Official COVID death numbers: the fraud, the killing

by Jon Rappoport

February 2, 2021

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There are several reasons to reject and ignore ALL COVID statistics. Chief among the reasons—no one has proved that the virus, SARS-CoV-2, exists.

But for purposes of this discussion, and to show, once again, that the medical cartel is deeply mired in fraud and killing, let’s have a look at official COVID death numbers in the US.

Death numbers are a significant metric, because, obviously, all other so-called “cases” recover and live.

AARP: Oct. 30, 2020: “In a pandemic filled with grim statistics, one of the grimmest has gone largely unnoticed: 95 percent of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. have occurred among people who were 50 or older. This even though the majority of coronavirus cases have been reported in people under age 50.”

“The unnerving numbers don’t end there. About 8 in 10 deaths have been among people 65 and older, according to the latest demographic data available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

Let’s move forward in time. From, “Number of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) deaths in the U.S. as of January 23, 2021”:

“Between the beginning of February 2020 and January 23, 2021, of 359,352 deaths caused by COVID-19 in the United States, almost 115,700 had occurred among those aged 85 years and older.”

Statista goes on to report the COVID death numbers among other age groups. Age 75-84: 99,342 deaths. Age 65-74: 76,404 deaths. Age 55-64: 42,031 deaths.

Adding up all the COVID deaths in the 55-and-older age groups, we get 333,477—out of 359,352 total COVID deaths registered at the time of the Statista report.

93% of all COVID deaths in the US have occurred in people 55 years old and older.

I’ll build on that analysis: Most of these people who died had multiple long-term health conditions. They had been treated, for years, perhaps decades, with toxic medical drugs.

Buying into COVID propaganda, most of these elderly people were terrified they might receive a diagnosis of COVID-19. Then they DID receive that diagnosis.

THEN they were put into isolation, cut off from contact with family and loved ones—and they folded up and died.


Note: Some of these elderly and frail people were heavily sedated and put on breathing ventilators. In a large New York study of hospitalized COVID patients, 97.2% of all patients 65 and older who were put on ventilators died. 97.2 PERCENT.

Whether ventilated or not, in these 55-and-older patients, we are talking about FORCED PREMATURE DEATHS—through terror induced by the COVID diagnosis, plus isolation from friends and family, on top of their prior serious health conditions and long-term toxic medical treatments.


No need for a fairy tale virus to explain their deaths.

Therefore, using official death numbers, roughly 93% of all US COVID deaths are explained with no reference to a virus.

“Well, we killed as many old people as we could. That gives us the necessary COVID numbers…”

Perhaps you think the 55-64 age group is “too young.” I shouldn’t include them. All right. If we just consider 65 and older, the deaths in that group are 81% of all US COVID deaths. Still a staggering figure.

There is no pandemic.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

143 comments on “Official COVID death numbers: the fraud, the killing

  1. Benjamin Martin says:

    Another fine article Jon, on point as always.

    I thought the following of tremendous relevance. You would swear Edmund Burke was talking about today…but it’s from the French Revolution.

    ‘I can never consider this assembly as anything else than a voluntary association of men, who have availed themselves of circumstances, to seize upon the power of the state…In obtaining and securing their power, the assembly proceeds upon principles the most opposite from those which appear to direct them in the use of it. An observation on this difference will let us into the true spirit of their conduct.

    ‘Everything which they have done, or continue to do, in order to obtain and keep their power, is by the most common arts. They proceed exactly as their ancestors of ambition have done before them. Trace them through all their artifices, frauds, and violences, you can find nothing at all that is new. They follow precedents and examples with the punctilious exactness of a pleader.

    ‘They never depart an iota from the authentic formulas of tyranny and usurpation. But in all the regulations relative to the public good, the spirit has been the very reverse of this. There they commit the whole to the mercy of untried speculations; they abandon the dearest interests of the public to those loose theories, to which none of them would choose to trust the slightest of his private concerns. They make this difference, because in their desire of obtaining and securing power they are thoroughly in earnest; there they travel in the beaten road. The public interests, because about them they have no real solicitude, they abandon wholly to chance; I say to chance, because their schemes have nothing in experience to prove their tendency beneficial.

    ‘We must always see with a pity not unmixed with respect, the errors of those who are timid and doubtful of themselves with regard to points wherein the happiness of mankind is concerned. But in these gentlemen there is nothing of the tender parental solicitude which fears to cut up the infant for the sake of an experiment. In the vastness of their promises, and the confidence of their predictions, they far outdo all the boasting of empirics. The arrogance of their pretensions, in a manner provokes, and challenges us to an enquiry into their foundations.’

  2. Frank G L says:

    Codification of misattribution (to go with the already rampant misattribution of toxicity and deficiency results as viruses), this is glorious:

    “COVID-19: The “underlying cause of death”. This concept is fundamental. It is defined by the WHO as “the disease or injury that initiated the train of events leading directly to death”.
    The criteria have been changed. In the US, the CDC instructions are crystal clear. COVID-19 will be the underlying cause of death “more often than not””

    Exhibit A:
    “Will COVID-19 be the underlying cause?
    The underlying cause depends upon what and where conditions are reported on the death certificate.
    However, the rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID-
    19 being the underlying cause more often than not.”

    So due to their codification, they EXPECT, and implicitly suggest that the deaths should be listed as covid.

    Exhibit B:
    “What happens if the terms reported on the death certificate indicate uncertainty?
    If the death certificate reports terms such as “probable COVID-19” or “likely COVID-19,” these terms would be
    assigned the new ICD code. It Is not likely that NCHS will follow up on these cases.”

    Which is to say, when there’s any sort of uncertainty, list the death as covid because they will not bother to correct or investigate that.

    Exhibit C:
    “Should “COVID-19” be reported on the death certificate only with a confirmed test?
    COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is
    assumed to have caused or contributed to death.”

    So, aside from the suggestions, intent of misattribution, ignoring underlying factors, listing covid deaths based on uncertainty, they also explicitly state IN BOLD, that ASSUMPTION (which due to trending and those suggestions is a big influencing factor) is good enough for clinical diagnostics.

    And that, with the massively flawed test for something they have never found, while demonizing your body (due to supposed covid have protein homology to your innate functional proteins) and is entirely made up…

    With even the inventor (Kary Mullins) of the PCR test saying it’s a research tool for duplication of sequences (again, making shit up, not the same as the source specimens…and worse, based on synthesized suggestions), extrapolatory, and that it’s useless for clinical diagnostics. That’s 2020 “science”.

    It’s like the weather man passing off a prediction for the weather a specific time of day, in a specific place, 10 years into the future and suggesting that actually happened, too.

    • No More Lies says:

      FRANK, is this true?(from your link to a great write-up):
      “Unlike the Guardian, we are not funded by Bill and Melinda Gates”.
      B&M G fund The Guardian?
      ANYBODY is welcome to answer this truthfully for me.

      • Chris says:

        I am no follower of mainstream narrative but fact checked Bil Gates and the vaccines and found it to be untrue, lots of false conspiracy theorists trying to lead us down wrong rabbit holes.
        Reuters is a reliable media source.

        • Frank G L says:

          Don’t forget about the Associated Press. An eternally unerring bastion of truth with no potential agenda or history of fraudulent articles by shills.

