David Rasnick: new strain of the coronavirus, or a giant con? How deep do the lies go?

by Jon Rappoport

January 25, 2021

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David Rasnick [1], PhD chemist, with a long history working in the pharmaceutical industry (Abbott, Prototek, Arris), broke away from official science and served as the president of Rethinking AIDS: the group for the scientific reappraisal of the HIV hypothesis. He was a member of the Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel of South Africa.

Here is a recent explosive statement Rasnick made [2] about SARS-CoV-2 and HIV. Digesting it brings about a breakthrough revelation:

“Viruses are unstable, RNA [e.g, SARS-Cov-2] viruses especially. They are so unstable, there is no such thing as an un-mutated RNA virus. They are like snow flakes, no two are identical.”

“HIV is an RNA virus with 9,800 nucleotides. You can download the HIV Sequence Compendium here:” [3]

“In the Preface it says:”

“’The number of [genetic] sequences in the HIV database is still increasing. In total, at the end of 2017, there were 812,586 sequences in the HIV Sequence Database, an increase of 8.5% since the previous year.”

“None of the sequences of the world destroying [sarcasm], computer generated coronavirus with its 30,000 or so nucleotides, are identical.”

“The virus maniacs use computers to compare the menagerie of sequences to come up with ‘A Consensus Sequence’ for HIV, Coronavirus, and all the rest. The consensus sequence exists in two places: in computers and in strings of RNA synthesized in the lab.”

“Even consensus sequences are not stable. Different groups, using a variety of computer algorithms will invariably come up with different ‘consensus sequences’.”

The implications of Rasnick’s statement are enormous.

First of all, forget about the idea that SARS-Cov-2 has one genetic sequence.

And these multiple sequences aren’t assembled by looking through a magic microscope. They’re put together by computer programs which have pre-set algorithms.

In other words, the sequences are built by ASSUMPTIONS (not evidence) embedded in the algorithms.

ANY vaccine developed for SARS-Cov-2 (even if you believe in the theory of how vaccines are supposed to work) would face the task of producing immunity to an ever-mutating virus—not just one mutated strain, but endless numbers of mutations.

You would have an analog to seasonal flu, in which researchers make a guess about what the new version of the virus will look like every year and develop a new vaccine for that guess.

How well is this working out? Public health agencies report that, each and every year, there are a BILLION cases of seasonal flu, worldwide.

Going still deeper, if the genetic sequences of the ever-mutating viruses are not discovered, but concocted via computer programs, how likely is it that a vaccine utilizing that “data” would work?

And at the bottom of the whole pile of guesswork, is, of course, the realization that, if these genetic sequences are concocted—where is the ACTUAL isolated virus? WHERE IS THE PROOF THAT IT EXISTS?

Where is it, when, as I’ve been reporting for months now, researchers twist and torture the meaning of “isolated,” so that it indicates “the virus is somewhere in a soup in a dish in a lab”—definitely UN-isolated.

Such is the “science” of modern virology.

But don’t worry, be happy, the test “for the coronavirus” must be accurate, the case and death numbers must be accurate, and the consequent lockdowns which are destroying national economies and hundreds of millions of lives are necessary…right?

Sure. Why not? Let’s say it’s all, all right. Everybody can go back to sleep and let tyrants demolish Earth civilization.

OR, you can REBEL against the Police State built on a house-of-cards hoax called “science.”

As opposed to “the virus,” liberty and freedom are quite real. People can feel them in their bones, in their minds and souls. Even and especially if they are slaves, they can feel them.

Speaking of whether a virus actually exists, here is an article I’ve reposted several times:


Before we get to Christine Johnson’s interview, a bit of background.

My first book, AIDS INC., was published in 1988. The research I engaged in then formed a foundation for my recent work in exposing the vast fraud called COVID-19.

In 1987-88, my main question eventually became: does HIV cause AIDS? For months, I had blithely assumed the obvious answer was yes. This created havoc in my investigation, because I was facing contradictions I couldn’t solve.

For example, in parts of Africa, people who were chronically ill and dying obviously needed no push from a new virus. All their “AIDS” conditions and symptoms could be explained by their environment: contaminated water supplies; sewage pumped directly into the drinking water; protein-calorie malnutrition; hunger, starvation; medical treatment with immunosuppressive vaccines and drugs; toxic pesticides; fertile farm land stolen by corporations and governments; wars; extreme poverty. The virus cover story actually obscured all these ongoing crimes.

Finally, in the summer of 1987, I found several researchers who were rejecting the notion that HIV caused AIDS. Their reports were persuasive.

I’m shortcutting a great deal of my 1987-8 investigation here, but once HIV was out of the picture for me, many pieces fell into place. I discovered that, in EVERY group supposedly at “high-risk” for AIDS, their conditions and symptoms could be entirely explained by factors that had nothing to do with a new virus.

AIDS was not one condition. It was an umbrella label, used to re-package a number of immunosuppressive conditions and create the illusion of a new and unique and single “pandemic.”

