SARS-CoV-2 has not been proven to exist; I can do this forever

by Jon Rappoport

December 18, 2020

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First of all, very high praise goes to Christine Massey, for her work in exposing the coronavirus fraud. In a half-sane world, she would have received many awards by now.

Her latest communication reads: “Freedom of Information reveals Public Health Agency of Canada has no record of ‘SARS-COV-2’ isolation performed by anyone, anywhere, ever” [1]

I urge readers to visit Massey’s site and read her new article and follow all the links. Her findings are stunning. She and her team have made about 40 FOI requests to public health agencies in various countries, requesting proof that SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated. You’ll see from the responses that not one agency has records demonstrating isolation.

This means exactly what it seems to mean: the virus has not been proven to exist.

As for the people who keep chanting that the virus has been isolated, I can keep explaining why this is not so. I can do this forever. [2] [3]

Whether it’s a scientist, a gaggle of scientists, a government official, a person waving a study around like a newspaper with a hot headline from an old movie, my response is the same, and I make it knowing that some people will intentionally refuse to understand it:

ONE: SAYING the virus has been isolated is not the same thing as proving it’s been isolated.

TWO: Researchers routinely twist the meaning of the word “isolated” to mean its very opposite.

Isolation is absurdly taken to mean: “We have the virus in a soup in a dish in the lab. It is not separated out (isolated) from the soup. The soup contains various cells—human, monkey—and an array of (toxic) chemicals and drugs. We know the virus is there, because it is infecting and killing some of the cells.”

A reasonably bright junior high school student would immediately realize this is not a description of isolation.

A reasonably bright high school student would point out that there is no proof the virus is infecting and killing cells, because the toxic chemicals and drugs in the soup are sufficient to do the cell-killing. He might also mention the cells in the soup are being starved of nutrients, and this alone could cause their death.

Therefore, there is no evidence that “the virus” is actually in the soup.

Therefore, there is no evidence in this situation for claiming the virus exists at all.

On to the next factor: the ever-present claims of having “sequenced the genetic structure of the virus.” Again, SAYING the sequencing has been achieved is not the same thing as proving it.

And proving it is impossible, if you don’t already have the virus in a purified and isolated state. Instead of proof, you have shady inference and assumption and guesswork and deception.

How can you sequence something you don’t have? You can’t.

I’ve used several analogies to explain this nonsense. Here is another one:

An art restorer, conservationist, and historian is called to the home of a well-known mob enforcer.

The enforcer tells him he has something to show him in the attic. On the way, they pass through the living room, where several open suitcases are sitting on the floor. They’re spilling over with stacks of cash. Automatic weapons and boxes of ammo are laid out on a long table. In an open closet, the art expert sees a row of jackets with designations indicating: FBI, BATF, Federal Marshal, sheriff, local police.

In the attic, the mob enforcer points to a small pile of tiny chips on the floor.

“These are from a lost Rembrandt self-portrait,” he says. “Collect them, go to work on them, give me a favorable report. Or else.”

Back in his lab, the obedient art expert quickly divides the chips into three groups. The first group is water-color chips from a child’s toy set. The second group is mid-20th-century acrylic chips. The third group is lead white chips, used for a hundred years on either side of the rough date when Rembrandt could have painted the lost self-portrait.

The art expert finds that Rembrandt (and hundreds of other painters) used this general type of lead white.

The expert constructs, from other scholars’ work, an essay claiming there was and is a lost Rembrandt self-portrait. He excludes commentary that denies the existence of this painting.

He “sequences” all this information and conjecture and guesswork (and con) into a convincing report, which points to the small pile of chips in the mob enforcer’s attic.

(It turns out the enforcer intends to accuse a rival mob boss of stealing the “lost Rembrandt self-portrait.”)

The existence of the self-portrait is thus “established,” which is to say, it is put together, cobbled from various sources, concocted, smoothed out by ignoring counter-information—employing a vast generality about lead white paint.

Of course, in all this ridiculous invention, the self-portrait itself is not there, it is not in hand, its existence has not been demonstrated, it is a story, THERE IS NO ISOLATION OF IT from surrounding assumption and gimcrackery.

So it is with SARS-CoV-2. Pieces of data that reference prior supposed RNA sequences in libraries are all strung together, to resemble what is claimed to be a new and unique coronavirus—without having the actual virus, without having shown it exists at all.

In past articles, I’ve quoted two key documents, one from the CDC, and one from “the Drosten group.” These documents were describing how to perform the PCR test for the new virus—and in both documents, the authors state they don’t have the virus.

So…a test for what? The virus you don’t have.

All claims that these authors eventually DID obtain the virus are based on the crooked definition of “isolated” I’ve explained above.

Yes, they got hold of “isolated virus,” meaning the soup in the dish in the lab—and we’re back where we began. Isolation meaning non-isolation.

I’ve explained all this several times, in detail, in past articles, and of course people here and there continue to send me studies claiming isolation.

I can do this forever.

People can say, “Well, we know from photos of Martian soil samples that on the second Tuesday in March, 1843, there was a picnic on Mars attended by three virologists from the Martian Institute of Epidemiology, and they ate baloney sandwiches on rye toast and drank Miller Lite.”

I enjoy these fictional tales in a vacuum. I would leave them alone, except that the failure to prove the existence of SARS-Cov-2 is at the bottom of all the lies that have been used to steal the freedom and assets and livelihoods from at least a billion people.

I won’t leave that alone.

Neither should you.

“…but wait, Mr. Rappoport, here is a study from Outer Mongolia that states the virus has been isolated. This seems to settle the science on this issue, once and for all.”

Sure. Sure it does. And the sun sets every day at noon in Cincinnati.





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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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192 comments on “SARS-CoV-2 has not been proven to exist; I can do this forever

  1. voza0db says:

    Another fake pandemic this time fueled by the PCR technique (PCR is NOT a test) based of snot samples!

    I’m already calling this one “HIV” 2.0

    The main difference for the HUGE SUCCESS of this entire operation is that this time around the Gang has the WWW and “smart”phones as TOOLS to feed a 24/7 PROPAGANDA & FEAR into the brains of the Herd.

    With “HIV” 1.0, these tools weren’t available and TV isn’t good enough!

    Also the way the principal tool, the WHO, was tuned since the year 2000 (creation of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) makes this Event 2020 an absolute success.

    • How about calling it Nocebo, rather than HIV? It the opposite of a placebo. If everyone thinks there is a virus or thinks they are sick? Then that will happen, imagination is a wonderful thing…

      HIV does not exist, there is no virus, no sample of the virus is known, Caputo.

      Kary Mullis addressed this very issue years ago when he was writing something about the subject…
      Mullis invented the PCR, he was a brilliant scientist who knew the limits.

      He started to write ” HIV is the virus that probably causes Aids.” and he found that he needed to prove that if he stated it as fact, When he looked to science to find a fact, it was not there, he talked to Luc Antoine Montagnier, the discoverer of HIV supposedly and found even he had no virus, even he could not support Mullis’s statement when asked…

      This virus nonsense is all theory, it quite like our knowledge of the sun, it is extremely limited. And the more we find out, the more the questions arise and become ever more complex. There are certain things, humans can never ever know.

      Medical science has become Scientism and that keeps us in an illusion.

      • Lewis Papier says:

        Excellent post Michael. Check out my music video THE VIRUS IS MY GOD:

        • Paul says:

          Superb Lewis!

          Rich & Abundant.

          Superlative Work.

          What is the Sound?
          Of two hands clapping.

        • No More Lies says:

          Good music video. A little long but, the message is clear. Say, what about putting that on TikTok, since that’s where millions are? Yah.., that’s gonna happen. I’ll try to save this video and spread it around.
          Thank you ????
          BTW.., are you in Cali?

      • Nora Claypool says:

        Yes, excellent, logical…truthful. I am where you are, (in the mental process) and it’s frustrating to see my brother in law “get tested” by a fake test, for a fake disease, and worst of all, he will probably get the shot. There’s no talking to him, he’s a TV watcher.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        “Psychosomatic” – That is the description you may be looking for. Many “perceived illnesses” can be brought about by simply “believing” one is sick.


        Your cute little term, “nocebo,” seems to fit this definition of the effect of “psychosomatic illnesses” well!

        Just as prayer and a strong belief can exhibit real healing effects in an individual, so can be the hypochondriatic effect have as much a deleterious effect upon one’s health.


        A very good question to ask: “Just how many of these illnesses are, in reality, rooted in belief – more so than physical symptomology?” – After all, the “experts” (especially those trained in human-psychology) know this very well.

      • Shane says:

        Thank You!!

      • Zab says:

        How did Luc Montaignier sequence thos virus if it doesn’t exist? How are people sequencing the genome of the virus both of which are claimed? I am having trouble sorting fact from fiction here

        • Richard Baker says:

          Genes are in the garbage packages put out by cells. When they find those genes, they call them virus instead of toxin.

        • Voza0db says:

          They aren’t sequencing a “virus”. They are just sequencing a piece of RNA that they claim it’s a virus without proving it.