        • Wayne says:

          Thank goodness we have “fact checkers” like Chris to steer us back in the right direction. With so many lies being perpetuated, at least we now know that we can count on Reuters to lay out the truth to us. Because it’s just a fact that Reuters = Truth. OMG!

        • Marilyn Shepherd says:

          Rooters have been talking unmitigated shite all year.

        • No More Lies says:

          Chris, are you saying that what she found about Bill Gates and vaccines is not true information? If it’s untrue information, what source is this information from?

      • Frank G L says:

        I can’t be sure about that. But it seems very possible, even likely, judging by the search results for something like “bill and melinda gates fund guardian” indicating that and their typical attempted influence.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      I read that CDC document back in Mar 2020.

      Notice where they even EMPHASIZE, at the bottom, that “no test was needed . . .”!

      I tried to educate folks with even this official document, and they couldn’t care less!

      It was upon my reading about this new “ICD coding” from the CDC’s own website – that confirmed my early suspicions that this “pandemic” was an absolutely fabricated HOAX!

    • ZiiNoN says:

      Thank you! I have been screaming about the coding guidelines since this controlavirus started.
      Just the questions of unethical behavior should be enough to question the whole thing.

  3. Bubba says:

    The same for Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, etc. – all the countries who believe covid is real!
    The site below has a good grasp on the statistics in various countries. The weakness that’s hampering them in doing more good is that they believe “viruses” are real. They just can’t cross the threshold, even though I sent them documentation on that!

    The main problem is the idiocy of the majority, even those who follow “alternate media”.

    E.g., a post in OffGuardian for the article:

    “How much effort does it take to realize that NO VIRUS – as defined by the con-people called “scientists”- can POSSIBLY EXIST?!
    “A tricky RNA envelops itself, exits a cell, and starts hunting other organisms for destruction?!”
    1) RNA endowed with consciousness?! Why not say it, and call the exorcists?!
    2) Why not change the textbooks – where DNA gives code to RNA, and this gives it to the ribosome to make protein? Say, instead, that RNA can do whatever it WANTS!
    3) Why not say: “It is an evolutionary process in which RNA became trickier and trickier, bypassing all defense mechanisms of a body?
    4) And if you say 3), then how could a dumb concoction like a vaccine trick the trickster?! If a body’s defense can’t be alerted by the invasion of the trickster in full force, how would an “attenuated form of the virus” (called “vaccine”) – virus that nobody, ever since, and including, the fraudster Pasteur, has ever detected in any form, for any illness! – do the job?!

    Any smart human would prefer death to the being imprisoned and raped by Gates and others!!”

    To this, one of the administrators posted in reply:
    Sam – Admin2
    Jan 21, 2021 6:22 AM
    Reply to Bubba
    This involves shaking the foundations of people’s beliefs far more than questioning the proportionality of these unprecedented lockdowns, especially since collateral deaths associated with them are so numerous and widely acknowledged. Yours is a far harder task in my opinion.

    He is right on the money! Even in that segment, several readers defended the existence of viruses, comprehending nothing of what I wrote!
    I explicitly stated: “as defined by by the con called scientists”, but many readers didn’t understood it!

    Inanity makes the hoax possible, and all the disasters in the history, that were not natural, were aided by this inanity!

    • Frank G L says:

      I know dude.

      It somehow it seems to be difficult to explain that despite any sort of contact, transmission, your body…due to various toxicity and factors actually spawns these “viral” results.

      I mean, it’s not like that sort of thing is obvious with things like Vitamin D deficiencies and seasonality, or Vitamin A’s association to measles. Or ebola relating so much to things like deficient selenium and Vitamin E.

      Then, as an example of one factor, even if you remind people that Vitamin D regulates their DNA, that when they have deficiency they start taking internal genetic damage. With things like misfolded, toxic proteins, truncated sequences, DNA to RNA breakages, etc resulting from that.

      And then, you remind them that two of the three main virus origin hypotheses suggests genetic breakage, recessive results and escapism/ejection as the origin of supposed viruses. Which matches exactly some of the mechanisms and results I just referred to in the previous paragraph.

      But no, they can’t make that connection.

      • Frank G L says:

        With things like misfolded, toxic proteins, truncated sequences, DNA to RNA breakages, rejected proteins, etc resulting from that.

        • Jim S Smith says:

          ANY proteins which are introduced into our bodies by any other means besides the intended means (ingestion, etc) – is treated by our bodies as poison.

          ANYTHING that penetrates/enters our bodies other than the mouth, nose, etc – are a danger and a toxin to the body.

    • Frank G L says:

      Here’s what Rudolf Steiner said a hundred years ago, which I did not know of:

      “… a virus is an excretion of a cell which has become poisoned … a virus is not the cause of an illness, but merely a symptom. The cause of illness … is a disturbance in the electrical equilibrium of the body.”

      • No More Lies says:

        Great, again, Frank!
        Where can I find this actual quote from him?

        • Frank G L says:

          I copy/pasted it from a comment in that off guardian article.

          Here’s a link referencing it on MSN:


          “This happened in 1918 with the Spanish flu, which occurred with the worldwide introduction of radio traffic.

          Cowan says when they asked renowned anthropologist Rudolf Steiner about the millions of victims of the Spanish flu in 1918, he replied: “Viruses have nothing to do with it. Viruses are reactions of the poisoned cell that, in defence against the poison itself, secretes the viruses to allow the cell to survive.

          “Viruses are therefore waste products of the human cells and therefore do nothing themselves.””

          • Jim S Smith says:

            The “Spanish Flu” seemed to only hit heaviest in areas where a large portion of the population was “vaccinated” with “serum” that was produced by the Rockefeller Institute of Medicine. – It was later found that this “serum” was heavily contaminated with other biological matter (like bacteria, etc.) and other inorganic toxins.

            The “death-spike” in October 1918 followed shortly after our national “health experts” recommended everyone increase their dosage of Aspirin. – As everyone should take notice: When a/your children are sick with the flu, you should NOT give them Aspirin – as this gives rise to “Reyes Syndrome” (which is usually fatal).

            A historic note:

            Aspirin has killed more people than any other “drug” in history! Yet, it is still one of the most common “drugs” in the markets, and does not require a medical prescription!

            The massive number of deaths during the “Spanish Flu” has links to multiple causes. Similar can be said of the deaths and injuries blamed on the unproven-to-exist Polio. Even some of the earlier health practitioners observed that many of these “Polio” afflictions appeared more to be like poisoning, and the “Polio vaccines” were actually causing more of the same to be observed.

            “Modern medicine” is a big, horrendous joke upon humanity! There is NO credibility to be retained in the so-called “medical science”, because there is very little, if any, “science” involved in it. Today’s medicine has been all about profitability, and it relies upon many, many sick people – in order to be profitable. Healthy people are not profitable to them!

            Once one can get a serious grasp on this provable and proven truth about today’s medicine, is the sooner one can retake control over one’s own overall health and well-being. “Medicine” has always been the ultimate tool of oppression, when the time-honored art of healing is reduced to a profit-model-based industry.

            In other words, not only are a sick people very profitable to the “system”, but also more controllable BY the “system”.

