COVID: Patient Grills Doctor; Off the Record

by Jon Rappoport

February 12, 2021

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Good to see you again. It’s been a while. You’re here because your employer wants you to get tested?

That’s right, Doctor. It’s more or less an order. If I don’t comply, I can’t work for the company. I lose my job.

And you don’t want to get tested?

I have problems with the test.

What problems?

The number of cycles.

Excuse me?

Doctor, you’re aware they run the PCR test in cycles?

Sorry, never heard of that. What are you talking about?

Well, they take a swab sample from me. Then they amplify a tiny, tiny part of the sample many times. That’s what the test does. Each leap in amplification is called a cycle.


The number of cycles determines the outcome. If they run the test at 36 cycles or higher, the result is meaningless. But at those high levels, there are many, many false positives. So I could easily register as “infected by the virus,” if the lab uses too many cycles.

Where are you getting all this information?

From a number of sources.

Name one.

Anthony Fauci.


Yes, Doctor. Let me read you a statement he made. July 16, 2020. “…If you get [perform the test at] a cycle threshold of 35 or more…the chances of it being replication-competent [aka accurate] are miniscule…you almost never can culture virus [detect a true positive result] from a 37 threshold cycle…even 36…”

Hmm. And how many of these cycles are labs using when they run the test?

The FDA and the CDC recommend up to 40 cycles, to look for evidence of the virus.

You’re sure you’re not overthinking all this?

No, Doctor, I’m not. It’s very straightforward.

The reason I ask—if what you’re saying is true, then millions of people have been wrongly diagnosed with COVID-19. Do you realize that?

I do. But right now, I’m worried about what’s going to happen to me if I take the test.

I’m not sure what you want me to do.

Well, I was hoping to get a note from you saying that I shouldn’t take the test. That there is a good chance of a false positive result.

I couldn’t do that.

Why not?

Because I would be making a blanket statement against the test, by implication.

And then?

The state medical board could yank my license to practice medicine.

Does the truth matter? Do facts matter?

Let me be frank. I think you’re misinterpreting what you’ve been reading.

Why do you say that?

Because if you’re right, the medical experts would all be wrong. And I don’t think they are. The test is valid.

How do you know?

Because they wouldn’t make such a gigantic mistake.

People do make mistakes. Even experts. Would you like to see my documentation?

That’s not necessary. You might be caught up in medical disinformation. It’s rampant these days. You should follow the guidelines. Go ahead, take the test. That would be my recommendation.

If the result is a false positive, I’d have to self-isolate for a week or two. Other people would have to move out of my home. They would have to get tested, too. And if I come down with a cough, or chills and fever, there would be a lot of pressure on me to get treated. You know, with toxic drugs, like remdesivir. When, actually, all I have is a common cold.

You’re jumping to all sorts of conclusions. I think you should speak with a COVID counselor. And maybe, a short course of therapy would help, too.

You mean psychological therapy?

I could refer you to a good person.

You think I’m a little nuts?

Just off-kilter. It happens. People with uninformed opinions can be persuasive. Perhaps you’re “under their influence.”

Or maybe you are, Doctor. Many so-called experts are uninformed.

I resent that. I spend every day helping people to the best of my ability. It’s not easy these days, believe me. I use every bit of my knowledge and experience to make a difference.

Well, then, you know how I feel when you suggest I’ve become mentally unbalanced.

There’s a difference. I’m offering a professional opinion. In this area, you’re not a professional.

I’m offering to show you evidence, documents. You don’t want to look at them. They might upset your apple cart.

They won’t.

How do you know?

Because I follow the highest authorities. The FDA, the CDC, the World Health Organization. I’m on very solid scientific and legal ground.

Legal ground? Are you suggesting I might sue you? Rest assured, I would never waste my time and energy. You’re golden. You’re protected. But that doesn’t mean you have your facts right.

You know, your wife and sister called the office. They said they want me to talk you out of your misguided opinions. They’re worried about you.

Here’s something else you can add to my pile of ideas. Testing labs never tell the patient or the doctor how many cycles they’re using in the PCR test. You can check with your staff. You won’t find that number on any of the lab reports.