          Our own organism generates billions of pieces of RNA everyday… Are all these pieces viruses?!

          What about the embedded pieces of foreign RNA that exist in DNA since DNA is a thing? When our organism generates RNA from those sequences, are those viruses?!

          This is all a big game for PROFIT, COMMAND AND CONTROL, nothing more.

          Your organism just need the proper tools to work efficiently (aka Vitamins and Minerals and Water).

    • Rita says:

      For AIDS I agree. I know noone with AIDS. But I know a lot of people who got this new condition. Differently from influenza it lasts for around 10 days, with a transitory improvement in the middle. Many people lose their smell and taste. It should be infectious.

      • Hugo says:

        Are you saying people with colds and flus keep there sense of smell and taste while sick?
        Not me. It’s one the first things I notice when I get a cold.

        • JEFFERY says:

          As I have gotten older I notice that when I get a bad cold, I always lose smell and taste for a short period. Sometimes, the voice also disappears. 6 years ago, I lost both for 6 months. It wasn’t until the EMT recommended Flonase that I regained both senses. I didn’t have the Wuhan, just the common cold, which had cleared up in the usual week to ten days.

          • Jim S Smith says:

            May also be from a chronic Zinc and/or Copper deficiency, which is more common than you think.

            Those who are very deficient in Zinc and/or Copper often report the loss of senses of smell and taste. These particular deficiencies can also lead to very serious heart-health issues later.

        • John Ewan says:

          I get about 5 colds most years, but never lose my sense of taste or smell. But I’m sure some people do. However, the stuff on this website is total BS, sorry.

        • Madness says:

          It happened with me and my husband, too a couple of times when we had too much nasal discharge. I thought it was normal? It usually lasted 3-5 days or so.

        • voza0db says:

          Yep… In the old days when I got the cold or flu I’d lost the smell and taste and the willing to eat that comes along with those loses.

          My last time for that was back in 2008 when I Thought “Something is not right!” So I went looking and found the answer, tested it on myself and haven’t had a cold or flu since 2008!

      • Kevin says:

        I had it. Knocked out my smell and taste like an ACE inhibitor did once. It exists, but wasn’t much worse than a cold. The insane measures to control it are unconstitutional.

      • Madness says:

        Typical for radiation poisoning, read after it. Cancer patiences who got radiation “treatment” of the neck and head typically lose their smell and taste.

        I read a story here a long time ago – maybe worth to repeat it for those who are new here.

        Our kittens, 5 in the same time went down with a mysterious illness during the beginning of spring. First symptoms were that they looked dizzy and limp for this or that leg. Those legs were not in pain as they used it when lying on their back to play with. They were reluctant to move, they got up and moved only to drink and eat. After approx. 2 days they all had sky-high fever but zero respiratory symptoms. We rushed them to the vet, she heard pneumonia, she told us they could not make it or some of them as were so serious. They recovered on antibiotics and slept and slept and slept, it took around 10 days – just as you wrote – while they became more active and well as they were before.
        The vet excluded poisoning but was baffled as no known cat illness like this.
        I have many cats, but only those kittens went ill who slept in our living room around 1m distance to my IPhoneX as it was on the table and they liked to sleep on the rug under the table.

        In a case of an infection there is no way that all of them are affected and in the same time and same seriousness. Also no way it did no spread to others around, we noticed that those adults who were on the living-room floor slept more than usual but otherwise they looked ok, sometimes maybe a bit less skilful than usual. Nothing happened with the cats upstairs.

        Back then we suspected new towers, antennas, but they are rather far. We made an EMF shielding in a rush including walls, ceilings and windows. We binned the wifi and went back to cable, I got rid of that phone and downgraded to a less smart but almost never use it and it’s in flight mode all the time and often in the micro (Faraday).

        It never happened again, almost a year passed and it never happened again.

        This is not a virus, whatever did it it was not a virus, neither poison (they ate the same, they breathed the same air). Previously I got two asthma attacks from that mobile after just speaking 2-3 minutes on it, shortness of breath, just can’t breath enough oxygen in but no coughing or anything. After drinking a lot of water and half day passed I could cough and went back to normal.

        Believe me or not make a ‘notice’. I have no reason to make it up or lie. That was our experience.

        Part of the story that a breeder living in London told us she was very ill with ‘Covid’ and her kittens “dropped dead” without any visible previous symptoms. 9 from 11 during a 2 months long time or so. They were kept in her living room where she also kept her wifi (and maybe her cell phone, I don’t know that). But she used that wifi for years.

        Meaning: you can’t trust anything, absolutely anything what can be reached and modified with an update, your smart toys, your wifi and so on.

        • Madness says:

          Sorry. I read a story.. – I wrote a story..

        • Nora Claypool says:

          Valuable post. I don’t have any WIFI, no microwave, no cellphone, and all the breakers I’m not using off, and I got an old mechanical meter installed under an opt-out through the evil power company. Result; lively, happy, madly playful cats in robust health. There definitely is a connection between this non-existent virus and the frequencies, as you point out. Have you read Arthur Firstenberg’s book, The Invisible Rainbow? Well researched read.

      • Haniel Adhar says:

        You just described the flu.

        In fact, this happened to me many times before, exactly as you said.

        Mold infections do the exact same thing

    • Siouxma says:

      Amen, especially your HIV 2.0 observation. From eating a monkey burger in Africa to eating a bat shishkabob in China, Fauci,, has it covered for Worldwide Pandemonium. No proof of HIV & no proof of Covid19. The PCR test makes the circular lie complete. Test cycles/amplifications is essential piece of the dismantlement. Gov. Desantis, how’s that going for you? Time’s awasting.

    • Nick says:

      Basically everything about this blog is wrong and inaccurate. You could say just because you don’t believe in the virus doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Millions of scientists around the world have isolated, sequenced and studied this virus, to say otherwise suggests that they are ALL “in on it” or making up their findings. This alone should give you pause. What is the most likely?: That MILLIONS of scientist and doctors are wrong or that a few internet bloggers are wrong? Together with the fact that I personally have had friends and family sickened by this virus should suggest there is one. As for the virus being “isolated” I suggest you do your homework. Dummy up people you are being played. The same people that developed this virus want you to believe it isn’t real, so you don’t wear a mask and die. Have fun with that.

      • voza0db says:

        “Millions of scientists around the world have isolated, sequenced and studied this virus, to say otherwise suggests that they are ALL “in on it” or making up their findings. ”

        The most STUPID thing I read today!

        Can you share one paper to back up your stupidity?

        • Average Joe says:

          I think Nick shared the fact checker URL he is espousing as proof for the isolation, sequencing, and studies.

          The Covid-19 virus has not been isolated as per Koch’s postulates, and this means PCR tests do not work.
          This is untrue. Covid-19 has been isolated many times. It does not need to adhere to Koch’s postulates as it is a virus, and Koch’s rules have been widely disregarded now. Covid-19 PCR tests are generally very accurate.
          So in summary, Covid-19 has been isolated, Koch’s postulates don’t have to universally apply for something to cause disease, and tests to identify the Covid-19 virus do work.

          I’m not saying I agree with the fact checking, just pointing out Nick’s URL reference.
          And what it means is basically every alleged isolation has to be analyzed to confirm it is not according to a usual scientific method of isolation so people can not refute what is evident.
          What’s confusing for non-scientists and non-virologists and non-doctors is who to believe because of the minutiae of interpretation for what is meant by the conclusion that COVID-19 has not been “properly” isolated nor “properly” sequenced.
          So I read this but still I’m as confused as before because some say it has been isolated and some say it has not and some say it has not because it did not use this method and others say it has and does not need to use that method and so on.
          It just makes it hard for the average Joe to figure it all out.

      • Richard Baker says:

        Not so, it’s just that millions use a false paradigm, then one day the paradigm changes and millions use a new paradigm. Remember: each generation of scientists is usually 100% sure that they are right, until they are not when times change.

      • Tim says:

        WHere is the PROOF

  2. Michael says:

    I have a question. Scientists say they keep finding new mutations of SARS-Cov2 (I think they’re up to 17 now) and the latest says that the mutation makes the spike protein “stick” better. How can they find mutations of a virus that hasn’t been isolated? What are they looking at?

    • Caroyn Gutman Dey says:

      I am no expert at all, but from what I understand the “isolation” they claim actually in part has to do with creating (fabricating) a “long” genetic sequence from short/partial sequences using a software program. So the “mutations” are related to this process I think. I guess it comes down to “they are making shit up”. Because it just doesn’t make sense, as you say in your question Another way to look at it is that everything in the body and nature and in reality is always changing, i.e. ‘mutating”. Especially at that small level… I think what they are calling viruses are packets of information and these are “meant” to always be “mutating’. It’s about cellular communication… so of course it’s always changing. They are calling what is GOOD for us (cellular communication, detoxing processes etc) as bad for us. They reverse and invert the truth…. they make up the idea of these tiny units of information attacking and invading and being parasitical when the opposite seems to be true. This is speculative, the way I am saying this, but this is my opinion. They misunderstand the “virus” as a poisonous disease causing agent AND they misunderstand the pleomorphic nature of cells and thus call normal change “mutation”. Also, evolutionary (Darwinian) theory is based on mutation.. it’s all about competition and dominance and the “selfish gene” idea instead of just “nature always changes”.

