Was the assault on the Capitol building a false flag?

by Jon Rappoport

January 6, 2021

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I’m writing this hours before posting it, so events may unfold that add more information.

The first thing you need to ask yourself: was the break-in at the Capitol, while Congress was in session holding a debate about election certification, an attempt to stop a transfer of power to Biden, or an attempt to stop the debate itself—during which legislators would have laid out evidence of fraud?

The assault did achieve a stoppage of the debate, which was being carried live on television.

The legislators were evacuated.

We do know that, going back months, Antifa was issuing memos to its members to appear at Trump rallies posing as supporters of the president, wearing appropriate gear, so that when Antifa caused trouble and committed violence, their actions would be blamed on Trumpers.

I’m not saying all the people who broke through into the Capitol today were Antifa, but their members could have led the way, stirring up anger and moving at the head of the hundreds who knocked down barriers and forced back the police.

Shortly before the break-in, C-Span was airing a senator’s rebuttal to Mitch McConnell’s speech. McConnell gave one of those smooth clichéd-filled presentations, claiming there was no evidence of fraud on a scale that would have overturned the election. His main (irrelevant) point was, the courts found no reason to rule against Biden’s victory.

The rebuttal was quite sharp, basically accusing McConnell of acting as a “ceremonial” performer. And this was only the beginning of the action today in Congressional session. Who knows what would have popped up out of the hopper, as the day wore on and the nation watched?

Vice-President Pence—castigated by Trumpers as a betrayer—actually declared he would preside over an open Joint Session of Congress and allow full speeches re vote fraud, from states in which one senator and one congressional legislator filed objections to rubber-stamping certification of the election.

But that process was sidetracked by the people breaking into the Capitol building.

Instead, we now have incessant media coverage portraying the million protestors in Washington and Trump as destroyers of the nation and “all the values we stand for as Americans…”

I’ve read and seen reports of Antifa members (from Philadelphia and Tempe) being inside the Capitol building. A close-up photo of one of the protestor’s wrists shows a hammer and sickle tattoo. There is a claim that Antifa members were bused into DC a day before the rally.

Obviously, if the assault on the Capitol building was a false flag, all the blame cascading down on Trumpers paves the way for Biden and his handlers to carry out even more draconian measures on the American people, under the rubric of National Security—piled on top of the COVID lockdowns.

The short attention span of television viewers shifts further away from the violent Antifa riots in US cities over the past six months.

And whereas media portrayed Antifa riots as “largely peaceful disturbances,” we can look forward to months of pompous posturing about Wednesday’s events in DC.

Biden will be “the sane president” who restored peace and order.

Trump resisters who refuse to acknowledge Biden’s election will be characterized, over and over, as dangerous lunatics.

For the next 20 years, media will play up Wednesday, January 6, 2021, as the dark day America almost broke apart. You can bet a few dozen production companies are already editing footage for “stunning, award-winning” documentaries.

Democrats are feeling a burst of confidence that Trump’s career as a politician is over—since he will forever be linked to “The Insurrection of January 6.”

In their eyes, this is far better than a physical assassination.

On the night of February 27, 1933, a fire was set in the German Reichstag, the national parliament. It burned a significant portion of the structure. Many historians state Hitler’s people set that fire—which at the time was successfully blamed on his main political opponent, the Communist Party. The tactic allowed Hitler to consolidate his final needed piece of national power.

Alongside the endorsement and support of IG Farben, the biggest pharmaceutical and chemical cartel in the world, the Reichstag false flag gave Hitler control over the fate of Germany.

False flags do work.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

100 comments on “Was the assault on the Capitol building a false flag?

  1. Donna says:

    I think Washington D.C. is one of the most protected cities in America. The violent part of the protest was allowed to happen. The AP has a headline which reads: Experts: Capitol riot product of years of hateful rhetoric. Here’s another headline: Civil rights leader calls for 25th amendment action.

    It very well could be a false flag event. My son says that George Soros plays both sides and it would not surprise him if it ever turned out that’s where the violence came from, funding from Soros.

    • K G says:

      The Capitol police stood by and did nothing to prevent the break-in. These were a bunch of kids. KIDS! The news called us terrorists? The only thing terrorized were a bunch of crooked politicians who’ve been terrorizing citizens for the past 20 years first with PC, and finally with the COVID plandemic (no, it is NOT a pandemic). If these people want to make money off our backs they did a horrible job. I’m sure tax receipts are down, and they are spending money out the yahoo. They want to make us go broke. They want to make money disappear so that they can start their fed coin. Both Republican and Democrat political elite are in on this. I say I’m done with this. I say we start camping outside their houses.

    • Sheryl says:

      I agree with you. They were allowed into the Capital Building and it’s shown on video. This was a set up and planned for weeks and it was Antifa trying to smear MAGA. We are about law and order, not riots and damage and what ended up killing 4 people. But the Evil Ones (DemonCrats). We will continue to support and fight for President Trump. God bless

      • Linds says:

        Yes, It was a planned attack on this building! Nancy Pelosi and her of old men were all involved! And the ring leaders were the fake Trump supporters! Timing was perfect which was no coincidence! All those thugs were together, and the supplies were stashed there ready and waiting! Yellow and black repelling rope, ladders, axes, are not things Trump supporters brought from home!
        Why can’t they blame it on the right people. Four death which those reps don’t care. Pelosi is worried about President Trump and war buttons, while most of the country worry about her mental capacity.

        • Tommy T says:

          Why do have to have someone to blame? We are not perfect people. Democracy is not a perfect governing model. Truth can be illusive and subjective. Our right to peaceful protest is intact. Violent anarchists invade protests – we have anarchists in society. They have no place in democracy.

