Vaccine: twenty countries suspend injections; does that make you “hesitant?”

by Jon Rappoport

March 22, 2021

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The Guardian: “Several European countries have halted using the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine…”

The Guardian has a brand new definition of “several.” Their own article lists the following nations: Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Romania, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, The Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Cyprus, Sweden.

Bulgaria and Thailand have also stopped the jab.

The reason for the “pause?” A “small” number of people have developed blood clots.

And now, as I write this, the Wall St. Journal is reporting that European Union medical regulators have decided everything is OK—“the benefits of the shots outweigh the risks.” Standard boilerplate language for: “we don’t have to explain the vaccine injuries or deaths.”

If you believe just a few people with blood clots caused 20 countries to stop giving the jabs, I have condos on Mars for sale.

Hidden behind the firewall of the vaccine establishment, MANY people are keeling over.

And why wouldn’t they? Governments and pharma companies have rushed a new experimental RNA technology into use, for the first time in history. Prior to the COVID injection, all attempts to force approval of RNA tech had failed; dangerous and deadly over-reaction of the immune system was the reason.

Since I seem to be one of the only people saying this, I’ll say it again: Bill Gates, Fauci, and other rabid vaccinators are in love with RNA tech. It allows vaccines to be produced far more quickly, easily, and cheaply.

For any purported virus, at the drop of a hat, companies can come up with a vaccine. It doesn’t take four years. It takes three months.

“We just discovered a virus that crossed over from geese. And here’s a new one from Easter bunnies. And another new one just drifted in from Jupiter. We’ll have vaccines ready by Christmas. The seventh mutation of SARS-CoV-2 has its own vaccine as of yesterday. If you want to take the kiddies to Disneyland, find one of those pretty pink vans parked in your town, take the shot and receive your updated Immunity Certificate…”

Then there is this: the COVID vaccines manufactured by AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna are completely ineffective at preventing serious illness. BY DESIGN.

Months ago, a NY Times piece, by Peter Doshi and Eric Topol, spelled it out.

September 22, 2020: “These Coronavirus Trials Don’t Answer the One Question We Need to Know”:

“If you were to approve a coronavirus vaccine, would you approve one that you only knew protected people only from the most mild form of Covid-19, or one that would prevent its serious complications?” [Clue: “most mild” means cough, or chills and fever, which cure themselves without the need for a vaccine.]

“The answer is obvious. You would want to protect against the worst cases.”

“But that’s not how the companies testing three of the leading coronavirus vaccine candidates, Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, whose U.S. trial is on hold, are approaching the problem.”

“According to the protocols for their studies, which they released late last week, a vaccine could meet the companies’ benchmark for success if it lowered the risk of mild Covid-19, but was never shown to reduce moderate or severe forms of the disease, or the risk of hospitalization, admissions to the intensive care unit or death.”

“To say a vaccine works should mean that most people no longer run the risk of getting seriously sick. That’s not what these trials will determine.”

The COVID shot: dangerous AND ineffective.

Trump’s coronavirus task force knew the truth. Biden’s task force knows the truth. But they don’t care.

The CDC and the WHO know. They don’t care, either.

But these authorities are very nervous, because droves of people are avoiding the vaccine. It’s not “hesitancy.”

It’s utter rejection.

Sensible rejection.

It began soon after the initial rollout of the Pfizer vaccine. NBC News, December 31, 2020:

“A large percentage of front-line workers in hospitals and nursing homes have refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine…”

“About 50 percent of front-line workers in California’s Riverside County have refused to take the vaccine…”

“Anecdotally, an estimated 60 percent of Ohio nursing home employees have refused the vaccine already…”

“A survey of 2,053 New York City firefighters found that more than half said they would refuse the Covid-19 vaccine when it became available to them…”

And all that was long before 20 countries suspended the injection.

I’ll close, for now, with two statements about the role vaccines have played in eliminating deaths from diseases—because true history matters:

“The combined death rate from scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough and measles among children up to fifteen shows that nearly 90 percent of the total decline in mortality between 1860 and 1965 had occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread immunization. In part, this recession may be attributed to improved housing and to a decrease in the virulence of micro-organisms, but by far the most important factor was a higher host-resistance due to better nutrition.” Ivan Illich, Medical Nemesis, Bantam Books, 1977

Robert F Kennedy, Jr.: “After extensively studying a century of recorded data, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Johns Hopkins researchers concluded: ‘Thus vaccinations does not account for the impressive declines in mortality from infectious diseases seen in the first half of the twentieth century’.”

“Similarly, in 1977, Boston University epidemiologists (and husband and wife) John and Sonja McKinlay published their seminal work in the Millbank Memorial Fund Quarterly on the role that vaccines (and other medical interventions) played in the massive 74% decline in mortality seen in the twentieth century: ‘The Questionable Contribution of Medical Measures to the Decline of Mortality in the United States in the Twentieth Century’.”

“In this article, which was formerly required reading in U.S. medical schools, the McKinlays pointed out that 92.3% of the mortality rate decline happened between 1900 and 1950, before most vaccines existed, and that all medical measures, including antibiotics and surgeries, ‘appear to have contributed little to the overall decline in mortality in the United States since about 1900 — having in many instances been introduced several decades after a marked decline had already set in and having no detectable influence in most instances’.”

