If there is no virus, what is the test testing for?

by Jon Rappoport

February 4, 2021

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As my readers know, I’ve been demonstrating that no one has proven SARS-CoV-2 exists.

Therefore, what is the PCR test testing for?

There are two piles of information here. By assuming SARS-CoV-2 DOES exist, you discover multiple internal flaws in the PCR. I’ve explored all of them in detail. If you back out of that exploration and realize the existence of virus is unproven to begin with, you’re driven to the conclusion that the test results—positive or negative—are completely meaningless.

Performing the test would be on the order of building an outpost at the North Pole to count the population of passing nomadic desert tribes.

Or creating an auto safety bureaucracy that will examine deep-sea divers’ oxygen tanks.

The PCR test looks for a piece of RNA in the swab sample taken from a person. That piece of RNA is PRESUMED to be part of the virus. But since you don’t have an isolated purified specimen of the virus itself, all assumptions about that piece of RNA are null and void.

Therefore, the COVID case numbers, which are based on the test results, are meaningless. So are the death numbers.

The masks, the distancing, the lockdowns—which are based on case numbers—are absurd and destructive.

(For readers who are encountering my work for the first time in this article, I suggest you read my recent piece, “If there is no virus, why are people dying?” From there, read my articles demonstrating that the existence of SARS-CoV-2 is unproven.)

This is certainly not the first time a medical diagnostic test has been revealed as meaningless. As I’ve detailed, the existence of HIV is also unproven. The various antibody tests designed to register the presence of HIV are absurd.

Here is how the medical magic trick works. Arbitrarily take a group of symptoms, lump them together, claim they add up to a specific disease with a label; assert, without evidence, that the cause is a germ; devise a test for the germ that will register positive and negative; claim the test is detecting the germ whose very existence is unproven.

Analogy: you claim you’re the CEO of, and the major stockholder in, X254, a corporation that doesn’t exist. You say you’re worth a few billion dollars. All major media outlets and national governments back your claim. You’re in. Out of nowhere, you’ve become “official.”

Consider the example of pellagra, a horrible skin disease that was plaguing the American South a hundred years ago. It affected several million people.

Medical authorities insisted a germ was the cause. Effort after effort was mounted to find the germ. Zero results. Finally, after decades, a small band of independent researchers won the day. Their contention that pellagra was actually a niacin deficiency was shown to be correct. There was no germ.

Sometimes, the very test which medical authorities devise to detect “the germ causing a disease” backfires on them. Such was the case with Swine Flu.

In the summer of 2009, while the CDC was claiming there were thousands of cases of Swine Flu in America, the overwhelming percentage of test samples taken from patients were coming back, from labs, with no sign of Swine Flu or any other kind of flu.

The lab tests were contradicting the CDC’s assertion that there was a pandemic. Sharyl Attkisson (CBS News) broke this story. Then CBS shut it down.

Tests are terrific propaganda tools. That’s all some of them are. “Well, the doctor ran my tests and he gave me a diagnosis of X. The treatment involves taking three [toxic] drugs. So I’ve started on the regimen.”

“Are you sure you want to take those drugs?”

“Of course. The tests showed I need them.”

“One of those drugs stops all cells in the body from replicating.”

“Doesn’t matter. The tests say I need the drug.”

Sometimes, there is no test, but doctors use a blizzard of arcane labels to pretend their diagnoses are real.

Such is the case with psychiatry, one of the great cons loosed upon the population. The official bible of the profession, the DSM, lists some 300 distinct and separate and named “mental disorders.”


It’s up to the psychiatrist to make his diagnosis seem legitimate to the patient.

If the hidden history of medicine were taught in schools and colleges, it would come as no surprise that the COVID test is a complete hustle and con.

But schools wouldn’t touch that history with a hundred-foot pole.

In 2009, I interviewed Dr. Barbara Starfield, a revered public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. The subject was her July 26, 2000, review, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?” published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.”

Starfield concluded that, every year in the US, the medical system kills 225,000 people. 106,000 from the effects of FDA approved medicines, and 119,000 from mistreatment and errors in hospitals.

As you read an excerpt from this email interview, keep in mind that most of these deaths were preceded by a diagnostic test of some kind—which speaks volumes about how the tests are interpreted and used.

Rappoport: What has been the level and tenor of the response to your findings, since 2000?

Starfield: The American public appears to have been hoodwinked into believing that more interventions lead to better health, and most people that I meet are completely unaware that the US does not have the ‘best health in the world’.

Q: In the medical research community, have your medically-caused mortality statistics been debated, or have these figures been accepted, albeit with some degree of shame?

A: The findings have been accepted by those who study them. There has been only one detractor, a former medical school dean, who has received a lot of attention for claiming that the US health system is the best there is and we need more of it. He has a vested interest in medical schools and teaching hospitals (they are his constituency).

Q: Have health agencies of the federal government consulted with you on ways to mitigate the [devastating] effects of the US medical system?

A: NO.

Q: Since the FDA approves every medical drug given to the American people, and certifies it as safe and effective, how can that agency remain calm about the fact that these medicines are causing 106,000 deaths per year?

A: Even though there will always be adverse events that cannot be anticipated, the fact is that more and more unsafe drugs are being approved for use. Many people attribute that to the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is (for the past ten years or so) required to pay the FDA for reviews [of its new drugs]—which puts the FDA into an untenable position of working for the industry it is regulating. There is a large literature on this.

Q: Aren’t your 2000 findings a severe indictment of the FDA and its standard practices?

A: They are an indictment of the US health care industry: insurance companies, specialty and disease-oriented medical academia, the pharmaceutical and device manufacturing industries, all of which contribute heavily to re-election campaigns of members of Congress. The problem is that we do not have a government that is free of influence of vested interests. Alas, [it] is a general problem of our society—which clearly unbalances democracy.