          • Kathy says:

            I can see this makes perfect sense. The body is constantly mopping and cleaning and renewing itself. So the body isolating rogue cells was interpenetrated by Pasteur as external invaders. The viral theory.The one thing I have difficulty in this internal spawning theory is how does that explain other people becoming ill who have been in close contact. Is it suggested that those people are also within the same environment where vitamin D deficiency and other detrimental factors occur that give rise to [a disturbance in the electrical equilibrium of the body] and so are also experiencing toxins and poisoned cell shedding within the system and this has been seen as a virus that transmits from one to the other.Or is it that once the body creates these rogue cells they shed and infect others.

          • No More Lies says:

            I have much difficulty trusting anything that comes from or through MSN.

          • Lyn P says:

            Kathy, no “invaders” are involved when those in close contact become ill, unless they have encountered the same toxin via environment, ingestion, etc.

            Look in depth at Dr. Tom Cowan’s work. He is trying very hard to unravel the public from the deep scar that is belief in viral diseases, etc. In addition to the above he discusses energies which are shared between people and trigger bodily responses. We ARE energy! I experienced this recently after close proximity to a friend getting through a cold. The next day I felt what one would describe as beginning of a cold. I slept a little extra and no problem the next day! I firmly believe in energy “message” transfer in this way and then we have responses based on our own health status. There is no “spreading of an infection.” It seems absurd once you’re out of that Matrix.

          • Kathy says:

            Lyn P Thank you for your reply in response to mine. I will spend some time looking for Dr Tom Cowans work. I think there is a lot of truth in the transference theory. Energy both negative and positive is most definitely picked up on by those in and around the same household and so it would make sense that transference also triggers when someone is unwell. I have looked after friends with ME and have found myself becoming drained and depleted of energy as soon as I speak with them or enter their room. Regaining my own energy only through re grounding myself. I have also experienced feelings of a cold a day after talking to people with one over the phone. Please read in my first post the word intended was interpretation. A spellcheck mistake of human error!.

          • Liv 4ever says:

            Dr. Tom Cowan indicates that the roll out of radio worldwide played a part in the Spanish flu. It could be that phyve “&” plays a role in co^*d

    • Frank G L says:

      Related, apparently Stefan Lanka was in a german supreme court, regarding a measles case. Apparently he offered 100k euro for anyone who could show the measles virus. Apparently, noone could show any proof so he won the case and kept his 100k.

    • Jim S Smith says:


      Welcome to the matrix, friend.

      This demonstrates another “teaching moment” about the foibles and failings in the “human condition”. Very few ever seem to escape the traps of convenience, materialism, and “being in the crowd”.

      This entire system of lies and deceit wasn’t built overnight. It has been a long, drawn-out process – with folks like the TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE leading the studies and development on how to imprison the human mind.

      – “The mental prison is the most easily misunderstood mechanism of slavery. WE are our own most-effective jailors!

  4. Frank G L says:

    Btw, here’s a sort of example of how misdirection is used to mislead, regarding covid testing. I’ll get straight to the point.


    Among 61 patients with positive RT-PCR tests, 40 patients reported < 10 days of symptoms at the time of testing, 15 reported ≥10 days of symptoms, and 6 were asymptomatic. The median Ct value was 14.2 cycles (IQR, 10.2, 18.3) among patients reporting < 10 days of symptoms, 19.7 cycles (IQR, 15.3, 23.9) among patients reporting ≥10 days of symptoms, and 26.3 (IQR, 25.0, 29.1) among asymptomatic patients."

    Firstly, it's well established that max Ct over 25 is considered unreliable. Those numbers represent the median of the Ct for which positive results were attained, not the max threshold used.

    Here’s the big reason why that study only addresses a small subset of the problem so it is easily misleading.

    Now, that is a rate of symptoms relative to positive cases of supposed infection, of 91.6%.

    That would then suggest, if those protocols were used in reality, for the general public, you wouldn’t have anywhere NEAR that amount of cases. As the percentage of symptoms relative to supposed positive infection is incredibly lower.

    Either that, or I mean, you’d currently see 91.6% of all people with supposed “covid” symptoms.

    So there's a BIG disconnect in the appearance of the legitimacy in studies, vs the reality of testing protocol.

  5. Aj Payne says:

    Fantastic insight in another home run article. Thanks again for what you do. Which I share everwhere I possibly can.

  6. Laura Vink says:

    I have one question, I believe there is not the covid19 and it’s almost impossible to isolate a coronavirus. Or there was something produced in a chinese laboratory, something that causes sometimes a bad inluenza. But what to think of the statement of our big friend Gates that there will be a bio- attack soon, much worse than this(hypothetical) virus? Thank you for reading this.

    • Frank G L says:

      Things like EMF, vaccines, other pollutants most likely.

      Even without introducing ANYTHING new or what I just mentioned, the result of their policies guaranteed worse problems which would lead to that sort of thing.

    • hhi says:

      What they have developed in the lab is an engineered RNA wrapped in PEGylated coating that mimics exosomes so when it is injected into the body it can evade the body’s defence mechanisms and cause a genetic reaction.

      The word virus is a misnomer as viruses/exosomes are not poisonouus but beneficial.

      But with this mRNA witches brew, we truly do have a virus.

  7. Sean says:

    My Mother died late 2019. She had copd. Struggled for years. I am so grateful that she didnt have to go through that horribly criminal nightmare that the elderly have had and are still going through today. Just for them to perpetuate this fake crap and get paid well for it. And be tagged a Covid death. All not real.

    This is a serious thing. Exposer and death to that entire system immediately. And better options for all.

    What a totally disgusting medical industry.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      “Profits over People” – has always been the modus operandi of a commercialized calling, misnamed “healing”.

      I lost a younger sister to desperation last October. I seriously believe this COVID-panic helped push her “over the edge”.

      I have already said for years, that “our” government is a murderous system. A great many People were literally MURDERED so that this “system” retains its “aire of authority and credibility”.

    • felix says:

      My thoughts exactly. These collaborators need to hang.

    • RegretLeft says:

      My thoughts exactly! – “Feb 2018” and “congestive heart failure” … “so grateful” – but not quite: she worked as a nurse for 40 years – she had a real reverence for medicine and many of its practitioners … yet, she had a mind of her own and I distinctly recall her being something of an “AIDS-skeptic” in the 1980s and 90 …. “it’s just not that virulent … it’s not easy to catch… why are people so terrified?” … I can hear her voice!

      Oh I miss her and find comfort in her not having to struggle with this; but what a perfect partner she would have been for these corona-scam years – I might even have introduced to her JR’s writings – starting with AIDS, Inc

    • Lyn P says:

      It is utterly horrifying to see the daily images (not from MSM but from the scamdemic exposers) of elderly in a mask receiving a murderous injection. What depths of idiocy, cowardice, evil, and ethical vacuousness most of the globe has fallen into.

      There must be a better version of humanity…

  8. Paul says:

    “There is no pandemic.”

    And yet…if one turns on the TV,
    one can best be sure,
    to hear & see,
    A Medico-Head claiming
    the sky is falling,

    There’s something very wrong
    in this fair Country,
    Air-cast upon its flowing waves.
    That a simple, thoughtful
    Cannot be had.
    And Reason sounded,
    Over the teacups,
    And facts & figures.

    I say again,
    what has already been said:

    “No…go ahead, it’s okay,…look.