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

104 comments on “Vaccine: twenty countries suspend injections; does that make you “hesitant?”

  1. notgoodatenglish says:

    i have a strong feeling the experimental vax has something to do with the Cruetzfeldt-Jakob neurological disease outbreak currently happening which killed Dr Baselga who was the chief scientist at astrazeneca. Cruetzfeldt-Jakob is caused by prions. i dont know how credible this is but take a look

    Deborah Tavares – Emergency Alert 03/05/2021
    long interview with Deborah Tavares

    outbreak in canada

    either way NO ONE should be taking these harmful and deadly experimental vax

    • jerry says:

      and don’t let them touch your babies either!!!!! we gave that one away, didn’t we ! no more….

      • Yacov Ezra says:


        THEY aim to jab 30% of the world’s population and they’re close to that figure. 30% of the world’s population vaxxed means some 2.4 billion people vaxxed. The fatalities could touch 1.5 to 1.8 billion or more. Mission is a thumping success and more than the aim set forth. Bill Gates spoke of bringing down the world’s population by 10 % through vaccine/reproductive healthcare. 10 % of 8 billion is a mere 800, 000 people dead, while with nearly 2 billion dead via the C19 vax the percentage of mortalities caused by vax goes up more than twice. The New World Order is well on track. Next, other means of mass depopulation like world war 3, live germ/chemical/toxin warfare, cyberpandemic etc will further kill billions more.

        • Philbert Desanex says:

          10% of 8 billion is 800 million, not 800 thousand

        • Catherine says:

          The deaths from Covid 19, suicides from financial ruin etc, must have their 2.5 Billion for Agenda 201 on target or close enough. Agenda 2030 which is now moved to 2025 I thought was to take out the other 5 Billion, leaving them with, approximately .5 Billion ( this including the new births ). Looks pretty grim for the human race. These psychopaths get wealthy, and they sure get evil. They somehow lost their souls, on the highway to success. They’ve got the entire world in chaos. Displaced people, families broken up, children been hunted, with all the awake people, growing fast, we should be able to stop these psycho’s soon. If people wouldn’t get so caught up in all the propaganda, we could of United a long time. Now with these DNA manipulating Jabs, they so desperate to inject us with also destroys your creative ability & soul. Sounds like the robotic, brainwashed youth, they rolled out in their BLM & ANTIFA gangs. They had some robotic demon possessed, soulless freaks running amok. I’m wondering is that due to the lack of education going on, too much brainwashing instead or are they already vaccinating them with these DNA Manipulator Jabs. I swear some have no ability to feel emotions, like normal human belongs.

    • The Prion disease deaths of the elites are just that.

      There’s one source of Prion disease- eating brain tissue.

      These people are sick.

      • Catherine says:

        KURU , the disease they get from either eating human flesh or drinking the Adrenochrome. Hillary has it, Stage 4 I recall hearing. Very toxic, so they have her near Greenland. Johnny Depp can’t be too far behind her. I think that’s a clone we see. He I heard was a 3 long before he’s court appearances & he didn’t look to good. Not sure why they don’t just electrocute them, save the children, rather than the Vampire Pedophiles we surrounded by. But I notice lots of deaths amongst them, I just have to wonder, are those deaths happening at GITMO

  2. Someone Who Knows says:

    As someone who has just lost someone very close to them, dying within 24 hours of taking this experimental poison, I’ve no doubt that this “small number” is probably growing at a faster rate than one of the exponential curves on one of Neil Ferguson’s graphs.

    These criminals need to be stopped. NOW.

    • Caroyn Gutman Dey says:

      wow, I am very sorry to hear that.

    • Opie Poik says:

      Sorry about that. I’m expecting word of the same before too long for my brother, an ER doc, who’s been sick from Covert-19(84) “jabs” – which he’s likely administered to many others, as well. And it’s all been for the most transparent, crassest of lies:

      Papaya, Goat, sheep, all test positive for cov19

      So horribly serious and real. Nuremberg 2.0. NOW.

    • Cynthia Jenkins says:

      Wish all the people who watched someone die 5 days after taking the vaccine could meet up in person

    • Catherine says:

      I shared an article a few days ago, from a whistle blower at one of these Big Pharma companies. He said if you don’t die within the first 10 days, you may make it for about 2 years. If you in good health, besides the vaccine. 2 years these people getting it, and now they pushing it for children. People having them, lose their Life Insurance, and it’s been confirmed several times. I gather healthcare, will be taken from them next, for having a experimental vaccine. They know theirs nothing Drs can do to help them. Their souls are detached, lost. It kills, their soul. So I can just imagine these emotionless cold blooded protectors, for them. The BLM & Antifa gangs, they already so brainwashed, with no respect, this vaccine will turn them into cold blooded zombies. I prefer the old day’s. This is insane

  3. Paul says:


    I have sent Jon’s articles to my particular state Governor.

    I have not sent them to the US Senators, because it would be a waste of time, as they waste space also.

    I think sending valuable info to your elected officials is good, but best done by in-state, registered voters.

    If you watched Sen. Rand Paul’s questioning of Fauci during the recent Senate hearing, I would ask this of KY residents.

    Watch the hearing (C-SPAN archives), & if you agree, thank the senator for his excellent questioning & attach Jon’s article & let Rand know of Jon’s research as a resource.