          The election was not stolen. The inalienable right to vote is our power. This election, to keep our citizens as safe as possible in a pandemic, many states, red and blue, rightfully increased access to voting and the ability to exercise our rights. The count was accurate. Recounts, audits, and over 50 lost legal challenges bore that out. No evidence of any kind was produced. It hurts to loose.

          I am at a loss finding any of our rights, protected by the Constitution, that have been taken away. To claim otherwise is false. Conversely, over the last 150 years our rights have been clarified and expanded. They can be modified, redefined, expanded and contracted but never taken away. Amending our Constitution is incredibly difficult. It requires the will of the the people.

          What has been taken away is our right to know the truth. Foreign influence, unbridled campaign spending by interest groups, and relentless demagoguery by the extreme left and right have polluted truth. It is a the root of what has transpired in the Capitol.

          If there is ANYTHING we must demand PEACEFULLY from our elected servants in Washington and all 50 states is election reform that enables all citizens to know the truth about those we are electing and how they will defend our inalienable rights including the right to vote – that is our power. Use it wisely.

    • M - says:

      Not to mention the stock markets took an upturn…

  2. Doug says:


    From the Capitol building this man went because the system is broken.


  3. marlene says:

    Watch this short video of an aerial view of the Trump supporters’ rally – calm, peaceful, for hour after hour:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmUVvmD5MQI – Right Side Broadcasting Network

    There were tens of thousands of republicans there and not a hint of violence. This is the clear and present difference between the left and the right.

    • Larry C says:

      I’ve been watching mainstream news for an aerial video of the Trump supporters, but so far no luck. Great video…thanks, Marlene!

    • Sheryl says:

      I agree. There has never been violence at a Trump rally. We attend these rallies to support our wonderful President. He’s the best President I’ve every had in my 65 years on this Earth. MAGA is about Law and Order. Also, if you look at the Videos you see that the Police were actually letting these rioters inside. They weren’t doing anything to stop them. And of course, the MSM is blaming MAGA and Trump supporters are Terrorists. But you couldn’t get them to label Antifa and BLM as Terrorists. They were the ones burning down cities, killing and harming people, destroying cities, burning down anything in front of them, throwing bombs into Police Cars. And have any of them been prosecuted, NO!!! This just shows you how bad it’s gotten in this Country. That’s why we’re fighting, we want to take back our Country and save our way of life. To keep our Freedoms that would be obliterated by the Left. The fight continues.

  4. Piksil says:

    Transition Integrity Project.

    A ‘bipartisan’ group of planners who came up with 4 scenarios of election ‘outcomes’, and how to get Trump out. (In 1 scenario, Trump actually ‘wins’ the election, but this bipartisan group, assembled to ensure integrity in the transition of power wanted him out no matter the outcome.)

    I don’t remember if Trump-fans storming the Capitol Building was mentioned in the report I read months ago by Whitney Webb, but even if it wasn’t, doesn’t mean that this event wasn’t staged.

    Who was it that said right wing/conservatives were the biggest terror threat to the US in the near future?

    I tuned in to a few minutes of NBC’s coverage (Jeopardy! was preempted….those bastards!), to hear one of the (many) reporters on the scene saying the rioters were not wearing masks. Where were they in June, during the George Floyd ‘protests’, when masks weren’t being worn by the ‘protestors’?
    TIP class/meeting/rehearsal?


    Do we have more? (“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” doesn’t count. “Juicy-Fruit, Kamala?”)

  5. marlene says:

    It seems to me this well-planned and executed coup was meant to take the wind out of our sails – the Republicans, Trump supporters, and patriots. But I don’t believe we’re ready to give up on a false flag or a lie. It’s when Trump loses something that we will be forced to face defeat and that hasn’t happened yet – or even come close.

  6. Janet vignola says:

    Jon, you deserve Pulitzer Prize for BS detection!
    It is becoming increasingly difficult to hold oneself above “believing in” any of this masquerade- so obviously a falling of consciousness into the pits of hell – from eons of the darkness and manipulation of power mongers; through Debilitation (of our health, food sources), Dependency (on media, technology, materialism, government) and Dread (fear of every imaginable concocted false flag).
    My heart is so heavy. May all who “see through the veil of propaganda and lies stand strong in your Faith, innate Wisdom and natural intuition that we are here to serve the infinite mystery of our Creator’s purpose – the One Source of Life – extending Itself through YOU – through Love. Choose your battles wisely – “not through anger of what you’re against, but through Love of what you’re for “ adyashanti.

  7. Beau says:

    I believe its a false flag.
    Jon’s statements reinforce this belief.
    The fraud already committed by dems, are more easily covered up by further crimes, to halt the uncovering of the steal.
    Donald, should’ve gone to spec’s avers, may have seen the duplicitous pence, small p.
    Sad to see the usual media complicity in this, but sadder still to see former and current senior government officials, assertion of blame on Trump, 911
    2001 all over again. We saw how that gov investigation went.

  8. Beau says:

    So, I believe its a false flag.
    Jon’s statements reinforce this belief.
    The fraud already committed by dems, are more easily covered up by further crimes, to halt the uncovering of the steal.
    Donald, should’ve gone to spec’s avers, may have seen the duplicitous pence, small p.
    Sad to see the usual media complicity in this, but sadder still to see former and current senior government officials, assertion of blame on Trump, 911
    2001 all over again. We saw how that gov investigation went.