Several years after the publication of AIDS INC., I became aware of a quite different emerging debate going on under the surface of research: DOES HIV EXIST?

Was the purported virus ever truly discovered?

And THAT question led to: what is the correct procedure for discovering a new virus?

The following 1997 interview, conducted by brilliant freelance journalist, Christine Johnson, delves into these questions:

How should researchers prove that a particular virus exists? How should they isolate it? What are the correct steps?

These questions, and their answers, reside at the heart of most disease research—and yet, overwhelmingly, doctors never explore them or even consider them.

Johnson interviews Dr. Eleni Papadopulos, “a biophysicist and leader of a group of HIV/AIDS scientists from Perth in Western Australia. Over the past decade and more she and her colleagues have published many scientific papers questioning the HIV/AIDS hypothesis…”

Here I’m publishing and highlighting excerpts from the interview [4] [5]. Technical issues are discussed. Grasping them is not the easiest exercise you’ve ever done, but I believe the serious reader can comprehend the vital essentials.

CJ: Does HIV cause AIDS?

EP: There is no proof that HIV causes AIDS.

CJ: Why not?

EP: For many reasons, but most importantly, because there is no proof that HIV exists.

… CJ: Didn’t Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo [purportedly the co-discoverers of HIV] isolate HIV back in the early eighties?

EP: No. In the papers published in Science by those two research groups, there is no proof of the isolation of a retrovirus from AIDS patients. [HIV is said to be a retrovirus.]

CJ: They say they did isolate a virus.

EP: Our interpretation of the data differs. To prove the existence of a virus you need to do three things. First, culture cells and find a particle you think might be a virus. Obviously, at the very least, that particle should look like a virus. Second, you have to devise a method to get that particle on its own so you can take it to pieces and analyze precisely what makes it up. Then you need to prove the particle can make faithful copies of itself. In other words, that it can replicate.

CJ: Can’t you just look down a microscope and say there’s a virus in the cultures?

EP: No, you can’t. Not all particles that look like viruses are viruses.

… CJ: My understanding is that high-speed centrifugation is used to produce samples consisting exclusively of objects having the same density, a so-called “density-purified sample.” Electron microscopy is used to see if these density-purified samples consist of objects which all have the same appearance — in which case the sample is an isolate — and if this appearance matches that of a retrovirus, in terms of size, shape, and so forth. If all this is true, then you are three steps into the procedure for obtaining a retroviral isolate. (1) You have an isolate, and the isolate consists of objects with the same (2) density and (3) appearance of a retrovirus. Then you have to examine this isolate further, to see if the objects in it contain reverse transcriptase [an enzyme] and will replicate when placed in new cultures. Only then can you rightfully declare that you have obtained a retroviral isolate.

EP: Exactly. It was discovered that retroviral particles have a physical property which enables them to be separated from other material in cell cultures. That property is their buoyancy, or density, and this was utilized to purify the particles by a process called density gradient centrifugation.

The technology is complicated, but the concept is extremely simple. You prepare a test tube containing a solution of sucrose, ordinary table sugar, made so the solution is light at the top but gradually becomes heavier, or more dense, towards the bottom. Meanwhile, you grow whatever cells you think may contain your retrovirus. If you’re right, retroviral particles will be released from the cells and pass into the culture fluids. When you think everything is ready, you decant a specimen of culture fluids and gently place a drop on top of the sugar solution. Then you spin the test tube at extremely high speeds. This generates tremendous forces, and particles present in that drop of fluid are forced through the sugar solution until they reach a point where their buoyancy prevents them from penetrating any further. In other words, they drift down the density gradient until they reach a spot where their own density is the same as that region of the sugar solution. When they get there they stop, all together. To use virological jargon, that’s where they band. Retroviruses band at a characteristic point. In sucrose solutions they band at a point where the density is 1.16 gm/ml.

That band can then be selectively extracted and photographed with an electron microscope. The picture is called an electron micrograph, or EM. The electron microscope enables particles the size of retroviruses to be seen, and to be characterized by their appearance.

CJ: So, examination with the electron microscope tells you what fish you’ve caught?

EP: Not only that. It’s the only way to know if you’ve caught a fish. Or anything at all.

CJ: Did Montagnier and Gallo do this?

EP: This is one of the many problems. Montagnier and Gallo did use density gradient banding, but for some unknown reason they did not publish any Ems [photos] of the material at 1.16 gm/ml…this is quite puzzling because in 1973 the Pasteur Institute hosted a meeting attended by scientists, some of whom are now amongst the leading HIV experts. At that meeting the method of retroviral isolation was thoroughly discussed, and photographing the 1.16 band of the density gradient was considered absolutely essential.

CJ: But Montagnier and Gallo did publish photographs of virus particles.