We use an excellent lab. I don’t have any doubts about their work.

So you’ve got things buttoned up. You’re perfect.

I’m sad to say this is our last appointment. I won’t be seeing you anymore as a patient. When you find a new physician, let our office know, and we’ll forward your medical files to him or her.

Very good, Doctor. You pass.

What…? What are you talking about?

I’m now working as a contact tracer. I was asked to come in and ask you some questions and feel you out on the testing issue. The state medical board received a complaint from one of your patients, a John Jones.

I WAS CLEARED BY THE BOARD ON THAT MATTER MONTHS AGO. Mr. Jones came to my house at 4AM on a Sunday morning. He was hysterical. He’d heard that while he’d been sitting in my waiting room one afternoon, there was another patient there who subsequently tested positive for the virus. Mr. Jones was afraid he might have caught COVID from that patient. But you see, that other patient never tested positive. It was all a rumor. And my wife and I were out of town the weekend Mr. Jones came to my house. We were out of cell phone range. My service should have picked up his call, but for some reason they didn’t.

Yes, Doctor, we know all that. Nevertheless, we wanted to check up on you. Just to make sure.

I don’t appreciate this. We’re not living in a police state.

Actually, in some respects, we are. It’s necessary.

All that information you’ve just been feeding me about the test, the cycles, Fauci, the labs, and so on—

It’s all true. But we have to ignore it.


This is a State of Emergency. And in this situation, we need to follow orders. If we don’t, the whole system falls apart, and we’d be swimming in chaos.


Don’t worry, Doctor. As I said, you’re golden. You’re protected. Unless you’re upset by what I just confided to you.

No…no…I’m fine. I was shocked to find out you’re operating undercover, so to speak. Since you’ve been a patient of mine.

I understand. All you need to do is stay on the straight and narrow. You back us up, we back you up.

Of course…thank you.

No problem. I’ll be going now. We’re all in the new normal these days. You never know who’s going to walk in your door. If you ever feel you’re experiencing onset symptoms of paranoia, I suggest you see a psychiatrist. I could recommend a very good man…

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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66 comments on “COVID: Patient Grills Doctor; Off the Record

  1. Paul says:

    (hush tones before…)


    (…and after)

    ~ the response,
    given by The Doctor,
    when given explanation,
    by The Patient,
    on how a test works,
    that The Doctor administers.

    You See right there…

  2. Paul says:


    KRAMER: Believe me, Jerry, somewhere in this hospital the anguished oink of Pigman cries for help.

    JERRY: If I hear an anguished oink, I’m outta here.

    KRAMER: I can’t let this go on.

    JERRY: Let me understand this. So if you find Pigman, your intention is to emancipate him?

    KRAMER: That’s right Jerry.


    GEORGE: Okay. The administrator’s on the 3rd floor. I’ll meet you guys by the car.

    KRAMER: George, you got room for Pigman, right?

    GEORGE: The Pigman can take the bus.

    KRAMER: You know George, if Pigman had a car, he’d give you a ride.

    GEORGE: How do you know? What if Pigman had a 2-seater?

    KRAMER: Come on George, be realistic!


    GEORGE: Alright Kramer, if Pigman comes along, we’ll squeeze him in.

    ~ Seinfeld & Larry D.

  3. Diane says:

    A short story with a twist at the end. I love it!

  4. Paul says:

    Person 1:
    Tell him he’s crazy.

    Person 2:
    I don’t think that’ll work with him. His Mind is too strong.

    Person 1:
    Alright, get some wood.

    Giordano Bruno
    an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, poet, cosmological theorist, & Hermetic occultist.

    February 17, 1600
    Campo de’ Fiori, Rome, Italy

    Cause of death:
    Execution by burning

  5. Sean says:


    I went to my foot doctor this week for my ongoing work related injury treatment. I knock on their door because its locked and it gets unlocked by a laser temp reader, which to come in you must get. But this time they know better than to aim it at my head. Wrist only. Followed by the covid questions, no, no, no.

    Im taken to my room, She closes the door and gets chewed out for letting me in without a mask. So they bring me one.