  9. kj says:

    Jon, I’m calling BS on this one. If you follow Mike Adams (naturalnews.com) and Alex Jones, these are a couple of the Americans whose words and websites have been urging the Trumpsters to descend on DC and fomenting violence against the establishment if Trump is not declared President another term. And Mike Adams’ claim that BLM protesters are the same as those in today’s debaucle (e.g. the guy wearing the ‘Viking’ hat). Yes, the ‘Viking’ was at a BLM protest, but he was protesting against BLM.

  10. Rich Moore says:

    Dear Jon,

    I’m replying here instead of Twitter (@RichCrowe5) for I have a perpetual shadowban on my replies to tweets (reply deboosting). Your article is excellently written, both concise and very on point. The endless, consistent, and ever increasing lying and deceiving from the left over the past many years now is absolutely frustrating, enraging, and wearing. I am 57 yrs old, originally from NYC, and my heart is absolutely grieved watching the communist takeover over America.

    Marxists have infiltrated all of our governmental institutions, including all of our intelligence agencies and our court system, as well as our educational system, our media, big business / big tech, the entertainment industry, and yes, even our mainline denominational CHURCHES! Wicked politicians sold their country out for the “Almighty Dollar” over several decades, and now we are reaping what they have sown. Absolutely tragic.

    May God bless you and keep you.

  11. Sue says:

    I can’t believe Trump wouldn’t have seen that coming. He’s supposed to know this stuff already.

    Trump and Lin Wood encouraged people to travel up to thousands of miles, with a lot of teases about something really big going to be revealed. Lin even tweeted a picture of a storm descending on D.C., with a fierce looking Trump in the eye of the storm.

    Was it worth all those people traveling across the country? At the moment, it doesn’t seem like it. I guess we’ll see in a few days if there was a brilliant method behind this madness.

    • Maria D says:

      I was there and all the Patriots were so proud and happy the people were United. I never felt so strong and proud of my country. As I watched the Patriots coming towards the capital I started crying, but the tears were of joy seeing Americans strong again fighting for truth. It was a peaceful day until Antifa were let loose. I pray we see this country strong again and I will never forget January 6 a day the Americans people stood strong for a great man Donald Trump President of the United state of America.

    • Sue says:

      Now I do take that back. He knew exactly what he was doing, and it’s a great set up for what is to come. Bravo, President Trump.

    • Lyn P says:

      Takeover of your country by regressive, evil forces must be opposed even at risk of fueling the false narratives which are against you.

      Only masses of activity despite such costs can actually and symbolically continue the battle toward chance of larger victory.

      • Nigel says:

        I agree Lyn,

        I believe protests demonstrate to others who feel isolated and intimidated by the left wing media that they are not alone.

  12. Piksil says:

    It would be interesting to know how many in CONgress and other well-to-do’s sold big chunks of stocks in the days leading up to this ‘chaos’.

  13. john says:

    There are video clips showing police opening gates and in one case a capital police agent with a group of protesters following him up the stairs!

  14. Checkers says:

    “The first thing you need to ask yourself: was the break-in at the Capitol, while Congress was in session holding a debate about election certification,

    A)an attempt to stop a transfer of power to Biden
    B)attempt to stop the debate itself—during which legislators would have laid out evidence of fraud?”

    Well it’s not B because they continued with the session after it was safe.
    ( https://www.cbsnews.com/live-updates/electoral-college-vote-certification-2020-01-06/ )
    And no evidence of fraud was presented. So it’s safe to conclude the answer is A.

    “We do know that, going back months, Antifa was issuing memos to its members to appear at Trump rallies posing as supporters of the president, wearing appropriate gear, so that when Antifa caused trouble and committed violence, their actions would be blamed on Trumpers.”

    where? Source? links?

    “Instead, we now have incessant media coverage portraying the million protestors”

    Wrong. thousands*
    ( https://wjla.com/news/local/save-america-march-draws-trump-supporters-to-dc )

    “There is a claim that Antifa members were bused into DC a day before the rally.”

    Wrong. ( https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-antifa-police-dc/fact-check-d-c-police-did-not-act-as-private-security-for-antifa-on-jan-6-claims-feature-old-video-idUSKBN29B2V7 )

    “Biden will be “the sane president” who restored peace and order.

    Trump resisters who refuse to acknowledge Biden’s election will be characterized, over and over, as dangerous lunatics.

    For the next 20 years, media will play up Wednesday, January 6, 2021, as the dark day America almost broke apart. You can bet a few dozen production companies are already editing footage for “stunning, award-winning” documentaries.”

    I love how self-aware you are of the situation. yes, that’s precisely what’s going to happen. and it should happen. Trump has brought this on his own. And you know it. There is no way you’re that delusional. You still know the truth from reality deep down.

    “Democrats are feeling a burst of confidence that Trump’s career as a politician is over—since he will forever be linked to “The Insurrection of January 6.””

    There a plenty of other reasons why his career is over and this one is just another small part of it.

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      Posting “links” to websites that adhere to the exact same ideology as you and deliberately “proves” your point by leaving key elements out is not “proof”. Reuters, CBS…this has to be a joke, right? These are the same people who edit content and conceal information that would show something different than what they want to present! Pravda!!!

      I knew that some moron was going to say “meh, there were only a few thousand”.

      Liberals simply can’t do math. They can’t count. They are uneducated fools who claim intelligence. I call them “link happy researchers” who don’t actually do any research. Using google doesn’t make you a “researcher”

      There was at LEAST half a million people in DC at the capitol building at that time. Ten times that of which could fit in Giant Stadium. The whole city was mobbed.

      John gets it, You don’t. End of story.