EP: No. Montagnier and Gallo published electron micrographs of culture fluids that had not been centrifuged, or even separated from the culture cells, for that matter. These EMs contained, in addition to many other things, including the culture cells and other things that clearly are not retroviruses, a few particles which Montagnier and Gallo claimed are retroviruses, and which all belonged to the same retroviral species, now called HIV. But photographs of unpurified particles don’t prove that those particles are viruses. The existence of HIV was not established by Montagnier and Gallo — or anyone since — using the method presented at the 1973 meeting.

CJ: And what was that method?

EP: All the steps I have just told you. The only scientific method that exists. Culture cells, find a particle, isolate the particle, take it to pieces, find out what’s inside, and then prove those particles are able to make more of the same with the same constituents when they’re added to a culture of uninfected cells.

CJ: So before AIDS came along there was a well-tried method for proving the existence of a retrovirus, but Montagnier and Gallo did not follow this method?

EP: They used some of the techniques, but they did not undertake every step including proving what particles, if any, are in the 1.16 gm/ml band of the density gradient, the density that defines retroviral particles.

CJ: But what about their pictures?

EP: Montagnier’s and Gallo’s electron micrographs…are of entire cell cultures, or of unpurified fluids from cultures…”

—end of interview excerpt—

If you grasp the essentials of this discussion, you’ll see there is every reason to doubt the existence of HIV, because the methods for proving its existence were not followed.

And so…as I’ve reported these past few months, there is every reason to doubt and reject the existence of the COVID virus, since correct large-scale electron microscope studies have never been done.

I kept the Christine Johnson interview, and other similar information, in mind when, for example, I explored the dud epidemics called SARS and 2009 Swine Flu.

How many viruses have been named as causes of disease, when in fact those viruses have never been isolated or proved to exist?

Of course, conventional-consensus researchers and doctors will scoff at any attempt to raise these issues. For them, “the science is settled.” Meaning: they don’t want to think. They don’t want to stir the waters.

A few years ago, chemist David Rasnick sent a request to the CDC, asking for evidence demonstrating that the Ebola virus had ever been isolated from a human. The answers he received did not begin to approach a level of certainty.

After 30 years working as a reporter in the area of deep medical-research fraud, I’ve seen that false science occurs in levels.

The deeper you go, the stranger it gets. To put it another way: the deeper you go, the worse it gets.


[1] https://www.davidrasnick.com/

[2] personal communication

[3] https://permalink.lanl.gov/object/tr?what=info:lanl-repo/lareport/LA-UR-18-25673

[4] http://virusmyth.com/aids/hiv/cjinterviewep.htm

[5] https://www.immunity.org.uk/articles/christine-johnson/

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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66 comments on “David Rasnick: new strain of the coronavirus, or a giant con? How deep do the lies go?

  1. Tom says:

    Great info. I keep hearing there are 7 known coronaviruses (not sure if that includes the current Covid 19) and am wondering if they have ever isolated any of them. If not, then that might explain why there has never been a successful vaccine created for any coronavirus. This leads me to believe that the current virus, and I question whether it is even a virus or some other entity, has not been isolated. Are we to assume that most of the previous flu type vaccines are basically algorithm guesswork? That would explain their 30-50% effectiveness, if even that claim is plausible.

    I am currently reading “Dissolving Illusions” by Suzanne Humphries and it is amazing. I am beginning to question the entire vaccine rigamarole and the possibility that it is a complete farce. There are virtually NO independent studies of any significance that prove ANY vaccine works as far as I can tell. I firmly believe the current pandemic is fake because it parallels many previous attempts to create a pandemic using some scary virus.

    • JA says:

      Another important read is The Poisoned Needle and the last I checked it is in pdf form free on your computer. My mom had that book back in the 50’s and needless to say, she didn’t vaccinate her kids!

    • Baron says:

      Exactly the same conclusion I have come to. They have never proven any virus exists. Quite amazing when you think of it, but not surprising if you are a “follow the money” kind of person like myself. I began to question Germ Theory after reading some research from Dr Stephen Lanka and Dr Thomas Cowan. Terrain Theory makes way more sense in my opinion, but I understand they wouldn’t be able to profit anywhere close from it compared to the Germ Theory that is taught in medical schools everywhere. The Rockefeller’s (John) saw this a long time ago and that is the reason they went from oil to medicine (they are literally snake-oil salesman if you dive into how it all started). They used a lot of influence to change how doctors are trained and certified into Germ Theory education. This is the main reason why there are very few naturopaths left out there anymore. This is also the main reason why the majority of doctors have no clue what is really going on here as they don’t question or do their own research, but just follow along with what the latest update is. Funny thing is that John Rockefeller had a naturopath as his doctor…lol.

      • Lee says:

        Baron, I’m another proponent of the ‘terrain’ approach. I also think the ‘germ’ approach or allopathic medicine = medical WAREFARE on us, the people. The rockafellers actually want us sick for profit. Yes, follow the money.