    Then a nurse opens the door and orders me to put my mask on. Didnt even say please. I complied over my chin and mouth. And asked, Do you feel safe now? Yes she answered.

    I asked, who are you? She answers, The supervisor! I said supervisor of who me? No reply. Supervisor of the office? No reply. The supervisor of the whole world? No reply. Oh I get it, the the supervisor of the whole world. Yeah that’s you. Someday. Yep someday. No reply. She has passed her training and is stronger now because of it. I answer her questions. As she leaves I take it off.

    The doc comes in. We go over the new cat scan and its at least six more weeks and physical therapy as we chat a few minutes and no mention of my mask being mask being on my lap. He refers me to physical therapy and I ask him to send me to a relaxed masked one. Oh there arent any.

    On his way out, he holds the door open to tell me and I guess his staff too, that in 6 months this should blow over. And that they will just start it up with another one and he cant wait to see what they make us do and how we will all react. My silent stare at him as I said, thanks Kieth, as he proudly slivers ou the door and like playing along is in some way ok.

    I throw my mask in the trash as I leave, suddenly recognizing I am in a military style office.

    • THX1138 says:

      If you don’t fall in love with this lovely young lady, I’ll never speak to you again.

    • Marilyn Shepherd says:

      I went to my doctor yesterday in a small town in South Australia where the deadly old covid has never darkened our doors but we all got locked in anyway. The receptionist demanded I sign in, I refused, but you could be fined, I said it’s not mandatory, and she huffed and pufffed. The doctor said ”what can we do today”, no mention of any other bullshit and I walked out.

    • JENNYM says:

      The US Communists are empowering petty medicos to be aparratchiks. This apparently is status quo now, someone I just talked to, their husband slipped and fell, bruised their hip. Thought it might be fractured, so went to Generic Hospital Satellite Office (they’re like crap, they’re everywhere nowadays since we are all so HEALTHY due to believing EXPERTS). The nasty witch in charge asked him 3 TIMES if he wanted to sign up to get the shot, he didn’t want to make a scene so he politely declined. The final time the nasty wench said, “You know, the side effect of Covid is DEATH”. He just ignored the nasty witch and left. However, a nice comeback would be, “Really? That’s the same side effect of the VACCINE.”

      And people thought that communism and tyrants would never get a foothold in the USA.

  6. This is “GOLDEN” John!????????????
    I knew this was coming.
    Now,those who seeks guidance in explaining their “rationale” for being exempted, just got the perfect arguments and logics straight from *di* horse’s mouth-Dr Faucci on spin-cycle-threshold.

  7. Piksil says:

    And to think I was waiting for a follow-up to yesterday’s post…(wondering if CNN Karen got the jab or not).

    Great stuff!!

    “Just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you”

  8. Al says:

    Brilliant, once again! In a world gone mad, there are only a few respected medical professional, writers and reporters out there who have been holding the fort of truth and honesty.
    Saying that Jon, the numbers of more light showing itself is increasing by the day (and the more the merrier!).
    The parasites know this and is what they fear and you will see them put out even more unbelievable fear-mongering and even more radical abuse to keep their tall tale stand firm. As the sea demolishes a sand castle, so will this one.
    Thank you very much for all of your work over the decades, Jon, and all the very best to you and yours – Al 😉

    • Jacob Ezra says:

      Pandemic is just one weapon in their vast arsenal of mass destruction aimed at mind control, economic collapse, deindustrialization
      and depopulation. If pandemic fails, as it’s based on a fake virus (SARSCoV-2 RNA pathogen), be sure they’ll unleash real pathogens and toxins to bring down the world’s population. Moreover, as aforementioned, they have far more serious methods of genocide like cyberpandemic, disease testing that injects germs/poisons into the body tissues via nasal or anal swabs, mRNA vaccination, weather warfare, tectonic weapons, starvation, stock market crash and world war 3 to get rid of most people. So, don’t think that the elites are that stupid to put all their eggs in one basket when they’ve over decades painstakingly identified many triggers to destroy and conquer.