      • Shazaad Bacchus says:

        Who benefits from this supposedly massive insurrection? The Left obviously. They are laughing, they have so much dropped in their laps that goes hand-in-hand with their wicked Commie agendas. A second impeachment, Trump supporters might be labeled “terrorists” etc., etc, as Jon outlines in his article. Trump supporters have not benefited at all from this. So that makes me wonder. Me? I always keep my eyes on “who benefits” and go from there. I am sure more will come out in the next couple of weeks that will confirm what so many believe and you know what that is…wink, wink. Great, simple rebuttal.

    • Jimmy says:

      Lol. Turn off your tv and use your fucking brain. Idiot. The evidence is clear. Just because the corruption is so deep that people like you with your heads shoved so far up their asses don’t see it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. You and the other leftist retards will be crying in a year when you realize you’ve been had.

  15. Răzvan says:

    I do not believe for one second that a mob of a few hundred unarmed people could actually lay siege to one of the most heavily guarded buildings in the world. In much the same way as the box cutter wielding terrorists of 9/11, these people were simply allowed to enter the Capitol Building by a suspiciously poorly set up police and Secret Service detail. Why? Because they were mere pawns in a much, much bigger game.

    The brutal (and deliberate) killing of that young woman was meant to foment massive civil unrest and trigger an all-out war between the Antifa/BLM phalanx and the Trump supporters. I think this is the endgame. The more they divide your country (and the whole world for that matter), the easier it is for the psychopaths at the top of the pyramid to bring about a global totalitarian regime.

    Four years ago, I could not shake the feeling that Trump too was allowed to score a surprise win. Recent events have only consolidated my suspicion. He is a very polarizing character, a guy people will either love or hate, and his larger-than-life ego makes him the perfect scapegoat.

    Whatever 2021 and beyond has in store for us, it’s going to make 2020 look good in comparison.

  16. Hey you says:

    Yes, except there is proof of the antifa guys being walked in. iPhone didn’t exist in the 30’s, so that’s the difference. Also, Hitler didn’t advertise his intent of method ahead of time either

  17. Ann wend says:

    It’s ONNNN I watched as reporters were escorted into the basement because of “some threat” one gal said bomb :0 meanwhile Congress was still in session why weren’t they being Informed of the danger? I felt this was a ruse to keep Pense from being put on the spot and having to reject electoral votes from states where voter fraud is being questioned. Just smoke and mirrors so that pence can save face on his political career.

  18. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    Yes, it was a false flag. All the while the MSM was reporting the unruly, violent crowd, they simultaneously were showing the crowd which was placid and being as unthreatening as any large assembly could possibly be.

    Time for the revealing evidence of fraud and voila! A conveniently timed “distraction” is being perfectly videoed by an MSM camera person.

    When I first saw the girl on the ground I thought someone must have banged her nose. Then they showed her face BRIEFLY, which showed candy apple red blood from her nose and on her chin. I hear later she was shot in the neck and died. I saw nothing that resembled a scene that showed any other blood. A mortal gunshot wound to the neck seems more likely to produce blood splatters on her clothing and clean hair, as well as a pool of DARK blood.

    I, while I was in the military, participated in disaster drills. When we arrived “on the scene”, it looked horrific until we got closer to take care of our “patients”. Mind you, this was 45 years ago and Hollywood makeup is far superior today than then. From a distance, one could easily assume it was real, especially if they didn’t know the specifics.

    So, I find it quite plausible that this is a false flag. It was my immediate gut reaction when it happened. The media had been continually lying about the nature of the crowd, and with split screen it was obvious.

    Suddenly, we are expected to believe that this calm mass of people turned aggressive all the while showing no change in the movements or behaviors of the crowd. Additionally, we are expected to believe that the lying reporter suddenly had a “Jesus moment“ and started speaking the truth. What?

    Then, for additional free entertainment, we see several people performing “Acts of Antifa“, breaking windows and climbing in. Other popcorn moments showed alleged Trump supporters casually hanging out inside the Capitol with nary a Capitol Security person in sight. Maybe hundreds of thousands of people just outside, but once inside all security is MIA. Sure.

    Next, we are shown the still placid Trump supporters standing or calmly walking about and black military or police vehicles showing up and hundreds of police or troops streaming towards the Capitol building from the right side.

    The DC Mayor, Fido Bowser, sets a curfew of 6:30 for those who were peacefully assembling. Wasn’t that the same Mayor who had Black Lives Matter. Seems this alleged death during a peaceful assembly in her OWN District warranted a distinctly different response. Why?

  19. Marcus Aurelius Tarkus says:

    Yes, false flags do work. How well depends upon whose flag is in power. YMMV.

    • I am surprised at John´s assertion the Reichstag fire to have been a *False flag¨ operation. This assertion is an ancient anti-National Socialist one, supported by the usual suspects and has been disproved by amongst others the German hater par excellence Sefton Delmer who was present in Berlin at the time. Furthermore it was thoroughly disproven by the courts of the time, courts which cannot be claimed to have been in the services of the new, at the time unstable german government.

  20. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    I accidentally erased something. Should have said

    Wasn’t that the same Mayor who had Black Lives Matter painted on the street?

  21. Ok. I have read the article. I agree. It’s right out of the playbook of Saul Alinksy, and before him, Russian and Chinese communists.