Q: Can you offer an opinion about how the FDA can be so mortally wrong about so many drugs?

A: Yes, it cannot divest itself from vested interests. (Again, [there is] a large literature about this, mostly unrecognized by the people because the industry-supported media give it no attention.)

Q: Would it be correct to say that, when your JAMA study was published in 2000, it caused a momentary stir and was thereafter ignored by the medical community and by pharmaceutical companies?

A: Are you sure it was a momentary stir? I still get at least one email a day asking for a reprint—ten years later! The problem is that its message is obscured by those that do not want any change in the US health care system.

Q: Are you aware of any systematic efforts, since your 2000 JAMA study was published, to remedy the main categories of medically caused deaths in the US?

A: No systematic efforts; however, there have been a lot of studies. Most of them indicate higher rates [of death] than I calculated.

Q: What was your personal reaction when you reached the conclusion that the US medical system was the third leading cause of death in the US?

A: I had previously done studies on international comparisons and knew that there were serious deficits in the US health care system, most notably in lack of universal coverage and a very poor primary care infrastructure. So I wasn’t surprised.

Q: Did your 2000 JAMA study sail through peer review, or was there some opposition to publishing it?

A: It was rejected by the first journal that I sent it to, on the grounds that ‘it would not be interesting to readers’!

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

93 comments on “If there is no virus, what is the test testing for?

  1. glenn says:

    The way they are using PCR now is pointless. PCR is to be used to amplify a piece of genetic material so it can be further studied. The latter part being the most important. What they are doing is merely finding a piece of RNA and calling it a day. Well not the scientists actually doing the work but health authorities who immediately conclude a positive and negative based on incomplete information. It would be the equivalent of pulling the trigger of a gun, having the bullet stop in the barrel, then claiming you shot your assailant.

    • Dana Toliver says:

      great analogy

    • Frank G L says:

      Oh dear.

      Imagine you take anything. Say, a blood sample from some sick person from 5 years ago. Shit, it could be a goat you stored in the freezer?

      Anyway, PCR that motherfucker.

      So, this is SIRIUS SAYIANS BIDNEZZ…Could Covid-19 have wiped out the Neanderthals??!?!

      • Frank G L says:

        Just for good scientific practice, assuming it is a positive test result after you tested that at <=30 Ct, whatever object that was, then…suffered from supposed "infectious covid-19" and had obvious symptoms.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Oh my word!

        It’s getting to the point you can not take ANY of these so-called “science” publications with a granule of seriousness nor credibility!

        There have have been MANY survival challenges to our species well-since then. Each and every “challenge” to our survival has meant that those who survived “the tests”, helped bring about a collective strengthening to our Kind. It has only been within about the last century or so, that allopathic “medicine”, together with the destruction of the time-tested farming methods, which have created the conditions for our “health-crises” we have been experiencing since.


        IF these “skeletal remains” are as old as “they” say they are, then HOW can we be certain that any supposed DNA/RNA fragments found upon them, are legitimately those of the Neanderthals? ? ? What about the problem of contamination of the samples? – After all, how many hands of come into direct contact with these remains? – This can also be thought of as the same kind of weakness that beleaguers heavy reliance on Carbon-14/12-dating techniques: IE – the introduction of contaminants that can throw off the accuracy of any diagnostic measurements and results? ? ?

        I call BS on this (on the article linked, that is)!

        There is waaaay too much leeway for introduced errors, and very little heed paid to controlling and factoring for possible results of these errors.

        • Frank G L says:

          phys.org (which I frequented and commented on for a while before the covid crap, and then they entirely lost their plot) I can confidently tell you is COMPLETELY sold out and essentially marketing/propaganda site.

          Only a few of the articles are actually scientific articles and that’s kinda for posturing.

          Before the covid stuff it was already pretty corrupted, but it’s gone now.

  2. Lisa H says:

    Ironically, a local paper in my area ran an editorial today telling us all we must take the covid vaccine. *In order for our immune system to work properly, one must take the vaccine* was one of their statements. As I sit here and feel my blood pressure rising..due to the stupidity and ignorance of this local resident (author)..I am having rapid rebuttal statements swirling inside my brain. So, yes, I will be penning my reply to this article today. I’m so fed up with the fear mongering that is sadly continuing. When will it end?

    • Jim S Smith says:

      And yet, (as the “news media” conveniently leaves out),

      We are seeing more and more severe injuries, adverse-reactions, up to DEATHS – mounting in number – within a short time of receiving these “vaccines”.

      Seems to me that our immune systems were working just fine for many centuries, even through some of the roughest of our natural history – to only now supposedly “need” a “vaccine”? ? ?

      They can go ahead and take their blood-poisoning “vaccines”, and then tell me about it later, that is – if they survive long enough!

    • Frank G L says:

      “*In order for our immune system to work properly, one must take the vaccine*”

      When they say that, they mean “In order for the immune system to attack the body, as that is what we designed the vaccine for by hijacking protein production, the vaccine is necessary”

      • Noneoftheabove says:

        What slick writing! “In order for our immune system to work properly, one must take the vaccine.”

        Thank you for your response, “In order for the immune system to attack the body, as that is what we designed the vaccine for by hijacking protein production, the vaccine is necessary.”

        Rarely do people notice that prescription meds don’t heal, they just maintain your chronic condition (diabetes, lupus, thyroid problems, asthma, Alzheimer’s, glaucoma) and furthermore, no doctor has any idea how these conditions or your cancer arose. Ditto for your pets! Perhaps via vaccines and annual boosters?