    Rand cited medical articles to Fauci & Jon dug up these ones, that Rand should read.

    Thank you.

  4. I wish this article included links for its factual claims.
    I was considering sharing it, but without links it seems less reliale.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Then go to Children’s Health Defense, Principia Scientific Institute, The High Wire, – in other words – there ya go – some very reliable and consistent sources to begin your own search.

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      Why are people so obsessed with “links”? Links to what? Website articles that have…more links to other links and then more links to links?

      Stop being a Google scientist and start using common sense and scientific method.

      And please learn how to read articles with citations. Jon adds citations to each of his articles and you are welcome to follow up.

      • Noneoftheabove says:

        Thank you, I love what you said: “Stop being a Google scientist and start using common sense and scientific method.

        “And please learn how to read articles with citations. Jon adds citations to each of his articles and you are welcome to follow up.”

        I’m also deeply grateful for Jon Rappoport’s persistence in reporting to us.

        The only thing I wonder is, what’s behind the inhumanity, really? Religious endtime activities? Bored with riding around on their yachts? It’s not just people they’re bumping off.
        If they really have all the $$$ and time, why not get rid of toxins and ocean plastic as well, and stop killing the planet with mining and toxic aerosols and drano-style “medicine”? Killing the planet is something that’s been going on a good while, and CO2 is not the culprit. What’s the answer? Anybody?

        • Tony says:

          Their lords of darkness, require them to spill blood… Ancient is the battle between Light and Darkness

        • Mark Brown says:

          What’s behind the inhumanity? Read Jane Goodall’s account of how peacable primates behave when they start to run out of resources. The stronger ones drive out the weaker ones, involving injuries and death. Humanity is running out of resource (we live on a finite planet) and the elites are the ones with power and control – and they’re using their power.

      • stephen langley says:


  5. Fenwick says:

    Sadly, three of my sisters-in-law have had both doses of the mRNA vaccines and I am worried sick about their future, although I do not discuss it with them because what’s done is done.

    What is happening to the World and where do we go from here? I am considering never going to a doctor again and foregoing all preventative interventions.

    • john-oranje says:

      Likewise my sister has taken the vaccines after
      ignoring all the warnings and links I sent her.

      She decided to do just what the UK Gov via the mass
      media told her to do.

      So I hope for the best, there being no point now in
      sending info about the dangers.

      I was unable to persuade her not to have her son
      take the MMR shot, some 30 years ago.

      Fortunately he was not obviously harmed but I could
      never understand why anyone would think it a worthwhile risk.

      The only vaccines we had as children were smallpox
      and I am sure that was a bad thing from what I have

      Everything I have learned about vaccines and other
      conspiracies for want of a better general definition,
      has been via the internet.

      The propaganda against all info coming from uncontrolled sources via the internet has been so successful that it prevents people, like my sister,
      from even considering anything that is not officially
      backed up by authority, as if those in power must be
      the custodians of truth.
      Fake science replaced the church long ago, but at
      least when we were young we would protest against
      authority but not any more.
      I hope the young today wake up to this medical backed
      tyranny before its too late.

      • Fenwick says:

        So sorry to hear about your sister’s decision. It makes you want to cry in despair, doesn’t it? I keep wishing this is all just a very bad dream and it will be over soon so the World can be sane again…

        • James says:

          I just found out basically my entire immediate family has taken this untested poison at best. I tried warning them as well. I’m actually more angry to tell you the truth. But what’s done is done. People have lost the ability to think critically. Sad times.

    • Dana Crotts says:

      35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. 37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

      I don’t know what your view of Christianity is, but let me help you. If your family are still wearing masks and getting vaccines at this point after the whole hoax is plain to see you need to stop wasting another second on worrying about them. They are headed for Hell.

      Get right with God and the Spirit and take care of yourself and other like-minded people. We are family in Christ, spirit, whether we have the same blood is irrelevant.

      • michael burns says:

        “He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

        WHAT??????????? Love the intangible more than those who you perceive with your five senses as real and your kin. Those who you have shared life with and have been torn apart by a Global Reset madness. Those who are your blood, who love you and are afraid.

        Deny them…But believe in your fucking fairy story in a book written by old English writers…when? 1611, commissioned by a man who committed some of the worst atrocities committed by a human. An English inbred king, whose sins among others are; witch hunts; the tortures and religious persecution after the gunpowder plot; Popish Recusants Act which lead to a well over a century of Irish catholic persecution and warred upon, and the torture of those Catholics by Oliver Cromwell.

        Read and believe the words of that FUCKING BOOK?

        Do you have a learning disability or mental problems?
        Are you on medication?

        Are you retarded?

        I presume you have no family, right?

        “They are headed for Hell.”

        WHAT???…You are taking street drugs right? Your a reformed drug addict, right?

        In twelve step program?
        You didn’t have a good family life?
        Your an orphan?

        And you are seething with righteous religious indignation and condemnation of the rest of us.

        You know nothing of Christ!

        • Honest liberty says:

          How many millions did Yahweh murder and allow to be raped?

          If that is the real god, and hell is eternal separation from that monster… Then good news because fuck that psychopathic “God”.

          But we know

        • Marilyn says:

          Thank you! Took the words right out of my mouth!