    Here’s what happened in June 1989 in Beijing. The fundamentalist wing of the Chinese Communist Party saw that the soldiers were reluctant to open fire at the civilians. So the wing hided some of the soldiers away from the division, and told the rest of the division that their comrades were killed by the protestors. Seeing that those comrades were indeed missing, the soldiers went furious and open fired at the civilians. After the June 4th Massacre, those “missing” soldiers returned to the division to the shock of the rest of the division. Decades later, some of those soldiers that were deceived into killing their people were remorseful and went on Falungong’s television to tell their stories:


    There is definitely a link between American communists (ANTIFA) and Chinese Communists

    • Helen says:

      Antifa are NOT Communists they are fascists funded by bourgeois capitalists. And the Chinese now are ‘Communists in name only’, ever since Deng. Tianeman square was about Deng & liberal modernizing university students fighting traditional marxist workers (who lost the power play). They have a billionaire class owning factories now oppressing chinese labor! That is not communist!

      Liberal Democrat globalists and establishment Republican neocons are pulling off this coup. They work for the wealthy ruling class. Communists would support labor ownership of factories & farms by eliminating the class system. No communists are involved.

      Other than that, I agree with Trump protesters this was a ruling class false flag to cover up a stolen election and to DARVO-blame their own election coup on Trump.

  22. Darrell says:

    Antifa infiltrators provoking and leading the assault for strategic reasons makes total sense. Share this article!

  23. home girl says:

    I had come to this same question and I’d say the odds are good that it was a false flag. And if not, it was at least an opportunity that presented itself (or they hoped would present itself) to allow the members to hatch an excuse to change course and stop debate over objections to elector certifications. Their later pontificating over safety of the Congress and protecting democracy and all that shiz they are famed for only looks duplicitous. Frankly, though, I don’t think they have a clue or even care what we think. If they believed and acted from high moral principles, or even any concern for the country beyond their own pockets and power, then they wouldn’t deflate like cheap balloons and would continue debate, not using ‘rioting’ and fear as any sort of excuse. They are utterly feckless. Our only hope is REAL electoral reform before the next election.

    • Lyn P says:

      One problem is, with Dem in power for several years, the whole structure of the Electoral College is at risk. Not to mention SCOTUS. But the former guarantees leftist takeover at the national level for extended time, absent succession of states, etc.

  24. D Monk says:

    It struck me that the woman had no blood spurting or on the floor and it appeared that her fall was cushioned. Also, the police just waited and covered her “wound” while she conveniently posed for a photo. In another video a man declared he was a medic and the police would not let him help. After he said that he acted annoyed that the police pepper sprayed him while giving an interview to a reporter conveniently right after. Then later there was a young guy dressed as Rittenhouse with blood on his hand, who also was singled out by a journalist who was described as disturbed, asked if he needed psychiatric help by the “journalist” who suggested he seek aid. False flag all over this.

  25. Rella says:

    Well stated,Jon..All this Chaos is straight out of the Socialist/Communist Playbook. More evident by the minute.

  26. Kia Kaha says:

    Are we about done with the man drama yet?

  27. Paul says:

    “…a False Flag?”

    “The first thing
    you [I] need to ask
    yourself [myself]:”

    “…accusing McConnell of acting as a “ceremonial” performer.”

    “McConnell gave one of those smooth clichéd-filled presentations…”

    “For the next 20 years,
    media will play up
    Wednesday, January 6, 2021,
    as the dark day
    America almost broke apart.”

    “The Insurrection of January 6.”

    I hear a Collective:


    Recently…Jon, you entitled another article as:

    (I personally remembered this title, as I listened to the undue pompous rhetoric of a myriad of bicameral, bipartisan, politicians & FakeMedia, speak of this recent PEOPLED Capitol breach.)

    “The criminal
    WHO[who] blows
    its own cover:…”

    I found this a rather useful, poetic, [double] entendre.

    Your clever use of syntactical emphasis.

    Flags…but not…false.


    A Capitol.
    The People.
    Their President.
    Our Country.

    I wonder still.

    As to Politicians & FakeMedia:
    Of all stripes, stations, & positions…

    “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” But let it be considered, that [I] did not mean a real and generous love of our country, but that pretended patriotism which so many, in all ages and countries, have made a cloak for self-interest. I maintained, that certainly all patriots were not scoundrels.”

    ~ Samuel Johnson
    18th Century poet, playwright, essayist, moralist, literary critic…

  28. John N says:

    Mr. Jon

    You have written many documents in the past, but this one has incredibly encouraged me.

    Largely because media will not show/tell the truth

    I am veeery hopeful that the YAHWEH, whom I worship shall show Himself strong: as He pleases, but shall not trample on my faith and prayers.

    14 days to go.

    He is my Father!

  29. Paul says:

    Jon Jon Jon,

    Just what are you saying…???

    I’m not sayin` you’re sayin`…

    I’m really not!

    No, … I’m not.


    No, I’m not.

    Don’t you know the bowels of The Capitol is a temple of democracy!

    And legislators, are pieces of the vaunted apparatus of liberty & not spaces of waste!

    “The legislators were evacuated.”

    ~ JR


  30. Joe Dettelis says:

    Jon’s prophecy on how Jan. 6 will be used to destroy Trump’s career and bring down big government on our movement (I’m an America First Trump supporter) for the next 20 years is absurd. That can’t be done when 60 to 70 million or more people know the truth. Time to modify your outlook, Jon.

  31. Jim says:

    Amazing how all this republicrats are now so disgusted by the violence that they have withdrawn their objections. I figure we’ll have some real violence soon enough. Though I doubt it will be the politicians hanging from trees. Nope. People will allow themselves to be told who to fight. Each other, naturally.

  32. Aron says:

    Reminds me of First Aid courses I’ve taken over the years where you play a role in an accident scene.

    Really bad acting quite honestly.

    Nice little touch with the “Camp Auschwitz” t-shirt.