      • Steve says:

        Baron, You hit on something when you said “they don’t question” which is probably the vast majority of people undertaking any higher level education. I would venture to guess most simply read and assume all is fact and law and rarely, if ever, question anything. Questioning authority is exactly where learning begins. If we simply go to grad school and never question anything then we are ripe for indoctrination, no matter the field of study.

        • oranje says:

          Another good book is ‘What really makes you
          ill’ by Dawn Lester and David Parker in
          which they question contagion and the
          simplistic germ/virus theory of disease.

          Slightly off topic but who questions Darwinian evolution these days. It was once
          considered one of many unlikely theories
          for the origin of species. It was pushed very strongly by Thomas Huxley in 19th century and eventually taken up by the
          establishment and taught as fact.
          The high priest of Darwin’s theories today
          is of course David Attenborough.
          You might think that he would question it himself considering the amazing diversity and complex interconnection of species of animals,plants and fungi that he has shown
          us over many years.

      • Love2ClearClouds says:

        I’ve been saying that for years…the snake oil salesmen are the current pharma snake oil salesman.

        Look up on etymology.com the word “pharmacy”. It means poison, hexcraft and other negative things.

    • stu says:

      That’s a good question. Has any virus ever been truly isolated according to the protocols described by Dr. Eleni Papadopulos above? One would think so otherwise why the protocols?

      When my spouse had a difficult bout with the flu a few years back she was tested (via the hospital Emergency Room labs) to determine the strain (which they named “A” or “B” at that time, one supposedly more serious than the other).

      Did those tests have any more validity than the PCR now?

    • Metaphysical Jerk says:

      According to this article, no coronavirus has ever been isolated (i.e. no coronavirus exists)


      English translation: http://philosophers-stone.info/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/The-scam-has-been-confirmed-Dsalud-November-2020.pdf

      From that article published in Spanish ‘Discovery Salud’ magazine, this other report was written:


      I don’t know if there is any pathogenic virus. To know that by your means, you really have to study every virus one by one.

      But it seems that all these viruses linked to respiratory tract pathologies like influenza, common cold, bronchitis, pneumonia are all illusory, only real in the hallucinatory minds of mad virologists, who create microorganisms ‘à la carte’. A virus is just a fanciful set of letters, archived in some obscure database.

      * See also my post below with Stefan Lanka stuff.

    • D for Diligence says:

      You wrote: “I keep hearing there are 7 known coronaviruses (not sure if that includes the current Covid 19) and am wondering if they have ever isolated any of them.”

      There are claimed to be 7 human ones, and that does include SARS-CoV-2, but there are claimed to be many more than this in total. Wikipedia makes differing claims about the number:

      “As of 2020, there are 39 species of coronaviruses under the family Coronaviridae.[68] There are 7 human coronaviruses while 32 species are those of pigs, dogs, cats, rodents, cows, horses, camels, Beluga whales, birds and bats.[4]”


      “The common name coronavirus is used to refer to any member of the subfamily Orthocoronavirinae.[5] As of 2020, 45 species are officially recognised.[15]”


      “As of 2020, 45 species are registered as coronaviruses,[3] whilst 11 diseases have been identified, as listed below.”


      The late David Crowe claimed that no one had proved the existence of any species of coronavirus:

      “What I learned from studying SARS, the previous big coronavirus scare, after the 2003 epidemic, was that nobody had proved a coronavirus existed, let alone was pathogenic. There was evidence against transmission, and afterwards,negative assessments ofthe extreme treatments that patients were subjected to, the nucleoside analog antiviral drug Ribavirin, high dose corticosteroids, invasive respiratory assistance, and sometimes oseltamivir (Tamiflu).”

      (See Page 4)

    • JENNYM says:

      I participated in 2 separate ‘cold and flu’ studies run by a Children’s hospital. This was back in the 1990’s. Anyway, the whole thing was a joke, they ‘dosed’ us with the virus and basically nobody got sick! They had tested us beforehand to see if we had antibodies to the virus they were studying, so we didn’t have antibodies and we got in. The study was a taxpayer sucking money pit. They didn’t come up with a single ‘pill’ or vaccine to stop any viruses.

      Seeing as the medical mafia is still using the flawed Pasteur Germ theory as their “law” instead of a theory, they’ll never find anything but error.

  2. Love2ClearClouds says:

    More good, honest information. Thank you, Jon, for your efforts to free people from the mindcontrol matrix.????????

  3. This is such useful information. I wish it were required reading for every medical student, certainly every doctor.

  4. stu says:

    “None of the sequences of the world destroying [sarcasm], computer generated coronavirus with its 30,000 or so nucleotides, are identical.”

    “The virus maniacs use computers to compare the menagerie of sequences to come up with ‘A Consensus Sequence’ for HIV, Coronavirus, and all the rest. The consensus sequence exists in two places: in computers and in strings of RNA synthesized in the lab.”

    “Even consensus sequences are not stable. Different groups, using a variety of computer algorithms will invariably come up with different ‘consensus sequences’.”