      • jimena smith says:

        what you wrote correlates perfectly with marxism. And that makes perfect logical sense, since it is the marxist-globalist devils who through myriad lies and deciet have corruted every power structure and the crooks occuying those positions of power – there are a scant minority like trump who arent in the pocket of the marxist-globalists, and they are under constant siege and attack. Marxism concocted a pack of lies around the fake ‘chinese-virus’, and their crooked crook puppets(fauci, gates, etc) carried it out. Will the idiot people ever rebel?

      • Madness says:

        Dr. Andrew Kaufman showed a great video presentation about it. It’s random how they put these sequences together.

        This is it:

      • Jim S Smith says:


        That was a good hit!

        Because of the FACT that “they” really have no complete, purified isolate of the “virus” (only parts and pieces) – it’s no wonder that “they” can further come up with assumptions of supposed “mutations” – when all “they” really have is just a jumble of assorted protein fragments (parts and pieces again).

        So, yeah –

        “They” can pretty much come up with whatever “they” dream up next! – After all, didn’t “they” do all this with the previous SHAM-demics too? ? ?

      • Shane says:

        I agree with your observation of their INVERSION of the TRUTH! Exosomes are cells normal reaction to toxins and radiation. Exosomes are like white blood cells that absorb toxins and the SLICE of EXOSOMES is what they are pushing out there as an animated computer generated”Virus”

    • Rob says:

      Some listed side effects of using Flonase: loss of taste and smell, flu like symptoms, among many others. How many people with allergies are using Flonase? Hmmmm.

    • Nora Claypool says:

      This is called “Lying”. You can find lots of it on TV.

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      Viruses don’t mutate. They are not living things. Mutation denotes adaptation to environmental stimuli, and only living things can adapt to the environment.

      This “finding of new mutations” is likely more pseudo-science.

    • voza0db says:


      They have a new piece of RNA in the database! They claim (still without evidence) that this piece of RNA is a “new virus” just because it is different from the other database entries, based on a %.

      After this point any difference in the initial database entry that passes a certain % (this also varies, just like the PCR criteria is random) is called a “mutation”!

      They are just saying that “the RNA is now 4% different at the site of the spike code”! And that for me means SHIT.

  3. Paul says:

    “I can do this forever…”

    Ahh, I luv ya Jon.

  4. CMAN says:

    An interesting quote, paraphrased, but meaningful nevertheless: “Remember,also, Hans J. Eysencks’ observation that: “it is intriguing to see how a doctrine completely lacking in factual support or theoretical rigor became all powerful in the public mind, while refuted, discredited, and rejected by many in the know”. Extrapolate this saying onto all the weird belief systems that INFECT the human culture…

  5. Christian Sweningsen says:

    Please ‘ link to the site you recommend ‘ C Massey. Found nothing with Search

  6. Bryan says:

    Dr.Pierre Kory testifies to the senate about what appears to be a “prophylactic cure“ for “COVID-19“ citing many large randomized controlled trials, including one where of 800 “front line” healthcare workers, half were given ivermectin, half were not. Of the half that took the prophylactic, 0 had symptoms or tested positive for covid. Of the other half, ~240 tested positive. It’s also been widely used in a few South American cities with promising data…

    Ivermectin is largely an anti-parasitic with a well known safety profile. There is no monolithic, single reason people are getting sick and dying, i.e., “the virus,” but his data seems to suggest perhaps there is a biological warfare agent in disguise here… (My conclusion, not his).

    That’s a brief snippet of his testimony where he basically demands the NIH look at his data, the full testimony should be easy to find should further investigation be desired.

    Thank you for being a truth seeker.

    • Nora Claypool says:

      Having taken Ivermectin I can tell you it was pretty rough. There are risks with man-made stuff (and natural stuff) but Fenbendazole is very safe/effective wormer for pets with little side effect. Pumpkin seeds are anti-parasitic (not broad spectrum). Borax is good. I’ve used borax in water to keep a mycoplasma infection at bay for 10 years. It’s an old arthritis remedy. If you kill off your parasites, the frequencies don’t affect you as much. Our status as test subjects has left us sprayed with mycoplasm and a host of other horrible things via the chemtrail program. Here’s a link to read about mycoplasm;

    • No More Lies says:

      I watched that a week out 2 ago. Great video, great doctor!!
      But, noticed how the medical “slaves” and orphans machine (media) are not listening to him. Or, acting on his advice? Why? Because there is no profit or mass control of the people if they can’t keep them in fear!

      • No More Lies says:

        I watched that VIDEO about a week or 2 ago. Great video, great doctor!!
        But, notice how the medical “slaves” and PROPAGANDA machine (media) are not listening to him. Or, acting on his advice? Why? Because there is no profit or mass control of the people if they can’t keep them in fear!

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      Just take 3 grams of vitamin C a day, and you will never get sick.


  7. Paul says:

    “…a person
    waving a study around
    like a newspaper
    with a hot headline
    from an old movie.”

    That’s a fantastic line.

    Enjoyed the art restorer analogy too!

    “…used for a hundred years
    on either side of…”




  8. I try to figure out why that happens. I know people have lost their own lives in this Reality Manufacturing Machine; brainwashed to point of mental illness; the contagion of egomania; control, control etc.
    But I talking about the immediate.

    I don’t believe in this hoax, it another bad flu that I have determined is the result of compounding medical abuse of drugs and antibiotics and a degrading value of human health in this determined and insane means to wealth by any methods. The impoverishing of what once was the best in the world.

    Let’s face if they could shovel up all the dogshit on the street and then claim that we have put in a lab found it rich in nutrients and vitamins, and through our handy dandy genetic process of extraction, they have made it into a delicious nourishing biscuit that incidentally tastes really good and is good for you…

    They would.

    They are bastards beyond belief, the guillotine ‘is’ the ONLY solution.

    Face it, psychopaths laugh at how gullible and ridiculous the general public is; timid, vapid, far too sentimental and needing constant stimulation. A hundred and fifty years of dumbed-down education has turned them into something absurd and not quite yet a troglodyte – but soon and of lessening human value really. And that is terribly tragic.

    I have lost patience in the redundancy of continuing to try to explain, what you do, quite humorously and eruditely.

    Christmas is shitcanned and I will not joust with the ridiculous. I offered solutions even to the case of hiding out, with no one else around for miles and miles, in the middle of a Saskatchewan winter, but people are afraid and “What about the scientists? And there are ten thousand cases in Edmonton, and we’re not allowed to go outside…but…but!”.

    My only reply is “Do you know why I allowed you to argue and debate your point, with me, when you were young and I refused to allow you do something I thought you shouldn’t? It was for this reason. To get you to be critical in your thinking and critical of those who hold authority over you. To understand the logic or illogic, if you could argue a point to convincing me I was wrong – would I not change my mind? Have you all forgotten that?”

    “But you’re not smarter than all the world scientists are you Dad?”

    Well actually I am, I am the smartest dad in the world, I have ten coffee cups that you all gave me at various times that have that very thing written on the front…were you lying to me? Don’t tell me you were lying to me? OMG YOU ALL LIED TO ME.”

    I walked into the grocery yesterday, there is a very short and hobbit-like woman who is a cashier in there, she has been obsessive to say the least, watching her spray and wash and cough and twitch and wipe and tidy and fidget and twitch.

    I am Irish, and I know, I am a bastard and I am going to hell, but when I do, the devil will have to take the rumble seat when I get there. There will be no discussion.

    Anyway, the hobbit has a face mask on, one of those heavy-duty baby, with valves and its black and heavy cotton and serious looking, it’s fairly snug to her little hobbit face, and I look down and her furry little toes curling and twitching, as she looks at me with cute little beady eyes, all four foot eleven of her. And on top of all that is full-face shield that is high-quality clear plastic and nuclear proof, it almost always fogged up. Her forehead is flushed, and she is an elder person my age and she looks sometimes like she about to faint. She turns her head sometimes and reaches up under the face shield and pulls down the mask and gasps and then turns to me…

    Hobbit mumbles and murmurs to me…I look her straight in the eyes, with that rather dashing and straight-eyed, with a Irish glint at the corners of my eyes kinda look and she casts hers down submissive and murmurs again.

    I say “I can’t hear you what did you say…”

    She exclaims lodly and mffled “YOU DON’T HAVE A MASK ON?”


    “You’re supposed to have a mask on it’s the law.”

    “Well it’s not the law it’s a mandate there’s a difference, the catholic church hands down mandates, a mandate is an authority figure handing down a dictum to us at the bottom, it’s not a law, actually it is against the law to force someone to take medical treatment, and besides you have one and I am not sick. Are you sick? You don’t feel safe with all that on?”

    “The virus…do you have a medical reason why you should not wear one.”