    The grand plan continues on. Nothing but the epilogue remains.

    Don’t think they’ll be showing the credits though.


  33. Walking Dead says:

    Perhaps the health care gig is up. They want all medical personal to get the life changing covid-19 vaccine first. Kind of ironic, if you ask me. The medical industry has killed millions and used us as lab rats for years, and now they have become the lab rats and are suffering the effects.

    Why else would they push this, from King Andrew of NY, “Police who are not health care workers are not yet eligible,” Cuomo said. “We need to get the health care population done first because they are the front line, as I mentioned before.”

    Ya, Cause cops don’t get in people’s faces, or do close contact with arresting people. Especially when they arrest those not wearing their muzzle. Too many healthcare workers and no positive results from them. Time to down size. Be sure to thank your medical staff for becoming the new lab rats. I used to want destroy the lives of these whores of Babylon, but realized that letting them live in the world they created was much better for them than helping them to escape it. Perhaps our original creator thought the same thing about us!!!

  34. Philipski says:

    Whatever escalated the outcome/the storm, it is clear that its peak event, the Murder of this young woman by a Pence-sanctioned THUG, is not a False Flag.

  35. Tim says:

    The Media should be target No.1
    Just like in “They Live”.

    The American military has been used and abused by the globalists all through the 20th century, for wars THAT OBVIOUSLY WERE NOT IN OUR BEST INTERESTS AS A NATION, if this was not true we would not be seeing the destruction of the American experiment as is happening RIGHT NOW.

    So, are they tired of being used as tools of enforcement and subversion of a anti-human, anti-freedom, anti-American clique of Global Big Money Nutcases? Superpredators and superparasitites in human form.

    All their talk of fighting and dying for “America” and “freedom” HAS BEEN A FARCE AND A FRAUD, HYPOCRITS!. Heroes? Fuck-off. Fools and pawns. Fed to Moloch, and feeding Moloch.
    Your LAST CHANCE is NOW. Any real “patriots” in there? It’s real simple, and you can not tell me they at the top DO NOT KNOW AND SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING. Get the fuck home and TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS NOW!
    Or don’t.
    I can check out of this bullshit anytime, so it ain’t about me. I’m Free.

    Do they see the future that is being set up for their children and children’s children?

    • Jim says:

      This isn’t the last chance. This is just the beginning. But before liberty can win out, the submissive slaves, defeatists, and their kind will have to die. They all look for some external savior. There isn’t one. Liberty is an individual fight.

  36. Tim says:

    ps; I don’t haves kids. And will not.

  37. Erika says:

    Yes it absolutely was…and we now know exactly who “antifa” are- deep state agent provocateurs- who planted those pipe bombs before re-opening the door to let the Trump rally attendees in.

    Yes only 10 people were let in at first..then later the doors were opened.

    Yes, this SHAM derailed the hearing of actual evidence once again as congress pontificated blathered and patted each other on the back about “democracy” eg totalitarianism.

    The usurper thinks he has a “Mandate”.

    The iron bootheel of the totalitarian government is about to come down on our necks…plan accordingly.

  38. Erika says:


    facial recognition software has also identified these people as antifa

  39. R says:

    IDK if those people were ANTIFA or not, but that wasn’t a hammer and sickle tattoo, it was a symbol from a game called “Dishonored”, mark of the outsider. As a fan of the game, I instantly knew what it was, but I can understand how people would think it’s a hammer and sickle. Just look it up.

  40. JanetJames says:

    Jon, I really appreciate your sane voice. Also, I have been wondering: Watching MASH, (new TV station here plays old shows; love MASH), I see Jon Rappaport in the credits at times. Is that you?

  41. Larry C says:

    Why Joe Biden must NOT become president.


  42. ReluctantWarrior says:

    I worked in the U.S. Capitol in both the House and the Senate. I can tell you that their is no way on earth that anyone, protesters or otherwise, could get into the Capitol without the approval of the Capitol police. This was a staged event that was probably arranged by the powers that be and designed to flip the narrative against President Trump.

  43. ·Ð£,4†╟╢ says:

    Nothing is real.

  44. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    Conte, Leonardo SpA and the U.S. Embassy behind the Election Data Switch fraud to take out Trump

    Interview: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=u4HJusPPWnc

    General affidavit:

    Apparently, the last piece of the puzzle has been solved, according to the interview. Supposedly, the information was presented to several members of Congress. I am assuming that they received this message in time to decide on election. If they knew this (if information is true) and they ignored it, what’s next? One party has total control of the government.

  45. Dave from SanAntonio says:

    False Flag. Period. There were high level operators who had to have organized and allowed this to happen. D.C. and the Capitol Building are two highly protected areas in the U.S. The city was ‘supposedly’ ready for this, so how did these ‘peaceful demonstrators’ make it all the way…unless they were helped? Hitler did the same when he had his supporters burn down the Reichstag in 1933. Some also wore Polish military uniforms and were killed…then Hitler blamed Poland…and the rest…is history.

  46. Jim S Smith says:

    On the night of February 27, 1933, a fire was set in the German Reichstag, the national parliament. It burned a significant portion of the structure. Many historians state Hitler’s people set that fire—which at the time was successfully blamed on his main political opponent, the Communist Party. The tactic allowed Hitler to consolidate his final needed piece of national power.

    THAT is historical B-S!

    Hitler did NOT set the Reichstag fire, because the actual culprit who did was CAUGHT IN THE ACT – and YES – he WAS a member of an active communist movement within Germany, just these communist movements were also present in France, Spain, UK, and even in the USA! All of these communist movements were funded by foreign sources too!