    • Joe F. says:

      I am glad you are writing a reply. Yes, saying that a vaccine (or experimental gene therapy/biological warfare agent, as in this case) will make one’s immune system work properly is a bit absurd. And the newspaper that published this work of genius? One wonders about them, too.

      Here’s another example of a shocking level of ignorance: On a local Detroit PBS station, a commentator recently displayed a graphic on the TV screen that said .26 percent of people over age 75 die of covid. Then he said, “That means that 26 percent of the people in this group have died.” I thought to myself, “This 50-something man never learned decimals?”

      The problem is how to correct all the ignorance. I don’t know how it can be done. I think we are about to see a massive die-off of the less educated and conscious people–those who will take the deadly covid vaccine because they don’t know any better. The people who are left will be the smarter ones. If I were the killers/controllers/NWO/WEF/WHO, I would keep the dumber ones around, as they might make better slaves. But, then, no one has asked my opinion. I freely offer it, anyway.

  3. Sean says:

    Based on Starfields findings that the medical systems killings, that a test diagnosis many times is involved, seems like an important variable to recognize.

    A variable that could potentially be deceptively used with the intention to guild someone to a specific treatment.

    Do no harm. There are doing mass harm, individually, collectively.

    • Frank G L says:

      “Based on Starfields findings that the medical systems killings, that a test diagnosis many times is involved, seems like an important variable to recognize.”

      This is why I harped on about how “observation” is often not observation, mentioning damage from things like PET scans but also the resulting damage from misattributed PCR testing.

      • Frank G L says:

        A PET scan, for instance, is fundamentally a causative factor in cancer, for example.

        • Frank G L says:

          Then, with the cancer “treatment” you are given and subjected to MORE carcinogenic and degenerating substances, practices.

          With things like “repurposed” chemical warfare agents from BASF used as chemotherapy drugs, along with radioactive isotope elements, and ionizing radiation used, destroying your body

  4. Paul says:

    “This is certainly not
    the first time
    a medical diagnostic test
    has been revealed
    as meaningless.
    As I’ve detailed,
    the existence of HIV
    is also unproven.
    The various antibody tests
    designed to register
    the presence of HIV
    are absurd.”

    “Judging whether life is
    or is not worth living
    amounts to answering
    the fundamental question
    of philosophy.”

    ~ Albert Camus
    (from: The Myth of Sisyphus)

    Camus was the proponent of the philosophical viewpoint of Absurdism.

    His works won him the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1957 with the reason being “for his important literary production, which with clear-sighted earnestness illuminates the problems of the human conscience in our times.”

    On Absurdity:
    The third path which Camus believes that people should take is the path of rebellion; a rebellion against the absurdity of existence.

    This revolt against existence is what gives life its value.

    By accepting & embracing the Absurd, you can then come to realise that the only way to cope with the reality of existence is to fight against it constantly for the rest of your life.


    This third path is embodied through Camus’ idea of the Absurd Hero.

    This person recognises the absurdity of existence yet chooses revolts against this conception & through that being able to defiantly enjoy life.

    Camus’ identifies three characteristics of an Absurd Hero:

    revolt (we must rebel against existence),

    freedom (we must be free to do as we please),

    diversity (life must consist of a rich plethora of experiences & passions).


    • Frank G L says:

      “Camus’ identifies three characteristics of an Absurd Hero:

      revolt (we must rebel against existence),

      freedom (we must be free to do as we please),

      diversity (life must consist of a rich plethora of experiences & passions).”

      No kidding, sounds like “Lucifer”.

      Song named Citizen from an album named The Adversary:

      “[Verse 1]
      Whence came your voice your right to speak?
      Is there a purpose to your tongue and gnawing teeth?
      I ask thee: How deep and hollow is your mouth?
      What lie is too decayed for you to stomach?

      With humility and obedience
      You pride yourself
      Evasive and lukewarm
      Until the end

      [Verse 2]
      The interdependent morality of your collective
      Made too soft the bed in which you lie
      I ask thee: Do you acknowledge your own fragility
      When you sleep to serve the “Greater Good”?

      United in fear
      Lives “hard to bear”
      Illusions that “we are all peers”

      I preach not for understanding
      In you I have no faith
      I spit at you my truth
      That you are the burden of my heritage

      For herein lies the irony
      There is neither room nor air
      For the wakeful fire
      In your precious world of equality

      [Verse 3]
      You are truly faithful
      To tradition when you crucify
      Those whose voices burn
      A hundred years from now you recite and corrupt
      Their epitaphs to crucify another
      To crucify”

  5. Madness says:

    It can be a bit more Jon.

    Just two little pieces of info:
    1. In the UK during 2020 spring they changed the donor law. Till that date you have to volunteer to be an organ donor. Since then you are an organ donor by default unless you opt out. I see only a small news on it, many probably missed.
    Why it was so important in the middle of the first wave – as they call it – to change the law on it? Experiments for technoracy, a ready database for the elite? With the PCR testing (DNA harvesting) they could have a very nice BIG database.

    2. There was a video where a woman took into part a PCR swab, that one they so much like to put up into your nose till the fragile bone, the barrier to your brain but taking samples from your saliva. On this video the little strings looked metallic (shine) and magnetic (?) they moved toward each other. That movement can’t be caused by air flow as again they moved toward each other.
    Originally the video was on the SOTN’ site but now you can see it only on the Instagram.

    I don’t know how long we can see this but please check. I would be very curious what natural expalanations others can find if any.
    YOU MIGHT HAVE TO TRY DIFFERENT browsers to see the content, they try to block and explain it hard.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      My state does that with the driver’s license.

      One time I went to renew, I specifically checked “NO” on the donor question, but somehow – it ended up being a “yes” on the actual license card. I immediately went back to get that corrected. The counter attendant had me fill out the form all over again, and I again – checked “NO” as my answer. That little stunt caused me to have to wait another thirty minutes to get finished with what should have been perhaps ten minutes!