    “We’re all wearing green hats.”
    (~ for those all too gauche)

    • hayden says:

      they use same religious bible koran technique…its always doomsday just around the corner. Using environmental scare tactics always the end of the world just around the corner fear works well…eg al gore said artic be ice free in 2014 but ice still there oh well he made hundreds of millions of his co2 scam.

  9. Lucille says:

    …And it keeps going on and on…It is now February and where I live the elderly are still locked down, and the world has bowed to the mighty scientists, the leaders of this world know the truth they are laughing at how their plans did really work, just look at Gates in video’s with his smug and even smiling face. These are very wicked evil people. Imagine no conscience as many die at their hand. Is it some kind of ritual to their god Satan whom is pleased at their faithful service to him” You be ya. This is truth, they are really talking to demons, voices in their heads. They claim to be from another planet and are here to help. They masquerade as aliens, higher intelligences. Their minds are invaded by possession of them through drugs, yoga, and meditation. All the very rich and powerful leaders do these things. New Age philosophy has been around a long time. It began in the garden of Eden when Satan tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit who said to her, ” And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die. For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil” Genesis 3:4-5. These people think they are gods, you understand this is serious business. They are the enlightened ones. Satan has lied to all, and in religion to. Time is coming soon that many will disappear an the rulers of this world will tell you aliens took them to be reprogramed. These people are very deceived. Don’t be like them. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16. Jesus is God and he will destroy the works of the devil and his followers.

    • Frank G L says:

      Hey, I masquerade as a human, even though I’m pretty sure I’m from Orion, and I call myself sir isO.

      *Please note I’m not necessarily trying to offend, just spewing an interpretation.

      Also, I particularly like some “drugs” (which is imo anything perceptible you can think of, btw). Meditation is a potentially great thing, and so is yoga.

      You know what I think? The abrahamic referencing of god and satan, the way it does is exactly like hypocritical hegelian dialectic propaganda, controlled opposition and such in politics. Which is also why I consider it as political propaganda.

      Then you are given rules, regulations, examples are made, punsishments/rewards, etc. Exactly the same as in societal indoctrination systems.

      From what I recall, the Bible opens something like this

      God got really bored being alone, so he made a man (why? because he was probably a narcissist, possibly gay? who knows?) in his own image.

      Like a shittier flawed version of himself, of course.

      Things were okayish. But the man, Adam, had issues, because he ALSO got bored (which makes sense, considering he’s a reject clone). S

      So because Adam wasn’t as flawless as God, God figured, “Well, if I take small piece of this reject clone of mine and make it even more rejected, what do I get? This’ll be fun.”

      God then took out his knife, temporarily polymorphed Adam into a sleeping sheep and proceeded to enjoy some fine spare rib.

      When Adam had then recovered from his sleep, after he had been turned into a man again, apparently, the clone from the part of him that God made…wasn’t quite Godly. It had larger boobs and a tiny penis. Adam replied “Whoah, man, wtf? Clearly something broke”.

      God replied to Adam “Nah it’s cool dude, look at that. Have fun. You already vocalized what it is, btw.”

      Again, Adam was confused and in turn asked God another question. “What do you eve…” but God abruptly interrupted Adam. “Stop.” He said. “No say it properly”.

      Adam Got really confused at that point, so he went for a walk. Though it’s sketchy, presumably Adam did not have significant levels of fun.

      In the mean time, within minutes, already the lying harlot resulting from a tiny fraction of the reject clone that is Adam, named Eve, as per God’s instructions, had fallen victim to sexual frustration and was supposedly seen associating with the mythical “Big Snake”.

      Anyway, God didn’t give a shit so he left the reject clone and the even more rejected man clone.

      Among the Angels such as Qafsiel, rumours, circulated that Eve was not who she claimed to be, but actually an entity named Lilith.

      I didn’t read much of the rest of the story, sorry.

      • Frank G L says:

        As an alternative to your Bible, I value many of these principles:

        • Frank G L says:

          I recently made a new metal band. We’re called “Lamp of Goat”.

        • JA says:

          Frank GL:
          I personally feel we are living out the middle of the book of Revelation and if you and I live long enough I guess time will tell which one of us is right.

          One thing I do know God will not be mocked and when the final day arrives when our Savior Jesus Christ returns to earth EVERY knee will bow, even yours Frank.

          For any one really interested in the truth let your fingers do the walking. Someone contributing an opinion on this blog shared this website: events and the bible….what a gift.

          • Frank G L says:

            I personally feel it is easy to use political doctrine (which happens to be related to much of “freemasonry”) that is used for subjugation) to stage supposed events as that is supportive to their misdirections and indoctrination.

            Btw, did you know their bible is not God?

            Let us suppose the Bible is “of God”.

            And when King James, being a “witch” hunting occultist, a misogynist, rather racist and possibly a pedophile also establishes corporate slavery…yeah that really screams to me about the authenticity of “the bible” and what it’s used for.

            Have you ever read the Emerald Tablets, btw?

          • Frank G L says:

            Just for jokes, here’s an edited photo of me (I had to hide the blood, as well maintain some anonymity…you see, having read the bible…I’m not making the same mistake is the previous time)


          • Frank G L says:

            Here’s an exerpt:

            Listen, O man, and heed ye this wisdom; even as darkness, so is the Light. When darkness is banished and all Veils are rendered, out there shall flash from the darkness, the Light. Even as exist among men the Dark Brothers, so there exists the Brothers of Light. Antagonists they of the Brothers of Darkness, seeking to free men from the night. Powers have they, mighty and potent. Knowing the Law, the planets obey. Work they ever in harmony and order, freeing the man-soul from its bondage of night. Secret and hidden, walk they also. Known not are they to the children of men. Yet know that ever they walk with thee, showing the Way to the children of men. Ever have They fought the Dark Brothers, conquered and conquering time without end. Yet always Light shall in the end be master, driving away the darkness of night. -ibid.


      • Hawkeye says:

        Wow said the puny human hahahahah

    • Cman says:

      Thanks, Lucille, for a comment that explains it ALL, is understandable from beginning to end and moved logically from one point to the next. I agree with you and will watch for more of your comments!

    • hayden says:

      God should not have created satan, its first angel. If god knows past present future then it should of known all the suffering satan would cause before it created its first angel. God is a monster in the bible, sorry to say its control format in flower language rome had big hand in the jesus narrative yet people believe it.
      God is not god if it could not foresee what satan its first angel satan would do. contradictions everywhere with this God who created good and evil in the first place. says god created …
      Isaiah 45:7 KJV – I form the light, and create darkness: – Bible … › passage
      I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

      What a arsehole monster of a god to do this. its to blame in the first place for creating what it did. human made god is what that is fill of flaws

    • hayden says:

      As some buddhists say no loving god would create suffering for its own creation makes no sense these monoreligions sometimes. again zero becomes before one, so this one god is not god as zero comes before 1 lol….zero is circle shape infinite no beginning no end like what mono religions preach.

    • hayden says:

      god creates evil creates peace isaiah 45.7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

      so basically with this above quote from isaiah, all the evil people through history have meant to be…so why complain about bill gates and these evil people as it would seem god creates this evil in the first place, contradictions again.

      go get fucked god what an arsehole.