    I really, REALLY wish folks would dig deeper into the reported history of those times, because the old adage “The victor writes the history”. Doesn’t mean the “victor” is always in the right.

    IF we were to take together ALL of the “little events” that added up to the two “Great Wars”, you would find that there was much foreign intrigue and back-room planning into each and every “plan” and its parts – that sought to destabilize and dismantle the “Old World Order”, be replacing the original European governments – with a system that would eventually evolve into what we have today: Communist-Inspired GLOBALISM. – WHERE do you think the UNITED NATIONS system came from? ? ? – The very same folks who tried earlier with the League of Nations!

    Everyone has gotten so much into the habit of blaming Old Germany for everything wrong with today, YET – no one even bothers to ask the real questions of who really benefited after all!


    Learn your history by actually fully researching it, not just regurgitating onward what the based and absolutely WRONG establishment-approved “academics” tell you! ! ! – THAT’s why We as a People keep losing the battles of ideals. We can’t even get a straight discussion on what really happened in our past.

    * * *


    Four weeks after Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor, angry Reds set the Reichstag (Parliament) on fire. Local police catch a Dutch Communist named Marinus Vander Lubbe on the premises. He had just arrived in Germany a few weeks ago. The fire was to have been the start of the Red-instigated civil war, aimed at toppling the crumbling Weimar state before Hitler and the NSDAP could establish themselves.

    Hindenburg and Hitler act fast. Emergency decrees are issued and Communist leaders are rounded up. The Red Revolution backfires. Instead of plunging Germany into civil war, the Reichstag Fire starts a chain of events that leads to the The Enabling Act and Hitler’s consolidation of power. NSDAP becomes Germany’s only Party as the Weimar Republic is swept away by The Third Reich, led by “The Fuehrer” (leader).

    Some modern historians promote the theory that Hitler staged the fire himself and then blamed the Reds for it. There is no evidence at all to support this theory. It is a baseless claim that ignores both the violent history and the standard destabilization tactics that the Communists are well known for.

    – PG. 259, Planet Rothschild I – 1763-1939, Mike S. King

    History has shown again, and again – that communist movements (and today’s “neo-liberal” movements being an outcrop thereof) routinely use violence, property destruction, bombings, and various other “shock tactics” to disorientate, confuse, horrify, and otherwise “shock” the system into chaos and panic. This has been used many times against attempts at national cohesion.

    • Jim says:

      You should really check history yourself. The guy accused was mentally retarded and probably incapable of the act. A patsy. And there was very little difference between the Nazis and the communists practices.

  47. Not So Free says:

    There is video of Capitol police letting people past them, in fact inviting them to pass.
    At least two of the “troublemakers” are suspected antifa. One has previously been videoed at a riot out west.
    It was a setup to stop the investigation of the fraud so they could just *pass the torch* to Biden, or probably Harris.

  48. Big Al says:

    If you have any evidence of Antifa “leading the war”, let’s see it. Otherwise, you’re just hurting your overall standing relative to Covid-19. I had thought you were more balanced than that, which now makes me wonder about the information you’ve been passing along about the virus, or supposed virus.

  49. Greg C. says:

    Very much a FF, just like Covid – a huge misperception. I wonder why Trump with his 4D chess mind did not see this coming? Of course, he never did understand the Covid opening game, so we wouldn’t expect him to know how to play the end game. His huge blunder was to walk back his statement that Covid was a hoax. THat was when he lost control. That guaranteed new election procedures and a tanked economy.

    Everyone who put their faith in Trump to outmaneuver the expert players are now disappointed. He had good intentions, he inspired freedom lovers, and he was swindled out of his second term, along with many senatorial and congressional candidates. He was naïve, like most of use, to believe that he could win another election rigged against him just because he would have far more votes than in the first election. Weren’t we all naive to think that all we needed was a majority of people on our side?

  50. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    I watched a videoclip of “the shooting” today and I found it convenient that someone fortuitously captured the shooter so well. If someone brandished a weapon and starred shooting, would you (1) keep the camera rolling (2) duck and cover?

    The story is that she was shot in the neck, but the crime scene was nice and tidy. She was still alive in another video and the only blood I saw was on her face and it didn’t seem to be flowing. Just saying.

    This was so perfectly timed to disrupt the Senate procedure that we hoped would be disputed due the the blatant voting irregularities. Gee, those Senators got a lucky break. They cleared everyone out, got sneaky with the voting, and then followed it with a one-finger salute to our Republic.

  51. Guy Varcados says:

    False Flag most definitely planned, all involved should be Hung for Treason…….

  52. CalDre says:

    Regarding the long-haired, long-bearded man in the Capitol rotunda that was linked to a Philly ANTIFA site – it is true that site has a picture of him (Jason Tankersley) – but it is “exposing” him as a “neo-Nazi” (and if the first picture on the page is actually him, which is not clear given the different facial and head hair and age, he does seem to be one), but in any event his picture is not there as an “ANTIFA member”. https://phillyantifa.org/keystone-united-exposed-day-15-jason-tankersley/

    There are almost always agent provocateurs in large protests – and Jason Tankersley may well be one – but that’s no excuse for anything. There were no doubt agent provocateurs at the BLM riots as well, but nobody on the “Right” gave them a pass for that.

    On the other hand, nothing that happened at the Capitol is remotely as violent as the BLM protests, and nobody deserves a “lock-down” more than the profoundly corrupt and evil, war criminals that dominate the US Congress, but isn’t it amazing how they cry like little pansies when they are arguably forced into lock-down for a few minutes, while these malicious tyrants try to lock-down everyone else for years?