      “They” do this crap intentionally.

      Now, one may ask WHY I opted to not be a “donor”?

      Well, it goes like this – with an example I remembered about what happened in Colorado some years ago.

      IF you are marked as a “donor” on your license card, and you end up in the emergency room – say from a traffic “accident” or something alike, their is a very good likelihood that you may not come out alive (ostensibly because – “you are now worth more dead than alive”) all due to you being recognized as a “donor”. This matters not if you have a very good prognosis of surviving whatever medical procedure you undergo. The fact remains that a “YES” under “donor” on your license card – practically Green-Lights “them” to make things look like you died of your injuries (rather than actually try to preserve your life)!

      And again,

      I very much remember a few situations like that actually happening (as quietly-reported) in Colorado and a few other areas. Your “donation” is big money for those who are paid to perform the transplant surgery for wealthy patients, but not anyone else!

      The same goes for the blood-donations at your local AMERICAN RED (DOUBLE-) CROSS! – You GIVE them something free, while “they” profit from it, and only someone who is wealthy gets the benefit of receiving your freely-given blood.

      So it’s ALL a big rip-off!

    • Frank G L says:

      Just a caution about things like instagram (which you should probably refuse to use).

      Watch this video to understand:

    • oranje says:

      That’s been taken down as false info by “fact-checkers”.

      Almost a guarantee that there is something to hide!

    • oranje says:


      search they once were the living

  6. Jim says:

    Reminded me that this morning,on the radio, that they said cases were declining. Sure it has nothing to do with the WHO advising they ramp down the cycle rate. Still, now they are starting the drive to vaccinate people aged 20 to 59. Because they’re super spreaders. Again, I won’t try to dissuade anyone from taking the vaccine. People who fall for anything everytime are the enemies of liberty.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      – “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

      I LOVED that country song. Very poignant and apropos.

  7. Madness says:


    “The Covid-19 PCR Test – A Shot of Nanoparticles for Your Brain?
    The German science magazine Quarks confirms in this article: “RNA vaccines offer many advantages. The physicians would not necessarily have to inject the vaccine. Most RNA vaccines are directly nasally administered. This seems to make sense, since many infections start in the upper mucous membranes“…….”

    • oranje says:

      That creepy video of the sample taking procedure
      certainly reinforces my decision to never get tested.
      Not only the risk of being somehow branded sick when
      healthy but perhaps being made sick or damaged by
      the procedure itself.

      And why not a much less intrusive saliva or cheek
      swab sample if the victim is supposed to riddled
      with this deadly virus.

      How can perfectly healthy people be queuing up to
      get tested when there is not even any overt pressure
      on them to do so? This really is mind control.

  8. Madness says:

    I am a kind of desperately try to comment on this, my 3rd try. I don’t know it is about the links (proof) or else that I couldn’t.
    There is a very interesting article on tgs-refrendum.ch look for:
    Swiss Epidemics Act + Animal Diseases Act => Corona Lockdown

    The article claims among other interesting and useful info that the PCR swab is used to infect you. I believe it. I believe it because of the extreme pressure they put into forcing this swabbing. If you have a caught in these days you can’t go back to work without that swab. But why they need it to put to your nose so up and rubbing the bone when they could have sample from your saliva?

    In the article there is link to that German science magazine:
    ‘The German science magazine Quarks confirms in this article: “RNA vaccines offer many advantages. The physicians would not necessarily have to inject the vaccine. Most RNA vaccines are directly nasally administered. This seems to make sense, since many infections start in the upper mucous membranes“..’

    The article has other interesting points, kindly suggest to read it full.

    • MaidinAmerica says:

      Ok, I also just posted a comment to you. And it disappeared. What you say is true and horrific! Here’s the title of a documentary, I just started on bitchute. I’ll leave out the link this time. It goes into disgusting detail about the swabs loaded with nano-particles (dust). It is the VaXxine!! I fear greatly for those who have been tested. This just went up on bitchute Feb 4th. “Once Were The Living (2020) – Spacebusters (Documentary Video). posted by Sergeant Major.

  9. Inhar says:

    Hi Jon, the Chinese CDC director admitted to the NBA that the virus was not isolated, said by him, that the tests do not work, that they do not know anything because it was not isolated.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Which goes without saying, our “media” is all hush-hush when the REAL truth comes out.


      Absolutely NONE of the eight or nine claimed viral isolates have ever been proven to in fact be human coronavirus or any sort of SARS-nCOV variety viruses. Every last one of these claims has been taken apart, scrutinized, and found to be lacking in any scientifically sound data or evidence, based on the half-assed application of scientific methods in their “research”.

      So all these orgs, and others who keep alive the BS that “there is a virus, and it has been isolated” are full of the stinky-refuse stuff!

      To date,

      Of the many “health authorities/agencies” who have been queried as to what exact process or method they have used to fully isolate, purify, and certify that they do indeed have the positively identifiable FULL-GENOME of the “virus”, have been unable to prove that they do have “the virus”, nor have they been able to demonstrate their isolation methods as being adequate, accurate, and even capable of the task.

      This entire “pandemic” is nothing more than a “house of cards” just waiting for the “match” to bring it all down. Problem is, when it does happen, will there be anyone in the room to see it, know it, and even speak of it? ? ? – I seriously doubt it.

      Too much profit to be made from this big lie, to let it all blow away. Even the “masks” have become a significant source of additional profit! Just look around in your local grocery stores.

  10. Paul says:

    I have always thought myself an optimist.

    However, it has just come to my attention that Hunter Biden is writing his memoir.

    Therefore, I can only conclude that the world will end shortly.

    Please take cover.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      It’s positively okay to be a realist.