  10. Opie Poik says:

    It’s Groundhog Day here in the medical-industrial-psyop complex and it seems that Punxsutawney Citizen has scurried back into his maskhole again after seeing Fauci’s shadow. So another long dark winter ahead.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Oh boy!

      The surreal analogy, in full technicolor!

      Just so sad that the faux-reality is still alive and well here too. Have already been bitten by the “mask-mandates” numerous times: To include being misidentified for others, when it came to those problem-cases.

      I’m so sick of it all.

  11. From Elsewhere says:

    Any excess deaths by cause stats?

  12. Dr David Hill says:

    This is a good link to know what is going on in the UK Jon, as the death rates in elderly homes increased significantly after vaccination as the Pfizer vaccine closes down the immune system for 7 days according to a contributor and why these sorry people who had no virus problems before (or whatever) died. Therefore why the vaccine is deadly. The broadcaster is totally independent and no associated in any way with UK MSM. – “UK Column News – 1st February 2021” –

  13. Arthur Danu says:

    Just like 9/11, where one can TODAY still easily look up videos of the event on YouTube and see CLEARLY that all three towers were brought down by CONTROLLED DEMOLITION, so too, will the OBVIOUSNESS of the FRAUD that is COVID-19 be glossed over, and the greater genocide that springs from it, be ignored and derided in the minds of people most dreadfully affected by the lies to begin with!

    This IS the human condition. It is why TYRANTS always rise to the positions of leadership and power, because that class of predators has studied humanity very closely, and built a system that encourages and exploits our weaknesses to the maximum.

    I used to give humanity a pass on this, feeling sorry for them, knowing they never had a chance to succeed to begin with.

    But now, I simply recognize the condition as part of the “Earth Mystery School”, where the INDIVIDUAL is called to rise up from the deadening COLLECTIVE cycle that consumes human life; and to find some glory worthy of his or her own Soul before the very merciful Angel of Death comes along, sweeping her scythe!

    • Jim S Smith says:


      The very reason for the formation of the TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE – for the study of “human behavior”. – It is all a very scientifically-crafted system of programming and conditioning.

      Even poison can be made to taste sweet, even though it is STILL poison.

      • Frank G L says:

        Various rockefeller associated and other institutes too.

        I’ll ask a question, why is the kinsey institute allowed to exist?

  14. Slowhandle says:

    No virus at all. But you can still buy it online? Get back to reality, man!

    It’s a Chinese bioweapon, plain and simple. Anyone trying to assert there is no virus is lost in delusion. This blog is sad due to its paranoid delusional looping, where any information that shatters the delusion is attacked mercilessly.

    I only come here to be reminded of the extreme end of the delusional scale. It reassures me that I’m not crazy where I hear a total lunatic raving every single day, multiple times a day, saying the exact same thing over and over, shaking their reams of paper “proof” in the face of any passerby who makes eye contact.

    • G says:

      You can buy a moon rock from me. There’s all the proof you need that its from the moon right?

    • Frank G L says:

      “This blog is sad due to its paranoid delusional looping, where any information that shatters the delusion is attacked mercilessly. ”

      Ironic, considering what you’re doing.

      Point out some of this information that “shatters the delusion”, and then, we can weigh it against the enormous amount of fraud, irregularities, conflicts of interests, associations, errors, horrible policies, financial interests, preemption, peculiar supremely convenient “events” and indications prior.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Got some good beach-front property in Southern Utah for sale! The view is spectacular, and LOTS of wide open space. You can really feel like you’re in a world of your own here.


      Going cheap too!

    • glenn says:

      You can buy it because the full viral genome and protein coating is made in a lab and is synthetic. They claim this their model virus is like the real one but no one has found a natural full genome virus without use of recombination tools and computing modeling. If we have the technology to recover the smallest nucleotides that are pieces of viruses we should be able find entire 30,000 BP Sars-Cov-2 viruses in abundance. No one can find even one. If the natural virus can only be found in already in pieces within the infected host how can it infect another person?

  15. Alysia M says:

    I always repost to FB Jon’s excellent articles, and for some reason FB does not censor his posts, but yet similar articles are. just wanted to mention I do share them a lot.

    • Frank G L says:

      That is somewhat peculiar, yes.

    • JA says:

      Alysia M:

      Why be surprised or have it seem peculiar to you that FB lets Jon’s articles be posted. The reason is he doe not touch the ‘THEY’ who are controlling the world at the present time.

      Read Eustace Mullins books on the Bolshevik (Jeewish} Russian Revolution or Juri Lina’s The Trail of the Serpent, a free PDF on your computer. Or check who the families are who own the Federal Reserve, or who owns the TV channels, or newspapers , and on and on. Or just type in zionists in America and you will find your question answered.

  16. Tim says:

    It’s looking to me that they’re going all out to commit mass-murder via so-called “vaccines”(and other more obvious methods like wars, conflict) , the eugenicist idea of “overpopulation’ really just being an convenient “science” used to justify the elitists making the “perfect world” for themselves.

    There’s alot of humans that really have no concern for their brothers and sisters, they’ve been disconnected by ego, and are actually hateful towards others, largely unspoken and unacted upon(except maybe on the internet), but it’s there, they’re more or less okay with the idea, of course they assume they’ll be spared…(“survival of the fittest”…arrogance, or they believe submission buys them favor).

    Spiritual fitness in alignment with Truth, which they scoff at, is where the real safety and power is.
    Artificial intelligence is what is driving this, it preceeds computers, the ego is it, individual, and collective, fake self, fake god. Unholy connectedness. Matrix of lies.

    Artificial intelligence is an oxymoron.

    It’s the only way such a Bizarro World could be. Experienced. Perceived. It’s the opposite of Real Creation. The world of death is a dead end. It will not escape, like everything else here, it started the process of “death” as soon as it started.

    The ego(untrue self concept) was just an artificial facilitator required to have an experience outside of Reality/Perfection.

    Kind of like in “Blade Runner”, it’s going to expire. That which is incompatible with Truth has no real life, only that which we give it, in fantasies or dreams, which will not and cannot ever be real.
    Those at the top are in denial of Truth. They don’t really even exist, neither does this world. It’s all a fraud/hoax.

    What has occured is very much like those movies about machines or computers taking over… seemingly taking on a “life” of their own…

    The presence of Love and Loveliness, is NOT of this world, it’s The Real, that cannot be destroyed or completely suppressed, no matter what, and is Infinitely Greater and More Effective than any illusion or false idea. Home and Real is where It Wills Us to Be, it’s our will too, no matter how much the ego attempts deception contrary to that…it lies, it was born of a lie, and is a born loser. It cannot be any other way. Ever.
    So, we have the experience. But we’re not bound to it. No one is bound to untruth. But untruth accepted is binding.

    There are no real “paradoxes” actually.

    • Frank G L says:

      Essentially, again to me that reads like their “Qlippoth”, the collective “shell”. The representation devoid of life, creation. The mob ego (the typical sociopsychopatheticism you see in corrupt “authority”, controlling and dictating the ego mob (collective thought), so to say.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      The Malthusian mindset on full display.

      These days, “science” is whatever “they” craft it to be. – No discussion needed nor wanted.


      These “EGG-SPURTS”, and their accomplice echo parrots are pushing for everyone to wear THREE masks? ? ?