          • Richard says:

            God told Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

            It’s like me warning my sister not to take the vaccine.

            If she gets blood clots am I the psychopath?

    • Dan Rice says:

      Similarly, my sister (a former nurse) and her husband a well-known doctor received the Pfizer shots a few days ago. Impossible to talk to them as they are glued to CNN. They no longer follow any medical articles and I’m the last person they would listen to… In fact, my sister just sent a message telling me that they decided for their “health to stay away as far as possible from people like me” (who did not take the vaccine). Crazy situation. I’m more then convinced about the “medical tyranny” thing. My sister and her husband are now old but they spent their lives in hospitals caring for others. Sadly, their combined medical experience culminated in their inability to read nor listen to anyone who asks questions. It’s like their critical thinking abilities stopped.

      • michael burns says:

        It is hard for anyone to realize that their whole life has been a lie that they have served.
        That is a difficult thing to overcome, it takes great courage to look at your life spent as a doctor or an nurse, and say…”I have been part of the problem, of this medical tyranny.”

        Sad. Terribly sad.

    • Noneoftheabove says:

      There’s a lot of well researched information on plant medicine, which is what we evolved with.Anbd what you are looking for is to boost your immune system, not ruin it with vaccines.
      Start with books by the guru of botanical research, Stephen Harrod Buhner. Homeopathy is also genius medicine; it was invented by a German doctor in the 1700s, back when his peers were killing patients with bloodletting and other craziness. It also works on pets and the side effects are all but nil.
      The AMA drove people away from natural medicine that works because it works, it’s cheap and healing (as opposed to maintenance-style prescription “medications.” And some of the ingredients are in our own back yards.
      Cultures around the world have come up with plant medications that work, and our food and spices are actually medicine as well.
      My husband Jim got sicker and developoed more trouble walking – which could lead to falls – due to cumulative side effects from every medication he took, including Vioxx which enlarged his heart. I yelled at his cardiologist for putting him on the blood thinner coumadin because of the side effects. His doctor said, “It’s all we have!” No, it’s not!Not by a long shot. Good information is out there, but your doctor and pet’s veterinarian won’t ever recommend anything but prescriptions that do not heal. It’s their specialty. Let the buyer beware.

    • stephen langley says:


    • Andy says:

      Fenwick, I am also seriously considering never going to a doctor again and foregoing my preventative medicines. Death itself doesn’t bother me, but it is the prospect of the complete death of this life of the freedoms I’ve known that I find most troubling. I’m going to make sure I go out with a bang because the freedoms I have enjoyed my whole life were bought at great price by those who’ve been before me, and it should therefore cost me something, personally, to see those freedoms maintained for my offspring, and all the present and future generations.

  6. Eluard says:

    This AstraZeneca shot apparently uses DNA rather than RNA to stimulate the “spike protein” in the cells:

    “The Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines both use mRNA as their platform for delivering the genetic instructions. AstraZeneca-Oxford’s uses DNA instead, and the DNA is delivered to cells with the help of another virus known as an adenovirus. (Other Covid-19 vaccine developers, like CanSino Biologics and Johnson & Johnson, are also using adenovirus vectors.”

  7. Liv 4ever says:

    I agree , but why is asstra xenika singled out. I think all vaccines downside far outweighs any “perceived ” upside. But I suspect there could be more ar play. Perhaps political motivations? Ass tra xenika is a Swedish firm. You might want to track the kroner against the other currency markets. I can’t say for sure though because these people never invite me to their parties.
    In any case, it seems that a.z. Is being singled out as the bad boy by all the fake news outlets. Usually this means that the big pump and dump club is up to their old tricks again.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Anything is quite possible.

      Have seen much of this before!

    • Liv 4ever says:

      After much reflection and intensive research ( all of .00043 seconds on google ) I conclude that that maybe that’s why they call it corona. It brings a whole new dimension to the word cronyism.

      “As regards these two kings, their heart will be inclined to do what is bad, and they will sit at one table speaking lies to each other. But nothing will succeed, because the end is yet for the time appointed.” Daniel 11:27 NWT

      • Jim S Smith says:

        CORONA: L. “Crown”, Halo, etc.

        If you can define (from hopefully a still-decent dictionary) many of these words, their definitions can help explain a lot – to include the symbolism used in some propaganda too.

    • stephen langley says:


  8. DavidM says:

    One has to be intellectually honest and perceptually honest when evaluating how the vaccines came to market so fast?

    And at the same time, keep in mind that there is no cv or covid.
    Bc the CDC nor anyone else has ever honestly proven it to exist.

    Even the so called man made viruses that have patents, are no more contagious or infectious than a boogey man in a box.

    Sure, these perverts and lunatics could have some kind of witches brew in a container, but the only way it could make someone sick or kill the person is if was consumed or injected.

    The people behind these actions are very sick people and are probably laughing at all the hysteria that is going on in the world, as a result of their lies and hoaxes.

    There are lots of parts to this story and all of them are moving and changing targets.

    But lets deal with the covid vaccine development time line.

    When covid came on scene a yr ago, almost immediately, covid became a cult amongst a large majority of the population and they began to put extreme screaming pressure on Trump to get them a vaccine, asap, including the MSM. Which are mostly psychotic women and they get their advice from snakes.