      My big problem is with the folks who have no clue that there is a BIG difference between a realist and a pessimist. A realist tells the truth as best as one can, as one understands things – and tries to bring forward what solutions one thinks may address the problems. A pessimist only sees doom and gloom everywhere, but does nothing about it.

    • Frank G L says:

      I’ve been trying to stay as positive as I can, looking for any glimpses of hope. I don’t see any.

      This world ending sounds wonderful though as it is imo an abject degenerate failure.

      Si monvmentvm reqvires cirvmspice

  11. Fenwick says:

    Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt advised investors to invest in companies manufacturing the Covid test because “They’re going to be testing everyone, everywhere, forever.”

    The real purpose of the “test” is to see just how far thoroughly they can enslave humanity.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      * * The real purpose of the “test” is to see just how far thoroughly they can enslave humanity. * *

      And then some.

  12. Tim_2A says:

    I would have to answer the question posed by your article’s title with this: The tests, and the testing, are ONLY meant to “test” the level of governmental domination that the peoples of the world will submit to, and the data collected will be used to further enslave the populace.

    Our health concerns were NEVER the object of their program, or more specifically, their PROGRAMMING.

    My question is: Why should we continue to submit to these TYRANTS?

    • Frank G L says:

      Why should we continue to submit to these TYRANTS?

      Simple, we shouldn’t.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Or another question: “Why is it that, historically, more than eighty-five percent of the human population willingly submit to tyranny?

      This is a known-constant about “human nature”.

      Those who question are the outliers, and ones whom society despises.

  13. From Elsewhere says:

    Add the previous reference you made to the New York Times article about meaningless tests. And, add this:

    FiveThirtyEight: How COVID-19 Ended Flu Season Before It Started.

    confirming the fraud. I hope we see daylight sometime soon, Jon!

  14. Larry C says:

    “Here is how the medical magic trick works. Arbitrarily take a group of symptoms, lump them together, claim they add up to a specific disease with a label; assert, without evidence, that the cause is a germ; devise a test for the germ that will register positive and negative; claim the test is detecting the germ whose very existence is unproven.”

    Or…as Bugs Bunny might say, “ABRA-CADAVER!

  15. Hyden says:

    The testing is to see how long they can keep getting away with world lockdown and controlling there Herd of Genetic meat robots.

    When it comes down to it we all have choice weather one wants to be mind controlled or not. After all Me and others i know have realised our ignorance through seeing the false thought constructs.

  16. Roger welsh says:

    The problem is, how do you get the public to listen and understand tha the is no pandemic and hasn’t been.
    We have corrupt politicians led by a psychopath, bill gates. All leading to destruction of societies of our choice!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      * * The problem is, how do you get the public to listen and understand tha the is no pandemic and hasn’t been. * *

      The best strategy,

      Just get away from them, and commune with like-minded, individualist folks – for your own collective protection. The majority you will never be able to help. You can not help those who refuse to help themselves. Human history is littered with the multitude of corpses of those who refused to find freedom and liberty within their own beings.

      Sorry to be the blunt-force instrument here, but the historic facts lay it out all to well for me to ignore. “They” will take you down with them. It’s just best to get away, while you still can – and let “them” reap what they have sown for themselves.

    • Frank G L says:

      Lol, as if forbes has the sort of credibility mercola has (and merola also makes a lot of mistakes).

    • Jim S Smith says:

      No surprise there!

      Dr. Joseph Mercola has consistently been one of the most sane and rational voices of health freedom for years. “They” are also going hardcore after Children’s Health Defense, and the Informed Consent Action Network sites.

      ICAN has making a lot of trouble for “them” lately, and the FDA and CDC has been “backed against the wall” by them (ICAN) numerous times.


      Not only have I learned that Parler, as a true freedom-of-speech-defending alt-social, is now as good as DOA (the board sacked the CEO, Mr. Matze – over his hard pro-free speech stance), but apparently voat.co finally had to shut down operations as of Christmas 2020. Voat was going fairly strong for six years as an (freer) alternate to Reddit. So that is TWO social networking alternates within weeks of each other – shutting down or becoming irrelevant as to the support of freedom.

      The big shut-down on the internet is in full swing!

      Expect many more alt-sites, etc to meet the same fate, especially in earnest THIS YEAR.

  17. Opie Poik says:

    They’re testing to see how far we’ll let them go. It’s the modern deep state’s version of the old a-courtin’ Marylou on veranda swing slap ‘n’ tickle. The anal swabs are another test being run along the same lines.

    When some good ol’ boy who’s been too long unemployed, vilified for being white, male, and hetero, and has buried five friends from lockdown suicide snaps and unscrews some medi-perv’s head for covid rape, it’ll begin to end.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Five steps forward, three or four steps backwards.

      “They” love to do the “yo-yo” effect in their plans. ANY such reprieve, will still leave “them” in a stronger position than before.

  18. Henry says:

    Is there any reason to believe that there is a virus, but no one wants to isolate it because it could be traced to bioweapons labs?

    • Frank G L says:

      Not for me, no.

      The viruses being their practices (vaccines, medicines, tests) and “contagion” achieved through policy and fearmongering.

    • Frank G L says:

      Additionally, it already is linked to bioweapons labs (where the idea of it was synthesized) and the weapons (tests, vaccines) derived from that. Those bioweapons labs happen to be all over the world.

    • Alan says:

      This is not the first instance of the non-isolated virus. This trick is very old. No pathogenic virus, for *any* disease, has ever been isolated. Research Stefan Lanka.

      Bio-weapons (in the form of microbes) was and is science fiction. There are chemical weapons, and we have nano-chips and you-know-what as the new kid on the block. Foreign DNA injected directly into the bloodstream (as in, vaccines) causes disease. But there has been no records of any successful attack using a contagious microbial agent anywhere in history.