      • oranje says:

        I think you’re right. The WHO started
        years ago with vaccination programs in Africa,
        to get rid of those pesky natives, getting in
        the way of the oil and mineral resources.
        Also they can’t risk releasing a real pathogen
        or poison without danger to themselves, unless
        they’re planning something that will kill only
        those who’ve had one of the new vaccines.
        I am amazed at the masses of people perfectly content to receive a new
        barely tested vaccine, that the makers don’t
        even claim will stop you getting the mythical
        Reduce the severity of MILD symptoms;
        I think was all they claimed to do.
        Meanwhile we are supposed to believe
        that rampant, super infectious mutants of
        sars-cov2 are everywhere. So what use then, would the vaccines have? The false paradigm of
        viruses, has proved to be mighty useful, to the
        self proclaimed elite, for at least 150 years.
        The 1918 ‘flu epidemic was a powerful
        propaganda coup for the infectious virus story,
        even though it proved impossible to infect
        healthy volunteers, by close contact with, and
        inoculation from the sick.

  9. Jacob Ezra says:


    Covid 19 is a “dry drill” to get Agenda 21/2030 rolling. The current period of lull with relaxation of lockdowns and getting public services started is deceptive and is the proverbial calm before the storm. The second, third and future waves of the pandemic will be based on real germs tweaked to deadly levels in top secret biosafety labs for which the evidence will be witheld from the public to ensure the physical safety of the elites and to prevent the details of the sinister plot from getting revealed. Once real germs like anthrax,cholera or tetanus and potent toxins like botulinum are unleashed on populations worldwide, it’ll begin the mass culling that deep state desires and that Globalist shill Bill Gates has been talking about saying people will take notice of the second wave…ominous days ahead with the actual pandemic taking off with the second or third wave from 2021-22 and with the employment of other methods of mass destruction like cyberpandemic, vaccination, economic collapse, weather warfare, starvation and world war 3 poised to bump off 90% or more of the world’s population by 2030.

    • THX1138 says:

      So you still beLIEve germs cause disease?

      • Jacob Ezra says:

        Many say that ghosts cause diseases in human beings but even if true yet ghosts would have to necessarily employ material agencies to create a disease condition either at the physical, emotional, or psychiatric level.
        From a medical perspective, the evidence clearly points to bacteria, viruses, spores, pollen, suspended particulate matter, toxins, genetic mutations, ionising radiations from electromagnetic and radioactive sources, oxidative stress and lifestyle irregularities as the primary causes behind diseases infectious or non-communucable. For example, antibiotics and antivirals give us quick relief from disease symptoms by targetting specific pathogens. We need to explore electrical fields of different frequencies as a non-invasive, safe and effective therapeutic method of curing diseases.

    • R N Dunn says:

      And you KNOW all of this how?

      • Jacob Ezra says:

        I know all of this by connecting the dots and by speaking to insiders investigating psy-ops and those working on major scientific projects. I repeat: the current pandemic is a scam…a dry run to kickstart Agenda 21/2030 with its stress on deindustrialization, depopulation and a complete switch to renewable and clean energies by 2030. The coming pandemic will be real as they’ll target populations everywhere with deadly pathogens and toxins killing at least a billion people. Getting rid of another 5 to 5.5 billion people will be done by other means such as cyberpandemic, weather warfare, starvation, vaccination and world war 3. Globalist shill Bill Gates has explicitly said that people will take notice of the next wave of the pandemic…Another Globalist puppet Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum has warned of a cyberpandemic that’ll crash electric power grids, water supply, banking, transportation and medical care facilities leading to complete chaos (killing a huge number of people). Klaus Schwab stressed that before the horror of the coming cyberpandemic, Covid19 will appear minor. Bottom line: forewarned is forearmed….

        • Walking Dead says:

          Yup, next winter should be very interesting. Stock up on popcorn and toilet paper and enjoy the shit show. Or be in it. Your choice.

  10. Lawrence Faust Beeg says:

    This is fiction, right? You made it up to illustrate a point, correct?

  11. Craig Anderson says:

    Excellent story. Wicked story. Good read.

  12. Jon, you are good at dreaming up and articulating these bizarre surreal, insane, twisted scenarios!

  13. Caroyn Gutman Dey says:

    This was brilliant!!!!!!!

