cornell is the first.. in New York to attempt a required Covid vaccine… New York, as everbody knows, is one of the 3 states that have no more religious exemptions for vaccines-drugs. Even if RFK sues Cornell, which he probably will.. he can get 10 time faster results… if you write an article Jon stating the above…. i.e. that it is illegal to say that there is a religious exemption for a vaccine in the state of New York… your article could put an end to the Cornell mandate fast once certain news site pick up your story… here is the second key point to make in the article… if Cornell is allowed by Cuomo to say/implement that there is a religious exemption at their “school” for the Fraud never proven to exist Covid “virus” vaccine.. that means all other school children and college students/Adult U.S. consumers in New York must be given religious exemption for all required vaccines… This Cornell policy could back fire super fast on all of the other colleges that are going to try and “mandate” (Like they are a state legislature body now.. lol) this slow genocide policy.. if you can write an article Jon.. Please consider writing an article about this message..

    • Donna says:

      The covid vaccine, all versions available in the US are not approved by the FDA. They are authorized for emergency use, only. An EAU is not the same as an approval. The decision by Cornell to require covid vaccines beginning the fall term can be challenged. No business, school, or employer can require anybody to participate in an experiment.

      I also believe that the EAU was given under false pretenses. Legally, EAUs for experimental medical treatments/interventions are only given when there is no other treatment/intervention available. It’s true there are no other already approved vaccines; but, it is not true there are no other treatments available to treat the symptoms of covid19.

  8. Caroyn Gutman Dey says:

    brilliant as usual!

  9. Barbara Powers says:

    Brilliant! Waking up, wondering what fresh horrors will accost me today in the name of “reality,” this blog is proof there is still hope. Thank you.

  10. michael burns says:

    “You’re walking down the street and six people wearing masks come up to you and scream, “You’re white! Whiteness is racist! Get off the street!”

    I get that all the time…I say, “Racism, is part of my Irish culture, don’t suppress my culture.”

  11. ATarese says:

    This article makes a great point but I hope people stop repeating ‘cancel culture’!! It’s hard to see people who should know better not realize they are lazily assisting the globalists by joining them to help spread their choice of powerfully misleading terminology – repeating their softened, obfuscating term ‘cancel culture’ and therefore modeling for readers a resigned acceptance of this whitewashed term – which in practice is instead a warlike attack on humanity at the deepest level.

    There’s NO ‘culture’ (a nice expansive word) doing any ‘cancelling’ (inferring a neutral valid reason). This is full frontal free speech attacking and warlike censorship by the hidden genocidal psychopaths who have purchased all major media expressly to monopolize free speech censorship power.

    So please stop helping embed in minds any of their manipulative terms and call it the ‘Free Speech Attacking’ or how about “Opposition Face Stomping” instead? Pick your own, just call it what it is please.

    • john-oranje says:

      But part of the target for satire is the terms ‘they’
      use. In order to ridicule the agenda you have to
      expose the fake reasonableness dressed up in their
      own terminology eg non-discrimination, gender equality
      anti-racism, the great reset, climate change, social
      distancing, protecting the children, protecting the
      elderly and so on and so on. Fill in the rest.

      • ATarese says:

        Yes you’re right in that sense, especially for this article. I guess I’m making a feeble stab at wanting our community to always qualify a use. Like always beginning blatantly and ‘correcting’ to the wrong use…”the dictatorial censor clowns….I mean cancel culture…” or something. Just not point out the idiocy too whenever repeating it. Thank you.

  12. Linda Becker says:

    This was a fun read. Thanks so much!

  13. Roundball Shaman says:

    “We’ll be back after the break with another contestant, a doctor who thinks the vaccine is dangerous and ineffective. Watch what we have in store for him…”

    Hey Doc. Make it easy on yourself. Forget your dangerous ideas and just say…

    “The vaccine is SAFE!”

    “Trust THE SCIENCE!”

    “Build Back BETTER!” (But NEVER ask… better for WHO?)

    Doc, say ANY of these MAGIC WORDS and ‘The Duck’ will come down and give you a reservation time for a cocktail of all the latest vaccines, another $1,400 Stimulus Check, a Vaccine Passport good World-wide, a pin that says ‘I’M SO WOKE I’M WOKIFIED’, a
    certificate for a photograph of you and Doctor Weasel personally signed by His Holiness himself, and a deed good for free burial at the cemetery of your choice! Free burial is good for anyone who takes the vaccine but must be used within 12 months! Trust us, you won’t have to wait that long!…

  14. Tom Jackson says:

    Cancel Big Pharma’s Main Stream News and Reject the Inject. Why would anyone allow injection of dangerous lab created genetic code(not a vaccine) and risk many serious side effects, later auto-immune diseases and even death? The C-19 mRNA companies skipped long term tests, have no liability for death or injuries and will make billions.

    Those under 60 have near zero chance of dying from C-19 and asymptomatic virus infection is not supported by independent research science. Lockdowns should never have been implemented.

    The media, medical establishment and politicians receive billions from Big Pharma.

    Your genetic code from your parents should be the only program your cells should run. Natural and chemical free foods and water are the best immune system support.

    For more info DuckDuckGo search: “medianewsonline might want to know”

  15. Avory Sax says:

    Stefan Lanka:

    Contrary to what most people believe, pathogenic viruses do not exist.

    The claims about the existence of viruses and viral diseases are based on historic misinterpretations, and not as I thought in the past – on fraud or deliberate deception. [ :-\ ]

    All scientists who think they are working with viruses in laboratories are actually working with typical particles of specific dying tissues or cells that were prepared in a special way.

    They believe that those tissues and cells are dying because they were infected by a virus.

    In reality, those prepared tissues and cells are dying because they were starved and poisoned as a consequence of the experiments in the lab.

  16. REBECCA MAXCY says:

    Commercial #2!!!! HAHAHAHA

  17. Pauly says:

    We all need to look in mirror….

  18. The Fountainhead says:

    Love! Oh man, you nailed it! So terrifyingly hilarious. ????????????????

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