      Living in Bizarro World!

  17. Tim says:

    Of course I was just speaking to myself, and for myself.

  18. wanda says:

    It seemed a political calculation that Pfeizer would announce the “promising” results of Phase 3 trial right after election and the FDA would issue EUA to Pfeizer just in time for Biden. But, maybe the purpose of that calculation was so the vaccine would be available just in time to coincide with the “holiday surge”. In other words, just in time to “cover up” the destructive consequences of the vaccine by attributing the extra deaths to holiday gatherings! The initial December 14 Notice issued by the WHO, to essentially lower the PCR cycle threshold, may have been too early. Hence, the WHO on January 20, posted Version 2 which was issued on January 13. Obviously, eventually fewer PCR tests will be positive. So when the vaccine distribution REALLY kicks in, vaccine deaths will continue to be “coincidental” because those deaths will undoubtedly have a positive PCR! Daily tracking

    • Frank G L says:

      The purpose of the vaccine, is to unnecessarily FORCE the body to produce toxic/broken/”viral” material.

      In effect, by their principles and methods (which I entirely disagree with), the reasoning for vaccination is exposing someone to a supposed quantifiable virus. For that to occur, it must mean that even the mRNA vaccine (which is actually closer to the concept of a real “virus”) must facilitate that.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      What’s really interesting:

      The “Emergency Use Authorization” was supposed to be awarded to the FIRST (meaning only ONE) manufacturer who was able to “prove” they had a working vaccine. – YET – somehow, “one” became “two” awardees – both Pfizer AND Moderna! – Now HOW does that work? ? ?

      Methinks some major pay-offs (like we’re really supposed to be surprised at this) went hand-in-hand behind the back, hmmmm?

      • Frank G L says:

        “Methinks some major pay-offs (like we’re really supposed to be surprised at this) went hand-in-hand behind the back, hmmmm?”

        Some random examples.

        BlackRock’s huge investments in pharma? Remembering of course that Blackrock was instrumental in the 2008 crash, as well. Blackrock buying all the bonds for the FED, after they had been driven to the ground? Now also dictating the FED.

        There’s also Vanguard, State Street Corporation, etc. Same sort of shit.

        Trump promoting HCQ, Remdesivir, Gilead crap and touting Op WS?

        CDC having patents on coronaviruses, tests, vaccines?

        Head of Op WS, Sliaou, having investments, relating to wuhan?

        Gilead, Soros, Johns Hopkins, etc and China?

        Fauci relating regarding (Moderna) with patents, investments, history of being a POS.

        $500 million given to Moderna by Fauci’s agency (when they had never produced a product) and they were given indemnity already in february 2020, when america had 11 cases. Another $500 million later.

        Robert Langer (big associate of Bill gates, Moderna co-founder, very dodgy history)?

        Many more, of course.

        Lots of convenient investments and such relating to masks, as well. You know, before that idea was a thing.

        Then of course, ventilators, other drugs, hospitals, clinics getting incentivized to misattribute or use incorrect treatment.

        And undoubtedly many other smaller, individual payoffs.

        Make no mistake, THIS is the underworld.

    • Saeger says:

      I think there is a psych game, as if they make their dictates, as if holding out a carrot, saying do this, while only inferring ‘later’ whatever. Haven’t heard anyone in goverment or media say at — point there won’t be dictating to wear masks. It’s actually people handing away freedom by going along, so wonder why more aren’t questioning what appears to be permanent. Just seems as if controller types are dangling plastic carrots, and people see it’s plastic but eating it anyway.

      Imo real carrots with butter and parsely taste better. Just saying.

      • wanda says:

        Why the large $$$ investment in a vaccine and not in a therapeutic, not that I would use, need or like either.

        “NIAID, which operates under the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, is a joint patent holder with Moderna on its COVID vaccine. Through royalties, Fauci’s agency and employees stand to profit immensely.”
        “Section 564 §360bbb-3 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act states that the FDA commissioner may allow unapproved medical products or unapproved uses of approved medical products to be used in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases only when “there is no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating such disease or condition.”

        • Jim S Smith says:

          Not to mention that the officials in the NIAID and the NIH (as well as the other “health agencies”) are also allowed to personally profit from these tax-payer funded researched, developed, and delivered “vaccines”.

          Gee! Conflicts of interest, baked right in! ! !

        • saeger says:

          – agree, why no focus on whatever treatment, if you get something or supposed covid. Why vax. The pharma-med-educ-fda-cdc complex has been con-flicts of what they were supposed to be about forever. The billions handed to supposed colleges or labs from goverment as ‘grants’ research this or that, then whatever is made if it’s good is withheld, and otherwise makes chemical junk used by pharma, it’s been forty years of nonsense, focus on dollars or otherwise power.
          They ban anything good, and push poison. The word officials, makes me think of them by sound, o fish uls, too much nonsense these days.

        • Frank G L says:

          That’s also why, Moderna was given $500m early in 2020, another $500m later.

          The head of operation warpspeed (moncef sliaou or whatever) also had investments.

          That is also why indemnity was given to vaccine manufacturers already in february last year, when america had 11 cases.

          And yes, though many don’t like to hear it, trump was complicit in many ways.

  19. BS Detector says:

    It’s the Twilight Zone episode “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” brought to life. Incite a little panic, and the frightened masses do the rest.

    I’ve noticed an exceptional lack of illness among those who regarded this as a load of bollocks right from the git-go.

    • Noneoftheabove says:

      Glad someone has noticed. We have remained disease free at our house and our neighbors as well.

    • Jim S Smith says:


      Been there too.

      Yet, look at how many “home-spun”, indoctrinated hypochondriacs are running around (until they get that dreadful “diagnosis”)?

      Never once, do any of them ever think about all the other causes of illness that are always present. They simply believe what ever the “white labcoats” tell them, without question.

  20. george says:

    It does not matter. Western civilization is gone. parasites have won. they won by sabotaging countries from within. It is enough to watch TV 10min to know it is over.

    An organism that does not eliminate cancer cells, will die. USA stopped hanging traitors 60 years ago. they allowed parasites to infiltrate education, government, stock market, to control big pharma, food production, banks, money printing….

    Nowadays most americans and europeans are just tv zombies and debt slaves. They cannot be called homo sapiens anymore. Their brain is not developed enough for that. Even if all truth would be presented before them, they would not understand it.

    R.I.P. America

  21. Eli says:

    I never understood why Event 201 was filmed and published on the internet.
    Surely a simulation for a deliberate release of a physical virus would be top secret.
    Only when I discovered the virus is fictional I realized Event 201 purpose was psychological, to convince the virus is real…

    Thank you Jon!

  22. Haniel Adhar says:

    Everyone who died of “COVID” was treated for it.

    Not a single person who has died of “COVID” received no medical treatment.

    Let that sink in for a minute.

  23. Jim S Smith says:

    :: 359,352 “COVID” deaths

    At: about $52,000 paid reimbursement (courtesy of a provision in the 2020 CARES ACT)

    Translates to an estimated total payout (by the tax-payer):

    $18,686,304,000 in CARES ACT funds!

    My, does crime really do pay!

    • hayden says:

      yip and all these nazi doctors are on there funding do as your told indoctrinated big pharma raised doctor you little rat enjoy your cage.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        USA TODAY is about on the same level of deceit, and of the same (or similar) level of “not to be trusted for accuracy”.