    When Trump was pres, like everyone else, he knew very little or nothing about covid. He is not a dr or scientist. Or any kind of health specialist. He had zero knowledge or understanding about covid and vaccines and related matters, before this happened. He also did not have time to clear his mind and sit on the computer all day, like we do to do research and keep on top of the steady flow of the developments. When he was pres he had advisors, which were mostly telling him the mainstream narrative (the lies) of big pharma and the globalists. And he was surrounded by criminals, snakes, rats, back stabbers, traitors, liars, crooks, scumbags and all kinds of other swamp creatures. Including his immediate staff. (There is a good zoom recording of his staff conspiring to bring him (Trump, down.

    He could not really trust anyone. Put yourself in his shoes.

    Now after a yr has gone by, we all know how much of a liar and fraudster Fauci is. Birx and others too. But that is now 20/20 vision in hind sight.

    No one in such a situation can figure out WTF is really going on and who is telling the truth and who is lying and who to trust and who not to trust?

    It really pisses me off, when people expect politicians to become instant experts on such specialized subjects as covid. It is humanly impossible. The best a politician, even an honest one, can do is to pretend to know something, when in the spotlight. Under the pressure, he has no choice but to tell people what they want to hear. In a democracy, the gov gets their power and authority and orders from the masses.

    Even all the experts we have followed on these forums, since the beginning, like Jon Rappoport, Del Bigtree, Sherri Tenpenny, Dolores Cahill, Andrew Kaufman, Thomas Cowan and many others did not understand WTF was going when covid began? It was a brand new subject. They had to figure it out on the go. That takes all day every day to figure it out and keep on top of it and figure out what are lies and what are facts. They had to unravel and untangle all the lies that the globalist were relentlessly broadcasting through their MSM media megahorns, 24/7.

    And it is only in the last couple of months that the majority of them really wrapped their minds around the subject. And they were not in political hot seats, like politicians, with no such quality time, and had quality time, not unlike us, to do research on line and figure things out. Jon Rappoport was well ahead of the game, because of his experience with AIDS and Fauci from back in the 80s and 90s.

    Now with all that being said, Trump, being an experienced businessman, and under extreme public pressure, knew how to approach the CDC and the FDA and the vaccine companies and get them to override all standard protocols and appease the screaming covid cult public with a vaccine. Which the vaccine companies then developed a vaccine in a few months. And they put clear conditions and disclaimers on the packaging of their vaccines Same goes for the PCR companies. To be used only for research and cannot test for viruses.

    My point is that everybody needs to be objective and honest in placing blame. The screaming public is a very influential force that is always ignored.

    There is more that can be said about the corruption behind the scenes, but it is too difficult to untangle and explain. And I think that most of the readers of nomorefakenews knows all this well enough.

    I just had to bring up this one perspective, that is not mentioned.

  9. Sean says:

    It’s utter rejection.

    It’s sensible rejection.

    I received an email from a Prepping source that I have spent quite a few bucks on to learn prepping. How to do this and do that e books. Which are quite educational and do help give me a fighting chance in worst case scenarios, that Id otherwise have no clue.

    The email was primarily debunking vaccine myths. I read it. Then sent them an email back. I said, I have spent alot of money learning how to prevent and prepare from you. And that Im blown away you would send this out. Please never send me another one. The CDC and the WHO are criminal and have no credibility because of their disinformation. Knock yourself spreading exactly what they tell you to send out, I wont stop you. Just dont send it over here again.

    They got to my prepper source.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      If they use the banking system for their finances and transactions, it’s game-over for them if they refuse to abide by the wishes of said system.

      You’ll see many more companies like this one bending over.

      IF you were to have some old Boy Scouts manuals (perhaps from a local used-book seller), there’s a lot of great info and techniques in those. IF you have (or have access to) a US ARMY issued “S.M.A.R.T. Manual” from at least twenty years ago, you have prime prepper material right there! – I know this for fact. Just wish I still had all my copies. 🙁

  10. Opie Poik says:

    Simon & Schuster To Release Children’s Book About Fauci

    • Ort says:

      Not surprising– now that Dr. Seuss has been canceled, they obviously need a book to replace “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Simon and Schuster is a crap company anyway!

      Much of our watered-down school textbooks were from them and Holt Publications too.

  11. Tim says:

    Well, there you have it. The sorcerers and snake-oil concocters and sellers con-game exposed.
    The funny thing is… it is literally sorcery(black magic)…
    What is “black magic”? The “science” of deception.
    Perception manipulation for “evil” purpose/effect. A somewhat relative statement, the primary motive is to TAKE/STEAL something of value from another.
    Like maybe; awareness, creativity, power. To blind someone and substitute a fraudulent idea for that which they have lost awareness of(been blinded to) is a form of (virtually)reducing the power of one and (virtually)inflating the power of another.

    And so now we have this huge “health care industry”(a misnomer), and all these people who think/believe(?) they are helpers of humanity, they have been elevated to “hero” status, they are privileged and beyond reproach as long as they stay subservient to the system.

    Along with the frankenstein-scientists, elevated to the levels of Priests and High-Priests. For a false-god. An imposter and hypocrite, insane, in fact.
    Welcome to Never Never Land. Never will be “real”.
    The Truth(The Real ONE) Sets Us Free.
    Always Always Land.