  14. Jacob Ezra says:


    Covid 19 is a “dry run” to get Agenda 21/2030 rolling. The current period of lull with relaxation of lockdowns and getting public services started is deceptive and is the proverbial calm before the storm. The second, third and future waves of the pandemic will be based on real germs tweaked to deadly levels in top secret biosafety labs for which the evidence will be witheld from the public to ensure the physical safety of the elites and to prevent the details of the sinister plot from getting revealed. Once real germs like say anthrax, cholera or tetanus and potent toxins like botulinum are unleashed on populations worldwide, it’ll begin the mass culling that deep state desires and that Globalist shill Bill Gates has been talking about saying people will take notice of the second wave…ominous days ahead with the actual pandemic taking off with the second or third wave from 2021-22 and with the employment of other methods of mass destruction like cyberpandemic, vaccination, economic collapse, weather warfare, starvation and world war 3 poised to bump off 90% or more of the world’s population by 2030.

    • Jim S Smith says:


      NOT a “dry run” at all. – It IS the “big push”.

      “They” have had years to plan, rehearse, and refine their tactics. This IS a full-blown assault against humanity, just as they intended it.

      THIS is for the total domination of humanity. U.S. of A. is the big target, and the world – the prize.

      WHY do you think we are seeing (which is not so obvious at first) so many deaths and serious injuries start to become more obvious – and the pushers still pushing these poisons (with the “media” gas-lighting the public to “ignore these deaths”)? ? ?

      THIS is the big assault right now. All “dry runs” have “run their course” already.

      • Jacob Ezra says:

        C19 is a dry run because it does not involve a real virus. People with comorbidities are dying because of aggressive antiviral treatment, ramping up ventilator pressure, intubation causing VAP, oxygen poisoning etc and a few thousands have died due to the m-RNA vax. None is dying due to C19 as the SARS-CoV 2 RNA pathogen does not exist. The mass killing will soon commence from 2021-22, when they release deadly pathogens and toxins and make testing for C19 mandatory using nasal or anal swabs to inject poisons or germs into body tissues. Worse will follow or will be concomitant with the former when they push cyberpandemic, weather warfare, starvation, vaccination and world war 3. Open your eyes.

        • Jim S Smith says:

          An unproven-to-exist virus.

          I say it’s NOT a dry run for good reason: “They” are actually killing people, in real time, and actually “fast-tracking” their control grid. Just look at how much “they” have already transformed the Western World into strict authoritarianism, with no end in sight!

          What MORE does it take to prove this is all a “go” toward global authoritarian tyranny? ? ? – Their “population control/reduction” plan is going full steam ahead (with the attendant public push-back – and the full-blown oppression of alternative discussion). WHAT MORE EVIDENCE DO YOU AND OTHERS NEED? ? ?

      • Walking Dead says:

        Dude, they are just getting started. We ain’t seen nothing, yet. Wait till the winter of 2021/2022. It will be interesting to see if 25 percent of the population can stop it in todays world. It’s like being in your own porn movie, where everybody gets fucked. Enjoy it. It’s going to be the best show, yet.

        • Jim S Smith says:

          Agreed, it’s all just starting (to ramp up). The big game has already been in progress for years.

          What’s happening now, is the big game in play. There is no turning back. We must fight it now, for the sake of survival, or forever be destined to a full-time, all-time nightmarish hell-hole on Earth.

          This globalism pulling out all of their “big cards”, even if at only one-at-a-time, it is still all going live. I can not put it any more clearly than that! – Some of us have been watching closely, and listening carefully to all of the grandiose speeches and bravado pushed constantly by these self-proclaimed “authorities on humanity” for years.

          Their “promises” of a “new tomorrow” for the world are coming true right before our eyes. It can’t get any more plain and visible than this!

    • Post Hoc says:

      That’s rot…you give germs a bad name.

    • Arnoud says:

      Jacob, you’re still in fear. It is understandable. I have my own fears too. We all have. Recognize the fear and oust it intelligently, courageously and fervently.

      In reality there is absolutely nothing to fear. Know this truth. Be in truth.