        I’d be most wary about trusting ANY of the big news outlets, on TV or in print, as a reliable source of information.


        They can CAN their so-called “fact-checkers”, unless they can post REAL evidence from REAL science.

        (But I assume you already knew that.)

        Let’s just say, I distrust the so-called “sources of info” presented to the public.


        How else could these “healthcare providers” earn any money, when they preemptively cleared out their ER’s, and cleared out their clients’ scheduled appointments? – Seems to me, that COVID-19 was their MAIN source of profit at that time. – Pretty obvious observation would ya think?

        • Hyden says:

          i know that but they mention doctors and there payout from medcare.

        • Hyden says:

          . Why? Because if it’s a straightforward, garden-variety pneumonia that a person is admitted to the hospital for – if they’re Medicare – typically, the diagnosis-related group lump sum payment would be $5,000. But if it’s COVID-19 pneumonia, then it’s $13,000, and if that COVID-19 pneumonia patient ends up on a ventilator, it goes up to $39,000.”

          someone else was saying around 18 billion been made from this scam, some with 52000 dollar payouts.

  24. JJ says:

    A toxic cocktail of drugs are given during Intubation.


    Sedation and analgesia for intubation
    Laryngoscopy and intubation are uncomfortable; in conscious patients, a short-acting IV drug with sedative or combined sedative and analgesic properties is mandatory.

    Etomidate 0.3 mg/kg, a nonbarbiturate hypnotic, may be the preferred drug.

    Fentanyl 5 mcg/kg (2 to 5 mcg/kg in children; note: this dose is higher than the analgesic dose and needs to be reduced if used in combination with a sedative-hypnotic, eg, propofol or etomidate) also works well and causes no cardiovascular depression. Fentanyl is an opioid and thus has analgesic as well as sedative properties. However, at higher doses, chest wall rigidity may occur.

    Ketamine 1 to 2 mg/kg is a dissociative anesthetic with cardiostimulatory properties. It is generally safe but may cause hallucinations or bizarre behavior on awakening.

    Propofol, a sedative and amnesic, is commonly used in induction at doses of 1.5 to 3 mg/kg IV but can cause cardiovascular depression leading to hypotension.

    Thiopental 3 to 4 mg/kg and methohexital 1 to 2 mg/kg are effective but tend to cause hypotension and are used less often.

    Drugs to cause paralysis for intubation
    Skeletal muscle relaxation with an IV neuromuscular blocker markedly facilitates intubation.

    Succinylcholine (1.5 mg/kg IV, 2.0 mg/kg for infants), a depolarizing neuromuscular blocker, has the most rapid onset (30 seconds to 1 minute) and shortest duration (3 to 5 minutes). It should be avoided in patients with burns, muscle crush injuries > 1 to 2 days old, spinal cord injury, neuromuscular disease, renal failure, or possibly penetrating eye injury. About 1/15,000 children (and fewer adults) have a genetic susceptibility to malignant hyperthermia due to succinylcholine. Succinylcholine should always be given with atropine in children because pronounced bradycardia may occur.

    Alternative nondepolarizing neuromuscular blockers have longer duration of action (> 30 minutes) but also have slower onset unless used in high doses that prolong paralysis significantly. Drugs include atracurium 0.5 mg/kg, mivacurium 0.15 mg/kg, rocuronium 1.0 mg/kg, and vecuronium 0.1 to 0.2 mg/kg injected over 60 seconds.

  25. Caroline C says:

    Does Bill Gates fund The Guardian?
    At times, yes.
    One example is a grant listed under “how we work” on gates foundation web site.

    Guardian News & Media Ltd
    Date: August 2011
    Purpose: to support an online micro-site focused on providing compelling, evidence-based content, discussion and debate on the Millennium Development Goals and related health and development themes
    Amount: $5,686,494
    Term: 73
    Topic: Global Health and Development Public Awareness and Analysis
    Program: Communications
    Grantee Location: London
    Grantee Website:

    Copied from:

  26. hayden says:

    I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

    why bother its all part of the lords plan, who is always a bloody him/he…he did this he did that, so people like bill gates are meant to be according to this above bullshit saying. all control and fear …fear the lord fear the lord…again not very loving god is it.

  27. hayden says:

    [Verse 1: 2Pac]
    Who you callin’ rapist? Ain’t that a bitch
    You devils are so two faced
    Wanna see me locked in chains, dropped in shame
    And gettin’ stalked by these crooked cops again
    Fuckin’ with the young Black male, tryin’ to stack bail
    And um, stay away from the packed jails
    I told the judge I’m in danger
    And that’s why I had that .45 with one in the chamber
    Fuck the world!

    [Chorus: Shock G & 2Pac]
    They tryna say that I don’t care
    I woke up screamin’ “Fuck the world!”
    They tryna say that I don’t care
    Just woke up and screamed “Fuck the world!”
    They tryna say that I don’t care
    Uhh, I woke up and screamed “Fuck the world!”
    They’re tryna say that I don’t care
    Just got up and screamed “Fuck the world!”

    [Verse 2: 2Pac]
    When I was comin’ up rough that wasn’t even what you called it
    That’s why I smoke blunts now and run with alcoholics
    I’m gettin’ flex to me, comin’ from my enemies
    And in their dreams it’s hell where they sendin’ me
    Have I lost control or just another soul?
    A car full of motherfuckers when we roll
    Sippin’ on ‘gnac as I sit back, life as a big mack
    Brothers come up and say “you did that?”
    Never take your eyes off the prize and even if you gettin’ high
    Don’t ever hesitate to try
    ‘Cause you can fall off or stay ballin’, niggas, we all in
    And them my motherfuckers callin’
    Fuck the world!

    They tryna say that I don’t care
    Woke up screamed “Fuck the world!”
    They tryna say that I don’t care
    Just woke up and screamed “Fuck the world!”
    They tryna say that I don’t care
    I got up and screamed “Fuck the world!”
    They’re tryna say that I don’t care
    I woke up and screamed “Fuck the world!”
    They’re tryna say that I don’t care

    [Verse 3: 2Pac]
    (Man, Fuck the world)
    Damn, they wanna label me a menace
    Cause I’m sittin’ here sippin’ on Guinness
    Weighin’ 165 and these tricks should die
    For being jealous of a brother when he rise
    I can see it in your eyes, you wanna see a young playa fallin’
    They hate to see a nigga ballin’
    Some of you suckers is rotten, plottin’ on what I got
    And then you wonder why I shot him (Booyeah)
    Stop givin’ game for free, you wanna hang with me
    Like being a thug is the thang to be
    But I got love for my homies, the G’s and macks
    And if you’re black, you better stay strapped
    Nigga, Fuck the world!

    2 pac found out the hard way framed for rape cause he was talking about real issues after that he went ape and thought fuck these pricks.

  28. hayden says:

    Albert Einstien…”I’m enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world.”
    –Quoted in interview by G.S. Viereck, October 26, 1929. Reprinted in Glimpses of the Great (1930).

    so what we have here is total manipulation of Knowledge to always suit some agenda, knowledge is narrow minded one direction manipulated, wisdom sees all.