    • oranje says:

      In the unlikely event that it did exist and was isolated and its genome was sequenced and tabulated
      they would find that it had long disappeared and
      nobody would test positive for it.

      Much better to carry on testing people for bits of
      themselves and declaring them victims and/or carriers
      of a deadly disease.

    • Minority View says:

      There are other reasons why there is no virus:
      1. Lockdown stringency has no correlation with “covid deaths”. That means lockdowns are not impacting the spread of the virus or deaths ‘attributed’ to the virus. There cannot be an infectious particle in that case
      2. During most part of the year when there were ‘cases’ and ‘deaths’, there were no excess deaths. With no significantly more excess deaths, how can there be a “big pandemic” going on?
      3. A novel virus must have unique and distinct symptoms
      4. There is no hospital overload, even though there are “so many cases”!
      5. Countries with little to no coronavirus “control measures” (lockodwns, maks etc.) (smainly African countries and some Asian countries) are not seeing any rush of sick patients in hospitals.

  19. Opie Poik says:

    NOT THE ONION: CDC Warns Against Shouting, Cheering During Sunday’s Super Bowl https://planetfreewill.news/not-the-onion-cdc-warns-against-shouting-cheering-during-sundays-super-bowl/

    And when your team wins, be sure not to do the celebratory horizontal pompom dance too vigorously. And do it in duct-taped Tyvek biohazard suits. Practice sexual distancing, kids.

    Again, the PCR test is a merely a part of the continuum of the behavioral conditioning sh!t-test psyop, to see how much we’ll take from the kakistocracy, before we hang them at Nuremberg 2.0 for medical testing under false, Mengelesque pretenses.

  20. hhi says:

    The supranational occulted powers are all chips in on Third Great Reset but also at their most vulnerable as the rubber hits the road.

    Over the last 2 days I have telephoned 10 Parliamentary Offices (Oz) relaying everything discussed here. I think I made some impact but it’s no point getting hung up on results.Everyone is on their own spiritual quest and at least I can sleep easier now.

    • hhi says:

      Coming from a migrant working class background, I have supported the Left as more socially progressive but in my interactions with different Partys re covid, the Left of the spectrum being more Statist and believing in govt are less receptive to information running contrary to the official narrative.

      The Greens cut me off at the first sign I was questioning the narrative.

      • Alan says:

        Forget the political parties. They are all bought up.

        Spread the truth until we reach a critical number, at which point the people should reclaim their sovereignty, exercising their right to bear arms if needed.

        We have a world in which there are two groups of good people: those who are awake and know the truths about medical fraud, and those who are awake and understand citizen sovereignty, including the right to bear arms. The separation of the two groups keep them from being powerful enough to push back; their unity will mark the beginning of the “better normal” as ACU2020 put it.

  21. Post Hoc says:

    I am amazed that after decades of believing in a system that was once considered the ultimate authority, the truth has now seeped out of the crevices to reveal the diabolical uselessness of such a system.

    Now we are seeing a new paradigm or a paradigm shift that the world needs in order to rescue our natural world, our farmers, our soils, and ourselves from any further lies and destruction brought to us by the medical cartel.

    Thanks to the commitment of people like Jon Rappoport and many others.

    • Frank G L says:

      “Now we are seeing a new paradigm or a paradigm shift that the world needs in order to rescue our natural world, our farmers, our soils, and ourselves from any further lies and destruction brought to us by the medical cartel.”

      Except is see no real indication of this paradigm shift actually taking place, and instead, more consolidation of the aspects that cause that paradigm shift to be necessary.

  22. Bubba says:

    Who doesn’t read the below will never understand the whole game.
    Gates is the spearhead for the darkness.
    His goals: they are “their” goals!


    The game goes beyond “virus” and “vaccines”.
    These are the softeners and conduits.
    Next: enslavement and starvation!

    “You have seen the wickedness they can do with vaccines in the name of public health,” Shiva told me. “Well, now he controls the land. He controls the seed. He controls the food. He has the ultimate power to starve us all to death.”

  23. Greetings Jon:
    I found you through Catherine Pitts info. I’m an internal medicine doc in Gainesville Florida and have been digging into the Covid controversies as I educate patients, friends and family. I’m well aware of the issues of the PCR testing. But there is a “confirmatory” test that is offered which measures both IgM and IgG antibodies apparently against the Covid19 virus. The IgM is an acute phase reactant that is said to show up within a couple days of infection which may last for several weeks and the IgG shows up after a week or 2 and may last for months. Reading your info, it sounds like you would see some issues with this as well. How would you define such issues? Thanks.

    • Frank G L says:

      From my understanding, the reference IgM and IgF is not specific or necessarily related to covid, as antibodies are made against various (non-“viral) toxins.

      • Frank G L says:

        I look at it like this, I know the body degenerates when it is toxified or deficient.

        I know the results include things like DNA to RNA breakages, mutated proteins, truncated squences, toxic protein ejections, etc. I know vitamin A practically eradicates measles, that vitamin D, being a genetic regulatory factor, involved in many things, but particularly RTIs (and associated supposed “viruses”).

        Now, in virology, none of that is considered, as it is based on finding these abstract results (which they have awful trouble doing, btw, and you will find all those coronaviruses happen to match human DNA sequences).

        So what I’m suggesting is it’s all simple fraud and misattribution. Looking at a result as if it’s a cause. Backwards. Not virus entering cell, garbage exiting cell (and then misattributed as virus).

        Supposed viral isolation, infection, functionality is non-existent.

        The idea of “covid” is based then, on already “existing” coronaviruses (which were also engineered to match a particular narrative, thus include human DNA sequence descriptions). Which was then modified (in-silico), with arbitrary sequence additions. Which happens to demonize functional parts of your body.