    “Yes, I am allergic to madness and insanity, and I don’t really want to live, or should I say exist the way you are right now. I just walked five kilometres in the cold it’s minus thirty out there as you know, and I need to clear my lungs, don’t you have something nice to say, like…Hi Michael you look good today?”

    Has the ride stopped yet, can I leave the roller coaster?

  9. derwood kirby says:

    heart attacks
    lies fudging numbers

    compare total world wide deaths for last five years.

    complete hoax.

  10. Larry says:

    The virus came from China.
    There are thousands of Chinese nationals in working for US companies, in the US.
    If CCP covertly supplies the Chinese national workers, with the virus genome, a vaccine can be quickly created.

    So, let your imagination run wild.

  11. Gary Clevenger says:

    I urge readers to visit Massey’s site and read her new article and follow all the links. Her findings are stunning. She and her team have made about 40 FOI requests to public health agencies in various countries, requesting proof that SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated. You’ll see from the responses that not one agency has records demonstrating isolation.

    Do you have her URL to reach her site?

  12. Paul says:


    Have ya catched?,
    the glimmer,
    radiating from
    this ghoul!

    DA of LA
    George Gascon.

    I repeat…OMG!!!

    To borrow a quote,
    from This Lyceum:

    “I’m NOT kidding…”

    Little Timmy turns to Lassie & asks…”What the fuck!?!”

    This isn’t Kansas anymore…


  13. Mark R says:

    For those serious enough to ponder outside of both sides, here are links showing 1) the CDC lists the SARS-Cov-2 as a “bio-weapon 2) is selling what they claim is SARS-Cov-2 and 3) a link to a bio-tech company also selling the SARS-Cov-2 listing who they retrieved it from and the source, ie blood, sputum etc.. I also personally know someone at the local university who was part of a team who studied the SARS-Cov-2 virus in a level 4 bio-hazard lab in March. I know him to be of the highest integrity. His team tested 144 drugs and natural substances to see what would “treat/kill” the virus they had. The study was to be published in the journal “Nature” in March but the journal declined. A press conference was set but never occurred. I have a copy of the study that was never published. The reason for declining publication and press conference was because what they discovered would destroy any reason for vaccine. It would have interfered with BIG pharma’s bottom line.

    Canadian Lab Acquires Coronavirus Sample

    Select Agents and Toxins List

    SARS-CoV-2 Viral Culturing at CDC

    Australian Lab Cultures New Coronavirus as Infections Climb

    Information Regarding SARS-CoV-2 Strains and Reagents

    Information for Researchers Requesting SARS-CoV-2 from BEI Resources

    • GDE says:

      Interested in the unpublished manuscript you reference.
      Please send to “wooky65 [at] protonmail [dot] com”


    • Mos Craciun says:

      1)Very interesting infos at the links you posted.
      2) re. the unpublished study you mention — will be possible to make it available on line for interested people ( professionals) ? I notice someone else requested it by email. In order to avoid multiple emails, I suggest uploading it here :

      in any format and posting the link here, on the blog, on this trend. Of course , even without the names or affiliations of the authors , if privacy is an issue for them .
      Thank you very much !

    • No More Lies says:

      Mark, I tried to watch your first link to Canadian Lab Aquires…., there were so many pop up ads, I closed out of it. I’m not looking at anything that is saturated with pop ups and ads.

  14. Steven says:

    Hard to follow, but how would one answer the question “So if Covid 19 doesn’t exist, what is killing the people that I know personally that have died from it?”. If not Covid then what is killing the people?

    • RegretLeft says:

      Lots and lots of people are killing themselves – teen suicide rate in some state up 100% this year; 10 fold increase overall (claims I have seen).

      In some states, you test positive for Covid and kill yourself within the next 30 days you are a “Covid Death”

      Does that clarify things for you?

    • Dar says:

      Their terrain is not in good shape…they have many toxins that lead to lots of symptoms that affect their organs. They are nutritionally deficient as many are. And no doubt they are aging.

    • John h says:

      Obesity…Heart Disease…Pneumonia…High Blood Pressure…Chronis Respiratory Disease…Cancer, and a whole host of others.
      Old age and postponing treatment for aforementioned ailments plus poor immune system, poor diet(lack of proper nutrition), poor sleeping habits.

    • glenn says:

      Mostly common respiratory illnesses. The unique symptoms that have killed people and caused permanent injury to lungs are not typical of virus related illness. It is more likely some disorder causing the immune system to attack the lungs and or severe oxygen deprivation from toxic chemicals.

    • Madness says:

      What’s the proof he died from it?
      There is no accurate test for covid, autopsies not required but even if they would be they should find the virus itself. How without accurate test?
      We don’t have more deaths we had in previous years, quite the same in most of the countries. How that’s possible if we have a pandemic? WHO wrote a months ago or so that flu cases dropped with 98%. Whenever happened that flu disappeared?

      Covid is a new label on cold, flu, pneumonia, Kawasaki and whatever they can use as covid. Plus – in my opinion – poisoning, radiation poisoning or else (Wuhan’s smog as Jon wrote or Italy’s)

    • It's the disease that did it says:

      This is the knee jerk respons that occurred with immune deficiency syndrome decades ago and so many of these ‘virus caused’ fake events, “Well then what killed them” as if we are obligated then to explain THE cause without knowing anything about the patient’s history and many complex factors that surrounded their body functions and their age etc. Duesberg was first to point out for the gays that were ‘getting it’ it was due to toxins and abuse of one’s body with drug use no sleep too much alcohol and bad food choices but the problem with that is it pins the cause on what people do, how they live, and how they ABUSE their body, so the denialists had to blame the Satan Virus. Duesberg (and others) also pointed out that the very drugs to treat the alleged never proven to exist virus actually was what killed people. Some of us remember the propoganda push for the ‘cocktail’ in the 1990’s, drugs that were so toxic it killed so many very quick until doctors started screaming to the FDA that the drugs were causing the horror and quietly the dose of AZT was lowered at least 500%. Covid is a marketing term it is not a new disease. People die of old diseases. How much alcohol and sugar did the patient consume over the past year? Is this ever calculated in the studies? No, they don’t care they are interested in pushing PCR tests and lies to make money that’s all they care about.

    • Alan says:

      What is killing people? Simple: many things other than COVID. Don’t tell me that you don’t know of them. It’s supposed to be common sense knowledge.

      In Hong Kong, around 8000 yearly die to (traditional) pneumonia. So if a magical superpower novel virus allegedly responsible for 120 or so deaths gets debunked, is there any real difficulty in attributing their deaths to *real* diseases and such?

    • Nora Claypool says:

      Jon has explained at length what’s killing people, (toxic pharmaceutical drugs/vac cines, unnecessary medical prodedures, isolation from loved ones, old age, other ailments like diabetes, cancer and the lot,) but; there’s another stealth pathogen responsible for many illnesses/deaths which has been sprayed on us for decades, which I believe factors into this whole fraud. Of course they try to keep their testing of biological agents hidden from the public, but if you look into it you’ll find the development of bio-weapons and the testing of their efficacy on populations factors heavily in our decreased health in general and specifically as to pneumonia-like symptoms caused by the mycoplasma infections we all have. There’s one genetically manufactured combination of mold, bacteria,and fungus called a vitria or something close to that spelling, worse than anything they’ve come up with to date. The people that have died from this are not reported, their deaths are attributed to other things which are easier to determine, like a gunshot wound to the frontal cortex. The pathogen is hidden and the PCR test was developed in relation to this bioweapon, in order to detect it, using a Red Dye Stain. A doctor told me this. I’m his first patient to survive it, and I did so by going the alternative route.
      Covid covers up to a certain extent, bioweapon-caused disease and the number of people killed by it. People are told COVID, a naturally occurring virus and single disease agent is responsible for inflated numbers of deaths, when governments are responsible for the deaths in reality, caused by the secret weapons testing. Your confusion is orchestrated for covering their asses. A bigger lie covers the first one, etc.

    • george says:

      the same stupid question repeated by stupid sheep over again.

      there were no deaths until covid19?

    • Pondering Soul says:

      Maybe the real reason for deaths are closer than people think.

      Studies show that masks have not been able to prevent influenza like viruses from spreading. Fact.
      “Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.”

      In Sweden people didn’t use much masks or close the economy down like everyone else was mostly required to do. Sweden got much criticism and warnings for going that route. But in the end they have no excess deaths. Fact.

      Matter of fact the more people have worn a mask the more likely they’ve gotten sick! Fact. Source: (page 4)

      We’ve been demonstrated how when a person coughs into a petri dish, the bacteria starts to form rapidly. If a person coughs into a petri dish with a mask on, no bacteria forms into the petri dish. This is obvious, the bacteria gets caught in the mask. So what do you have on your face? A petri dish that you’re breathing into your lungs! Even with decreased oxygen intake!

      How fast bacteria multiply?
      “Bacteria are among the fastest reproducing organisms in the world, doubling every 4 to 20 minutes.”

      I  can only imagine the doubling speed in a moist, warm surface where there are all the time added more bacteria.