    This implies, to my mind, (at least) two suppositions:

    1- Not only is the RT-PCR test inaccurate, no test could ever exist to detect an ever-mutating corona virus since it constitutes an ever mutating changeable entity. Might this be one reason why its inventor, Kary Mullis, advised against its use as a diagnostic tool?

    2- The computer projections of the by-now-notorious Neil Ferguson of Imperial College were, in the final analysis, no better or worse than any others in projecting the scope of a pandemic since all of them constitute “best guesses” or “best algorithms”.

    NOTE: As regards #1 above, Gary Null, who interviewed the late Kary Mullis (about a decade ago I believe) is about to offer the complete interview he conducted. As of now only a few minutes are available on the web.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      * 1- Not only is the RT-PCR test inaccurate, no test could ever exist to detect an ever-mutating corona virus since it constitutes an ever mutating changeable entity. Might this be one reason why its inventor, Kary Mullis, advised against its use as a diagnostic tool?

      I would say that is a very succinct summation! Kind of like trying to shoot at a randomly-moving target, from a stationary position with only a peephole for a sight.

    • Mike B says:

      Where will you post said interview? Maybe John can post it. Thanks!

      • stu says:

        Gary Null says he will make it public soon. When he does I will post a link here.

        His material can be found at:

        https://thegarynullshow.podbean.com/ (other places also)

        I recommend his work, he interviewed David Martin recently whose info is also, IMHO, vital to understanding this huge cluster-bleep we are enmeshed in.

    • Caroyn Gutman Dey says:

      REALLY???? Can you please let me know how to get this full interview??? Where to subscribe to see it? THANKS

    • Devon Seamoor says:

      Yes, I believe you’re accurate here, and I’ve watched those few minutes with Kary Mullis, the founder of the PCR-test. I’ve wondered if that interview was censored and cut short, leaving only a few minutes. Also, Kary Mullis died in 2019, which leaves me with the question “Was he too much of a danger to the narrative sold to us all over the world, leaving us gagged?”

      The most significant detail that I remember from studying scientific reports from honest scientists, is that they all explain that a virus can only “do its thing” when present in a living body, in conditions that include a human metabolism.

      And that all studies in laboratories result in an outcome that is already pre-cooked as it were. Based on certain formulae used as standard for evidence.(I’m not that familiar with medical and scientific terminology).

      I hope I’ve made clear what I try to point out here.

    • Epicurious says:

      Tis interesting and somewhat suspicious that Kary Mullis reportedly died a year or so ago of respiratory failure. My suspicious mind asks “was he taken out as he could have killed this whole thing when it appeared or not appeared in the case of isolation.” He once challenged Fauci to a debate on viruses and said he would destroy him in minutes. Makes you wonder.

      God bless Kary Mullis.

      • S. Henderson says:

        I wonder if in addition to Kary Mullis dying, did all of the hundred or so microbiologists who died under mysterious circumstances know too much and were thus likewise sacrificed to enable the billion dollar profits from the vaccines and tests along with complete control over the populations all over the world?

    • Rubicon says:

      That’s what I’ve concluded from reading this article.
      In 10 or 15 years, perhaps the scientific/medical field might be able to better “capture” these enigmatic viruses, but not yet.

      It’s very telling that all the computer modeling can not sequester this or other viruses BECAUSE the humans behind all this simply don’t care with All financial interests of Big Pharma, Big Insurance, or Big Government.
      However, in comparison, we wonder if the superb Russian scientists/medical specialists might have invested more time into “better” identifying this particular coronavirus; if there is such a thing.

      We never hear about deaths/severe reactions with their Sputnik Vaccine. Hmmmm.

  5. Noneoftheabove says:

    Thank you, Jon!
    The pseudoscience of the covid lie gets ever more complicated, the better to confound us. But there’s one consistent “tell” that proves the lie: there’s no show-me-the-virus proof or paper anywhere. Thank you for explaining that again. So when I see an article bolstered by scary death-by-covid numbers I think, Just B.S. here, move along. Again, thank you.

  6. Saul Real says:

    I’m thinking it is a fungus, because the more bullshit you can pile onto it, the more thriving and lively it becomes!
    The MSM induced stupor will accept any virus-input, virus-input, virus-input, virus-input…

  7. Low Voltage says:

    “They are like snowflakes, no two are identical.”

    That’s called a clue!

  8. “How deep do the lies go?” Deeper than you ever will think.

  9. Michael says:

    This is from Dr Robert Willner who thought Fauci was a criminal and a fraud.
    He also said HIV could not give you aids.
    A very good hour long speech.