    • Honest liberty says:

      I just woke up thinking about the occult symbolism.
      America officially died symbolically on January 20. They were willing to cheat so openly and bold faced, that they were effectively telling the world: nationhood is officially over.
      Then they put in the most disgusting white person they could find, an empty meat suit pedophile, as a deeper symbolism to whites.
      Basically, we’re all Biden in their eyes. On the way out.

      The whole administration of about anti white, anti men, anti Christian with all those non gentiles saturating the highest offices.

      All the content producers I was watching said to look out for a false flag, and I think we discussed it, my friends and I. I specifically recall saying pay attention to the season of sacrifice. But damn. Opening day, 3-22?! That’s bold.

      Opening goddamn day, March 22. 3-22-21. Countdown.
      In one of the most white towns in America, in an area that overwhelmingly supported this “administration”.

      The message couldn’t be louder. Whites. You are done.
      America is ours and we’re destroying you first, especially if you think you can support our puppet. None are safe.

      I’m sure we’ll see sweeping gun legislation, which will continue to keep ammo in short supply and extremely expensive.

      Hard to train, hard to acquire. Wouldn’t be surprised if these cops get off and they use the riots just long enough to get these idiots to beg for the final police state and camps.

      This all leads to camps for us man

  12. No More lies says:

    Here is a great link with a video to watch. Sheds some light on how much control Bill Gates is pushing for in the WHO:

    Also, can anybody in California tell me where and how I can get Ivermectin? Thanks again for all your help.

  13. Dan says:

    You cite the New York Times article from 9/22/20. It says how the vaccines would help prevent mild cases of COVID-19, but not moderate and severe cases. I’ve been hearing the opposite for the last three months. Either way it’s concluded that the “vaccines” don’t prevent one from becoming infected, therefore are not true vaccines, rather genetic “therapy” injections. Also if the shots don’t prevent infection, how can one speak of herd immunity being acquired this way? Are the conclusions of that NYT article still valid? I’ve been telling people the shot will prevent serious illness, hospitalization, and death, but not mild cases. What’s the truth or is the jury still out on this issue?

  14. I'm your huckleberry says:

    The Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” aren’t really vaccines in the traditional sense. This is literally an experiment. Take at your own risk, literally. Keep in mind with this “vaccine”, the real problems don’t start at the time of the injections. No, the problems start when you come into contact from any number of other coronaviruses in the environment. This is where some claim the real issue is and from the literature I have read and discussions I have heard, that is the case. These vaccines, also, are not a part of warp speed.

    The AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine is a chimpanzee adenovirus-vectored vaccine. Sure nothing bad can happen when mixing chimpanzee dna with human dna. How can people be so dumb?

    The J&J Janssen vaccine is an adenovirus-vectored vaccine derived from an aborted fetal cell line from 30-40 years ago. It derived from aborted fetal cells, however, it does not contain aborted fetal cells. The J&J is a single shot and does appear to reduce severe symptoms without a plethora of severe side effects. It is unfortunate that it comes from an aborted fetal cell, but that is much better than getting it from a pig or monkey. The J&J is a more “traditional” vaccine and contains no preservatives nor adjuvants. And before people come at me, realize a vast number of vaccines have been made with aborted fetal cells and few have ever said a word. Also realize, that the aborted fetal cell were from an elective abortion a long time ago. It’s not like they’re using recent abortions. Still bad, but that’s the context. This vaccine was a part of warp speed. It appears to be cleaner than most vaccines, if that is a thing.

    So if you decide to get a vaccine, which is everyone’s personal decision, then realize the single dose J&J offers the least risk that I have seen–even among FDA approved vaccines. It’s still could have issues, but appears to be much better than the rest. It certainly isn’t “experimental” in the sense that the mRNA “vaccines” are. It’s more a traditional vaccine.

    NOTE: I agree with Jon that vaccines are not the cure they’re presented as. In fact they have made us far unhealthier in the long run with allergies and illnesses. However, they also aren’t the scourge of modern life. I’m more worried about the food you put on your fork than the vaccine. That said, there is nothing good about pumping your blood full of heavy metal toxins otherwise known as adjuvants and preservatives. (The J&J vaccine does not contain preservatives or adjuvants.)

  15. Roger Welsh says:

    As you say, elsewhere, this virus does not exist!

    Now we have the corrupt people, whitty / Johnson et al, trying to to prove a third wave of a non-pandemic so as to scare people into a continual lockdown!!

    All forcast!

    When do we rise up big time? Violence is not natural to the UK, but we have monumentally ignorant people who cannot be educated because the the media has been muzzled!

    How so? Who is going to lead us away from the damage and destruction?

  16. robert says:

    How can you make a vaccine for a virus not proven to exist. Covid 19 has never been isolated & purified. And the final step is to inject your virus into a host. This process then needs to be repeated. It’s called the scientific method.