  15. Philosophaster says:

    This is all logically redundant. We don’t even need to talk about ct-values, the validity of the genome sequence, or the existence of the virus to dismiss these diagnostic tests, as their accuracies are totally unknown. You may as well flip a coin. Actually, it would be better to flip a coin because you at least know it has a 50% sensitivity and specificity.



    But it goes deeper if you want to get into the philosophy of science. There being no gold standard really means a statement like “This person is infected with SARS-CoV-2” has no empirically testable meaning. It’s talking about some imagined theoretical state of affairs that at best is related to an observable reality through instrumental phenomena hypothesised but never proved to be its “effects”. And, again at best, some tests form a nebulous operational definition of “probable infection” whose probabilities cannot be quantified.

    In short, it’s total horseshit. It’s a constructed narrative of some select aspect of reality, and that’s all it is, another egregore, another idol, another lie the ignorant tell themselves that imprisons their being.

  16. julien romanovsky says:

    Patient is right…

    Nobel Prize winning inventor Karry Mullis of PCR test grills Fauci:

    ” Dr. F. is a complete fraud, a administrative type with an agenda who does not mind lying smuggling to the camera ”

    CIA O

  17. Andrea says:

    Just as I have read Jon’s post every single day since March I have also read sellout Drudge to see what line of BS he is spewing. Know thy enemy, right?
    Today for his 23+ million visitors so far, he has 52 articles, 5 are on covid, mostly buried.
    A pandemic. Really?

    Jon your piece today could not be more clear. Unfortunately the complete idiots of this world are just lost – example….

    One of my siblings asks another sibling what medicines her son-in-law took when he had CV. Her response –

    I don’t know that it took that (VitC, D, zinc) to beat it, but it helped. They all were just diligent in doing whatever the doctor told them to do. Alex never came out of his room for days. What he did do, on better days, he crawled out his window to be outside. Sat in back yard by fire pit or whatever.

    Lost, just lost.

  18. Linda Becker says:

    That was a good one!!! Very creative!

  19. JohnQPublic says:

    Great article. I like this statement: “There’s a difference. I’m offering a professional opinion. In this area, you’re not a professional.” in response the patient should say: “But I have the same medical degree as Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director General of the WHO. As a matter of fact, I even have the same medical degree as Bill Gates!

  20. Lewis Papier says:

    I never thought Jon could top yesterday’s “CNN Karen” but he’s done it with Patient Grills Doctor. Yes the twist at the end was great but the best part was when the doctor never heard of cycles and how they are an integral part of the PCR test. Precious!

  21. Jim S Smith says:

    The wide spread idiocy and “slavery-loving” mindset out there, are becoming so unbearable to those of us on the sidelines watching it all. How much MORE obvious can it get?


    The CDC (“Criminal Disease Cabal”) is now “suggesting” we all wear masks indoors! – This particularly aimed at when you have someone there, who is NOT a normal part of your household! – Seem to be getting closer to the UK’s (or for that fact, the entire “Euro-Zone’s”) “war on COVID”.

    Like I have said all along: “Where Europe is NOW, the USA is sure to follow.

    Welcome to the “Lock-step” phase of this “New World Order”!

    Also in the “news”:

    “COVID-passports/certificates/’papers’ ” are coming to the USA by the Summer of 2021. – Don’t say “we” didn’t warn you, for YEARS!

  22. Binx says:

    Great dialogue. Captures well the condescension of medical doctors who believe that non-doctors cannot understand science. — Has a ton of dissenting videos and articles, including some of Jon’s, well categorized and organized.

  23. M - says:

    Anyone here read Dean Koontz’ novel, Innocence?