    P.S. There really is no evidence the Reichstag Fire was a “false flag”. But there is tremendous evidence 9/11 was. And yes, they often work like a charm.

    • Mos Craciun says:

      re. Reichstag Fire :

      1) Shirer, William (2011). The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Simon and Schuster. p. 192: ” There is enough evidence to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that it was the Nazis who planned the arson and carried it out for their own political ends.”

      2) Paterson, Tony (15 April 2001). “Historians find ‘proof’ that Nazis burnt Reichstag”. The Sunday Telegraph.


      • Jim says:

        Next he’ll be talking about how the Poles really did attack Germany.

        • CalDre says:

          They did, in fact, do so. And they were, in fact, persecuting Germans in the part of Germany Poland stole after WW I.

          Amazing how Communists shamelessly distort history.

          Well, here’s one thing not even Communists can distort: Stalin invaded Poland shortly after Germany, claiming half for itself, even though Poland had nothing to harm the Soviets, nor had it stolen Soviet lands after WW I. Not to defend Poland, at the invitation of the Polish, mind you – but an invasion to conquer and occupy it.

          Meanwhile, the lying English – where your Telegraph lies come from – claim they declared war on Germany, starting WW II, to “defend” Poland. Yet they sent tanks and money to Stalin, and after the war ended, gave him all of Poland on a silver platter.

          But keep repeating your lies. We never tire of laughing at them.

          • Jim says:

            Go worship your homicidal maniac hitler all you want. Just such a great guy. Murdered the feeble minded, the old, and had the original antifa. And we all know what intellectual giants antifa is. Though I don’t know why a nazi claims to really hate communists. Y’all got along so well before hitler got his bright idea to invade russia. Nazis are so smart!????

          • CalDre says:

            Jim is again proving what a feeble-minded Communist he is. Just parrots Communist propaganda like a good little comrade. You get another cracka, little parrot, already all fat on crackas.

          • Jim says:

            Well aren’t you an illiterate bitch. I’ve already stated my political stance in this thread. Though I suppose your infantile little brain thinks calling me a commie would piss me off. It doesn’t. Why would what some ignorant pile of shit thinks about me upset me at all? You have no real argument, just name calling and that’s about the sum of you. It’s your choice to be an ignorant, hateful fool who worships at the shrine of the cult of personality. Me? I rule myself. Like a real man. I don’t need to grovel at the feet of another, begging them to please, please, please be my master. That’s your idea to debase yourself in such a cuck manner. All because you are not man enough to rule yourself. And you somehow believe that your opinion of me is something I should care about? That’s so fucking funny!

      • CalDre says:

        I couldn’t care less what your Communist sources write, where is the actual evidence? A Communist admitted setting the fire. An investigation in the 1960s confirmed it, but now the Communists are saying, the “Nazis” (in 1960s Germany!) controlled the investigation.

        Well, you can repeat your Communist propaganda all day long, it’s still “fake news”, and this site is about none of it.

        • Jim says:

          You’re so hilarious! I’m an anarchist,by the way. Also, I don’t rely on communist/fascists/whatever sources. I study all available data, throw out the obvious bullshit (like your moronic sources) and make up my own mind. You obviously cherry pick your sources to ensure that your childish world view is never disturbed. That’s not learning.

          • CalDre says:

            You’re a Communist, it’s obvious. And you don’t study anything, you parrot Communist propaganda. Good little parrot. You get a cracka.

  53. tripletail says:

    The video evidence overwhelming confirms the protest was a false flag event. It’s all part of the larger election psyop. The US is no longer a country, much less a constitutional republic. It’s over folks. Get ready for a long extended war.

  54. Laura says:

    I know 2 people that were they and they are telling a different story than the media. FB is censoring one of them. They were there with a team of people. Many of my FB friends know people that were there as well. I’ve seen dozens of stories showing the same types of things.
    Capitol police let Antifa in and some Trump supporters followed thinking the Capitol was open. Very staged and planned, militant. Had to be Antifa.

  55. Yosef Brosef says:

    Jon, for a guy that is supposed to be woke, why do you ALWAYS try to liken things to Hitler as if he was a boogeyman and not something to repeat? Do you not understand that Hitler was the good guy of WW2? Stop spewing your nonsense about WW2, it does not help our cause whatsoever. The Jews back then were more ferocious than they are today.

    You think Hitler magically came to power via a false flag, and not because people were dying like flies to suicide and poverty? The Weimar republic of degeneracy that Jews had created was the reason for why Hitler came to power, and magically turned the entire nation around in only a matter of years from COMPLETE bankruptcy. So stop talking shit about him to try to prove a point. You can go watch the documentary “Europa: The Last Battle” or “The Greatest Story Never Told” and it will become extremely clear who was the bad guy in WW2.

  56. Patrialiby008 says:

    If you ask cui bono – who benefits? Those are who did it. From behind the curtain.
    Trump supporters lost the one chance to have the evidence finally presented to congress and the nation on tv. The only chance was during that 2 hour debate. So it wasn’t them.
    As to who benefits? Those who want all leg and exec power in their hands and ccp global masters satisfied their command to ‘win the election no matter what” was followed.
    What would prevent this? A two hour airing of the real evidence. A diversion yes, but who? Antifa soldiers always available but even better, dressed as Trump supporters. So the peaceful crowd of hundreds of thousands of real Trump supporters patriots can be seen to represent not patriots asking valid questions based on the evidence which all will see on tv but as demonic coup plotters murderers incited by evil Trump who must be immediately removed before he can think of any last actions he can take to stop the real steal/coup which is Biden and the stolen senate. They benefit. So it was them.

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