        Which happen to coincide nicely with the testing methodology and the “test” made to accompany that, which is actually just a tool that makes shit up repeatedly, in an exponential extrapolatory way.

        This is why Kary Mullis was probably disappeared just before this started, in 2019, he spoke out against using PCR for diagnostics repeatedly. He called Fauci and associated people 3rd rate hacks.

        The supposed isolated viruses, unfortunately (aside from attempting to match an engineered suggestion) ALSO undergo quite a lot of chemical alteration in the supposed isolation. And even then, after all that, with the supposed “isolates”, it cannot be shown to be infectious.

        Imo, essentially, it’s like the weather man saying “Look, it’s going to rain in that spot, at that time a year from now. It practically already happened. Start wearing this special umbrella so long. In the mean time, I’ll set up some cloud seeders there, not that it will influence that, to make it clear how accurate my predictions are”

        • Jim S Smith says:

          Not too to mention that the very short nucleotides, AKA: “protein/RNA fragments” – by use of the CDC’s B.L.A.S.T. sequencing system – can be found to be common to hundreds of different species of life, as well as commonly found in around ninety percent of the human genome (in support of @Frank’s statement too).

          When a Papaya, tissue from a goat, and other unusual sources can somehow come up “positive” for SARS-NCOV2/”COVID-19″ on RT-PCR assay, there is definitely something very wrong with the testing protocol, let alone any theory on its application!

    • oranje says:

      But does any of that show that a person is either sick or infectious? It sounds like just
      something else to reinforce fear of the fake pandemic.

      How many people back in the day were damaged by
      treatment they received after testing positive for
      antibodies to HIV the supposed cause of AIDS when
      there was nothing wrong with them.

      What is the point of any test if not to stoke up
      the fear and keep this nonsense going?

      Under the present policies there can be no end to
      this unless enough people wake up especially those
      in the medical services who are “just obeying orders”.

    • Sean says:

      Hi Jim, I am a plumber. Yes there are 3 true sayings in this business. The trick is, never be down hill.

  24. Bubba says:

    When evil occurs, those who do nothing exceed in number those who take action against it.

    It is the human history that proves it by being on the same march.

    That’s why contrived things like “viruses” can be foisted on the selfish, cruel selves of the uncaring, moronic species!

    As long as they fantasize that they themselves are safe, it’s no matter who suffers.

    What is the approximate percentage of humans affected by this, and stirred into action:


    What is the percentage of humans inclined to do, or indifferent to, this:


    Take a guess, if you ever really lived and paid attention.

    If you noticed that nothing has been done about these, then you should have your answer.

    I finally reached my surfeit of “public communication”.

  25. Frank G L says:

    So, from my understanding the test is simply “identifying” (potentially, not very accurately), by making crap up as it is an extrapolatory RESEARCH tool, not diagnostics, a tiny part of a supposed sequence (which was synthesized) which happens to include demonization of aspects of your body.

    Which is of course perfect PRS logic.

    1. Take something (preferably beneficial, or essential, as it is in this case), call it a problem.

    2. Engineer a reaction (misattribution, “expert” views, media fearmongering, govt policy, etc)

    3. Offer a “solution” to the now clamourous, terrified public. The “solution” of course, is to attack that essential beneficial parts of you with vaccines, medications as well as imposing on you, degenerating you, etc. Of course, leading to more problems. PRS cycle gets to repeat, assuming you fall for it.

  26. Frank G L says:

    Here’s an example of the amount of “scientific” credibility involved, practically.

    Firstly keeping in mind this codification which says cases are going and are expected to be listed as cause of death purely on positive test results, that in case of uncertainty covid is the cause, and that you can list covid as cause of death based on pure assumption:

    Now here’s an example of the practical results:

    No Autopsies on COVID-19 Deaths: A Missed Opportunity and the Lockdown of Science
    “Discussion: The analysis of the main data from the selected studies concerns the complete analysis of 12,954 patients, of whom 2269 died (with a mortality rate of 17.52%). Laboratory confirmation of COVID-19 infection was obtained in all cases and comorbidities were fully reported in 46 studies. The most common comorbidities were: cardiovascular diseases (hypertension and coronary artery disease), metabolic disorders (diabetes, overweight, or obesity), respiratory disorders (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and cancer. The most common reported complications were: acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), acute kidney injury, cardiac injury, liver insufficiency, and septic shock. Only 7 papers reported histological investigations. Nevertheless, only two complete autopsies are described and the cause of death was listed as COVID-19 in only one of them. The lack of postmortem investigation did not allow a definition of the exact cause of death to determine the pathways of this infection. Based on the few histopathological findings reported in the analyzed studies, it seems to be a clear alteration of the coagulation system: frequently prothrombotic activity with consequent thromboembolism was described in COVID-19 patients.”

    • Frank G L says:

      “Frequently prothrombotic activity with consequent thromboembolism was described in COVID-19 patients.”

      A couple of prominent factors that I can think of currently, regarding the situation that are related to that:

      Vitamin D, vitamin K2, calcium, magnesium (all related to things like blood clotting), sodium and potassium balance.

      Things like HCQ, steroids, antibiotics and other pharma drugs.

      Of course, other toxicities in whatever forms.

      • Frank G L says:

        How much scrutiny has been placed on establishing whether many of these effects are because of treatment protocols?

        We already know there has been terrible practice, regarding ventilators, drug usage and whatever.

        But I mean, I’d like to see the differences (after treatment) of those who get treated say, purely with vitamin, minerals, antioxidants, oxygen, sunlight, clean water/foods


        Typical medical establishment protocol.