  17. John Schroeder says:

    Down here in Australia; the Astra-Zeneca: Vaccine; despite the
    adverse reports of serious concerns: was met with the usual :
    Political: wall; of its all good nothing to see here:
    Rolling out the avant-garde of celebrity doctors: you know those household names: in a media saturation:exercise:
    Blood Clots? What blood clots;? Its just a coincidence; following; the E.U.position; of plausible deniability; as
    the Australian Government; have along with many other Countries; a huge investment in the Vaccines: having facilities;for manufacturing A.S.L. within our borders:
    We; are so magnanimous ; we are exporting the love to
    Papua New Guinea; as is our obligation: under the UN: WHO:
    agreements: of 153 : Countries: that have signed up to the
    PPRR: agreement: 2005: 2008; 2014; ( Emergency: Prevention:
    Preparedness: Response: Recovery:)which obligates: signatory
    States : to the WHO: Edicts:
    As the likes of Gates: G.A.V.I. Instute themselves: as
    ‘ nations’ States:useing the WHO; proxy corporation: aligning
    themselves as a separate cell: in combination with the
    Swiss: and the BIS; ( Bank of International Settlements);
    This arrangement: allows for these corporations: to operate:
    with immunity ; of legal oversight: investigation: above the
    Law: One could only imagine: the investment list in this exercise:!
    So: the miracle invention: of mRNA: Vaccines: as Jon; has
    put forward: is the Pandora’s box; the evolutionary jump;
    in the ‘ Innoculation pox:’ by design: for human consumption:
    The success: or failure: the benefits outweigh the risks; a
    few minor hiccups in the world- wide experimental trials;
    are in the business parlance: to be expected:! Yeah;
    There is a lot more going on here than a business proposition:!
    this is a certainty; The construct of the machinery: the axis
    allies:the links : the treasure and the ideology that fuels:
    this: crosses all boundaries:
    Countries at each others throats: really:! there is to at much
    at stake: you want the fudge the plan; that would be a lose:
    lose : scenario: unless its part of the script;of course in
    the World domination plan: for the masses consumption: like
    what now passes as Government in the US: The first green
    screen Government in the world: Bad Actors:! We have got them
    Unfortunately: for them the ‘ resistance ‘ strain: to the
    Vaccine doctrine religion is growing: Vaccine ‘hesitant’;
    No way: Totally Rejected: that’s the one; Rejected:!!

  18. Avory Sax says:

    It all:
    Hoax Us
    Pokes Us

    • Honest liberty says:

      And they just unleashed another false flag on opening day of the season of sacrifice.
      3-22-21, Boulder Colorado.

      10 dead, 10 sepharot.

      The final purge of the gentiles is underway and the world is fast asleep

  19. Jim S Smith says:

    Nope! I’m not “hesitant”.

    I just flatly say “NO” to any blood-poisons! – No hesitation needed.

    There has NEVER been hard evidence that ANY “vaccine” or other types of “inoculation” have had any significant, positive effect towards optimum health.

    No “vaccine” has ever been proven to:

    1. Cure/health from any dis-ease or infection,

    2. Prevent or even mitigate any epidemic/pandemic,

    3. Prevent transmission of any pathogen or the like,

    4. Be safe and harmless,

    5. Be “efficacious”,

    6. Be “necessary”,

    7. Convey any sort of immunity better than Nature has done,

    8. Provide any significant long-term benefits to the recipient,

    9. Been researched or studied by independent, dis-interested parties, labs, consortia, or other organization,

    * * *

    On the other hand, “vaccines” and their similars have been shown to:

    1. Cause immediate reactions in some recipients,

    2. Cause or exacerbate long-term chronic conditions in the recipients,

    3. Cause or exacerbate other serious public health crises,

    4. Cause premature deaths in some recipients,

    5. Cause temporary or permanent disfiguring injuries,

    6. Cause what is called “pathogenic priming”,

    7. Cause some repeated/periodic forms or reactions similar to allergies/allergic-responses,

    8. Cause some recipients to become MORE susceptible or sensitive to successive events of infections, epidemics/pandemics, and other environmental factors (like toxics and other known/unknown allergens),

    9. Can cause genetic/congenital health problems in offspring – even if they themselves did not receive the injections,

    10. Can cause some forms of birth-defects,

    11. Campaigns undertaken well after the natural mitigation of epidemic/pandemic crises have shown a marked decrease in infections,

    12. Have been thought to be partially responsible for the genesis or worsening of existing epidemics/pandemics,

    13. Defeats the entire purpose of natural immunity (by-passing the outer protective layers of the body),

    14. Causes of immune-deficiency/autoimmune conditions,

    – – And a long list of many different other known maladies (Children’s Health Defense is a great place to start your search for the data, and Principia Scientific Institute is another great resource).

    * * *

    In other words, do your OWN homework! YES! – DO “Go down the rabbit hole”, and learn to think for yourself – by educating yourself! The “experts” are paid liars and salesmen for BIG-PHARMA! They all profit in some way from the increased sales of BIG-PHARMA’s poisons (misnamed “medicines”).

    If commonsense is not even allowed into the debate, then what point is there to even debate at all. Science never shies away from debate, but is strengthened by it instead. You can only “trust the science”, if you can examine the science. If you can not even examine the science, then chances are – it isn’t science!

  20. Tom M Culhane says:

    People, remember that Bill Gates was a Congressional Page at 18. A federal government insider with the best security clearance.

    • Tom M Culhane says:

      Then in his 20s a miracle happens: IBM asks Bill to let IBM license from him a simple operating system (which he bought from somebody else) for their newly created PCs, letting him keep the copyright, and all the IBM clone manufacturers then follow suit. This gives young Bill control of most everyone’s operating system. It’s a miracle!