  24. Thankful says:

    Jon, you nailed it again. I have had to see a few doctors this past year and the only time I wore a mask because “yeah” can’t get up to the office without playing the game, but once in I wear my mask under my nose at check-in, then sitting in the empty, socially distanced waiting room – chairs with notes on them – I take my mask off to TEST if they will come out and tell me, the only one in the waiting room to put my mask back on – they don’t – then take me back to the exam room – I take my mask off – nurse does history and does not tell me to put it on – doctor comes in he is wearing one – but says NOTHING to me about me not wearing my mask – then the nurse comes to take me back out to the exit and THEN tells me to put my mask on——— I think all of them the PROFESSIONAL people, nurses, doctors, etc……are told from up on high NOT to challenge any patients like me who are TESTING the waters by not puttin on my mask……they play the game and will not play the game with those who don’t mask because somewhere they know this is all BULLSHIT!!!! I think sometimes they don’t tell me to wear it because they know I am waiting for them to tell me to put it on so I can tell them GOOD THEN YOU CAN TALK TO MY LAWYER ABOUT HOW I AM GOING TO SUE YOUR MEDICAL CENTER FOR FRAUD!!!! INSURANCE FRAUD, MEDICARE FRAUD, CODING FRAUD AS I CALL HIM A COWARD and PAID SHILL, FRONT LINE WORKER HERO MY ASS!!!! Sorry had to vent here Jon because yeah – if I spouted the truth I’d be taken away already – we know this is coming.

  25. Paul says:

    Off Topic: Impeachment


    When Judge Kavanaugh was being considered for replacement of RBG for the SCOTUS, Sen. Schumer said, while pointing his finger skyward:

    “Justice Ginsberg must be turning over in her grave up in Heaven.”

    Now…I have never heard such a conception of Heaven before. And I must admit, graves in Heaven, are most unfamiliar to me.

    During Rep. Raskin’s 1st day opening remarks concerning the 2nd impeachment of President Trump, he seemlessly told a poignant story of being with family members at the Capitol on the 6th, because his family was together the day before, to bury his young son.

    The retelling of this story brought him to understandable tears, which he did quickly regain professional composure, so as to make his managerial, salient, personal points-of-view, regarding the horrors of the Capitol breach.

    I was confused why such a personal & obviously painful event would be brought into the opening remarks of President Trump’s impeachment trial.

    But I could see it two ways.

    One, he is still understandably grieving for his son & the pain of grieving made him interject it into the impeachment trial’s legalistic proceedings.

    Two, he humanized, what he believed January 6th to be. A breach of Democracy itself.

    Of course, there are untold other reasons & nuances, too numerous for any single mind to fully conjecture.

    I & All Americans hope that Rep. Raskin & his family will heal from their tragic personal loss.

    Upon watching some scenes of “the breach,” I believe I overheard one-of-the-breachers claim that they were willing to give up their life.

    What I still don’t understand is this…

    Why haven’t ANY lawmakers, in an open & thoughtful forum, asked “the breachers,” WHY!, they did, what they did.

    And MAKE THEM, answer that question thoughtfully, thoroughly, & cogently, IN PUBLIC.

    Let them, tell their, own narrative.

    Their REASONS SHOULD be stated publicly, because this breach occurred within the walls of The People’s House, as We The People, are endlessly reminded of, by The Hallowed House Ministers.

    And NO LYING, by The Breachers!

    For that’s a no-no, under that whitewashed Dome, filled with dead men’s bones.

  26. Greg C says:

    Covid is the biggest dumpster fire that has ever existed. All our mendacious institutions are merging into one giant spitball. As the popular saying goes, “This won’t end well,” by which I mean for the mendacious bastards. It will end very well for those who keep their heads.

  27. Post Hoc says:

    Clever patient.
    You nailed the doctor…don’t they love telling patients that they have a screw loose!!

  28. Paul says:

    Hey Jon…………………..pretty please……

    …..I’m (We’re) waiting… hear you write………….about…….
    The Impeachment…..
    ..&…..ya know…..all that most important political philosophy…&’s…Learned Ones gotta say about it….&… please don’t forget all those pretty pictures on the walls…& the towering statues &….. all the marble….& veined granite.

    The Importance of it all is astounding.

    They seem so honest too. Such a structure could only allow such, huh?

    Those Greeks could really fashion a Building… wouldn’t ya say.

  29. C says:

    Thank you all of you. Its agony my asylum situation but also grounding

  30. Paul says:


    It has been reported in the MSM that 2 (Capitol) Police Officers have committed suicide, soon after January 6th’s riot.

    (These Officers may have been specific Capitol Police or another branch of police officers interacting at the Capitol [DC police, etc.] that fateful day.)

    I cannot shake the internal question: “Why in the world, would two cops, eat their guns, over this?”