        Coz a lot of them figure you fix a brand new ferrari with a burst tire the same as an old datsun that ran out of fuel. Not only that, the tools they used on the datsun broke the engine, transmission and exhaust, often meaning the datsun is writeoff. And even when it isn’t, the datsun is the sent out with a temporary, very limited battery that happens to leak corrosive, toxic crap eating through the suspension.

  27. Arnoud says:

    The lack of critical thinking and the willingness most people display to blindly swallow whatever is being fed to them by authority and media, no matter how contradictory, is absolutely astounding.

    But those who refuse self-responsibility and adulthood will pay a very heavy price. Because the path of least resistance will lead to self-destruction. From the ashes will rise the Phoenix.

  28. Frank G L says:

    I just want to reply something to Laura, from an earlier article (figuring it’s more likely she’d see it here), as I missed her comment earlier: https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/01/28/coronavirus-animal-models-as-proof-of-infection-another-lie/#comment-212586

    So, this is a reply meant for Laura.

    Laura, sorry for this VERY late reply.

    The idea of Trump sidelining Fauci is purely cosmetic, and I’m not saying Biden is better (I despise him). Practically nothing meaningful, and in fact only things that would benefit him, was done regarding getting rid of or stopping Fauci.

    Operation warpspeed (with moderna, pfizer garbage) which got $1b grants from fauci’s agency (trump approved, of course), which he’s involved with.

    The head of operation warspeed also had investments in moderna. Robert langer of MIT, etc.

    Aside from that, the vaccine manufacturers were also given indemnity already in february last year.

    There’s an awful lot more. But here’s nice reminder.


    “THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. And welcome to Dan O’Day, CEO of Gilead. You know what that is because it’s been in the news and the company has been in the news, and it’s a great American company that’s done incredible work on HIV and hepatitis C. And I hear that — that’s what’s happening with hepatitis is the great — a great medical story. Really, a great medical story. I’ve been hearing about that. It’s fantastic, Dan.

    I’m pleased to announce that Gilead now has an EUA from the FDA for remdesivir. And you know what that is because that’s been the hot thing also in the papers and in the media for the last little while. An important treatment for hospitalized coronavirus patients. And it’s something — I spoke with Dr. Hahn and Dr. Fauci; I spoke with Deborah about it. And it’s — it’s really a very promising situation.

    We’ve been doing work with the teams at the FDA, NIH, and Gilead for spearheading this public-private partnership to make this happen very quickly.

    So, today, we’re going to be — and I’m going to let Dan do it — but we’re going to let Dan make a statement as to what the company is doing, making a contribution to, really, people that are not doing well, people that are sick, people that have this horrible plague that’s set into our country and that we’re getting rid of. And we’re going to be — we’re going to be having some really incredible results.”

    Honestly, and I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t know how people keep falling for the republican, democrat, govt and “messiah” president crap.

    They must actually be unthinking drones, it’s the only explanation.

    And some additional info about Fauci from a Mike on Jon’s article “COVID, a disease in name only” on off-guardian.

    “Bush created the AIDS pandemic as a NSSM200 depopulation operation. Bush picked Fauci to be the front man and BUSH had Christine Grady marry Fauci and she is his controller… Christine Grady’s father went to YALE with George Bush and was in DKE with Bush in 1948. John H. Grady also is the father of Rob E. Grady who was a main staffer for BOTH BUSH PRESIDENTS.”

    • Frank G L says:

      Presumably, Fauci being chosen because of his association, same sort of “work ethic” as Robert Gallo (of AIDS and other fraud fame).

  29. Deuce says:

    LOL there have been so many cases around the legalities of collecting DNA. Everybody wants your DNA and in the age of big data, the biggest DNA databases are worth billions. People have gone to court, filed lawsuits etc to protect our right to our own DNA. To not have our genes patented. To not have our clinical specimens used in research without our consent. So what do they do? They make up a fake virus and an even more fake test. And what does everybody else do? Line up on their cars to willingly provide DNA specimens, via a 2 foot long stick shoved up your nose hole.
    Can people be saved? Can this world be saved? Not from COVID but from itself and it’s own gullibility? Not looking good. But as a consolation, Big Pharma thanks you for the billions of dollars of genetic data you just gave them for free. And don’t worry, they’ll use it in their efforts to remedy the next fake virus. Oh the humanity.

  30. Vaclav Nemec says:

    Dear Jon, in my 92 years and with many activities without any secretary I am unable to send you my comments too often. But in this case I would like to inform you that in my country Czech Republic in these days under a false topic of a postcovid official news are presenting evident heavy problems with people who after their ¬covid illness¬ continue with necessity of pneumospecialists. Moreover a new special research department has been just established in the Pneumodepartment of the Charles University located in Eastern Bohemia.

  31. I had doubts on this question: “Does the increase in the number of cycles of the pcr test inevitably mean that we will end up getting a positive result whatever the sample we are testing?” Dr. Stefan Lanka says yes: Even if we are testing a pure water sample or a vodka sample: https://youtu.be/jea0xdZGIC8 (part 1) and https://youtu.be

  32. Jan says:

    The PCR test is not meaningless — to them! It’s the lynchpin of their scam.

    Even though the (less than illustrious) BMJ published an editorial on 13 Nov 2020, entitled Covid 19: politicisation, “corruption” and suppression of science, in which it called the test “suboptimal” and that it fell “well short of performance claims made by its manufacturers”, the raging floodwaters of lies swirling around the scam pull under all who wade in to counter them.

    When I’ve heard with my own ears — all in the last several days — from relatives, neighbors and strangers stating “I cant wait” or “it’ll be here soon” (referring to the “vacc”) I realize the deluded are that way because they don’t want their comfort zone of unquestioning trust disrupted by something as insignificant as truth.

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