  10. Sailors_Delight says:

    https://youtu.be/0L2gVddeYlQ on topic

    The Past repeated, using Polio, Meningitis, HIV, AIDS
    as they are using C-19 * whose the star then, Fauchi
    as he’s being brought back center circus tent by Biden

    Those who know, remember, are they active in educating those around them? All is repeating tactics verbal, visual, fear as weapons, psych-out the masses, Chinese Whispers backed up by threats. He said, she said and THEY say.

    links provided related http://www.virusmyth.com/aids/newsletters/1994-01.pdf

    President Mbeki might have a case on rethinking AIDS
    BMJ 2002; 324 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.324.7331.237 (Published 26 January 2002)
    Cite this as: BMJ 2002;324:237
    link: https://www.bmj.com/rapid-response/2011/10/28/hiv-does-not-cause-aids

    Good-Bye Germ Theory
    Ending a Century of Medical Fraud
    By: Dr. William P. Trebing
    Narrated by: Charles Geddes
    Length: 7 hrs and 31 mins
    it can be found online, this links to Amaz ( not our friend)
    so not linking it, stop feeding the beast

  11. D. Johnson says:

    I searched flu info. Roughly 198 million doses went out worldwide in 2020 with 45% effectiveness. This should mean 87 million flu cases. Can’t find them on internet. A flu by any other name?

  12. Tom M Culhane says:

    People must review the 2017 Supreme Court case in Germany where virologist Stefan Lanka prevailed, proving the alleged measles virus does not exist. Lanka was one of the early whistleblowers of the HIV hoax as well. He also claimed HIV doesn’t exist. See his replies to Peter Duesberg at rethinkingaids dot com (or is it virusmyth dot com?) Kind of technical but well worth reviewing.

  13. Need a ladder says:

    Hunting viruses is like hunting snowflakes. Best to just see the signs of them coming then plow the areas that need plowing then wait for spring.

  14. Jim S Smith says:

    Not to also mention, how many of these past “pandemics/epidemics” had more of a “human factor” behind them, rather than a zoological/microbiological factor.

    Not only do the crimes go far and wide, but also for very long times. Many of the examples given in so many of these articles – are just as applicable to the methods used by Edward Jenner in his times. He used just about every excuse invent-able to continue poisoning people with his noxious “cowpox vaccines”, and actually get PAID tens-of-thousands of Pounds by government for doing it!

  15. Nancy says:

    Thanks, Jon. Now that they’ve got the ‘more strains, horrors!’ to continue the panic, we need to get out the info that NIH approved docs prescribing Ivermectin… yay! AND WHO dropped the cycle threshhold requirement from 40/45 to 35 approx… why? So ‘cases’ (i.e. false ‘positive tests, renamed ‘cases’) will start falling.

    Why would these things happen NOW? Due, of course! to ‘vaccines’! There are lawsuits being brought in US, Germany, Portugal, elsewhere?, and evidence will be presented… in public! I know I’ll see it here 🙂

    (BTW, IMO Jesus was right… we choose God – however you define what/whoever is ‘greater/higher’ than the human mind – OR the ONLY alternative – Satan, aka Mammon/Wealth.)

  16. messianicdruid says:

    “The virus cover story actually obscured all these ongoing crimes.”

    This is the purpose of COVert ID plandemic. The economic crimes of the last 100+ years must be blamed on someone. Their problem > it won’t stick to DJT and the deplorables.

  17. Mark says:


    Thank you for freeing my mind. Once you come to realize that the “virus” does not exists, all the lies, gaslighting, changing goal posts, etc., it all makes sense.
    This a global Pysop for nefarious means.

  18. Nancy says:

    Also, every time I ‘hear/read’ a ‘conservative’ cry ‘freedom’, ‘liberty’ et al, without saying ‘freedom’ to do/for WHAT? it sounds ridiculously like a 2-year old. If they/we always add ‘RESPONSIBILITY’ it might make more sense and add a lot more appeal.

    For example, we need to take responsibility for our own health!! We are free to use Vit D, Vit C, zinc, quercitin, melatonin et… right now! And as of now, we can ask our doc for Ivermenctin if we THINK we may becoming down with the ‘plague’. Or buy the veterinary version (‘horse paste’ on Amazon)… dosage per weight, etc. on google.

  19. Paul says:

    Dr. Fauci is the highest paid federal employee.

    Have a nice day.

  20. lamberth says:

    Great article Jon, thank you.
    Your tenacity in exposing this con is admirable.

  21. Jan Spreen says:

    If only people had some confidence in their own cognitive capacities, this whole everlasting pile of virus BS would melt like the proverbial snowball in hell. They would study the German New Medicine of Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer for a couple of weeks. And after having done so, they would clearly understand that there are no contagious diseases. Disease comes from within and it is triggered by a traumatic event.

  22. BDBinc says:

    Great facts, this pseudo pandemic has really put out the question to the 1861 germ theory ( that modern virology itself debunked but failed to tell everyone as they would all be out of work/career) .
    The other great point you’ve been making Jon is the need for us to stop letting our creative power( imagination/thinking feeling)be used by the mind controllers to create the world they want( full of ignorance, fear and hate ) .
    They put out the program and even conspiracy theorist help them create( through fearful thinking it is reality and that they are powerless)
    Synchronicity. Lets all be the world we want to see.