      In the year 1918 were the Spanish flu season that killed a lot of people. We’re just told that there was an extreme virus outbreak that just came out of nowhere! That’s not the whole truth alone! One contributing factor was that it happened right after the first world war and there were lack of food and good hygiene etc.

      But what is left untold is one scientific fact that “most victims succumbed to bacterial pneumonia following influenza virus infection. The pneumonia was caused when bacteria that normally inhabit the nose and throat invaded the lungs along a pathway created when the virus destroyed the cells that line the bronchial tubes and lungs.”

      Gee, I wonder where that bacteria came to invade the lungs?

      Masks seems to decrease the society’s immunity and cause deaths via the pneumonia and at the latest when basic influenza season starts! Next phase is to give you a mandatory experimental vaccine that has never been used before with minimal testing! And they’ve already said that one vaccine won’t be enough!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Medical malpractice and “mistakes” take an annual toll of about 250,000 premature deaths a year in these USA.

  15. pietro says:

    Very interesting…So what is really killing all the people???

    • E, ROBOT says:

      People are dying at the same rate as every other year. Check for yourself – Bureau of Deaths (sorry don’t have a link handy). No increase in deaths. Increase is lying about cause of death, although now there’s been a slight change to cause of death: complications due to Covid 19.

      • Steven says:

        re: “People are dying at the same rate”

        I am not disagreeing with you, but trying to follow. So are you saying there are 300K deaths a year in the US from flu like illnesses, or are you saying the 300K deaths in US is a made-up number?

        • dean says:

          Cant speak for US but here in Australia weve had 900 cov deaths. In 2017 there were 1225 flu deaths. From gov stats

        • Marilyn Shepherd says:

          Yes it is, they lumped flu, pneumonia and covid equivalent into one code months ago, they also state clearly that 94% have an average of now 2.9 co morbidities, Italy states 96.3% had an average of 3.5 comorbidities, Texas includes people from 100-110 with up to 7 cormorbidities as covid deaths. Meanwhile around the world 1 in 6 global deaths are babies under 5 dying of starvation

        • Jim S Smith says:

          They are simply “re-labeled” as “COVID-caused deaths” – to continue the fear and paranoia of a “dis-ease” that has, so far, not been scientifically-proven to exist.

          It’s the business of politics, and mega-profits that make this “COVID fantasy” worth so much, to keep its panic alive and well.


          A nation of panicked “SHEEP”, are easier to “guide” towards a proposed (authoritarian) “solution”.

    • MekaLekaHi says:

      They simply run out of life.
      And without stimulus checks they can’t afford to go out and buy more.

    • Gunny says:

      What usually kills all the people?

    • D. Smith says:

      Most of the numbers you are hearing being blasted over the tv, etc., are all mixed together. People who do this absurd reporting don’t seem to be able to distinguish between minor illnesses, major illnesses and deaths. They just lump everything together and spit out the numbers.

      • Jim S Smith says:


        “They” just don’t care, because the money is in it – to help keep the lies flowing, and the liars getting more wealthy.

    • Andy says:

      Ordinary, run-of-the-mill deaths. People die from all sorts of things. Apparently the medicos are encouraged to put the cause of death as the supposed “Covid19” for any death, from a car accident to cancer or whatever, in order to attract additional funding. Apparently there’s nothing out of the ordinary about the total death numbers. People are not dropping like flies in any higher numbers than other years. “Covid19” is a total ruse.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        At close to about $51,000 per “COVID patient” being hooked up to the very dangerous (and often LETHAL) “ventilators”, it’s no wonder that the 2020 CARES ACT was so vital to the scam!

        Imagine, over $100 BILLION dollars to be payable to the various “emergency treatment facilities” – for treating “COVID-patients”!

        2020 has been a very profitable, but MURDEROUS year for many of the ill-intents and their “money bag-men”.

    • Gesulmina says:

      To what “all the people” are you referring? You are referring to statistical propaganda which anybody can publish. To verify these data, you need an actual body count with verifiable causes of death via autopsy. Otherwise, anybody can say anything.

      Since it was very recently published by an international group that there have been “no EXCESS DEATHS” in any country on this earth since the plandemic began – and they have been counting monthly – then the obvious, basic, logical conclusion is that Covid did not do it, or did a minor amount, like an annual flu. The rest were, Who knows? Furthermore, the murders that have been occurring in nursing homes and long-term care, starting with about 50,000+ in early April/2020, and now are estimated to be maybe 100,000+ more COULD HAVE BEEN ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING – various bacterial infections including pneumonia, sepsis from a minor cut, etc etc – because those people were not getting good care, fresh air, no MDs or ICUs on site and so forth.

      Additionally, if you think this Covid is “novel” or previously unknown, then check this out and note the date of publication:

      Coronavirus: Signs the new Sars-like virus can spread between people

      By James Gallagher
      Health and science reporter, BBC News

      Published 13 February 2013

      Short Summary: Some travelers from the Middle East returning to the UK had come down with a recognized – by UK researchers, obviously – CORONA VIRUS WITH SARS-LIKE

      AGAIN, THIS WAS IN 2013.

      NOVEL? Really. Nothing new under the sun.

  16. Marbran says:

    Mr. Rappoport has put together the start of a very much needed investigation. But where do we go from here?

    The path to truth always begins with the simplest of questions, and in the case of SARS-CoV-2, “Where is the isolated virus today?” is a damn good simple start. If no one – anywhere – has actually isolated SARS-CoV-2, then how can anyone possibly say with any certainty that they know what we are dealing with.

    The premise that SARS-CoV-2 does not exist, at least not in the way we would expect it to, answers so many other questions that have been plaguing (pun intended) the world for almost a year.

    1. Where are the unique and widespread outbreaks we were told would occur?
    2. Where are the widespread and very high death rates we were told would occur?
    3. Why are some people testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 without ever exhibiting symptoms?
    4. Why are almost all of the deaths from SARS-CoV-2 occurring only in the elderly or those with comorbidities?
    5. Where is the flu?

    That last one is the most damning in my opinion. If the flu virus (any variant) and SARS-CoV-2 were so dissimilar, we would right now be seeing two parallel outbreaks in test results world-wide. But we’re not. The flu has almost completely disappeared. Even the CDC stopped tracking it months ago. Why?

    • GARY E MYERS says:

      3. Vitamin D

    • Kjell Holmsten says:

      If you isolate a fish, you know you have a fish. If you also isolate a caged bird in a cage and remove all cats and dogs and leave the bird in its cage alone, you know you have a bird that dies after a while. That’s what you know, you see it right!
      But many here say that they have heard others who have isolated a virus that they have not even seen under a microscope, does that not seem strange?
      This kind of rhetoric occurs here on this blog that you do not understand what you are doing? Mankind has thus earned itself a vaccine.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Mankind has thus earned itself a vaccine.

        Very damning words to say the least.

        Of course,

        I guess it would be no point in saying just how profitable these “vaccines” have been for the various manufacturers. No sweat! – There are plenty of gullible people who can be talked into receiving them, and believe that these “vaccines” will never harm them – but “protect them”.

        The whole point is:

        A “vaccine” looking for a “virus” to go up against.

        Sounds like the very same old adage: “A ‘solution’ looking for a ‘problem’ (which was never really there to begin with).

  17. GDE says:

    CDC claims to have isolated the virus, but I no longer work in the lab that could request and handle such a beast, so I cannot fully validate this claim.

  18. Woody Boyd says:

    As I live in Cincinnati I can assure you I have isolated that the Sun does NOT set at Noon !! 😉

  19. Abbie says:

    Jon it is so frustrating to see science bastardized and then used to serve the powers that be.
    Has your research uncovered what is actually CAUSING this so-called contagious ‘illness’?
    Would LOVE to know.

  20. Greg says:

    Trying again, with a more approachable email. Maybe protonmail is not an allowed account.

    While I no longer work in a lab, so I cannot speak to the validity of the CDC statement, they claim to have actually isolated the virus and it is cultured and isolated, as a service in the Biodefense and Emerging Infections Research (BEI) Resources Repository.

    Just looking for your thoughts and response to this, that is all.

    • Abbie says:

      Greg these articles do make the case for isolation. Looking forward to Jon’s response.

    • Kjell Holmsten says:

      If you isolate a fish, you know you have a fish. If you also isolate a caged bird in a cage and remove all cats and dogs and leave the bird in its cage alone, you know you have a bird that dies after a while. That’s what you know, you see it right!
      But many here say that they have heard others who have isolated a virus that they have not even seen under a microscope, does that not seem strange?
      This kind of rhetoric occurs here on this blog that you do not understand what you are doing? Mankind has thus earned itself a vaccine.

    • Madness says:

      Greg, when you visit the first link you find another link on the site pointing to the actual isolation. That’s not a proper isolation but a flawed one and I am not virologist or microbiologist to recognize, anyone with a healthy amount of common sense can notice the flaws.

      1. They are speaking about ONE patient (no others to compare)
      2. I can’t see where and how was that sample cleaned from other stuff (that would be the isolation)
      3. They put it into cell culture and poisoned it with antibiotics – of course cells died due to that.
      Read it yourself.