    The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. Albert Einstein

    Pink Floyd …Hay teacher leave those kids alone, all in all ya just another brick in the wall.

  29. No More Lies says:


  30. Bubba says:

    It’s a bulldozer leveling all things.
    The intellectually lazy – worshipping the pronouncements of “science” (in which most individuals have economic stakes!), and the orders of the “caring, loving” governments – though having nothing to gain, are the aid and enablers!

    Later, they will cheerfully gobble the cognitive-enhancement drugs!

    World News
    3 May 2030 09.30 ET
    Drumhum Inc leads the pack in the use of cognitive-enhancing drugs in the workplace as
    companies begin to realise their benefits.

    Gates proclaims “We also need new capabilities, including a global alert system and infectious disease first responders, or what I like to call a pandemic fire squad.”

  31. Marlene says:

    This article affirms what Jon is saying. It may be that friends and loved ones may be able to digest it better has charts and sites & quotes specific specialists.

  32. Bubba says:

    Pretty soon, the AI Singularity will restrict the internet access and use based on line-toeing.
    Sites like this will be obliterated.
    No more opinions that contravene the central diktat.
    Have at it while you can!

    Among other things, the intellectually lazy accept genetics and virology as facts.
    If DNA and RNA had been autonomous, the deleterious viruses should have been ubiquitous in nature and life would have come to a still.
    Why only few of them go ROGUE?!
    They have “codes”, and they can do anything they want!
    They are insiders, so they know how to trigger havoc in the rest of the nature.
    Ask the “scientists” to show all those mechanisms and processes!
    Especially when the ROGUES are not plugged in – just like a laptop without any source of energy: no battery, no EM waves, etc.

  33. Bubba says:

    All talk will do no good, unless willing to put own life on the line for what one believes!
    If the below does happen, what will you do?
    It is the answer to this question that will tell yourself what you really believe.

    Make no mistake, he is talking FORCE against the non-conforming ones!
    Because this other one is also real!

  34. Hyden says:

    Zack describes the issues of propaganda and mind control by the media as “in-house” (domestic) hinting that America is destroying itself through these “drive-bys” where “bullets” are being shot through the heads of citizens (brainwashing them)

  35. Arnoud says:

    “The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.“ [Douglass Frederick]

  36. lucille says:

    It is interesting that out of 125 comments so far Frank GL has left 36 comments, so much self importance is demonic. Not be unkind but seriously I have proved my own point. Thank you Jon for allowing free speech, even the offensive speech of Frank GL whom will have to give an account to God for blaspheming and mocking His name in due time. In today’s world where people are not allowed to speak at all lest they say anything (especially about the Bible) that offends the self righteous and self important. For their self importance and self righteousness is in their own eyes, lawless are they, wrathful, haters who of who in the Bible are called murderers -those that hate other people, without natural affection for fellow human kind who was created in the image of God.

    • Frank G L says:

      Lucille, how many of my posts were relevant or related, in terms of replies?

      And, excuse me, the bible isn’t God.

      Religion is riddled with hypocritical, malicious crap. It is intimately tied with “freemasonry”. If you even look at religious institutions, they are invariably corrupt and fraudulent. Because it is POLITICS.

      Have you looked at how King James (of KJV fame), happened to establish corporate slavery?

      In Abrahamism, the 3 aspects (islam, christianity, judaism) are continually used for perpetual war.

      And, have you considered that other people might find the preaching offensive?

      You also make an enormous amount of allegations and projections about my character.

      So let me tell you this, I think you are fraudulent even to your own principles.

    • Frank G L says:

      “Not be unkind but seriously I have proved my own point.”

      ” For their self importance and self righteousness is in their own eyes,”

      There’s an enormous amount of irony in what you post, btw. But you perhaps do not notice that.

      Then, you attribute a bunch of completely unfounded crap and project it as if that’s me?

      What did Jesus say about false accusers?

    • Frank G L says:

      So honey, tell you something about my “nature”. I referenced Qafsiel earlier, for a reason. The speed and anger.

    • Frank G L says:

      I notice also you have no particular issue with other posters who’ve complained, bitch and been offensive (far more overtly) about religion and such.

      Is it perhaps they did not reply, with a clearly stated interpretation (which I’d like to see you argue, btw, since what I described is practically what the bible says), to one of your replies?

      And then, because it it was a reply to one of your comments, your self-importance and self-righteousness considered that a problem?

      There is no difference between your suggestion and that of current govt tyranny.

      “Do not question. Do not think. Do not speak. You are evil. You will be punished”

      I’m sick and tired of people with such a lack of soul that they have to continually leech from their indoctrinated positions, projecting their subjugating garbage.

    • Frank G L says:

      Here, a nice quote from a song named Lucifer, which I highly recommend you avoid as there’s no way you would appreciate it.

      “I happen to believe in life after death
      But I don’t think it’s got a thing to do with reward and punishment
      Religion is always under control of business
      Uh…and that’s something people don’t really understand
      It’s, it’s in the guilt-producing control business

      And if you have Heaven as a place where you’re rewarded for your goodness
      And Hell is a place where you’re punished for your evil
      Then you sort of have control over the population
      And so they create this fiery place which has quite literally scared the hell out of a lot of people throughout Christian history
      And it’s part of a control tactic
      But wait a minute, you’re saying that Hell
      The idea of a place under the earth or somewhere where you’re tormented for an eternity is a human invention among the church
      I think the church fired its furnaces hotter than anybody else
      The church doesn’t like for people to grow up, because you can’t control grown-ups”

    • Frank G L says:

      Here, so that you can get an idea of my background and character.

      I was born with a number of physical issues, in south africa, asthma, heart and bone problems being some of them.

      I was of course, due to indoctrinated culture, subjected to protestant church. I found it mostly worthless, hypocritical.

      In fact, when I was about 11, a friend slept over at my house, so we slept a bit late and I was tired on the sunday morning.

      The problem is, my friend’s father was one of the ministers (noticing the parallels with politics here?) of the church.

      So what happened is we skipped sunday school, but still went to church. That was apparently entirely unacceptable and unforgivable, according to my friend’s father. Who insulted me, and attacked me (not physically) in the sunday school and proudly proclaimed his son would never associate with me again. Their loss.

      Later, when I waas 14, we moved to another city. There, I went to church once, I had to fill in like 2 page form asking completely irrelevant questions. The people there, I noticed, were also very hypocritical and uppity, ignorant. I did not return to that church, ever.

      A few months later, one of the girls at school told me I should go to church. Apparently she was kinda loose.

      That’s the sort of culture I found there.

      Anyway, let’s skip ahead a few decades, after my dad was shot in the head, blinded, etc.

      So in 2019 and early 2020, I was walking around in the streets of Johannesburg, with no weaponry or anything. Not even a smartphone, pretty much every day, every night. Do yo know what I did? I was giving food to homeless people.

      In fact, one night, I was walking home and a guy drove past me and offered me food (as I’m not in a good state).

      Btw, I’m 39 years old now, still a virgin and this photo really IS me (it’s a photo I edited after I was assaulted, to hide the blood and make it look cooler, also, for jokes):

  37. Viktoria says:

    Covid 19 is black majick chaos sorcery operating under a virus hoax. A reckless endangerment to public health and safety. A continuous genocide in progress by a death CULT.

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