  23. Mate says:

    There is an fathomless depth of things to say about what has transpired over the course of the last year.

    For instance, once the “lockdown” insanity began, I swore off The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal…for life. I had known for a long time that these media organs were the mouthpiece of the defense establishment, the Fed, the intelligence community, and so on. But it was suddenly clear that these so-called institutions had permanently turned against the civilized, literate public. This goes for countless others such as NPR, the BBC, The Atlantic, The Economist, Business Insider—all of the places I would normally go.

    And I would go to the websites of these outfits just to study what the establishment wanted the people to hear, and in that vein, often for laughs. Now I won’t click any of it, even when a close friend sends something, because it makes me feel physically ill.

    Convid One Nine is not the name of any illness; from its inception, it is the code name for the global military psychological warfare operation currently being waged against the human being. What recourse do we have, in the wake of propaganda of this magnitude, of this ubiquity, but to deprive the mass media of our time and attention? And I do mean permanently. Because a fraud this immense is far beyond forgiveness.

    It is now almost impossible to find a “news” outlet that is neither biased, hysterical or simply tediously devoid of useful information. This blog is one of very few places I will turn to when intending to study and ponder the awful moral and intellectual cesspool our society has degenerated into.

    I was born in 1982. Adults living then would no doubt have thought it inconceivable that the news media could be weaponized, to this degree, and to this degree of success, against the Western public. Welcome to hell.

  24. Devon Seamoor says:

    I’ve understood what’s being discussed here, after studying this subject for as long as the pandemic is proclaimed, and I remember, about the question if this so much feared virus actually exists, that the UK government published their response to that same question, asked formally by members of the British society, stating that they had no proof of the actual visual existence of this flu virus.

    Also, I remember a video with an American nurse, making the same claim, about the non-existence of this flu virus, saying literally “The virus isn’t visualized” She has lost her job, due to speaking up, as many others like her are now dedicating their time and energy to educating the common people about what’s going on.

    Other virologists and medical experts, have pointed out that a virus isn’t a living entity in itself, and that it interacts with human tissue inside a living body, showing its impact, and that a virus is a result of a condition that implies a weakened immune system due to a toxic environment inside the body.

    In short, a body that is poisoned by toxines/pathogens, attracts viruses in order to get rid of those toxins/pathogens, by means of an infection and possibly fever as well. A healthy response from the immune syste, which is no other response to a physical ailment than an attempt to get rid of substances causing the disease.

    In the presentation by Jeff G. there’s a point of view that is 180 degrees opposite of the mainstream medical industry’s view. In essence, the question is allowed to invite ponder and wonder in the listener, about what’s first, the egg or the chicken.

    What I’m suggesting here is that it may be wise to ask oneself “Are viruses and bacteria causing a disease, or is the disease the trigger to attract them?” As a healthy response to an emergency, an alarm phase in the patient.

    I believe it’s worth to lend this presentation of Jeff G. one’s ear, and come to conclusions of one’s own making, leaving the narrative that infection and fever are a sign of disease, outside one’s mind, at least for a while

    Jeff G. — Viral Misconceptions – Presentation on The True Nature of Viruses
    Pasteur and Bechamp views as opposites Apr 1, 2020

  25. Not So Free says:

    It’s not about any virus. It’s fear porn to maintain control over the sheeple.

  26. Kevin says:

    Your articles are always thought provoking and eloquent. It’s been a very useful source for navigating the propaganda being spread around the world. My concern is that the masses will never rebel against those that have encroached on their freedoms. Instead they are going to fight against those of us that are trying to wake them up and open their minds. Minus the propaganda this reminds me of Platos Allegory of the Cave.

  27. Pisces says:

    Excellent article!

    The hoax is so convoluted that so many “intelligent” people are ignoring or missing the basic fact that so-called SARS-CoV-2 was never isolated in the first place. The “proof” of so-called new virus in people’s minds is “people are dying”.. and they rely on stupid test kits to find out if they’re either healthy or sick. That’s stupidity at its best! It’s equivalent to poke some random guy on the streets and ask him shiveringly “Am I healthy?” and believe him when he answers with yes or no. Hahah! That can be called science nowadays.

    PCR test kits (no matter which Cq value is being used) are meaningless when it comes to detecting SARS-CoV-2 because it was never isolated, purified and verified according to a simple scientific method called Koch’s Postulate. So PCR tests CANNOT be used as a confirmation of the existence of a new virus just because it can show “positive” or “negative” results.

    There’s a difference between real science and scientism and the two should not be mistaken for being the same thing, but… coronavirus is real because people are dying..

  28. Nora Claypool says:

    I think it’s time we question the existence of All viruses. We’ve been lied to about literally everything by our Satanic government, including “germ theory” and too much more to list. Ask yourself why all the scientists and doctors studying/working on EXOSOMES have been murdered. The structures we are told are “viruses” are not. Viruses are simple solvents that cells create to carry out toxins, they are not living things and can’t be “caught” through contact! What a giant hoax this all has been.