    • Binx says:

      The study upon which the CDC bases this claim of isolation did not actually isolate the virus. And the cocktail they did extract would not replicate in human cells–only in monkey cells. See Dr. Cowan’s discussion of this study:

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Huh? ? ?

      I have had very few, if any, problems with my ProtonMail account. Sounds like the service on the receiving end doesn’t like it. – What a shame! Not appreciating the fact that ProtonMail is far more private and secure than MOST of the commercial email-providers out there.


      I have read those documents, and also completely dismantled their facade, portrayed as “scientific process”. What they did, was most UNscientific and most-dishonest on all academic levels in the practice of the “Scientific Method”!

      These folks are NOT true scientists!

  21. Adam Cassidy says:

    The wholly fraudulent ‘genome mapping’ methodology can be described, I think, like this:

    Cut up a million books into ten character strips of paper, then grab a handful of this confetti equal to approx 1000 books in total characters ie letters and spaces etc

    From this, use a computer to read them all, then look for ‘overlaps’ that connect to each other, beginning with a few sentences from another book that is like the one you are looking for.

    From approx 1/10 of 1% of the 10 letter strips, construct the book that you assume is there.

    The end result is the ‘novel’ virus !!

    Of course, each time this is done in different labs, slightly different books will be written – these are simply mutations.

    This is the belief system of a Satanic cult, not science or anything close to basic logic.

    Resist or die.

    • Alan says:

      Oh, they do have a “novel” virus. Oxford Languages dictionary definition:

      novel (1)


      a fictitious prose narrative of book length, typically representing character and action with some degree of realism.

      Just don’t make the mistake of taking “novel” as an adjective.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Very good analogy!

      I used the idea of a five-thousand piece jigsaw puzzle, where we only have a few hundred pieces (IE: about twenty or so from here, four dozen from there, etc . . .) – to TRY to rebuild the full picture.

  22. Becky says:

    I never catch the flu. I was diagnosed with C-19. Had all the classic symptoms including loss of taste and smell. What did I catch then? No flu I’ve ever had made me lose taste and smell. I agree this thing is wayyyyy overhyped and how it’s being handled is absurd, but then what did I have if not C-19?

    • Dar says:

      Your body is trying to detox….you did not catch anything. When we are overwhelmed with gmo foods, nutritionally deficient (80% of Americans are magnesium deficient..check out all the symptoms just from that alone). Chemtrails, chemical poisoning from cleaning agents in our homes…lots of side effects from RX…on and on. Our bodies become inflamed…also many have fungal infections or yeast overgrowth. Not saying you have all that…just saying we have to cultivate a good terrain.

      • John Rainer says:

        Don’t forget wireless non-ionizing radiation from smart phones, cell phone towers, smart meters, wifi routers – these unnatural frequencies are being used in the war against Life, against humanity, and none of these unnatural frequencies have been proven safe or to be in any way beneficial. Studies have shown that these frequencies can cause coagulation of the blood, and there are now thousands of peer-reviewed studies which show conclusively that non-ionozing radiation from wireless devices is harmful to all biological life, and cause a number of diseases, including cancer and brain cancer. Any new diseases may be due to the increase of the EMR pollution in our world. Loss of taste and smell is also caused by radiation poisoning – could be caused by EMR..

    • D. Smith says:

      Whenever I have a cold (which is pretty rare) I always lose my sense of taste and smell, don’t you? Maybe you had a combo of the flu and a cold? Just an observation.

    • John h says:

      How were you “diagnosed” Becky? PCR test?

      Personally, in my lifetime I have had many “bad colds” where I lost my sense of smell and taste buds. My solution has been to stay away from Doctors if at all possible.
      Sniffles, cough, congestion, headaches, joint pain…..I don’t run to Doctors. We have been told over my 77 year lifetime that there is NO CURE or vaccine for the “Common Cold”.
      I self medicate with supplements, vitamins, loads of green and other herbal teas, ginger ale, apple cider vinegar etc. Hot 1-2 hour epsom salt baths work wonders. Sleep with head elevated.

      Covid-19 is a ‘corona virus’ is a common cold…..a bad one. If you have 2-3-4 co-morbid conditions it can be deadly, it’s always been that way. Only in previous years and decades, Donald Trump was not running for reelection.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      It could have been air pollution poisoning. Release of hydrogen cyanide has increased since Trump reduced the restrictions on pollution by refineries refining fracked oil. It could have been the result of getting too close to new 5G towers. There might be some other unknown agent from chemtrails. Flu is not “caught”– rather flu is the body’s way of eliminating toxins. Viruses are actually exosomes which are cellular “janitors” that clean things up and spew them out– thus the resulting lousy feeling and apparent sickness. The sickness you experienced is your body eliminating toxins. This is new biology based on Beauchamp Terrain Theory which rejects Pasteur’s [contagious] Germ theory.

      The CDC’s micrographs showing viruses are actually exosomes.×381.jpg

      • Nora Claypool says:

        Exactly so. You are spot on. You can’t catch a virus, because it isn’t a living thing, it’s a simple solvent produced by a living body to escort toxins out of sick cells.
        A virus can’t live on a surface if it isn’t alive to begin with, so it isn’t contagious. Masks are not needed, nor is poisoning your liver with all that toxic, alcohol-based hand sanitizer! The PTB know all this, and they’re laughing at all the mouse-like idiots wearing masks, plastic face cones and spraying literally everything down.

    • Kjell Holmsten says:

      So your body “YOU” reacted to something, maybe a poison or a poison in your mind. No one here can know Jon either and I do not think GOD knows either.

    • Andy says:

      You said you “never catch the flu,” then you said “no flu I’ve ever had”…which is it? Also, I’d be curious as to whether you developed “symptoms” before you were told you had the supposed C-19, or after. The power of suggestion can not be underestimated, especially since it plays the major part in psychological operations. I’ve only recently been schooled on how germ theory is total bunkum. I now believe that if you “had” anything, it was merely your body’s response to toxin, or more likely, extreme fear; extreme fear of “catching” a “virus” that doesn’t exist. Check out Dr Andrew Kaufman’s videos on Koch’s postulates. Although I watched his videos on said subject months and months ago, I’m now having trouble finding them on YouTube. However maybe you can find them on his website or something.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        You said you “never catch the flu,” then you said “no flu I’ve ever had”…which is it? Also, I’d be curious as to whether you developed “symptoms” before you were told you had the supposed C-19, or after.

        And THERE IT IS, my friend! – How to spot a bull$hitter (IE: “troll”).

        The original poster has committed the most common flawed word-play that tells it like it is.

    • Sean1868 says:

      Would you have found such symptoms noteworthy in the absence of the Covid hysteria?

      I wonder to what extent the “I’ve never experienced something like this before” is merely an effect of the Covid hype?

    • Madness says:

      Poisoning. Most likely radiation poisoning.

    • Abbie says:

      Becky that is fascinating. These symptoms are similar to the symptoms of radiation sickness….

      • Becky says:

        A lot of responses here.
        1). To clarify, I haven’t had the flu since I was a kid. So this wasn’t like any flu I ever had. But I’m 50 and it’s been al least 30 years or more since having anything serious other than a stomach bug, seasonal allergies or a sinus infection.
        2). Loss of taste and smell. Of course with a sinus infection etc you have a reduced sense of those things but once congestion clears up all is well. Mine were gone for weeks once I was recovered.
        3). To the poisoning or detox ideas.. my entire household had this around the same time with varying degrees of symptoms. I don’t feel it was exclusive to me if something going on.
        4). I don’t get I’ll eases with fever. My husband is never sick and was knocked down for several days. He too had lost taste and smell for weeks after.

        I don’t know what to make of any of it. I will not take a vaccine and I think this situation is way overblown with a high survival rate.

        I am not qualified to diagnose or speak to the validity of Covid 19 However we all had an illness that was different than anything we’d ever had so there’s something definitely going on.

        Just my own personal experience.

        • Lyn P says:

          On the point of shared experience, a few levels deeper into understanding What Makes Us Sick, are viewpoints that family members, roommates, or others in frequent close proximity do not “spread” anything actually to each other but through bodily energy expressions, exhibit a similar process of de-tox.

          E.g., as no Measles virus has ever been isolated to this day, the above explains how “measles parties” allowed children to experience this process around the same time and recover, with lifetime benefit.

          Because of the long-term programming, people have a hard time transitioning from the idea of an “outside infectious entity” coming in to harm them to the understanding of Terrain theory of illness and how humans work energetically.

          It’s really a refreshing revelation on multiple levels to become free of the GERM invader premise, which is a mental firewall.

          A couple of recommended books are: Virus Mania, and The Contagion Myth, as well as The Invisible Rainbow covering “flu” from 1918 on.

    • Billy Jones says:

      I’m confused. Sorry to be obtuse, but you “never catch the flu” and “no flu” you’ve “ever had made” you “lose taste and smell”?

      It’s a common symptom of basically every cold. Coronavirus, adenovirus, rhinovirus, etc….