    I believe Jon remarked 1-2 days post-riot that [gist]: “This looked like & had elements of a false flag operation…”

    Were these 2 PO’s associated to a pre-plan in some form or fashion?

    The MSM…crickets.

    • hhi says:

      Any vision of the “rioters” leaving the building ?

      Did anyone check if they left with any sensitive govt info as I saw many were rummaging thru the desks of Congress officials ?

  31. Eluard says:

    Some are saying now that the PCR can harm you in itself–and even VACCINATE you without your consent. Including Dr. Vernon Coleman:

  32. OzzieThinker says:

    Excellent work, Jon

    here’s a complimenting paragraph from my latest article:

    “So, my first article about Coronavirus discussed (1892 invented) viruses specifically. When Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp walked the Earth side by side viruses didn’t exist. In fact, prior to 2019 Coronavirus (as per its current version) didn’t exist either. This is important to know, because my last article observed that post 2019 diagnosis of “allegedly” associated illness changed with the occurrence of the new complaint. Back in 2017 and 2018 pulmonary disease sponsored heart attack fatalities were as described. But now there is extreme ambiguity over the nature of all causes. Though symptoms leading to death may have been recorded as something else prior, it did not stop positive test results’ automatically reclassifying contemporary causes as Coronavirus. The funny thing is (something mainstream Medias try not to dwell on), numbers of Coronavirus false positives are too numerous to warrant statistics. An American nurse I interviewed some months ago needed to undertake a test to return to work. She wasn’t sick when she learned of her positive result and hasn’t been sick since.”

    I do give you a shameless plug too….:

    “Trump’s diehard supporters are serious. Civil war threats have been tendered against all Democrats. Against the backlog of phony-baloney “COVID” (lest anyone dare research Coronavirus history) austerity, have authorities miscalculated the will of the plebiscite? Perhaps primary sincere reasons for the unnecessary quarantine affront is directly connected to the feared ascension. I say feared here, because, when the ascension erupts in full force, everyone will have no option but to wake up. As past African philosophers have rued; an alert populous is extremely dangerous. Thusly, it is no wonder forlorn teacher Jon Rappoport regularly emphasizes, measures sewn into the education system are designed to diffuse logic. Worse still, they have been in place for years. Obviously that calculative strategy to erase dissent has partial failed, considering the past decade’s electoral disharmony. But how and why has Trump galvanized populism?

    Deaf to Robert Kennedy Junior’s emphatic pleas, he did not engage his supposed planned review of tainted vaccines. Nor did I once hear mention of the angry component Thimerosal in his garbled rhetoric. He has done nothing to limit Israel’s supreme authority over the United States. He did not reverse any of Obama’s Globalist backed assiduous erosions of the mighty constitution. His valiant enclave insisting on once and for all truth clarity over “9/11’s” Twin Towers attack fizzled out before it began. So, what has Trump achieved to draw such notorious popular support?

    Or is he the wild card that takes the brunt of general hatred towards egalitarian abuses of power paralleling a mythical shadow government agenda?

    After reviewing his long list of executive orders, the two that particularly stand out are his repeal of Obama’s prized “Affordable Healthcare Act” and the legitimisation of that notorious Keystone pipeline. He added a further layer of protection defending America’s violent police officers. Attempts to overhaul it have left America without a Department of Justice. “Buy American, Hire American” does appear to tighten up patriotism, so perhaps that is the initiative of appeal. However, from my cursory analysis, formal political change has been dwarfed by iconic bluster so, it seems to me, as usual people have largely fallen for the bullshit. Symptomatically, Trump has morphed into a figurative revolutionary. “We wanted to believe [it was] so it was”. Case in point, in other writings I have emphasized general adherence to facts and truths is incidental. If fantasy mimics popular vision, it will be served up and believed.”


    • Jim S Smith says:

      Can’t say I disagree with any of it.

      “Politics” uses lots of imagery and illusion – to sway the “public” into supporting at least some of its designs, whether for better or for worse.

      It is what some of us have observed: “Serves up a lot of HOPIUM.”

  33. JennyM says:

    “1984” is now non-fiction.

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