  29. Avory Sax says:

    I don’t know why, you the one doesn’t go all the way
    & say that, there is no such thing as a virus, only endosomes.
    Retro-viruses are merely endosomes that have gone wrong,
    !dew! to the Govt. experiments on the populous.

  30. Post Hoc says:

    As the conavirus scam unfolds and has unfolded for over one year, the time it takes to qualify for a new skill perhaps, I am becoming more used to the idea that we have been deceived over the existence of the virus and the cause of disease.

    It has been a huge turnaround for me as I, like the rest of the world was deluded by lies that passed without question.

    If there ever is a lesson to be learnt it is that we question everything and do not believe anything we hear without thorough scrutiny.

  31. Roger welsh says:

    So, we have a phantom virus!
    The problem here in the UK is that the whole fraud has been built upon fear. This why people accept wearing masks which do nothing to stop the transmission of viruses and do all ow more co2 to be inhaled regularly.

    The solution is to completely dispel this fear and to show conclusively that the sars-cov-2 does not exist would do the trick.

    How can this be achieved without the concerted effort of honest scientists?

    For the sake of the World, I suggest that we all bend our minds to this.

    I am 80 and would like socially interact as usual for us humans before my number is called!

    • ak in vt says:

      Dear Mr Welsh

      I have many in-laws in England. All but one believe this rubbish. The over 80s (except two) have taken “the shot.” The information we gave our relatives was basically ignored and sometimes argued with shouting at us (we who were trying to show care and love for them).

      The one who believes this is a scam is 88 years! The other who will not take “the shot” yet s 86 years and in ill health, anyway.

      We have tried to urge all to “take off your masks and protest.” They are scared. Scared of the government and getting fined or even locked up (saw the lady pensioner getting dragged away by the police when all she was doing was holding a sign at a Piers Corbyn rally). Scared of the “karens” giving them evil looks and yelling at them for not wearing masks.

      Might suggest to you as I did to my English in-laws:

      1. Find people or organizations with some money to help you pay bail and publicize what you are about to do and what will happen to you:

      2. Form a brigade of pensioners and get together and PROTEST without wearing masks. There s strength in numbers.

      When you get arrested and/or fined, the outrage for doing such things to pensioners should be quite high and will generate a lot of publicity.

      Remember,the public was told to save the NHS because it the hospitals were going to be overcrowded by the vulnerable in society — most especially, the elderly.

      If you and those like you (age wise) are willing to take a risk to become “infected,” what a statement that would be to OPEN UP your devastated country.

      The ruse is that the government is trying to protect you. Show it you do not need its protection.

      I wish you well with many prayers.

      With regards in Christ

      AK in VT

    • Larry C says:

      “For the sake of the World, I suggest that we all bend our minds to this.”

      Excellent advice, Roger!

  32. Todd says:

    If not a virus; what is it then? This is the question I can’t wrap my mind around. I am a terrain theory proponent, but I have yet to find an alternative idea as to why we see the things we see in people with “infections.” I am currently reading “The Contagion Myth” by Thomas Cowan and he is eluding to exosomes created inside the body to remove toxins which are generated from various stressors on the body. I enjoy the perspective, but still finding it hard to swallow. He explains that the recent roll out of 5G across the world is a major EMF stressor which is why there has been an “outbreak” and that exosomes is what are being produced in the body and we are interpreting them as virus. Maybe this is what is happening, maybe not. If not, what then? Still very confused, even with my doctorate level education ( I should have asked more questions in school). 🙂

    • jeanette says:

      One definition of virus means poison https://www.etymonline.com/word/virus http://webstersdictionary1828.com/Dictionary/virus. Education and propaganda tells me that it is an infectious particle and gives me scary stories and pictures to reinforce my training. Organophosphate poisoning can cause the lungs to fill up with a clear pinkish fluid and thereby drown the patient very quickly. In the early panic the drowning and sudden death of people was advertised. In an act of terrorism, simple poisoning is not out of the question. Is it?

  33. Sailors_Delight says:

    Vaccine manufacturer Merck has abandoned development of two coronavirus vaccines, saying that after extensive research it was concluded that the shots offered less protection than just contracting the virus itself and developing antibodies.

    Read full article published Jan 26 2021
    source: https://summit.news/2021/01/26/merck-scraps-covid-vaccines-says-its-more-effective-to-get-the-virus-and-recover/

    The Scrap, could it be due to the Mega Lawsuits coming up the pike of Merck for the deadly Gardisil jab, can’t lose the entire bottom line for the budget year can they

    Look what Merck can do even when girls ( and boys) were permanently damaged and or died,time doesn’t tell

  34. Steve Thompson says:

    Thank you Jon. I also want to thank every person commenting here. Your insight, knowledge, and discovery is remarkable.

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