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Had all the classic symptoms including loss of taste and smell.

      Kind of hard to have THE “classic symptoms”, supposedly from a “novel virus” (one that was unknown before) – don’t ya think? ? ?

      Most of those symptoms are also common with:

      1) Severe head-colds,
      2) Certain flu,
      3) Dust allergies,
      4) Some forms of food-poisoning,
      5) Exceptionally sensitive to erratic weather,
      6) Stress-induced,
      7) Disruption in sleep patterns,

      * * *

      Take your pick.

      Just because “the doc” says you are “positive” for some “virus”, and you “have the classic symptoms” – doesn’t mean an absolute certainty.

      They’ve got you running scared, all because the “politics is in the game” too.

  23. Jim S Smith says:


    Tried telling folks this for ages. PLUS, the last few analyses I read even down to the “nitty-gritty” of just how few pieces of this alleged virus “they” actually had to supposedly “reconstruct” this “virus”.

    In all, about a few thousand codons, of the more than tens-of-thousands of codons that supposedly make up this “virus”.

    And to boot,

    What few pieces they have, are also commonly found in hundreds of other bacteria, archaeia, and even human beings! Never saw mention of how many other biological species these “fragments” could also be from (like a Papaya, a goat, etc?).

    So, there is so much “malarkey” (to quote Joe Biden) behind this “coronavirus” issue, EVEN before we start talking about these “tests” for it.


    Notice how many “news” outlets keep making quiet “change-ups” between COVID, COVID-19, and just “coronavirus” – as if the terms are all interchangeable? ? ?

    I’m still not partaking of the vaccines. Never will either!

  24. Serge Stone says:

    This “virus” has never been and never will be proven to exist for the simple reason that one can not prove the existence of something that does not exist in nature at all, at least not on this planet:

    Had the consequences of all this not been so lethal, it would have been a comedy to see this species of primates (calling themselves “sapient”) screwing themselves to hell with practical implementation of their own idiotic theories, the said “theories” having absolutely nothing to do with the real world, that they (the “sapient” primates) have utterly failed to understand and appreciate and, most importantly, to live in harmoniously even after thousands of years of their so-called “civilization”. The latter in reality is just a huge pile of highly destructive and clinically suicidal garbage, which is now very clearly on its final straight towards total extinction, and, unlike the “virus”, it is really proven mathematically:

    • JohnnyZ says:

      A good start. Now go and prove it is a “planet” – well you can’t. The deception is deeper and longer than you think.

  25. I tend to agree John. But what did Benny Napoleon die from? Likely underlying conditions and maybe Influenza going to Pneumonia. But what?

  26. Larry C says:

    Old Doc Fauci, is reminding us to be COVID-SAFE:

    1) Do not rub your eyes.

    2) Do not scratch your ears.

    3) Do not lick your fingers.

    And finally…

    #4) Do not…I repeat, do NOT pick your nose!


    Just shoot me now.

  27. Gunny says:

    Get off your knees!

  28. D. Smith says:

    Jusst read some more info about the bogus PCR testing today, so I thought I would share it. Good stuff.

  29. ChristopherSS says:

    The CDC’s website says not just that it HAS been isolated, but even details when, how and by whom.

    Is the article.she wrote simply an outdated version and do you have a link to a more recent one?

    • Jim S Smith says:

      The CDC lies their a$$e$ off every time.

      If you read their report on how they supposedly “isolated” their “virus” (and read it very carefully), you may find that they had to “simulate” the parts (by a computer modelling program) they did not actually have! – In other words, they took a few fragments of RNA, proteins, etc. – from various labs around the world, and assumed they had the parts to reconstruct the entire “virus” RNA, when they only had a fraction of the RNA-fragments to begin with.

      – That is NOT proper scientific process! The many of the folks at the CDC, NIH, and the many other “health authorities” around the world are NOT scientists! – They are bureaucrats and politicians, parading themselves around in white lab coats, and doing what they want the public to believe is “science”.

    • Binx says:

      Christopher, see the responses to Greg’s post, farther up, at 12:50.

  30. Tom SteChatte says:

    Something or some things are causing these weird symptoms which have not previously manifested in the combinations they are now manifesting. The pathologies are novel, if not all that severe for 99.975% of those who contract whatever “it” is. This is not to disagree with the author that what we are calling Covid19 hasn’t been “isolated.” But science can fail to isolate a cause and still conclude from the effects that a cause exists. Failure to isolate merely means we can’t use science to test, treat, or ward off. Instead, all we can do is play the very archaic, non-scientific game of “trial and error.” But hey, Trumpty and Pensive just took the vaccine, ironically which hasn’t even been tested with “trial and error”… well unless you consider that being accomplished with all these Covid Karens rolling up their sleeves this week!

    • Lyn P says:

      For every politician or “top” health bureaucrat who claims or purports to demonstrate they’ve taken this actual VAX, I’ll eat a plateful of earthworms.

      “Weird symptoms” which have not previously manifested in these combinations. REALLY?? Then how are they described? How are they discussed? Please list a specific combination of symptoms which have “never manifested this way before.”

      If this is a Pandemic that actually causes death, then how are total deaths not up at all and what the heck “novel” could really be measured?

      What’s “Novel” to me is the extent of this Scam, the gaslighting, the sad awareness that so much of the pubic is that gullible and manipulatable, and the level of EVIL perpetrated on the globe by these anti-human, psychopathic “authorities.”

    • No More Lies says:

      I take vitaminD(and zinc and others) everyday.

    • Larry C says:

      ‘why are most people ignoring Vitamin D??? ‘

      Answer: Because Prophylaxis, does NOT fit in to the terrifying Covid Fairy Tale, that is spewed forth, 24/7, in mainstream news and on all of the “social” media platforms.

      In other words, if the Fake News doesn’t report it (nutritional measures to stop respiratory disease, in its tracks), then it can’t possibly be REAL.

      I beg to differ.

  31. RK says:

    Thank you Jon for your valuable work in this time of deceit.
    The reason that nothing has been isolated or filtered is not because they cannot do it, if done it will clearly show, without a shadow of a doubt that this was a human made bio toxin that was a joint work of China, Fauci, Gates and the WHO. It would be self incrimination, the synthetic sequence would be traced back to its source. They are not going to slit their own throat.
    By creating imaginary sequences and never showing the real item they remain free of the crime against humanity they are using.

  32. Sean1868 says:

    I’ve noticed that the Chicago papers have been hyping Covid deaths on the South Side of Chicago. A few days ago the front page of the Sun Times read “Oh My God – This is Carnage” about whatever is happing at the Roseland hospital on the South Side. Maybe this is another example of what’s alleged to have happened at hospitals in NYC?

    • Lyn P says:

      (Formerly) long-time resident there, this is a prime example of how the economically disadvantaged are used as pawns in the narrative fear porn scam. Likely multiple agendas being pushed thereby.

      There may be some marxist influence going on in the top two local papers, which have increasingly gone along with Mayor Leadfoot’s gaslit SJW agenda. Seriously, it was a depressing realization the last few years. how far those previously quality papers FELL.

  33. Paul says:


    Discussion on Building Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccine (1:15 long)

    Paneled by CSIS.

    Interesting…in that it seems to be composed of largish conglomerate of various disciplines.

    There does seem to be a “desired need” to convince us.

    I always find it troubling when I hear “psychologists” speaking of humans as “groups.”

    For example:
    “Republicans, Blacks, & rural people prove to be “vaccine-hesitant.”

    One panelist, if I understood her “politico-speak” correctly, was dismayed that “some” (ie anti-vaxers) “didn’t have a great desire to receive the vaccine, because they weren’t too scared of contracting the virus.”

    There was a lot of talk of “we must respect people where they are.” That is, their beliefs about vaccination.

    But… ultimately…they seemed desirous to convince. Their “respect” amounted to a paternalistic smile.

    Close to the end, a woman says “something IS GOING TO HAPPEN, & we need to get ahead of that.”

    I listen to them speak…and think…”they’re talking about people, right?”

    Decide for yourself.
    Strangely interesting.

  34. Pablo PK Kendall says:

    Has any virus been isolated and purified? It would seem to me that doing so would be quite difficult as viruses by necessity need a host to ‘live’ off of and separating the two seems like quite a challenge. Just curious if it has ever been done, because it certainly has not been done with SARS CoV-2

  35. Brian Peacock says:

    University of Auckland vaccinologist and associate professor Helen Petousis-Harris said SARS-CoV-2 had been isolated – and it can be viewed with a powerful microscope.
    “You can’t grow a virus without a cell culture, it can’t replicate without the cell machinery, but you can recreate the virus from its genome.”

  36. “Taylorism” is a largely antiquated method of extreme skill specialization from the early 1900’s.

    Founded based on ideas of Mechanical Engineer Frederick Taylor, the concept was the application of that Mechanical Engineering to the human functions in the workplace, in other words everything had it’s particular and specific place & function in a system.
    No more and no less.

    Human activities in the workplace were limited to very specific actions, in order to save time and increase efficiency.
    Having workers doing the same limited actions all day was more efficient than having workers perform several different tasks.