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Bill Gate’s actually STOLE a copy of the early BASIC interpreter from a mainframe he was working on.

        He also STOLE a copy of what was the early DOS (“Disk Operating System”) – (IBM actually STOLE a copy, to make it into PC-DOS.) Bill Gate’s Microsoft, interestingly, later came up with their MS-DOS (somehow, very similar to IBM’s PC-DOS.)

        Bill Gate’s was no “software engineer”! He was a thief, and always disrespected other people’s values.

  21. Eli35 says:

    In an entire year of a so called pandemic, I finally, just last month, had someone I know “get it.” (got sick and tested positive)
    In a few weeks of the roll out of the vaccine, I already know several people who have had bad reactions — even life threatening. (first stages of anaphylactic shock, rashes, face swelling, tongue swelling)

    I just need to figure out what to say when I’m asked if I’m getting vaccinated. Maybe: “No, but I identify as vaccinated.”

    Plain to see in the CDC evaluation of the Pfizer vaccine is the fact that the difference in “severe illness” in the vaccine group vs the placebo group was less than 9 people per thousand. That’s a difference of less than one percent between control group and experimental group. So if the Pfizer vaccine is 95% effective, then it seems to me that claiming the placebo to be over 94% effective is logical. Another possibility: “Yes, I took the Pfizer placebo.”

    • DavidM says:


      When confronted with having to take the vaccine,

      you have to tell them to prove there is a cv, or a covid or any variant, and that it is contagious and infectious.

      Nothing is true because someone said so.

      Nothing is true unless it is proven to be true.

      No one can prove that the cv or covid or any variant exists. And something that does not exist cannot be proven to be contagious or infectious.

      Sane goes for the so called man made or patented “viruses”. It is all BS.

      But before you get to the time, where you are confronted with having to get vaccinated, you really go to know your stuff, down pat, down cold.

      It is a good amount of knowledge to know that, and have confidence in what you know.

      If things get to the point of having to have a proof of vaccination card, to even go to the store, like in Israel…. if they have that right to have you have proof of vaccination, then you have the right to ask them to prove that there is a cv or covid or what ever else.

      You need to understand some law too.

      You will only fail if you do not have the right knowledge.

  22. Mike DeBell says:

    I just lost it from hearing about the virus, the virus! It’s not as bad as they say it is.
    Therefore, the vaccine is useless exept for the criminals pushing it.

  23. Haniel Adhar says:

    This blog, by far, is the most sane and sensible on the internet with regards to “the virus”.

    Common sense meets science. In 2021, that is RARE indeed…

  24. Hyden says:

    As long as the majority believes in this narrative then the minority are fucked, will have to underground like demolition man movie. A three sea shell society.

  25. Paul says:


    See Tucker
    @ 38 minutes in
    Mon 3-22-2021

    Hooman Noorchashm, MD.
    retired surgeon

    He IS…pro-vaccine
    HOWEVER, he is NOT
    for those previously-infected whose own immune system have successfully conquered symptoms.

    Or for those…who may have acquired natural immunity, who demonstrated mild or no symptoms.

    He is against the “ONE-SIZE FITS-ALL-VACCINE-APPROACH” that public health officials are recommending.

    He believes this approach IS HARMFUL TO THE PUBLIC, due to hyper-inflammatory response post-vaccination.

    He says public officials cannot trade (vaccine) “efficacy” for true public safety.

    He said it is NOT normal vaccine policy to vaccinate DURING A PANDEMIC.

    His medical reasoning offers fodder for those of the public desiring reasonable argument.

    I do realize many deem Covid a con job & that’s fine by me.

    However, WE THE PEOPLE are unsure of what Uncle Grandpa & his VP will decide to do in the future & often one has to make legal argument using Their rules & regs.

  26. Jeff Carmack says:

    Also, the controlled media wants people thinking about blood clots, as if there’s nothing else of concern.

  27. Thank you for this article…you bring up some excellent points. I am confused however…the Astra Zeneca vaccine is NOT MRNA technology? Correct? Thanks for the clarification.

    • michael burns says:

      It’s messenger RNA (mRNA) Cheryl. Which informs the cells to create a spike protein which causes an immune response which creates human antibodies against COVID.

      Yes, Astra Zeneca vaccine is not a mRNA technology.

      The Astra Zeneca vaccine uses a gutted chimpanzee adenovirus as a vector — a carrier — this is found in its chimpanzee adenoids and has some advantages over human adeno-viruses. And modified to stop replication.

      Adeno-virus cause flu and mild cold illness and supposedly has proved positive in the creation of vaccines for MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome)caught from camels and NIPAH, a bat borne virus.

      It’s always about bats, and snakes and cats…

      Speaking of cats, how come cats and dogs are not required to be masked they carry more coronavirus than humans.

  28. zknupmrd says:

    Thank you for this article…you bring up some excellent points. I am confused however…the Astra Zeneca vaccine is NOT MRNA technology? Correct? Thanks for the clarification.

  29. Thomas Milton says:

    Here I was, thinking all the “mass shooters” died of convid. Watch the older guy by the doors. Does he look worried?

  30. M says:

    Where can I find the sources you quoted for this article? I was hoping you have a list as it’s a bit of a pain to manually try to find each source you mention.

    Thank you

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