    It was an extreme interpretation of Adam Smith’s Division of Labor.

    This led to highly-specialized workers that often lacked knowledge, skills or training in other aspects of production or labor.

    Critics have said that in Taylorism, “the worker was taken for granted as a cog in the machinery.”

    Which is exactly one of the major flaws in the medical industry.
    When it comes to dealing with something like a virus, or bacteria, or drug, there are often Researchers that are distinctly different from Scientists that are distinctly different from Chemists that are distinctly different from Doctors that are distinctly different from other workers.

    Each has very little knowledge of the work of the other.
    Each has very little knowledge of the entire process.
    Even within those divided groups, like say amongst Researchers, there are very specialized & limited tasks performed by different people.
    Thus, say a Researcher working on cancer research is likely to work on only a small piece of that research.
    Often not knowing any more than their small role, in basically what is an assembly line model of that research.

    Thus by the time people like Doctors get involved, they are so far removed, and they are simply relying on the tasks of those many others before them.
    They often know very little of the pharmacology, or microbiology, or various other aspects of the functions and roles of all the different stages and interactions of all elements in that entire process.

    They’re often just imply told to perform some medical procedure, or prescribe some drug, or some other limited function, and based on the prior work of others.

    They take on faith and trust, that those before them knew what they were doing.

    Thus when it comes to the existence of say, a supposedly new virus, they simply believe what they’ve been told, without actually possessing firsthand knowledge.

    Which is, in essence, like a how a rumor mill operates.
    People just assuming those before them knew what they were doing.
    It’s the age-old old question, “What is knowledge?”.

    Charles Darwin wrote that “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
    His observation serves as a basis for the Dunning Kruger effect.
    Those with lesser knowledge tend to overstate their confidence in what they think they know, based on their truly limited comprehension of the fully-encompassing aspects of the essence of that thing they think they know.

    And that is the medical industry in a nutshell.
    Well-paid ignorants whom often just follow systematic tasks, without true knowledge or full comprehension of what it is they’re doing.

    I can ask most any healthcare or medical worker, and they will most often be the first to confirm the “pandemic” (often without relevant knowledge of anything but official narrative), and affirm/support official procedures, without question or deviation.

    The virus exists because the system tells them it exists.
    They are paid well because they follow that profitable system, without question or hesitation.

    On an interesting side-note, the largest investment banks that exist as the largest institutional shareholders of the largest “competing” hospitals, insurance co’s., and pharmaceutical co’s., are similarly the largest institutional shareholders of the largest discount chains, like Dollar Tree, Dollar General , Walmart, et al.

    Thus those revered & respected “educated” medical & healthcare “experts” are essentially employed by the same groups that employ those “unskilled” minimum-wage Clerks & Stockers.

    The smartest & most innovative people throughout history have been those willing to ignore convention and endure criticism.
    Those willing to venture, explore, observe, discover, create, invent, even fail (as long as they learned from that failure).

    The world needs far more people willing to venture outside the bounds & constraints of the common, ordinary, and popular/accepted.
    Pretty much all genius starts with eccentricity.

  37. Krivis says:

    Dead matter, needs live organism to “live”? Black magic! ???? or program?????????

  38. No More Lies says:

    Just went to Masseys articles to Canada PHAC. What a joke. They need to strip that “honorable” title from that witch Hajdu. Canada(and American Gov/Medical “institute” are part of the LLL Syndicate. Lie, Lie, Lie!
    WAKE UP CANADA! You’re being lied to. Just like America and the rest of the world is being lied to.

  39. george says:

    I do not think it is important that virus does not exist. it is irrelevant.

    What matters is that parasites took control of all governments, mass media, corporation, education… anything they say it is true, the sheep will accept as true

  40. Brian James says:

    December 18, 2020 When the Elderly and Frail Die after Receiving the COVID Vaccine
    What if it’s your mother or father?

    “The Covid-19 vaccines have not been tested in the frail elderly, many of whom are residents of long-term care facilities.”

    • Mark R says:

      The loss of taste and smell are the classic symptoms of zinc deficiency. In the 80’s it was discovered women with anorexia and bulimia lost their sense of taste and smell. Elderly are known for this also. When given zinc supplements, the anorexic and bulimic women healed these conditions. Elderly are more inclined to eat when zinc deficiency is corrected.

  41. hayden says:

    Every official that comes in, cripples us, leaves us maimed
    Silent and tamed
    And with our flesh and bones, he builds his homes
    Southern fist, rise through the jungle mist
    Clenched to smash power so cancerous
    A black flag and a red star
    A rising sun loomin’ over Los Angeles
    Yes, for Raza livin’ in La La
    Like Gaza on to the dawn of Intifada
    Reach for the lessons the masked pass on
    And seize the metropolis, it’s you it’s built on
    Their existence is a crime
    Their seat, their robe, their tie
    Their land deeds, their hired guns
    They’re the crime
    Shots heard underground ’round the rapture
    The world’s eye captured at last in a Mexican pasture
    The masked screaming land or death
    Within a breath, a war from the depth of time
    Who shot four puppet governors in a line
    Who shook all the world bankers who think they can rhyme
    Shot the landlords who knew it was mine
    Yes, it’s a war from the depth of time
    RATM Zach de la rocha

    • Tim_2A says:

      Oh, I guess that was supposed to be some type of ‘COMMIE-dy.”

      Try some of my brand.

      La Raza SUPPORT???
      Here’s my considered retort:

      Reconquista? DIE!
      We’ll BLAST you, that’s OUR reply!!
      Cook your meth, AND FRY!!

      Oooohhh, carfentanyl.
      Almost ev’ry day, more pills.
      You can keep your swill.

      Interesting rappin.’
      YOU think: “What’s gonna happen?”
      Just OUR hands, clappin’.

      If you’re here to speak,
      Be poetic, a word geek.
      Repeating is WEAK.

      California’s toast.
      Nothing, about which to boast.
      Finished, with your roast.

      Why would you leave the comment you did??

      Hopefully, it’s not your writing (or is it?), because it sounds like that of a COMMUNIST TROLL!!

      The world’s largest Soviet embassy was in Mexico City, at one time.

      It’s no wonder that we’re reading this “Southern fist” BULL-SHOVIK.

  42. g says:

    DOJ charges medtech exec with $69M in COVID-19 test fraud, notes Theranos parallel

    The Department of Justice has charged the president of Sunnyvale, California-based Arrayit Corporation with the alleged submission of $69 million in false claims for COVID-19 and allergy tests.

    In a complaint unsealed Tuesday, DOJ accused Arrayit of claiming it could detect the coronavirus in dried blood samples and telling clinics to bundle the test with its allergy diagnostic, regardless of medical need. In a statement, DOJ said in the affidavit supporting the complaint the company’s president said it could test for COVID-19….

    Sound familiar?

  43. n says:


    Attorney Thomas Renz


  44. Grant says:

    Hi Guys, I have been following No More Fake News from Jon all this year about Covid 19. Many have questions not many answers, just found this link today its a real eye opener all the pieces on Covid 19 is put together and the list is endless. The biggest problem is that Covid 19 was put in motion from 2015 not to mention that Kary Mullis inventor of the PCR died 2 to 3 months before Covid 19 hit Wuhan coincidence or was he assinated you be the judge.

    Like to have your mind blown this is the link

  45. Allen Duplantis MD says:

    How do we find Christine Massey Jon?

  46. Patricia says:

    I’m an emergency nurse with 35 years experience. I have taken care of COVID-19 patients.
    I was diagnosed with COVID-19 after a patient coughed in close proximity to my face, even while I was wearing an n95.
    I became very ill, and subsequently my lungs are destroyed.
    I am on continuous oxygen and I experience shortness of breath with the most minimal activity.
    Through my own personal research, I’ve come to believe that this is an engineered virus, either via studies of gain of function or through weaponization at the wuhan Institute of virology.
    Never in my career have I seen or experienced as viral illness such as this. I started my career taking care patients afflicted with the emerging AIDS / HIV virus.

    I do not believe in shutting down our country our our society.
    But people afflicted, even mild infections with COVID-19, will demonstrate the multisystemic repercussions from this virus for years to come.

    Perhaps this was by design.

  47. wanda says:

    This is a longer version of the Kary Mullis interview calling Fauci a fraud

  48. Brian Peacock says:

    So you need to know if someone has actually died from Covid, or from some other underlying condition, such as cancer, diabetes, heart condition and so on? Medically, it’s straightforward. The death certificate will show the PRIMARY cause of death as being from Covid when the lungs meet a certain criteria (Covid is, after all, a respiratory disease). The lungs will be full of liquid and other detritus caused by the virus, and will weigh about TWICE as much as normal. So, if a patient dies with their lungs in that condition, it doesn’t matter what the underlying medical conditions are, the cause of death will be shown as being from Coronavirus.

  49. Tomas says:

    Thanks for Your article,

    but there is art about isolation

    is it pure isolated virus ? or “soup” and mixture of difrent protein ?

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